who is also somewhat of a douchebag

On Chloe Price’s Apparent Ableism

I’m really sad that Original Timeline Chloe was actually pretty ableist. Think about it: she parked her truck in two handicapped parking spaces.

She was ready and willing to take money out of Blackwell’s Handicapped Fund, and it’s likely she’s the one who did the obscene graffiti in the parking lot.

Note: It’s possible they could have been accusing her of the other graffiti in the parking lot, as a lot of them match her style, but this also could involve her. It might not, though, because her style is usually cleaner and has thinner lines.

It sucks that a character that I really liked is actually kind of an ableist douchebag. I think the universe had a means of somewhat punishing her by making her paralyzed in the New Timeline that Max created. Either that or it has some sense of irony. I don’t know, though. 

It’s possible that (if the graffiti wasn’t hers) she could have just done those things without thinking. If Max just says, “You really wanna take money out of the Handicapped Fund?” she’ll stop. So, the question is: Chloe Price: Ableist Douche or Just Ignorant?