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So I don't know if this has been discussed, but a friend of mine who hasn't been able to watch Goblin but has rather seen discussions about it, asked me "what do you think about the age gap?" and if I thought it was intentional with the casting? I wanted to do a blogpost about it, but I got to no time to do a proper one so I'm leaving my thoughts with you to expound on in the beautiful way you always do: (part 1/3)

(direct quote from my reply) “supaliaxpress on tumblr has a post on that, and I agree with her completely. i dont mind it. one basically, the male is a soul somewhat frozen in time. it’s not established what his age really was when he died as a human being. his soul never aged, though time passed. and i think that concept and belief is proved throughout the drama.” (2/4. realized it could take much more space)

Lastly, to add here I think it’s one of the major themes of the story of Shin and Euntak, and even with Wang Yeo and Sun. The love that carries on with the soul, and that love binds more than bodies- love, true love, binds souls. Despite the age, the social standing from where each party comes from…love overlooks these differences and is founded by something more profound. And that souls, who lived life with care, never really “age”.

Ah, I think you said it perfectly :)

The topic of the “age gap” is something I’ve been questioned many times and I always refer people to this post about pedophillia whenever that topic comes up, lol. Anyways, there’s really not much to attack about the age gap since it was PERSONALLY addressed in the drama itself… yes… the writer acknowledged the “ridiculous age gap” between Kim Shin and Ji Eun-Tak… an age gap of 900+ years >.> Now… really, the age gap doesn’t matter in their relationship because, like you said, Shin is in a state of “frozen time.” He’s an immortal for goodness sakes. He’s gonna forever look like that in 20 days, 10 years, 1000 years, FOREVER. But what ticks me off is how people ALWAYS mention his actual REAL LIFE AGE… when his REAL LIFE AGE has fuckin no importance in the drama whatsoever… Just like Kim Go Eun playing both a 19 yo and 29 yo… BUT SHE’S 25. So… what is the real purpose of their age gap in the drama???

The age gap serves as an obstacle for Shin and Eun-Tak to overcome if they want to meet again in the next life; that’s why they FIRST met when she was 19 and MET AGAIN when she was 19 because this shows that Shin loves her no matter what age she is, who she is, and what she is. Shin doesn’t know at what age he will meet Eun-Tak (goodness… she could be a frickin grandma by the time they meet again >.> which I hope that never happens cause that’s sad), but this doesn’t change the fact that he loves her and she is his only and last bride. Like I’ve mentioned, Canada is a special place because it is a land known for acceptance… which is their love… she accepts him for who he is and vice versa. People forget that Eun-Tak also has to love and accept Shin for who he is… yes… he physically looks like a man in his mid thirties but she doesn’t see him like that… she only sees him as the man she loves – not numbers. Their love defies all aspects of numerical value that we hold highly in today’s society… aka. age and time. A love so deep and true that their love cannot be quantified. Therefore, NUMBERS DO NOT EXIST IN THEIR WORLD… THEIR LOVE STORY. 

Here’s a beautiful poem by Lang Leav that I think sums up Shin and Eun-Tak’s age difference… 

“What if I told you that one day you will meet a girl who is unlike anyone else you’ve known. She will know all the right things to say, what makes you laugh, what turns you on, what drives you wild and best of all, you will do for her exactly what she does for you.

“When will I meet her?”

“Well let’s put it this way, she doesn’t even exist yet.” 

~Lang Leav

In the end, age is just a number

We use numbers because we know how to make sense of them… 

However, we don’t know when we’ll find that person we want to spend the rest of our lives with…

We don’t know when we’ll fall in love…

We can’t tell ourselves to fall in love…

We can’t stop ourselves from falling in love… 

But when we do fall in love… 

When has love ever made sense anyways?

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How would you describe hellsling to someone who hasn't watched it before?

It’s about a vampire-hunting organization headed by a badass woman named Integra Hellsing who is aided by a vampire with Lovecraftian powers known as Alucard. And then there’s their rival organization known as Iscariot Section XIII. Their main enforcer is Father Alexander Anderson who really likes killing vampires and really has it out for Alucard. They have a bit of a friendly rivalry as they attempt to kill each other. 

They all get mixed up in a plot by a chubby nerd only known as “the Major” heading a Nazi organization known as Millennium to start a war because… well, he just likes war, to be honest. He assembles an army of artificial vampires to fight in the battle. There’s also a Nazi cat-boy on their side (yes, you heard that right) who liberally abuses the rules of quantum mechanics. (It’ll make more sense in the end.)

And then a big-tittied Police Girl because it’s not an anime if there isn’t at least one girl with big titties. (And her name is Seras Victoria, by the way, not “Police Girl.”)

It’s very gory and bloody, but it’s a fantastic series with a lot of character development and an interesting story.

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What are the best episodes of MST3K for someone who hasn't seen anything of the series to watch? I want to watch the upcoming reboot, but since I have no familiarity with the old series, I'm afraid I might not be able to fully appreciate it.

It’s not a reboot, but a continuation. =)

And 9 times out of 10, the good news is you don’t need to know anything walking into it, because the theme song gives all the backstory. Season 8 had an ongoing plotline (which I quite enjoyed), but you don’t really NEED to follow it closely to know they’re parodying sci-fi tropes. I can’t think of a single dud in season 8 (although some of the movies are just more unpleasant to sit through, like Invasion of the Neptune Men). Still, generally-accepted good ones to watch are: Manos the Hands of Fate, I Accuse My Parents, Space Mutiny, and Pumaman. ^_^

Season 1 has a different voice for Tom Servo than the rest of the show, in the middle of season 5 the main human host changes from Joel to Mike (their riffing styles are a bit different - the Joel era on average was generally more laid back and relaxed, like a few friends just BSing while watching the movie together) while the Mike era was about zingers and getting the jokes really in there. In season 8 Crow’s voice changes and I’d really recommend watching all of season 8 in order because of the storyline that introduces a bunch of characters, but it’s okay if you’re more interested in the riffing.

My stepdad, a known Asshole™,
  • Hockey announcer: did you like that game?
  • Me: NO
  • Stepdad: you just aren't a TRUE hockey fan. You don't look at it with a PURE eye, you don't like the game you like the guys
  • Me: don't...don't do that dude
  • Him: do what
  • Mom and I: mansplain
  • Him: that's not mansplaining!
  • Mom: you're talking to her condescendingly and telling her she only likes a male dominated sport because of the guys being hot
  • Me: when you're the one who hasn't watched a game in two years and only picked the Capitals because I root for the Pens
  • Him: well stop chicksplaining to me!
  • Mom and I: that doesn't exist

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Indeed, ABBA are so gay that Erasure, an infamous RBB Gay Twitter Icon even, were also massive fans. Anyone who hasn't watched their 'Take a Chance on Me' cover video with Vince and Andy in full drag needs to give themselves a treat and hop onto YouTube.

I love my gay son and his gay love for gay music icons.

A very basic summary of Xena: Warrior Princess:

Xena: I done goofed fml better do good things.
Gabrielle: I'ma follow you lol
Callisto: Fuck you Xena! (repeat 4000 times throughout the series)
Xena: Gabrielle! (repeat 4000 times throughout the series)
Gabrielle: Xena! (repeat 4000 times throughout the series)
Aries: Join me Xena! Be evil again and shit.
Xena: No fuck off. *kisses Gabrielle many times*
Gabrielle: Oh shit I’m pregs fml. *gives birth 5 mins later* this my baby I love her.
Xena: *suspiciously raises eyebrow*
Hope: I’m evil!
Gabrielle: No you’re not…
Hope: Yes I am!
Solan: *dies*
Hope: Told you lol.
Xena: God dammit Gabrielle! *tries to kill bae*
*musical number*
Xena and Gabrielle: Okay all is forgiven.
Everyone: Let’s dance!
Joxer: *comic relief*
Eli: Fighting is bad.
Gabrielle: I'ma stop fighting.
Xena: *gets back injured*
Gabrielle: I'ma kill all ya’ll motherfukas.
Xena: I love you Gabrielle! (repeat 5000000 times throughout series)
Gabrielle: I love you Xena! (repeat 5000000 times throughout series)
Xena and Gabrielle: *die Jesus style*
*angel battles in the afterlife*
Xena and Gabrielle: lol we’re alive again, nice!
Callisto: To amend for all the suffering I’ve caused, I'ma knock Xena up without asking first lol that’ll fix everything.
Xena: *discovers she’s pregnant* this can’t possibly be bad; nothing at all like that shit with Hope.
Gods: We need to kill that baby yo.
Xena: Fuck off *fakes death of herself, Gabrielle and baby Eve*
Aries:*accidently freezes Xena and Gabrielle for 25 years* I love you Xena.
Xena: I love Gabrielle….
Eve: I’m evil!
Xena: Eve no!
Eve: Now I’m good!
*Xena, Gabrielle and Aries share a bed on a farm and are all half naked for some reason*
Xena: I have to die but you can bring me back! *dies in a way that will later connect her to Mami Tomoe and P'li* Just let me fight soul stealing dude
*lots and lots of literally gay stuff*
Gabrielle: *does everything to bring Xena back*
Xena: *Stops evil soul dude* Can’t come back lol gotta stay dead for souls to be free soz.
Gabrielle: Aw shit son…
*Ghost Xena and Gabrielle literally end the series with bitter sweet feels sailing on a ship! A fucking ship!*

PSA To Anyone Who Hasn't Watched Jessica Jones Yet

The show is amazing, no lie. It’s GREAT. Full of POCs and badass women who know how to get shit done. The acting is great, the cast is great, the storyline is great, everything is FANTASTIC.


There are a huge amount of triggers in the show. I jumped into the show without looking into it beforehand and I had to stop a couple of times to get my feels under control before continuing. This show is intense and holds nothing back, which can be stressing or just uncomfortable for people who aren’t used to watching those kind of intense shows/movies.

So, list of triggers, and also anything that you might just not be comfortable with watching:

Rape (implied, not onscreen)
Physical torture
Psychological torture
Extreme violence
Intense sexual situations
Child abuse
Drug abuse
Feel free to add any I missed.

And please remember while watching the show: It is ok to turn off the show if it gets to you too much. It is okay to need to stop watching to get your emotions/mind under control or take time to process things. This show is intense and if it’s not the kind of thing you are used to watching, it can get to you.

That being said, the show is FANTASTIC and is totally worth watching. But it is an extremely intense show. Marvel did not hold back on this one. And if the intensity of the show is not something you are comfortable with or particularly like, do not force yourself to watch it just because it’s Marvel. Marvel did not hold back, so if the show is more than you are comfortable with, Do. Not. Make. Yourself. Watch. It.


WESTWORLD | 1.09 | Bernard & Maeve

System, locate Dr. Ford for me. Send him a message, highest priority-