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What's the very specific fic?

Lena is a 19 year old pop star raised in a very famous family. The Luthors adopted her after seeing her on some viral video as a little five year old orphan singing and since her adoption its been nothing but gigs and concerts and shows and Lena’s basically got no authenticity in her life whatsoever outside of this one friend she made in the strangest place. She was looking up videos of something she had watched when she was a kid and she saw some girl had left a long-winded rant on it that just captivated her for some reason. She clicked on the girl’s comment and saw she made videos a lot, actually, and she’s actually a really cute college student who has a lot of ridiculous thoughts and opinions and Lena can’t help herself - she sends her a message letting her know how ridiculous she is.

This turns into a back and forth yelling exchange that turns into camaraderie and friendship until she realizes she’s texting her hourly and calling her every night and when did this Kara Danvers become her best and only friend? 

Kara hints that she’d really like to meet Lena or see a picture of her or something (she doesn’t know who Lena is. Lena is terrified to tell her) and then one day Lena sees they have a concert booked in National City which is where Kara’s university is, and she decides to say screw it and meet her.

Cue her sneaking away from her security after the show and running around having a crazy weekend of shenanigans with Kara running from the paparazzi, trying to escape Maggie (her personal bodyguard) and Kara’s disapproving sister (and oh hey, Sanvers team up in their hunt for the girls), and trying to figure out how to tell Kara that ‘hey I’m actually a world famous superstar and that’s why I keep dragging you all over the place and wearing giant oversized hats and sunglasses in hopes that no one recognizes me’. Kara is very dense and knows nothing of celebrities, so she doesn’t catch on. She just knows Lena has slipped her tightly controlling mother and they get one weekend of fun. Bonus points for them having their first kiss outside and then making out in her dorm, only for her to come out later to a swarm of paparazzi and pictures of them kissing trending online. 

I’ve written exactly one genuine sentence of this fic, which is the first one:

“Their love began, as so many great love stories do, with an angry Youtube comment.”

Yuzuru’s pattern

Only people who do not follow Yuzuru for long have the “knowledge” to comment that Yuzuru is not confident as before. In fact, Yuzuru LOVES challenges and the more challenges come the more he enjoys it. Go and read his interviews and watch various videos which show his expressions. 

Only people who do not follow Yuzuru constantly have the “knowledge” to comment that he is not consistent as before. I have to laugh at this comment. I mean, seriously, Yuzuru has always been HOT and COLD. He has his own pattern (and all skaters have their own pattern too). He never won his first GP event of the season, but instead he has won 4 GPF consecutively. He often peaked mid-season and they are trying to adjust his training so he can do better in the second half of the season. Some competitions are his jinx (Cup of China, Skate Canada and 4CC). Some skating orders like 2nd and 3rd he does not prefer. Sometimes he skates brilliantly sometimes he messes up. It is normal, skaters are human and they all have their good and bad days. Even Yana Kudryavtseva, the angel with iron wings, messed up and lost Olympic gold despite dominating rhythmic gymnast for so long. 

If you follow Yuzuru for long, you will see that: 1) Yuzuru has always loved challenges as challenges only make him stronger. 2) Yuzuru has always been confident about his skills. 3) Yuzuru has never been at his perfect competitive condition after a long rest (he has 2 months without competition from GPF in early December to 4CC in mid-February). 4) Yuzuru is trying to delay his peak for World Championship, the most important competition of this season. 5) And of course, Yuzuru’s main goal to peak his best is 2018 Olympic.

Alexander Hamilton Headcanons
  • The law major who sits on the floor cross-legged for hours
    • Has terrible knee problems because of this
  • Always said he didn’t want kids, but he loves them so much
  • Terrified of the person he will become
  • Really into bands like Linkin Park
  • Still has an iPhone 4
  • Has one of those obnoxious watches with twelve time zones
  • Only owns sweatpants and suits
  • Binge watches shows while doing homework
    • He would never admit it, but he normally watches Glee
  • Has broken at least four bones
    • One from falling out of a tree senior year of high school, the others from various fights
  • Has actually never read Harry Potter
  • The kinkiest person
    • Dom most of the time
  • Not big on PDA
    • He won’t even hold your hand in public
  • Small spoon
    • He gets scared easily and needs protection
  • Will only go back to bed for his s/o
  • Hopeless romantic

Attention fellow comedy lovers: If you have access to a cable subscription that gets CNN I highly recommend you check out A History of Comedy on CNNgo. I just finished their second episode called The Funnier Sex about women in comedy. As someone who has written papers and done numerous presentations on the subject, I can personally vouch for the credibility of this episode. It’s broad without glossing over essential comediennes, and thorough without spending too much time on one woman, film, or tv show. It’s only 42 minutes long and yet it covered so much that it feels like a two-hour documentary without dragging. It’s a very well-balanced piece that seamlessly combines interviews and clips. I’m still not over it, I’m so glad I watched it.

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What do you think the chances are that TCW will be renewed?

It’s a good time for Disney to invest in the show’s return, in my opinion. Star Wars has made it back to mainstream, and people have even begun to rediscover the show because of it.

There are just so many things working in their favor, I want to believe that the chance is there. We’re still trying to generate an accurate count of numbers for people who are still interested in the show, so we have our petition: [x].

However, everyone needs to come together first in order to help see this through – spread the word, encourage others to support and watch the show. Reach out to the developers and show appreciation.

We have found that there is a lot of gate-keeping and conflict within the fandom and I feel like there are fans who are quick to shut down the idea from their personal opinions, where they tell us, “You’re wasting your time, this is not going to work.”

The odds are in our favor. So, it’s all a matter of spreading the word and truly coming together as a fandom to reach that goal.

Let them know we want this.

– Admin CG

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Who are the ten most beautiful ginger vixen ever?

now THIS is a question ladies

  1. Jessica Rabbit. Iconic disney red head. ariel who? dont know her
  2. Mary Jane Watson, actress, diva, part time motherf*ckin model
  3. Sansa Stark. People literally out her killing people starting wars to hook in with her she’s that much of a babe
  4. Bree Van Dekamp. I aspire to how fab she was (While still relating to the repression)
  5. Daphne Blake. even in the 60′s with that budget animation
  6. Cheryl Blossom, new queen
  7. Poison Ivy
  8. Joan from mad men, I don’t even watch the show but she has to be on the list
  9. Satine from moulin rouge
OUAT 6x10 Thoughts

I’m re~watching OUAT 6x10 and so far I’ve noticed two things.

1. In the scene where Emma blows out her birthday candle there is an older Asian woman in the background.

Now, the only Asian woman on this show so far has been Mulan.

Moreover, she has seemed to represent Regina a lot of the time, especially when it comes to her love life. Just like Regina, she chose to join Robin. After we saw her choose not to tell Aurora how she felt about her. She seems to be the only recurring character who hasn’t found love on this show yet at all.

Even more interestingly, she is almost in every shot of that birthday candle scene, when Regina can’t be there. Watching.

On top of that, she’s wearing a crown. Which tells me she is a princess or a queen. Hmm, I wonder how that happened, since Mulan wasn’t a royal originally.

I find that fascinating.

2. There are two times in this episode where an arrow is shot.

The first is when Regina is just seeming to get through to Emma. She looks just about ready to believe Regina. Until her parents shoot at Regina and the moment is over. Regina loses (what little ground she had with) Emma.

The second time is when Emma and Regina are holding hands, about to jump into the portal. And Robin sends an arrow flying towards them. This makes Emma lose Regina. She almost goes into trance. Or a dream. Kind of like Emma when the first arrow goes flying.

This is almost like some reverse cupid situation.

To me, it makes me think that for these respective individuals, Emma and Regina, the people lodging the arrows at them are what are keeping them apart. Or at least what those people stand for.

I think Regina wants a happy ending. And she can’t let go of the idea that she adopted ages ago, when she was a young girl. That it’s true love. And that she lost her shot at it when she lost Daniel. But Robin, he’s the person she feels she can be sure of. Because he is he’s her soulmate and he’s meant to love her no matter what. He’s her second chance.

But the sad part is she hides from him. She’s mostly reasonable around him. And all smiles or twinkling tears. She hides the real anger she’s capable of, the jealousy, the frustration and the fear. She hides her temper. The few times she hasn’t Robin has either pretty much called her crazy, looked at her funny(like he was seeing her for the first time and not in a good way) and not defended her when others tried to hurt her feelings. He also has never truly experienced the full force of her wrath. You can’t know a person until you know what makes them tick. What gets them pissed off. And until you’ve witnessed it in all its full glory.

For Emma, she has always wanted a family, home. Love and belonging. Acceptance. Instead she got abandonment and a shitty childhood. But now she’s found her parents. And so she feels she has a shot, a second chance, to reclaim what she lost.

But because of who her parents are and all that she’s been through I think she believes she has to be someone else in order to secure their love.

And it makes sense. The times when she has shown them her beliefs, they’ve shot her down. Told her she was crazy or seeing things. When she feared her own magic and it went out of control they rebuked her. She’s never truly told them any details about what it was like for her growing up without them. Or she has and they don’t understand her. If she hasn’t, I’m not even sure they’d want to know.

It’s clear in how they welcomed Neal with open arms and encouraged Emma to take him back in the interest of Henry. Neal, the man who had her go to jail for a year for a crime she didn’t commit. Who left her alone and pregnant in jail.

They seem to see what they want to see. The girl they wish they had raised her to be instead of the one her hard life made her.

I think Emma and Regina want to be happy. But they believe they have to conform to certain rules in order to get there. One of which involves, being who you think the people you want to love and accept you want you to be instead of who you are.

It’s funny because they have no problem showing each other who they truly are.

The mirror episode is such a good example of that. They were their very own angry, frustrated selves. Because they had reason to be angry and frustrated. There was no fear of judgment. It was clear in their reactions to each other that they know each other and are used to each other’s personalities. And fine with them.

But in that same episode they weren’t afraid to show each other their respective fears and joys. Emma her fear of dying. And Regina her fear of having to raise Henry alone as a result of that. And they were there for each other, cheering each other up. And basically slapping each other on the back for doing a good job with Henry. It’s so great because sometimes when these two interact, honesty, showing each other who they are, is almost as easy as breathing. And then other times…

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obvs allura isn't 'black' in the earth sense, I doubt she would use that word to identify herself but...... she's a poc.. we as human beings (human beings came up with the concept of race) are creating media in which a humanoid character who comes from a planet with different skin colours/races has dark skin!! maybe the concept of race doesn't exist on Altea. but it does exist on earth, and earthlings are the ones who are watching the show. for all intents and purposes allura is black/a woc

@extilia wyd

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Do you think it's strange that DD would agree to go on WWHL after GA's experience? He had to have seen it. Might we get a "that's interesting. Yeah, yeah." from him?

He surely has seen it, and if not, he has heard about it. No doubt. I really wonder for what reason he had decided to drive an hour after his concert in Hungtinton to do this show. He seems to be picky when it comes to his television appearances but I never thought Gillian would do it either, especially not to promote Streetcar, so who knows! But I’m scared, and I’m totally going to wake up at 5am to watch it because we indeed might get some cute, embarrassing, funny, awkward moment.

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hbo war ask game bc my fish fingers are taking eons to heat up. who has puked in a mcdonald's restroom at 6 in the morning? who is most likely to win the lottery & tip the next waiter/waitress the winnings? who started watching a really crappy show because they were too drunk to press the off button on the remote but is now really hooked on it? who would draw really cool shit on their kids' lunch bags?

IM SORRY THIS IS SO LATE i love these so much??? thank u for sending them im

  • puked in a mcdonald’s restroom at 6am: definitely ray
  • most likely to win the lottery and give their winnings to a waiter: dare i say….shifty
  • started watching a crappy show and accidentally got hooked: BABE and he’s INCREDIBLY defensive about it 
  • draws really cool shit on their kids’ lunch bags: THIS ONE’S STUMPING ME FOR SOME REASON. i think andy would draw on his kids’ lunch bags but i think it’d be more embarrassing Dad™ stuff than like, cool drawings……..hmm maybe eddie goes and Fixes them afterward and makes them cooler

hello okay.
I’ve fallen from the Spn fandom.
I don’t consider myself a part of it.
I will always support my boys but the show itself has just…not interesting to watch anymore in my opinion.

I have moven on and it’s okay if you move on from me.
From now on I will be posting generally kpop. Mainly BTS.

I’m in the process of changing changing everything over.

Anyways, thank you so much for anyone who has stuck with me for the last few years. You all have helped me so much and have made me feel at home on here. I’m am so grateful!!

As I said, it’s okay if you move on from me.

can you imagine being phichit…. you live for six years with this nerd who clearly has the biggest fucking crush on living legend viktor nikiforov and keeps posters of his face plastered on every square inch of his bedroom wall that you share and you watch videos of said godlike skating adonis with him every day after practice, and then a year later your nerd roommate shows up at this figure skating championship with posterman as his coach after you’ve seen them kiss on live television right in front of you and they’re wearing gold fucking wedding rings on their fingers and your mind just has this whispered moment of “what hte fukc”

I’ve started thinking about male characters. Sort of.

I’ve been thinking about how some characters—ones who are almost archetypes—get distorted once they reach the pop culture canon. Right now the ones I’m thinking of are Sherlock Holmes and Captain Kirk.

Sherlock started as a guy with an incredible mind who didn’t know how to person very well but still cared very deeply about the disadvantaged and unprotected elements of society. He’s become a selfish manchild. There are variations of him—RDJ’s thrill seeker, House’s misanthrope, BC’s self-described sociopath—but it has no basis in the original. So why did we decide this was better? Why did we decide that a genius is above the rules of polite social interaction? What purpose does it serve?

Something similar has happened with Jim Kirk. I mean, watch the original show if you disagree. He’s intensely loyal, a creative thinker, a bright guy. He literally picks flowers on more than one planet. He’s read Milton. There’s basically no quicker way to anger him than to treat one of the women in his crew as second-class. He’s willing to show mercy to an opponent he’s defeated. But what’s his reputation in pop culture? A womanizer—which is just a different kind of selfish manchild.

I’m not saying that good stories can’t be told with these archetypes. I’m just saying that they don’t really resemble the original. Copy after copy gets less and less nuanced, till the original is completely foreign to these new versions even when they bear the same name.

And they’ve become so prevalent that there’s nothing interesting left in them.

Sense8 is my life

I thought this show would be another one of those shows that sound good, and start off good, but make me stop watching halfway through.  I was so wrong.  Yesterday I started watching this show, and there’s no words to describe how amazing it is.  You absolutely HAVE to watch it.  And here’s some reasons why:


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“But then you sent me a vision of a man with a large…. *Struggles to find a word* junk

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I would go on an on, but this post is getting quite long.  So i’m just gonna say.  Watch this.  You will not regret it

The Sherlock Conspiracy Theorists on this website are literally having the most fun anyone has ever had watching a television show. We are decoding puzzles on multiple media platforms by cross-referencing plot lines from stories written throughout the last 130 years all while building knowledge of literature, math, music, coding, history, geography, chemistry, and television production. We are playing The Great Game in real time. I only wish more people could’ve joined us here because we won’t find another game this intricate in our lifetime, and everyone who finds this later will always be a few steps behind.

I hope everyone realizes this Conspiracy community is not about us being right – it’s about us pushing the boundaries of our intellect and having fun in the process. It’s been an honor playing The Great Game with all of you.

Mike Pence and Hamilton

Mike Pence went to see Hamilton tonight.

I just want to remind everyone that Mike Pence is the man who signed into law people’s right to refuse service to people they thought were gay based on ‘religious liberty.’

Mike Pence supports conversion therapy, literally electrocuting gay people until they’re straight. It’s unethical, and it is not legitimate. Even if it worked, it’s cruel and unusual.

Mike Pence ran alongside Donald Trump, a man who has preached hatred and racism against almost all non-white races, particularly latinos and black people, and defended and dismissed 100% of his comments as insignificant, even lying about whether he said them.

Mike Pence is the VP to a man who hates immigrants (despite being married to one) and wants to build a wall to keep them out. He also wants to turn away all refugees.

Mike Pence strolled into a BROADWAY theatre tonight to see a show that centers around an immigrant who became a founding father. He sat down and watched a musical performed by primarily Black, Latino, and gay men and women, and stars an openly gay man who is HIV positive.

People are debating whether or not it was appropriate to boo him or whether it was appropriate for Brandon Victor Dixon to give a (very classy) speech at curtain call.

This is the nightmare that America has become.

Look hate in the face and destroy it.
Basically me everyday

Me: I’m gonna be productive today!

Also me: *binge watches 8 seasons of favorite show - has a 6 hour nap - reads gay fanfiction for 5 hours* maybe next time

Sweet/Vicious is such an important show. It’s so unapologetic with how it goes into rape culture/sexual assault on college campuses. Seriously, guys, please go watch this show. While being serious it’s also hilarious and the two main girls are vigilantes on their college campus and take down the male students who got away with rape/sexual assault. There are other things to the plot, too, but that’s the main premise. It does show sexual assault in the show, so be mindful of that, but it has a warning before the episode. Anyway, Sweet/Vicious the show I’ve been waiting for and I hope everyone watches it.


However, as one Twitter user observed, Trump’s own pick for attorney general, Sen. Jeff Sessions, who is awaiting confirmation, had once advised Yates to defy a president’s orders “if the views the president wants to execute are unlawful.”

The tweet, showing Sessions’ advising Yates to do the very thing Trump just fired her for, has since gone viral.

During Yates’ 2015 confirmation hearing for deputy attorney general, Sessions told Yates, “You have to watch out because people will be asking you do things you just need to say no about.”

“Do you think the attorney general has the responsibility to say no to the president if he asks for something that’s improper?”

Sessions gave an example of then-President Obama nominating Loretta Lynch as the attorney general.

“A lot of people have defended the Lynch nomination, for example, by saying that ‘Well, he appoints someone who’s going to execute his views. What’s wrong with that?’ But if the views the president wants to execute are unlawful, should the attorney general say no?” Sessions asked Yates.

Yates responded, “Senator, I believe the attorney general or the deputy attorney general has the obligation to follow the law and the constitution and to give their independent legal advice.”

Sessions also told Yates that it “shouldn’t take you too long to say, ‘No, this isn’t right’” to the president.