who has never treated us fairly


Amazon Go’s “just walk out” technology sounds like a headache for shoppers of color

Minority shoppers know this feeling all too well: A store employee singling us out, continually checking on us, issuing warnings. Store managers operate under the false assumption that people of color are more likely to steal. 

It’s an effort known as “loss prevention,” but it looks and acts like racial profiling. Which is why a store like Amazon Go is exciting, yet unnerving.

“In a world where even Oprah has been profiled for walking around a store, there are lots of people who might not want to risk trusting a store to treat them fairly,” tech CEO Anil Dash said in an email.

White people who have never been “randomly” followed around at a Walgreens may have no problem walking into a store, grabbing an item and leaving. But shoppers of color, who already see enough unwanted attention, may have their doubts. Read more

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I am sitting in my bed on the verge of tears. My stomach is in complete knots and I am crushed beyond words. That my country would abandon all the great qualities that I cherish and give in to it’s most selfish, fearful inner children and are on the verge of electing the most terrible of enfants terrible possible. Our allies around the world must now fear for the future of all of us. Russia will grow more powerful in threatening our allies. And those of us who aren’t white, heterosexual Christians now have to ask what place we have in this country.

I have to look at my neighbors with suspicion. To the Republicans who chose party over country. To the millennials who chose not to vote because they weren’t “inspired”. To the millions of people who allowed themselves to be conned by one of the most skilled conmen in history. To the fools who thought that a Trump administration would further progressive causes in the end. Yes, Trump was right. America is in decline. His impending victory proves that. And he will only make things worse.

The Republican party will now hold all three branches of government under their control and there will be no checks on them or Trump. The balance of the Supreme Court will be tilted rightward for another generation. Say goodbye to any chances of getting rid of Citizen’s United. Roe vs Wade has never been more precarious. People will suffer because our nation decided to elect a human bomb.

When I listen to Trump supporters express why they support him, they talk about taking their country back. From who? From people who want to be treated fairly? From those of us who aren’t the same color as you, or the same faith? From people who look to the future and not the past?

What will happen now? I wish I could say. We’ve survived bad presidents before, so we will get through this. But I’m terrified at what damage will be wrought until we can correct this horrendous mistake.

The joy that I started this day with has completely evaporated and I’m just utterly despondent. But I’ll get up tomorrow and go to my job because I have to. I’ll be taking a bit of break from the news because I just won’t be able to stomach any of this for awhile. And I’ll reach out to my friends because we’ll very much need one another. I will not give in to the anger and fear that so many of my fellow citizens did. But I will take time to mourn what my country could have, and should have been. What happens now will be entirely on the shoulders of Trump and the Republicans.

Thank you Hillary for fighting so hard for us. And than you to Barack and Michelle and all the others who put themselves on the line for our country. We owe you a tremendous debt of gratitude.