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Celebrity Crushes and Casual Dating

Thinking back, I never really understood why my friends and classmates had crushes on celebrities. Hell, back then one of my classmates even broke up with her boyfriend because she liked Justin Bieber so much. It was really confusing to me.

The same thing with some people having a new partner every couple weeks. Like what? You just were dating Lutz and then John and now Marco? How can you even have so many crushes so fast one after another?

I guess these were early signs for me that I am demisexual and demiromantic. It’s always interesting for me to look back and see the signs of me being a demigod appearing in my past :P


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Overkilling Justin Bieber

So me, my boyfriend and two of his friends (his flatmate and his best friend, who’s the DM) are playing Vampire but as hunters.

Context: my character owns a bar with her “brother”, who’s actually her nephew, but she’s a vampire who was turned against her will. My bf’s character finds out and is questioning me at the bar with his flatmate’s character.

DM: suddenly you notice your brother’s hat, which he left at the bar whenever he wanted you to know he left early, is there.

Me: so if he left early… who’s this one?? HE’S NOT MY BROTHER, ATTACK HIM!!

So the three of us proceed to attack my “brother’s” doppelganger, until he changes shape

DM: he is now a kid who kinda looks like Justin Bieber

Flatmate: I fire at him!! *3 tens*

DM: You can shoot him three times. Roll damage

Flatmate: *rolls incredibly high*

DM: you splatter Justin Bieber’s brains all over the floor

Me: He’s a vampire, he’s not dead yet! I throw my voodoo bag at him for faith damage!

BF: And I pierce him with my blessed dagger.

DM: Ooookay. He was already down because of the shots, then she throws a voodoo bag at him and you pierce him with a **cking blessed dagger. You guys have overkilled Justin Bieber big time.

DM: Another vampire was at the door, but he sees your handywork and decides to leave


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A light elf’s face is pretty hard to reach considering how tall they are, but with determination (and shapeshifting) anything is possible!

Listen, I will never support a whitewashed adaptation of anything, and I don’t particularly think an Americanized version of Death Note is a thing that needs to exist even if it hadn’t been whitewashed.

But if they were going to do an American Death Note, it is a huge missed opportunity that they didn’t have L going around calling himself, like, Taylor Swift or something.