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Search the Galaxy ch. 4

Looking down at your watch you felt your heart constrict, Zero years, zero months, zero days, one hundred and eighty eight minutes. Less than three hours left. Looking out your window you saw as the ship landed on the celestial head known as nowhere. Hearing a knock at your door you turned to see Yondu open the door and look at you. Holding the watch behind your back you smiled softly at him. 

Looking inside the small room Yondu saw her and smiled. “Hey there darlin’. I’m going to go make a trade with one of the dealers here so if ya want how about goin’ and hanging out around Kraglin and da boys and later on tonight I can show ya yer ship, got it all done last night.” he said with a crocked smile. It had been a long couple of months fixing her ship back to a working manner but now he had it done and was excited to show it to her. Seeing her nod he grinned, “Alright then I’ll meet ya at the bar when i’s through.” he said before leaving with a wink.

Going to the tradesmen with a few of his men he walked up to the counter and gave him the pieces he had acquired to sell.

“Alright Yondu this should be enough to cover those parts I let you get in advance.” The tradesman said with a grunt.

“Wha…hold up. This is more than enough to make up for them dar’ parts plus some extra credits ta go wit it.”  Yondu said.

“Consider it interest.” the man said before walking away.

Yondu felt his eyes begin to glow and his blood boiling as he went to go after the man. “You ain’t gonna jip me…” he growled but the man quickly shut the

gate down before Yondu and his men+ could enter. Slamming his fist up against the grate he growled.

“You bought those parts for that girl! She was supposed ta be payin’ us for finding that damn ship and we ain’t seen a single credit for it. Now the bitch got you to fix it for her using your own fucking credits and we are screwed. You let that girl use you!…” Molk said.

Turning towards the man Yondu clenched his jaw. “You best watch whos you talkin’ to like that…” he started but was cut off.

“No Yondu, That girl got you wrapped around her finger. Was she even going to pay you?! She’s using you! She don’t care about you, She don’t lo…” Molk said but when a whistle filled the air the man dropped dead to the ground.

Letting out quick heavy breaths Yondu glared at the rest of the men with red eyes. “Anybody else got somethin’ they wanna say?!” he growled and they all quickly shook their heads. Without another word he left them there to go find y/n. His temper was raging and the thought of Molk being right would not leave his head. 

At the bar you sat in the corner by yourself. You were shaking with worry. You loved Yondu, you knew this much to be true but did he feel the same. You had never told him the truth of why you left your planet, whenever the conversation came up you would always find a way of changing it. You didn’t want him to feel pressured to care about you. You wanted him to love you because he truly felt it. But now it seemed you were running out of time. Having a hard time breathing you stood and decided to go get some fresh air. Going out the back of the bar you stood in the open where no one was at. Closing your eyes you leaned your head back against the side of the building. You had to tell him the truth. At that time you heard a door slam and looked over to see Yondu coming over to you. You gave him a smile at first but then saw the anger on his face and furrowed your brows, “Yondu wha…” You didn’t get another word out before he grabbed the front of your shirt and slammed you up against the side of the building making a throb of pain coarse through your back.

“You using me! I find and fix your ship while you pretend to care about me! Were ya ever gonna pay me or did you just plan on making me fall for ya then runnin’ off!? I’m so stupid! You almost had me girl!” He yelled in her face. Giving a whistle his arrow flew from his holster and aimed at her head. The Centaurian saw true fear on her face, tears began rolling down her cheeks making him give a growl before dropping her to the ground. Looking at her on the ground at his feet he felt his upper lip twitch before turning on heel and going to walk away.

“I love you.” you whispered out in a sob. Seeing him stop you looked to see him give a dark chuckle and shake his head before walking back into the bar. When the door slammed shut you felt your body jump and your lip begin to quiver. Your whole body seemed to shake as you sat there on the ground where he had left you. Tears fell from your eyes like rivers and after a while you pulled yourself up off the ground and stumbled out into the busy street. Making your way back to Yondu’s ship you went to your room and packed your things. You couldn’t stop the sobs that left your mouth when you grabbed your bag and headed towards your ship. Opening the hanger door you looked at the shiny ship that Yondu had fixed. Looking down you pulled your watch from your pocket and watched as the reader turned to all zeros. You heart felt like it was breaking into as you sat the watch on the floor and boarded your ship. Going to the pilots seat you started the engines and backed out of his ship. Once you were in space you typed in the coordinates for your home. Taking out your card with your credits on it you swiped it through the machine on your dock. Opening the file you transferred all the money you had into Yondu’s account. Pushing the stick forward you felt the ship start heading home and walked back to the small bed on the ship. Laying down you curled up on the covers and cried. You were so close, you had found your mate. You had found someone you loved but he didn’t love you. Everyone was right you didn’t have a mate. Feeling that clenching in your heart you buried your face in your hands and sobbed.

Hours had passed by since Yondu had left her outside. He had went back into the bar to drink his sorrows away. He had been so stupid, He had actually thought he had found his mate. He had told her things that no one knew about him and for what for her to use him. It was funny he still had that aching feeling in his chest from earlier. Drinking down the rest of his drink he pulled out his tablet to check to see if he had enough credits left to buy another drink. Opening the account he coughed up what drink was till in his mouth. Looking at the account he saw it to have more money in it than he had ever had. Knotting his brows he jumped up from his seat and ran towards where his ship was. Pushing open the door he looked in to see the hanger empty. His breath picked up as he walked over and saw a gold watch on the floor. Bending down he picked it up and opened it to see Zero years, Zero months, Zero days, Zero minutes. Furrowing his brows he looked up to where her ship used to be and felt the pain in his chest grow. “Y/n?”

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Guzma Therapy Session 4

“I’m impressed with you,” the doctor said.

“Didn’t think I’d show up to help her huh?”

“I’m more surprised that it didn’t end in violence. It sounds like you really made her day. But how did it make you feel?”

“Well shit… Good. Not the weeds part but like…” he paused for a moment to think, “it felt good to help her get over losing a friend.”

The therapist tilted his head slightly. “That Pokemon was her friend? I didn’t think you would see pokemon as friends.”

The boss leaned in defensively, “and why the fuck not.”

“Because you steal them… This is what throws me off about you. What in your brain makes you think it’s ok to take people’s friends? Ever considered that maybe you feel fucked up all the time because you feel guilty?”

He crossed his arms. “Not even a little. Who the fuck are you to judge? I challenge people, I win and then I take my prize.”

“And if you lose?”

“Then…” the boss paused for a moment. He decided to choose his words carefully. He didn’t want the damn doctor to outmaneuver him again. “Ok so I don’t let people do that to me, what other people don’t do is stop me from doing that to them…” The boss wasn’t very satisfied with his own answer.

“Calm down,” -the doctor tapped his pen for a moment, mulling over what he should say next, “you’ve been coming to me about the basic shit… Lack of sleep, anxiety over day to day life and high stress resulting in anger. My job is talk through those problems with you, but every time you come here I want you to consider what you might be doing that creates those feelings. In saying that, shall we talk about your dad today?”

Guzma rolled his eyes in defeat, “sure, why the fuck not. When I was a kid, he would fucking hit me and that sucked.”

To his surprise the therapist then put down his clipboard and stood up, gesturing for Guzma to follow him. As they exited the room Guzma briefly thought of making the “I don’t intend to sleep with you” joke again, but seeing as it had failed once already he decided it needed more time. Together they walked past reception and out of the building. The doctor headed over to a clearing where a few benches sat; the doc then took a seat and gestured beside him for Guzma to do the same. The skull boss was agasp when the therapist pulled out two cigarettes and offered one to him. He accepted it, the doc lit his then leaned over and lit Guzma’s.

“I want you to be comfortable. We’re forgetting the clock, forgetting the rules. We’re going to talking about this, all of it, the right way,” the doctor explained before taking a drag of his cigarette.

Guzma stared at the embers drifting to the ground and relaxed his shoulders. “Shit bro… You mean business. Where do we start..?”

“Wherever you want to.”

“Like… You want fucking details or like…? I dunno dude…” he inhaled before slowly beginning to explain, “he had a fucking temper and took it all out on me… He had this idea that anything I ever did was all about him. In his eyes, it was all a reflection on him. In the early days, he would get me so hyped… H’ed stoke me up for a Pokemon tournament and I would buy into it and get all excited. But then I’d lose, and he’d lose his shit…

Guzma picked at his fingernails, staring at them as he continued, “It started quiet. Him muttering to himself on the ride home, neither of us would really talk and there’s fire in the air… Then when we’d get home, everything will set him off slowly… Mom asked how it went, he’d bark an answer. If I made a noise from my room it would set him off. Hell man, if a leaf fell on the house wrong it would set him off… Straw after straw until finally he would snap. The first time he lost it and it seemed like the whole house fought back. We were at the dinner table talkin’ ‘bout who the fuck knows and he just lost his shit… Hell, I was like 6 bro. He just lost it and started screaming. I don’t even remember what he was saying but it dont fucking matter because he was just was dumping all his shit anyway. But then it got heavy. He already had a temper but it was just raising and raising and shit and then out of nowhere he threw his glass at me. It was so outta nowhere and it didn’t hurt for some reason, but it was scary bro. Then my mom started screaming and so he started yelling louder then he grabbed her wrist and started yelling at her and I ran up and try to grab his wrist and he came across my face hard…” the boss paused to take a few quiet drags of his cigarette, trying to quell the shaking in his hands.

He then, however, gritted his teeth and clenched his fist, throwing the cigarette onto the ground. Guzma stood up fast, stomped it out and began pacing back and forth. There was a violent rhythm to his steps as he continued, “and that was just the FIRST time! No more than two months later that shit became normal life. I remember bein’ on the ground holding my legs and hands up to block myself and he was leaning down just swinging blindly at me. He just kept yelling ‘you never even tried’ as he threw hands at me! My arms were bruised like crazy and a few got in at my face… Then he wouldn’t wait anymore. If I lost, or even got second place, he would just literally smack at me in the car… I was just a fucking kid bro,” his normally fierce, intimidating voice started to crack. Tears began to swell in his eyes as he stood, unmoving. “we’d be in the car after I’d lose, and he would drive quietly for like a block then start yelling. He swung his arm to the side and it would just jerk my face. I’d always start crying right off and then he would just get even more upset… Shit once he just slammed the breaks so I’d hit the dash… Think I broke my nose, not like he’d ever take me to a doctor…

He then shook his head and rubbed his stinging eyes. “Mom gave up standing up for me. My pokemon stayed hidden in the balls until he was gone. And when he came home it was on… If there was a mess in the kitchen he’d scream at my mom and hit me. If I left a toy out hed hit me with the toy. He was starting to like it I think… When I was about 11 he smashed my head on the ground so hard I broke the tile. He fucking laughed. He left me alone for the rest of the night makin’ snide ass comments… It was hell bro… I’m done fucking talking about it…” the boss stated, feeling the gravity of everything he had just explained and exactly what it represents.

Silence hung in the air as Guzma took a few deep breaths. The therapist then quietly said, “I’ve got homework for you…”

The boss just nodded as his voice was choking up.

“I want you to tell the people that care about you what you just told me, or something along those same lines. These things hurt to talk about and holding it in won’t help. Once you can let it out, you can begin healing.”

Guzma stared at the doc. He didn’t know what to say. He gritted his teeth and his brows furrowed before he shoved his hands in his pockets and stormed off towards home.

That night Guzma thrashed in his sleep. He was just a child again, and had lost his beloved Wimpod. He searched for it, coming across an old decrepit shack in the middle of nowhere. When he peeked through the windows he saw two chairs; his Wimpod was lying belly up on one of them. He frantically tried to open the door, but it was sealed tightly and he wasn’t strong enough to break it. He screamed as he bashed at the door before he heard his father’s voice; loud and monstrous, telling him how he was going to ‘make’ the boy shut up. It was coming from directions, he turned and began to run. He ran and ran till his legs gave out beneath him. That’s when he remembered he had left his little Wimpod in the shack… He was too terrified to go back there, so he kneeled there on the ground, sobbing and shaking.

Guz violently snapped awake and shot up in the bed; he was sweating and panting. He got up, threw a shirt on and walked outside. He winced as the flash of red light that signalled his Golisopod’s release from the pokeball pierced his eyes in the darkness. The bug tilted its head as he stared at it, quickly losing his composure. He leaned back against the bricks and slid down to the ground, holding his head in his hands. Golisopod kneeled in front of him, its shell reflecting the soft moonlight as it gently embraced its trainer. He gripped his hair and buried his face into his knees as he began to cry.

“Guzma… What’s wrong with you…”

(beta read by the fabulous @supersquiddle and her dark dark magic)

Jackson the one who can’t let go
Jinyoung the one that left
Bambam the one who bouta go thottin (Yuggie the bitch he talkin too who bouta go thottin with him)
Jaebum the crazy one (WE GOT NORAS BITCH!1!2!2!2!2!)
Youngjae the one that need help moving on (there’s plenty fishes in da sea dory)
Mark the boyfriend

im home for vacation for two weeks and i have things i gotta do and i cannot bring myself to do them

instead i’ve been going to various local landmarks and fun places with my girlfriend and my mom, and also rereading all of homestuck with my girlfriend

blackcuttingmoon  asked:

((Been wondering, since I was asked something similar, what would be Nnoitra's attitude towards kids in different verses? Does he like children in some of them? Or even would like to have a kid with their couple, even if they have to adopt? Or does he not really care about having children at all?))

     ❝ I don’t like kids. It was a simple enough thing to answer. Nnoitra had never liked children. He didn’t really like people in general, and it sure as hell didn’t help when they were small and annoying. Though, them being annoying wasn’t the main reason why he disliked kids. They were always so scared of him, which was good, sure, but it also made it impossible for him to know how he should HANDLE them. It just ended up awkward. If they hadn’t been so scared of him, then they probably could’ve gotten along, since Nnoitra was a pretty childish person ( at least around people he was comfortable with ), and, because he hadn’t had anyone to play with when he was a kid, he totally would’ve been up for playing a bit now.

     He had never thought about getting kids himself. It didn’t seem like an option. First of all, he didn’t think he’d ever find a partner who would want him to be the father of their children, adoptive or biological. Second, he didn’t have the financial means to support a kid. Then, there was the fact that Nnoitra was a violent and mean person. Who the fuck would want to be raised by him? No doubt he would make a terrible parent. Oh, and also, he was just in his early twenties, so it was way too early to be thinking about starting a fucking family. He didn’t plan ahead either, since, honestly - he didn’t know how long he would live. His job was risky, and his mental state wasn’t the best.

     He had only ever had one partner, who was now his ex - Kyota. If Kyota had wanted a kid, then Nnoitra probably would’ve been fine with that, but, the thing was - there was no way they would’ve been acceptable as adoptive parents. Nnoitra refused to believe that any orphanage would be fucked up enough to place a child in HIS care. So no - he was probably never getting children. It had been a while since he’d been with a woman ( and he wasn’t planning on being with any in the future ), but even if he did end up fucking some, he was very strict about using protection, simply because he didn’t want to catch some nasty disease. He couldn’t afford that shit. 

     ❝ I got more than enough ‘ta deal with by myself. Don’t need ‘ta throw a fuckin’ kid in ‘da mix. Then, there was the… What should he call it? Deeper reason? Yeah, something like that. A fact that lurked in the back of his head. He wondered if, maybe, he would be just like his mother when it came to children. Maybe he too, like her, would be unable to LOVE his child. He didn’t want to bring that upon anyone. He remembered how much it had hurt him, to feel so damned unloved

The Only One

After a lot of thinking and rethinking and a bit of research, I have completed the first chapter of my Hades!Harry series. Thanks to @twistofpayne for the help and @harryisthebaneofmyexistence WE DID IT! Here are the next parts.

Disclaimer:This has little to no relevance with the mythology so please don’t use it for educational purposes.

Also as I said, I have not done an in depth research so if I’m making a major mistake feel free to point out.


The first thing you realise, it’s dark. Second, you can’t move and your whole body is paralysed. You try to move, you can’t but you feel the soft sheets underneath you. You try to breath in but the air is too heavy filled with a sweet but strange scent, making your lungs feel tight and struggle to take in air. You try hard to remember something, anything, but it’s all blank. You squeeze your eyes trying to sort out your mind, to remember to breathe, to calm your heart down from the struggle to break free from your own weight, but nothing. You squeeze your eyes harder to remember the warmth of the sun, the birds chirping, the stream gurgling at a distance, crunch of the grass beneath your feet and the soft petals of blossoms brushing against your ankles, but nothing. Helplessly, you fall into the dark abyss again.

You wake up to the sound of a crash, eyes flying open, body jolt sitting upright but you regret it instantly as your eyes shut against the bright light of the room and your whole body aches. Hands shielding your eyes as you squint them open. You blink to adjust your sight and to remember where you were. Your memory is hazy but you remember playing in the meadow with your friends, though nothing came to your mind to solve the mystery of your whereabouts.

The room is well lit with numerous lamps, white walls, tiled floor, filled with furnitures of gold, everything about the room gives a taste of royalty but nothing gave you an idea of where you could be. You lightly move your feet to stand barefoot on the cold hard floor, nothing like the lush green you are used to walk on. Your body hurts with each movement but it is bearable as you drag yourself to the door.

The world outside is very different from the room you were in. Dark with few torches along the hall, the wall pitch black and steep, if you look up to find the roof, you couldn’t. The floor beneath you still cold and hard but the white tiles are now replaced with black marble. Something about this place gave you chills but also a sense of peace. It could have been worse, as your mother would always say. You were still exploring the place when you heard a noise, frail but shrill voices of old women arguing in hushed tones. You turn the corner to see three grey heads, cloaked in white, one hunched back, one tall and lean and one short and plump.

“Excuse me” you cleared your throat and said.

They shush each other, nudging and pushing to stand facing you.

“Yes, Pers-” the fat one is about to say but gets smacked by the lean one.

“Yes, your Majesty” the lean one says at last with her head bowed down.

You are confused with the honorary name but you got more important things to ask.

“What is this place? How did I come here?”

“What, why, where it’s all the game of destiny. Nobody but she knows everything.” croaks the hunched one leaning on her shaft.

“But we are destiny! Who’s the ‘she’ you’re talking about, sister?” the lean one squeaks to the woman at her right.

“Oh!” she responds.

“Shut up, you old hag!” the fat one retorts to the hunched one who gets offended and comes at her fists flying.

“Who did you call an old hag?” and they started bickering again.

You blink watching their fight trying to catch the flying words in the chaos.

“Shush, you people!” You say, hands lifting to calm them down.

“Yeh said you’re destiny. So shouldn’t you know why and how I came here then?” You ask, head turning to each of their wrinkly sunken faces, trying to find their webbed grey eyes.

“Oh, why? Because he brought you here!” The fat one exclaims looking at you. You are about to ask who but the lean one speak up.

“And he wouldn’t want to see you out here” the others agree to her shaking their heads.

“But who are yeh talkin’ about? Who’s this ‘he’?” You are desperate and annoyed and your voice makes that clear.

“He!” the lean one says clapping her hands and pressing them to her cheeks with a dreamy smile and faraway look in her cataract eyes.

“The most charming one in this realm” she coos swaying.

“In all the realms!” the hunched one corrects hissing through her sparse teeth.

“And he is such a sweetheart” the fat one followed.

“Oh you know, yesterday I saw him with Cerberus, watching him tear some kid’s limb apart and he had that smile and…by the name of Styx” all of them did an exaggerated sigh.

“Ladies, focus!” you yell at them, your annoyance knows no bound now.

“What is it child?” the fat one snaps and you jump back at the reaction. “I’m sorry your Majesty” she apologize instantly looking down with guilt but when you hear that word again your dam breaks.

“What’s with that anyway? How am I your Majesty? Who brought me here? Why am I here? Will anyone tell me anything?” you scream with face flushed and heart throbbing in your head.

“He be the one who brought you here, he be the one you seek. Your Majesty should meet your Majesty. That’s what your fate read” saying this all of them disappear in a whoosh and you stand there puzzled.

You think for a bit what they said though it makes no sense to you. They did say something about meeting the Majesty so that would be the King though you are just shooting in the dark here. But anyhow meeting the King does sound better than trying to talk sense into some deranged old people.

You resume your aimless wander in the poorly lit halls of the place you still don’t know anything about. Did they say something about Styx and limbs tearing? No, you don’t even want to entertain the idea of that possibility and just hope that it is one of the lost human kingdoms.

You take turns after turns but it feels like you are just going around in circles, everything looks the same. Black steep walls and huge golden doors. You know you are lost and there is no one in sight so at last you give up sitting in the middle of the corridor with your legs crossed waiting for someone, anyone to walk by.

You cannot say if you fell asleep, though it won’t be a surprise even if you did as all you were doing was to stare into the flickering flame of the torch, but a raspy voice startled you out of your trance.

“Oi, this ain’t your bed” you opened your eyes to see a black curtain in front of you but as you looked up you realise it is someone’s feet, that someone being a guy whose face is hidden in the shadow as he is staring down at you. You jump back away from his feet.

“I wasn’t sleeping here” you mutter unsure to how true is that statement and stand beside him. You look up to him to find that you only reach upto his chest. The first thing that catches your eye is his hair. Where all the other men you have seen got long locks, his hair is cropped short. It does seem a bit odd but also the way his small curls popped from the sides made you want to reach up and play with them. But then you saw him smirking at you and the frown you had from seeing his hair deepened.

“What’re yeh doin’ here?” Your forehead crinkles further trying to remember and then gasped when it all came back to you.

“I was lookin’ for the King” you say with your face lighting up. He chuckles a little at your reaction and you feel stupid.

“And what would you have t'do with him?” he asks looking at you and then you see his eyes which strongly reminds you of your spring blooms and the fresh leaves making you feel homesick.

“Are yeh fine?” He asks hands raising to support you but you step back instantly.

“Yuh, just got a bug I guess. I’m sorry but who are you?” you ask with a small grateful smile to the seemingly genuine and hopefully more sane stranger in front of you.

“Does it matter?” he says non-chalantly and your smile disappears with an overcoming sudden urge to slap that smirk off his face.

“Well I’m not talkin’ to a stranger in a strange place with no memory of getting here!” Your voice gets unexpectedly louder with each word but he does not even flinch and just smirk and roll his eyes at you. Your jaw drops at his attitude but you really do not want to pick up a fight right now.

“Can you take me to the King or not?” you huff folding your arms on your chest.

“Ah well, I don’t think he’ll be very happy to see you” he shouts behind as he already started walking away and you unwillingly have to chase his tail.

“That’s not for you to decide. Just take me to him” you say between pants. He’s got really long legs to walk that fast.

“Okay, but why would yeh wanna meet him?” You consider for a moment if you should be honest to him but you cannot really come up with any good reason why not to.

“I think he knows why I’m here” he snickered turning around to see you pouting and ‘offended’ written all over your face.

“Oh umm.. d'yeh think he’s the one who brought you here?” he asks continuing with his striding. You think for a moment, you don’t know if you have really considered this and it sounds very unlikely too.

“Why would you say that?” you ask back instead. He shrugs slowing down.

“He’s crazy, he can do that”. You are taken aback at his audacity, for whatever this place might be, nobody calls their king crazy to the face of a visitor. But then you somehow end up giggling.

“You’re quite the gutsy one calling him that?” To this he does not answer but just shrugs before coming to a halt in front of a door. He looks at the door up and down as if looking for something.

“What is this place anyway?”

He turns to face you with a wide smirk and that combined with the mischievous shine in his eyes makes you worry a bit. He holds the door open for you to enter. You see a familiar room with white walls and golden furniture and you debate in your head if it is the same room

“Hell” he says but before you could turn to look at him and ask what he meant the door closes on you and you can hear the locks clicking on the other side.

You shout for help, to let you go, but nothing. At last you fall to the ground exhausted and betrayed.

You sit in the bright light of the room yet surrounded by darkness. Your mind keeps on reeling, playing and replaying everything that happened trying to make sense but nothing does. All you know is you are in a strange place, most probably Elysium, with loons who cannot talk straight for Uranus’ sake.

You would have cried but are too exhausted to even do that and at last climb into the bed, which you now realise have white and golden satin sheets, and let your sleep take over you hoping to wake up in your own bed.

You wake up to something cold, something wet touching your skin and you squint your eyes to see blurry silhouette working on you. After a few moments when you can focus you realise you are getting a sponge bath from two cloaked women. You clear your voice and ask them all the questions running in your mind but they don’t pay you any attention to the point where you are convinced that they are deaf. They wouldn’t even look at you as you lose your mind interrogating the walls while they just concentrate on soaking your pale skin with the soft sponge. You at last give up on them and try to take in the feeling of being cleaned after what feels like ages.

You breathe again feeling relaxed and your body unknotting under their skilled hands. You were lost in your own world when you heard the heavy footsteps approaching your bed. Your head whipped in that direction to see the familiar smirk which made your hand itch to slap it off. You were too busy fighting off the pain of betrayal to realise the tears threatening to roll down from your eyes. And seeing him you felt like he is actually enjoying your pain.

“'lo li'l one. Hope you had a good sleep” He approaches the bed as those women bow their head and back off and you assume he must be a God, then.

“I did in fact. I had to. ‘Cause somebody locked me in here with nothing better t'do” you say looking away hiding your glassy eyes from him.

His chuckle makes you turn back to him with wide eyes and tears still rimming them. Seeing your grieve strikes something in him as he straightens up looking a bit more sincere.

“I’m sorry, love, but that’s the order. You aren’t to leave this room until the King says otherwise.” He says with genuine concern in his voice as he leans to catch a tear rolling down with his forefinger slightly brushing your cheek. You consider for a moment if you have any choice but to accept his apologies, not like you can fight him if he were to try anything and to be honest you still have no confirmation of where you are.

“You’re King is crazy.” You say with your voice cracking to your dismay. You want to look into his eyes and let him see how hurt and angry you are but with your tears blurring out your vision it becomes quite a chore.

“I know, li'l one.” He says with a dry chuckle and for once you believe that your tears did have an effect. “But he’ll learn his way through, I promise” His eyes shine in sincerity but you are not even looking at him anymore when you think you might just be walking into another trap.

“I’m in Elysium, aren’t I?” You say in a meek shaky voice still looking away. A minute pass by before he says anything.

“Oh what gave that away?” The change in his voice from all the overflowing concern to sarcasm made your head spin. You slapped away his hand still brushing over your cheek and look at him with those teary eyes, subconsciously expecting to uncover his caring side again.

“Well, now that yeh know it, you shouldn’t expect anything less from that loon, yeah?” He says his smirk widening as he eases back in his chair.

“Who are you?” You ask with all your spite and might to not break again.

“Who d'yeh think?” He offers playfully putting up his huge feet on the bed which makes you cringe.

“I don’t know anyone who’d talk about the Lord of Death so disdainfully”

“D'yeh know anything about him?” He bursts out laughing stressing on the ‘anything’ to make you realise that actually you don’t. Though you are the daughter of his siblings and he is the King of one of the three realms, you don’t know a thing about him. In fact, nobody knows anything and thus everyone pretends to know everything with rumors flying all over, of him being a sadist, a womanizer, a cruel heartless creature and what not. Though being born and brought up amongst them you know better than to believe any of that.

He takes in your prolonged silence before letting out a long sigh.

“Yer lucky you don’t” he reassures you though you feel like there is part disappointment and part sadness in that statement. But knowing the reason of neither of them, you push that thought back.

“Are you Thanatos?” You reason out in your head, wondering if the man in front of you is Death himself. You clear your throat of the overwhelming emotions from a minute ago and blinking away the remaining wetness from your eyes to see him jitter a bit as he breaks the gaze and frowns as if to consider it.

“That sounds borin’ and too much calculations, really” he says still frowning at the wall behind you. “Though I like t'make ‘em scream, yeah.” He says at last looking at you with a smirk stretching over those red lips, somehow sending a sense of serenity through you.

“Why am I here?” You ask getting up now that you have come to realise that you were still lying down when he sat beside your bed with legs raised on it. You lean forward hugging your knees as your cheek press against them to look at him. He takes in a deep breathe looking down at his fidgeting fingers for a moment before raising his hand in the air as if to surrender.

“What t'say? Our King is crazy.” You would have been annoyed with his constant eluding if his face wasn’t so comical while saying it and you end up laughing your head off as he joins you in.

“Are yeh hurt?” He asks after both of you calm down. You look at him puzzled to see him roll his eyes at you.

“You fell on your way here, it was hard” he explained and the wheels in your head clicked as it became clear why you felt like you were broken in the beginning. You shake your head in response to which he sighs. You feel a cool wave hit through your body seeing his face relax acknowledging your safety. But the trance breaks soon when he stands to leave.

“Don’t let th'King lock you up again” he says holding the door before slamming it behind him and you cringe at the bang but it somehow instigated a feeling of reassurance.

Days passed though you had no idea as to how many with the windows being eternally clouded with dark fog and you got accustomed to talk to him. He visited you at all the odd hours but was always welcomed.

You ease around him bit by bit, with him talking all the gibberish in his slow slurry raspy voice and giving his signature sneer. You end up telling him all about your life above, about your mother and the shack you lived in and your friends and your followers and he listened to you attentively. As much as you liked to reminisce in the memories of the warmth of the sun and the smell of the flowers, your main motive was not to get him to talk much because despite of how much you liked to hear his slow monotone, his lofty answers weren’t really your favourite.

In all your encounters, you were always too busy in your ranting to notice the soft look in his eyes or the curl on the corner of his lips. He would barely ever say anything but whenever he did it always agitated you and you whined which to your further annoyance amused him a lot. But while talking with him you felt a sense of belonging, there was something soothing about him and you would forget all the questions that were bugging you.

To your surprise, you started looking forward to his visits because without him all you had to do was to be pampered by those cloaked women or observe the room you were caged in, which by this time was etched in your memory inch by inch.

“Your Majesty has been invited to the Royal diner” the meek voice woke you from one of your expedition of learning a crevice of the room.

Hearing this you were both excited and upset. Your long wait to meet the King was at last over but Thanatos wouldn’t be there to annoy you today. You dressed up with the unnecessary assistance of the cloaked woman, who came in with the news, and rushed out being guided by her.

After numerous head spinning turns through the dark corridor you at last reach the diner which was well lit with candles and a long table full of delicacies. You don’t think you saw this much of variant gourmet even in the parties in Olympus. You are ushered to the smaller of the two seats at the head. Turning to look at the empty seat beside you which surely belonged to the King, you question your position on the table. Your eyes wander around the long table, taking in the bright faces of all the Underworld Gods and you frown when you don’t see those green eyes or that smirk.

But when everyone’s attention turn to the back your eyes follow their gaze to take in the tall figure clad in a black cloak and his infamous helm. He stands beside you gesturing everyone to settle down and you look up to him from where you reach upto his chest. You cannot see his face until he turns to face you but when he does you gasp. Even though his face is shadowed by the helm, you would not miss those green eyes and neither the smirk now forming on his lips.

  • price: [searching through a crowd] oh no i've lost arnold
  • price: This calls for drastic measures
  • price: [cups hands around mouth like a megaphone] KEVIN PRICE ISN'T THAT AWESOME
  • cunningham: [pops out of the crowd] WHAT THE FUDGE DID YOU SAY
  • price: there he is-
  • mckinley: [slams through a wall] WHO'S TALKIN SHIT ABOUT KEVIN PRICE
  • price: wait what
Shit Rick Says In Pocket Mortys

Ah damn, we got some reeeeal Morty stuff happening.

Oh, HELL yeah!

These Mortys, they get—I keep getting older, but they keep stayin’ the saaame age.

Graaaaass tastes bad.

Geez, Morty, we came here to win, not to get our asses kicked.

Sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses. Just couple words of wisdom there.

Hey, Rick. Over here.

If you expect nothing, you’ll never be disappointed. Just a little wisdom.

I’m the Rick that can somersault!

He who smelt it dealt it. You know what I’m talkin’ about Morty?

All these Mortys, so little time.

Wubba lubba dub dub!

Rip him limb from limb, Morty!

One hell of a map we got here, i’n’it.

Ohhhh, snap!

Oh yeaaahhh, baby.

I’m the Rick that can blink fast.


Look at this, another…little character over here.

Oh, you think your Mortys are better than me?

You’re goin’ down.

I’m the Rick that knows how to move my legs.

Alright Morty. Make me look good.

You think you got better Mortys than me?

This particular location? I’m the fanciest Rick.

What do you think you’re doin’, buddy?

I knew you could do it Morty.

I’m the fanciest Rick on this map.

Go, Morty!

Alright Morty!

Rip him apart, Morty!

You came in here all cocky. Look where that got you, punk.

Get him, Morty!

Attack, Morty!

It’s time to take out the trash, Morty.

You can do it, Morty, y-you, ya just gotta get in there and do it.

That’s how we do it!

And awaaaay we go, Morty.

That’s how we do it!

Time to take ‘em out.

Knock him out, Morty!

Ugh, Morty… You’re makin’ me sick.

Yeah Morty!

We gotta win this one, Morty.

Why don’t you go get some better Mortys, you loser?

Take him out, Morty!

You keep fightin’ like that, Morty, you’re gonna end up at the… top of the… charts.

Don’t let me down, Morty.

Alright, Morty, don’t get too cocky.

I’m the craziest Rick all around this level.

You’re not getting past me, punk.

Hey Morty, how about you try…less hard…

Alright Morty. Way to go.


Just because you won, doesn’t make you the…coolest…person around, or nothin’.


Yeah! In your face!

Time to take ‘em out.

That’s what I’m talkin’ about Morty!

Ugh… Worst Morty EVER.

Take care of him, Morty.


Fightin’ like that, makin’ me look good, Morty.

Yeah, I didn’t think so, loser!

C-Come on, Morty, what is this, some sort of game to you?

With a Morty that dumb, I don’t think you’ll ever win…a battle…

Take care of him, Morty.

You call that fighting Morty? I don’t think so.

Pssh. You think you can beat me with Mortys that weak? I don’t think so.

Man, I’m all pumped up. From winning!

You better level up some Mortys before you think about fighting me again.

You are a dumb, weak-willed Rick.

Yeah, you thought you were real hot stuff. Not on my watch.

Oh, ho ho ho, ho ho! Yeah!

Oh yeeeeaaaah, baby!

Look both ways before you cross the STREET!

Alright alright alright!

You showed him, Morty!

You really took care of that other Morty, didn’t you.

Better watch out. Around here, I’m the craziest Rick.


Good work.

OH! Looks like the best Morty won!

Why don’t you get out of here and don’t let the door hit you on the way out?

alexanderhammyhamham  asked:

Yeah. Ain't the best but we try our best. Jack and the other would do anything to get kids safe. -Cheers

Jeremy: Oh my goodness, can we stop talkin bout Jack? Who cares bout him, he ain’t here! An neithah are any little kids, so shut up!

Philosophy: You really suck.

Jeremy: Thank you.