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Hey there can I ask a fic abt Zen x MC when MC successfully kidnapped by unknown and brainwashed, then Zen rescue her? And what will he do to make her back to herself? Thanks! XD

Gosh im so sorry for the long wait lol I hope you like this!
*Mc is a female in this fic so she/her pronounces 😬*

Zens POV

The care ride was silent. We all didn’t know what to say or even how to feel. We were on our way to the people, no, the monsters who took the love of my life. How did I let this happen?? I was supposed to protect her, assure her everything was going to be alright. Convince her that she was save with me. Tell her that I’d do anything to keep her save. But I failed. Because that’s the kind of fuck up I am. What kind of man am I? Am I even a real men if I can’t protect the one person I love the most in the whole world? No. Definitely not. But right now it’s not the time to think about myself. I need to think about the plan I’ve made with Seven.

“Don’t forget to act calm and let me handle the biggest part, we do not know what they’ve done to her so maybe there’s a chance that she isn’t the MC we know.”

As much as I wanted to disagree there was a part of me that knew there was a big chance that she wouldn’t even remember me. maybe that’s my punishment for not protecting her.

“This question is over rated but I feel like asking it anyway, how do you feel?”

That’s a question I couldn’t even answer myself. How do I feel? I feel angry but also devastated. And there’s also a weird feeling in my chest that I can’t describe.

I look at seven out the corner of my eye. “ When do we get there?”

I want to be where she is and hold her in my arms. I want to save her, I want her to cry on my shoulder telling me how scared she was. I want her to be with me again.

“We’re close, try to calm yourself a bit you won’t be a good help if you can’t think straight.” Seven isn’t the serious type but I was too busy with thinking about her to pay attention to it.

I try to do as he says. I turn my head towards the widow. There’s trees everywhere. But wasn’t their base somewhere in the mountains?

“Their base is at the end of this forest. Once we’re there stick to the plan okay? I don’t want unnecessary things to happen. We grab MC and get the hell out of there understand?”

I keep looking out the window. I hear what sevens saying but my throat is too dry to speak.

“No beating up the bad guys” he says

“not this time” I mumble.

We’re here. The person I love the most is somewhere in here. I need to find her but seven is holding me back. Not that I can blame him.

“Okay I can see where she is, I’m going inside to get her you stay right here don’t go anywhere if I’m not back in an hour drive away.”

“ I’m not going away without MC Seven” I sigh.

“ I know zen but we won’t know what happened to her, we might be-”

“ NO DONT SAY THAT DAMMIT” I yell while kicking the car.

“ alright Zen”
After 30 minutes I saw two figures running towards me. I jump out the car

“MC! Mc are you okay”

She doesn’t even look at me. Her hair looks wild and she lost some weight as wel. I feel like I’m boiling. What have those monsters done to her?


Seven pulled me inside and sped off.

I look at the woman next to me. She’s trembling, wide eyes and has some scratches on her face.


I’m shocked. What have they done to her?


I try to reach out to her but when I do she flinches and starts to panic.


“ shhh, shh mc it’s me, it’s zen you’re save my love I’m here.”

She looks at me and it seems as if she’s calming down. Sudden she clenches onto me and starts to cry.

“ zen I don’t want them to hurt you.”

There’s tears in her eyes. Her eyes are red and puffy. She probably hasn’t stopped crying since she got kidnapped.

“ they won’t hurt me and I won’t let them hurt you mc”

She looks as if she’s calmed down. There’s still fear in her eyes but I can see some hope in them as well.

“ Zen, I knew you’d come for me”

I’m holding her, as if she’s made of porcelain. Never wanting to let her go.

“ I’ll always be here no matter what”

  • Notable reactions from my mom regarding GoT s1
  • Jon Arryn with the rock eyes: OH MY GOD WHATS WRONG WITH HIS EYES WHAT ARE YOU MAKING ME WATCH- Oh their rocks
  • Joffreys face: he looks like a prick
  • Robert Baratheon showing up: THATS the king??
  • Theon shows up: is he like a free loader
  • Dothraki being Dothraki: WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE
  • Jory gets stabbed in the eye: AHHHHHHHH
  • Lysa+Robin breast feeding: what the fuck
  • Tyrion in general: he's quite clever
  • The show intro: wait if I don't skip it, it shows where you are?? But it's too long
  • Littlefinger talking to Sansa: is he being creepy cause he's just a creep or cause he knows her mom (me:both)
  • Loras and Renly hooking up: am I supposed to know who they are??
  • Tyrions trial by combat: that's how we're gonna solve problems in the family from now on
  • Ned's death: not that surprised, you can't praise a show constantly for killing off main characters then expect be to surprised when one dies
  • Dragons: that doesn't make sense but okay
  • Over all opinion: good, too many people but I think I'm doing better with names then your dad.(who's six season in and still calls Tyrion the imp)


The worst person can change that depends on the person’s decision, a good person becomes a worst person too.

The person had committed illegal law that doesn’t suppose to. I’ll give you an example.

If you killed an innocent puppy because you’re the worst person and you had a consequence from other people who judged you and you started to regret it. Will you able to revive the puppy?

tell me if I am wrong. this is just on my thought

The only 2 things I can talk about from that clip the I am talking about :
1- didi you see the way Sana looked when she read the msgs about vilde .. she was hurt for her friend even after everything.. cause thats who she is .. I am sure at that moment she thought “ No no way I am doing this .. this is Vilde ” . And don’t get me started on the msgs about her .

2- Elias and Yousef are supposed to be best friends.. they are the closest.. like for example they said that the hie brisckiby channel was theirs .. so how the hell did Elias not know about Noora , he also looked really weirded out by the idea , was he like “so thats why Sana is acting so weird why she is mad ? ” , you have 3 theories : Yousef didn’t tell Elias because he’s Sana’s brother and he didn’t want her to know ( which is highly unlikely because she is her freaking best friend ) or he knows that elias knows that sana likes him and didn’t want to start drama between them .. or he knows Elias likes Noora and he went for her anyway .. or the translation was soooo off that they didn’t say what we understood .

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i kind of figured yahiko would be at least 19 at the youngest when he died, since nagato and konan were both 35 when they passed. that puts them at four years older than obito, and it would make more sense, unless yahiko for some reason was just younger than nagato and konan.

Like I said, I think it’s mostly timeline wonkiness? Because to match up with Jiraiya training Minato, and then (previously?) the Ame orphans, who are supposed to be like 1-2 years younger than Minato (maybe??)….yeah. It’s a little weird. 

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You are really over dramatic and take things too seriously about a book, a fictional book, That is aimed for readers that aren't taking everything by heart. Readers who know that they won't get a mate. You take things that are supposed to be enjoyed and not taken seriously and make it seem as if they are forcing ideals. It's a book, get over it. If you don't like then whatever, but don't bring that negativity into a positive fandom.

I am sorry but you do not get to tell me how to respond to any emotional trigger as a book is. You do not get to patronize me and condescend me and belittle me in any way because you happen to disagree with my way of thinking or with what I say.

Stories are meant to make you travel, dream and they can shape even your viewing of real life. I work with books. I do not just digest them just for entertainment. But that aside a book, any book, and any form of art is, should be and always must open to criticism. Nothing is above it because once a product is published it targets an audience. It targets its emotional response. A book is a living breathing organism once it reaches out to people. I am free to express my opinions and feelings about things I read and no one is allowed to censor my opinions. You are allowed to disagree with me but you are not allowed to stop me from expressing my thoughts and feelings and if I want to be passionate and over dramatic about something then I will be and I will take great pride about it. Because being passionate about a book is something beautiful and maybe you should even try it too.

Also a positive fandom should not stop being positive because people express their opinions especially on problematic things. People should talk about such things. Discuss them. Come together and talk. Especially over books and characters and themes they love. This is what makes a fandom truly positive. Not by excluding people people when they say something you do not agree with but by including everyone in respectful discussions.

And having an opinion over something and expressing it is not a sign of disrespect.

Take care.

P.s: If you are the face of a positive fandom then it is obviously not that positive to begin with. Ironic really.

In dark spaces, I ponder of who the people must have been in the times before they were told who they were supposed to be.

I try to remember the essence of a heart before it was shattered like a hammer to glass.

I attempt to imagine a time where we did not think like thunder in a storm, seeking to startle.

I wait for a time when I am certain, certain of the things that I cannot foresee.

Are all books meant to develop crumbling pages?

Are there people that were born to lose?

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do you know any good ways of communicating with your gods? because i am a DENSE bitch and i be getting all these signs sometimes but will have no idea who theyre coming from and what im supposed to being doing with them

If you already feel like you’re getting signs and messages then I’m not really sure what else you can do. Learning to interpret those signs can take time, and a lot of work. There’s a reason why there were folks in ancient Greece who made their livings by interpreting signs. You can always try a divination method of your preference to see if you can get some clearer communication, but other than that or asking someone else for help, I don’t know.

two blogs part 3

“I stopped halfway through this liveblog to make molasses cookies. mmmm. molasses.”


“'My very bones are chilled,’ said Gimli, flapping his arms and stamping his feet. Day had come at last.” Flapping his arms… I don’t know how this is supposed to make you warmer but it’s such a cute image. Anyway Gimli woke up paranoid and chatty, just like I usually am. Legolas is like, bemusedly trying to (soothingly) tear down his arguments about why that guy they saw last night was Saruman and he’s going to kill them. ARAGORN thinks it might not have been Saruman, because the horses didn’t sound scared. Legolas, who apparently speaks horse language, could tell they were out of their minds with happiness to see an old friend. I am quite sure horses don’t even have a specific sound for old friend!! This is bullshit!

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i was all “no sana bad do not use that email nope gonna bite u in the ass” but now after this i`m thinking “noora who? sana u use that email and u destroy them”

omg, i am still so against her using the email!! because we are just assuming noora is together with yousef or they are having like a thing. but we don’t know. we just saw them kissing. and i have a feeling there is a lot more behind that. like i feel we are supposed to think noora and yousef are together, but at the end it’s something completely different? idk maybe i just don’t want to accept that yousef and noora are a thing.

Help, I hate my mom !

I feel like my mom, who is supposed to be the closest person to me in this world, does not care about me anymore, like I have failed her and she prefers to invest in my other two sisters. It is painful ! 

I feel useless and I do not talk with anybody in the family, I spend my days crying in bed wishing to be dead to get rid of this huge pain, of being lonely in you’r own family. She does not care if I have not eaten since two days !! I’am in my room crying and guess what no one actually cares, they are all dining together laughing, and when my grandma visited us and asked whats wrong with me, no one bothered to explain and “mom” automatically said there is nothing she is just too sensitive !

I cannot explain how much pain i’am feeling right now, I don’t wanna live anymore, i’am no longer scared of death,instead I want to be…DEAD 

I haven’t animated in so long??

Long story short.

Me: *goes up to Jensen and Misha feeling her heart beating all the way up in her throat*

Jensen & Misha: *smiling* “Hiiiii!”

Me: *smiles and stumbles over her own words*

Me: “I’m sorry, I know its not pie, but it’s the closest I could find. so I was wondering what would Dean’s and Castiel’s reaction be to seeing this monster donut.”

Lol, I have no idea what Misha as Cas is doing. Feeling for a heartbeat? Looking for molecules? Giving the donut a blessing? :’) One will never know… Some friends and I were reminded of something else as well, but that I won’t mention right now… :‘P


There are things you learn from being Viktor Nikiforov’s coach, things that no other student will teach you.

“This is an emergency!” A sixteen-year-old Viktor screeches into his ear when Yakov picks up the phone.

“Vitya,” Yakov says, old heart speeding up. “Vitya, are you okay? Was there an accident? Who died?”

“An accident, this is a disaster, Yakov! I told them exactly what to do with my program outfit and they didn’t listen. They screwed up the lace, Yakov, don’t they understand what that’s supposed to represent–”

“Vitya,” Yakov says, “It is 3am in the morning. I am going back to bed.”

By the time Viktor is nineteen, Yakov is an expert in handling Viktor Nikiforov’s “emergencies.” Emergencies that, somehow, he believes only his coach capable of handling.

“Help, it’s an emergency,” Viktor whispers into the phone at eighteen. “Stephane Lambiel is so hot, Yakov, and his program this year–”

Yakov. Is. Done. When Viktor bursts into the rink at twenty, tears glistening in his beautiful blue eyes, dragging a hundred pound Makkachin with him, Yakov does not even blink. “YAKOV IT’S AN EMERGENCY, SHE IS BLEEDING YAKOV–”

“You clipped her nails too short, you fool, we’ll wrap it up and she’ll be fine.”

When Viktor Nikiforov is twenty-four, has two perfect seasons under his belt, the emergencies slow. Yakov does not miss them. He assumes his skater is finally growing up.

When Viktor Nikiforov is twenty-six, Yakov finds him sleeping on a rink bench. When he’s not skating he stares off, almost blank. When Viktor Nikiforov is twenty-six Yakov swings by his apartment to drop off his skating bag because he forgot it at the rink, again, and he finds Viktor crying, sitting straight up on his couch, TV off. When he talks to him, he realizes Viktor wasn’t even aware of the tears.

“Viktor,” he says, as gently as his face and voice can allow, “is this an emergency? How can I help you?”

“It’s fine,” Viktor says. “I’m fine.”

So often, when Viktor speaks, Yakov does not believe him. 

Things change, at the rink. Yakov tries to make sure they do. Things get a little better. There are no emergencies.

Yakov is resting on a chair in the corner at the banquet of the Sochi GPF, exhausted by small talk and schmoozing with sponsors. He is ready to go to bed. 

Then a twenty-seven year old Viktor Nikiforov is sprinting towards him, Armani jacket practically ripped open, blue eyes alight.


Here he comes, Yakov thinks. Here we go

@c2ndy2c1d jack and johnny watching a scary movie

YOU GOT IT BABE. I have this weird au headcanon that Jack went back to the past–but only to Johnny’s timeline, and he’s stuck there. So I ran with it. Sidenote that I know it’s canon that Johnny is “afraid of very little save for clowns” but for my purposes he get spooked by anything “scary”

There was a strange sense of exhaustion weighing heavily over Jack’s shoulders as he stepped through the threshold of his and Johnny’s small apartment. 

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