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Scenario: The Flower Children are transported to a basic fantasy-RPG style world and have to embark on an epic quest for...well that's not important. What's important is, who would play what class?

Well, I barely know classes despite playing a lot of different RPG games, but these would probably be my best guess as to what they’d be.

Now Happy is a bit of a tricky one as there was a lot of class ideas I could get to that would fit him. But he’d probably be some sort of red mage.

Hysteria would be a bard, obviously. Being good with a kazoo comes in handy.

Mania would fall under the lines of a necromancer or straight-out a summoner.

Delirium would probably be some type of healer as he’s so far never been one to be so good offense wise and so far would rather be support than fight directly. Though who knows that could easily change. He’s still a developing ink babby.

When I was like 10 I wanted to be one of the millionaires on shark tank because everyone who came on there was like at their mercy…. Babby npd

stages of john oliver

adorable babby child

geek who plays dungeons and dragons in his parents’ basement/puberty was not kind to this one

long lost member of the beatles

baby bird

long lost member of the beatles (continued), or the time john was really channeling his inner harry potter cosplayer

accidental mullet aka the time he forgot mirrors and combs exist

the memory of mirrors come back to him and he gets a haircut but he’s still working on the comb thing


and finally (for now), no bangs but all salt


I made this for anyone who hasn’t watched Transformers Animated yet. They’re all my babbies. Decepticons will probably be done tomorrow. With a new color scheme. After that I’ll do the other Autobots I couldn’t fit in this slideshow.

ALSO EDIT. Nearly all of the images on here were capped by tftomfoolery ! Go follow them they are neat.

I call this piece “Resting-Bitch-Face-McGee and Thrilled-To-Have-A-Friend-Kun Has A Sleepover”.

Yuuri and Yurio doing each other’s hair! Complete with sloppy shading - though I might color this in later, yes/yes?

Requested by @ceedawkes <3


varmitech and I talk a lot about cott and basically when we see Archie we see the biggest nasal-voiced babby who knows his anime and manga like the back of his hand and refers to Jay as Jay-senpai and yells “ATLANTA CHAN!!” when she is injured in battle. 15 year old baby.

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Sooo….I turn 50 this summer…..and I love your stuff. So. There.

i’m flattered really fldhdfkshf

i am small 20-year-old babby who got on the internet during a surge in “adults bullying kids on the internet” activity so older ppl actually liking my work and not thinking it’s stupid or bad just cause im younger is a foreign concept SO LIKE it means a lot 2 me thank u………..

I love my Ba.  I love him so much.

I miss him sometimes, but we still write to one another!  A recent letter recalled this memory that made me so happy I had to share it with all of you.

i know people love sweet fluffy finduilas/nienor in an AU where nothing bad ever happens, but have u considered finduilas and nienor who are strong independent ladies and don’t have time or patience for your macho revenge business

like go save a kingdom or some shit we got some pussy to eat