who has a sonic screwdriver

why twelve is the best doctor

• has elements of the best doctors while being new and original
• has great fashion.
• wears different clothes basically every episode, which new who doctors don’t really do.
• plays guitar
• has sonic sunglasses
• very cool sonic screwdriver
• calls himself “scary handsome genius from space”
• awesomely fluffy & curly grey hair
• punched someone (which the doctor rarely ever does) for being racist

Headcanon week part 3

The Quartermaster

·         Q has a secret loft above his new Q branch offices in the Thames. There is a secret door behind one of the shelves that reveals a small lift (like torchwood) to bring one person up to a medium sized room with a sink, a bed, and a small table. He tries to avoid using it and often sleeps on the couch in his room, but he likes having a small place to hide away if he needs a firm break from people or needs to work on something secret

·         Has an older sister K (Kendall Joyce Wisher) who is a photographer and very proud of him

·         Loves teaching/inspiring young students to pursue careers in STEM

·         Has lived in London most of his life

·         Incredibly proficient at using the weapons he builds and always has at least three gadgets on him at all times for self defense

·         Looks damn fine in formal wear, but his cardigan is warmer and also means people underestimate him

·         Huge Doctor Who nerd, has built himself a sonic screwdriver, but that is a secret no one at MI6 knows about

·         Excellent at delegation

·         2 cats, Tesla and Lovelace, after the mad scientist and mother of computer programming

·         Hacked into MI6 because he could and left his resume for the current quartermaster to find, when then-Q (Major Boothroyd) found out he was wasting away in low level military intelligence, he made sure to get all his security clearances fast tracked

·         Has playlists for all the 00s

Beliebers getting mad about Jared Padalecki's tweet reactions
  • Supernatural Fandom: *loads shotgun with salt shells* Come at us
  • Sherlock Fandom: *gets riding crop* Back up has arrived
  • Doctor Who Fandom: *pulls out sonic screwdrivers* You rang?
  • Harry Potter Fandom: *draws wands at the ready* Bring it on, muggle fuckers
  • Star Trek Fandom: *sets phasers to stun* You Belibers are illogical
  • Welcome to Nightvale Fandom: *gathers hooded figures* Neat
  • The Walking Dead Fandom: *pulls out crossbow and katana* Heads will roll
  • The Hunger Games Fandom: *gets out bow and arrows along with nightlock* The odds are never in your favor
  • Percy Jackson Fandom: *grabs Zeus' lightning bolt* 'Sup seaweed brain

One thing that always amuses me in New Who is how it has to block the sonic screwdriver sometimes. Because it takes the Doctor so seriously, whenever they want him to be unable to open something it has to be a “deadlock seal” or some kind of technobabble like that.

Whereas in the old ones it’d literally be “why not use the sonic screwdriver?” “aw damn I forgot it I guess we’re stuck here until the plot moves along”