who has a spare picture frame

- This was mostly meant to be an reference for my friend who mains Saryn -

MoonFlower - a shining flower blooming in the deepest darkness

This palette was partially an lucky random roll (Primary + Secondary) which I then tweaked to suit my hunger for more pastel frames. I highly recommend having the Orphid Skin with this, as it has that lustrous shine I was after. Orphid helmet is not necessary and I personally love the “basic” helmet more with this palette as it has that semi-matte look to it.

If you have spare platinum hanging around (I’m too poor as seen in the pictures), I recommend grabbing either the Salix or Igaro Syandana for maximum cuteness/fairy-like look. The Syandana I have in the first picture is Phased Asa Syandana! You can get that only from the Steam community marketplace.