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Keith pulled a wrapped dagger from the inside of his jacket as soon as the Garrison came into their line of sight. Pidge shrugged off and dug around in her bag as they all slowed to a stop, “We need a game plan. This is a big place, and we have four people now. It wouldn’t be dangerous to split into groups of two and break in on opposite sides.”

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imagine your polyship at their wedding! what are their colours? do they walk down the aisle together, or one by one? who cries during the vows? who has the snappiest vows? who has the funniest? who wings their vows? who has pages long? how do they manage the first dance? what’s their first dance song? who has the biggest family at the wedding? whose family parties the hardest? who gets the most drunk? who smashes cake into the others faces? do they have any traditional reception events (bouquet throwing, garter removal, etc)? what destination did they choose for their honeymoon?

Something's been on my mind lately..
  • .. so lately there has been tons of videos in the sims community and loads of lookbooks posted of showing 'diverse' sims, which is amazing by the way.
  • But what I've noticed about this is that people try so hard to make those ~diverse, different races~ sims that some of them completely lack and forget the basic things of the people they are trying to represent as their sim characters.
  • As an example, I know we all are incredibly diverse in the middle east, however if you make a sim with semi-dark skin with big lips and long lucious long dark hair and a beautiful body (alá kim kardashian) and call it a 'persian beauty' you're not representing persians and Iran in any kind of way, you're not making diverse sims you're just titling them so. PLEASE before you make a sim that is from a certain area look up ALL of their features, I am not just talking about the instagram girls who are mostly from the US or models, I mean us civilians with the big noses as an example. Us with dark frizzy hair, us with dark eyes and darker skin.
  • And most importantly our beautiful girls who don't have their faces caked in make up daily (not saying that cakeface is bad, some of yall rock that so good!) and might wear hijab instead of showing their hair.
  • Please respect those things and think about them before you choose to title your sim 'arab princess, persian beauty, egyptian queen' or anything like that.
  • Most of the Sims I see really go towards americans, people with a migration background but are currently living in the States and no, they represent us in some way but don't look like all of us. If you go out of your way to try to bring diversity into a game build around eurocentric standards please think about the majority's features and the culture behind them (like not wearing too open clothing, maybe covering parts of their hair).
  • Thanks.

Not to be rude, but after seeing them irl, shinee wears way too much makeup. They actually look terrible like that. Especially Jonghyun and Taemin who have cake face going on. They are all so handsome, stop trying to ruin their good looks. They don’t need that much bb cream, eyeliner, and definitely not that much lipstick!!!!