who hasn't watched it

why you should watch the bold type:
  • the main characters are three women who share a wonderful friendship together
  • they all work in a global women magazine and the relationship between them and their boss, who is a lady btw, is not your typical relationship. jacqueline is more like a mentor to them and it’s just wonderful to watch
  • it deals with a lot of social issues such as misogynie and islamophobia
  • it’s not your typical “white feminism” show
  • kat, one of the three main character, struggles with her sexual identity (“i’m hetero. totally hetero. i’m hetero, right?”) and falls in love with a woman. she is also black.
  • said woman is a proud muslim lesbian named adena el-amin
  • kat and adena get as much screentime as the other pairings on the show. and a beautiful story too.
  • to conclude: the main ship of the show is a bisexual black woman and a muslim lesbian with an actual storyline

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it won’t be us, nah
it won’t be us…

anonymous asked:

Are your Phoenix Wright gameplays suitable to watch for someone who hasn't even played a Phoenix Wright game?

Yes, we specifically avoid spoilers (like who the culprits are, twists, etc.) because some of our viewers are experiencing the games for the first time through our playthroughs, so you don’t have to have played Phoenix Wright to watch them.

you can watch our Phoenix Wright playthrough here

also, Episode 58: HER AGAIN of our Phoenix Wright 2 playthrough is up NOW

favourite tv shows 1/? : psych