who have curled hair

What if Jon got his dad’s haircut?

For those who don’t understand my horrible handwriting:

Jon: It’s not even that bad, Dami! (honestly, you’re overreacting…)

Damian: You look like Superman, it’s unsightly.

Jon: He is my dad though..

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Quick question born from my white person ignorance: In concerns to the dreads post, other than for cultural reasons (cultural appropriation and the like), why can't white peeps wear dreads? you said in the tags we don't have the hair for it, so is it damaging? As I said, ignorant, but curious white person

  1. Because it’s actually bad for your type of hair.
    I repeat: white people wearing dreads is unhygienic and damaging for your fuckin hair.
    You literally have to have your hair matted. Black peoples’ hair (or otherwise people who have TIGHT, CURLED, CORKSCREW HAIR) is structured in a way that we can maintain dreadlocks on a regular basis without damaging our hair, bc our hair can handle it, AND IT’S ACTUALLY HYGIENIC. Black ppl literally have to moisturize and put product on their dreadlocks regularly to keep it clean and looking nice.
  2. Black people still get fired, suspended from school, reprimanded, and ridiculed for our natural or cultural hairstyles, TO THIS DAY.
    White people don’t get fired/suspended/reprimanded for wearing our hairstyles.

    Y’all do not get to just “put on” and “take off” our culture at a whim, while we still get punished for something we’ve been doing all along, and then turn around and make fun of us for what you like to steal from us to begin with.

TL;DR: White people SHOULD NOT have dreadlocks, bc it’s disgusting (literally, not just figuratively) and destroys your hair.
But also because y’all make fun of us for the things WE make and then turn around and try to take it from us and wear it as if it’s your own.

Maybe it’s just me but I have seen SO many half white/half black children public walking around with uncombed hair. Their hair will be all over their head just as messy as can be. Most of the time it’s just with children who have very loosely curled almost straight hair. I’ve even seen Black women with biracial kids do this. The vibe I always get is “Look! My children have such good hair that I don’t even need to comb or brush it. They aren’t like Black children.”

The Scorpio Woman, by Linda Goodman
“Consider anything only don’t cry …” The female Scorpio has a deep, mysterious beauty. She’s magnetic, proud and totally confident. But she has one secret regret. She was not born a man. I can almost feel the heat from here when Pluto women hear about that revelation. There’s not a Scorpio female alive who doesn’t think she’s all woman, and you may wonder what I’m talking about yourself, if you’re in love with one. This girl certainly has enough glamour, and she’s enormously seductive. But I didn’t say she looked like a boy, nor did I intend to imply she doesn’t do a bang-up job of being a female. It’s just that, unconsciously, she would prefer to be a man. Less restriction-more opportunity. It’s the one secret she even hides from herself, and seeing it exposed won’t sit well with her.

Once the Scorpio girl has figured out the difference between blue booties and pink booties, she’ll resign herself to wearing the pink ones, because she’s fabulous at making the best out of a situation. But pink is not her natural color. The true shade of her nature is dark maroon, or deep wine-red, not a female color at all. However, to give her proper tribute, she’s able to make you think it is. I know one who’s great at pretending to be a fragile, fluffy kitten. She purrs so contentedly most men guess she’s an ultra-feminine Piscean. They topple into her trap and wake up later, sadder but wiser. She is no kitten.

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to jews who wear their hair curly
who have been told how pretty they would look with straight hair
to jews who have dark hair EVERYWHERE
to those with body hair
to those who have poofy hair that just won’t curl no matter what
to those with big frizzy hair
to those whose hair isn’t soft and smooth with nice little waves
to those who buzz their hair short in fear of having a “”jew fro”“
to those who rock that jew fro
to every jew who has ever been told that their hair is ugly

our hair is a defining part of our identity, culture, and history.
and it is absolutely beautiful.
Dear people who don't have curly hair,

If you want to compliment my curls, sure go ahead. Thank you, I’m flattered.
If you want to touch my hair, scrunch it.
DONT run your fingers through it.
Thank you.


highkey im bitter about how rick riordan portrays femininity in his books. being feminine, caring about romantic things and liking make up, shopping, and clothes does not make you vapid/dumb/one-dimensional. everyone has multiple facets to them, which is why i dislike the way he just wrote off the aphrodite cabin as “a place where supermodels go to die” and being pink and sparkly and “sickening”.

even piper feels the need to ridicule her siblings for wearing too much make up or caring about their hair. there is no need to bring down femininity in order to bring up toughness or strength.

you can be badass skilled warrior who likes curling you hair, having fleeked eyeliner, and wearing cute floral clothes.

being feminine is not bad. writing feminine girls off as useless bitches perpetuates internal misogyny 

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I have really thick curly hair and I got lice a few years back, it completely ruined my curls so I buzzed it all off. Two years later and I dyed my hair and now my curls are on the way out again

Nooooooooooo omg?? I wish dyeing it didn’t hurt ur texture like this it’s so annoying!!! Esp bc I see a lot of ppl on YouTube who have completely bleached hair but manage to keep rlly nice curls, I don’t even bleach my hair and this happens. I hope u can restore ur curls 😕

Two lonely people meet on Christmas AU

Because Christmas is for family, and for those without it, it becomes nothing but a day to get through.


Growing up, Oliver’s Christmases were always big and festive, parties and presents and endless amounts of food.

These days, December 25th is a little different.

It’s been three years, since this time of year was anything but a lonely reminder of all that he’d lost. All that had been taken, all that had been squandered. Living a lonely life is fine, until those days come around when you’re expected to have someone. When it gets thrown in your face that everyone else seems to have somewhere to go, people to go to.

Except him.

He’s spent the day differently for the last three years. The first year was a drunken haze of bourbon and bad made for TV movies. The second was a day of reflecting on a cold beach, watching the waves come and go, disappearing into the sea only to return every time, unlike the things that mattered.

This year he’s going for something a little more constructive. He saw the ad pinned up on a door a couple of weeks ago, and instantly knew he wanted to do it. The idea of spending Christmas with people even worse off than him, more attractive than it probably should be.

And that’s how Oliver Queen finds himself handing out plates of cheap fried turkey and lumpy gravy at a soup kitchen on Christmas day.

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I absolutely love this short yet informative tutorial from Kim (TheChicNatural)! She is so, so original with this one! Also, who would have thought that you could curl Marley hair like that by bantu knotting the hair around your fingers and then using hot water to secure the curls? 

For anyone looking for a great protective style, definitely check this out. She breaks it down and makes it look so easy :-)


A boy from our school tweeted this along with a slew of comments on natural hair and In response, all of us curly girls are wearing our hair natural to school Monday, and people who do not have curls, and curling they’re hair. It just saddens me to think some people have to publish to everyone else how that don’t like the look of my natural hair type. If you don’t like curly hair, keep it to yourself. Think of all the beautiful well known women who wear curls and their natural hair , Solange, Lupita, youngbabybella, lordemusic, taylorswift when she was younger, FKA twigs, & many more. The picture of my natural hair on the top is just as beautiful as it is straightened on the bottom. Everyones natural hair is so amazing and beautiful, do not let anyone tell you differently. No one should ever try to make others feel bad about our hair.

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What's so hard about curly hair

Maintaining it!! For women who have never blow dried their hair, flat ironed their hair or dyed it, their natural curls are springs and all they have to do is wet it to get the perfect curls. Other girls who do occasionally get their hair done have different textured curls -sometimes it looks good.. and sometimes it looks really bad. For me I use products to give me the right curls - which are still there. I use cocunut oil which helps so much I love it & I also use a curl activator called curly sexy hair which is better than the so called “amazing” miss Jessie’s. luckily my curls still come out but sometimes i have bad hair days and I’m just like omg wtf I need to do my hair! lol

Sherlock special will be a Prequel

Of ghosts and hair dye: the Sherlock special will be a prequel

Let’s play deductions:

Oh the Sherlock tumblr fandom loves to play deductions.  What can we deduce thus far about what the show runners might have in store for us? … I am convinced we’re getting a prequel.

- In the past we have been given ‘one word’ clues that give us a snapshot of each of the coming episodes.  This time around we have received only one clue word from Mark Gatiss:  ghosts.   And he says it applies not only to the special but to season 4 in general.  I know many people reasoned 'Christmas special’ + 'ghosts’ = 'A Christmas Carol’ but I think the clue word is figurative not literal.  After all, this is not 'Supernatural’ - we won’t be seeing any literal ghosts.  Our characters however do have ghosts; skeletons in their closets – lives before we met them in S1.  I firmly believe the special will be a prequel or at the very least heavily feature flashbacks to provide a backstory.

- Our first glimpse of Sherlock and John from the show runners has them in Victorian costume.  We’ve been told since the inception of BBC Sherlock that what propelled Moffat and Gatiss to make yet another rendition of 'Sherlock Holmes’ was their desire to have present day audiences experience the character as Victorian audiences knew him – strip away the historical garments & sets and modernize the characters.  Now a Victorian episode?  pfft … won’t happen.  True, that photo depicts Sherlock and John from the past (waaaay passed).  Our special will feature our beloved characters as they once were, but not in the 1890’s.  I suspect about 5 years prior to S1.   (Victorian promo photo)

- Mark has told us to 'expect the unexpected’; that the special will give us the last thing we expect.  His most recent clue intimated at something coming from the opposite direction - “east wind … coming from the west”  (Mark’s latest hint) .  Sooo many fans, sooo many head canons, sooo many expectations – but one assumption I never questioned? – that the next episode we would be presented with would follow His Last Vow chronologically.  Whether we got to watch Sherlock walk out of that plane and scoop John up in his arms or we jumped straight into the sitting room of 221b, any scenario I conceived of was set after His Last Vow.  Dead opposite of time moving forward? go backwards.  Go to the beginning.

- Other tasty tidbits we’ve received?  Director Douglas Mackinnon gave us a pic of Buster Keaton reading a book on ‘how to be a detective’ (Mackinnon’s Buster Keaton clue) and gives observant fans the nod by retweeting when they surmise we’ll be seeing 'the ghosts of Sherlock’s past’ and learning how it is that 'a victorian character ended up here in the first place’.  (Mackinnon retweets) 

- What cinched it for me?  What convinced me we’ll be getting a prequel? HAIR.  Rupert Graves and Martin Freeman both with obviously darker hair (when would they have had darker hair? when they were younger).  Our mop-headed main character?  Benedict’s hair just isn’t long enough for Sherlock, as those of us who love those curls have been bemoaning.  Did Sherlock have shorter hair in the past?  Maybe. It is conceivable that back when he was a druggie he let himself go, à la Shezza.  Perhaps Benedict will don a scraggly wig like the one he sported for Richard III filming.  Even Amanda has ’ Hair News’, getting her hair dyed for Mary.  We haven’t seen the result yet … what colour will it be? The blond of present Mary or the brunette of Assassin Mary.

If they do give us a prequel that informs our understandings of Sherlock, Mycroft, John, Mary, Sholto, Moriarty and Mummy & Daddy Holmes what a treat we have in store for us.

Read this for no more 4c hair. It works!!!

Now who said 4c hair girls can’t have a define curl pattern. Of course you can ;]. I’m going to give you the secret to curly hair. Forget being “4c” You’ll have everyone thinking you’re a 4a-4b in no time. :D

So these are the ingredients you’ll need:

You’ll need your greek yogurt, baking soda, ripe plantain or banana, the tears and blood of the lord Jesus Christ, honey (MUST BE RAW), unsulfured molasses, the saliva of the alaskan snow worm (be careful, they’re vicious),

coconut aminos (whatever the fuck that is) mix that shit up, put it on yah hair. And last but not least, dip your head in blessed water for 2 hours! (Try not to drown) And then you should be set.

After you’re done doing all of that shit! Dip your hand into some nice organic gel and plaster that shit all over your head. Ta da! Curly goodness =]