who is a cool kid

“maybe lars is actually…..a good guy who likes to make people feel good” god i love that the cool kids on steven universe are just chill ass people i love this show it is pure and cleanses my soul

u know what?? i really fucking love the cool kids from steven universe. when they first appeared i was SO SURE they were going to be asshole bully kids who lars looked up to unhealthily and there would be something at the end that kind of came off like “popularity doesnt matter you must just be a nice person” because like… this is what every other kid’s show is like. every time a character looks up to “cool kids” they turn out to be total assholes who will only bully them for laughs.

but the cool kids just arent!!! theyre genuinely nice, funny and well-meaning people, they’re very passionate about their interests (like, look how sour cream is. hes not into being a dj because of money or fame or because its cool, he just loves music) and theyre popular BECAUSE theyre nice people. theyre just actually cool. and theyre great with steven! theyre ready to protect him (especially jenny), theyre not douchebag older kids who act shitty to younger kids. theyre such good role models for kids???? im  so glad the cool kids exist thank god

and the actually mean kid who only wants to be cool for popularity and is a bully to others? thats lars, and hes not a cool kid, and hes not someone to look up to, but hes not a Big Meanie either, hes a dual character who shows strong feelings but has no idea how to express them. and when the cool kids see lars acting nice FOR THE FIRST TIME, theyre immediately great with him and offer him a place in their dance crew??? the cool kids are so nice

The signs as my students

Aries: The girl who answered the question “what’s something that’s magnetic?” with “Beyonce” 

Taurus: The boy who ran around at recess screaming “I LIVE TO DIE”

Gemini: The kid who thought snapchat face filters were just some cool game and was always asking if he could ‘play snapchat’

Cancer: The student who looked me straight in the eyes and said “I can see things other people can’t” and then went right back to drawing velociraptors.

Leo: The girl who wrote a full-page story about a woman who fell in love with a giant ear of corn. The best line of the story being “The corn was always there for her.”

Virgo: The kid who would call me over to fill me in on the latest third grade gossip every morning

Libra: The student who dramatically sat down across from me after school and said, “Miss we need to talk business” when asked what kind of business replied, “Chip business”

Scorpio: The student who was not actually in my class at all but was somehow always in the classroom anyway

Sagittarius: The boy who during aftercare somehow snuck out of the school, walked to the 7-11, and then came back with a huge bag of chips

Capricorn: The boy who grabbed my hands one day, started humming tango music, and proceeded to pull me away to dance around the room with him

Aquarius: The kid that called me over in the middle of silent reading time to tell me that moth man did nothing wrong and was just a guy trying his best

Pieces: The little girl who every time she saw me would scream “warning you!” before jumping onto me and expecting me to catch her

I can’t stop smiling when I realized I got a package from @zayn… Didn’t expect it at all omg :’) I worked hard on EVERY pic: sometimes start at 9p.m. then work straight to 3a.m. in the morning, or set alarms just to wake up early in the morning so that I could draw. Anita (aka @zquadville ) can prove this. (And now that I could say it was worth the efforts❤) I’m not like the cool kids who draw best pictures and receive love from fandom tho, for most of the time I feel like an outsider. It was mostly him who motivated me. The reason why I chose him to be my ultimate model is that he has that different soul to be seen. To be honest I’ve never fell for anyone after knowing Zayn 😂 This might sound ridiculous but my initial and most intense feelings were all dedicated to this man. He resembles my youth, evoking my pursuit for dreams and teaching me how to face all the frustration in world and how to appreciate. He also gave me access to all the amazing friends I have now, including Anita and all the fellow artists.. And now, my angel has sent me an actual, priceless gift.
Zayn, I’m more than grateful to everything you’ve given me. You lit the hope of a normal girl who was once afraid of chasing her dreams. I’m beyond proud of having an idol like you and you deserve to be treated with the most gentle hearts. It’s cheesy to say this but YOU ARE THE BEST HUMAN BEING EVER. Thank you & love you to the moon and back :’)

i feel like there’s a lot of new people in the fandom who don’t know that the cool kids are supposed to be human parallels of the gems. i keep making references to it and everyone is like “wait are the cool kids supposed to be like the gems??” haha and the answer is yes! buck = garnet, jenny = amethyst and sour cream = pearl. they also teased at it in Joy Ride with this selfie. you can see each of the gems with each of their cool kid

so yeah, there’s an interesting piece of information for you! the crystal gems have human parallels…the cool kids!

This is probably my favourite bit about this episode (although i loved it all) - the fact that, not only does beach city have an underground drift racing circuit, but that the cool kids, ronaldo and the unnamed girl who works at the cinema from Lion 2 all take part

also i bet ronaldo stole that scooter from peedee.

The fact that Sour Cream knew Steven could be a useful Roadie means that he’s seen Steven lift before.

Like, he and the other Cool Kids have seen this boy (who they honestly think is, like, nine, at most) lift something so big and heavy that SC knew he could trust him with heavy-duty DJ equipment.

One of the Kids. “Steven you can’t do that I can’t even lift that thing.”

Steven, currently lifting the thing. “What are you talking about? This is easy!”

Sour Cream: “I know who I want to help me lift things.”

Okay but hear out this AU idea: Klance tattoo artist

I’ve literally joined this fandom today and ifk if this has been done before but I cAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT KLANCE and tattoo AUs are my guilty pleasure. I have zero talent for art or fics whatsoever but please consider:

  • Tattoo artist Keith, full sleeves of black tribal tattoos, pierced ears, ponytail (yes, ponytail), super done with everything, salty at the world.
  • Enter Lance, who wants to get a tattoo cause hey, cool kids have tattoos, tattoos are nice and cool and he’s absolutely NOT terrified of needles. Not at all. Nuh-huh. 
  • Lance can only curse his luck when he attends the appointment with his tattoo artist and realizes said tattoo artist is the kid who dropped out his last highschool year. Yeah, that one he despised cause he was so good at everything yet he had the nerve of dropping out.
  • Keith of course doesn’t remember Lance. Poor soul.
  • But Lance is definitely not going to show his weakness towards needles in front of this Keith jerk, hell no. He knows better than that so he keeps up with his tattoo idea and eventually gets to know his grumpy tattoo artist who, hey, he’s not that bad. In fact he’s nice. Too nice. And easy on the eyes. Lance is really screwed if you ask my opinion.
  • Shiro is the owner of the tattoo shop, both him and Allura are top tier tattoo artists. Coran is their receptionist. 
  • Bonus points for supportive Hunk and Pidge who are always ready to call Lance out on his shit and, also, pat him on the back. He’s gonna need a lot of pats.

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Can you do a head cannon of when the Seven explain to their kids that they are demigods and that's why their kids have 'superpowers'?


  • Leo making his body erupt in little (mostly) harmless flames and letting his kids touch his arms and then agreeing to let them roast marshmallows.
  • Percy taking his kids down into the lake and them all sitting in a bubble during hide and go seek so that Annabeth can’t find any of them.
  • Hazel just summoning things from the ground when she gets anxious and locking them all in a box and then showing them to the kids.
  • One of the people in the PTA taking advantage of Piper like HOW D A R E and so she exacts revenge upon them with her kids literally like ‘MOM WHO KNEW YOU WERE SO COOL’ so their kids found out a bit earlier.
  • Little Jackson kids running around trying to find out what their superpowers were.
  • Watching movies with their parent’s powers in them (or something similar).
  • Probably own an EXTREME amount of comics.
  • Huge nerds who are all the most adorable things in existence.

It’s that time again! BDAY!
Time for some… celebratory thanks since I made it through another year (yeh!) …and now I’m a quarter of a century old… ehmmmm…

Well this year has been… weird. Moved way too many times between countries. Too many emotions. Still have no clue what I’m gonna do in the near future. With no chill to spare. At least now I know how to say “I’m hungry” in German (thank you Switzerland *sarcastic*), something very important… I can also say “I’m happy” but, as someone veeeery funny told me “I don’t think I’ve ever heard you say that even in your mother toungue” HA.
I also found a proper internship! That was the highlight of this last half year pffft. Surprisingly this is the 3rd birthday I spend abroad in a row! And it’s a different country from the last two years… Where will I be next year…? *mumbles*

But let’s cut the rambling!
First of all, as always many thanks to @make-tea-not-luv cause she’s just too perfect and deserves all the Swiss chocolate I can put my hands on. She puts up with me way too much. She has this special place in my heart, she’s my Watson! *throws cute pups and chocolate at her* I miss you lots .__.

Then of course @lpulverized and do I even need to explain why? XD Thank you for all your snap (even when I don’t answer) and the never-ending fangirling! I hope we’ll see each other again soon (this winter…?). And yeah, Hamilton. THAT is happening or I’m gonna lose it.

The Adlock Yacht. Always there, always a nice place to be. I think the main reason I’m still on this website is because of you guys and what I built around this wonderful fandom. Also, I’ll never be grateful enough for all you people writing, drawing, plotting, just posting ‘cause it always brings a smile to my face and emotions. True happiness! …even if most of the times I just start making weird noises and lose the ability to speak/type proper sentences… So THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I would like to also personally thanks a few people, because they have been there for me, writing comments to my rants and you have no idea how much it matters, to have someone reminding you that it’ll be ok, that you’ll make it, that they support you and such. Thank you for making me feel a little less down when I’m feeling very down ;) @letzplaymurder (you’re such a sweet girl, thank you for writing to me so often) @lyrangalia @bookfairyfox @allthingsadlock @francesca-wayland

Then, to end this, I would like to thank also people I follow/follow me. You are what makes this website fun and, well, thank you for not being assholes to me…? And posting cool things. Or liking my blog. Or both! 
@boredbyreality (you are the reason I know kylux exists and I even if I don’t ship it I just LOVE seeing you posting it XD) @reshispacetdwt @tales-of-inkinc @marlenichen @samus54 @the-teacupshatters @istillcantsleep @tamagoboro @sugaracid @isthismadness @taco-overlord @leinnel @ombradellaluna @frenchandroidfromsouthamerica @janiedean

Aaand that’s all! I probably forgot someone, sorry .__. 
I hope you’ll have a wonderful day and enjoy a piece of cake or biscuits or… whatever you fancy.

tracer got really really tired of the iron man jokes after about two weeks but never said anything because she wanted to be a good sport and she’s Lena Oxton, the cool young kid who makes people laugh and never lets anything bother her

but she was pathetically grateful when Reyes told mccree off for it during a meeting, loudly and rudely enough that the jokes stopped immediately.

he’d always been eerily perceptive and it scared the crap out of her when she first joined up, but she learned quickly that he takes care of his own. she might have been the only one not super surprised that reaper was dragging widowmaker’s unconscious and injured form behind him when he asked them, grudgingly, to take him back

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Braces!Peter colour-codes his rubber bands to match his costume bc he's a fuckin dweeb

Oh my GOD. That’s no way to maintain a secret identity. Everyone asks him what the colours are for and Peter’s sweating like, “It’s…… because I love America. I’m the biggest Cap fan ever. I marathon-read all the Superman comics last weekend. I’m moving to Britain.”




WARNINGS: Language, suggestions of smut

AUTHOR’S NOTE: It’s just a little baby fic! I just kind of wanted to show the little small ways that I think Jungkook would be romantic. I think he’d be almost like a very excited little kid who’s happy to have such a cool, mature s/o.

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