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I have a backup URL picked out and it is AMAZING, but I’m not going to use it. But there are some things I need to say before I can intellectually move on, if you care, feel free to keep reading. This is longer than I usually write, sorry.

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Art work by 阿毛 (posted with her permission)

She drew this for the back cover of the fanbook Hit Me With Your Best Shot (bookcover). XD

Okay but american celebrities mad kissing BTS’s asses. Like what they’re saying is true and BTS is the actual sun that is keeping us alive but,,,, where’s that sincerity tho?

I’m still salty that Hallow didn’t animate this scene

My girl Lou Fa being cute AF and finally seeing her crush after such a long time and being so happy!! And then there is Rikei and Lenalee

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howdy love, could i please request some gentle Sportarobbie cuddles,,, maybe with a sad Robbie? that's the mood currently :")) if you don't want to draw sad, i understand!! either way, thank you so much!

And Thank You hun! Hope you like ♥


Clay Quarantine!Sans!

So I have to say that Q quickly became one of my favorite Sans’s when I came across him. I mean he’s an AI Sans, what’s not to love? (besides maybe his freaking outfit omg q why do you have so many layers??) I’ve been wanting to make a figure of him for a while now and finally had the time to do so. And so here he is!

Q belongs to @jolie-in-the-underground go check out their amazing content and maybe ask Q some questions if you want!

Oh and some bonus pictures under the cut if you want to see.

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Glad Jennifer Morrison left this garbage of season 7! She knew was gonna be terrible, she her self didn't understand how the wish realm could exist! Now she's out there being more successful!

Alright now it’s just getting boring.

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I feel like you’re getting stagnant in your creativity. I want you to really examine your muse and think about how you can reinvent yourself.

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I’ll wait for you to create a collection and then we can reevaluate the progress of your work. You can be true to yourself without keeping it one note. 

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE your sweet home Alabama AU!!!!!! One of my favorite movies and yet you somehow managed to make it even BETTER with the Barisi goodness!!!!! Please tell me you have more AUS like that in the works because I love everything you write so much and even more when it's romantic comedy fluff!!!!!

Ahh Nonny, thank you so much!! I’m so glad that you enjoyed it, and that you even thought I improved upon it with the Barisi goodness <3 (Because let’s be honest, our boys make everything better looking at you SVU writers)

Now, to the latter part of your ask…

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You’re in luck! Not only will yours truly be writing at least one more Rom-Com AU (and let’s be honest with ourselves, probably more than that), but a bunch of other, far-more incredible authors are also going to be joining in the fun!!

@astronautmike-dexter has a The Ugly Truth AU already in the works, and I believe @ahumanfemale, @tobeconspicuous, @robertarryn, @sofuckingchuffed, @power-bottom-barba and @barbaxbenson will also be writing some Rom-Com AUs as well!! We’re about to be fucking blessed with fluffy Rom-Com goodness, so praise be to the fandom gods for that!

Also, if you’re a Barisi writer and want to get in on this, please do!! The current plan is to just add any rom-com AUs we write to the Barisi Rom-Com AUs collection on AO3, so seriously, join in the fun. Because sometimes we all need some more ridiculousness in our lives!!

And thanks again, Nonny!!

got drabble - swirling colors ii

a/n: so this is no longer a twoshot. oops? tis Jon’s pov. and boy is it hard to write kid’s povs and make it believable.

shoutout to @bythunder because she’s been awesome in bouncing back and forth ideas with me. i rambled a lot at her about this part and other fics.

in which Jon learns some truths, the hard way. and the whispers reach South.

As a boy of six there are few things of which Jon is certain – things he knows with absolute clarity.

Robb is his brother, his best friend, his rival; he admires him, would follow him across the Seven Hells – even at such an age, Jon knows this to be true.

Arya is his little sister, dearest of all; he would stop at nothing to ensure her safety, her happiness.

Sansa is Sansa; not a sister, not a sibling, Jon does not feel for her what he feels for Arya and Robb – it’s more, so much more, he’s only a boy and doesn’t know how to explain it—this, what he feels for her, it’s everything. She is his.

All of those things he knows; feels them in his very bones.

Then there are the things he knew.


Catelyn Stark is his mother; Eddard Stark is his father.

This he knows. This, he’s certain.

Until King Robert comes to Winterfell.

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Tears of profound admiration rolling down my cheeks for the past 15 minutes while I have this on repeat mode

2:05 - 2:14 His voice, his energy. My God.. 

Magic, stunning, wonderful.