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What's with all the Grant Morrison hate??? That dude has a lot of talent and some of the best selling and critical acclaimed comics? Did he do something I missed?

  • Didn’t bother to re-read the story he was drawing on for Damian and so invented a rape scene out of nowhere while bringing it back into continuity 
  • Says ‘everything ever is canon’ but picks and chooses what’s in his canon despite those words, along with fundamentally misunderstanding what Crisis on Infinite Earths even was and did for the DC verse
  • Destroyed Talia al Ghul’s nuanced and complex characterization and reduced her to a one dimensional evil rapist who had her son murdered
  • Pick and choose some aspects of Jason Todd’s Pre-Crisis character (a completely different person, see above second point) to drop anvils all over a ‘red headed step-child’ trope he clearly felt very clever about.
  • Destroyed Jason’s character some more while doing it
  • Had a 10 year old boy murdered in cold blood as he left DC because he didn’t want people playing with his toys or something (i’m being a bit facetious but apparently he wasn’t happy about other writers making Damian a more sympathetic character)
  • Prescribed to the idea that Batman had transcended the need for human emotions 
  • Doesn’t really understand Batman at all, really, continuing the weird fanboy idea of Batman as a grimdark hero with no earthly ties rather than a deeply complex and traumatized man who despite his insistence that he can work alone, continues making ties and clinging to them. 

My tag regarding him was facetious, but whatever technical skill and other good things he did (His Dick and Damian run was popular, but I don’t leave that solely up to him since I’m fairly sure that decision was editorial, he gets points for execution though), for me, do not outweigh the mess he made of late Post-Crisis Batman. 

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Hey I'm mobile is slavery tag up for updates soon?😙

last update was 5 months ago so yeah

Collateral by BRBChurch (1/1 | 3,786 | NC17)

In a shady underground business, there’s a beast who is kept for disposing of… disloyal cliental. A boy who made a bad business deal starts refusing to make payments. He gets thrown to the beast.

The beast has some fun.

Alpha’s Slave by SterekMad269 (5/? | 4,606 | R)

Derek gets a new slave because his pack thinks he needs someone to help him in his house. But Derek does not know what to do with a human nor does he want one.

For the First Time by Decemberangel (1/1 | 10,758 | NR)

In a world where werewolves are slaves, sold and bought in underground markets, they are abused in every sense of the word. Stiles is a wealthy and talented lawyer who has spent his entire career fighting to make the slavery, buying and selling of werewolves illegal. When he goes to finish fighting for the freedom of werewolves in Alaska, he’s asked to go undercover to help bust an illegal black market auction. He thinks it’s just another raid but ends up getting a little more than he bargained for when he finds and frees his mate.

Light in the darkness by Amare_fanfic2000 (1/1 | 2,618 | R)

Derek is a roman officer in a war camp. After spending years doing the same work and rejecting the slaves his uncle forces upon him Derek gives in. Something about this slave makes him give in. But is that a good thing?

Terrible at summaries! - sorry

No More Play by FairyNiamh (1/1 | 3,390 | NC17)

Stiles never expected this, ever. (READ THE TAGS!) 

Highschool AU! Kihyun

Highschool AU for the other members ;

Shownu / Wonho / Minhyuk / KihyunHyungwon / Jooheon / I.M

  • Certified smartkid™, also known as the smartass of his classes among his peers
  • Leader of the chess club, actively promotes it by making posters and participating in morning announcements for 2 seconds just to yell “JOIN CHESS CLUB”
  • Says “checkmate” as if it’s his signature catchphrase, pushing up his glasses ever so slightly as he flashes his opponent a smug grin
  • Speaking of glasses, he probably has specks without lenses in them
  • Also an avid choir member, sings at every opportunity
  • Lowkey athletic, extremely competitive! Plays sports such as badminton and volleyball
  • Stresses about the rules of sports and will enforce them at any given opportunity, basically a player / referee
  • Expresses the importance of yelling “MINE!” to hit oncoming shots, but will go off at his teammate(s) if he misses (“Okay, but WHY DIDN’T YOU TRY AND GET THE BALL/BIRDIE”)
  • Actively participates in class discussions by always calling out and talking out of turn, when teachers tell him to be quiet he resorts to raising his hand really aggressively and occasionally sings a high note to get teacher’s attention
  • Eagerly takes notes and makes them very neat, studyblr/studygram worthy but “he’s not about the social media life”
  • Always asks if the teacher has finished marking the tests, shouts out his results to the class and rushes to compare answers with everybody
  • Will demand for retakes, even if they’re super small quizzes
  • Organized 1000%, everything is super neat and tidy and he makes sure to maintain with that order
  • Anyone who tampers with his organization regrets it
  • He has a huge stash of extra school supplies in his bag and locker to distribute
  • “You owe me for this,” he would say as he gives someone some paper
  • Holds you to your word, if you want to have something he says you have to earn it, but if you borrow something he makes sure you return it
  • Keeps track of who borrows his stuff and doesn’t return it, lowkey says that there’s intrest for every week someone doesn’t return it but he never gets “payed back”
  • Prints out extra copies of his notes to make profit out of, he actually makes good money out of selling them because they’re so helpful and eye pleasing
  • Very picky about helping people with their homework, doesn’t like to give answers and certain people (Changkyun, for instance) are in “major debt” for all the answers they steal / homework they copy
  • “Make sure to change it up a little so the teacher doesn’t notice”
  • Has respect for people who choose to approach him during lunch hours where he’s at the library, and he’ll gladly tutor them for the period
  • Speaking of the library, he’s practically another librarian because he helps organize things, knows where everything goes, and nags at people who eat or talk too loud
  • During finals week he tends to close off the resource room by blocking the entrance so he can study
  • Finals week is literally the only time you’ll ever see him messy, it’s like all hell breaks loose because suddenly his belongings lose order, he looks super sleep deprived with textbooks and papers and a cup of coffee in his hands as he runs through the halls yelling “MOVE PLEASE I NEED TO G O”
  • Has a few clips in his bag to keep his hair at bay when he’s working/studying, keeping it out of his face
  • He is also an avid drinker of strawberry milk and can often be found with a carton of it if he doesn’t have coffee
  • Dresses “proper” and “formal”, dress shirts and sweaters, his outfits are usually of a pale / pastel color scheme
  • Uses a shoulder bag instead of a backpack, has a couple of cute buttons and keychains
  • Brings laptop around and will type up most of his assignments, he usually types rather quick and aggressively (the opposite of when he uses his phone or ipad, his speed on a tap screen device is equivalent to a grandmother’s)
  • Choir is his first priority as an elective, but he also goes for Foods & Nutrition as well as Textiles
  • Goodie two shoes and only gets in trouble if a certain bunch of 6 boys drag him along with them or throw him under the bus
  • He always follows the rules except sometimes if he’s walking down the halls and there are classroom doors open he starts to sing and he disrupts the classes
  • Smiles and/or waves if he’s greeted in the halls, so long as his hands aren’t preoccupied with stuff or if he’s not focused on other things

Chapter Twenty-One

When Felicity’s parents announce that they’re hiring someone to be her personal bodyguard, what she hears is that she’s going to be stuck with a 24/7 babysitter… something she is so not on board with.

When Oliver takes up the offer to work for the Smoak family he thinks it’s just another job, but he has no idea what he’s about to get himself into.

Protecting the “tech empire heiress” is the easy part, matters of the heart are where things get a bit more complicated.

A big thanks to Sara @gothsmoak who created the stunning cover art for this story and Aubrey @aubvi my awesome beta :)

Rating: T  This Chapter’s Word Count: 6938

Hey friends! I just want to say thank you again for how much love this story has been getting. It has been such a treat to write this for you and I’m a little sad that we’re getting so close to the end…. but I’m excited too to start working on my next fic I have planned ;) I apologize for not getting a chance to reply to comments this week, things were a little busy for me, but I do have an extra long chapter for you :) As always I would love to hear what you thought, enjoy!!

“You know, you haven’t mentioned yet how exactly you’re planning on ruining my life. Unless it’s to just keep me trapped forever in this—“ Felicity glanced around, “Warehouse? Which, while admittedly that would suck, doesn’t really seem like it would be all that satisfying for you.”

“You’re right.” Charlotte crossed her arms, “What will be truly satisfying for me is to take away what your whole life revolves around.” Felicity stared at her blankly and she clarified, “The family business. A lot of people trust Smoak & Kuttler to keep their secrets safe… I can’t imagine you’ll be able to keep any of your clients when they find out that trust has been broken by the princess herself. We’ve arranged some buyers who are very interested in the information you’re going to sell them. When word gets out about what you did… the company’s reputation, your family’s reputation, will be ruined. You might be able to avoid jailtime for your… misdeeds, but the company won’t survive the scandal and your perfect life will crumble around you. Without a business to run, do you think your father will be restless? Unsatisfied with nothing but his family and a dwindling bank account, do you think he’ll run back to his old life?”

The notion gave her pause. Her father had promised her he wouldn’t leave them again, no matter what, and the past thirteen years had given her no reason to doubt that, but—but nothing. Charlotte was obviously trying to upset her, and she wasn’t going to grant her that satisfaction by allowing her words to take root inside of her.

Charlotte crouched on the floor beside her and gave her a fake sympathetic look, “I hope your mother hasn’t lost her touch as a cocktail waitress, because the whole ‘socialite’ thing she’s doing now isn’t exactly going to pay the bills.” She watched as Charlotte fingered the lapel of her expensive coat, “Although… between the two of you, you could probably last a while just from selling your clothes.”


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K I’m going talk about Haydée Tebelin and why she’s the best character in Gankutsuou (also in The Count of Monte Cristo novel)  OK here we go

Haydée has to witness her dad get killed by some dipshit imperialist westerner, and true to form this same westerner, rather than dispatching the entire family, sells the women off to slavery. Haydée then has to watch her mother die while being raped, and her mom’s last words are to give her a dagger, and tell her that if some creep tries to defile her, she should take her own life. This little six year old kid is cast out into the world with no other freedom or rights than to commit suicide should a rich man chance to claim her as his property. Luckily, the rich man who finds her ends up being an OK guy.


Years later the Count says “ Haydée, I release you go live somewhere or whatever”. There’s an entire (much overlooked) chapter in the novel all about this encounter. The Count tells her she’s a free woman, and this kid who hasn’t been given any freedom since she was 6, chooses to stay. She doesn’t stay out of cowardice or lack of inspiration, she stays of her own free will, and it’s because she treasures that realization of freedom so deeply that she decides to remain with this man who’s been the only nice guy she’s ever known, except for her dad. The rest of the men in her life wanted to rape or kill her. 

[the crew]

And it’s a good thing Haydée stays. Because while everyone else is working out their existential angst and delusions, Haydée has the hardest job. She has to sit in dark carriages and listen to revenge monologues. She has to reign in the demon sleeping in her master. She has to deal with stupid Albert showing up every episode on their doorstep asking if he can spend the night. And finally, she alone bears the responsibility of making the decision which ultimately ruins Albert’s life and sets the Count’s plans into overdrive

[#none of your shit]

In the world of Gankutsuou, it’s easy to assume that everyone’s a tool. But out of all the characters, Haydée  is the only one who isn’t being used. Forget that bullshit in episode 17 about her “usefulness” and how he “wouldn’t have kept her if she didn’t know what she knew”. The Count’s a pathological liar.  Haydée is the only character in the show who does what she does not out of manipulation, but for her own reasons. She addresses the Parisian senate and unmasks Fernand Mondego of her own volition and her own sense of purpose in bringing closure on the past. And while the Count may use this purpose for his own ends, Haydée once again defies his prescribed course of action when she defies the same temptation which stole Edmond Dantes’ soul. In the wake of her vengeance, Haydée alone has the insight to realize what she’s done has accomplished nothing. She feels no restitution, no sense of closure. She feels only misery, and she’s shrewd enough to realize that at this point, she’s the only one in a position to stop all this.

[no seriously…take the goddamn pills…..]

Haydée could have stayed quiet. She could have cried in her room, and let the Count walk down his doomed path. But she doesn’t. Haydéefights back. She’s the only servant who protests his course of action. She doesn’t tell him he’s wrong, but she knows what’s waiting if he goes through with it. Naturally she gets shut down, but still Haydée  doesn’t stop. Even when everything is coming apart, and there’s no turning back she’s fighting for her man. 

[*muffled spice girls playing in the distance*]

And that’s what makes Haydée the best character in Gankutsuou. Of all the people involved in the Count’s game of regicide, Haydée Tebelin is the only one who takes a stand. The only one who fights back, and follows her own path. Even Albert, up until the very end, doesn’t do much except cry and throw shit fits.  Haydée was fighting long before Albert got up the balls to do it, which makes it so much more dismal that she gets such little credit for her participation in the drama.

[heard you were talking shit about the spice girls…]

Haydée is awesome. Please love her. 

Rain pt.4

Rain | Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 |

Well, finally the end xD not proofread but you already know that 

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Jungkook came into the room with a wet towel on one hand, a glass of water in the other hand and a concerned stare.

“ It’s normal, Kookie. You don’t have to panic every time it happens ” You coughed, nausea taking over once more.

“ But you haven’t even eaten anything since morning ” You reached for the towel that he brought but he moved your hand away to wipe your face for you instead. He always seemed apologetic while doing things like this.

“ I know. ” You closed your eyes sinking back into the bed “Just lay with me okay ?”

The first four months had been the hardest for you since you constantly felt sick upon inhaling any sort of scent. Pleasant or not. And the hardest on Jungkook since you did quit – got fired – from your job. Though he would never admit it. Jungkook joked about it, teasing you every chance he got with remixed versions of “ You should’ve quit when I told you to ”

You were now half-way through your sixth month and still having occasional drawbacks that sent you over the toilet again. But it was less frequent and you were able to eat comfortably again. Your belly had also grown considerably which meant that most your clothes and half your shoes couldn’t fit anymore.

It always made you frown when something didn’t look as great as before but your husband was always quick to brush away those insecurities, like he always does, with random compliments and sweet kisses of adoration.

You had just came back home from another appointment with the doctor, where you were given the chance to know the baby’s gender which you refused. Jungkook had been on and on about it ever since you left Seokjin’s office and didn’t shut up about until you started feeling sick. Thankfully.

Jungkook made you rest your head on his arm when you couldn’t even move up to the pillows, laying down next to you. It was still the middle of the day but it was also his day off and you were technically unemployed so it didn’t matter. He gave you enough room to breathe but was also close enough for you to feel his warmth.

His hand sneaked up under your shirt, a new habit he discovered recently, fingers tracing random patterns on your swollen belly. You sighed in response, relaxing against him.

“ Squid just moved !” Jungkook shot up, abruptly moving you just when you got comfortable, with a smile and twinkly eyes. You groaned in frustration, reminding him that he was your personal pillow for now “ Sorry, I got excited ”

“ I can see that ” You laughed this time resting your head on his chest to let the familiar, soothing, heartbeat reach your ears. “ It happens more frequently when the baby hears your voice. I’m getting jealous of the two of you. Bonding without me, already ” You snorted jokingly.

“ You’re cute ” His hand was back again on your stomach. This time his open palm massaging the underside.

“ Don’t call me cute ” You hit his arm and he shrugged “ Have you thought of any names ?”

“ I was waiting to know the gender first ” He pouted and you rolled your eyes. There he goes again.

“ I want it to be a surprise. And it doesn’t really matter what gender it is ”

“ But it’s hard to-” He stopped, laughing, when you glared up at him “ Okay, okay. How about … Junghye for a girl and Junghyun for a boy ?”

“ Hmm …” You nodded as he stilled his movements. It calmed you, his touch, and you somehow knew that your baby liked it as well. Jin had told you that it could distinguish voices now so you let Jungkook go on and on about the different names he liked. All in hopes that squid would recognize his father’s voice just as much as he did yours. It made your heart flutter just thinking about it.

“ How about Jimin ?” You finally cut off the stream of names, your eyes feeling heavy again with sleep even though you had woken up just four hours prior.

“ For ?”

“ Both … It’s unisex ”

“ Jimin … Jeon Jimin … Sounds nice ” Jungkook kissed your head, carding his free hand through your hair in a way he knew you liked “ Jimin it is ”

“ Now are you going to stop calling our Jimin squid ?” You looked up at him, optimistic.

“ Nope ” Jungkook chuckled and you couldn’t help but laugh as well.

You fell back into silence as you enjoyed each other’s breathing and Jungkook’s hand on your bare skin. He knew you would be tired, you were always tired, so he let you sleep in peace. He understood that it was hard, in every aspect, and felt sorry. Especially that he couldn’t really do anything to make it easier.

However, to you, his presence was more than enough.


“ Let’s do something. I’m tired of just staying home all the time ” You stood up, as fast as your body allowed, stretching a little.

“ Jin told us to be careful in these last two months so nothing would go wrong ” Jungkook furrowed his eyebrows since last time you said that and you both got out for a stroll you ended up getting too tired and breathless. Which scared him to death.

“ I know but I’m bored. Let’s go shopping then ? We still need to buy some stuff for the baby ” You looked through your bag for a white envelope “ Guess who just, finally, got the payment for that internship I did a year ago and has money to blow ”. Jungkook just laughed saying he’ll be ready in a moment then disappearing into the bedroom then had to wait a whole hour for you to be ready as well. With no complaints.

It was more fun, and a lot more interesting, to shop for things with no knowledge of the baby’s gender. Jungkook soon learned to enjoy the mystery as well, even making bets on which it will be. Him saying that it’s a girl while you went for the other option. There wasn’t much time left before you would find out.

“ You think squid would love cars ?” He joked as you passed by one of the big toy cars that could probably fit three toddlers in one go.

“ I think that it will be very long before  Jimin would ride those. Move it.” You playfully hit his back turning him away before locking arms with him again. Channeling some of your weight on him. He was always giddy when you did. Most your discussions about it would just be :

“ It’s like I’m carrying the baby with you ”

“ No jungkook-ah, it’s not even close ”

“ But still ”

“ Put me down ! You’re making me dizzy ”

“ Jungkook ? ” A sweet and soft female voice called from behind you. Unfamiliar to you but apparently not to Jungkook, who froze immediately.

She was tall, pretty, and very attractive. All your insecurities came crushing down. More skin shown than covered, she walked towards the two of you. Her eyes scanned over the two of you with a mockingly offensive grin and you knew that it was her.

“ What are you doing here ?” He asked, his voice was stern and emotionless, cold even which came to a surprise to her and she paused.

“ I work here. If you had payed more attention to that instead of just fu-”

“ I guess I wasn’t that interested after all ” The flustered look on her face should have made you feel better but both their words cut deeper than you thought and you hand fell from Jungkook’s, who looked down at you with worried eyes.

“ You’re the wife. I don’t think we officially met ” She sheepishly smiled at you like some innocent angel. Something inside of you wanted to strangle her right there and then.

“ Do they allow you to dress like that around children ?” You returned the mocking stare, speaking like the mother you were going to be, it has somehow became a part of you. To speak like a mom.

“ It attracts the dads so they don’t mind. I sell more.” The way she spoke the words, her eyes fluttering over to jungkook who was stiff besides you, his eyes fixed on you. You clenched your fists but relaxed again. You weren’t able to do anything to her, it’s not like it’s her fault alone. It was the both of them, deep down you hated Jungkook a little again. You now had a face to go along with the nightmares and you could feel a slight ache in the pit of your stomach. You wanted out.  

“ Jungkook-ah ” You looked up at him and smiled, forced of course, “ Have a nice chat, I’ll wait by the car. I don’t want to get anything for our baby here ”

“ Y/N, w-wait …” He laced his fingers with yours halting you and turned to look at her for the first time “ I was out of my mind then. Sorry to have left like that but I’ve never loved you.” I got more important things now His eyes found yours again.

What if he goes back to her ? You looked down at your pregnant belly, already too big for comfort and a tear made its way down your face. Jungkook was focused on driving but his mind was racing with a million thing he should be saying. None of them seemed completely appropriate.

“ Jungkook-ah ” You hated how your voice came out broken so you wiped away the tears away and cleared your throat “ Do you regret it ?”

“ Don’t say that ” Jungkook was glad you spoke out, but was rather unhappy with the words themselves “ Don’t ever think for a second that I’d prefer be with her than you ”

“ You-”

“ Never. I love you so much and you’ve given me so much ” He reached for your hand holding it tightly  while he pulled over to put all his attention back on you “ Even now, you even gave up a big portion of your life to grant me … us … Jimin. Which I can never repay even if I tried for the rest of my life ”

“ I … you just seem very tired lately and sometimes unhappy ” You finally confessed what had been worrying for the most time in the past few months of him constantly working and taking care of you at the same time. You felt like he would grow tired of you.

“ I have never been happier in my life than this moment, with you and with our Jiminie, and work … ” He paused, unsure if he should say this already or wait “ I’ve been working harder for our future, to compensate you for everything, not that I can and not that it would ever be enough ”

“ What ?” You furrowed your eyebrows.

“ I’ll show you tomorrow. Let’s go home for now, you’ve been walking around for quite sometime ” He started the car again “ You need to rest and forget about what happened … I’ll help you forget ”. Jungkook smirked nodging your shoulder.

“ you do realize I’m almost nine months pregnant right ?”

“ And your point ?”

“ Pervert ” You snorted.

“ You’re still as gorgeous as ever ”


You woke up to a rustling sound of metal falling to the ground and judging by the sunlight eagerly spilling into the room; it was morning. You opened the window to let out the weird smell that accumulated in the room. It was similar to a burning scent. It was weird because you kept no food in the house because of your morning sickness then it turned into not keeping it there so you would have to spend that time together.

You heard the rustling once more and slowly made your way out. Jungkook goes to work early these days so you didn’t know what to think of the sudden noise. However, there he was, only in his sweatpants on while his shirt had been abandoned on the floor, shuffling through the kitchen like a lost puppy. You lost count already of how many time he burned his fingers just from the moment you stood by the door watching him, oblivious of your presence.

“ Why are you awake babe ? ” Jungkook sat next to you on the couch as you were watching the T.V, peacefully until now, later that night. “ Are you still upset about what happened in the shop ?”

“ No, kookie, I’m not. I knew I would meet her one day ” You sighed switching the volume down even more so the two voices wouldn’t mix in your head and turn into a headache you didn’t need.

“ I’m sorry ”

“ Stop apologizing” inching a little to rest your head on his shoulder.

“ Today was supposed to be special but I ruined it ”

“ I still enjoyed it so it’s okay ” You were mad, that much was obvious, but you couldn’t let it spoil it for you. You had been mad for too long, now you need to be happy.

“ I’ll make it right ! How about a late night snack ?” He shot up with overflowing energy and a bunny smile.

“ How about you stop moving every time I find a comfortable position ?” You glared but it quickly turned into a failed one when he giggled.

“ Sorry, love ” Jungkook moved the biggest pillow back where he sat before to let you lean on it “ Are you craving anything ? ”

“ I do … but you can’t make it. I don’t trust you enough. ” You chuckled.

“ Try me !”

“ Seaweed soup ” He suddenly looked drained with hunched shoulders and a frown.

“ Okay maybe I can’t ” Jungkook pouted as he slowly sat back down.

“ Y/N, why are you crying ?” Jungkook’s soft tone brought you back from your thoughts and you wiped away the tears you didn’t know were falling until he pointed it out “ Are you that touched by this ?” He smugly smirked.

“ It’s the hormones okay ?” You sniffled walking to him, he just shrugged turning around with a whisper “ yeah right ”.

“ You’ll get fired if you keep taking days off continuously ” You mumbled feeling the unfairness of it all, in fact Jungkook couldn’t get fired since he was the owner of his own company so he could just take how many days off he wanted, unlike you who was fired for throwing up on the job. Okay maybe you threw up on an important client but still.

You stopped behind him trying to backhug him but your pregnant self had other thoughts. You couldn’t even reach around past your belly to him.

“ I can’t even do this ” you sighed frowning “ Sorry ”

“ But I can ” Jungkook turned to look at you after turning off the fire and smiled. He would’ve called you cute if he knew you wouldn’t hit him for it so he just settled for changing positions with you and hugging you closely. “ You smell so nice ” Jungkook breathed out against your shoulder sealing his lips into deep kisses to your neck. You relaxed against him, leaning your head on his shoulder and sighing.

“ What happened to your shirt ?”

“ I spilled soup on it, it burned me so I threw it off ” He sounded like he was angry at the shirt more than at himself for spilling.

“ You really made seaweed soup ?” You arched an eyebrow, suspicious.

“ Well … hmm … I tried ?” That didn’t sound so convincing you thought as you broke away from him. “ Sit down, I’ll bring it to you ”

You moved to the table waiting with wide eyes, and a worried heart, for whatever poison he was about to feed you.

“ Okay this looks normal ” You spoke as you twirled your spoon around the suspicious liquid. Jungkook smiled widely with anticipation gesturing you to taste. You hesitantly did so, with caution because counting ramyun out jungkook was not to be trusted in the kitchen.

“ So ?” He impatiently said.

“ Maybe it only looks good ” You put your spoon down, fighting back a gag, and pushing the bowl to him “ Taste it ”

“ That’s so salty !” He screamed scrunching his face in disgust “ how could you eat that so normally ?”

“ I couldn’t hurt my baby’s feeling after all that effort, could I ?” You smiled and he stood up reaching over the table to capture your lips into a kiss.

“ You taste salty, go away ” You pushed him away licking your lips

“ You do too so shut up and kiss me ”

“ Forget about that, you told me you would show me why you’ve been so busy today ”

“ Right, I did ” His face lit up in a proud expression you haven’t seen since he got his last promotion to CEO “ Get ready, this will be good ”


“ We’re here !” Jungkook yelled out opening the large but short wooden door that lead to a big garden.

“ And what is here ?” You asked following right behind him.

“ Our home ” He said with an air of utter proudness.

“ What ?” You stopped him to turn and look at you.

“ I wasn’t busy because it became hard to take care of you but ” he hooked his arm around your shoulder leading you towards the way-too-big-for-two-people-and-and-a-baby house “ It was because I was trying to get my hand on this

“ You … Jungkook-ah …” Tears gathered in your ears and your voice was caught in your throat.

“ You don’t need to say anything. It wasn’t really that hard. And I wanted to do something for you ” He kissed you temple rubbing his hand over your belly “ For us ”

“ The second floor is ours, to live in but most importantly, the first floor ” He pointed at it and the space around it “ Can be turned into a coffee shop, if you want to ”

The walls were mostly made out of reflecting glass and opened onto the back garden. You followed Jungkook to tour it as he spoke about the many plans that he had in mind. Dogs, mainly dogs. You felt the swelling in your heart grow with each word as you kept your eyes on him wondering what you did to deserve it.

Jungkook stopped in front of the front door and glanced down at you with a witty expression.

“ Let me carry you in ” He giggled “ Like in the movies ”

“ Babe, I need to tell you this again, but I’m nine months pregnant ” You rolled your eyes at him “ I’m too heavy for you and I still need you in one peace ”

“ Please ”

“ Jungkook, no ”

“ Just one step ”

“ Jungko-ahh” His name turned into a painful gasp when you felt like your insides just did a full flip, then it just turned plain painful.

“ What ? What happened ?” He gripped both your arms in his firm hands, coming down to eye-level with you “ Does it hurt ?”

“ I … call Jin … ”

“ Why- ohmygodokayokay” Jungkook’s hand trembled as he saw that your water broke. He was prepared for this moment, well, he thought. When confronted with the reality that you were indeed about to give birth he panicked.

You took his arm, gripping it so hard that you were sure it will bruise but you couldn’t find it in you to really care as another wave of pain spread across you.

“ Car, now ” He said as he helped you down the stairs, slow enough for you not to hurt but fast enough so Jimin would be born in the garden of your house.

“ It hurts ” You chanted as he repeated for you to breath and that everything will be alright, you swore if he told you to bre-

“ Y/N, just breathe ”

“ I’m fucking breathing ! ” You screamed at him at full force unable to control your volume.

“ Okay but Jin told me to ”

“ I don’t care what he said, you better shut the fuck up or I’ll kill you ” You didn’t calm down until you were on the bed with everyone moving around quickly to get your prepared since in the words of your doctor “ The little one is eager to come out ” and Jungkook reappeared again, dressed in the same outfit as the other nurses.

“ Jungkook-ah, I’m scared ” You stuttered through heavy breath and excessive sweating.

“ I’m right here, everything is going to be okay ” He let you hold his hand as tightly as you wanted while he whispered words of encouragement with concern. Avoiding whatever was happening down there because he found himself lightheaded every time he glanced down.


The sound of loud crying tore you both apart from the deep sleep you were in, just a few hours after you put Jimin to sleep, just when you could finally catch a glimpse of sleep. You groaned turning in the bed to meet Jungkook’s, just as frustrated as you, glance. You silently nodded before sitting up, both eyes half shut with exhaustion.

“ I’ll go ” Jungkook stood up removing the sheets from himself and making you lean back “ I’ll go ”

“ I can … ” He hushed you with his lips, cupping your face in the dark and shaking his head.

“ Go back to sleep, love.” He pat your head and smiled as you closed your eyes again.

“ I love you, kookie.” You said quietly as he walked out the room but he suddenly stopped and peeking back through the door.

“ I heard that. ”

“ I said it to be heard ” You laughed “ Go check on Jimin before he drowns himself in tears ”

“ I love you too ” He called back while hurrying to the other room.

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Hope you guys enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it and thank you !

prompt: Luke is badly injured and Kylo wants to finish him, but Rey gets in the way.

sent by: @angrydragonpuppy

Rey wakes up to a deafening silence only filled with the sound of the rain. She’s lying on the ground, a bleeding arm and a piercing headache reminding her of what is happening. 

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god okay so the place i work now is so fucking bizarre so like. i’m literally a telemarketer now but it’s like..weird. for one thing, they hired like nine people with a very minimal group interview and it’s been three days since then but now there are only four of us left. which is apparently a cycle that this company goes through all the time. they hired like ten people last week and there’s only one girl left. and everyone in management is like FRIGHTENINGLY charismatic. like they are so charismatic that i don’t trust them even a little bit, but only because i have to keep reminding myself that i don’t. every single day our boss yells out a pep talk about how we’re “awesome” and “killers” and then he says IS EVERYONE READY TO GO GET SOME SALES? and the pep talk doesn’t end until everyone shouts “HELL YEAH.” they play really loud pop music on breaks. today, because it was friday apparently, they gathered us all in the main room for our morning pep talk except this time a really loud and INTENSE monologue played through the speakers without any warning where some guy was talking about like, being a Lion and enjoying the Hunt and Chasing The Gazelles and how that’s what it takes to be a BEAST. and when it was over our boss was like “WHO’S READY TO BE A BEAST?????” and everyone was like “I’M READY HELL YEAH!!” and then he was like “ARE YOU REALLY READY TO BE BEASTS?” and everyone was like “hell yeah josh we’re ready!” which honestly makes the fact that over half of the people we started with have just…disappeared……even eerier. like mr boss man went from taking people aside into his office to be fired to gathering everyone else up literally seconds later and telling us how whoever made a sale that day could come on some free rafting trip that weekend. and the worst part is that we are literally. telemarketers. we sell a useless real estate advertising service. we call like mrs wendy schuman who is 60 years old and has to talk to her husband before she makes any major financial decisions but we are Beasts, apparently

The Life and Times of a Sullen Coffee Shop Employee

Enjolras/Grantaire, Courferre

Summary: Grantaire and Courfeyrac pine for the two new regulars coming to the coffee shop and Montparnasse is 110% done with their shit.
It’s a coffee shop AU. Montparnasse POV.

Based on this set of headcanons.

Part I of The Life and Times of a Sullen Coffee Shop Employee

(Part II) (Part III)(Part IV)

Rated: T

≈ 2900 words

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To say Montparnasse doesn’t understand people who are able to be in a good mood before 7am would be an understatement and well, it’s not in his nature to do understatements.

People who are happy, smiling, laughing and - worst of all - talking before 7am are the bane of his existence and he’ll understand the workings of the universe before he’ll understand said people.

It’s 6:56.

Courfeyrac bursts through the door of the coffee shop with a grin as wide as the Nile delta.

“Good morning everyone, how are my most favourite co-workers today? I swear to God, I had the most terrific morning, it’s going to be an absolutely perfect day, I can feel it in my -”

“If you say one more word I will destroy everyone you love and care about.”

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T*ylor Sw*ft capitalizing on the snake image has some remnants of when Bey capitalized on “Boycott Beyoncé” but don’t let her fans equate them. Beyoncé made money selling shirts that made fun of anti-black racist critics who took exception to her calling out extralegal racist police violence and honoring the image of the Black Panthers. On the other hand, Taylor is reclaiming a descriptor that born from her, again, utilizing her white woman innocence and perceived victimhood before being caught misleading the public about Kanye and his (awful) line. 

Lets talk about this:

I think out of all of the things that bothered me about what Michael Jackson had to go through in his life, what bothered me the most was the ‘Wacko Jacko’ name. Now, we have all heard the saying “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me,” and we mainly heard/said that as little boys and girls who got bullied at school by some asshole kid who had nothing to do but make others feel bad about themselves. We all know that saying is BS, because words impact our lives the most and if you care to admit it, words can hurt. The reason why this makes me so upset is because this is the case. The media/tabloids are so fucking elementary and disrespectful, that they have to bullied a grown man by calling him this sick name. 

You guys can’t forget, this started in the 80′s. Wacko Jacko started in the 80′s. Not in the 90′s or 2000′s, but around the Bad era (and possibly Thriller era). The worst thing to me, was that it stuck. Throughout the rest of his life. The media didn’t call him by his respected name, Michael Jackson, they called him ‘Jacko.’ If he would release an album, they would say “Wack Jacko’s new album,”and  if he had a comeback (Like one of the pictures above), the headline would be ‘Wacko Jacko Backo.’ This was a running joke that helped deteriorate the well-earned respect of one of the greatest artist in history. And even past his death, the media still call him Jacko. So now you can hopefully understand why this upsets me the most, because Michael couldn’t even look at a damn magazine (with his face on it) without that horrid name on there. Now imagine if you were him, no matter how strong you are, sooner or later, those words will hurt you, like how it probably hurt him. 

You know why? Because he was human too.

So what have we learned today folks?

His name is not Wacko Jacko, some sick freak that the media made up for us to believe.

His name is Michael Joseph Jackson,  who has the best selling album of all time and is the most awarded artist of all time.

 A man that broke racial barriers and used his fame to spread awareness through his music.

A man who used his wealth to donate to countless charities, and visited as many children hospitals as he did concerts. *He also created a burn center after he himself was a burn victim.

An influential figure, who, if you had a chance to ask any famous artist, they would probably say that he was one of their inspirations as well.

A man who was really too damn good for this earth.

You don’t have to like him, but just please respect him. That’s all I ask.

guys imagine this: If snape was a prankister

Thank good his was a bookworm kid. can you guys imagine if the potions genious, the half blood prince decided that he liked pranks?

*We all know he would have the habilit to creat the most ridiculous potions, even blowing up the classroom with caclculated damage, at ease.

*He could totally make the gryffindor quidditch team appear pink-haired in a match just with potion set to blow up in a strategical place.

*he could prank the marauders by messing with their work in the potions class.

*he could make a potion that attracts owls and spray discretally in someone he disliked making the person unnable to perform any spells due the amorous birds who insist in sitting in their shoulders everytime they sit still for more than 5 secs

*he could spill growth potions in the plants on green houses making a real life “jack and the beanstalk” in hogwarts

*he could sneak in the gryffindor quidditch lockroom and  use a change-colour potion who takes some time to take effect, making the gryffindor quidditch uniforms become giant slytherin flags mid-game

*he could invent and sell a potion that which only efect is make every word that the person says coming out as a opera audition piece, or give that helium effect to the  voice.

*he could introduce a drinking game in slytherin. with veritasetium.

*snape taking bets in the quidditch games between the players. whoever team that loses has everyone to take a potion that leaves they having roaring, hissing or screaching fits when they talk. wich one would be decided by wich time is the loser.

*snape selling valentine’ days sweets that literally give people heart-eyes. 

*snape being the head of a change-coloring line of magic makeup smulling ring.

think about all the possibilities


These tweets (and one retweet) are from my friend Ryan, a journalist who has been on the ground in Ferguson for the past few days. (His Twitter account is here, and it’s a great source of updates on the situation there   [x]).

I just wanted to remind everybody that while spreading word about Michael Brown’s unjust murder and the horrifying events of the night of August 14, 2014, please do not oversimplify or ignore the complexities of the situation.

Some journalists in the town have been doing what journalists do: focusing on all the negative aspects about the community to try and make it look like a hell-hole in order to sell their own pictures and stories, and basically all many of them want to do is further their own careers. But focusing on all that negativity only paints the picture of one side of the story, ignoring a lot of other important things going on there.

Please do not fall prey to the media’s game. Anger at the actions of the police in Ferguson is totally justified, but in the midst of that we cannot allow the people who are living with the situation every day to be dehumanized. Despite all this tragedy and chaos going on around them, they’re still a community and in many ways they’re pulling through all of it together. They want peace. Anyone looting or burning things down is a very small portion of the community. The whole story is so much bigger.

A story doesn’t need tear gas to be interesting. We need to hear every side of this story, not just the horrific parts.

TL:DR: please don’t fall prey to media attempts to dehumanize and oversimplify the situation in ferguson!!


Hello everyone! PLEASE READ THIS.
This is VERY important information for all the fandom’s artists who have the plans to sell merchandise with the Creature’s likeness or Branding.
I have been asked by Aron to relay this information to the public so I would like you to take this seriously because I don’t want anyone to get in any trouble.

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Annoying Stereotypes/Lies about the Signs

Aries:  Has no chill. are you kidding me? Aries are some of the chillest fuckers around, unless you do something to piss them off. Obviously you must have if you think they have no chill.

Taurus: Obsessed with food. You need to food to live how can you not be ‘obsessed’ with it tho.

Gemini: Super smart geniuses. Geminis are like the gods of word and wit, they can convince you that the sky is yellow just with words. It doesn’t make them inherent geniuses, they are about as smart as anyone else.

Cancer: Loyal friends who will keep your secrets forever. these hoes aint loyal. Cancer would sell your secrets to the Chinese government for half of a french fry, then blame you for being a shitty friend.

Leo: Self absorbed. Leos tend to be super confident and flaunt their strengths which society seems to think makes them self absorbed. Not saying it isn’t possible, its just not always the case like some blogs make it out to be.

Libra: everything you’ve heard about libra is tru

Virgo: Controlling assholes. Nah, they’re perfectionists and like to make sure everything s done thoroughly, if you think thats controlling then you don’t know how to appreciate quality.

Scorpio: Evil bastards of the zodiac. Just because someone won’t let you ride on their coattails doesn’t make em evil. Scorpios are fierce and independent, and won’t let any bitch drag them down. Stop being salty because Scorpios don’t have time for your shit.

Sagittarius: Crazy obsessed loud freaks. Nah, sags are pretty chill. They tend to get obsessed about shit easy tho, won’t deny that.

Capricorn: Geniuses. Caps are that kid in your class that does all the homework and gets good grades but doesn’t really know anything more than anyone else. They’re like average intelligence with a good work ethic.

Aquarius: Weirdo alien obsessed conspiracy freaks. If Aquas fit any stereotype its the asshole hipster who won’t shut up about how great they and their political views are. Not ONCE have I met an Aqua that said anything about aliens or conspiracies, those people were always Virgos.

Pisces: Whiny self absorbed prick. Nah, they’re such dreamers they don’t really pay attention to other people or their shit, which, like Leos, makes people think they’re self absorbed. 

Searching for Syria in Sweden

I just landed in Stockholm airport for a week of reporting. First, let me tell you a bit about the context of this week’s work.

Earlier this year, at a budget hotel in Athens, where I am based, I met a lobby full of Syrians in transit to new lives in Europe. Before the war, they had been part of Syria’s middle class — doctors, schoolteachers, lawyers, business owners, architects, computer programmers, comparative literature scholars. Most had never even gotten so much as a parking ticket. Now they were negotiating with smugglers, paying thousands of dollars to secure fake IDs and passports to board flights to Germany and Sweden — the two countries that have taken in at least half of the more than 70,000 Syrian refugees in Europe. There, at least, they believe they can work toward a new life.

It’s not an easy time to be a refugee in Europe. Anti-immigrant parties are on the rise. Europe has become more insular and identity-driven after the euro-crisis. And there are fears that jihadists may be hiding among the refugees.

Many of the Syrians I’ve met in Europe don’t want to call themselves refugees. They find the word strange and, to some extent, dehumanizing. They see the challenges they face as universal: Families selling everything to cast away for a new life; fathers who have lost their jobs redefining themselves in midlife; young people hurtling over barriers to pursue their dreams.

A couple of weeks ago, on the Greek island of Chios, I met two witty, brilliant sisters from Raqqa, Dania and Joud, who told me they planned to study architecture and engineering. “But first we need to get out of these clothes, which we have been wearing for the last ten days,” said Joud, making a face at her seawater-soaked sweater. I interviewed them just a couple of hours after the Greek coast guard had found their tiny, crowded boat floating in the Aegean Sea.

With adaption and reinvention, there also come moments of deep isolation and bewildering displacement. I just returned from Germany, where I spent time with one Syrian family of seven from Damascus that has moved a dozen times in the last two years. Photographer Holly Pickett and I accompanied them on their latest move — a 12-hour cross-country trek by train.

Change also brings surprises and beauty. During our week in Sweden, we will explore how Syrians here are working to feel at home in a place so far away from the one they lost. We will also be exploring how Sweden, a traditional haven for those fleeing wars, has been struggling to absorb — both socially and financially — so many newcomers.

Along the way, I will share photos and sound and any observations about Sweden, Syrians and my new favorite food, shakriya. And I’m really looking forward to introducing you to the wonderful people I will inevitably meet along the way.

-Joanna Kakissis (@joannakakissis)

what I don’t understand is that by use of the word “too” Calvin addressed that this is one of the most powerful woman in the world, who built herself up from the bottom, wrote all her own record breaking songs, released an album that is literally iconic, has had 3 entirely sold out tours to date (not to mention some of the highest grossing tours ever), is one of the only woman to have 3 consecutive albums sell more than a million in their first week, is extremely tall and literally model-flawless, in 10 years has never required any kind of ‘comeback’ albums or singles.
she can write. she can sing. she can dance (even if she says she can’t). she can paint. she can bring one of the BIGGEST, RICHEST AND MOST POWERFUL COMPANIES IN THE WORLD TO CHANGE THEIR POLICY!!!!!!!!!!(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), and yet people just see the word 'cook’ ???

BECAUSE SHE. CAN. COOK. !!!!!!!!!TOO!!!!!!!!!

Calvin literally addressed that Taylor is almost completely flawless.
If you could weren’t so hell bent on tearing down Calvin/could get your heads out of Taylor’s ass for TWO SECONDS then you would see that. If anything, it was a joke. I can guarantee you that Taylor saw that caption before it was posted. If she accepted and probably laughed at it - why can’t you.

Is Japan Ready for Yuri on Ice?

I’ve been seeing quite a few very interesting responses to my post that has gained much more attention that I anticipated. Besides a few rude, snide people who decided to articulate their words with intention to try and offend me (it didn’t work), there were some responses that were respectful and understandable.

I find it interesting to question if Japan is ready for a progressive, queer-representative series like Yuri on Ice.

By that, I mean, is the series actually going to be representation, or is it just more fanservice than ever before seen? Are Victor and Yuuri’s intimate moments focused on because they’re important, or because they know that the fanservice will sell well, and so they budget their time making sure those shots look flawless, while the actual ice-skating routines in episode 3 had some embarrassing frames?

It can be seen either way, in my opinion.

Some believe that Japan is still so terribly conservative, so against moving on from their traditional ways of fetishization and sexualization that there’s no way a show like Yuri on Ice can change things. Not when a show like Super Lovers came out in the same year.

And of course, it is important to understand that people like me and a lot of the viewers are watching this series through a Western perspective with hopes of change and equality. But is Japan thinking the same thing that we are?

It’s tricky to think about this. Some queer people are not convinced until they see the entire series through, and that makes complete sense. Many do not want to get their hopes up, just to be let down. And as a queer person looking for representation in media, I understand that.

But let’s look at this with a wider perspective.

Japan is not a Haven for the Gays in any way, shape or form. Of course not. But neither is the USA. Think about it this way. Japan, and most other countries, have been influenced by the USA in many ways, but the most influence can be traced from media. Of all of the things to affect the world, films and TV shows produced from the USA have been worldwide successes. Japan especially loves these things.

So consider that they are influenced and interested in American film media to begin with.

Now, look at America. One of the easiest examples to use is that same-sex marriage was only just legalized in 2015. There’s still a long way to go for ‘total equality’ in terms of LGBT+ rights in the US, and the same applies to Japan. There are more legal rights to be granted to LGBT people in Japan than in the USA, that much is true.

But look at the USA in 2000, when the show ‘Queer as Folk’ was first produced. The USA was not like it was today, but that show existed for 5 years regardless and gave queer representation. Even Rocky Horror Picture Show existed in the 70’s.

My point is, queer representation can exist in media even when actual queer life in said country isn’t easy, accepted, or glorified.

It is important to consider the true culture of Japan, and to understand our Western perspective. It is important to know that maybe, this isn’t the series we are thinking it will be.

But let us have faith. Some of us want to believe and hope for a representative series. Some of us want to see it as representation. The point of my original post was to explain why the show was getting as much hype as it is. Of course, I do not know exactly what will happen, but I’d like to think it is most definitely gay and not a joke, like other anime have been.

For now, all we can do is sit back and wait as episodes are released. And most importantly, lets not forget to enjoy the series for what it is already- a moving plot, with a focus on ice skating, a fascinating story of sexual awakening, and one with interesting, fresh characters that we all have already fallen in love with.