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Mind if I suggest more uninterested hoe keith only he expierences with aphrodisiac for the first time? Or is drugs a big no no?


wow i said i was gonna sleep but im a liar DRUGS DIFFER FOR KEITH i’m thinkin’ he’d rather try it with a customer he trusts (and also knows what tf they’re doing too) so he won’t feel like he’s being taken advantage

hope u like the idea of rolo giving him some of that stuff & gettin’ Good Dick At Last 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Public Indecency

ao3 / vaxgrog / oneshot; 1k words

A break-in does not go quite as planned, aka FAKEOUT MAKEOUT IN MARQUETTE.

I don’t even know, y’all.  I blame this gifset and also @trinketchu​.

It was supposed to be a simple break-in, exactly the kind of thing Vax did best.  As in, best on his own.  His backup stepped on the fourth creaky floorboard of the evening, and Vax grimaced.

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  • price: [searching through a crowd] oh no i've lost arnold
  • price: This calls for drastic measures
  • price: [cups hands around mouth like a megaphone] KEVIN PRICE ISN'T THAT AWESOME
  • cunningham: [pops out of the crowd] WHAT THE FUDGE DID YOU SAY
  • price: there he is-
  • mckinley: [slams through a wall] WHO'S TALKIN SHIT ABOUT KEVIN PRICE
  • price: wait what

Finn: “We had to land here. Why couldn’t we have crashed into a planet with fruit trees and lagoons with fresh water. NO! It had to be sand and heat with no water or civilisation anywhere in sight. Could this get any worse?!”

Finn trudged forward, his foot getting caught in the looser sand path, kicking sand everywhere he stepped.

(Y/n): “Well, we could die out here.”

Either by thirst or death by talking too much.

Finn: “Not helping (Y/n). I’m surprised your boyfriend hadn’t stormed his way to this planet to get you back yet.”

(Y/n): “He’s not my boyfriend. Look, scrap metal. We must be getting close.”

Finn: “Then how do you know who I’m talkin’ about?”

He was awfully smug about this. It only dawn upon you that he hadn’t mentioned a name to give a face to the boyfriend word.

(Y/n): “What I meant to say is I don’t have a boyfriend!”

Finn: “Nice recovery.”

Whether that was sarcasm or truth there was one way to find out.

You glared at him, hand reaching to the belt on your hip. Only to touch fabric and leather. Your blood ran cold. No. No. NO!

(Y/n): “My lightsaber. Its gone. I must have dropped it back in the ship.”

Finn: “Good thing too. I’d rather die with my body intact thank you very much.”

Finn could understand how you feel, hell he feels bare without his blaster.

Finn: “Speaking of boyfriend. You sure he won’t come after us?”

That earned him another irritated glare from you. Peace. You drew out a breath slowly. You might as well just let him do away with it since he seems adamant about labelling the sith lord as such.

(Y/n): “No, I think you overestimate how much they care about me.”

It was breaking your heart how easily discarded you were. You’re alone now. You’re on your own.

Finn: “I guess this means there’s no kiss and make up anytime soon huh?”

You were having this faraway look in your eyes, so Finn took your wrist and turned your shoulder around to face him.

Finn: “Hey, peanut. I’m no longer a stormtrooper and you’re no longer a Knight of Ren. That part of our lives is over and we are never going back. I don’t know how but we’re going to get through this.”

The will to live that had turned to embers were slowly rekindled. You now have purpose to live.

Brother of a Preacher, ch.10 (10/10)

Modern AU:

Emma moves to Storybrooke, Ohio with her son Henry to try to start a new life after her previous one fell apart. She wasn’t ready for life in a small town. The lovely residents. The welcoming preacher and his family. And most importantly, the sinful brother of the preacher.  
Rating: S for Sinful

This is it… the final installment on this verse

A huge thank you to @spartanguard for the banner and @zengoalie and @amagicalship for their beta. This fic wouldn’t happen without them!

A/N: this is still a gift for the lovely @brooke-to-broch and please accept this epilogue as a belated birthday gift for this year! 

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Ao3    FF

Chapter X

(The only one who could ever reach me)
He was the sweet-talkin’ brother of a preacher man

A few months later

The summer was bleeding out, only a few weeks left before school started again. The weather had been slightly chilly, the summer breeze feeling stronger in the evenings. But it was nice that day, the perfect temperature for a barbeque in the backyard to celebrate a housewarming.

In reality, there had already been a housewarming. Emma and Henry had moved out of the farm and into a little cottage with a front and a backyard on the outskirts of the town at the beginning of the summer. Killian had helped moved their belongings into the house, stealing kisses from Emma whenever he could and making innuendo-laced comments about how she could pay him later with certain attentions. His goofy smile and waggling eyebrows had been so over the top that Emma had burst out laughing before she stole a quick kiss from him and sent him on his merry way to assembly Henry’s new desk.

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Shit Rick Says In Pocket Mortys

Ah damn, we got some reeeeal Morty stuff happening.

Oh, HELL yeah!

These Mortys, they get—I keep getting older, but they keep stayin’ the saaame age.

Graaaaass tastes bad.

Geez, Morty, we came here to win, not to get our asses kicked.

Sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses. Just couple words of wisdom there.

Hey, Rick. Over here.

If you expect nothing, you’ll never be disappointed. Just a little wisdom.

I’m the Rick that can somersault!

He who smelt it dealt it. You know what I’m talkin’ about Morty?

All these Mortys, so little time.

Wubba lubba dub dub!

Rip him limb from limb, Morty!

One hell of a map we got here, i’n’it.

Ohhhh, snap!

Oh yeaaahhh, baby.

I’m the Rick that can blink fast.


Look at this, another…little character over here.

Oh, you think your Mortys are better than me?

You’re goin’ down.

I’m the Rick that knows how to move my legs.

Alright Morty. Make me look good.

You think you got better Mortys than me?

This particular location? I’m the fanciest Rick.

What do you think you’re doin’, buddy?

I knew you could do it Morty.

I’m the fanciest Rick on this map.

Go, Morty!

Alright Morty!

Rip him apart, Morty!

You came in here all cocky. Look where that got you, punk.

Get him, Morty!

Attack, Morty!

It’s time to take out the trash, Morty.

You can do it, Morty, y-you, ya just gotta get in there and do it.

That’s how we do it!

And awaaaay we go, Morty.

That’s how we do it!

Time to take ‘em out.

Knock him out, Morty!

Ugh, Morty… You’re makin’ me sick.

Yeah Morty!

We gotta win this one, Morty.

Why don’t you go get some better Mortys, you loser?

Take him out, Morty!

You keep fightin’ like that, Morty, you’re gonna end up at the… top of the… charts.

Don’t let me down, Morty.

Alright, Morty, don’t get too cocky.

I’m the craziest Rick all around this level.

You’re not getting past me, punk.

Hey Morty, how about you try…less hard…

Alright Morty. Way to go.


Just because you won, doesn’t make you the…coolest…person around, or nothin’.


Yeah! In your face!

Time to take ‘em out.

That’s what I’m talkin’ about Morty!

Ugh… Worst Morty EVER.

Take care of him, Morty.


Fightin’ like that, makin’ me look good, Morty.

Yeah, I didn’t think so, loser!

C-Come on, Morty, what is this, some sort of game to you?

With a Morty that dumb, I don’t think you’ll ever win…a battle…

Take care of him, Morty.

You call that fighting Morty? I don’t think so.

Pssh. You think you can beat me with Mortys that weak? I don’t think so.

Man, I’m all pumped up. From winning!

You better level up some Mortys before you think about fighting me again.

You are a dumb, weak-willed Rick.

Yeah, you thought you were real hot stuff. Not on my watch.

Oh, ho ho ho, ho ho! Yeah!

Oh yeeeeaaaah, baby!

Look both ways before you cross the STREET!

Alright alright alright!

You showed him, Morty!

You really took care of that other Morty, didn’t you.

Better watch out. Around here, I’m the craziest Rick.


Good work.

OH! Looks like the best Morty won!

Why don’t you get out of here and don’t let the door hit you on the way out?

‘ alright, so you might think everyone here is a super cool spy and shit, but come on, do you hear what comes outta the suites late at night ? what’s the deal with the backstreet boys phenomenon up in here ? and all them ‘ big scary ’ leaders, am i the only one that hears spice girls on loop whenever they’re goin’ down the hall ? kurt cobain, anyone ? kurt cobain. just sayin’. though, nineteen was the worst year of my life, gotta put that out there. nineteen, man. and i lived on the street. ’