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12 | You’ll Never Walk Alone



series warnings: mature themes, strong language, violence, substance abuse, eventual smut. this chapter contains graphic content such as violence, torture, death, light smut

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BTS Reaction: Their S/O has a hickey and is wearing a choker to hide it

To the anon who requested this: I wasn’t quite sure what you wanted me to write about with the “choker” so I assumed you meant their s/o was wearing it to hide the hickey. :) 

Please enjoy everyone! 

Kim Seokjin:

“What’s this?” Jin tucked your hair behind your ears, getting a better look at your black choker. He hooked his finger around the fabric and pulled it down, revealing the love bites he gave to you last night. “Oh jagiya…” he mumbled, lips smirking. “Maybe I should give you a few more.”

Min Yoongi:

“Yoongi!” you gasped his name when you felt his hands wrap around your waist, his face nestling into your neck. 

“You know Y/n…” he whispered, kissing your jawline, sending small jolts of pleasure throughout your body. “That thin thing around your neck isn’t going to help hide anything.”

Jung Hoseok: 

“Why are you wearing that, jagi?” Hoseok asked when he saw you walk into the room wearing a thick, rosy pearl seeded choker. 

“Because of you, Hobi!” you pulled down the choker and he laughed once he saw the marks he left. He walked towards you, pulling you into a hug, hands running curiously over your body.

“Really?” he playfully whispered into your ear, your body warm from his touch. “I think I like how it looks on you, jagi.“

Kim Namjoon:

“You think that a choker is going to cover anything up?” Namjoon traced his finger slowly down your neck.

“M-maybe,” you let out a small moan, biting your lips. 

“Well it doesn’t matter anyway, baby girl,” he lightly gripped your jaw and brushed his lips against yours. “I’ll be making sure everyone can see how good you look all marked up, with or without that flimsy thing.” 

Park Jimin:

“Y/n!” he smiled when he saw you wearing the velvety dark blue choker he bought you the other day. “I knew that color would match you.” 

You nodded your head in agreement- you didn’t accessorize as much as Jimin but you had to admit, he was good at picking stuff out.

“Maybe I should let you kiss my neck more often so I’d have an excuse to buy more,” you joked, admiring how well it matched your skin tone. 

“Mmm jagi,” his contemplated your idea, eyes filled with curiosity. “…that’s not such a bad idea.”

Kim Taehyung:

“You look good, baby,” his fingers pulled your choker over your jaw, “Open,” he commanded. 

You did as he asked, and as parted your mouth, he placed the choker between your lips, slightly gagging you.

  “Too bad it won’t be thick enough to cover up all of them,” he breathed against your neck placing devilish kisses against your burning skin. 

Jeon Jungkook:

“Sorry y/n,” Jungkook apologized when he saw you wearing the choker, trying to cover the hickeys up. 

“That’s okay, babe,” you replied, taking a sip of water, a droplet running down the corner of your lips and slowly down your neck, framed beautifully with the choker.

“Jagiya,” he spoke, tongue running over his lips. “On second thought,” he pulled you down onto his lap and began kissing you softly. ‘I think this thing suits your beautiful neck just perfectly.”

vividlylost  asked:

So this is something I kinda wanna put into my own fic but I angsted so hard I wanted to see what your take on it was: What if soulmates were a thing, like monsters knew who their soul mate was if they met them. Their current S/O finds out about soulmates and either wasn't told they were the soulmate or they aren't the soulmate and start to panic because what will happen if their monster leaves them. Skele bros UT, UF, US, SF, or whoever.

*You discover that there’s such a thing as monster soulmates, someone with such a strong soul resonance with someone else, that there’s practically a magnetic pull.  

Every monster has one.  And you’re currently dating a skeleton monster.

However, he’s never told you that you’re his soulmate.  

One day, you turn to your significant other and ask him the burning question on your mind:  

“Are we soulmates?”


The moment the query blurts past your lips, you wish you could take the words back and shove them down your own throat.  Sans stiffens beside you, though his eyelights never leave the glow of the television screen.

You feel you eyes begin to burn.  

“We’re not, are we?”  It sounds dead-pan, more of a statement than a question.  You’ve grown to love this skeleton; you’ve been together with him for over a year, and you just moved in with him and his brother.

He sucks in a deep breath, but still refuses to meet your gaze.  "no.“

The world crashes around you; your chest feels tight–so tight–that it’s becoming more and more difficult to breathe.  Your hand twitches, aching to find comfort in his, but you can’t right now.  "Then what are we doing?”

He sighs, and when he finally looks at you and sees your glassy eyes and trembling lower lip, his expression falls.  "what are you talkin’ about, kiddo?  where’d you even hear about soulmates?“

“You’re not the only monster I know, Sans,” you reply, a touch more tersely than intended.  "I-I’m talking about the fact… the fact that you’re going to leave me when your soulmate comes along.“

“what?  no, i’m not.”  Sans runs a hand over the top of his skull, bone scraping against bone.  

“Of course you are!  Why wouldn’t you?”

“look–love,” he sounds exasperated, “do you know the probability of a monster finding their ‘soulmate’?  it’s slim.  a soul has to resonate just right.  it’s not really something you’re born with–it depends on the state of your soul, and if it lines up to another person’s perfectly.  not everyone finds their soulmate.”

*and with the state of my soul… what are the chances i’d ever find mine?

He shakes the thought from his head and reaches over, entwining his fingers with yours.

You start to waver.  "So, you’re not going to suddenly resonate with someone on the street and ditch me?“

"are you kidding?  that’ll never happen.  who are you, jerry?”  

Your chest starts to feel lighter, and you offer him a small smile.  "Promise?“

Sans is quiet for a long moment, staring you directly in the eyes.  Finally, he squeezes your hand, his thumb rubbing along the back of it.  "yeah, i promise.”

A year later, he’s walking hand-in-hand with you back home.  You’re talking to Papyrus, smiling and joking over something he’s excited to tell you about, and Sans…

Sans resonates with a human that walks past, someone that takes his breath away and makes his SOUL ache, pulsing with longing the further away they walk.  The human pauses for a moment, looking around, one hand coming up to their chest to rub the heel of their palm against their sternum.  They mistake the feeling for acid reflux, but for a monster…

The ache is hell.


He didn’t realize he had stopped walking until he turned to meet your worried gaze.  "sorry.  thought i saw someone i used to work with,“ he covers easily, hiding the pain in his chest behind a practiced smile, before aiming a pun at Papyrus.  

He keeps his promise.  



You stare, not expecting that response, and search his expression.  He doesn’t hesitate, and he doesn’t seem to be saying that to placate you, either.  He’s being honest.  "We are?“

"DATEMATE, I’LL HAVE YOU KNOW THAT MY STANDARDS ARE VERY HIGH!  SO HIGH, IN FACT, THAT ONLY A SOULMATE WOULD BE ABLE TO MEET THEM!”  His smile is all the reassurance you need, and you begin to wonder if the way he makes your heart flutter in your chest is your own possible resonance.  It puts your mind completely at ease.

Papyrus believed his own words; he had never felt the pull of a soulmate, so he thought that his feelings for you were the same thing.  However, years down the line, he’d become friends with a monster at work, someone that he felt a sharp pain in his chest when he was away from, and that makes his SOUL soar when he’s close to them.  The monster ends up explaining that they’re his soulmate–they feel the resonance, too.  

Papyrus becomes conflicted.  On one hand, he promised you that you were his soulmate, but on the other…

He’s never felt like this before; the resonance is strong.  

It wears on him, but he’s terrible at lying and keeping secrets, so he ends up telling you the truth, that he was mistaken.  And in the same breath, he breaks up with you because “YOU’RE THE GREATEST PERSON I’VE EVER MET, AND YOU DESERVE SOMEONE EQUALLY GREAT, SOMEONE THAT CAN GIVE YOU THEIR EVERYTHING–HEART AND SOUL.  YOU HAVE MY HEART, MY LOVE, BUT… I’M SORRY.  MY SOUL WILL ALWAYS FEEL THIS PULL, AND THAT’S… NOT FAIR TO YOU.  SO PLEASE… FORGIVE ME, BUT WE MUST BREAK UP.”


“soulmates?  pfft, who’ve ya been talkin’ to, sweetheart?”  Red waves a flippant hand.  "soulmates are so rare they’re practically made up.“

"But they do exist, right?  And we’re not soulmates?”   He’s so relaxed about it that you aren’t freaking out as much as you thought you’d be.

He pulls you into his lap.  "none of that shit matters. i ain’t lettin’ the universe tell me who to be with,“ he resolutely states, nuzzling his sharp teeth against your neck.  

You lean to the side, pulling away from the tickle of his breath.  He always has known just how to distract you.  "But what if you ran into your soul mate?  What then?”

“ain’t gonna happen, so it doesn’t matter.  stop worryin’ so much over ‘what ifs’, doll.”  His teeth graze your skin, and his voice drops to a low growl.  "jus’ focus on the here and now.  now, i’m gonna make ya forget this nonsense, right here on this couch.“

Two months pass before Red meets his soulmate, while drunkenly dancing to a newly-fixed jukebox at Grillby’s while you’re at work.  He doesn’t even try to fight the resonance and ends up marking them in a supply closet.  He feels guilty the next day when he sees you, and tries to hide it at first, but… ultimately, he’s sneaking off late at night and acting shady, so you confront him about his strange actions and he ends up confessing everything and breaking up with you.      


"NO, WE’RE NOT SOULMATES.”  Edge has a hardness to his tone and a deep scowl to match.

“Oh.”  You feel your heart instantly sink. “We’re not?”


You start to protest, even though him actually saying that does help assuage your fears. However, he grips your chin between his gloved fingers before you can get the words out.  Edge leans in, his eyelights bright pinpricks locked directly on your gaze.  


Edge never lets on that he’s already met his soulmate; he knows exactly who they are–and that they’re too good for him, a married human with a heart of gold and children of their own.  He met them before he ever met you, and he decided not to intervene with their life.  



Blueberry is sweet, and he brings up a good point.  Maybe that’s the resonance?  Maybe it’s as simple as that?

Still, you’re not entirely comforted.  "What if we’re not, though, and you meet your soulmate… and leave?  I’m not here to be a placeholder romance.“


True to his word, when Blueberry finally meets his soulmate, he doesn’t act on it.  In fact, he does whatever he can to put as much distance between them and him as possible– which involves spontaneously moving.  He doesn’t want to worry you, so he doesn’t tell you the reason, instead calling it "AN ADVENTURE BECAUSE THERE’S SO MUCH OF THE SURFACE I HAVE YET TO SEE!”

With enough distance, the resonance disappears completely, eliminating the ache in his SOUL and allowing him to focus completely on what matters the most to him–you.    


“nah, we’re not soulmates.  but who cares?”  

Stretch’s response is as nonchalant as the hand he waves toward you, smoke curling from the lit end of his cigarette.  You’re confused.  "Isn’t that an important thing to monsters?“

He shrugs.  "it can be, but… having something like that chosen just because of some sort of ‘resonance’ doesn’t sit well with me.  i make my own choices.”  His eyelights shift toward you, searching your expression.  "what?  are you afraid i’ll find my soulmate and kick you to the curb?“

You can’t help but nod, your eyes burning.  Yes, that’s exactly what you’re afraid will happen.  "Won’t you?”

“’s not gonna happen.”  He’s completely unconcerned as he sets his cigarette in the ashtray and slides close enough to wrap his arm around you.  

“But wouldn’t you rather be with your soulmate?”  

“nope. i love you.  there’s no hypothetical situation where i’m gonna leave you just because my soul 'resonates’ with some stranger.”  His fingers slide into your hair, his palms cupping your cheeks.  "so don’t worry about it, ok?“

And the way he looks at you makes you trust him completely.  You nod and kiss him, forgetting all about the soulmate conversation, even if you wonder with every new person he meets, if one of them could be his soulmate.  

Years pass by, and eventually, he starts staying out later and later at Muffet’s.  The few times that you go with him, you see his eyelights linger on a waitress, but when you blink, he’s looking back at you with his usual lazy grin and reaching out to hold your hand.  You convince yourself you imagine it.  

Stretch never acts on the resonance with the waitress, but drinking numbs the ache from being apart.  



Blackberry is adamant that you’re his soulmate, spatting the words at you as if it should have been obvious.  You believe him because he makes a good point; he’s made it perfectly clear that he thinks of most humans as “LOWLY WORMS”, and yet he romantically pursued you.  That means there has to be some kind of resonance there, right?

In truth, Blackberry’s soulmate refused him so adamantly that the resonance snapped after he and Rus locked them in their shed Underground.  With soulmates, there is the potential for multiple people to resonate–there’s more than one true soulmate, especially when human souls come into play–but Blackberry was so downtrodden after the mishap that his SOUL closed off from resonance.  While it might be possible to resonate with someone else, Blackberry keeps insisting that you’re his soulmate and remains faithful, never so much as considering anyone else.  



Rus is straight and to the point as he smokes a dog treat and watches your expression carefully.  

“So… what are we doing then?” you ask carefully.

“datin’?  least, that’s what it seems like to me.”

“No, I know that.  But if we’re not soulmates…why are we dating?”

He’s quiet as he stares, obviously trying to find something in your expression, but you’re not sure what.  Slowly, he blows out a puff of violet smoke and shrugs.  "why not?  most monsters don’t find their soulmate.  i care 'bout you, ya care about me–that’s hard enough to find as it is.“  His skull tilts ever so slightly, and he steps closer.  "do ya wanna break up jus’ because you’re afraid i’ll leave?”  

You hesitate.

“ya really think that’s worth breakin’ up over?”

*darlin’, i’m always afraid you’re gonna wise up and leave me.  yet, i haven’t broken up jus’ because i’m scared.

But he doesn’t voice that.  Instead, he watches as you slowly shake your head.  "No… I don’t want to break up, Rus.  But I don’t want to fall even deeper in love with you if you’re going to break my heart.“

He reaches out and snags you by the arm, tugging you against his chest.  He wraps you up tight in his arms and murmurs against the top of your head, "i can promise ya, darlin’–that ain’t gonna happen.”

Rus keeps his promise.  By the time he feels the tug at his SOUL toward another, he ignores it completely.  He’s already got everything he wants in you, and he considers that sheer luck.  He’s not about to mess up his shot at happiness by chasing someone else.  

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Part-time job (Woozi scenario)

A/N: This is my first time writing. Like ever. So if you like it, please let me know!

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Woozi/ Reader

You had been working there for a more than six months and everyone knew you loved your job. You were always telling your friends funny stories about ‘your children’ and they would always tease you because whenever you entered a store you would automatically start looking for things the boys needed or would like.

There was always that friend who would drop a “There’s no way you’re not attracted to at least one of them” but you would only gasp and fake being offended while replying “I am their mother

Part of being a mother was sneaking food into their dorms because you knew they worked hard all day so you wanted to be sure they ate enough. The first time you showed up late at night with tons of pizza, Vernon would look around trying to find a hidden camera because, you know, ONE FINE DAY happened but they eventually learned to trust you and were secretly waiting for you at least once a week. At first you would just make sure they received the food and then leave before you all got in trouble but after you bought some chicken and coke for them they insisted on you coming in to eat with them. After a few months they wouldn’t even care about the food, they just wanted to see you because they actually had a good time whenever you were around. You would talk about everything, tease each other and there were a couple of times when you comforted a couple of them who were too stressed. You would try to leave early though, because you knew they had to wake up early the next morning.

Whenever they saw you working during the day they would just bow politely and focus on their job, pretending there was nothing else going on between you. No one would ever think that after everyone went home, you would wait for S.coups’ text telling you it was safe to visit them.

You loved taking care of them and would always treat them like children because you were the oldest one, to what they would roll their eyes and remind you that you were older for just a few years. You knew they weren’t really that young they were all babies for you.

… Except for one. There was that one member that made you stop in the middle of a sentence and forget what you were going to say because you got lost in the way he licked his lips. You couldn’t help but focus on him whenever you were with the boys and the fact that he seemed to be staring at your lips with lidded eyes all the time didn’t help. You were trying to tell yourself that you were imagining things because there was no way a ‘kid’ would be lusting after you and, even if he did, he was probably just confused because you were the only female he spent time with so you should back off to avoid taking advantage of him. You tried to focus on whatever the manager was telling you while the boys were practicing the new choreography but you couldn’t help to open your mouth in shock and drop your cup of coffee when you saw them, particularly him, thrusting their hips rather aggressively. Everyone stopped what they were doing to look at you and all you could do was mumble an apology and start cleaning the mess you had made.

Hey, (Y/N)… it’s ok, leave it” said one of your coworkers while trying to pick up the broken cup for you while the manager lightly touched your forehead and asked you if you were feeling alright. You had to tell them you were fine at least 5 times before they stopped insisting on sending you home however you accepted to take a short break.

You practically run to the bathroom and unlocked your phone trying to find your best friend’s number.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck-“you muttered while you waited for him to pick up “Hello? Are you busy?

“Nah, this class is not very interesting- What? I’m on the phone, you shut up!… So, what’s up, princess?” He asked using that laidback voice that made you love being his friend.

“I like him. Fuck. I like him, I like him so much-“ you said sliding down the wall.

“Of course you do. I like you too” he replied.

No, not you idiot. I’m talking about Woozi!” You yelled running your hands through your hair

“Oh. Oh shit, you want to fuck your job!- What?! Ok fine, I’m leaving, you happy now?” you heard him say to someone (probably one of his classmates)

“I didn’t say anything about fucking him!” you said lowering your voice, suddenly remembering where you were.

“But you would like to, huh?” he asked.

I…yes.” You admitted with a sigh “But I can’t. He’s so young…”

He’s hot, princess. Just do it

“… Oh my god. Why are we even friends?

“I know. I’m too cool to hang out with someone like you” he said making you laugh “Am I still your prince?” you could hear him pouting.

“Of course. I’m the only one who would marry your ass when you’re still single at the age of 40” you said while the two of you laughed and you got ready to get back to work now that you were feeling better. Little did you know that someone had heard everything.


You hadn’t had enough time to visit the boys for a couple of weeks but when you showed up you gave them enough food to feed an army. Mingyu, S.coups and you were serving the food while some of the members were still taking a shower or cleaning when you noticed there was one plate missing.

“Who is not eating?” You asked suddenly getting worried as you thought that maybe one of them was sick.

“Woozi. He is going to spend the night in the studio again” Mingyu said.

“Oh. Please save some food for when he comes back them” you said trying to hide your disappointment.

“Sure but I can’t assure you he’ll eat it. He’s been dealing with a lot of stress lately so he’s been skipping his meals” S.coups sighed.

You remained silent and the boys seemed to understand how worried you were as they looked at each other and smiled.

“Why don’t you visit him and make sure he eats?” S.coups asked casually, his eyes sparkling.

“Me?” you asked surprised.

“That’s a great idea” said Mingyu, who was already packing some food for you to take away.

“I think it would be better if one of you guys go” you said and you were being serious.

“Trust me, he sees us all the time and we probably make him feel even more stressed. A visit from you would be very helpful for him”

You took the bag of food that Mingyu handed you but didn’t dare to move, still thinking that it was a bad idea.

“He really needs someone to remind him to take care of himself” Mingyu said knowing that you were about to give in “You are like our mother so I’m sure you can do it”

That was literally all it took for you to grab your coat and head to the studio.


Now that you were about to knock on the door you were feeling insecure again. This was a stupid idea. “Fuck it” you thought “I’ll just leave the food by the door and leave. He’ll find it eventually” but right when you were about to leave he opened the door and stared at you.

“You’re wearing high heels. I could hear you walking in circles all this time and it’s really annoying. Also, S.coups texted me so I knew you were coming.” he said.

You cursed under your breath and tried to keep it cool “The boys sent you some food. Make sure you take a break and eat something” you said before turning around wanting to leave the building as fast as possible.

Come in” he said taking the food.

You stood still and looked at him. You never knew what to expect from him.

I want to take my break now but when I’m alone I can’t stop working. If you’re here I can’t concentrate so I have no choice.” He explained simply.

You weren’t even sure about if it was an insult or a compliment. “He’s such an asshole” you though as you followed him into the studio anyway.

High heels off. They are giving me a headache” he ordered.

You huffed but still took them off and sat down on the floor. You decided to play a game on your phone while you waited for his stupid break to be over. Since you were here, you might as well rest a bit. He just grinned and sat down in front of you, unpacking the food.  You didn’t even get to start playing when he interrupted you.

Are you going to eat or what?” he asked

It’s your food. You eat it.”

“You haven’t eaten yet, have you? There’s plenty of food for both of us” he replied and pointed at the other pair of chopsticks that Mingyu had casually packed. Well, you were hungry so you picked them up and started eating too.

Happy?” you asked.

He just shrugged and said “Tell me about your day.”

What?” you choked.

“I’m trying to take a break here. You are supposed to distract me” he said.

You really are an asshole. Fuck you.” you said out loud, not even caring anymore.

He dropped his chopsticks and stared at you widening his eyes but then he started laughing. Wow that was something you didn’t get to see very often. And yes, you thought it was hot. You could feel yourself blushing and there was no place to hide.

I guess I am” he said still laughing “but I still want to know about your day

You couldn’t help but smile at his pretty laugh and you ended up laughing too. When you two finally calmed down, you found yourselves talking about how stressed you both were. He was putting the leftovers back into the bag and putting it away when your phone started vibrating. Your best friend was texting you.

You couldn’t help but smile as you replied to his text but when you looked up you saw Woozi staring at you. There it was: lidded eyes looking at you while he bit his lower lip. You almost dropped your phone but decided to pretend it didn’t affect you and return your attention to the screen. Your friend texted you back right in time with a really good joke and you were so focused that you didn’t notice Woozi sitting right behind you and taking your phone away. You turned around to see him looking at your phone, furrowing his eyebrows while reading your friend’s contact name out loud “My Prince”.  You heard your phone vibrating again but when you tried to reach for it, Woozi just put it behind him. You tried to turn around and were ready to fight him but he started doing something you honestly never saw coming: he was massaging your shoulders.

“W-what are you doing?” you asked suspiciously.

“You said you are stressed right? You helped me taking a break so I’m doing the same for you.

“Can you at least give me my phone b-ah!” you gasped when he rubbed your neck just right.

“Don’t you know that phones can increase the stress levels?” he whispered next to your ear.

Fine, just- mmh… don’t turn it off. He’ll get worried” you said. Instead of replying he applied more pressure and you couldn’t help the small moan that escaped your mouth.

Fuck, how are you so good at this?” you asked breathless. You didn’t even notice the phone vibrating anymore. He just chuckled while pushing your hair over your shoulder and placed a soft kiss on the back your neck. His hands felt so good that it took you some minutes to realize he was kissing and biting your neck.

Jihoon?” You started to panic. Suddenly you were aware of everything: his hands touching your lower back, his teeth nibbling your earlobe, the phone vibrating nonstop.

Relax” was his only reply before he started sucking on your neck. You moaned and tried to push him away but he groaned, hugging your waist and pulling your back closer to him.

Jihoon, y-you’re leaving a mark.” You complained but he only sucked harder. “You fucker!” you hissed when you understood he was doing it on purpose. He stopped and leaned his head on your shoulder laughing breathlessly while caressing your tummy.

It’s not funny!” you said. He remained silent for a few seconds and then kissed your shoulder sweetly.

“It wasn’t meant to be funny” he said softly but he didn’t say anything else. No explanation to his behavior. No apology. Nothing. So you violently pushed his hands away and stood up but he quickly grabbed your arm and pulled you on top of him. You were now on his lap, while he was sitting between your legs. You gave him a killer glare but he didn’t seem to be intimidated.

“If this is a joke-“ you started but he grabbed your hips and grinded you against him. You gasped as you felt how hard he was.

“Does it feel like I’m joking?” he asked looking at you straight in the eyes. You didn’t know what to say. His cock pulsating against you didn’t let you come up with an answer.

“I can’t.” You finally said.” You-“

“…am too young?” he interrupted you. You looked away. “But you like me, (Y/N). You like me a lot.” he continued while caressing your waist.

“Sorry, I don’t.” You lied. You were very convincing but he wasn’t having it.

Yes, you do.” He grinned leaning against your ear. “Remember that day you weren’t feeling well and run to the bathroom?” he kissed your jawline. “I was worried so I followed you. I couldn’t just enter the girls’ bathroom so I was going to wait for you outside…That’s when I noticed you were on the phone.” He licked your neck and your eyes widened in fear and embarrassment. You remembered that. You literally had screamed that you had a crush on Woozi. How could you be so stupid? He was now looking at your face and he seemed to find your reaction rather amusing. He bit his lower lip and asked “How long are you going to keep me waiting?”

You wanted to die of embarrassment. Maybe you should just give in? But no, your mind wouldn’t stop telling you his body was reacting this way because he has no other female around him. He’s desperate and now that he knows you like him he wants to use you to relieve stress. Now that you thought about it, it was completely normal for guys his age to have sex. You started thinking about all the other boys back in the dorms and felt sad for them. They needed to have a healthy live and that included sex, even if they didn’t have time for relationships.

“I’ll talk to the company.” you finally said and when he looked confused you added “They can probably hire some women… or men, whatever you’re into for you to do your…things” you said, mom mode activated as you reassured him “There’s no need to be ashamed, your body is changing, this is totally normal.”

He narrowed his eyes and asked “What the hell are you talking about? I don’t want to fuck another woman.”

We’ll make sure they get tested before, ok? They’ll be clean and I’m sure they will keep the secret if they get p-“ He let out a frustrated groan, grabbed the back of your head and kissed you roughly. It felt so good to finally kiss the one you liked but you still weren’t sure it was right to take advantage of his needs so you tried to push him away. He pulled you closer, his tongue deep into your mouth and started thrusting his hips lazily. You parted away, gasping for air as he repeated “I don’t want another woman. I like you. Everyone knows you drive me crazy. Now stop killing the mood and kiss me back.” He demanded.

You were thinking about how much trouble you would get into if someone found out about what was happening when he kissed you again and this time you kissed back. He moaned, finally satisfied with your reaction but wasted no time and squeezed your ass, thrusting harder.

“You look so good wearing a dress. How come you never wear one for work?” he asked casually sliding his hands under it and caressing your thighs.

“I was going to go out with a friend.” You replied kissing his neck.

“The friend who keeps texting you?” he asked and suddenly you remembered him. You quickly stopped and were about to reach for your phone when Jihoon’s hand found his way into your panties and rubbed your clit shamelessly. Your back arched.

Fuck, Jihoon. Just let me reply to his text, ok?”

I’m not stopping you, (Y/N). Am, I?” he asked innocently while rubbing faster. You tried to glare at him but you couldn’t keep your eyes open at how good his fingers felt. He rubbed even faster while looking at your face, fascinated. “Are you close?” he asked when you started shaking. You nodded while moaning and he stopped immediately.

“What the fuck?!” You asked him breathless, frustrated because how dare he making you feel this good and then stop right before your orgasm.

“You should let your friend know that you are fine.” He simply replied.  You just looked at him wondering if he was actually serious but he didn’t flinch so you just grabbed your phone and stood up, hating Jihoon more than ever. When you checked your phone you even had missed calls.

Fuck, he probably thinks I’m dead.” You said as you called him.

Hello? What the fuck is your problem, princess? I almost called the police!” your friend yelled on the other end.

“I’m so sorry, my lovely prince.” You started feeling incredibly guilty. ”I’m fine, I’m just-Wh…Oooh” you couldn’t finish the sentence as Jihoon quickly pulled your panties down and gave your clit a long lick.

“(Y/N)?” Your friend asked but you weren’t paying attention. You were trying to push Jihoon away while you angrily whispered “What the fuck are you doing?” but he looked at you straight in the eye, fucking grinned and buried his head between your legs. You let out a silent scream and started shaking as you were already close to your release thanks to all that teasing not long ago. Somehow you managed to finish the call before grabbing his hair and come in his mouth moaning loudly. He gave you one last lick and kissed your hip before pulling you back into his lap and kissing you hungrily.

How the fuck do I explain that to my friend?” you asked between kisses.

Just tell him the truth” he replied, taking his cock out of his pants and putting a condom on.

“Why do you even have one of those?”

“I’m 20 years old, of course I have one. Also I’ve been thinking of a way to be alone with you to do this. You coming to me today made it easier.” He said rubbing his dick against your entrance.

“Fuck you” you laughed.

“That’s the plan” he said sliding into you, both of you moaning. He waited a few seconds before moving slowly. You were kissing when your friend called you back.

“Answer him” Jihoon suddenly said.

No fucking way.” He thrusted into you harder and made you gasp.

If you don’t answer it, I’ll do it.” He threatened. You glared at him, refusing to pick it up. But he grabbed the phone himself and answered so you took it away from his hands, panicking.

I’m so sorry, everything is fine. I promise!” you said before he asked you anything.

“(Y/N) where even are you?”

“I…” you looked at Jihoon, who raised an eyebrow and thrusted into you. You gasped and tried to come up with an excuse quickly. “I had to head back to work. They needed me to take care of something for a photo shoot tomorrow morning” you lied. Jihoon laughed breathlessly and fucked you harder.

“What? They are assholes, you’re supposed to have the nights off” your friend replied.

I know, they are assholes.” You replied glaring at Jihoon and trying to hold back your moans. He smirked.

“(Y/N) you sound very tired. Have you thought about the job I offered you? You know my dad owns the company. Come work with us and we’ll treat you well, princess.” Your friend said worried. Jihoon furrowed his eyebrows and slowed down, looking at you confused. He had clearly heard what your friend said.

“Your offering sounds very tempting right now. I’m honestly considering it.” You said and Jihoon gave you one hard deep thrust that made you moan out loud.

“…(Y/N)?” you heard your friend’s confused voice but you couldn’t reply. Jihoon was fucking you roughly, he even looked angry.

“….Princess, are you-?” your friend didn’t get to finish his sentence because Jihoon interrupted him with an “Ooh, (Y/N) you feel so good.” Way louder than necessary. You slapped his arm, knowing what he was trying to do but he only continued. “Mmm yeah, baby. Just like that, you take me so well…Uuhh” You panicked and tried to cover his mouth with your hand but then he pounded into you with brutal force and you were the one moaning.

Oh my god, (Y/N) you are totally fucking your job!” your friend yelled before hanging up. You didn’t even have the energy to be mad at Jihoon as you felt your orgasm hitting you. Jihoon followed not long after with a low groan as he spilled into the condom. Neither of you moved. Your foreheads touching, the only sound in the studio was your breathing until Jihoon broke the silence asking “Are you going to stop working with us?”

“…If someone finds out about this, I’ll have to” you sighed. He kissed your lips softly before saying “No one needs to know. Except for your prince” he huffed.

“…He’s gay.” You told him. Jihoon didn’t say anything for a few seconds before finally whispering “Good.” And kissing you again.

Blue Kisses.

Pairing: Hoseok / Reader.

Genre: Fluff, angst.

Summary: “But you do know that I care right?” he whispered against the skin of your cheek, his thumb brushing heat over your bottom lip, making your lips part to accommodate his digit.

Word count: 12,821


Note: Ahhh, I wrote this so long ago and I’m not sure if I still like it .But here! All revamped and made pretty for the masterlist so meh~

After standing alone in a unfamiliar living room for the last half hour, you were officially ready to kill Jung. It was no secret that you hated frat parties, favouring curling up in your second - hand (hey, it was cheap), worn chair with one of your favourite books or watching reruns to staying out late with drunk students. You could be quite shy around those you didn’t know, and hated being forced to down bitter tasting beer while drunk classmates would pull you into their sweaty embraces. Also, due to your dislike of alcohol, you were often the only sober person in the house, having to deal with your classmates drunk antics. 

You would never forget that on the rare occasion that you went to a party, the boy who sat next to you in Art History had pinned you to a wall and tried to shove his tongue down your throat. Obviously he was too drunk to aim and ended up with a mouthful of hair rather than your lips, but it was enough to put you off parties even more than before. You hadn’t been able to look at him the next day, awkwardly nodding when he had apologised. However you did try to enjoy yourself on the weekends, earning it after the gruelling week. Sometimes you would invite some of your friends to your tiny dorm room provided by the school to go on a movie marathon. There had been a slight mix up with the rooms at the collage, meaning you didn’t have a roommate, and the school hadn’t assigned you one yet. However after a disastrous week, chock full of meetings and assignments due in, you were ready to get a pizza, hide in a mountain of blankets and fall asleep in front of the season finale of the crown. However when Jung had arrived at your door in the early evening, and almost broke down your door with her violent knocking, your plans had been thrown to the wind.

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Best Boyfriend You’ve Never Had (Bucky x Reader)- Part 2

Summary: Reader tells Nat, Wanda and Sam of her situation, and confides in them the unexpected reason behind her denial that it will lead to happily ever after.

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Reader, Natasha Romanoff, Sam Wilson, Wanda Maximoff, Steve Rogers (mentioned)

Warnings: Feels, slight angst

Word Count: 2152

A/N: So sorry it’s been a while, but here’s part 2! I don’t know for sure when part 3 will be up, but it’ll be soon! Thanks for reading, and enjoy!

Part 1 (Previous)

Originally posted by caps-bucky

*gif is not mine; credit to rightful owner*

The next day, Bucky had gone on a small trial mission with Steve. He hadn’t been out with the team in the field since his return from Wakanda; while T’Challa’s scientists were successful in thoroughly erasing HYDRA’s trigger words from Bucky’s mind, he still suffered from haunting nightmares and PTSD from both his time in the war and as the Winter Soldier. However, he had been getting better, with the help of yourself, Steve and the rest of the team, and after months of training and recovery, he finally felt ready to join the Avengers on missions. Now, mind you, this wasn’t a real mission; it was just a trial scenario- a simulation set up by Tony and Maria, with former SHIELD field agents Hill had recruited acting as the enemies. You hadn’t a shade of doubt in Bucky though; he was really doing so much better, and he was so thankful to finally be free of HYDRA’s hold. He still had a ways to go, but you knew he would never be alone again, not while you were still breathing.

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KBTBB Side Story: Jealousy Lingerie

The side stories have been updated and I am not surprised to see these three characters being featured (first?). The stories include His POV from the guy that you had an “affair” with. I have already purchased Eisuke’s and Soryu’s. Naturally, I will get Ota’s too once it’s released. I hope it’s not as ‘disappointing’ as the Love Hotel story for Ota. :\

Oh, and I like how the button says “Make xxx jealous” hahaha!

Jealousy Lingerie ~A Thoughtless Love Affair Night For Him~

When you regain your consciousness, you find yourself waking up on a bed of a different guy’s. Could it have been a mistake for what happened in one night!?
With the present that was an adult lingerie gifted by a jealous him… ♥
Wouldn’t you want to experience your last love affair before the wedding…?

Ichinomiya Eisuke

Waking up in the morning, you found yourself naked with Soryu on the bed.
Eisuke who got jealous from how you were trying to hide this from him… ♥

“It seems that you’re lacking of awareness that you belong to me.”

Oh Soryu

After getting yourself drunk in a bar, you woke up to find yourself in a hotel with Ota. On the spur of the moment you lied to Soryu about it, and the jealous Soryu… ♥

“…don’t ever show your defenselessness in front of other men.”

Kisaki Ota

Being left waiting continuously when the rendezvous with Ota couldn’t happen, you find yourself waking up in Eisuke’s bed.
While you were teased by Eisuke,the jealous Ota… ♥

“Doing this kind of thing, you do know what will happen to you right?”

It is up to you to read it or not.
“If you were to be cornered by him at that state…”
Includes His POV of the “love affair route” ♥

Is there anybody who would want to read a summary of Ota’s Love Hotel story? If not I’ll give it a pass and push it back to when I feel like writing one lol…
By the way, I understand if sometimes my translation doesn’t make 100% sense haha I’m still learning~ :3 So pardon for the awkwardness. If there’s any doubt, feel free to clarify with me yeah!

That Tortured Soul On The Drivers Side|| old man logan

Originally posted by cinelander

So… the first time I had this nearly finished, my computer decided to crash. Let’s go.. Round 2!

Jist of prompt: You are in no need of a chauffeur, but that doesn’t stop you from calling on Logans services. Over time, you find yourself falling for the man on the drivers side and slowly manage to break past his defenses. When he comes to you looking for help with Laura, you find yourself unable to keep your secret anymore. 

Tag List: @house-of-penguin @drewkelliii @weasleytheking @agirlinherhead @itsbrittbrattt @rivertales @xavier-chxrles @hookedonawolverine @liveourlifelikenobodyelse @katiedreamy @castawaybarnes @buckybabble @avengers-bucky-fanfic 

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Parking Mishap

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: Explicit language

Word Count: 1.9K+

A/N: Here’s a Stevie one shot for you guys, I hope you like it! :D

Your tongue stuck out in concentration as you slowly inched your way into the tight parking spot. When you thought you were too close to the car behind, you shifted your car back into drive and pulled forward a bit before repeating the process over again. It was your fault for driving into the city, knowing full well that it would be difficult to find parking, especially with your parallel parking skills. After the fifth time, you were tired. Your eyes narrowed as you watched through the back window, carefully backing up again when you suddenly felt your car bump forward. You squeezed your eyes shut and groaned. “Fuck.” 

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anonymous asked:

“I dreamt about you last night.” Kuromahi for the prompt thing.

KuroMahi {7: “I dreamt about you last night”}

“Well, look who finally woke up.” Mahiru opened his eyes to Kuro smiling down at him. Still a little drowsy, Mahiru turned to see the time and he saw that it was still early. His alarm didn’t even ring yet so he was a little surprised to find Kuro awake. Mahiru considered chastising him for lazing around in bed despite appearing completely awake but decided against it when Kuro nuzzled into his neck.

“Too early in the morning, Kuro.” Mahiru gently tapped his shoulder to stop him. Kuro only doubled his effort and Mahiru giggled when he tickled him. “I’m serious, stop before I kick you off the bed. I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night and I’m pretty sure that’s your fault. If you’re awake, you should get out of bed and not waste the day.”

“How is spending time with you a waste?” Kuro grinned at Mahiru’s light blush. “Anyways, you were the one that woke me up so early. Did you know you talk in your sleep? I woke up when I thought you were calling my name. You said some pretty interesting things after that too.”

“I do not talk in my sleep!” Mahiru denied but he had to admit that he had no way of knowing. He slept alone most of his life and no one ever told him he talked in his sleep. But the way Kuro was smirking at him, he had to wonder if he was telling him the truth. “I didn’t say anything weird, did I?”

Kuro chuckled with a knowing smile and Mahiru dreaded his answer. “You always surprise me, Mahiru. Who would’ve thought my adorable boyfriend made of pure sunshine and smiles would have such a dirty mind. Mmh, so good~ Please, give me more~ Oh, I love you and I don’t ever want you to stop~

“I think that’s enough.” Mahiru rushed to stop him by covering his mouth. His face was burning and he tried to remember his dream from last night. Kuro was in it but they certainly weren’t doing anything close to what he was suggesting. He wondered if Kuro was teasing him and pulled the covers over his face to hide. “I didn’t dream about having sex with you! You’re mistaken about everything!”

“Wait, so you weren’t dreaming about me?” Kuro frowned.

“Well, I dreamt about you last night but we weren’t doing anything like that. Seriously, Kuro, don’t look at me like that!” Mahiru took the pillow and lightly hit Kuro with it. Then, he laid on his chest and kissed his nose. “Morning, Kuro. You’re such a pervert for thinking something like that.”

“So, what were you dreaming about?” Kuro said after returning his good morning kiss.

“Umm… we were on a date in Paris and you were feeding me ice cream.” Mahiru told him and he didn’t know why Kuro was smiling as he listened to him describe the date. Even though his dream took place in Paris, it was a simple, romantic date. Kuro had to admit that he liked the image.

“Hyde told me about this ice cream parlour that opened nearby. He says it’s pretty good so how about we try it out for ourselves? I know it’s not Paris but I can feed you like in your dream.” Kuro suggested and Mahiru excitedly nodded. It was rare for Kuro to be the one to ask him on an outdoor date because it was always Mahiru who dragged him outside.

“I’d love to. I don’t need Paris or anything extravagant as long as I’m with you.” Mahiru smiled widely. Seeing his smile, Kuro couldn’t help but think that Mahiru was a dream come true.

[100 ways to say, “I love you”]


Summary(requested): You’re friends with benefits and get pregnant, leave, and see Michael two years later.

Warnings: Cursing, Mentions of sex.

Ch: Michaelxreader

Michael never seemed as if he wanted to make what you had a public thing, he’d always stay a distance from you in public, and if he did talk it was small chatter nothing more, but when you were alone it was a different story. He’d often bring you gifts, call you cute nicknames, kiss you, and hold you, He was like two different men.

“Do you think ya ever have children?” You ask, as you watch him dress, he quickly grabs his shoes from the floor that was cluttered with clothes, he took a seat next to you, smiling. “You think you’re pregnant right after we fucked?”

“No.” You swallow the lump in your throat, putting on a smile. “Don’t be silly, Mikey, I just carious.”

“I mean maybe, but not at the moment, I have no time to take care of me self.” You fake smile and nod, as slipped on his dress shoes. “I agree with you.” 

He presses a kiss against your nose, and then your forehead, “I have to go love, fucking Tommy will kill me if I’m late again.”

“Bye.” You kiss his lips softly. “I’ll pick you up tonight, we’ll go for dinner, have a good day.” With one more kiss to the top of hair, he was gone, door slammed behind him. Little did he know you were pregnant, and leaving for London tonight.

You spend the rest of the day debating on if you should, but none would be fair to Michael, who has just finally found his family, he said it himself he was not ready to be a father, but you were not ready to leave him. you found your feelings growing stronger and stronger for the young Peaky Blinder.

Currently you stood shaking at the train station, the ticket wrinkling due to the grip of regret. You had to do this though, for Michael and for your baby. The moment the train whistle ripped the air, tears started flowing It was time to leave, leave him behind.

                                                   2 years later

You looked down at the beautiful little boy sleeping on your chest, He was the spitting image of his father, gorgeous brown locks, and beautiful red lips. With a quick jerk, the train stopped.

After two years you finally worked up the nerve to come back, come back to see your mother and let her see her grandchild for the first time ever. “Mummy?” Your son groaned, rubbing his eyes, looking up at you.

“Time to go meet your granny, baby.” He smiled from cheek to cheek, so excited to finally meet her, especially since you talked about how an amazing person she is, and the wonderful pastries she makes.

The moment Wallace met your mother it was instant love, and couldn’t tear him from his granny, she offered many time for you two to stay with her, to live her, she could get you a job at the Garrison now that her new husband Harry was the owner. 

“Honey Wallace will love it here.” She sways, “You grew up here, you belong here with your family.” She was right, you missed your family, In London it was just you and Wallace, no friends or family. When you agree, she assisted on celebrating, sending you and Wallace out to get goodies for her to make. 

The walk through the town was just what you needed, the memories came flooding back, the dreams and hopes that were thought of right in this very town. Finally you reached the market, holding Wallace’s hand to have him pull away, “Mummy you don’t need to hold my hand!” 

“I forgot my baby’s all grown.” You smile, poking his cheek. You examined the apples, looking for your mum’s favorite, the green ones, after looking for the non-bruised, and sweetest, you turn to show Wallace, but he wasn’t there.

“Wallace?” You ask, eyes searching everywhere. “Wallace?” You cry, now speed walking through the market, he was no where to be found. Tears began to fall due to the fear of your son missing, unsafe. 

“Excuse me Miss?” A man ask, you turn around only noticing your son in his arms. You quickly take him, hugging him, “Oh you scared me so much boy, You know to stay next to me!”

“(Y/N)?” The moment your eyes met with Michael’s, you began to panic inside. His eyes studied you, then the boy who similarly represented him. “W-Where have you been?” He tried to hide the breaking of his heart.

You left him heart broken two years ago, as he still found himself the same, not interested in anyone else really, a few one night stands but since you left, he’s not cared for anyone, but you.

“Michael.” You say softly, “Thank you for finding him.” Placing Wallace on the ground, cupping his hand. 

Michael quickly cut in, not allowing you to leave this conversation. “Can you take you two out for dinner? I have so many questions.”

“It’s not the best time -” Wallace cut you off, “I’m hungry mum!” You sigh looking up at Michael, as he stood, his thoughts being confirmed, he was your son.

Michael took you both to a nice place, that was kid friendly. After eating your meal, with lots of small talk, and awkward silence  you where hoping you could leave. “Mummy, can I go play with the other kids?”

You sigh, nodding, and turning back to face Michael. “How old is he?” 

“Two years of age.” You mumble, Michael couldn’t help but connect the dots. “Is that why you asked how I felt about children?” His voiced dripped anger. He quickly took a cigarette from his pocket, lighting it up, something new about him; smoking.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You argue standing your ground., “I met a man in London.” Michael laughed to himself, taking a drag, blowing the smoke around the room. “You don’t think I can’t notice my own son? He looks just like me fucking twin.”

“I don’t know who you think you are.” As you noticed Wallace listening to you both, “You definitely didn’t raise him, he may be your son, but you did not raise him!“ You paused, “And who even said you could curse or smoke in front of my son!”

“Clear the fucking room!” Michael roared as people quickly shuffled out of the room, leaving empty tables all over the room, and Wallace now left alone. 

“I am leaving.” You stood to only get stopped by Michael, his hand catching yours. “I’m sorry, I just want to talk.” He puts the cig out smoke now slowly disappearing, “I will not curse I promise.”

You sit back down, looking at Wallace playing with blocks. “Is this why you left?” You nod, “You said you weren’t ready. I wasn’t going to stick the responsibility on you.”

“He is my son.” Michael argues, “It isn’t a responsibility, it’s my job as a man.” You nod, tears growing in yours eyes. “You wouldn’t even show me to the public I thought the same for our son.”

“I loved you! I would’ve told anyone if they asked but they never did. They mind their business.” Tears now fell down your cheeks, “I didn’t know, I thought you didn’t want anything more.”

Michael groaned in anger, “Enough arguing, I have just met my son and would like to spend time with him.” He took off his hat, placing it on the table, his hands running through his hair. “We will talk about this later, but I am glad to see that beautiful face again.

You smile at him softly, wiping the tears from your face. “Wallace come here.” Wallace was quick to jump on your lap. Wallace often wondered why he didn’t have a father like everyone else, sometimes make one up to be like the other kids. He smiled cheek to cheek the moment you told him the respectful, whole man in front of him was his own.

You couldn’t help but notice the tears in Michael’s eyes as Wallace ran to his side of his table, jumping on his lap and hugging him. Between you and Wallace he didn’t know what to cry over.

Request are open!

Only Fools

I entered this in a contest. This is my first fanfic so I hope you like it!! ANY feedback would be appreciated as I am new to tumblr. 

Summary: Jungkook and Namjoon both like you and it threatens their friendship and the band’s success.

It was Sunday night and it was pretty late when you came to think about it, but you had a week off this semester so you didn’t care. The clock read 2:57 AM and you decided to air dry your hair while watching some cartoons. Just because your 20 doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some quality entertainment. It was better than watching the news. You put some water to boil so you could have some relaxing tea, yes, you were so ready for this vacation at home. 

That was until you heard screaming outside. But this was the city so you paid no mind to it. It was probably just a group of drunk New Yorkers out having the time of their lives. Or so you imagined. What really made you jump was the knock on your door. Actually it was more like repeated non stop banging. Realizing the person was not going to stop after, about 5 seconds you walked toward the door with a bat already in hand. With little fear, you opened the door. 

Before you could say anything he said, “Please let me in I’m being chased!”. Being a New Yorker you wouldn’t have believed him but the fear in his eyes showed that he was telling the truth and you weren’t scared of him. You were ready to fight him if he tried to do anything. 

As soon as you said “Okay”, he practically threw himself inside which made you go on defense mode but he just stood there holding one arm. As you look at him with shock and confusion, it’s evident that he’s shivering and is legitimately frightened. Small beads of sweat were visible on his skin.

 “What’s going on? Someone’s chasing you?” you questioned. “Yeah, a few people” he replied catching his breath. “Why? Did you do something?” you asked, ready to hit him if he revealed he was a criminal of some sort. “No, I’m not dangerous I promise. I lost my way back to my hotel and I don’t know how they recognized me.” He looked at your eyes and you knew he was telling the truth. 

“Who’s they?” you asked. He avoided your gaze and said, “Fans I guess.” That’s when it registered in your head. He must be famous. Those people screaming were chasing him. Of course. Why else would there be so many high pitched screams annoying your relaxation time this late. But as you looked at him you didn’t recognize him. He did have a pretty face but you didn’t know who he was. 

“So your famous? Oh okay I get it now…Well no one’s getting in here so I think you’re safe.” You looked out the window searching for fangirls creeping out in the night. “Yes thank you. I lost them around the corner but knew they would find me if I didn’t have a place to hide. I saw your tv screen glaring through the shades and hoped someone would open.” He looked exhausted and annoyed. “Can I borrow your phone?” he asked. 

You walked to the kitchen, leaving him in the living room to make his phone call. you wondered how crazy your luck was that some famous person found refuge in your home. Bringing him a cup of tea, he began apologizing profusely for bothering you at such a late hour. “It’s fine don’t worry about it” you assured him. “My friend can’t pick me up. He’s not allowed out the hotel anymore. The fans found out where we’re staying” he said with annoyance. “You can stay here. I’ll sleep on the couch and you can sleep on my bed” you offered. “No, I can sleep on the couch. You don’t have to do that” he started making himself comfortable on the couch. “No it’s okay. The couch sucks to sleep on. You’ll wake up with aches everywhere. I just washed the bed set so everything’s clean and super soft. I’m just being hospitable” and you took his arm and pulled him off the couch. 

He looked at you with an uncomfortable look but didn’t argue. It was then that you realized he must not have had a lot of experience with nobody’s like you. “Are you okay?” you asked. Before he could answer you reassured him “It’s okay. Im not going to tell anyone your here.” “Thank you…I’m sorry, what’s your name?” he asked as you both realized you didn’t introduce yourselves. “I’m Y/N.” you said, sticking out your hand. He took it and slightly bowed as he said “I’m Jungkook.”


The next day it was 10 in the morning when you eyes decided to open. Considering it was super late when you went to sleep and it was way to early of a wake up, you walked to the kitchen and started making breakfast to revive your energy. You turned on the radio and started cooking. 

Or tried to at least, because you dropped the blueberries when you heard an angelic voice singing along with to the radio. “Holy crap” you said as the plate flew up and you caught it but the blueberries flew into the sink. Startled you turned around and felt dumb for forgetting you let some stranger into your house. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you” he said but there was a smirk on his face. “Your voice is amazing” you say still in shock as to how good he was.

“Thank you. I still feel like I have a long way to go though” he said and you were in even more shock. Surely he had to be kidding. He’s never heard you sing before so he’s probably confused about how talented he really was. You passed him some toast and fruit. “So tell me more about your fame” you were curious, “must be super nice” and then you felt stupid because you just saw him go through a bad night because of his fame. 

“Yeah but sometimes I wish it could all go away.” He began eating and you felt embarrassed watching him eat because he was very cute. There was no way you can shove half the toast in your mouth like you always do when he was sitting right there. You took out glass cups instead of the styrofoam cups you always use to avoid dishes. 

“What time can your friend pick you up?” you asked him. “Not until 5. It that okay? Do you have somewhere to be?” he asked with concern in his face. “No I’m on vacation” you replied, but he looked confused. “You’re vacation is at home?” he questioned. “Yeah…” you said embarrassed, “can’t really afford to go to Italy or Korea or anywhere” you added with a nervous chuckle. He looked surprised. “I’m from Korea” he said, and another light bulb went off in your head. No wonder his skin is so clear. 

“I’m in a kpop group” he added. “You have a nice house, how come you can’t afford to go on a vacation?” he asked shyly. “Oh well I work for tuition so I don’t have a lot of money left after paying for school.” You realized he must not go to school. “Wow, school. What’s it like?” he asked. “Probably not as fun as they make it seem on tv. It sucks.” you told him and he laughed.


“Trust me. No ones going to recognize you.” You walked Jungkook to the corner store and the guy at the counter didn’t pay any mind to either of you. “Are there cameras here?” he asked. “Of course, but don’t worry about them. It’s only for safety purposes. People only look at them if there’s like a robbery or something.” You pulled him to the back of the store and kept telling him no one is going to recognize him in the ugly sunglasses you picked out from your sad accessories, and old hoodie that looked like it came from the thrift store…because it did. 

“Look shrimp chips and choco pies” you pointed at them and his eyebrows rose. “I haven’t had these in like a month. I can’t believe they have them here” he grabbed the items and started to look around the store for more stuff he could buy. “Those are the only things I know from Korea. Oh and these face masks I got to make me beautiful” you said and started laughing. “You are beautiful” he said and your breath hitched. “I’m sure you look better in a face mask than I do.” you said and you both started laughing. Inside you were embarrassed but flattered. You walked back home and he told you about Korea and his group. You were fascinated but when he asked you about yourself it felt weird. 

He would ask the simplest questions like “what kind of movies theaters are here?” and “do you go to the amusement park all the time? I saw the Coney Island was here.” “Why don’t I take you there?” you said and his eyes went wide. “I don’t think that’s a good idea” he said smiling. “Well it’s fall and the winds picking up. Today…it seems like not that many people are going to be there. I’d say today’s a good day to go.” 

He looked at you and it seemed like he was searching your face for any sign of doubt. “Are we gonna take the train?” he asked and you knew he wanted to go. “Of course” you said, happy that he mustered the courage to trust you. There’s no way you were going to jeopardize his safety so you stepped up his disguise with green hairspray that washes off with shampoo. You styled his hair so that his mushroom cut wouldn’t be a dead giveaway that he’s not from here. He looked like a cute emo guy and you applauded yourself. 

At Coney Island it was like unleashing his inner child. His smile made you die on the inside. Jungkook ran to the arcade first and won so many tickets he got a huge stuffed green alien. “Here you have him. I can’t keep him anyway. I might lose it during all the traveling I have to do.” He handed you the huge thing and you felt a small sadness. You guys walked on the beach and the wind started to pick up even more. It was getting cold so you headed back quickly. You smiled at him as he was so excited being on a New York City subway. You hated the train but with him there it was alright. 

When you arrived to your house there was a guy standing outside your door. “Hyung!” Jungkook said, waving to the guy. “What the hell were you thinking? You could’ve gotten hurt last night. They found out where we’re staying!” the guy said and then caught your eyes. “Oh hello. Thank you for helping out my friend. We’ll be going now.” He started pulling Jungkook away. “But wait!” Jungkook said and ran back to you. The other guy hadn’t taken his eyes off of you. “Here’s my number. Thanks for helping me out. I had a really great time.” Jungkook said shyly, and you were still trying to process that this was goodbye. 

“Jungkook” said the other guy sternly, still staring at you. “Namjoon hyung please.” Jungkook whined. Bye Y/N! I hope to see you again.“ you smiled at him knowing that it was highly unlikely “Bye Jungkook”. Your goodbyes lasted thrift seconds but you thought about the past few hours for the rest of the night. It was a different experience than how you thought your vacation was going to start.


The next few days you spent looking up Jungkook and his group on the Internet. He was gorgeous and so were the other guys in the group. Namjoon was apparently the leader and Jungkook was the youngest. They’re a really cool group you thought. Embarrassed that you started to fangirl, you thought about texting him. You didn’t know if you should text Jungkook but when you finally did, he never replied. He didn’t have his phone when you were with him because he forgot it at he hotel. 

But now that he’s back he definitely had to have his phone. So why wasn’t he replying? Two days. It took him two days to reply. 

[hey! Sorry I took so long..my schedule has been packed! I got to go to coney with the guys for work so I got to show them all the cool games you showed me]

 The next day he texted you that he was leaving the country. You couldn’t help the hurt you felt. You didn’t want him to leave, he was your friend. Or you considered him to be your friend at least. 

 [aww! When are you coming back?] 

and your heart tore a little when he replied, 

[i don’t know :/ ]

He assured you that you would always be able to text him and that he would try to FaceTime with you once in a while. You knew that would be hard considering the time difference and with school starting again next week, you didn’t want to do anything but laugh with your new friend all day long.


The day he was leaving you received a knock on the door assuming it was him coming to say goodbye for real. You thought it was weird that he would be there considering you already said an awkward goodbye. To your surprise, when you opened the door it was Namjoon who stood there. 

“Oh hi.” you said as you opened the door to welcome him in. However he didn’t want to come in. 

“I just wanted to thank you for taking care of Jungkook. It could’ve ended up really bad if he didn’t find you. You know that we’re leaving now so I just wanted to say something.” He looked seriously at you and it only made you more confused. 

“Don’t try to contact him anymore. He’s been acting strange lately and I don’t think you’re helping. He keeps talking about taking a break. He’s being selfish and thinking only about himself. I think it’s best if you leave him alone. I’m sorry.” He walked right back to his car and didn’t even look back at you. 

You stood there trying to hold your anger in and shock. Who does this guy think he is? You weren’t happy with what had just occurred so you texted Jungkook.

[whats wrong with your friend!?] 

But he never answered. Somehow you knew that there was a strong possibility that he would never reply. What could you do now but understand that he’s busy and maybe Namjoon was right. It’s been a week since you texted him and all hope was lost. You were sad that you had to forget about Jungkook, your friend who was famous but seemed so cool just hanging out. Scolding yourself for thinking about him so much, you decided it was time to get some homework done.

____  *three weeks later* 

You sat in the school library studying for the next calculus test when your phone buzzed. Only having one friend, you assumed it was her. You choked on your coffee when the notification said Jungkook. 

[what are you talking about? Namjoon? What did he do?] 

You explained to him the situation that occurred, hoping that it wouldn’t cause trouble between them. 

[i can’t believe it. Don’t worry about us Y/N, we’ve been conflicting as a group for weeks.] 

[why does he think I have something to do with you? He’s acting like you don’t control your own behavior. Are you okay tho?]

[im fine. I’ve just been doing a lot of thinking about my life. He’s to scared to admit his feelings. We all feel this way. I’m just not afraid to say it.] 

Jokingly scolding him for taking three weeks to respond, he thanked you for understanding that he won’t always have time to respond quickly. It was nice texting him. 

[next week I’m coming to New York again for a photo shoot. I hope we can go to Coney Island again] 

[hmmm…it’s too cold now. And they closed it last week] you told him. 

[ohh that sucks. Well then let’s go get something to eat.] [ok how about fast food] you questioned.

[if there’s fries, I’m in] 

You aced your calculus exam and were so excited to see Jungkook tonight. You wanted to take him to Burger King since it’s usually completely empty most hours. Since you guys were probably going to get there at night, you could guarantee it would be a ghost town. It was noon so you decided to shop for some new clothes. 

He texted you that he could meet you at 10 so you just ate lunch at the mall and decided to skip dinner. Trying to look presentable, time flew and it was already 9:30. The taxi ride was about thirty minutes so you arrived at BK at 9:55. You ordered two whoppers, two medium fries and drinks. Hopefully he was okay getting medium fries and not large, you wondered. 

Taking the tray and drinks to a table away from the windows for extra precaution, you happily waited for Jungkook to arrive. But then it was midnight and you had no idea where he was. He wasn’t answering his phone either. There was only one staff person now at the 24 hour restaurant. You were embarrassed to be there a lone with her as you were clearly waiting for another person and she knew. You subconsciously started to hate her standing there doing her job. The place was empty but she flipped those fries nonetheless. You started to get angry but then calmed down.

It’s probably not his fault he’s late. You knew you had to be understanding. You started to really get into a game on your phone and started eating some fries while you waited for him. 

“You’re eating our fries!” he said as you looked up to see him standing there. “I got you your own” you pointed at the food in front of him. He grabbed you finger and hand. “I’m sorry I’m late. I thought you would’ve left by now. And now the foods cold and it’s all my fault. I can buy more if you want.” He said, waiting for your response. Taking your finger back you looked down. “It’s okay Jungkook. I’m not mad, I was fine waiting.” You looked at the girl flipping the fries and stuck out your hand. “Give me some cash, I’ll go order you another set.” He smiled at you and handed you the money. “Thank you Y/N” he said with a sincere smile. 

When you came back he threw a fry at you. “You didn’t have to get all dressed up for our date you know,” he said with a playful smile. You tried not to choke and looked away from him. “I didn’t get beautiful for you. I just felt like getting ready today. Don’t look if it’s too much for you” you said as smoothly as possible trying to hide your blush, but he just laughed. “At least you didn’t deny that it’s a date.” he said and looked away. Shocked you looked right at him as he looked back at you trying to search your face. 

“Is it a date?” you asked him quietly. He started tapping his foot and straightened up. “I would like it to be.” He said seriously and then he held up his index finger, “even though I was late I’m happy you didn’t leave.” 

“Okay, it is a date then.” You threw a fry at him but he caught it. “Thanks” he said as he took a bite and you both laughed. Instead of getting a cab back home you took him on the train back to his hotel. He didn’t have a full on disguise but it was fine since it was 2 in the morning so the train was empty. “I’m sorry it’s so late. You must be tired.” He said and you looked up the skyscraper he temporarily called home. 

“I’m fine” you said looking back at him. He looked into your eyes and you stared at his beauty. “I really like you,” he said “I know this is very sudden but I like being around you. I feel normal around you. I’m sorry if I don’t reply fast enough and I know that waiting for me tonight must have been annoying. But I want to keep seeing you if that’s okay. Before you say anything, think about it. I want you to really think about it.” he said as he grabbed your wrist and pulled you into a hug. “Goodnight” he whispered and then turned around before you could say anything. 

Your heart raced as you watched him go inside the doors of the hotel. During the cab ride back home you realized that he was worried about you. You did have to think about Jungkook. Did you really want to start something with him? You would have to wait days or weeks sometimes to talk to him. It would be a real long distance relationship and obstacles would always be present. You were a private person, so what if somehow people found out about you guys? Did you really want to risk your privacy as well? The more you thought about it, the more you saw that Jungkook was right to be worried. 

The next day you got up to check the mail in the morning and you felt a little tired. You saw a weird envelop with an address and ticket of some sort. The note read “text me if you can make it - Jungkook”. 

You texted him immediately, [you’re not luring me into some murder right?] 

An hour later he relied [i just want to kill you with my handsomeness] 

When you arrived at the abandoned factory, there were a lot of people there. They looked like they were setting up to film something. You showed someone your pass and they led you to wardrobe. There you saw Jungkook tying his shoe. You wanted to scare him so you sat right behind him as quietly as possible. “You take forever to tie your shoes.” You said and he turned around surprised but not scared. “Aww I thought you were gonna get scared” you pouted, and he took your chin in his hand and made you look up at him. “You look very cute when you pout” he said making you melt for a second. 

You grabbed his hand and spun him around as you whistled and said “someone else looks really cute today. You were right, your handsomeness is to die for.” He smiled clearly embarrassed and started to pose. “I have a photo shoot with the guys today. They’re in the other room getting make up done but I don’t need to” he said smugly and you both laughed super loud. That’s when Namjoon walked in at stared at you guys in shock. 

Jungkook became serious and you looked down. Namjoon came up to you guys and looked at Jungkook, “are you serious. So thats where you were last night” he looked at you “you’re not supposed to be here.” That’s when Jungkook took your hand and moved you behind him. 

“I invited her. She has every right to be here” he said and Namjoon looked amused. “You’re really overstepping your boundaries Jungkook.” The rest of the guys walked into the room and they froze. They looked at you only. It looked like they already knew who you were since there was no confusion in their faces. You felt small so you decided to speak up. “Jungkook, I think I should go.” 

He turned around to face you. “Did you think about what I told you? Do you want to be with me?” he whispered so that only you could hear. You looked up at him. He was your friend but you couldn’t deny how warm it felt to be around him. If he was to go away now, you’d feel a slight hole form in your heart. But you were scared and his eyes looked into yours promising he was ready to take the next step. 

You squeezed his hand and nodded. With that he turned back around to Namjoon and the guys. “This is Y/N. She’s my girlfriend now.” he stated and Namjoon sighed as he rolled his eyes and walked out the room. One of the guys left to find Namjoon, and the oldest?, with plump lips and a killer Adam’s apple stared with his mouth open. Another with beautiful eyes, V was his name as you remembered reading, smiled with the rest at Jungkook in a teasing way. ______________________________ 

Part 2

tonight, the moon
shows me
such lonesome countenance;
hiding her face
behind a veil of clouds,
the light pooling
in the downcast corners
of her mouth
simmering out into faint candlewick
snuffed with a sigh.

I ask:
“have you tired?
do you wish
to come down?”

she turns to me, and softly says,
“who would protect you, then?
the night is only safe
if I am here.”

ah, mother.
how hallowed thy name;
how heavy the weight
of thy duty.


      // oh, mother…

      ғʏᴇᴀʜᴍʏᴛʜs sᴜᴍᴍᴇʀ ᴍʏᴛʜ ᴇᴠᴇɴᴛ
        ❥ ᴅᴀʏ ᴛʜʀᴇᴇ  :  ᴀ sᴏᴜᴛʜ ᴀᴍᴇʀɪᴄᴀɴ ᴅᴇɪᴛʏ

      lianna schreiber,  19 july 2017.

21 Supernatural Imagines

ok, so, in honour of @teamfreewill-imagine​‘s birthday i have written 21 imagines for her because last year she wrote me a 7-day smutathon and i figured i had to pay her back at some point… i wrote over 10,000 words in four days - these were meant to be less than 400 words each but the longest one ended up being 742. whoopsies…

happy birthday, abii!!! ♥

Below the cut: 21 Supernatural and Supernatural RPF imagines.

Warnings: fluff, mild pain, (idk each imagine title pretty much tells the story so you can work out what it entails)

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I Just Want To Hold You

Another ficlet for @seastarved‘s Fantasy Pretzel Week. Day 4, Feb 23: Fake Dating Trope in a Shapeshifters AU

Again, thanks @mahstatins and @ofshipsandswans for taking a look at this for me.

“Swan,” Killian gently grabs Emma by the arm as she turns to slip out the door, “where the bloody hell are you going? What if your parents find you sleeping in some other room? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of this whole charade?”

“I’m not sleeping in another room Killian.”

“Then where are you going, love? You asked me to come here with you to pretend to be your fiancé and I am happy to help. I just -” I just thought I’d get to spend the night holding you, his brain supplies. “I just thought that you could trust me with whatever is troubling you.”

“Killian, I swear, I can explain. Just not now, OK? In the morning?” He sighs and lets her go, unwilling to keep his best friend captive. She slips out the door and he goes to bed alone.

He’s woken the next morning by the sound of her creeping back through the door. He looks at her pointedly. She doesn’t explain.

The same thing happens the next night. And the next.

Emma Swan still doesn’t share her secret with him; he feels heartbroken.

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Winter [Jason Todd x Reader]

A/N: This took a totally different turn from my original idea, but I still like it. I hope you enjoy this!

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Warnings: Language

Word Count: 930



As you get older, you start to lose your interest in the cold and the condensed water falling from the sky. You begin to lose more people in your life and one day you were faced with the predicament that you didn’t have anyone in this lonely world. Winter became less about presents, about the snow, about friends and family and Christmas and more about the shivering cold, the impending fever and the long-awaited break from work.

Winter in Gotham City wasn’t anything significant. It was almost brutal; the harsh cold didn’t spare anyone, nor did it skip a year. The snow darkened due to the pollution and the poor conditions of the city. The skies were always grey and dull, lifeless, as everything was in the season.

Jason Todd didn’t like Winter, he thought it was a bother. Surfaces were slippery and difficult to run on. It was freezing and he could catch a cold at any time, throwing him way off his game. He didn’t think there was anyone he met above adolescence that liked Winter.

His patrol went smoothly; there were only a few problems and he didn’t encounter anyone too dangerous. The only strange thing he noticed was the silhouette situated on the roof.

Is that idiot planning to jump?’ thought Jason, flabbergasted that someone would be on a rooftop at 3 in the morning, in this ridiculous weather.

He walked towards the figure, and as he got closer he noticed the feminine curves of the person, along with the [H/C] hair that was lightly dusted in snow. It was a woman.

“Hey, what are you doing out here?” Jason questioned, tilting his head slightly.

The woman hummed in response but didn’t move from where she was. “I’m enjoying the weather.”

Jason laughed, thinking it was a joke. No one could enjoy the weather, right?

After hearing her silence, Jason stopped and said, “shit, you’re serious.”

“Course I am.” she scoffed, completely unfazed by talking to a stranger on a rooftop in the middle of the night. “The better question is what are you doing in the middle of the night wearing that ridiculous getup?”

Jason flinched back and immediately placed a hand on his gun. This damn woman hadn’t even turned around yet she knew what he was wearing.

“Who are you?”

“I’m no one anyone would care about.” she shook her head.

“Oh don’t go all sentimental with me.” Jason hissed, rolling his eyes behind his red helmet. “Turn around, it’s rude to talk to people without facing them.”

“Says the man hiding his face behind a helmet.” she countered. Jason could practically hear the smug smirk on her face.

“Okay, who the fuck are you?” Jason growled, taking out his gun and pointing it at her head. He heard her sigh and she finally moved, standing up and spinning around.

Jason’s breath caught his throat seeing her [E/C] eyes and graceful smile. She was gorgeous.

“Wow, you look even more absurd when I actually see you.” she commented, eyeing him up and down.

“How did you know–”

“I could see your reflection, dumbass.” She pointed her thumb behind her at the glass building literally in front of them. The tinted windows were slightly white from the cold, but Jason could still see his own reflection from it.

He blushed and thanked the gods that the helmet covered his embarrassed face. The woman still had an unimpressed look plastered on her face. 

God how could she be so fucking beautiful with a scowl on her face?’ Jason shook his head and refocused.

“You’re awfully calm for a person with a gun barrel to her head.” he stated suspiciously. The woman simply shrugged.

“I’ve lived in the streets of this damn city for as long as I could remember. I’ve had a gun pointed at my head all my life. Sorry to disappoint you by my lack of reaction.”

Jason lowered his gun at that comment, knowing what it was like to be on the streets as well. “Is that why you’re out here?” he asked in a gentler tone this time.

Again, another shrug. “That’s part of the reason. It’s true I don’t have a place to go, but I genuinely enjoy Winter.”

“Why? Aren’t you afraid of freezing to death?” Jason inquired.

“For your information, I’m used to the cold.” she defended herself. “And it’s because Winter is a beautiful month. Everything is silent, it’s as if time has frozen with everything else. It’s the only time someone like me could find peace.”

Jason paused to think of his situation. Then an idea popped into his mind.

“When’s the last time you’ve eaten?”

“Excuse me?”

“When’s the last time you’ve eaten?” he repeated. The woman gave him a skeptical look before answering.

“Two days ago.”

“Alright then, come with me.” Jason nodded his head towards the other direction. “There’s a 24 hour diner close by. It’s my treat.”

“Seriously?” She stared at him, confused. “First of all, who would let you in their diner wearing something like that, and secondly, you’re treating a complete stranger like me to a very late dinner, or a very early breakfast?”

“Let’s just say I know what it’s like to be on the streets.” said Jason. “Now, are you coming or not?”

It took her a while to respond. “Is there… anything I could do to for you?”

Jason shrugged. “Give me your name?”

She chuckled, the sound strangely sounding like music to his ears. “Sorry, that slipped my mind.” She extended her hand. 

“I’m [F/N].”


I watched Handsome Devil last night and this one part where Dan Sherry (Andrew) was talking to Connor, (the jock guy who was trying to hide the fact he was gay)..Oh my LORD I just melted.. Because Mr. Sherry said “You get to a point where you don’t need to hide it away.” “You hide things away to protect yourself” “It will get easier, trust me.. It will” and Andrew teared up and I literally just felt like it was true emotion. *SOb* After that interview where he said his whole class laughed at being gay when he was in school, I honestly think that was raw and real emotion  in Andrew Scott’s performance in that scene.. My heart. UGH.

Rainy Coffee Runs (1/2) [Lee Jihoon]

whoops this was supposed a different scenario but it turned into cafe encounters. this is how you meet woozi, part 1 of 2, next part will continue the relationship!

|sometimes, making coffee runs wasn’t so bad.

word count: 1312 words

Read Part 2/2 [Here]~

  • your apartment mates are coffee addicts, and you’re often the loser of games that result in you having to make coffee runs
  • which, isn’t so bad, because at least you can also run to the convenience store if you need to
  • however
  • some nights it doesn’t play in your favor because weather can be pretty unpredictable
  • the most recent incident is what changed things
  • after losing another game of rock paper scissors, you had to leave in a rush because your roommates had warned you of an oncoming storm
  • so of course, you wanted to get that coffee and get home
  • but of course, your usual coffee shop is closed that night
  • so you have to make the run across a few blocks to another one that you’ve been to a few times
  • by the time you get there, clouds have rolled in, and for the most part it looks like the cafe has a few people hanging around
  • tiredly greeting the barista, you pay for your houses’ drinks and wait
  • you’ve set a few of your things on the counter, like your keys and phone, white you look around the shop
  • y’know, because you gotta wait 
  • and you happen to notice that among the people in the show, one guy has colorful dyed hair
  • he’s sitting at his computer, a pair of ear buds in his ear
  • and you can’t help but stare a bit, because, wow, florescent hair
  • it’s actually a white/blonde but in the light it looks like its glowing
  • but when you make eye contact with him
  • oh no no, not eye contact
  • he raises his eyebrows at you
  • as if he expected you to recognize him
  • but man is his stare piercing
  • flushed, you turn away and grab your orders
  • and book it the heck out of there
  • lets be real, the guy at his laptop was really cute
  • but
  • you didn’t want to say anything
  • you didn’t recognize him but did he recognize you
  • with the coffees in hand, you make your way back to your apartment
  • you’re really lucky because when you get back the skies open up
  • so you’re dry and the coffee hasn’t gotten watered down
  • all you gotta do is unlock the door and —
  • the door
  • shit
  • you left your keys at the shop
  • so after banging on the door, your roommates let you in
  • of course theyre very confused when you shove the coffee into their hands and go running off into the rain
  • how could you have left your keys
  • and you didn’t think twice about it raining
  • so you have to run a couple blocks again
  • halfway there though, you’re pretty much out of energy
  • so you finally arrive back at the coffee shop, thoroughly soaked
  • so you’re freezing, but hey, at least you’re back
  • the barista is looking at you like “wtf”
  • and so is computer guy
  • “I’m sorry i didn’t mean to leave my keys are they still here??” you ask
  • you didn’t want to admit that computer guy had startled you and that’s why you left it
  • “oh, your friend over there was going to bring them to you”
  • ?????
  • none of your friends were here
  • but computer guy was clearly packing up to leave
  • you make eye contact with him again, and you’re mesmerized
  • “You, um, you left your keys.”
  • of course you know that but you dont know how you know this guy
  • “um… do I…?”
  • its awkward at first, you both kind of fidget
  • “oh, um…”
  • he holds your keys out to you
  • “you i.d badge for your work, it was, its on the lanyard. i was going to drop it off there, its on my way back home.”
  • “oh, that’s… thank you.”
  • so you awkwardly take your keys from him, and now you’re both just standing there
  • so, you gotta ask him
  • “Have we met?”
  • and he looks startled by that question
  • “No, i don’t think so.”
  • “Oh, I’m…”
  • awkward
  • “I’m Jihoon.”
  • “I’m (Y/N)…”
  • and you think about it, and ask another question
  • “Can i repay you some how? I’d be screwed if i had lost this” you ask him quietly
  • which shocks him, because he’s shaking his head again
  • and you’re just kind of in awe bc wow this dude is cute
  • “It’s okay.” he tells you, and he’s shuffling his laptop closer to him.
  • “please, let me do something…”
  • “Ah, no, really…”
  • he takes a look at you, wrapping his headphones around his hand
  • “Are you sure, i insist.” your adamant about it, like, your phone and keys are essential
  • and this guy seems pretty nice, even if he’s awkward
  • “I…” he pauses, shuffling. “Okay.”
  • You smile happily, despite being soaking wet and freezing.
  • By now he’s noticed you’re shivering and he knows its still pouring out and so do you
  • so you’re soaking wet, it’s still pouring outside
  • so what are you to do??
  • another look at Jihoon and you find yourself smiling again
  • “alright, meet me here again tomorrow night! i’d get your number but my phone is probably gonna be dead when it gets soaked.”
  • sheepishly, you wave to him,  ready to head home
  • “Wait,”
  • you find it odd that the rain isn’t falling on your head
  • turning, you find that jihoon’s opened his umbrella over your head
  • “here, hold this.” he’s very blunt, but you take the handle
  • “I’ll… i’ll walk you home…” he’s quiet again, and is shuffling
  • as you go to tell him that you’ll be fine, you feel something warm draped over your shoulders
  • “you look like you’re freezing.” he mumbles, and isnt looking you  directly in the eye
  • you smile again, handing him umbrella back, and he just, stands there
  • “lets go then.”
  • so, underneath the umbrella, the two of you end up getting to know each other on the walk home
  • even though he’s a quiet kind of guy, you find out that he’s really into music
  • “so, like an idol right?”
  • he seems shocked by that question, almost dropping the umbrella
  • “I figured, you seemed shocked when i saw you earlier, plus, you were kind of hiding in the corner of the shop.” 
  • “oh, uh…”
  • jihoon looks at you with a confused look in his eyes
  • you didn’t want to bother him with anything, especially if he really was, but he had been the one who was going to return your keys
  • “its okay, if you really dont want me to repay you, i wont. i understand, you know, idol stuff…”
  • “no!!” he kinda yells, but  then stops. “its okay, no one bothers me there. its… its right near pledis.”
  • “tomorrow night then?”
  • as the two of you reach your apartment, you go to give him his jacket back
  • “just…” he pauses, looking at you, who is still sopping wet but smiling, offering to give him his peace this late at night
  • “i’ll meet you tomorrow. hold on to the jacket.”
  • and so jihoon awkwardly pats you on the back, ushering towards the door
  • “i’ll, uh, get your number then too..”
  • thats if he decides youre not crazy, which you certainly seemed normal
  • “thank you, jihoon.”
  • and its your bright smile you give him even though you’re clearly tired and cold, that makes him not regret his decision
  • “good night (y/n). sleep well”
  • he wants to tell you not to get sick but he also doesnt want to seem, like, doting or super duper caring
  • and so he leaves you to let yourself in, not wanting to be seen by your roommates
  • and its as he leaves, waving awkwardly, that you see the glint of silver on his pinky
  • “good night jihoon…”
Just You and Me (Part 3)

Originally posted by captaincentenarian

Summary: you and Sam escape the compound and meet up with Steve and an unconscious and possibly still winter-soldier-Bucky. After discussing what happened, the four of you start planning. You and Bucky have some cute fluffy moments.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,300

Warnings: possibly language, angst, minor violence

This is a Captain America: Civil War Rewrite! Read Part 1 - Part 2

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Life Alteration

Characters: Damian Wayne (Robin), Reader (You).

Requested by: @umbreonxespeon

Synopsis: Reader scared to tell Damian she is pregnant.

Warnings: Pregnancy, Language.

A/N: Hope you like it!

I stood frozen in the bathroom, door locked, staring at the lines that were about to change everything. Not just my life, but his as well.

Damian Wayne, son of Bruce Wayne, one of the most famous people in Gotham was about to become a father after only dating 8 months. This was going to be scandal. We aren’t married yet either. What if he leaves me? Our relationship has mainly flown under the radar and I’d be easy to just leave me and ask me to keep it quiet. Hell, he’d probably pay for me to leave town, move to Metropolis or something. Be certain no one found out I was carrying his child. No. No. I was just being paranoid. Was I?

I stood in the bathroom a few more moments as the tears fell down my cheeks.

I hesitantly unlocked the bathroom door and poked my head out to see if Damian had come home yet. The coast was clear. I wiped away my silent tears and placed the test in the back pocket of my jeans. I still had to tell him. It would be easy for me to just leave him. Save myself the pain of rejection. But I still had to know the truth. What his reaction would.

I threw myself on the couch.

My phone buzzed on the coffee table and Damian’s name lit up on the screen. ‘Running late. Be home in an hour.’ It read. Great. Gives me more time to think things over.

The longer I lay there, the more my eyelids felt heavy. I felt myself drifting off into sleep despite the stress. But it was emotionally exhausting.

I woke to the sound of shattering glass and Damian standing in front of me wide-eyed.
I noticed a cup now in pieces next to his feet.
“Did you drop your drink?” I said hazily.
He didn’t respond.
“Dami? Baby?” I sat up.
His gaze didn’t shift. I looked to where he was looking.
I froze. All I could think was ‘shit, shit, shit’. He found out and not because I told him. Because the pregnancy test must’ve fallen out of my pocket at some time and now it’s like it was staring back at him. Who could look away first, my boyfriend or the baby.
“Damian.” I managed to say. I looked in his eyes but I couldn’t decipher what was going on in his head. What was his reaction? He dropped his glass but that could mean any response. Anger or joy.
Damian shifted a little, catching my attention like that little movement you see in the corner of your eye. I expected him to say something, but he walked away to the bedroom. The door slammed and I flinched.

Oh god, he was angry, he was going to leave me.
I threw my face into my hands and brought my knees up to my chest. The tears flowing freely and I wailed openly. There was no point in hiding my emotions from him. He wasn’t going to care anyway. I may as well have been a fling. A one night stand who he knocked up but wants nothing to do with them. Maybe I’m a regret.

The home was silent until nightfall. Damian hadn’t left the bedroom and I hadn’t moved from the couch. The only thing had changed was that my cries were now silent.

I mustered up the courage to stand and slowly walked over to the front door. It’s probably what he was for. I opened the door so he could hear it and flung it closed with force behind me.

As I started to walk down the street I heard a door. Brushing it off as a neighbour, I continued walking.
“Beloved.” A familiar voice shouted. “Beloved!”
I twirled around and saw Damian sprinting towards me.
Thunder cracked over the sky as rain fell.
Damian’s hair already stuck to his forehead.
“Beloved.” He took me by the hand. “Don’t go. I’m sorry. I should’ve said something. I could’ve handled it better. I was in shock, I am in shock but please don’t leave.”
Rain drops on his face obscured any tears that may be falling.
“Please. Stay.” He croaked.
My heart was pounding and I felt a lump in my throat. “I don’t want to go.” I breathed. “I want to stay here with you and god damnit, I know it may seem stupid but I do want this baby.”
Damian pulled you in for a kiss, his tight embrace around you.
“I do too.” He muttered.