who hasn't done this before

teemud  asked:

Why does it matter that they are black? No one cares, they are just gymnasts not "black girls who did something that hasn't been done before".

“no one cares” well when gabby was bullied at her gym those girls cared about her race, when simone’s competitor joked that for her to win she would need to paint herself darker she cared about her race, when the head of the russian gymnastics federation claims that black girls are good on floor because of their genetics he cares about their race, when david ciaralli (spokesperson for italian gymnastics federation) defended racist remarks by one of his athletes and remarked that the sport is being rigged in favor of black girls and that the “eastern europeans” are being punished as result he cares about their race

and you know who else cares about their race? little black kids who turn on their tvs to watch the olympics and see someone just like them doing the impossible. when they go to gym practice and if they get bullied they can be reminded that they can do anything they put their mind to. simone and gabby placing 1 - 2 at the world championships and making history in a sport which has been primarily white, in which even the heads of national federations are defending racist remarks and alleging that people of color are somehow “tainting” the sport and “stripping” it of its elegance race does matter and to assume “no one cares” is outrageous and over looks the history of racism within the sport and racism which is STILL ongoing 

and YES they are black girls not just gymnasts because we dont live in a color blind society or world and racism and anti-blackness are real so i am SO proud of simone and gabby, TWO BLACK GYMNASTS, and i hope they continue to inspire and make history!