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i understand. you found paradise in tumblr. you had some good posts, you made a good blog, the blacklist protected you and the tags were plentiful. you didn’t need a friend like me. but now you come to me and you say “outofcontextarthur, they’re not monkeys, muffy was a hippo”. but you don’t ask with respect. you don’t offer friendship. you don’t even think to call me godfather. instead, you come into my blog on the day my daughter is to be married and y

so after the birthright quest I had to draw this absolute kitten

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victorious // panic! at the disco

i always see wholesome posts about loving your mom and giving her the world. those posts are fine and all, i’m glad you guys love your moms and have happy healthy relationships. but for some of us it just isn’t realistic, so this one goes out to everyone who’s stomach twists when they see those posts because their mom isn’t a good person and because they don’t have a good relationship with her. you don’t have to love your mom, you don’t have to love any of your family members. you choose to love who treats you right, don’t let posts like that make you feel bad for not liking your mom.

a breathtaking duet staring victuuri


He lost  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Also, I wonder if Grandpapa Mycen’s keeping tally 


Brooklyn Nine-Nine + Batman reference 

“Is he coming back?” Junior asked for the third time from where he was sitting alert in front of the door.

Kit resisted the urge to hiss in frustration from the top of the cat tree, but she was supposed to be nice to the kid, so she settled for highly annoyed instead. “Yes, he’ll be back tonight.”

Junior looked over his shoulder with mournfully large, puppy eyes that had been suckering Kent into giving extra treats the past week. “Really? It’s just that–” He glanced back the closed door. “They don’t always come back.”

Kit really wanted to hate the kid, but she couldn’t when he was such a pathetic puddle of fur right now. “Come sit with me,” she ordered.

After a last glance a the door, Junior awkwardly climbed up the branches and settled in beside Kit. She started grooming the one side of his head and he let her without complaining. “Kent will be back,” she reassured him between mouthfuls of fur. “He always comes back.”

“What if he doesn’t?”

The kid had anxiety bad. It had been obvious from the first day Kent had come home with a new puppy that he hadn’t even asked her about. She had been mad at him, but it wasn’t long before it was clear that something was off with Junior.

From the disjointed phone conversations, Kit pieced together part of Junior’s past. Junior had been taken away from his mother far too young, and then later, neglected by his new family when they had moved away without him. Apparently, animal services had found Junior living in the front garden, waiting for his family to come back.

It was hardly surprising that Junior had since developed abandonment issues.  Every time Kent so much as stepped foot through the front door, Junior was awash with anxiety that he was never coming back.

Kit felt bad for the kid– she really did– but her patience could only stretch so far. Luckily, Junior was distracted by several of the new toys that Kent had set out for him, and when he’d tired himself out, fell asleep in a sunny patch until Kent got home.

The jingle of keys on the other side alerted Kit and she was up on her feet and headed towards the door. Kent had had several grocery bags in both hands, but he put them down to give Kit a quick, perfunctory rub on the head. “Hey, Princess,” he said before picking heading to the kitchen.

They could both hear Junior long before they could see him. His enthusiastic barks carried down the hall as he dashed out to greet Kent. He weaved figure-eights between Kent’s legs while continuing his raucous woofs.

“Let him put away the food first,” she chided.

“He’s back,” Junior said, completely ignoring her. “Kent came back.” If Kit could roll her eyes in disgust and embarrassment, she would have. Honestly, dogs.

Kent completely forgot about the bags on the counter as he sat down to cuddle Junior back with equal energy. “Aw, I missed you too, Junior.” Then, he quickly added, “And you too, Kit.” She preened for a moment that Kent hadn’t forgotten her.

Later, after Kent had taken Junior for a walk and they’d all eaten, Junior wandered over to where Kit was perched beside a sleeping Kent on the couch. He jumped up and dropped a half-eaten bone-shaped treat beside Kit and nosed it over to her.

“Eugh, don’t leave food on the couch,” Kit said, cringing at the slobber.

“It’s for you,” Junior offered shyly.

“Why?” she asked baffled. The treats were Junior’s favorite and he gobbled them up every chance he got.

“I like you. You’re nice.”

Kit stared at the kid for a moment before answering. “I hissed at you this morning.”

Junior shook his head, his ears swaying with the motion. “I’m always scared, but you make me feel not so scared.”

Kit was taken aback, but then quietly sighed, “Come here, kid.”

Junior curled around her and she began to groom him. Behind her, Kent snored lightly while the low noise of the television was a quiet hum that eventually lulled them all to sleep.

EDIT: More Kit and Junior adventures here!


Actually this part is so funny when you think about it, because can you even imagine when Grisha finally got to meet Armin and Mikasa years later? How he must have felt and reacted upon remembering Kruger’s words?

Like, he’s going home one evening and there is ? years old Eren who claims all happily that he became friend with a boy named Armin who’s super nice and knows a lot of interesting stuff and blah blah, but upon hearing the name Grisha just goes

…….But nah, maybe it’s just a coincidence, like, maybe other kids are named “Armin”, or will be in the future and it has nothing to do with Eren’s new friend. Nope

And then, he randomly meets the Ackerman parents in Shiganshina a few years later because they came to town in need of a doctor and he’s the only one who doesn’t care about them being ostracized so of course he helps them, and at some point the parents tell him about how they have a daughter at home, she’s so sweet but they worry because she can’t make any friend where they live and “oh her name is Mikasa btw” and Grisha just…

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Vampire Taehyung, because you need it.

Phantasy Series: Vampire Taehyung

Anonymous request for the expression challenge!

He deserves a boy who can relax in his arms ♡

Can’t imagine what it’d be like, without the sounds of all my heroes singing all my favorite songs so I can sing along

Camp Rock (2008) Dir. Matthew Diamond ✰ June 20th, 2008

You Get What You Give (The Placebo Effect)

Requested: Yes

Summary: Where Harry’s just begun his solo career and performing is everything that he’s ever dreamed of; he can’t help but feel so alone sometimes though. Feeling as though everyone has someone, and he’s so out of the loop with his love life that it brings an imbalance. However, you can’t take everything and expect to give nothing in return or for everything to be ok for forever.

Word Count: 819

Pairing: Harry Styles x Fem!Reader

Warnings: There aren’t any that I can sleuth out. 

A/N: I have revived this story lmao, welcome back. 

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