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HIYAAA~♡ Im a huge fan of your art and you inspire me to draw every day!!! i was just wondering if u prefer us referring u as ally or ur username or any other names?? thanks a lot and keep up the great work!!! (。╯ᴗ╰)〜♡

i like it when you guys call me ally!!!!! it’s so nice and personal idk i just feel really warm whenever i realise that “o they know me by my name” ❤

Local (current) boyfriends have to stand in the shade a lot because Lylorean can’t see shit because albinism, are cute

Don’t repost or use. Please do not tag as fandom characters or other’s OCs.

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Honestly I just want to know more about the shouji and tokoyami love child and what those two would be like as parents! Thank you and I really enjoy seeing your art !!!

I’m so sorry this is so late I had exams since it was the end of semester OTL but here we have Shouji and Tokoyami as parents!!

And here is a slightly clearer version of their kid who is a tad older than the little babby over there

the amicitia siblings give me life

… so here are some headcanons about them (my prompto pics of them suddenly blew up? and i remembered how much the amicitia siblings give me life so here take these)

  • gladio was super protective of iris when she was a baby, like, someone would be holding her and he’d be hovering around them anxiously, making sure they were supporting her head properly
    • bby gladio: >:( give her back ur not holding her right! >:(
  • gladio used to read iris bedtime stories when their dad was working
  • have sibling telepathy
  • gladio was well on his way through training when iris started going to school but u BEST BET he was gonna be there to pick her up and drop her off everyday
    • he goes up to cor & is like, i need you to switch my shift. and cor is like ok why? and gladio is like, iris gets out of school when you have me on rotations and i need to pick her up
    • he asks for time off when she’s graduating from kindergarten
  • iris makes gladio little good luck charms so sometimes he’ll come in for guard duty and he has a little flower tucked into his pocket or a small moogle keychain hooked onto one of his buttons & everyone knows its from iris so they don’t give him crap for being out of uniform
  • gladio started out reading those crappy detective novels for fun, and iris would read teen romance novels, but they share the books they like w each other and eventually they switch interests
    • iris has expanded her reading prefs to older, period-piece detective novels and gladio keeps up with all the trendy teen romance novels & has really strong opinions about them
    • (gladio speed reads the detective books first to make sure they’re not too much for iris, since she’s still a babby)
  • gladio is 100% the big brother who brings his lil sis w him when he’s hanging out w his friends and isn’t even apologetic about it 
    • “what? this movie is rated pg, of course i’m gonna bring my kid sister. she’s been bugging me to see this for weeks.” 
  • iris considered growing her hair out when gladio started growing it out, but one time she saw him fight a tangle in his hair & almost cry and she was like nope nvm
    • she likes to braid lil flowers into his hair tho! as part of the good luck charms!!
  • they camp out in the backyard sometimes & tell scary stories
    • iris has the better, scarier stories (thanks to the detective novels) & gladio tries not to think about them
  • one time iris was like “gladio look!” and she grabbed his arm and flipped him and he was SO PROUD HE WAS SO PROUD OMG
  • do u even lift bruh? bc they do!
    • iris was like “i wanna be strong” and gladio was like “ok but don’t lift w/out me i’ll spot for you since you can get hurt if you’re not careful”
    • strong siblings 
  • they can both cook but sometimes they jus wanna eat cup noodles

i love and support dan howell, and the way that he has discussed his experience with depression is truly a great action, for he has aided possibly thousands of teenagers in knowing that their pain is okay and they will not feel this way forever. i am so happy for him in that he himself has come this far. i also love his floofy hair. goodnight


I made this for anyone who hasn’t watched Transformers Animated yet. They’re all my babbies. Decepticons will probably be done tomorrow. With a new color scheme. After that I’ll do the other Autobots I couldn’t fit in this slideshow.

ALSO EDIT. Nearly all of the images on here were capped by tftomfoolery ! Go follow them they are neat.

Check Please Plays D&D

It’s one in the morning, I just finished a horrible project that I never want to deal with again, and I just need to write something. So:

I saw some Tweets by Her Excellency Lady Ngozi Ukazu earlier tonight (this post) where Jack’s internal monologue sounded disturbingly similar to the instant messaging method of my Dungeon Master. Naturally, I told @a-canker-in-a-hedge, who screamed, and then I screamed, and then we spent half an hour talking about how SMH would play D&D. All of this is, of course, her fault.

So, without further ado, SMH plays D&D.

  • Starting off with Jack, my history nerd son, who is the Dungeon Master of a 5e game. He learned how to DM from the older siblings of his peewee players, who would talk about their campaign while they waited for the smol babbies. He was Intrigued™
  • Naturally Jack “110%” Zimmermann, when he got involved with D&D, immediately went full nerd on it. He read so many 3.5 books, guys. He was so confused by Pathfinder, and still sometimes falls back on 3.5 rules rather than 5e ones
  • He didn’t… mean to DM. He moved away from his old campaign when he came to Samwell, and the Fantasy Club at Samwell has a D&D group, but their sessions coincided with practices, and Shitty found out that he played, and then things sort of snowballed
  • And if he’s gonna do it, he’s gonna do it his way. So… in his first year, Jack wrote up his own setting. It’s got all the standard D&D stuff in it, it’s just not exactly the setting from the books. Gives more verisimilitude to the players, right?
  • Also lets Jack put in all the history nerd stuff
  • Every battle in both of the world wars is referenced somewhere in his setting
  • So, yeah, in that first year, Johnson and Shitty were his main players, with a sort of steady cycle of any other guys they could convince to play a session with them
  • Jack considered inviting Camilla Collins to play, but decided against it because she wasn’t super interested and also you never DM for a romantic/sexual partner unless it’s a really solid relationship. That Way Lies Disaster
  • There were standard characters that they got handed to fill out the party
  • Shitty was the leader of the group (which he calls “Shits and Giggles”) an elven bard with so much hair. Guys. Just. So much beautiful flow
  • The description of the character changes depending on a) how much clothing Shitty is wearing and b) how high he is, but there is so much hair. Just. Godiva up in here
  • And so much Cha. Shitty knows what he’s doing, and what he’s doing is making it so no one will ever hit him because they’re too busy being in awe of him
  • Why yes, he does use and abuse Charm Person
  • Johnson plays a human fighter. When Shitty asked him why he was playing such a standard character, he said, “Well, the writers didn’t actually think about me when they were screaming about this little offshoot of canon, and anyway it’s pretty meta that I’m a fictional person playing a game as a fictional version of me, so, well, *shrug*”
  • Shitty will never know how he created asterisks in speech

Okay, this is going under a cut:

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Hi! Can I request some hophie please? I super love your art!!

Turns out taking over as dean of the school you attend ¾ths of the way through the year is tiring as hell, who woulda thunk it?

Poor kid doesn’t know what to do with his arms in this situation


Just throwing it out there that it makes sense in the Musketeers/Versailles timeline for those two old gays (Porthos and Aramis) to have mentored those two baby gays (Phillipe^2). And this is approximately what they would have looked like when they all knew eachother.

Just gonna throw alllllllll my headcannons out there (they’re based on a combo of both shows cannons, and history trufacs):

Porthos survived that war, but Elodie ran off with his pension, so he stayed a musketeer. (They knew each other for like….4 days. No way that was gonna work. Puh-lease.)

Aramis kinda fell out of love with Anne when she stopped being the sweet, protectable thing that he falls in love with so easily and became the manipulative bitch that she historically became. By the time she gives birth to Phillipe and starts neglecting him, Aramis and Anne only speak when they’re having massive arguments. And they have famously massive arguments about the boys.

When Anne begins sleeping with Cardinal Mazaran, all 4 of the Musketeers aboutndiednof the irony.

Porthos and Aramis low-key got back together. Athos called it and D'artagnan owed him drinks for a month.

After he returned from the war, Porthos became the Musketeer in charge of 4-year-old Phillipe’s personal security. He fell in love with the sweet little boy instantly and became his surrogate dad.

Phillipe is actually Aramis’s biological son, just like Louis.

That time that Anne left Phillipe behind to be captured by the Frond, Porthos fought his way through the occupied area singlehandedly and walked out with his little babby. He also never really trusted Anne again after that incident.

Aramis isn’t sure that Phillipe is his son because Anne won’t tell him, but Porthos knows cause “he’s cute, and a flirt, and a good shot, and kinda gay. Of course he’s your son.”

Porthos taught Phillipe how to defend himself because Louis’s friends used to pick on him for wearing dresses. That’s why Phillipe is a hell of a fighter. He learned from Porthos.

That’s also why he’s a boss-bitch in battle. Porthos trained him.

Phillipe wanted to be a Musketeer when he was a little boy. He even had a tiny blue musketeer cloak that Constance made for him for his 6th birthday.

Milady gave him a poison hairpin one time to help him “take care of himself”. Phillipe still has it and wears it on dress days.

Because Louis became a little shit once he became king, the Musketeers adopted Phillipe as their fav instead. They taught him to ride, and fight and shoot.

Phillipe came out to Porthos and Aramis when he was 11, after he caught Porthos and Aramis kissing behind a hedge one day. Porthos’s exact response was “Yeah….I kinda already knew that.”

Porthos HATES most of Phillipe’s early lovers cause he thinks they’re creeps. Particularly the Count De Guiche.

Porthos initially distrusts the Chevallier, but Aramis convinces him to give the Chevallier a chance because “he recognizes some of himself in the boy” (cause they’re both man-hoes. But they have good hearts.)

The Chevallier eventually becomes the only lover that Phillipe’s musketeer dads approve of. Mostly because he accepts their sweet babby Phillipe for who he is.

But the Chevallier will always be low-key scared of Porthos…..because he’s HUGE.

The Chevallier did NOT realize that Aramis and Porthos were kinda gay for each other and when Phillipe told him he just gaped like a fish for about ten minutes.

Right before Aramis died, he finally told Phillipe that he was his father, and that he loved him, and was so proud of him, and Phillipe was so happy to finally have a parent that loved him.

And everyone lived gayly ever after.
The end.

So that’s my little contribution to Versailles and Musketeers.

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Ship meme thing: Gwenvid!

god bless

notp / not really / meh / I could / sometimes / maker, yes / my otp babbies

and answer:

  • Who is the most affectionate?

Defs David! He’s got so much love to give!

  • Big spoon/Little spoon?

David is beg spoon most of the time, but sometimes Gwen switches it up cause she likes nestling her face in to the back of his neck. It’s warm

  • Most common argument?

Gwen always hogs the blankets

  • Favorite non-sexual activity?

They like to go on hikes together and sometimes they fill out couple questionnaires in Gwen’s trashy magazines 

  • Who is most likely to carry the other?

David Carries Gwen bridal style and it always makes her blush like mad!

  • Nicknames?

Gwen has really impersonal nicknames like “babe” while David has personal nicknames he especially came up with just for her alone (can’t think of any though)

  • Who worries the most?

Gwen. She worries about anything and everything, but David manages to put her mind at ease

  • Who tops?

I think we all know it’s gwen lmao

  • Who initiates kisses?

Also Gwen! David is a bit too shy and modest

  • Who wakes up first?

David is a early bird, but Gwen doesn’t let him out of bed because she wants to cuddle in the mornings

  • Who says I love you first?

David! It takes Gwen some time to say it, but she eventually got there!