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MOLLY. IS. NOT. PATHETIC. Her love for Sherlock does not make her pathetic. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being unconditionally in love with someone who may or may not love you back. You simply CANNOT choose who you love, and Molly’s situation is a perfect example. I’m sure, if Molly could choose, she wouldn’t love Sherlock, because her feelings for him really have caused her more pain than joy. However, she can’t choose who she loves, so she embraces it. She does what she can for him, even when he makes her angry or hurts her, because she loves him and her love is not conditional on his reciprocation.

In the words of Louise Brealey,
“Loving someone after years is not reductive, retrograde, antifeminist or weak.”

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If you could rename three villains of your choice, who would it be, and what you would name them?

I would definitely rename the Joker. Giggles fits him better.

reverse flash - the inconvenience, ‘nough said.

and I know you said villains, but do pathetic wannabe’s count? Because come on, the Pied Piper is a children’s story character, way to be original. 

pied piper - asshole with a flute. tell me i’m wrong

Idk man 😂…id like to think I’m not interesting enough for him. I mean I’m a bad borderline case and pathetic looking, that’s about all i have in common with Yoonbum. I do find him hot but Woo is way too young for me. I need a man who’s at least 35. Maybe I could let him spank me then I’d seduce him into getting the fuck away and fixing himself. But not before rescuing Bum.


Part One

High School AU

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: When you get in trouble with the school board over causing a fight, your options are limited to getting suspended or helping the Prom committee.  Turns out Prom might not be so bad. 

A/N: I love cheesy AU’s so much :)  I know this might seem like a filler, Idek, but feedback is always appreciated. I PROMise it will get better (see what I did there), It’s also unedited, so cut me some slack. I know that I need to build the relationship up more, and that will come in the next one. 

Word Count: 1722

“Right now, Y/N, you don’t have any alternatives. And I cannot explain how damaging it would be to your school career if you choose being suspended for a month,” Principal Nick Fury said while you looked down at your hands. 

You knuckles were thoroughly bruised from getting in a fight with a girl who called you pathetic and pushed you around in gym class. You ended up breaking her nose, a few ribs and caused some serious damage to her face. Let’s just say you beat her senseless. 

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disable the ask then, ya anorexic cunt

Lol you don’t know anything about me honey so stop trying because you don’t phase me.. anyone who hides through anon to try and put others down is just pathetic, just sayiiiiing @ Talecianna 😂😂👌🏼

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the "so brave and so fucking _" thing (esp in combination w "dare i say they're asexual") is so fucking aphobic, omg. literally just saw a post w some obviously anti-sj type as "ammosexual" with "he's so brave and so fucking queer" and like 90% of the "dare i say they're asexual" "jokes" end with shit like "he's so brave and so fucking orange" (like the garfield one). like yeah you're basically saying asexuality is as valid as "ammosexual" but keep going with yr "asexuality is valid!" bullshit

tbh I haven’t seen that yet. I stay mostly out of the loop unless people inform me of things because I’d really rather not give relevancy to their antics by even paying attention to them. After all, I really think they must be bound to feel ridiculous and pathetic at some point if the only people who think they’re worth paying attention to are their sad little in groups and anti-sjws.


Hey , i saw in your mind…do we really want to get into who’s more pathetic than whom?  » happy birthday jay

Criminal AUs
  • “The police just threatened you to put your weapon down and you retorted by saying that you’ll take something extremely valuable, and then you grabbed me wTF DID YOU JUST WINK AT ME.”
  • “Y'know, I wouldn’t be so mad about this whole ‘I was secretly a criminal the whole time thing’ if you hadn’t just killed our professor, I mean c'mon dude I know he was a douche to me but that’s no excuse to just MuRDer SOMEONE.”
  • “Okay, I’m sorry, but I CLEARLY got here first.”
  • “You got thrown into prison because you were covering for a relative/your friend and it’s so obvious you don’t fit in here and it’s actually pathetic, so how about I (someone who’s been in here for ages) show you the ropes?”
  • “Pfft, you’re the newbie and you look like such a wuss it’s unreal, I bet you couldn’t handle a single punc — WOAH I WAS NOT EXPECTING YOU TO PUNCH THAT HARD… okay, but you’ve GOT to teach me how to do that and I might be oddly attracted to you?? whaaaat???”
  • “I caught you in the middle of robbing this store and I’m so reporting this, and NO  i will not be bribed; OMG WHAT THEY HAVE THIS I’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS FOR AGES… okay, maybe I will. “
  • “okay, I know I’m a security guard and I’m not meant to talk to any of the prisoners but seriously you are just so chatty and lovable it’s kind of hard not to talk to you, how did you even get in here???” 
  • “I’m only talking to you, the security guard, because I have a plan to get out of here but I think i kinda like you a bit more (ok a lot more) than the other guards, holy shit I might not leave because of you.”
  • BONUS: “What do you mean you want me to come with you??”
  • “Hey, you know all the expensive things you’ve been getting me the past few months? How did you even manage to afford that? … omfg please tell me you’re joking — YOU’RE NOT JOKING WHAT THE HELL.”
  • “you take the term ‘partner in crime’ to a whole new level.” 

Lmao all this Gency/Pharmercy “discourse” is honestly pathetic.

  • First of all, it’s literally nothing but some dialogue. 
  • Threatening to quit the fandom over a ship you don’t like getting teased? how old are you?
  • Same people saying they’re gonna quit are the same people who mocked all the idiotic straight people crying about Tracer being gay. Do you really want that to be your legacy? behaving in the same childish manner as them?
  • 90% of said people saying they’re leaving if Gency becomes canon are the same people who ship toxic shit like WidowTracer
  • Interracial relationships are just as important and deserve representation too!.
  • Literally all I’ve seen are people complaining that it’s a ~boring het romance~ but ignoring the fact that we like never see interracial relationships ever done well?
  • Why is this boiling down to a “my ship is better than your ship” pissing contest, we’re better than that
  • Genji’s butt belongs to me anyway

tl;dr: shut the fuck up and stop crying the second blizzard doesn’t do everything to cater around you.

more fics about friendships that are structured just like ship fics

specifically like pining ship fics oh my god

  • forced to share a bed becomes “accidental sleepover, I didn’t realize adults could do this and I should be chill about how happy it makes me, but no one’s ever braided my hair and gossiped with me before, but I gotta play this cool because I don’t want to be pathetic, and I don’t want to be the person who likes the other person more, but g o s h, I want us to be friends, and not just friends, besties
  • the coworker at your bakery/coffee shop/library/spy organization who smiles at you every day and asks about your weekend, but you can’t tell if they’re being nice or what, or if they’d actually say yes if you invited them out to coffee to talk about that hiking trip they went on, you don’t want to make things weird but work would be a lot easier if you had a friend
  • you’ve just moved to a new city and you cannot believe how many times you’ve had to knock on your neighbor’s door, but you didn’t pack like any of the things you need, and they don’t seem effusively happy that you keep asking to borrow shit like a vacuum or duct tape, but they also don’t rush you out of the door, and when you return what you borrowed, they ask you how it went, and one time you told a joke that made them laugh and you felt so good about it, you kept riffing on the joke for the next ten minutes and it isn’t until you went back to your place that you realized what an embarrassment you are
  • enemies to friends where you have to work with someone that you hate oh my god you hate them, and then you spend time with them, and then you don’t hate them quite so much, but stopping hating them? almost feels like? defeat?? you’ll stop acting like you hate them when they stop acting like they hate you, and honestly you’d really like them to stop acting like they hate you because they are the only other person you know that’s ever shared your interest for cold war spy thrillers and maybe this is the time for the book club of your dreams
  • your partner has a best friend and you’ve never hung out with them without your partner but now you are coordinating with the best friend for your partner’s surprise party and they are just the funniest, the sweetest, the nicest, the coolest, and suddenly your partner is concerned because you and your best friend are hanging out all the time, which is…great…awesome…….suddenly becoming the third wheel is just the funnest because who doesn’t like wheelbarrows (it becomes a whole Thing, and ends up resolving in a disney channel esque lecture of someone being like "Guys You Can Have More Than One Best Friend”) 
  • you’re lonely and it sucks and it’s not the kind of thing that you can admit because you’ve got your pride, you don’t want to look desperate, you can’t tell people about loneliness without making them wonder what’s wrong with you because shouldn’t you have friends? who doesn’t have friends? but it’s gotten to the point where you look forward to buying groceries because you can make small talk with the clerk, you look forward to work because maybe you can slip in something personal in the course of talking about business, but if anyone asked you how you were doing and if you wanted to hang, you’d panic and say that you were busy. and you want to change. you in fact need to change, but. yeah. it’s not an easy thing. and there’s no easy solution. and this is a 100k fic about you slowly assembling a friend group, while having really zero practical experience with friendship, and it’s a gentle epic with the highest stakes, oh my god, just the highest
  • you and an acquaintance become friends with benefits. things become unexpectedly awkward when you learn that the real benefit………..was friendship 
That’s the problem with getting attached to someone: when they leave you, you just feel so lost.
—  Without you, I’m nothing


“You’re gonna take me to Hell and you’re gonna take me to Y/N, understood?”

“And if I don’t?” Alastair chuckled. “What are you gonna do to me, Dean? You’re weak. Pathetic.” Dean stared Alastair down, letting silence fall between them. With no warning, Dean shoved the demon knife into Alastair’s chest, millimeters from his heart. Alastair let out a scream but quickly dialed it back, smiling his signature smirk to cover the pain.

“You think so?” Dean hissed, twisting the knife. “I will slice and carve and have Cas put you back together so I can do it all over again until you take me to her and I bring her back here where she belongs.”

“That’s noble.” Alastair panted. “For the person who tied her to the rack and carved her up in hell.”

“What?” Dean froze. “You’re lying.”

“Aw, you don’t remember?” Alastair chuckled. “Did you block it out? Too much for you? She was the first soul you ever tortured, Dean.”

“No.” Dean backed away but it was too late. He sank down to one knee, flashes of memories overtaking him. Memories he’d conveniently locked away when Cas pulled him out of hell. Memories of carving you to pieces, the love of his life, and enjoying every second of it. He enjoyed every drop of blood. Every scream. Every tear. Every bit of your pleading. “Y/N, no.” Dean started to hyperventilate, sinking to the ground as Cas ran in to pull him away.

“I should really be thanking you though, Dean.” Alastair cackled. “Thanks to you, I have the best little torturer I have ever had.”

“I’ll kill you.” Dean yelled. “I’ll fucking kill you!”

“You really should see some of her work sometime.” Alastair chuckled, shrugging a shoulder. “She carves masterpieces.”

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Okay, so we know that PTSDee is a Valentine’s Day episode.  A review from We Got This Covered mentioned that the episode also deals with the “individual traumas” that explain the root cause of each character’s awful behavior.  This is super exciting to me, because one of the greatest things about Sunny is that it isn’t so much of a show about awful people as it is a show about pathetic, broken people who do awful things. 

Marco Confesses All
  • Marco Confesses All
  • Brian H. Kim
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil - Naysaya

From Star vs. the Forces of Evil - Naysaya. Oh I loved this scene. As a teenager I was super uncomfortable in my own skin, not really sure if people liked me because I was useful (I got good grades and helped a lot of people with homework, and I played piano for a lot of stuff) or if because they actually liked me or if they just pretended to like me and actually thought I was pathetic, etc. I had crushes on girls who most definitely did not have crushes on me. There is an AMAZING photo of me dressed in a neon green shirt and neon orange shorts with a fanny pack and huge glasses, standing in front of a jet fighter because I guess that’s what people did in the 90s?

Anyway, this episode is near and dear to me, in a similar way that Sleepover is, because I think it distills the insecurity of teen years and cleverly breaks down the walls that a lot of us put up at that age to protect ourselves from getting hurt. Marco has no choice but to allow himself to be hurt, and it works out for him. 

Hell grown-ass adults put up walls too. I think a little Naysaya would be helpful every now and then.

Not on job interviews, though.


“I was shocked to be confronted with my old self today, my old petty, deceiving self. I was embarrassed, too…. It is a humiliating experience to be confronted with a weakness I thought I had corrected. It is a frightening thought to think that I am unable to correct it.”

He wrote about death:

“I am not sure I have the courage for that yet. My instinct to survive is strong, although that instinct seems to pathetic and pointless right now. What for? Who for? I bring pain to you, I bring pain to others who care for me and I bring pain to myself. It is time to rethink this awful experience because the stimulus of standing alone in the face of great odds is not satisfying anymore. It is time to re-evaluate the value of living without being alive…. The crazy flow of things seem to have stopped. I want to look around me now. I want to master life and death.”

- The Phantom Prince: My Life with Ted Bundy by Elizabeth Kendall.

Ted Bundy 11/24/1946 - 01/24/1989 (Ted Bundy would be 70 years old today)


They mock our safe spaces
Say that we’re whiny weak whippershappers who are part of the pathetically pitiful participation trophy generation


They are afraid of our very existence

Me taking a breath as a queer gender non-conforming woman who gives no fucks about their social norms and doesn’t want to participate nicely in their oppressive patriarchal, racist, sexist, ableist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic, capitalist structures and fucking wears white shoes after Labor Day because I do what I want
Scares them.
They are afraid of us.
They are afraid of us
For simply being us.

Some would say that they’re not afraid
That they’re angry
Or disgusted as one alt-right Twitter egg told me.
Because homophobia doesn’t exist–no one is AFRAID of the gays. They’re disgusted by them.
And that Twitter egg rejoiced that my “weak blood line” would be dying out. But what that egg didn’t know
Was that they were confirming the very fact that I scare them.
That me having children
And me raising children to be like me
Makes them shake in their boots that apparently have bootstraps strong enough to pull themselves up by
Because nobody ever gave them anything goddammit

“We are a homophobic racist’s
Worst nightmare”
She said.
An interracial couple
Not afraid to kiss on the plane
Subjecting the passengers nearby
To our shameless conversation about fighting racism on all fronts
An affront
To humanity
Is what we are called
Yet when did they ever
Respect humanity
To begin with?
They don’t respect our humanity
When all we want is the dignity of humanity to be a guarantee.
For equality
To be the normality.

In the wise words of a famous green space alien with mastery of both the living force and the dying art of swamp survival
(It is of Yoda, of course, that I speak):
“Fear leads to anger
Anger leads to hate
Hate leads to suffering.”
So know that our suffering
Is rooted in their fear
Not in any fault of ours.
You are perfect
You are loved
You are needed.
Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you aren’t brave
For you are your ancestors’ wildest dreams
You have the power to inspire fear
Simply by BEING
Even though we don’t want to be feared
We aren’t scary
We’re simply visionary
Okay, maybe we are a little scary


We just want to be
We just want to live
We just want to survive
We just want to exist
We just want to be
We just want to be
We just want to be


–L. Tenney, 2016


Expectation: Oh, a cute Korean app full of pretty anime boys that I can chat with! Sounds like fun. It totally won’t ruin my life.