who i actually really love on their own merit

I love really good movies with lots of diversity and good representation, but I hate people who pan these movies just for the diversity and representation and not because they’re actually good movies.

It’s like they can’t be successful on their own merits, we need to make it a religious obligation to sit in the theater and watch them (and as a Catholic who gets hit with “You HAVE to go see [insert terribly made Christian movie with ham-fisted message here]!” I mean ‘religious obligation).

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why do you hate meritocracy?

“If wealth was the inevitable result of hard work and enterprise, every woman in Africa would be a millionaire”

I read that quote a while ago and every since then the idea of meritocracy really started to irk me. Meritocracy - in its highly American form - where people believe that they get where they are in life because of their ability and own merit and hard work is just…not reality. Many people who LOVE meritocracy are usually privileged white people living in a first world country who think the reason they’re so great and successful is because of purely their own grit and hard work. Except the world doesn’t actually work like that? This type of meritocracy denies the existence of privilege and circumstance and pure luck instead of realising that those parameters have a far greater effect on one’s chance of success than hard work alone.

Yeah idk living in a country with extremely hardworking people who are constantly downtrodden by history, the current system and social problems and then fetishising the success of a very tiny few people who somehow manage to succeed allows more privileged people to ignore the oppressive systems that they’re part of upholding. Like if a township kid gets a full scholarship to university everyone will use that kid as a perfect example of how hard work pays off and that every other child who lives in a township and doesn’t have a functioning school or safe living conditions - simply isn’t working hard enough and therefore their position in life is simply their own fault. It’s the type of thinking that blames poor people for being poor - something I simply cannot in any good conscious agree with.

In the definition of meritocracy where “the person most suited/qualified for the position gets the job” then it makes sense, but that can also lead to the whole other level of fuckery where people start to think that affirmative action is reverse racism/sexism (lol).

Simply put - the world, on all scales, is not equal or egalitarian enough for true meritocracy to become a reality anytime soon. 

I’m not trying to say that hard work isn’t important or that it won’t get you anywhere, but for hard work to be valued you need the right opportunity or the right timing or the right luck.

I hope this explains it. 

xx Munira

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Do you think peeta is bland and only matters because he love Katniss

What . lol. No.

I think that’s why people in this fandom love him, though. They love him because he loves Katniss and orient him solely around her. Even the people who hate Peeta hate him because they think him bland and boring because he loves Katniss, when he’s actually, if you really look at him, the most layered character in this whole series. You can fight me on it. I have a tag full of rants about it.  

Pre-Mockingjay, Peeta was shaping up to be the most layered and complex character these books had. And while some of his traits shine through when he’s with Katniss, I didn’t fall in love with him because of his love for Katniss. I fell in love with Peeta’s character out of his own merits. I’ve already talked about this here

Things that showcase how great he is /without/ talking about Katniss:

  • He’s an abused child that tries to use his words instead of violence.
  •  In spite of the aforementioned fact, he isn’t afraid of using violence when needed. He was a wrestler after all.
  • He’s a sarcastic asshole.
  • He spews jokes about frosting and dying in such a cavalier manner, who gave him the right.
  • “The more likeable he is, the deadlier he is.”
  • He wants to define himself. He’s not here for people telling him who he is. He doesn’t want the Capitol to change him.
  • He doesn’t think that killing people makes him a bad person. I’m going to write that again: he doesn’t think that killing will make him a bad person. He’s not your goody-two-shoes puppy, fandom. I’m sorry but he’s not. He thinks that he can kill people and that through that process he can still remain the person he is. He finishes off the girl who made the bonfire to keep his alibi intact.
  • He is so good with words he fools the goddamn Careers (who are smart and vicious as well) into forming an alliance with them.
  • He also manipulates the stakes in his favor when he lies in the first interviews. Do you think he didn’t know what he was doing when he said what he said?
  • He’s human enough to be petty when he realizes that Katniss doesn’t love him at the end of the First games. He admits he pulled away because he was jealous. Which lol, this fandom forgets about that vital flaw. He can be an asshole, he just chooses not to.
  • He offers Rue and Thresh’s families money out of his own volition. He didn’t know how that would turn out but his heart was in the right place.
  • He gets violent when he realizes that Katniss has kept Snow’s threat from him. He gets violent and destroys the place in District 11 because Peeta doesn’t like being lied to. Which is hypocritical in a sense because he hates not knowing what the picture is. He is a painter, he can craft paintings with frosting, and landscapes and situations with just his words, and he dislikes being lied to. 
  • He’s the first out of the trio to realize that a revolution is needed outside of Gale. Gale is always aware of the need for a rebellion but Peeta advocates for it IN THE PRESIDENT’S FUCKING HOUSE. Of all places, he does it in the heart of this corrupt government.
  • Once Katniss tells him that they have to run away right before they whip Gale, he laughs in her face. He knows that at this point they can’t and shouldn’t fucking run.
  • When he finds out about the Quell he forces Haymitch and Katniss to train. People are like he speaks for peace this child. Fucking please. He is the one who forces them to train to make their bodies killer weapons so that they can survive.
  • He rebels by painting Rue on the floor of the training center to hold the Capitol accountable for what they did. This is especially more complex when you remember that Peeta was not there when Rue was killed. Which means that he has watched the footage several times in order to paint it as it happened.
  • He manipulates the stakes again when he drops the baby bomb, like… tbh, Peeta is better at playing this game of pretending and PR better than any of them.
  • He offers comfort words to the morphling addict as she’s dying.
  • You know that scene fandom loves a lot with the necklace of “Nobody really needs me”? He’s lying, again. Because remember this is the same Peeta that got violent when Katniss didn’t tell him about Snow’s threat because He also had family and people he needed to protect.
  • He kills Brutus.
  • In the first interview when he’s hostage at the Capitol, he’s still saying whatever he thinks will benefit his interests because he’s aware that he can do a lot with his words.
  • And you know what? Even hijacked he knows that his words have effects. When he calls Katniss a “mutt” and is super mean to her, he’s projecting his own lack of self on to her. He is fully aware of what his words are doing. I have talked about this here.

 Because of everything that I have written, which has nothing to do with Katniss at all, he’s anything but bland. He could have been the best character in this series, if he hadn’t been hijacked and removed from his own narrative. If Collins hadn’t failed her own project in Peeta, who was driven by calling his own shots and deciding to lie so long as it was his choice, and being himself, he would have aided the rebellion. That’s what he wanted. He believed in the rebellion too. Think of how useful he would have been to the rebellion if his author just hadn’t failed him.

Also, Peeta isn’t just important because he loves Katniss. Katniss is an unreliable narrator this whole series, and that includes how much she understands Peeta. The fandom thinks Peeta is only relevant because he loves Katniss but that’s what Katniss thinks. This is why when he’s hijacked and isn’t treating her kindly or “lovingly” it breaks her apart. Because she has only known him loving her. This is why the entire existence of Delly Cartwright upsets her. Because Delly has a bunch of information on Peeta that no one else has, and that Katniss can certainly not supply. Think of the time that Katniss tells him “You’re a painter. You’re a baker. You like to sleep with windows open. You never take sugar in your tea. And you always double-knot your shoelaces.”. Katniss can only offer 5 sentences about Peeta. Five sentences. That’s all she can offer. Whereas Delly holds information about them at school, about his family, about his friends. Katniss doesn’t know any of that. She just has pieces of him (the rhythm of his heart, how he keeps still with nightmares when he sleeps, how he takes his tea, that he paints his nightmares), but those pieces do not make a whole person. Katniss cannot supply anything about Peeta that doesn’t revolve around her. I have also talked about this here. And that is co-dependency, and sad because Peeta was a person all on himself, and on his own, and Collins fails him. And at the end of this series, he never gains himself back. Because a kiss, and answering back always does not fix the hijacking. A kiss does not fix brainwashing sorry, this isn’t a true love’s kiss scenario.

So lol, no. He’s not important just because he loves Katniss.  He’s important on all on his own, which is why I’m so incredibly angry at people who claim to be his fans and are not angry about his fate. Collins took her most layered character and destroyed him. Because all of those things listed get erased with no chance of being brought back the second he is brainwashed. He cannot be brainwashed with the severity of the torture explained in MJ and telling me that he doesn’t lose himself. People love that he loves Katniss. They don’t love him. And the tragedy of Peeta Mellark is that even those who hate him, hate him wrong, calling him bland and boring, when their hatred should be that he wasn’t bland and boring, he was complex, human and an asshole sometimes.

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Oh! Can you do an au for bellarke based on The Proposal where Clarke is Margaret and Bellamy is Andrew and Everything is perfect? I watched that movie last night and kept thinking how perfect it would be if you wrote one and then I saw your post about holiday requests. You're truly a gift to this ship tbh. I hella appreciate you

“I knew it!” Octavia says.

Bellamy manages to open one eye, but just barely. It’s been a long day, and he finally has a moment away from his fiancee, and all he wants to do is not move or think or interact with the world.

Fuck, his life has gotten weird.

“Knew what?” he asks.

“All that complaining about your boss. As soon as I saw a picture of her, I knew it was a cover for how much you liked her.”

He really, really wants to deny it. Because he does hate Clarke. He does. She’s a rich know-it-all who just got her job because of her dad.

Or, okay. She’s a smart, capable woman who could have gotten her job on her own merits. She didn’t, but it’s not actually her fault that she has family connections, and she’s doing her best to deserve what she gets.

It’s not like he’s really in love with her or anything, but–she’s not as bad as he thought at first. Still, he hates having to act like his sister is right, like all his hatred for Clarke has been a cover for his desire to make out with her. Just because she’s not awful, it doesn’t mean he was in denial about her. He can think she’s okay as a person without actually liking her.

But they’re getting married and he has to be convincing about it, so he just closes his eyes again and flips his sister off. “Shut up, O.”

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Theory time: A lot of people fall into Team Jarco vs Team Starco based on personal life experience. Jarcoans are folks who want to see Marco achieve what they never could with their crushes or a specific crush. Starcoans are folks who have had or would like to have a relationship with someone similar to Starco, where it's a close friendship with a lot of love and support for one another. Doesn't mean either doesn't stand on their own merits, but I think personal life meshs a little over here!

In the midst of the ship war, it’s actually really great to see so many people relate so much to those animated characters.