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Trump has put us at DEFCON 1. We cannot shrug at 'Never Again'
This is an alarmist post because the situation we face today is so alarming. Donald Trump is a genuine fascist who has no regard whatsoever for democratic governance. He has taken savage pleasure in fomenting violence at his own rallies, lamenting that...

I never imagined we’d find ourselves standing on the brink, but my father taught me—taught many people—how to recognize the warning signs. He faced down the very same things Trump is threatening: a state that denied the basic humanity of its most vulnerable members, that set its citizens to war against one another, that did away with those it considered undesirable.

Now, the klaxons are blaring. We are at DEFCON 1. Everything is at risk. And this means one and only one thing: We must—absolutely must—do everything in our power to elect Hillary Clinton president in November.

I really love the though of Crutch being that kid in high school who is loved by everybody and has friends in all four grades and sometimes a new kid tries to pick on him because of his leg and he looks like somebody who wouldn’t be hugely popular but then literally the whole school protects him, like, 

“No, you don’t mess with him. You mess with him, you mess with all of us. Cause he is the actual best and we all love him and people here don’t like people who pick on Crutch Morris.”

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I'm almost certain stydia is finally gonna happen. Stalia getting back together wouldn't make sense

to me, stiles and lydia getting together at this point would make even less sense

so i wasted a day on Shadowhunters: the mortal instruments recently and alskdjfslkjfd anyway the episode where the main gay ship becomes canon (!!!!) is literally named after the ship and what i’m trying to say is , a weird tiny part of my brain thinks that S4E3 will literally be named Johnlock and that’s why they’re being so secretive about it