who hates pizza

sometimes I wonder if everyone who hates pineapple on pizza has ever had pineapple on pizza or is just reacting to the concept of it

TalesFromTheFrontDesk: Cold Pizza

So my night auditor is consistently late. I’ve tried going to my boss about it (they just told her “that M_LeoQueen said to stop coming late because she needs to get home”, so then she stopped talking to me for a few days and had a major attitude), and nothing has changed. Then I tried to give her a piece of her own medicine by coming in 10-15 minutes late (only 4 time in 10 months have I’m come in later and I always called to let them know, and those were genuine accidents) and she just stays 15-40 minutes later!

I’m so fed up. She’ll suppose to start at 11pm, and will call at 10:40 and say she’s running late. Mind you, she lives about 10-15 minutes away. So she’ll still have time to get here, but show up at 11:15-11:40.

Well today is day 6/10, with 4 of the shifts past 10 hours days. She was supposed to be here at 7. At 7:20 she calls the hotel saying “Ohmigosh, I’m soooooo sorry, I just woke up. I’ll be there as fast as I can.”

8pm is here and she has still not arrived. Because of the storm hitting us tomorrow, I’m staying overnight, so I’m not really worried about getting home, but damn, I’m working a 11 hour shift now, and I have to be back on the clock in 14 hours to work another 9 hour shift. Plus, I ordered food tonight, and my pizza is now cold. I’m one of the people who hate cold pizza. It’s like mediocre sex. At first you’re like, “Oh, well at least I’m getting some”, then as you continue you’re just like, “I regret this deeply.” You aren’t satisfied, and you really just wanted hot pizza, and you vow next time to make the pizza is piping hot.

So yeah, cold pizza, an overworked queen, and the fact that she’ll come in to complain about everyone else, the weather, the traffic, and everything else, and won’t just clock in and start working. I don’t know what else to do at this point other than as soon as she walks in, to clock out, and not say/do anything that will get me fired for work place violence (I’m tired and hungry and those are dangerous combinations for a queen).

By: M_LeoQueen

Every episode of Don't Tell the Bride ever
  • Narrator: John and Susan have been together for three weeks and have decided to get married.
  • John: I just feel like Sarah and I really connect with one another even though it's only been four weeks.
  • Susan: Susan* Three*
  • Narrator: The couple will not see each other for two weeks - approximately half the amount of time they've known each other.
  • John: Bye Suzanna.
  • Susan: Susan*
  • Narrator: John has spent two grand on the ultimate stag do for him and his best mate Barney in Kavos. For the hen do, he bought Susan and her best friends who all hate him a pizza and a copy of Frozen on Blu-Ray.
  • John: It's her favourite film.
  • Susan: I don't even have a Blu-Ray player.
  • Narrator: Susan has locked herself in the bathroom with a pint glass and a bottle of Windolene.
  • John: I'm so hungover and I need to buy a wedding dress.
  • Susan: I'm sorely disappointed in my fiancé and I need to try on the dress of my dreams that I'll never get married in.
  • Mother of the bride: She looked so beautiful and if she doesn't get to wear the same dress on the day of the wedding I'll mutilate John. :3c
  • John: *buys her a white jumper*
  • Narrator: John now has to send the bride a clue to the theme of the wedding.
  • John: Since Harry Potter is her favourite book I'm gonna have a Harry Potter themed wedding and get everyone to dress like witches and wizards. Haha she's read Harry Potter like fifty times so she'll really appreciate it!
  • Narrator: Susan cannot read.
  • Susan: I'm really nervous because this man is actually a dipshit.
  • Narrator: It's the day of the wedding.
  • Susan: *walks out wearing a leather wedding dress with a shredded rainbow coloured veil and odd socks*
  • Bridesmaids: [Reluctantly] You look so beautiful!
  • Susan: Give me death.
  • Narrator: In lieu of a limousine service, John has bought Susan and her four bridesmaids three Nimbus 2000 replicas. Jane and Deborah will have to walk.
  • Mother of the bride: *literally dies*
  • John and Susan: *get married*
  • John: I got a bit nervous when I ruined everything and Susan's mum died but I'm glad she could make it even if she has entered rigor mortis on the second pew. Now I'm gonna enjoy the rest of my wedding with this stranger.