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How Lucifer and reader first met in heaven hc?

[I have a headcanon before Azrael was the god of death, she was a priestess.]

  • The reader and Azrael are the best of friends. But Azrael doesn’t ever introduce her to the family. The reader is a very high ranked angel with an extremely beautiful voice. Her father is an asshole though.
  • Lucifer first meets the reader with Amenadiel as they were looking for Azrael, who decides to sneak out to go to the arena with you, for a ‘playful’ swordfight.
    • The brothers are shocked that you were just about as strong as her.
  • It was kind of love at first sight. Lucifer thought you were the prettiest angel around with your kind smile and dark colored wings. Azrael was the only one to notice how flustered they were around each other. 
    • She’ll never let Lucifer live it down.
  • At this time, you knew him as Samael. The first time he heard you sing was when you really stole his heart away. He played a tune while you sat next to him, singing along making words up. 
    • Azrael wasn’t lying when she said your voice was drop dead beautiful and angels were crazy for it.  
  • When around you, he got flustered very easily at first. So asking your hand in courting was very difficult. And in the end, no one knew, no one was ever told about them getting together. 
    • Everyone noticed how Samael was never around anymore and you were barely seen without him by your side.
  • It wasn’t long before he asked for your hand in marriage. This is a really big deal to them since this is meant that the angel will be your soulmate for an eternity and no one else.
  • Your father would never accept the marriage, so before he could do anything about, Azrael found out. She had her suspensions and totally ships it.
  • In the end, she was the priestess who blessed the marriage and made it officially. Reader’s father flips his shit but couldn’t do anything since they were already bonded when everyone found it.
  • I have a headcanon that when the marriage is official, a pair of rings will appear on both parties. So Lucifer and you have a similar looking ring on the ring finger. 

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How would the Horsemen and Azrael act if they found out their S/O is deathly afraid of spiders when they pop up? XD

Strife: I mean, obviously he’d laugh at you, pick up the spider and chase you around with it. 

War: As soon as you scream ‘SPIDER!’ he imagines Silitha and her minions. He barges into the room, throws you to one side and slams the Tremor Gauntlet into the ground, effectively crushing the tiny spider (and your table) in one fell swoop. 

Death: He looks at the spider in your sink. Then he looks at you, then back at the spider, and then at you again. This continues until he heaves a sigh, gently scoops up the spider and moves it outside. You get the bog standard ‘It’s more afraid of you than you are of it’ speech.

Fury: “FEAR NOT, DEAR ONE! I SHALL SMITE THE MIGHTY EVIL THAT HAS FRIGHTENED YOU SO!” Massive dork, makes a whole dramatic song and dance about rescuing you from your ‘foe’. Doesn’t even squish the spider in the end. She does the whole, trap it under a glass thing. Proceeds to make fun of you for a while afterwards. 

Azrael: You pull the book off the shelf and plop it onto the table, flipping it open. A fat, hairy spider falls out from between the pages and scuttles around the table top. You scream and not a moment later, a tomb about the size of your torso slams down on top of the wriggling menace. You stop shrieking and look up at Azrael, who looks like he’s resisting the urge to vomit. Apparently, the angel loaths spiders just as much as you. Go figure.

A pattern I've noticed with people who end up liking/loving Azrael
  • First meeting: Who are you, why are you here and why are you so pretty?
  • When talking about how the apocalypse actually started: Wha- DUDE! >8 U
  • Rest of the game: Huh. He's helping me with no strings attached. And he seems sorry. I guess he's a chill guy.
  • After beating the game: It's like looking at a sad puppy. I just wanna take him home, wrap him up in a blanket and feed him soup! Q A Q
  • Some time later: SWEET BABY I LOVE YOU NO SAD
"Imagine Agreeing to be an Angel’s Vessel" One Shot
Author: MHWK Productions

Original Imagine Link: 

Warnings: Self Confidence?


They always said desperate times called for desperate measures. You knew that from the start. As a hunter, you had always been willing to lay everything on the line, but now it felt too real. Now, the war had landed on Earth and it was time to choose a side.

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Kaneki's Left eye, and other references (pt. 1)

I think that I noticed things Ishida was attempting to tell us with Kaneki and his left eyepatch. If you’re not aware of this, being left handed used to be sign from the devil, and if you were left handed as a school child, you were forced to write with your right hand. At least that’s how it was here in America and some parts of Europe.

I know that in Asia, people are primarily Left handed, but I’m taking into account that Ishida draws in a lot of literature from all around the world, so I’m sure he’s come across the “bad luck” associated with left.

In the Apostles/Niceane Creeds, it’s stated that Jesus “Sits at the right hand of the Father”, thus attributing right to holiness and goodness, while left is attributed to bad things.

A if you’re to sneeze in restaurant, it’s good luck to toss salt over your right shoulder, not your left. It’s often said that an angel is sitting your right shoulder, a devil at your left.  

Tokyo Ghoul is a tragedy, in that some choice, or mistake leads to the main characters downfall. Hamlet is one of the most famous tragedies, if not the most. What led to his downfall? His acceptance of death(when he’s holding Yorik’s, his old jester, skull), and his fearlessness of it. Kaneki, of his attitude towards wanting to save everyone.

Anything that puts holiness in the “right” and evilness in the “left” is mostly religious influenced, more specifically Christian. Ishida most likely knew this, he was no stranger to the religious views on right and left. And aside from that, biblical references are usually in famous literature, such as Hamlet, and even Frankenstein (it’s mostly in Frankenstein, like every other page). In fact, the monster regards himself as a creation of the devil, while he regards Victor as a son of Adam.

Kaneki’s eye patch was on his left eye, his life went to hell. The entire concept of left in right is dealing with contrast. Ex: Good, evil. Light, dark. White, black. And we see this when Kaneki is tortured by Jason, as the beneath him is checkered. Whites and blacks, polar opposites, Heaven and Hell.

His hair turns from black (left) to white (good). Though that’s not to say that Kaneki was evil when he had black hair, it just means that perhaps he felt weak with white hair, and with white hair, he grew stronger.  

Even in TG, there’s small religious alludes, though a pretty huge one is Amon and his Catholicism. The creed, which is a Catholic prayer, states it’s stance on what the right means (as mentioned above). We see Arima, who Is pure white, who Kaneki regrads as “Strangely beautiful”.

In Braham Stokers Dracula, Reinfield, a psychotic patient, who is Dracula’s “servant” of sorts, tells the company of Dr. Seward and Harker (I haven’t read it in a while, so I don’t know who all was there) that “Enoch walked with God” Though Reinfield was referring to himself as Enoch, and to Dracula as God.

In the bible story, when Enoch walked with God through the garden, he was so taken aback by God’s beauty, that he was no more.When Kaneki faced Arima, he faced him a garden of sorts. Not to mention, he was taken aback by Arima’s beauty, to the point that he was killed.   It is said that when you see God, you die.

Though to a further stretch, there is an angel of death, who is called Azrael, who like Arima, bears a calm, meek personality.

In some traditions, he attempts to comfort the dead while they’re about to die, like Arima did with Kaneki. Other versions, he’s just ruthless.

To tie this all up, the main point is that Kaneki’s eye patch being on his left eye means a lot, at least I think. It basically predicted this tragedy. Or of course, i’m just over analyzing things.  

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((@theangelpasafrisk)) The little angel had been sleeping for quite a while, when they finally woke up they felt incredibly well rested, they hopped off the huge bed and decided to go look for their papa, yes, that suited him in their opinion, their feet made little tapping sounds against the floor. "Papa?" they called out in hopes that they would not have to traverse the large place by foot as it would be much harder since it was built for angels not people who needed to walk.

Azrael got up immediately upon hearing Frisk, barely touching the ground as he moved to the door. Opening the door lighting fast, he descended upon the small Angel, embracing them in a relieved and worried hug, saying “Oh thank goodness, you’re awake! You’ve been asleep for almost 9 days now! Are you ok? Does anything feel off? Are you thirsty at all?”

This work is for @pale-silver-comb and @crossroadswrite because I love their fics so fucking much. You can find it on AO3 too

Title: The Son Of Betrayal and Destruction
Wordcount: 8k

Relationship: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski

Derek looked at the sign facing him, a mixture of different emotions in his chest. Just four words, four simple words, and yet the meaning behind them, at least for him, was enormous.

“Welcome to Beacon Hills.”

Cora, who was sat right next to him at the front of the car, smiled at him and squeezed his knee, reassuringly. “Come on, Derek.” She encouraged him.

Derek took a deep breath and entered the small town.

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Once Human || Azrael/Contractor

Hiding solved nothing. Azrael knew that, and yet…she’d all but disappeared the last few days, not wanting to deal with anyone or anything. She’d even shirked some of her responsibilities, leaving her roster of names untouched for that duration of time. It had weighed on her, especially with all the deaths that were constantly occurring, but Azrael just didn’t want to deal with it.

But eventually, the work had become to much. She’d finished up with the names for a little bit (she could never finish up with names entirely, they were always there) and decided that she’d done enough hiding. The angel sighed, shoving her roster into her jacket and heading out to talk to the one person who might be able to give her some answers.

And who wasn’t Contractor.

Azrael headed in the direction of Esoteric Shop, somewhat praying to her Father that Contractor was elsewhere. With any luck, he’d been hiding out the last few days too.

Contractor wasn’t…Contractor though. He was…he was…he was a name that Az didn’t know. And of course she’d looked for his name in her roster, all names were her’s in the end of life. But his name, not Contractor’s but his name…was missing. Wu had to know something about that. There was a reason Contractor was working for the witch, and Azrael had to know why. And now she was there, standing outside the shop, trying not to shake or chicken out. But the angel pressed forward, taking a deep breath, and stepping into the shop. “Wu? Are you here?” she called, closing the door behind her.