who hates pizza

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You're a blessing to the world of pizza and I'm crying. We need more people of influence like you to stand up for us pineapple on pizza folks ç_ç Seriously, ppl who hate pineapple on pizza just haven't found the right one yet because I spent fifteen years of my life hating that dead dried stuff on soggy pizza. Y'all, if the pineapple is not still juicy and flavoursome and wrapped in an abundance of cheese coupled with a crunchy crust, the chef DID IT WRONG and you need to go somewhere else.

I have known for a while now that it is my destiny not to be an artist
but a pizza prophet
spreading the good word of the pineapple pizza
Someday I will die for the sins of humanity who have not accepted pineapple pizza into their lives
but I have come to accept this
pizza pizza

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You’re nb?

(Posting these together as they were sent together and its easier that way)

Lmao yep! I can’t fault you as I don’t exactly shout it from the roof tops, but yea I suppose now’s a good as time as ever to like…. mention it officially for the friends that follow me on here that don’t know. Small disclaimer that it’s not that I didn’t want any of you knowing, it’s just not the type of thing you casually mention and me having that slight social anxiety just couldn’t figure out a time to bring it up.

Anyways, point is yes, I’m nonbinary. I guess you could technically say agender, though my problem with that term is when I first heard of its use, it was in reference to someone being both male and female, rather than neither. Which is like… the opposite of what I am… I’m not sure if the term’s meaning has changed since, hence why I don’t commonly use it for myself.

So nonbinary, nullgender? Gendervoid always sounded rad af, bc You Are The Void, but I digress. I’m… not sure of the most simple term for not having a gender. There honestly seems to be a ton, but none that are overly popular that also click. Not that labels insanely matter to me? Like they’re nice, but I know what I am and don’t care that much about them past that. I’m nonbinary. Saw gender and went ‘thanks, I hate it!’, and now use they/them pronouns when I can. 

To wrap it up, this is also why I usually just call myself gay rather than bi. Like, mainly aroace, but with enough of a weird sense of attraction to people of varying genders in the past and present to slip in an asterisk with ‘gay’ attached.

Sorry for using your ask to just get all my feelings on the topic out, anon! I never get to talk about it so I saw this ask and just figured! Perfect time to come out and explain some of my thoughts.

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we have a million reasons not to trust sebastian and the fact he doesnt like pineapple on pizza is pretty far up on the list imho, i trust nobody who hates pineapple on pizza.

its like he’s trying to be my nemesis ansksnd that dastard

Robert fans can be sorted into three camps:

Shit tier - People who hate pineapple on pizza.

Mid tier - People who hate pineapple on pizza but also didn’t lie to get in his pants because by god at least you’re true to yourself.

God tier - People who actually love pineapple on pizza with the same righteous fervor as Robert.

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Could I get a matchup please? I'm a 5'5 female that's demisexual/ace, and would prefer male monsters. I'm fine with any monsters. in outdoors I like to go to oceans or lakes, rainy days are a plus, a dream date at a cemetery. favorite seasons is fall or winter. my likes are drawing, books animals, pizza, sleeping, tv, video games. dislikes mostly involve when a lot of people are together like parties or concerts, most least favorite food that have beans, and people who hate pizza. thanks!

I ship you with an ashray! These monsters are completely translucent water creatures, often mistaken for sea ghosts. They are nocturnal creatures and will become a puddle of water in sunlight! You found something one evening when you were taking a walk to a small, private lake you discovered. You had usually only gone during daytime but wanted to experience it at night for once. In the water you saw something faintly glistening…the reflection of the moonlight…or a jewel perhaps? As you reached your hand into the water, you made contact with something firm, yet soft. The moment your hand touched it, it disappeared. The following nights you returned to the lake, the ashray revealed itself to you and you were absolutely astonished, you’d never seen anything like it. He loves spending time with you, always asking about the human world, and in exchange he tells you about his world. One of his favorite things is to intertwine his fingers with yours, that small action made him feel like he was always with you.