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The Endgame Puzzle - What Can You See?

Everybody has said that the puzzle pieces look like Bethany Young’s drawings and I definitely agree so I edited a screenshot from the promo for the next episode and once I saw a certain picture in my head of what it could be, I can’t unsee it - it’s pretty hard to explain so bare with me here. This is it flipped 180, so the opposite way that anyone would see it looking down at the board the right way, obviously. 

Point A - looks like a head/face looking upwards and their hair falling back behind them. As though they’re standing looking up at someone above them.

It seems as though the the person who drew the photo was looking down to this person, like this…

Point B - These lines reminded me of an octagon we’ve seen before around someone…

I know Bethany was buried lying down and the hole wasn’t deep enough for her to be standing up BUT the drawing looks so similar to ones in Bethany’s book…

I always thought the drawings in Bethany’s book were drawn by another person, since it seems, she is in most of them from another’s POV. She could of asked someone to draw for her? Eddie Lamb, Wren, Charlotte, a friend who is yet to be revealed (Lucas or Jenna)…  and so the drawing is theirs of what they imagined Bethany went through when she was buried alive. They might want the girls to suffer for it - did they even figure out what actually happened to her? 

It could also be to represent Mona and what she went through in the dollhouse. She had been in there alone a lot longer than the girls and still through everything she does, she’s yet to be seen as ‘one of them.’ Plus, Mona did hit Bethany so this could be her way of making up for that. You made me hurt her when it should of been one of you…

And lastly, it could be a hint towards Melissa since she buried Bethany.

What do you guys see? I think I’ve genuinely gone mad staring at it for too long…


I was watching the music video of Secret by The Pierces (PLL’s theme song) and I found some VERY interesting connections between Mona and Charlotte/”A”, as well as Mona’s “death” and Charlotte’s murder.

In the music video, we see Catherine (the BLONDE) and Allison (the BRUNETTE; yes, she has the same name as Ali from PLL but we’re gonna ignore that, considering she has two L’s in her name anyway). They’re the two singers that make up The Pierces. Catherine and Allison are having tea when Catherine says she has to tell her something, but makes Allison swear to never tell. We never see what Catherine tells her, but as many assume, it is that Catherine murdered someone.

The next scene has Allison on the phone talking to someone, and she is revealing Catherine’s secret to them. This is parallel to when Mona called Aria telling her that she has proof that Alison is “A”.

Keep in mind that Catherine is blonde. We see her walking down the hallway heading to Allison’s bedroom, just like how “A” (Charlotte) broke into Mona’s house and headed up the stairs.

Catherine then enters Allison’s bedroom, and Charlotte walks into Mona’s bedroom.

Both victims are then “killed” and dragged around.

What I found intriguing is that Catherine put a blonde wig on Allison, much like Mona’s hair having been dyed blonde in the Dollhouse.

The episode Mona “dies” is 5x12, titled “Taking This One to the Grave”, which is obviously a homage to the song itself. Both victims are seemingly dead.

That’s until Mona was revealed to be alive in 5x25 “Welcome to the Dollhouse”, and Allison comes back alive at the end of the music video. Allison KILLS Catherine in revenge by strangling her.

Who else died by strangulation? CHARLOTTE! She was hit with a rod then strangled from behind, like Catherine was.



Thanks for reading and tell me what you think! ^_^

i don’t see how anyone is surprised that marlene killed yvonne so spoby could happen. it was pretty fucking obvious that she wasn’t going to stick around from the start. it’s rushed, it’s shitty writing, it’s problematic as hell, and yvonne and spoby both deserved a far better resolution. 

But come on, this is the writing team that decided romance was having caleb and spencer fall in love for half a season only for caleb to cheat on her with hanna and then claim he’s loved hanna all along, who are still romanticizing a teacher/student relationship that, even looking past all it’s other transgressions, continues to be boring af, who think the best way to put emily and alison together, the slowburn ship to end all slowburn ships who would have had no trouble being brought together naturally, is to introduce two other girls for emily and then inject emily’s eggs into alison in a complete and utter violation of both girls bodies. 

like, did you expect better from the writers? really? if you didn’t see this coming i don’t know what to tell you. 


what if the reason why lucas and charles connected at camp and became friends was because lucas could relate to charles vice versa, because maybe the rumors were true about lucas as ali once said “ i hear he has both female and male parts” ( she says something like this) aka hermie. now remember ali was at a camp too, i think ali couldve been at this same camp, hence some of the activities were for ARCHERY,as seen in the pic of lucas and charles. remember alis archery award that her “bunk mate” won for her? was ali pretending to be a boy (hence the tomboy pic of ali mar posted) just so she could be apart of this camp? i think ted said it was a camp for boys. who was alis bunk mate?? we still dont know this information. so what if ali heard those rumors at camp about lucas? this could be why lucas and charles hit it off because they knew they were both different.

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  • Me, a year ago: why are people so obsessed with finding spoilers? I prefer not knowing anything
  • Me, now: *stalks every actor, actress, writer and director on Twitter, analyze every pixel of the stills, rewatches the promo 80 times and frequents the spoiler tag*
Who's the Emison baby sperm donor?

I have to say before we begin that I’m sorry for what you’re about to read ahead of time. The moment this idea popped into my head, I literally couldn’t think of anything else.

So, who’s the sperm donor for the Emison baby (well, babies)? Well… Technically… Charlotte.

Yep. Charlotte.

It’s entirely possible that before Charlotte transitioned from Charles that she froze her sperm in case she wanted biological children in the future. I’ve read multiple articles from trans women who froze their sperm as they were transitioning for this very reason, so it just may be plausible that technically speaking Charlotte is the missing link in the chain here.

And if I am correct with Mary being A.D. and doing this… It would give an entirely new meaning as to why she’s doing it. She lost her daughter Charlotte, she lost Bethany (whom she saw as a daughter), so what better way to have a fresh start than to have a child (or *cough* twins) and take back what you felt was taken from you?

This would make the child biologically connected to the Drake and DiLaurentis family while making Alison the second cousin to the children.

I kept asking myself “Why would they make Alison pregnant?” There had to be some underlying reason for what A.D. wants and does, and I think this is it. A new start.

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