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a breathtaking duet staring victuuri

Victuuri has to be canon in the YoI universe right? There’s no way Victor skating with Yuuri to “Stammi Vicino, Non Te Ne Andare” (a love song), with the choreography of Tessa and Scott’s 2016-17 free dance (that was so overtly romantic), can be interpreted as anything other than an indirect public declaration of their affection for each other. Right??? Look at all those loving gazes and caresses!

You have to wonder whose idea it was for them to do the ice dance together. Word of God says that Yuuri has been skating to Stammi Vicino alone for all the exhibitions this season, and that Victor only joined him at the GPF. So one of them must have suggested it. Victor or Yuuri? 

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i can’t believe my team leader is a meme: the new series on mtv


Haikyuu!! + @ao3tagoftheday

i’ve been thinking about the psychic thing/knowing alex was gay thing and i have thoughts

and wow this ended up more undeveloped story like and also near to 1000 words i hate myself i’m so sorry and it is under the cut sorry mobile users, if you see this

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  • *avoids people I deeply care about*
  • Me @ brain: why
  • Brain: you gotta

The Greek Hall of Fame: Apollo’s kids. Of course after the mortal Apollo, I had to draw his boys. I’ve been waiting too long to draw my beloved Will, but after reading Trials of Apollo, Austin was just so lovely? :((( Can we discuss the fact that Apollo conceived a child with a guy? HAHAHHA And that he loves his kids so much he kisses them and calls them beautiful (because they are)? Apollo kids should be protected at all cost. They are so precious. <3

I’m mature for my age

i’m mature for my age

im mature for my age

immature for my age

I would love an episode where Sam thanks Castiel for saving him from hell. He had absolutely no obligation to do so but he did anyway. More importantly, I want him to apologize for the “Did you bring me back soulless on purpose?” It’s been six seasons but I’m still so bitter about The Man Who Would Be King.
An episode where Dean thanks Castiel for everything he’s done and sacrificed for and because of them. More importantly, I want him to apologize for the “Nobody cares that you’re broken, Cas” because I still haven’t forgiven Dean for that.
It’d make me so happy. Why is that so much to ask?
Cas deserves so much better.

bts x suicide squad au (character brief — 1/7)

jungkook: the Joker

a/n: this is a brief character set-up for jungkook’s role in my suicide squad au series!!! other members will be introduced soon ehe ; u ; @junkthekook here it finally is heejin ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sorry if this is bad lmao > w <

warnings: violence, killing, blood (not too graphic)

everyone’s yet again reminded not to mess with the Joker.

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man-who-speaks-in-hangovers  asked:

*He knew he couldn't stay long. Papyrus needed him. Vile would worry. And he didn't want to risk being seen by the others. Standing near Goops' bed, he couldn't help but shed a few tears at his dear friend's state. Before leaving, he reaches out and gently squeezes Goops' hand.* "I never forgot you..."