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i've enjoyed your prompt fills so much, thank you for sharing them!! if you feel like it: chef!andrew trying (and failing) to woo picky eater neil with fancy food? :)

The thing about growing up on the run is that you never really develop a palate.

You eat what’s there to be eaten, whatever you manage to stuff in your pockets while your mother distracts the cashier trying to haggle for cigarettes, as if it’s anywhere near possible to haggle in a 7/11.

You eat school lunches, bland chicken nuggets and congealed mac and cheese and unseasoned carrots with those little close to expired fruit cups with the peaches and cherries and simple syrup.

You drink gas station coffee—maybe it stunts your growth, but you drink it anyway—and fill old plastic water bottles from drinking fountains or public restroom sinks.

At least, that’s what Neil tries to explain to Matt one day, when Matt invites Neil to his favorite restaurant in his hometown. It just so happens that Matt’s hometown is New York City, and the chef at this place has a Michelin star, but Neil isn’t on the run anymore and his paycheck is hefty enough that he can afford it.

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i hope louis is being told he:

  • is the brightest star
  • has the most beautiful voice
  • has a heart of gold
  • is the kindest and the most generous 
  • is talented
  • is a good songwriter
  • deserves only love and happiness
  • has wonderful smile
  • is art
  • has the softest hair
  • has the bluest eyes
  • is the prettiest
  • is the most important person in the world
  • is dainty
  • is flamboyant
  • is breathtaking
  • is gorgeous
  • is the only one who matters
  • has marvelous ankles 
  • has the thickest thighs
  • has the greatest 🍑

every day :’) 

vex who bargains for her own life and wins

vex who haggles fiercely when the raven queen comes for her in her temple; death holds no fear for her, but she can’t leave her friends behind, and why should she when she has so much to offer?

vex who charms the raven queen with her clever tongue and her indefatigable nature; vex who uses every bit of knowledge of this entity from her thirty-gold book to her advantage

 vex who comes to see something of herself in the way the Raven Queen is set apart from the other gods because she is seen as a usurper, an outsider

vex who rises from the sunken tomb with her life hard-won and a raven feather behind her ear

vex who flirts and cajoles and argues with the voice of the Raven Queen; vex who is all too happy to shed all her clothes to meet her goddess, and strides through her temple as if it is her birthright, with all the confidence of a bargain well made

vex who fletches her arrows with raven’s feathers so they may fly true and strike down the abominations the Raven Queen abhors; vex who cannot contain her pure joy when she first takes flight

vex who becomes the chosen huntress of the Raven Queen; vex who has a raven’s feather always tucked behind her ear and an irreverent prayer on her lips

Thief // Park Jimin

- Part One: Doubt

summary: in which prince jimin doesn’t know that his future wife is not only trying to steal from him, but is also trying to kill him.

words: 3,284

category: prince!jimin au, fantasy au

author note: (this is long bc i added the first and second chapters together) I’ll try to update weekly if you guys want more. Tell me how you like it, theories about the characters, constructive criticism: anything! i really like this story but i’m nervous about posting it. I hope you guys like it!

- destinee

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monthly fic rec: april 

- time bomb by thissentimentalheart (291k)

“Why exactly are you here?” Louis asked, feigning annoyance and failing pathetically at it.
“My publicist told me I can’t go anywhere near you.” Harry said, eyes still smudged with last night’s eye liner. “That makes you my favorite person in the world.”

Or the one where Louis has everything: a lead role in a giant Hollywood franchise, a glittering new house with an entertaining Irish neighbor, and a steady, normal boyfriend who he probably loves. Louis never expected to become a household name among young Hollywood overnight. He also never expected to find something endearing about the enigmatic rockstar who keeps showing up on his back porch.

- the melody you never heard by bananasandboots (30k)

It’s one last adventure. One last chance to be young and carefree. One final weekend before they take up their internships, their corporate positions, before they enter the real world, fresh out of university. Niall’s his best mate. Liam’s been there for him since they were lost, little freshmen, trying to find their ways through an overwhelming first year. Harry can’t disappoint them, even if it means enduring four days with Louis.

Louis, who he does share a history with, a history he’s never told anyone about, not even Niall, a history he hasn’t brought up in three years because it’s stupid and embarrassing and confusing.

Or, the one where Harry gets roped into a four-day camping trip with the boy who kissed him and never called back. 

- say hallelujah, say goodnight by alivingfire (110k)

Louis is an angel who is just a little too bad to be good, Harry is a demon who is just a little too good to be bad, and they’re both a little too in love to be impartial when angels and demons go to war.

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Title: Dark Chocolate pt. 2

Title: Dark Chocolate 

Type: Fluff

Characters: Reader X Jaehyun

Word Count: 3, 018

A/N: help, I don’t know how to write fluff lmfao plus I listen to limitless and firetruck while writing this which is kinda the wrong song to listen to when you want to feel the fluffy emotion jfc. Also, it’s longer than what I’ve initially planned but, I hope yall enjoy this! Have fun!

Summary: It’s definitely not your fault that you’re allergic to chocolates. But the problem is, he doesn’t know about it at all.

part 1

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One of the things I think is a big reason why the Sonic characters are so compelling and so real to fans is that pretty much every single one of them is the type of character that could easily fall into a stereotype, only to not only avoid but actively subvert that stereotype. And I wanna break this down a bit.

Sonic is a speedy character, which usually means a character who’s hyperactive, can never sit still, talks very fast, doesn’t have much time to think about others, etc. But instead, we have a character who likes to relax, take naps, even read books for fun in his downtime, a character who’s highly compassionate and takes lots of time for his friends. He has an ego, but that doesn’t stop him from building up everyone else’s confidence as well - he wants everyone to love themselves, not worship at his feet.

Tails is a genius, the stereotype almost speaks for itself - pretentious, extremely advanced vocabulary, a living calculator… except that his confidence is actually fairly fragile, at least in the beginning, he constantly seeks his best friend’s approval, and most of his genius is related to aviation and mechanics. Outside of that, he’s a fairly normal, if unusually mature, kid.

Knuckles! Rougher than the rest of them, the best of them, tougher than leather, unlike Sonic I don’t chuckle! Speaks for itself, right? But nah, his super strength is just a skill, not a lifestyle, and in actuality he’s somewhat introverted, not very aggressive when unprovoked, a bit socially awkward, and likes to sit in nature and snack on grapes. Very spiritual, very interested in his own culture.

Amy is the girl with a burning crush on a boy, totally obsessed, he’s all she thinks about, right? Except that her crush is more often played like a game that Sonic is in on, they’re actually very good friends and regularly hang out together, and her characterization is more bound up in her compassion for others and unfailing optimism, as well as her impressive strength and a tendency for her bright, strong personality to sometimes bowl others over.

Shadow’s the dark, broody, edgy one, right? Again, kinda speaks for itself. But when you look even slightly below the surface you find someone who struggles with intense trauma, who projects an ego as a coping device for a crippling lack of confidence in himself, whose best friend used to be a kind, upbeat girl with a terminal illness and who is now best friends with Rouge (who we’ll get to in a second), and whose ultimate mission in life is to be a protector and to bring happiness and safety to the world in his own unique way.

Rouge, I honestly think, was a character built on the concept of subverting a stereotype. She’s got it all - the catsuit, the cleavage, the heart decals, the high heels and makeup, the sultry voice - she was made to be read as a sex symbol. And it doesn’t take long to find out that most of that is a deliberate attempt on her part to get people to underestimate her, that not only is she a hobbyist thief but a top-clearance spy and intelligence agent for the largest military in the world, answering directly to the president. And even beneath that, she has a hidden heart of gold, a fairly solid if flexible set of morals, and she’s best friends with Shadow, who she likes to be with just because she likes him in general, not for any ulterior motive.

I could go on and on, but this is dragging on a bit - I just love these characters so, so much and it makes me sad that some people really do reduce them down to these stereotypes and can’t see the amazing characterizations that lie underneath, that these subtleties of their characters are sometimes the entire point of their characters in the first place.

Eternal Love: Chapter 1

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Bts, Vampire AU!/Prince AU! Smut in upcoming Chapters. DOM Bts! Sub Reader! Daddy/Prince Kink! Overall Sexy!!! 

Being sold into an arranged marriage was the norm in every kingdom known to man. It was never meant for a man to simply love his wife. A “relationship” was merely a source to increase the population. A ridiculous agreement made centuries ago in order to keep a kingdom stronger than others.

Except… you never expected not only to be sold off to the most powerful household in the kingdom, but sold off to marry not one man… but seven. Whom also just so happen to be vampires.



“ (Y/N)… sweetheart” You heard your mother quietly sob as she moved a strand of your hair away from your face. “Sweetheart, I need you to wake up, we are going somewhere”.
You turned to look up at her, still half asleep, “Where are we going mother” you asked groggily.

 She just smiled, and squeezed your delicate hand, “ Just trust me puddin… it’s a lovely place “, she said before shoving a rag onto your airway. You looked at her with wide eyes, full of fear and sadness, you knew exactly what was happening. Only you wished it wasn’t happening .“ I’m so sorry” she said, giving you one last kiss to your forehead as you drifted off to sleep once more. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(Five Days Later) 

“Princess, Princess (Y/N)” a sweet voice whispered as the person lightly shook you to wake you up.

“Just five more minutes”, you whined turning to your side, earning a giggle from the lady trying to wake you up.

“ Princess, you’ve been asleep for five days, if you don’t wake up you might die from starvation” she urged on, lightly touching your shoulder.

Princess? Did she just call me princess? You opened your eyes slowly, looking to the side of a room you had not been familiar with. You sat up slowly, a slight headache approaching. 

“ How long have I been asleep?” You asked, rubbing your eyes.

” About five days princess” the woman replied in which you chuckled. “ Princess…” Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “ Wait what?!?” You said as you fully opened your eyes.

 A stunning room shown before you. It was absolutely beautiful, a room build for a queen you thought. A room covered in gold: the ceiling had the most breathtaking scenery you’ve ever seen. A pattern of dark red with gold en-laced in the velvet color. The bed you rested on was practically the biggest bed you’ve ever seen, surrounded by see through drapes that mimicked the velvet/gold ceiling. Across from you was a large living room of some sort, where a table full of food and drinks awaited you. You looked at everything in awe.

“This must be my new home”, you whispered , a saddened yet excited tone in your voice. Completely forgetting about the stranger who was trying to wake you up.

“ Yes, this is your new home princess” she smiled, waiting for you to spare a glance over to her.

You then looked over at the woman who has been sitting by your side the entire time. She was absolutely beautiful, her blonde hair glistened due to the bright sun shining through the windows, her bright smile and blue eyes left you mesmerized, as it did to everyone else. You only gawked at her, envying her beauty.  In which she only giggled.

“ It’s very nice to meet you princess, I am Annabelle, your lady- in -waiting. I will assist you in your everyday activities and make sure everything is met to your needs”, she smiled brightly once again as she stood up and bowed.

You reacted right away, “ No no no no no, please there’s no need to bow”,you pleaded and giggled. 

She looked at you in confusion, in which you then responded, “ i’m actually quite scared with this whole situation” you admitted.

 She raised her eyebrow as if to say “ You don’t say”;  she could smell your fear the second your mother applied the ether to your face.

 “ It’s not every day an ordinary farm girl gets sold into a … royal family?” You asked more than stated. Annabelle nodding her head as if answering your question.

 “ It would really put me at ease if we just acted as close friends, being that I will probably be here for the rest of my life.” You looked at her with pleading eyes and a gentle smile. “ Please call me  (Y/N)… no princess or majesty.. Whatever you people call it.” You giggled uneasily.

She looked at you a bit longer, trying to figure out what was so special about an ordinary peasant such as yourself. As she examined you closer, without making you feel uneasy, you grasped a hold of her had, a small gasp leaving Annabel’s lips as an electric shock traveled through her body as she looked into your eyes. “ She’s the one” Annabelle thought to herself, a smile covering her face as a shiver traveled down her spine.

“ As you wish prin… (Y/N)” she said, receiving a hopeful smile from you.

As the two of you smiled at each other a loud rumble sounded from your stomach, causing Annabelle to slightly jump in surprise due to her intense vampire hearing.

“Oh my , you must be starving” she said, looking at you with a worried expression.

“Well sleeping for five days straight does make a girl parched”, you joked, earning a slight giggle from the two of you.

“Well come this way, the staff and I prepared all kinds of food for you to enjoy, after all, your gonna need all the strength you can get when you meet the prince’s”. she said slightly pulling you out of bed.

“Prince’s? There are more than one?” you asked more nervous than you already were to meet the prince… now prince’s.

“Don’t worry princ..(Y/N), you wont meet them all at once, that would be intense”, she giggled as you two reached the table, sitting you down in front of the table of food. “Enjoy the food”. she smiled waiting by the side of your chair. 

“Please, sit down and eat with me. After all, you did help make all of this and I would love to get to know you better through the power of food” you said, pulling a chair next to you. 

Being that vampires were able to also eat human food she smiled and sat next to you.

“ Are you sure (Y/N), I want you to eat as much as you want”. she said looking into your eyes for reassurance.

“Annabelle, there’s enough food here to feed the entire kingdom, please be my guest“ You said as you handed her a chicken leg along with your own.

She took the offering with a smile .

“To friendship” you said holding up your chicken leg. She looked at you and giggled, “To friendship”, she said as you two touched chicken legs.

“ She definitely is extraordinary… treat this one well brothers, she’s a prize to be won”, Annabelle thought to herself loud enough for her seven brothers to hear.

And hear they did


“ Our queen has awoken brothers”, Namjoon stated with a cheeky smirk as he looked outside his window.  The rest of his brothers looking his way.

“Hyung”, Jungkook spoke up, “ Do you feel that” he said gripping his chair, almost snapping the arm rest.

“Is that her?” , Jimin almost moaned at the feeling you ignited throughout the castle.

Namjoon turned to face his brothers, “ She’s the one “. Unwillingly revealing his fangs alongside his hyungs.

“ What is this feeling…?” Seokjin asked. The rest of the hyungs looking at namjoon for a response.

“It’s what father felt for mother… eternal love” he smirked as he licked his fangs.

( At The End Of Each Chapter I Will Upload Pictures Of The Clothes, Scenes, And Actions The Characters Display To Help Spark The Reader’s Imagination) :)

Authors Note! : Please let me know what you all think! I’m extremely excited to carry out this story and I would like to know what ideas you all have to make this story better! Please keep in mind that any and every suggestions made by you guys will appear throughout the story so keep an eye out :)

Copy & Paste ~ Park Jimin [Fluff/Smut]

Group: Bangtan Sonyeondan
Member: Park Jimin
Type: Fluff/Smut !TRIGGER WARNING!
Warnings: Overall kitten smut, praise kink, fluffy chimchim!
Word Count: 2.777

“I will make it clear by words and actions so you’ll never forget, butterfly.” 

           Falling in love is one of the most devastating tragedies all of us ever get to experience. It gets to a point where you’re ready to give up everything for this one person. Love is the one thing able to make your heart break. It can be your worst enemy. Wanting him to look at you with so much adoration, seeing his hazelnut eyes light up with passion and dimples appearing while releasing a cute giggle before realizing it and quickly hiding it when he talks about you.
           But that cute desire quickly fades when you realize that he could do so much better. You start so ask yourself why he would chose to spend the rest of his life with you. Why he would chose a sick, anxious girl over a cute, healthy one. Why would he decide to endure to stay inside with you on your anxiety filled days when he could be out and enjoying the sun’s rays?
           What would make him stay with a girl who asks him the same question over and over again because she’s struggling to find the answer within herself? Why would he choose to love her if she can’t even love herself?
“Butterfly, are you okay?” the familiar voice of your boyfriend rips you out of your daydream. His voice has a gloom to it that perfectly matches how you feel. You wipe the remaining wetness of your rosy cheek with the sleeve of your sweater and look past the mess that’s your reflection, locking eyes with him through the rose gold mirror.
His eyebrows are furrowed as he looks at you, his eyes glistening with concern. You simply smile back at him, biting down on your lower lip to avoid your feelings from spilling out all at once by the reminder that he’s the person causing you this constant worry.
Jimin notices your lower lip whimpering as a single tear makes it way down your cheek and gets up from his seat on the bed, putting his laptop down before walking over to you.
           He places his hand against the side of your face, tracing the smoothness with his thumb. Your eyes close from the warmth of his hand and his powerful chill fills your body as your eyes slowly open. He wipes away the tear, a slight smile tugging on the edge of his lip.
           “Why do you love me?” you finally break out. You feel your voice trembling and try to control yourself but by his soft touch. You squeeze your eyes shut and take deep breather, feeling herself on the verge of tears.
Jimin doesn’t respond to your question at first but just stares at your reflection, his thumb caressing your cheek gently. He wraps his arms around your body and locks them in front of your tummy, placing a kiss on the back of your head.
           “Describe me what you see in yourself.” He whispers softly into your ear, sending shivers down your spine. You lift up your head to look at your reflection again, feeling your stomach tightening by the view in front of you.
“Well,” you start, your voice cracking, “I see eyes that could be brighter, hair that could be sleeker, a smile that could be straighter, skin that could be smoother, fingers that could be thinner, legs that could be longer…” He stops you midsentence.
           “You want to know what I see? I see eyes that gleam with happiness, hair with hints of honey, a smile that brightens cloudy days, skin that is slightly sprinkled with freckles, arms that are strong enough to comfort many, fingers that play beautiful music on the piano that also fit perfectly with mine, legs that are the perfect length so that your head rests on my chest when I hug you.” You start to blush but he continues, “If you could see yourself through my eyes, maybe you’d realize how beautiful you truly are.”
Your gaze meets his in the mirror as you try to sort your words, your heart beating rapidly fast by feeling his body against yours, feeling the warmth spread in your chest.
           “Why would you stay with me if you could do so much better, Jimin?”
His hand slams down on your shoulder from behind and turns you around to face him. He groans out in frustration, completely perplexed by your question.
“Because I’m crazy about you Y/N,” he answers, almost yelling at you, “When I’m close to you I feel at home, when I go away I feel like my heart is breaking. I worry when you’re sick, I get happy when you are, I need you whenever life is taking a crazy turn to keep me grounded. I don’t care if there are prettier girls than you. You’re the one I copied and pasted my heart on, the only girl in my vision and if I decide to stick around you for eternity, I will.” His voice drops to a whisper, his voice a full shade paler now as he smiles at you.
           “Until there was you, I wandered aimlessly. For a long time, like a little child, I cried in anticipation of you.”  
Something inside of you softens by his truthful words, making you able to hear the truth in his tone.  You bury your face against his chest, breathing him in, forgetting time and place and circumstance and just hold him. Jimin kisses the top of your head and rubs his hand on your back before taking a step backwards and placing his hands on each side of your face, cupping it as he locks eyes with you.
           “I will make it clear by words and actions so you’ll never forget, butterfly.” he whispers before placing his hand on the back of your head and pulling you into him, his soft lips pressing against yours in a heated kiss.
           You melt into his arms, eagerly returning his warm kisses and sighing as he deepens the kiss. There is a mix of despair and wonder in the sound. You finally give in, pressing your body against his, your lips parting. You welcome the feeling of his fingers slipping underneath your white t-shirt and circling small, soothing patterns along your spiral. The feelings sends shivers down your spine and you moan into the kiss, informing Jimin of your desire of being loved.

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Fragile Design - Chapter 22

Summary - David Nolan is out to protect his family, in any way that he can. He enlists the help of Emma Swan and Killian Jones to help uncover the crime boss currently living in his sleepy town of Storybrooke, ME. Two stubborn and damaged souls now have to come together as partners to solve a murder and maybe even save each other in the process.

Modern au, fake marriage

Rating: M

Read on FF.net and on A03

(image credit goes to the amazing @lala-mora (please don’t repost or copy; give credit where credit is due)

This chapter is dedicated to @optomisticgirl and her amazing support as I struggled to write this beast.  She helped with a tricky plot point.  I hope I did it justice and THANK YOU!

Chapter Twenty Two - David Nolan


David squints into the distance as he trundles down the road to Graham’s cottage - well, his and Mary Margaret’s cottage now - carefully maneuvering his borrowed truck through the snow.  He hunches over the steering wheel, leaning forward to swipe at the frosty buildup on the glass, but nothing happens.  Grumbling about the inadequate defroster, he brings his gloved hand to his mouth.  Biting down on the tip of one of the fingers, he frees his hand and goes back to scratching at the frost with his fingernails.  Removing enough of the ice to see through, he shoves his hand back into the glove then hunches over the steering wheel again, holding it in a death grip.

He can barely see, the latticed branches of the trees above him keeping out much of the predawn light.  The truck’s headlights pick up the drifting snow and winter shadow a few feet in front of him, but beyond that is a hazy void.  He’s anxious to retrieve Emma and get to the station where Edward Teach is waiting for them, but he forces himself to go slow, knowing that one wrong move could end with him crashed into a tree.  The town’s plow trucks are serious business and it’s only because he’d grown up on a farm that he feels confidant driving this beast in the first place.

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ochoth  asked:

Writing Request: Seung-Gil Lee has kept his eyes on Phichit Chulanont for years now. They're both about to hit 25 and at the GPF when he hears Leo de la Iglesia talk about how he's going to surprise his crush at the Four Continents Championship with a confession after his skate. Seung-Gil Lee immediately goes in to Defcon 1 mode and has precisely 10 weeks to both nail his programs and come up with a plan. ((Except he doesn't realize Leo meant GuangHong Ji.))

ELLA ILY IM SORRY THIS TOOK LIKE A MONTH <3 (takes place after Seung Gil hears Leo telling Otabek he’s gonna confess to his crush)

Seung Gil Lee is determined and his face is set into stone as he walks down the corridor with his hands shoved into his pockets. He recalls how at the Grand Prix Leo de la Iglesia was talking to Otabek Altin about how he was going to confess to his crush at Four Continents, which they would all be competing in. And then Phichit Chulanont had ran up to him, smiling as bright as the god damn sun, and Leo had turned red. 

Seung Gil was seeing red after that and had promptly turned around to head back onto the ice. He needed to practice if he was going to beat Leo, and if he was going to work up the nerve to confess to Phichit first.

Seung Gil had never seen himself as petty but hearing that Leo was going to confess to Phichit, who Seung Gil realized he had feelings for in that very moment, made his blood boil. 

Phichit was one of the friendliest skaters that Seung Gil knew, unfortunately. He always found his forwardness to be annoying and the way he had to talk to everybody repulsive. It reminded him a lot of Sara Crispino, the woman from Italy that he absolutely detested simply for the fact that she could not take no for an answer. He also didn’t like women much, but that was beside the fact. Phichit was always forcing Seung Gil out with them, Leo and Guang Hong Ji from China, whenever they were in the same competitions. Seung Gil was a wallflower by nature but Phichit made him interact.

He didn’t like that very much.

Until he realized that Phichit had had the same affect over somebody else. Then it was a problem.

Over the next ten weeks Seung Gil thought of nothing but his free and short programs, and Phichit. He thought of the way Phichit’s dark eyes shined with mirth no matter what he was talking about and the way he laughed with his entire body. He enjoyed how Phichit was so animated when he spoke even if he was in his face while he did so. Seung Gil loved the little hair on top of Phichit’s head that rose higher than the others. He couldn’t help but think of the way his skin compared to Phichit’s dark complexion as well.

It made him shiver and then he took off into a quadruple toe loop, landing it perfectly.

Up until five years ago, Seung Gil had been the only one to land the quadruple toe loop. And then Phichit (and JJ but Seung Gil did not compare about that egotistical asshole in the slightest) had gone and taken that title from him by using it in his free skate at his first Grand Prix. Seung Gil remembers the way he had felt a mixture of excitement, anxiety, and anger.

Excitement, because now he had real competition.

Anxiety, because his coach was going to yell at him and work him to death the next day (although he did this of his own fruition).

And anger, because he was no longer the only person who could land a quadruple toe loop; he was one of three.

Seung Gil huffs and shoves his headphones into his ears once more. He has to focus. But he can’t because Leo is passing by him, talking animatedly to Otabek Altin, who Seung Gil thought for sure had retired after the GPF but he guesses the gold there wasn’t enough. Seung Gil has no doubts that Leo is discussing how he’s going to confess to Leo and that just makes the Korean walk a little faster and with more force in his steps.

“Seung Gil~!” A voice sings behind him and he turns up his music louder to drown out the noise.

A strong arm loops around his neck and he glares into JJ’s face. “Aw, don’t be like that!”

“Off.” Seung Gil commands and when JJ doesn’t let go of him he shoves him off, proceeding to quicken his pace even more.

“Nobody likes a negative Nelly, Seung Gil! I just wanted to see how you….” JJ’s voice filters out as Seung Gil turns the corner. He needs to be alone so he can not psych himself out.

Seung Gil isn’t a planner. He doesn’t usually do things quite like this ahead of time. And by this, he means that he doesn’t confess to people. He stayed up late losing sleep in order to figure out how to be more charming than Leo de la Iglesia. 

He is positive that there is no way to be more charming than Leo, especially in order to impress Phichit.

He doesn’t really know what Phichit likes aside from hamsters and his friends. His social media is no help, as he is a menace and has hundreds of posts of various things. Including selfies he’s taken with the American skater.

Seung Gil realizes that the tightness in his chest is jealousy because maybe, just maybe, he too wants to take a selfie with Phichit. Phichit had never approached him about it, knowing how Asians could be with social media and spreading themselves. Phichit knew, at least, that Seung Gil is more reserved than the other skaters, much like Otabek Altin, who rarely uses social media. Seung Gil mostly uses his to post pictures of his dog.

Seung Gil decided over the course of 10 weeks that he is going to wing it. He is going to wing confessing to Phichit this… attraction, maybe obsession, that he has for him. When you spend all hours of the day thinking about somebody and skating for them, it’s more of an obsession.

Seung Gil spends about half a hour in this silent corridor before they are corralled onto the ice for practice. His practice time is the same time as Phichit’s (and Leo’s) and he tries to avoid him.

“Good luck today, Seung Gil!” Phichit calls as he skates back. Seung Gil just ducks his head to hide the blush creeping onto his cheeks. Phichit’s voice is light and filters around Seung Gil’s heart, tugging him in all the wrong directions. He almost crashes into Leo when thinking about Phichit.

“I’m so sorry!” Leo cries as he just barely misses him.

Seung Gil just scowls and skates off with renowned fervor. It feels like forever before it is time for them to skate. He doesn’t know whether or not Leo plans on confessing today after the short program or tomorrow after the free skate. Seung Gil feels as if he should do it today, but he is unsure.

Otabek skates first, then JJ, then Phichit. He is captivating on the ice, all the energy he has going into performing for every single person in the stands. Seung Gil feels as if he’s performing just for him as he stands off to the side slack jawed and in awe.

“Brilliant, right?” Leo asks beside him. Seung Gil hadn’t even heard him approach. 

Seung Gil doesn’t respond, just bends down to tie his skates. He doesn’t look at Leo again.

Leo and Phichit high five as they switch spots on the ice. Seung Gil can’t stand to watch and fiddles with his skates a bit more. It’s him next  and then it’s Guang Hong’s turn to skate. By the end of it, JJ is in first, Phichit in second, Otabek in third, Seung Gil in fourth, Leo in fifth and Guang Hong in sixth. 

Seung Gil is not happy with his placement. How is he supposed to impress Phichit if he can’t even get a higher score than him. His coach is going to comfort him but he just storms away, biting his tongue to stop himself from crying. He can’t deal with this right now.

“You were amazing.” Leo’s voice filters from one of the dead end hallways. It makes Seung Gil stop and his heart begin to pound. Leo had beaten him; he was going to confess first. 

“There’s something I need to tell you.” Leo goes on. “Please don’t interrupt I… I’ve been waiting a long time to say this.”

Seung Gil leans against the wall in defeat. There was no way he could beat Leo. He wasn’t charming enough nor was he fast enough.

“Aren’t they cute?” A voice whispers in Seung Gil’s ear. Seung Gil freezes. That voice… It wasn’t JJ’s this time, but.

Seung Gil looks over his shoulder into the grinning face of Phichit.

“I didn’t think you were the eavesdropping type, Seung Gil.” Phichit hums and then he looks around him into the hallway. Seung Gil looks too. And what he sees is definitely not Phichit and Leo. It’s Leo, rubbing the back of his neck and laughing nervously in front of Guang Hong Ji, who is cupping his mouth in surprise.

“It was only a matter of time.” Phichit clicks his tongue and shakes his head, beginning to walk away. “Young love!”

Phichit whistles and gives Seung Gil a wink before leaving him there. Seung Gil takes one last look at Leo and Guang Hong before rushing after him, grabbing onto the Thai skater’s wrist.

“Seung Gil?” 

“So… Leo, he….” Seung Gil casts his eyes to the other end of the hall. “It’s not you.”

Phichit blinks. “What?”

“He’s not… do you have any… interest in Leo?” Seung Gil grits out.

Phichit blinks again and then he giggles. “Hm? What’s this? You’re quite blunt, aren’t you?” Phichit runs his fingers through his hair and sighs. “I don’t.”

“But… he was supposed to…. I don’t understand.”

“I’m a little lost too here.”

“He didn’t confess to you?” Seung Gil finally asks.

“Um.” Phichit grins again. “As far as I know, he has never confessed to me. Only Guang Hong. Why? Jealous that he’s not confessing to you?”

“No!” Seung Gil glares and then he lets up when he sees the surprise on Phichit’s face. “I just…”

This is not how he wanted this to go. His mind is spinning and he doesn’t have any coherent thoughts in his mind. But he knows what he has to do now and it can’t wait until after the free skate. 

So, he steals a little trick from Leo’s book.

“I… liked your short program.” Seung Gil confesses, switching gears.

“Thank you!” Phichit smiles, unsuspecting. “Yours was really great too. There’s a story there. I can tell you worked hard.”

“I… did it for you.” Seung Gil mumbles. He looks down at his sneakers.

Phichit is silent for a moment and Seung Gil realizes he is still holding onto Phichit’s wrist. He lets go. 

“For me?”

“I wanted to impress you because… because….” Seung Gil furrows his thick eyebrows, trying to form the right thoughts. “I…”

Phichit covers his mouth and laughs again. “Are you trying to ask me out or something?”

Seung Gil turns his head and scowls. Phichit is making fun of him now, perfect.

He feels hot breath on his cheeks and his skin ignites as Phichit whispers in his ear. “Meet me at the Italian restaurant down the street from the hotel at seven tonight. You should get yourself together by then.” Then he kisses his cheek, just a peck, and is walking down the hall with a little spring in his step.

Seung Gil is left feeling confused and satisfied, because he thinks he has a date with the one he’s longed for for ten weeks and even before.

Dragons: Race to the Edge News!

(First things first: this is my very first post here AND sorry if my english isn’t perfect ^^)

I was just listening to the Everything Geek Podcast with Art and Doug and they dropped surprisingly much information. So I figured, I could just share the things I wrote down with you guys!

Oh and as always: THESE ARE HUGE SPOILERS! So if you don’t want to know anything about the new season, don’t read it! (More under the cut)

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xxsugamonsterxx  asked:

Dongho, Jonghyun, Samuel, Seonwoo, Seonho, Youngmin ect all deserved better T_T (not that I dislike the chosen 11, I like all of them but...)

THEY ALL DESERVE THE WORLD, I am so upset and bitter at Knetz. 

Dongho had a voice of a god, the looks that fit so many concepts and that blew me away. His compassionate and comforting personality of a father was so heart fluttering. This manly man with a heart of gold and a smile that is so cheesy, he deserved so much better.

Originally posted by hitoritabi

Jonghyun was Nation’s Leader, carried all the trainees and made sure they did their best. He faced so much yet he came out of training with a smile. Through all his hard work, through all his comforting giggles, with all his hugs, He was a caring and loving person who has the ambition of a lion. He deserves better.

Originally posted by 3cbx

Minki has such a humor to bring everyone and everyone crying from joy and aching from laughter. He is such a cutie to love and support every trainee. But his personality switches in performances and shows how serious and how much he truly wants to be on stage and show everyone the Choi Minki that loves everyone. He deserves much more.

Originally posted by croppedteen

Hyeongseop is a bundle of joy who makes every situation into a “glass half full” situation. His optimistic and hopeful personality does everything to soothe and comfort any person. His also very humble personality shows a sweetheart who gets along with everyone. This is also shown in his performances however with a strong desire to his best and for his team to their best. He deserves so much.

Originally posted by peach-somi

Haknyeon was a kind hearted cutie who bared many hardships but kept a very pure and happy surrounding so things would be easier for his peers. He is a youth who strives for more improvement and values all those who he learns from. He continues his path of learning and growth but with all his pure smiles and laughter, he deserves so much better.

Originally posted by winkdeep

Seonho, the childish chick who has improved so much through this show. He showed his devotion and commitment to being a better idol. His very cuddly and cute personality filled with such pure and innocence appealed to everyone’s hearts. However he showed much strength in his stage presence and did whatever was required. He deserved more.

Originally posted by wannaone11

Youngmin, his fatherly role model and motherly compassion for his members was something that was able to comfort and help any trainee. He is a very hardworking and great person who did not deserve the amount of trouble that came his way. He practices the most out of all the trainees and faced some of the worst hate. He is a caring and helpful person who makes sure to put others before him without giving up. He still had a smile of his face and was grateful for every second given to him and he will forever be in my heart as a great trainee and will soon shine brightly on others.

Originally posted by paccayoungmin

Sewoon, oh this shy sweetie. A hardworking and very passionate person who holds a very hidden but very lovable humor and dorkiness. When faced with hardship before, so close to debuting yet still not enough,rather than giving up he showed his growth and continues to show it. Falling in love with his ambition and resilience, he was shown how much love and support were with him from his fans. Yet again, he was so close to debuting and I think he deserves so much better.  

Originally posted by seawoon

And Finally Samuel. This young star filled with so much talent and ability. However this does not make him more prideful or cocky than any other trainee. His genuine shock and amazement for every performance, every trainee, every experience throughout the show was him finding more ways to grow and to be surrounded with very talented people. His ability to laugh at himself and not take things personally is another talent he holds His humbleness is also connected with how much he admires other trainees and believes they are amazing. I really hopes he knows how amazing he truly is and how much he shines on me today so that he can shine on everyone in the future.

Originally posted by produced101

All 101 trainees work so hard and have a place in my heart. I hope they know how amazing they are~

anonymous asked:


This section of the hold reeks of salt, rotting ropes and stale piss. Crammed as they are into a space much too small for six adult men, Damen and his crew alternately grit their teeth and curse through the battle. Damen meets the grim eyes of every one of his men in turn, silently sharing with them the feeling of being so helplessly, infuriatingly passive, unable to do anything to affect the ship’s movements or the fight’s outcome. Unable to do anything at all except wonder if the next ball to splinter its way through the hull will take one of them with it, or allow seawater to come flooding into the cage of the brig.

When it’s finally over, Damen feels weak and almost sick from the endless wash of it over his nerves, like a high note just off-key, held and held and never allowed to sag back into tune. Physically, they came through it well. Pallas has a jagged scratch on his arm and Damen’s own ankle aches from one of the more sudden rolls, but that’s the worst of it. The din of sea battle is stripped back to the normal wooden groans of a ship and the faint slosh of waves, and the tense quiet in place of huzzahs indicates that His Majesty’s vessel the Charity has come off second best in this engagement.

“What will happen to us?” asks Pallas. Of them all, he’s newest to the life; he’s never been taken prisoner before.

“That depends who it is, doesn’t it?” says Nikandros shortly.

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ADORE your fic <3 if you are looking for a request what anout a reverse AU where Victor is the one idolizing the legendary Japanese skater Yuri?

((honestly, how dare you kick my ass into gear for writing this, i’ve been thinking about this for days??? OTL,,, thank you so much!! ♥♥♥

ps: if anyone hasn’t seen this fricken amazing piece of art pls stare at it forever, im kind of still tearing up its so good??? ;A;

UPDATE DEC 27, 2016 - @narootos is too good for this world, im deceased, here’s more wonderful art for this au

UPDATE DEC 29, 2016 -  @macaroonsie also drew smth for this au!!! im wiping away my tears. goodbye world,,,))

UPDATE JAN 10, 2017 - there is now a blog for the reverse au! @yoireverse

✮reverse au fic tag on the blog! | ✮reverse au art tag!!

summary: Across the ocean, Yuuri Katsuki is about to make his senior debut at the Grand Prix, and there is not a soul alive who believes the young man is coming for less than gold and a new world record. He’d already broken the record at the Juniors last year, so now he has a reputation to maintain.

Victor is just enamored by his body, which is fluid and masterful. He wishes he had even an ounce of Katsuki’s bountiful grace. “I want to dance,” Victor murmurs, playing with the ends of his long, long hair. “I want to make music with my body, Yakov.”
word count: ~3.5k
rating: t
✮read on ao3✮writing tag | ✮RQs closed - send me asks + fic q’s!

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Fear Itself

Femslash Feb 07- Frenemies

“I’m gonna kill her.”

“Marinette.” Tiki sighed from her place within Marinette’s purse. “You ALWAYS say that after a fight with Chloé.”

“Well this time I mean it! She made fun of a four year old girl’s new glasses! How low can you get?!” Marinette knew full well she wasn’t in the most rational state of mind right then, but she didn’t particularly care. How DARE Chloé tear down a child’s self confidence like that! She honestly thought she could get away with stuff like that because she was the Mayor’s daughter?!

Well not if Marinette Dupain-Cheng had anything to say about it.

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“I’m not that great either”

Originally posted by amaniwy

“a scenario where y/n likes jackson v much but shes not like? athletic? shes not his ideal type is and she’s just very insecure to tell him about it?” requested by @whygz

Everyone knows who Jackson Wang is - the popular athletic boy in campus. He’s in the school’s fencing team and has competed in many tournaments, both inter schools and national competitions. The boy has achieved many gold awards and is well-known in the sports industry. Not only does he have an athletic background, he also is very good looking. In addition, he has a raspy voice that is beyond attractive. Girls fall for him and guys want to be like him.

You aren’t excluded from falling under his charm spell. Jackson has always been your ideal type of man, possessing both talent and looks - you just couldn’t find any fault in this boy. Rumour has it that he likes girls who are athletic and glows in a healthy way overall. You sigh knowing that you had no chance in getting near jackson, much less have a relationship with him. You are nowhere near his ideal type. You aren’t athletic; as a matter of fact, you don’t fancy the idea of sweating and running about. Your life revolves around going to school, staying at home, and hanging out with some friends occasionally. And not forgetting going to jackson’s matches to cheer him on. You’re contented with being able to see him from afar, and you have never harboured the thought of him noticing you, much less like you back.

You had met him in campus during school hours and much to your surprise, each time you made eye contact with him, he’d send you a warm smile in which you’d return a quick one because you couldn’t look at him in the eye. You were insecure in front of jackson. You were afraid that if he took a longer look at you, he might see through your flaws and that’s the last thing you want. To jackson, you were unapproachable and rather cold, because every time he looked your way and wanted to initiate a conversation, the flustered you would put up a front and walk away without giving him a second glance. Jackson had noticed you during his matches and other supporters came in groups, but you were alone, and you stood out the most. Having a lot of friends had it’s advantage. Jackson asked around about you and found our your name and course you were taking. He had wanted to befriend you but each time he wanted to, you would avoid the contact. The boy couldn’t understand you. He had noticed you cheering quietly for him during his matches, and he knows you were there for him because when it wasn’t his match, you wouldn’t be there. He thought you’d want to be friends, but all you ever did was give him a cold shoulder.

You’ve decided to head to the campus gym one day to check out how it was like in there. Maybe it was time to open up another path and try new things; step out of your comfort zone, and who knows, exercising might be your thing. And hopefully, you could become jackson’s ideal type someday. Trying new things was just a facade, the main reason for doing so is because you want to try to change yourself so jackson might like you.

You walked into the gym feeling distant and the aura was foreign to you. You looked around and saw many other students working out. Some of them were in groups, and others came individually. You started with what seemed the easiest to you - treadmill. You tried figuring out the buttons to press in order for the equipment to work, and it took you a few minutes before succeeding. You hadn’t started yet there was already sweat on your forehead - probably from freaking out too much. You were in there for some time when someone opened the door and caused you to trip on the treadmill.

It was jackson.

A lot of thoughts were going through your mind and you tried hiding yourself but to no avail; jackson saw you, and he was surprised. His eyes lit up at the sight of you. He was definitely not expecting you to appear in the gym. You pretended not to see him and tried switching off the treadmill in a hurry. You had to leave and not let jackson see you in this state. The end of his lips curled up into a smile as he watched how you were rushing. “What an interesting person, cute,” jackson thought to himself as he watched you head to the changing room. It was his chance to talk to you and since the gym was an enclose area, you were unlikely to run away again. You rushed to the changing room to wash up and made sure you looked presentable, just in case you see jackson on the way out - which you were likely to do so. You looked into the mirror and took three deep breaths before heading out.

“Hey,” a voice startled you as you walked out.

Your eyes widened at jackson who was lurking outside and you stood speechless.

“Are you okay?” the boy asked, waving his hand in front of your face.

“Y-yeah, I’m… alright,” you stuttered nervously, “actually I have to rush, see you around,” you continued without waiting for jackson to say anything.

“Wait!” he grabbed your arm to stop you.

You were taken aback by his sudden physical contact and you turned back and looked at his arm which was on yours.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to do that,” jackson removed his hand immediately. You shook your head and gave a light smile. You stood there and waited for jackson to say something.

“Um, you’re y/n right?” he asked.

“How do you know my name?” you asked in shock.

“I couldn’t help but notice you in all my matches,” jackson let out a small chuckle, “so I asked around about you,”

Your heart fluttered at jackson’s words. You couldn’t believe he actually noticed you, and even took the trouble to ask people about you. Your mind was filled with all kinds of possibilities. Maybe he likes me? But that thought soon vanished when you suddenly remembered his ideal type. “If you think it’s fun to mess around then you’re looking at the wrong person,” you sounded rude to mask your anxiety, and also because you thought he was just playing around. After all, he was out of your league.

“I’m not messing around?” I just want to know you,”

“Why would you want to do that? I’m just an ordinary girl, I’m not even close to your ideal girls,” you shrugged.

“My ideal girls?” jackson asked in confusion. He had never mentioned anything about his ideal type. In fact, he doesn’t even have one.

“Yes? Those tall and slim girls who are athletic as well? Basically those in your league. I’m none of them, so” you threw both hands in the air and gave jackson a look.

“Who even said that they’re my ideal type? As far as I recall, I did not say that,”

“Okay whatever, it isn’t my business anyway, I really need to go,”

“Why’re you so upset?” jackson asked and you failed to escape again.

“Because I like you?” you blurted out and regretted the second after. “Oh my god,” your eyes were set on the ground as you cursed under your breath. You just exposed yourself and you wanted to run away so badly. Jackson broke into a wide smile. "Okay listen; firstly, I don’t have any ideal type, so me liking those athletic or ‘in my league’ girls isn’t valid. Secondly, I’ve noticed you for a long time and it’s heartwarming to see you always there for me. Thirdly, stop implying that I’m out of your league because I am not? I’m just an ordinary boy who’s into sports, that’s all. I’m not that great, you know? I’m a human and I have flaws too. Lastly, and I bet you don’t know about this, but I think you’re cute and I like you, for real. I’m not messing around, I promise,”

“Take a proper look at me, jackson. I’m not even near any standard. As a matter of fact, I hate exercising. I’m the total opposite of you,”

“Then why are you here at a gym?”

You paused for a moment, not sure if you should tell jackson the truth, but you did anyway. “Because I wanted to try something new for a change… and I thought you like athletic girls so…”

“So you want to change yourself in order to fit me?”

You nodded your head in shame. You felt so messed up, trying to change into someone you’re not for a guy whom you had no chance with. Jackson felt a little upset that you were trying to change yourself for him. “I don’t want anyone to change themselves for me. I like you just like that, when you just be yourself and do your own thing; when you sit quietly on the benches and watch me fence in competitions… just y/n being y/n. Don’t gym if you don’t like, don’t exercise if you hate it, you don’t have to change for me; ever.”

You hung your head low and bit your lower lip, processing what jackson said. “I’m sorry, jackson,”

“No, I am sorry for making you feel so insecure, and making you feel that you’re not good enough. I should’ve came up to you earlier and tell you how I feel towards you,” jackson stopped and licked his lips, a habit he has whenever he’s nervous, which you find really adorable.

“Let me make it up to you by bringing you out on a date?”

pedestrianfootbridge  asked:

1. Do you think there's anything to be said about how Cisco purposefully sabotaged the speed bazooka for Savitar when you consider how in Rogue Time he was put in a very similar position but in that episode ended up giving in to the villains' demands? I mean, I guess he did try to tamper with the cold gun back then too and Leonard caught him, but I always felt personally that it was sort of a desperate, last-ditch effort on his part and not really something he planned out (1. because it wasn't

2. shown or stated that he tampered with either the heat gun or the gold gun - even though neither Leonard nor Mick would know how a gold gun works off-hand so it would have been the easiest to tamper with and 2. because all he did at that time was leave out a crucial piece of the cold gun that he still *built*, just didn’t put in). He was essentially in the same position - bad guy(s) threatening the lives of people he cared about (even if Caitlin was ‘Killer Frost’ at the time).

3. I’m not sure *what* exactly it could be saying; maybe that the loss of his brother has made him a bit harder or maybe getting/mastering his vibe powers has made him a bit bolder, or since that was S1 and given they had Barry at the end of this finale essentially passing the torch in some ways to Cisco, it might be showing that he’s grown up a bit and gotten more experienced in keeping a cool head in dangerous/deadly situations?

Now here is some meta I can get behind.

Cisco is season 1 was so goddamn vulnerable. And so brave. So fucking brave. This adorable and beautiful man with a heart of gold and jokes to match who stood up to Captain Cold with a vacuum cleaner and a voice hard enough for Snart to believe he’d actually use it. That, or Snart just had a soft spot for him because of it. Either damn way, the heroism of that moment.

And then things happen, bad things, and they’re getting worse. People keep getting hurt: Bette died, Farooq almost killed them all, Caitlin got kidnapped. But good things are happening too! He’s truly close with Barry and has a new bff, they tracked down Ronnie! Who is alive!!!! Even if Hartley’s still a dick (or not, depending on the timeline).

So Cisco takes the bad with the good and keeps smiling. Looks up to Barry, you know he does. And he’s got this family event he’s got to attend and he’s feeling super off because he just had this terrible nightmare of Dr. Wells straight-up murdering him and he’s shaken by it because that’s crazy, right? It felt super real, though, and he’s now supposed to play nice with his brother and yes thank you Barry let’s get some beer because fuck Weather Wizrard we beat him without breaking a sweat and

And then Lisa Snart walks into his life and he’s so off-kilter with her beauty and of course it’s too good to be true, he even says so. But he’s so brave, again. Like with the vacuum cleaner. Except it doesn’t matter, this time. Because Dante is there, and no no no no no. That wasn’t supposed to happen. This – this is wrong. His personal life and work life were never supposed to bleed like this and for the first time he thinks he really understands why Barry hasn’t told Iris about his powers. 

This wasn’t supposed to happen.

All he has for the next 12 hours is panic and adrenaline. Sweaty, slippery hands making weapons that make him sick. Not for him, but for Dante. He knows he’s a goner, but this is the only way he can stall for time despite that. So long as he gets Dante out of here, that’s what matters. That’s what keeps his fingers moving over pieces of machinery.

He tampers with it at the end because it doesn’t occur to him to do so before that. He’s so focused on coming up with and discarding plans for how to save Dante from this nightmare that he doesn’t think to ruin their weapons. He could’ve. He’s a genius. He’s kicking himself. But he tampers with it at the end as best he can and it’s pointless - it’s too late. But he’s never been in a situation like this and he wasn’t sleeping well before and now hasn’t slept and the adrenaline and caffeine are making him crash hard.

It was pointless anyway. Cold saw right through it. And he’s still not free. He’s supposed to stay awake, still, and make another one. For the cruel, beautiful, toxic Lisa. Cisco might hate her for a moment, there. But then, not. Because it’s another way to stall. Another day spent keeping Dante safe and alive and he even convinces his captors to feed them and refuel his coffee needs.

He doesn’t tamper with this one. He wants to, but he can’t bring himself to do it. Not to her. She did this to him, but for a little while there she was… nice. And smiled in a way no one’s smiled at him in a while and he can pretend she meant it but not if he ends up killing her with her gun backfiring (and not if Cold kills him for hurting his sister). So he finishes the mean piece of machinery and he’s still empty. He’s got some plans for deception, but really the best plan is to get a cellphone or any phone and contact Barry. He can be there (wait for it) in a Flash.

He’s working on the logistics (with Lisa, he thinks, it’ll work best. But then Rory’s outfit is the loosest and thus the easiest to steal from. But he can get closer to Lisa without being suspected, for sure. Decisions, decisions…) but then Dante rushes it. Cisco could smack him for it, honestly. He was working on a plan, goddammit. Not that Dante knew that. But if he’d given Cisco another minute or three, Cisco could’ve at least told him to try and steal Rory’s phone if he was gonna go all Rambo on him.

But then Cold walks in and all plans go out the window when Dante’s hands get iced.

Nothing like this has ever happened. Nothing remotely. It’s not supposed to happen. His family isn’t supposed to be involved.

And what’s he got to fall back on, thinking about it? What would Barry do? Let his family get hurt? Never, in a million years. But Cisco can’t jump in front of a weapon that’s already been fired, can’t save Dante when he’s already injured. All he can do is give Cold what he wants and hope he doesn’t die in the process. Hope Dante doesn’t die, at least. 

He’s in a lose-lose situation with zero options and he takes the one he can live with and still sleep at night, he hopes.

Flash forward a few years. He’s been betrayed. Those nightmares of dying were real. He’s seen a blackhole he helped create swallow one of his very few friends. He’s seen a lot more death. He’s been pushed away and pushed back, himself. He’s been betrayed again, and he’s been terrified of what he knows he can do. Of the moment of temptation he felt at Reverb’s offer, the eyeliner notwithstanding. He’s seen magic and lost friends, too many now, and he’s grown and grown and grown.

He is powerful. Frighteningly so. And yet. And yet some days he stills feels like the Cisco who stood in front of the Reverse Flash, helpless in the face of his own death. Of the Cisco who stood in front of Captain Cold and whispered “Barry. His name is Barry Allen.”

And some days? Some days he feels a million miles away from that Cisco and wishes he still could feel like him. Because when Barry (his name is Barry Allen) as Savitar takes him, when facsimiles of his two best friends as Killer Frost and Savitar are colluding to kill him, he doesn’t falter. Not this time. 

Because Cisco knows better, now. He’s thinking ten paces ahead. He gets that Savitar needs Killer Frost alive. Cold didn’t need Dante, except as leverage against him. It’s different, and it helps keep him calm. Savitar’ll hurt her to get to Cisco, if needed, but he’s bluffing at least about when he’ll kill her. 

It doesn’t matter, though. The threat jarred Cisco memories. He’s been here before. And now, faced with this situation agin, he’s got a plan. 

There’s no firing pin to tamper with, but he doesn’t need one, and this won’t be a last-second effort this time. You’d think Savitar would see this coming, knowing Cisco, but then, Barry didn’t see him tamper with the firing pin the first time around either. Barry just saw him save someone he loved, without any of the intermediate planning. 

Cold was five steps ahead, Savitar is six steps behind, and Cisco…

Even if he hadn’t been here before… Cisco’s older. He’s bolder. He has experience not just with this but with everything. He has trauma and triggers and he’s been through his share of panic attacks and he has practice thinking around those things more than he did before. He’s seen a lot more death and pain and heartache. 

He knows that even doing everything you can, even doing your best, the people you’re trying to save can still die anyway, in ways you can’t predict and can’t fix. Not even with time travel.

There’s only so much he can do, but this time around, he can keep calm and actually do it, plan for it.  He’s not letting Savitar get away with anything, not on his watch.

anonymous asked:


It just isn’t Viktor Nikiforov’s day, it seems. Who knew his bandmates were such traitors, abandoning him to the cruel wastes of Yakov’s summer camp for wannabe singers? What did he ever do to deserve such heartless treatment? Just because he completely forgot his favour to Yakov…

He calls Yurio again. The blond picks up on the third ring. “We’re not coming back,” he snaps. 

“Oh, come on!” groans Viktor. Out on his left, the lake sparkles in the midday sun. Viktor barely spares the scenery a glance as his feet automatically take him along the dirt path behind one of the practice cabins. “Surely the joke’s gone on for long enough? I’ve learnt my lesson, Yurio. I showered in cold water and looked at a tree. It’s been three hours since you abandoned me, so can I please have my hair products back?”

He can hear Yurio’s smugness over the line. “Maybe it’s time to embrace the natural look,” the blond drawls. “Not like it’s going to make you look any uglier than you already are.”

You should appreciate the beauty of nature more!” chips in Georgi. “Go and have fun!”

Fun?” demands Viktor. He really shouldn’t show his anger. But it’s so very tempting to. “Guys –”

They hang up.

Viktor rounds the corner and is greeted with screaming. 

Fans. The History Makers have many fans, obviously, and he really should’ve expected that some attendees of Yakov’s summer camp for wannabe singers would be fans of his. And yet facing down an entire horde of screaming fans without the protection of his body guards sends a chill down Viktor’s spine.

So he bolts.

He rushes around the practice building, diving into the first set of bushes he can. Heart racing and breath gasping, he waits within the prickly branches and leaves (which are all, of course, getting into his hair) for the frantic footsteps of his fans to fade away. After the screaming dies down, all he hears is the sound of some bird flying overhead, and – 

I used to find my path alone, and never dreamt of reaching home, until I met you…”

Viktor pauses, craning his ear up towards the open window of the practice cabin. Someone is inside, playing the piano. A light, gentle voice – male? Tenor, probably, or a contralto. Their fingers fly over the keys in a lovely accompaniment to their voice. 

But suddenly the way is clear, and I can see my way from here, because I love you…”

Viktor’s heart beats faster in his chest. This mysterious singer’s voice is so sweet, so heartfelt. He has to know who they are. Maybe having to record the followup to hit single “Stay Close to Me” with the winner of the Final Jam won’t be so painful, now that he knows there’s at least one talented vocalist in this bunch. 

You’re the first one to the gold, the first I’ve wanted to hold. So please just stay by me…. and never go.” 

Viktor cranes to listen for the sound of his fans. There are none; only the sounds of the piano and this mystery person’s voice fill the air. Viktor’s heart almost feels like it’s going to burst. Gritting his teeth, he decides to try and see who the singer is.

But when he does get into the practice cabin, it’s empty. Viktor scowls, but then he suddenly gets an idea.

After all, if he finds and coaches this person to victory in the Final Jam, then he won’t have to worry about recording the next “Stay Close to Me” with that obnoxious Canadian singer.

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Yoooo we need more of that Dark and Host fluff and angst

(And we’re back to the suffering)

The Host hates the look Dark is giving him, like he’s a child that’s done something wrong and is too stubborn to admit it. He can’t see it physically, but he can feel it burning into his face, can see it in his mind’s eye as easily as he used to with his real eyes.

He’s sitting in a chair in Dark’s office twiddling his fingers like a teenager in the principal’s office, fury boiling in his veins. He purses his lips, facing his lap.

“Who was it that found you, alone and dying in the woods?” Dark asks, walking in a slow circle around the Host, hand brushing against his shoulder, gray slipping onto the material his long fingers touched.

“You did”, the Host answers, stopping himself from flinching at the searing heat the radiates from Dark’s hand through his coat.

“And who helped you regain the power you lost during your healing?” Dark slips his fingers into his black locks, ruffling it almost gently until his bangs fall into his face, a curtain of hair that’s usually slicked back. The Host winces as Dark tugs lightly at the strands, knows that whatever is visible of the gold in his hair has turned silver from the contact.

“You did.” The words slip out of mouth embedded with more bitterness than he means to express and Dark pulls lightly at his hair in warning.

“And who took you under their wing, helped you navigate your new power, gave you a place at the table?” And now Dark’s smooth voice comes from in front of him, hand latching around his wrist.

The pain of Dark’s gray void leaching onto his skin is terrible, cold and fiery and numb all at once, the shrieking that follows Dark crescendoing to a wail.

“You did”, the Host’s chokes out as Dark squeezes his wrist, the bones within seeming to grind against each other. It’s more bruises for Dr. Iplier to find.

Dark holds on, just a little longer, and releases him.

“Good. It will do you well to remember your place.”