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soulmateAU: when your soulmate eats something you grave what they are eating! please! I mean Will poor poor Will graving human meat? goddamnit or Hannibal graving fast food? xD well this can be angsty or funny! :^)

I couldn’t decide between angsty or funny so I wrote both! :D


For the first year, he doesn’t mind it.

The menu doesn’t vary much. It’s mostly cooked fish, steamed vegetables (usually string beans), nicely fluffed rice. It’s whiskey most nights and coffee most mornings (and some mornings it’s coffee and whiskey). It’s the occasional Hershey’s chocolate bar, which makes Hannibal’s palate wince - he really thought he’d taught Will how to appreciate a nice bitter dark chocolate, but he supposes some habits are hard to break.

It’s fresh lemon pie in the summer, and warm cider with rum in the winter. It’s the beef stew that Hannibal gave him the recipe for, made with a really lovely bordeaux.

It’s lomo saltado, once, although there’s a saltwater aftertaste that’s unmistakable.

All of these tastes, lingering in the back of Hannibal’s throat, dancing on the edges of his senses, he savours. Because it’s a small piece of Will that he can still cling to within these white, lifeless walls. It’s why he behaves so perfectly for his guards - the most gentlemanly of murderers - and it works. Works so well that they grant him special meal privileges, all so that Will can still taste Hannibal’s cooking, now and then.

But even that small thread can bring the deepest of pain when tugged too tight, and it does just that on an unremarkable Sunday afternoon.

The day that Hannibal tastes wedding cake on his tongue.

It’s a light sponge, perfectly moist with a dark chocolate buttercream. A simple cake, but well made. The taste makes Hannibal want to vomit.

Then he tastes the ghosting press of fingers as they playfully shove the cake in his - Will’s - face, and he does vomit then.

He retches in his tiny porcelain toilet with violent force, and he holds the stale acrid tang of it in his mouth before he spits, hoping that somewhere far away Will gets a taste.

Then he rinses his mouth out, splashes water on his face, and lies down in his grey cot. He stares up at the void of the ceiling and wishes he could never taste anything ever again.

(fluffy part 2 under the cut)

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Red Dragon con 3 recap part 3

PART 1 - 2 

Hugh and Bryan Q&A panel summary (well, only Hugh in this post though)

Poor Hugh had to start the panel alone, because Bryan was still taking his time doing his autographs! In the end, the whole panel lasted close to 1hr extra, but I’m not sure anyone really minded! (Also, once again, apologies for possible inaccuracies, but I tried to make this as detailed as I could!)


-The panel started with Hugh announcing he would not planning to do any one man reenactments of BDSM practices :’D 

-The first (oh god haha) question was if he did any preparations for his role in Hysteria? Well, he did hand exercises…also, some guy in customs in Israel asked him “did you do that vibrator movie?”

-Dream project? “Besides the obvious?”. Hugh trusts Bryan, and would take part in any of his projects. 

-Will presenting to be “on the spectrum” was a defense mechanism!

-People kept telling Hugh “thank you for being here”, and he just had to emphasize that HE is really happy to be here. (aww)

-Role models: directors who went the extra mile, family, friends.

-Cal is a “very lonely man”. “The last thing I would do would be to practice in front of a mirror”.

-Hugh and Mads joked about Will finding Hannibal’s notes on him, and wondered if Hannibal had a “don’t show this to Will” folder.

-Hugh about Hannibal: Hannibal is an evil genius, getting dressed up in the morning, preparing food etc. “When does that man sleep?”

-Will Graham would be the world’s worst Christian Grey like billionaire: he’d live in the same house, buy more dogs, upgrade his fishing equipment, build a wall around the house…and he’d never take off his glasses.

-Hannibal & Will relationship: To Hugh, when Will asks “is Hannibal in love with me”, it’s weird it hasn’t occurred to him before. Before that question, he saw it as platonic obsessive love. “For both of them it’s a relief from loneliness. Is that not love?”. Meeting a person who answers all your questions, even if they create more questions in the process. The world makes more sense when they’re together. (I really wish I could give a direct quote about this!)

- Will was plenty dark before Hannibal’s influence. Will was born with his mental makeup, as was Hannibal. “It doesn’t matter what kid got eaten”.

-What does Will listen to? “He could be a Deadhead and listens to 70s rock. He could also have a deep love for Austrian chamber music”. Will could be one of those people who are full of surprises, so maybe he played the piano in his house, but it probably came with the house.

-”You could think about these things more in depth. I’m very aware the characters are not real, except Scott’s performance which was rooted in reality”

-”If Will and Hannibal survived the fall…”, “Oh they did”. Maybe Hannibal had a magic toolbox that saved them? The fall was real, not a metaphor. It was a deliberate decision for Will to go off the cliff, he was convinced they both had to go. After the fall, there would be a lot of recuperation going on, and it would allow a kind of character reset. However, a show without Will’s empathy would not the show anymore. 

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Will’s Prisoner

Chiyoh and Hannibal and the prisoner are parallels for Will and Hannibal. Hannibal becomes Will’s prisoner just like Chiyoh had her prisoner. If we apply the parallels this gives us some insights we don’t otherwise have. 


Will: In the gnawing sameness of your days, did you look at the shape of things? At what you were becoming?

Chiyoh: I wasn’t becoming anything. I was standing still. Exactly where he left me standing. Like taxidermy.

The Wrath of the Lamb:

Hannibal: You can go home again if there’s any point.  Is there any point?

Will: Molly and I want it to be the same.

Hannibal: When life becomes maddeningly polite. Think about me. Think about me, Will. Don’t worry about me.

Will has been “standing still” because Hannibal was in prison, just like Chiyoh was. “We have been each other’s prisoner,” as Chiyoh says. That’s how it is for those three years Hannibal is in prison. She had to stay in the castle and keep her prisoner. But Will was emotionally standing still and Hannibal knew that. He knew there was no point for him to go “home” where he was standing still being “maddeningly polite”. Once he comes back to Hannibal that’s when he stops standing still and “becomes” as he says, “I guess this is my becoming.” in Wrath of the Lamb. Will wants Chiyoh to be free so he sets her prisoner free. And she kills him. Will wants to be free so he sets his prisoner free, Hannibal, but he doesn’t kill him (only attempted or symbolic). 

Will taunted Chiyoh about how she had a code not to kill anyone and she broke it and how she must be seeing it over and over in her mind. But she says she sees Will because she rightly believes it was his fault not hers. Will also thinks this about Hannibal, that everything Will has done is Hannibal’s fault. But Chiyoh says, “I was violent when it was the right thing to do. But I think you like it.” Will likes to think of himself as Chiyoh, but he’s not, he’s like Hannibal. Chiyoh says that Will thinks if he doesn’t kill Hannibal then he’s going to become him. And Will says yes he does think that. And we know what happens.

Chiyoh: I accept what Hannibal has done, I understand why he has done it.

She thinks that Hannibal is what he is because of Mischa. But Will doesn’t believe that.

Will: Mischa doesn’t explain Hannibal. She doesn’t quantify what he does.

Hannibal of course agrees with Will.

Hannibal: Nothing happened to me. I happened.

Hannibal told her the story of what happened. Will thinks this “story” this “Fairy tale” is a way for Hannibal to manipulate Chiyoh.

Will: Did you know? At some level you knew.

This is Will saying to her that she knew Hannibal was only manipulating her with this Mischa story. More importantly because of the parallel, this is Will telling himself and us the audience that at some level he knew about Hannibal when he was manipulating him too. 

Will sets the prisoner free and he attacks Chiyoh and she kills him in self defense. Hannibal sets Randall on Will and Will kills him in what he feels was self defense. He’s doing to Chiyoh what Hannibal did to him. This is what Chiyoh says about Hannibal and Mischa:

Chiyoh: He does what was done to her.

Will rejects that explanation of why Hannibal is the way he is. And so he is also rejecting the idea that what Hannibal did to him explains him either. What Hannibal did to him did not make him a killer. When Hannibal killed Will’s Mischa, Abigail, it didn’t cause him to become a killer, he already was one. 

Hannibal does not explain Will. He doesn’t quantify what he does. Will can’t do what was done to him and act like it is an “explanation” like Chiyoh does.

Will: We construct fairy tales. And we accept them. Our minds concoct all sorts of fantasies when we don’t want to believe something.

Chiyoh’s fairy tale is that Hannibal is the way he is because of the injustice of what happened to Mischa. Will’s fairy tale is that he is the way he is because of what Hannibal did to him.

Chiyoh kept the prisoner, the cause of Hannibal in her mind, locked away to punish him. Will kept Hannibal prisoner, the cause of himself in his mind, locked away to punish him. But it wasn’t helping anything, it was just causing them to stand still and not be free, and not “become”. They had to set their prisoners free and then they could be free. That’s what Chiyoh does. She leaves the castle and she “hunts” “obsessively” and she protects her family: Hannibal. That’s what Will does and what he will do in my opinion. He leaves his “home” with Molly, and he will hunt and protect his real family: Hannibal.

Chiyoh did not want Hannibal to kill. She didn’t want to think that he was always a killer, but that he was driven to do it and that he’s justified in it. So, she was punishing who she felt was the cause of that, the prisoner who killed Mischa. But she has to face the fact that Hannibal was not made what he is by the prisoner. Will was punishing who he felt was the cause of himself, Hannibal. But Will has to face the fact that he was not made what he is by his prisoner, Hannibal.

and the last write-up for Red Dragon Con! Sorry for it being… so… long?

Mads Mikkelsen

I had already bought my ticket before Mads was announced (because science bros) so that was… well, I don’t know what that was. Me and my girl had joked around about either Mads or Hugh attending, saying that they wouldn’t anyway, and then whoop, there he was. It was nuts. So I went to the con a little nervous and a lot excited and just dead curious as to what he was going to be like.

But let me tell you about Mads fucking Mikkelsen.

Mads fucking Mikkelsen is a CUPCAKE OF LOVE. I am not kidding. He is the friendliest, sweetest, nicest man. He’s super gentle. He’s constantly smiling. He couldn’t be any less like any of the characters he’s played. He’s a FLUFFY DANISH KITTEN. Over the course of three days I watched him console people who had panic attacks, greet everyone, everyone, with a friendly smile and a handshake, watched every autograph session he did run incredibly late because he insisted on giving everyone there a moment of personal attention, and watched him make sure that everyone knew they would have a chance to speak with him and ask the questions they wanted to ask. In short, I watched a man who knew exactly what this event would mean to people, and watched him treat this with the most kindness and respect possible. He’s fantastic, he really is. He actually remembered people’s names, for fuck’s sake.

I cuddled him for the photo op (when I say ‘cuddled’ I mean ‘fondled his abs because my hand just kind of ended up there and eh I went with it’), and he shook my hand and we talked briefly as I got my autograph. He signed the picture we’d taken, which had both me and my girl in it, and she told him it was kind of like an early wedding gift to ourselves. That made him smile and he wrote ‘I’d love to have you both for dinner’ on the picture (I died).

(also because I know people will want to know - he is actually even better looking in real life, and he smells nice, just kind of clean with a hint of cigarettes. He smokes seriously a lot :P also he has a really soft, gentle handshake? It’s so cute. And he has reading glasses he keeps pushed up in his hair oh gosh) 

So, his panels!

  • let’s just start with the one I know everyone is going to want to hear about anyway - the fanfic. Yes, it came up. Yes, someone asked, which isn’t something you ought to really do (there’s a line between actors and fans and that’s kind of crossing it) but the question was asked and his answer to it was actually shockingly respectful and deeply hilarious. Yes, he’s read fanfic. Not a lot, but some. He laughed and said “it’s pretty sexual? But apparently I’m very good” and he just GRINNED THIS MASSIVE GRIN. And then the real kicker - yes, he did actually say that Hugh Dancy is the one who sends it to him. Which is disturbing on many levels and I was shrieking with laughter and I don’t even know how I survived that panel is what I’m saying.
  • his favourite outfit from the show is the plastic murder suit, because it looks so cool. He does think it’s a really stupid thing for Hannibal to wear, because it’s REALLY HOT, he’d get drenched with sweat, and it’s SUPER NOISY.
  • he doesn’t think Hannibal and Bedelia had sex. I quote: “They really liked brushing each other’s hair, you know.”
  • Mads likes giving hugs, but does think they should be special, so he doesn’t just hug anyone.
  • someone asked him if Hannibal would let Will keep the dogs. He says he thinks Hannibal would, as every relationship requires that kind of compromise - you get to keep those ugly curtains if I can keep keep this ugly carpet, etc etc. He was then asked what Hannibal would name one of the dogs. His answer was… Encephalitis.
  • my girl asked him what Janice Poon’s food tasted like. He said she always made two versions of every dish - an actual meat one, and a pasta version for the vegetarians. He says him and Laurence Fishburne would always go for the meat ones, and they’d be amazing? For one particular dish (sadly he didn’t mention which) they even purposefully screwed up a take so they’d get to eat more of it.
  • he confirmed that Hannibal did genuinely turn himself in because Will said he wanted to forget him and he was worried Will actually would. Will wouldn’t have chased after him, and it would have been easier for Will to let him go if he didn’t know where he was. So he made sure Will would know where he was, knowing Will wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation and would, eventually, come see him.
  • he hasn’t seen season 3. Like, at all. He didn’t even know what the final scene looked like all finished.
  • Carrying Will bridal-style was impractical. He mentioned that if you have to carry someone you really ought to do that fireman-style, but you know, that’s hardly ~*cinematic*~ so they went for the bridal-style thing… except Hugh Dancy is not actually as tiny as he looks and is pretty heavy, and Mads had thrown his back out the day before, and the whole thing was really difficult.
  • Someone asked if he felt Will and Hannibal were really in love. He gave a really insightful answer on how being ‘in love’ would be too simple for Hannibal, too banal. What he feels for Will goes beyond this. He really feels they’re soulmates, and (his words, not mine!) that Will is the light of Hannibal’s life. He also feels that Hannibal would feel this was obvious, that Hannibal honestly assumed Will knew Hannibal felt this way about him. This was why he was so hurt when Will turned on him at the end of season 2. Not only did Will break his heart, he also suddenly realised Will never understood just how deeply he felt for him. He killed Abigail because he knew it would break Will’s heart as badly as Will had broken his.
  • he doesn’t know if Will and Hannibal survived the fall, but supposed they might have landed on ‘some soft rocks’. If they did survive, he thinks they’d probably go into hiding for a few years, maybe hang out with Hannibal’s uncle, listen to some music, just chill.
  • even though Hannibal kind of planted that seed, he hadn’t expected Margot to actually go and get herself pregnant by Will. If the baby had been born, he would’ve probably been pretty jealous.
  • Hannibal saying to Alanna that her life, her wife’s life, and her son belonged to him meant that, yes, he would kill Alanna, would maaaaybe kill Margot, but he would NOT kill the boy. He’d probably just kind of take him and raise him. When he said her son belonged to him, he meant that literally.
  • Will is rude. Hannibal usually hates rude people. He doesn’t mind Will’s rudeness, however, because (again, his words, not mine!) love makes blind. Also Will isn’t necessarily rude on purpose., he’s just… socially inept.
  • on Hannibal being able to take out more than one person at once in a fight - Hannibal isn’t necessarily a top-notch fighter. He’s just very clever and always one step ahead of people, so he just sort of blindsides them. On taking the two police officers at Chilton’s door - Hannibal would have the element of surprise there, as they wouldn’t be expecting a dude in a plastic suit opening the door. He’d just swing it open and “spank spank!”. Yes. His actual choice of words was ‘spank spank’. Let that sink in for a moment.
  • he compared Hannibal to a cult leader in regards to his treatment of Abigail - he could see where her weaknesses were, and knew how to exploit them to his benefit.
  • he didn’t think Hannibal would have actually eaten Will’s brain. It was a spur of the moment thing. He would have probably regretted it, too.
  • he brought a huge pint of beer to the first panel. I love it. Everybody else had, like… Starbucks, and he just comes on all happy with a pint.
  • he asked us where the hell the flowercrown thing came from. Someone explained it was a meme in other fandoms too but that Hannibal stuck with it, and Kacey Rohl mentioned Supernatural and Sherlock. Mads then asked the room if those fandoms were big, and if we might be able to take them in a fight (which the room confirmed that, yeah, we could)
  • at the closing ceremony he thanked everyone for coming, for supporting them and the show, and he said he felt grateful for all of us. And then he got a little emotional. Just a little. Teeny bit. Teeny Danish emotions.
Post-Fall Hannibal

This meta is inspired by amarriageoftrueminds‘s post (x), which is wonderful and non-rambly and doesn’t need my novella length nonsense tacked onto it…but here it goes.

I must be just the worst kind of person, because whenever I’ve contemplated Hannibal’s reaction post-fall, the question for me is not “can Hannibal forgive Will?” it’s “can Hannibal believe will?” Lemme ‘splain…

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….Y’know what. Hm. Hmmm. So I’m looking at Will in S1 and maybe it’s just the sweater he’s wearing rn, but no, he’s softer than we’ve grown used to seeing him around Hannibal, right? And it’s surely because in the next seasons he’s Doing A Thing nine times outta ten, and his performance functions as a shield even when he’s performing his own vulnerabilities, etc. Here, there’s more of an unconscious openness & sweetness in Will’s behaviour around Hannibal, which I’d bet he later saw as giving too much ground in a battle he didn’t even know he was in, another reason to try reign it back. BUT, but but — what sort of mannerisms does Will fall right back into the minute he finally drops all pretense at the end of TWOTL? He goes soft again! He asks for Hannibal’s help to get to his feet, leans on him, gazes at him all warm & lost in that way he doesn’t usually let Hannibal see, drops his head into the crook of Hannibal’s neck and cuddles into him. And naturally Hannibal just swoons, because as much as he thrills to Will’s violence he’s also utterly undone by Will’s gentleness.

Basically what I think I’m coming to here is that if you all want to imagine a post-S3 world in which Will abandoning his schemes means he shifts back to behaving more like S1 Will when it comes to this sort of unguarded puppy-dog sweetness, you could probably back this up in canon. And if at the same time his parallel fierceness stays at Bloodthirsty, well that would be a pretty fascinating combo, and also Hannibal would probably be black & blue from pinching himself.


YESSSSS THISSSSSSSSS @wellntruly is the most important post.

In the course of surveying the options, I’ve been trying to work out what I want from or for Will in a post-S3 dynamic. It seems like a popular version is to carry right on with a sassy/snarky/performative/manipulative Will, and I can grudgingly allow the appeal and accept those as part of his repertoire–certainly there’s a time and a place for “pretty please”–but what I really really want, and what I think we get a glimpse of in the embrace in TWotL, is for Will to come ~FULL CIRCLE~ and be able to return to that authentic openness he had in S1. Like, snark and performance are all fun and good but they are also defense mechanisms, and I want him to feel able to lay down his arms. And this–

External image

–is not a performance. Will here is naked, as Bedelia sez, without armor. Without armor he physically reaches for Hannibal to help him (think of all the emotional reaching in S1 augh) and teeters into Hannibal’s arms and lays his mussy bloody head on Hannibal’s manly bloody chest and nestles there with lips parted like a murder romance novel heroine aaaaah. Yes yes I realize he’s also about to tip them off the cliff, but even so, in this moment he’s not going “Mwahaha, gotcha, this is my design,” he’s just feeling his overwhelming feels until they overwhelm him right over the edge.

Granted this is an xtreme & emotionally climactic situation the likes of which won’t and can’t happen on the daily, assuming they survive, but it’s kind of everything to me that in this scene we do see a reemergence of the soft, open vulnerability that all of us (Hannibal included) found so riveting in S1. After their death/rebirth/reboot via plunge into the primordial sea, I want a future in which Will has the luxury of being like this with Hannibal, in full knowledge and awareness (and consent lolsob) and love of who Hannibal is. THAT is the beautiful dream, not a post-S3 Will still having to vigilantly protect himself because some part of him is still in defensive mode a la S2.


S-sorry sorry I’ll stop smearing my jam all over everything, it’s just a relief to at least be able to pretend that my deepest longings have some basis in the text, plus I’ve been thinking about this a lot courtesy of recent chapters of @emungere’s redoubtable “Ladders”–which is not post-S3 but does much of the work that a Platonic ideal post-S3 fic ought to do–and in which Hannibal (who, much like the Last Unicorn, has learned to regret) is basically like, “What if you could feel safe with me now the way you did with who you thought I was in S1,” and the pit of yearning that opens in Will’s soul at the prospect is matched only by the pit of yearning in mine. /screams forever

As for Hannibal, I expect the rapture of having Will for the first time willingly come into his arms after they murderated together is now forever enshrined in his psyche as the pinnacle of existence. Like, the innermost chamber of his mind palace is now a temple slash home theater that plays that scene nonstop in high-def and Dolby surround. If 0% heartfelt “Help me, Hanni-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope” is cute, how much more obliterating is hesitant voluntary cuddles + 100% soulful gazing where the “please” isn’t even verbalized because how do words, how do ask for touch asgjdflskdjfalsjdflskdjflksjdfkgggg

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Ok, am I the only one more than a bit bothered that Will seems familiar with how drugs like Diazepam and Midazolam -- used to treat anxiety and severe agitation -- feel. It suggests he was medicated at various times when he was younger, perhaps by doctors or psychiatrists who didn't know how else to treat/deal with him.

If by “more than a bit bothered” you mean “delighted to have reasons to headcanon horrible, sad things for Will’s childhood and adolescence” then no, you’re not alone at all!

I’ve talked about headcanoning that Will was institutionalized as a youth at various times–God only knows where those posts are now–and thus that his fear of being institutionalized that we see in S1 is not a vague, theoretical fear, but a real fear borne of knowledge of just how bad that can be, which is one of the reasons that he never wanted himself tested for this, that and the other when he got into the FBI. Like, you have to have a fairly concrete certainty that what people are going to find is going to Bad For You if you know that refusing to take a mental health test is going to completely halt your career, and yet you still refuse. 

Some people did the “tee hee Will takes drugs!” response when the episode aired, but I really don’t think that’s what they were going for with Will, if for no better reason than that he never has any fun. XD  (The show even avoided taking him down the full alcoholism route, which is book!canon.) I don’t have any experience with Midazolam, but in my personal opinion, Diazepam (valium) isn’t exactly something you would take to party, unless your idea of a great party is to lie down and sleep steadily for three or four hours, and not be able to remember anything afterwards, even if you woke up from time to time. Which, frankly, could be attractive for Will Graham, ngl. I wouldn’t put it past him to have self-medicated at some point in life, which is fine with me because ~still sad~ when you think about it. As I mentioned, though, there’s no suggestion of Will having coped with dependency at any point in his life, and dependency on these particular drugs is really common for people who self medicate. (Midazolam is in the same family of drugs and seems to do about the same things, more or less.)

Will mentions both drugs with the suggestion that Chilton is implanting memories when he’s on them, and I don’t know if this is science!science or tv!science, since this isn’t my area of expertise and all the info I can find on them suggests that they impair the making of memories rather than make people suggestible to having false memories implanted. You’d have to check with someone who knows about this stuff. 

Both are used for the treatment of seizures, though, and that with their memory-impeding effects does make me wonder if they were what Hannibal Lecter was injecting Will with during his encephalitis, and when he fed him Abigail’s ear. And that would be just the kind of irony the show likes to engage in–Will telling Hannibal to his face that he has figured out how Hannibal did what he did, right in the midst of the conversation where he convinces Hannibal that he doesn’t have a clue. XD  If so, it doesn’t require Will to have actually taken the drugs (/had them forced on him) before Hannibal, because learning what they “felt like” would have been something Hannibal himself taught him. 

A study of Will Graham (plus Hannigram)

So my calculations were correct and during the eight months, Will basically kept to himself with Abigail’s memory haunting him. The biggest thing about this season that strikes me is how drastic everyone has changed with little to no build up. Basically we have had these two seasons where we have watched Will and Hannibal and everyone around them grow and change and mold themselves differently over a steady flow of linear time. THIS SEASON IS NOT THAT CASE. Because of this, all of these drastic changes in people are shocking. Will’s is one of the most.

What makes me really uneasy is how deeply Will has fallen and how quickly every is willing to give up on him. The interaction at Hannibal’s house last season changed everyone so drastically but what pisses me off that most is that Will changed because he was pushed and questioned by two of the people who have now abandoned him: Jack and Alana. 

Hannibal didn’t just make Will Graham what he is today. These two are just as guilty. Not only is Will no longer lying about how he feels concerning Hannibal but he is looking for him in places where he no longer is. Will is literally going in to Hannibal’s empty house and sitting there in the dark.

Not only did I find this severely heartbreaking but Alana’s lack of empathy is astounding. She doesn’t care. She doesn’t even look at him like he’s human anymore. And neither does Jack after Will’s confession. I feel like these characters not only feel guilty about Will but realize he is a completely lost cause. Will wants nothing else to do with them. And that, is astoundingly sad.

I know everyone is all like ‘awwww Hannigram awww Will admitted he wanted to run off with him’ but what you guys don’t seem to understand is how extraordinarily fucked up this all is. Yes, I love Hannigram. Yes, I ship it from sea to shining sea. But this is NOT a good mental state for Will to be in. This is terrible. His drastic change of character comes as a shock and it ties back to what Bryan Fuller mentioned in early interviews concerning this season. Will Graham is Frankenstein’s monster left to wander the world without his master where he isn’t understood. Hannibal is the only one who could understand him so what good are Jack and Alana’s approval? What’s better than slinking around Hannibal’s house with visions of your dead surrogate daughter, building your mind palace so you can form memories of what you could of had? It’s twisted and all sorts of fucked up. And I’m mad because Jack and Alana and everyone are allowing this to happen. He’s been completely abandoned because I feel like when they see Will, they also see Hannibal. They can’t understand why Will loves him. Last season everyone was trying to save him and now he’s dead in their eyes. 

Will’s only purpose is to be used as bait for Jack, Chilton, Alana, and Mason to get their revenge. Their love for each other will draw Hannibal out of hiding and then the forces will move in. Tragic, tragic romance in the darkest light.

This is not your grandmothers ship, people. This is not your vanilla ridden snuggle in your bed relationship. This is a BAD relationship. We know what we are getting in to. But I just want everyone to realize that Will is dangerous, dark, unstable, and brainwashed. 

And Hannibal has made sure Will is completely alone in a world where there is no one but Hannibal to go to.

anonymous asked:

Hannigram is a really messed up pairing, it's all about abuse, all Hannibal does is hurt Will. They don't love each other, they just want to destroy each other. I don't understand you people who ship this. You're all stupid and you romanticize abuse by making it seem cute. You're fucking sick.

Okay…. First of all, you’re rude. But I will try to be nice because I don’t want to waste any energy by getting mad and figting with you.

No one is ‘romanticizing abuse’ here. I think everyone who ships Hannigram knows that what Hannibal did to Will and what Will did to Hannibal (cause Will wasn’t a saint either, mind you) was not cute and not okay. Yes, it is true, they do have a rather toxic relationship, but at the same time, it is the most epic love story I ever saw on television. It’s unique and dark and intense and they do love each other. They are very complex and complicated characters, which is why their relationship is hard to understand. But I’ll tell you how I see it and why it’s my OTP.

I think Hannibal loves Will more than he loves anyone else. He is obsessed with him because he saw something in Will that he had never found before. Will is very angry at Hannibal for everything Hannibal did, to him and to others, but at the same time, he does love him too. Will had a lot of chances to murder Hannibal but he never did it. And even at the end, in the Finale, the first thing he said to Hannibal when he saw him was “You were supposed to leave…” He expected him to run away, he hoped he would, because even after everything, he wanted Hannibal to be safe. He wanted him to escape. Hannibal felt too betrayed though, because he had trusted Will and he had all these plans and dreams about running away with him and Abigail and being a family together. He thought they would be happy. Hannibal was crying when he left the house because he realized he had lost the one person he loved the most.

I think Hannigram is not a ship for everyone. You do need to enjoy dark, brutal themes in order to like Hannigram, but isn’t that a given with the Hannibal series in general?

I got a bit carried away and ranted a lot but your message really disturbed me. You don’t have to like this ship, no one is forcing you to. But don’t say we’re all ‘romanticizing abuse’ and that we’re sick. Ask more people why they ship Hannigram if that’s what you want to know, but at least try to be polite. I’m just saying.

Because what’s better than some finale meta about Hannibal with barely three hours of sleep powering your mind? And when I say Hannibal I actually mean Will Graham. He’ll just never stop being a dividing and arguing point in the fandom, won’t he XD?

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This is one of those times where they really did get Lecter right 100%.

This is Hannibal at his core.

He is violent and angry and dedicated and absolutely and completely deadly to everyone, even those he cares about. He cared about everyone he hurt/killed tonight. Jack, Alana, Will, Abigail. They were all important to him in varying degrees. He would have preferred them all to live, and voiced it as such earlier in the episode.

But that does not change who he is. 

Do not forget for one moment what Hannibal Lecter is.

He is dangerous, he is deadly and he will hurt you.

If you threaten his freedom, you will be annihilated.

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But how can you be so happy? Yes, we got Murder Husbands but they might be dead? And we might never get a Season 4 where we can enjoy Murder Husbands longer than the 5 seconds we got.

Harshing my buzz, baby.

Those two empty seats at the table with Bedelia (who is shaking and terrified)? It’s a 20ft neon sign telling us they’re alive. Murder Husbands live.

Be happy. Embrace the beautiful scene we got of Will telling Hannibal what they did was beautiful.


Not ugly. Not wrong. Not something to be rejected and ignored and forgotten.

Beautiful. Will called the very center of who Hannibal is and what he does, beautiful.

And damnit. That is a happy ending.

My last 2 Hannibal Lectures!

Episode 1.13 “Savoureux" 

Before class, a student who had been absent for "Releves” asked, “Did Hannibal get caught yesterday?" 

"No,” I said.

“Does he get caught today?”

I peered at her. “What makes you think he gets caught this season?”

And she gave me this look:

As in, exactly that look, only right in the eye.

During the episode, @ the hunting dream: “He’s poaching.”

@ Will’s dirty feet: “What the…?”

A moment later…“He puked out an ear." 

"He needs to learn to chew his food better." 

@ opening credits: "Oh damn oh damn oh damn.”

While Will is taken off: “Look at all the dogs.”

@ Winston: “He’s so cute.”

When Will said, “According to the evidence…I killed Abigail Hobbs.” I stopped the video because it was the end of the period on Tuesday. They went, “YO.” “No.” “BULLCRAP.” The bell rang. “It just keeps getting better and better.” “It just keeps getting crazier and crazier.”

I resumed at this same moment on Wednesday. 

@ Hannibal’s tears: “Whoa. He’s crying.” “Whoa.”

Silence till Will and his thumb: "What? OMG!“ "C'mon, Will!" "Ohhh.” “Gahhh!” “He broke his thumb?” “Ugh!”

When Hannibal produced the normal-looking clock and claimed it was Will’s: “Shut. UP.” “Oh God, he makes me sooo mad.”

Someone made a sound I don’t know how to spell. I think it might have been “asdfsfskjldkfljsdk.”

Then when Hannibal said that he left Will alone in the office long enough for Will to have called Hobbs: “What. a. bitch.” And another sound I don’t know how to spell, this time longer and angrier. (No one in this class thinks Hannibal is anything but a big ol’ bag of dicks. There are no apologists here.)

When Will showed in Hannibal’s office: “Dude, when is he going to piece it together? It’s so obvious now.” Someone answered him, “If he pieces it together, we wouldn’t have a show.” (I was grateful the darkness hid my smirk at this point.) 

When Alana says, “He may kill Hannibal without even knowing”: “I think it’s the other way around.” “Uh-uh.”

@ the Bentley: “That car is ugly.”

When in Will’s dream Abigail hands him the phone: “What the…?”

After Will remembers Abigail saying “Are we going to reenact the crime?” when the camera focuses slowly on Hannibal turning to look at Will: “There we go. He knows.”

As they slowly entered the dark, bloodstained kitchen together: “God, this is scaring me.” “This is so scary.”

When Will lifted his gun to point it at Hannibal: “Oh damn oh damn oh damn.” “Oohhh.” “Shoot him!" 

And then when Hannibal stepped closer, of all things: "What is he DOING?”

@ “Are you a murderer, Dr. Lecter?” & “What reason would I have?”: “Awww man aw man aw man.” (Yeah, all these kinds of comments are from the same kid.)

After Jack came in and Will looked back at Hannibal, and Hannibal tilted his head at Will in that way he has: “Do it, Will!”

When Jack shot Will: “You shot the wrong guy, buddy.” “Aw man.” “Oof. Damn.”

@ the fade to black: “IT BETTER NOT BE OVER.” “CRAZY!” “I finally understand.” (I forgot to ask what she understood.)

No comments again till the veal scene. “I hate how he smells [his wine]. It pisses me off.” “It’s creepy.”

When Bedelia took her provocative bite: “That is NOT RIGHT.” “She knows.”

When Will stood up behind the cell bars: “asjdkfkjsSJDKLFJK.”

At “Hello, Dr. Lecter”: “He so hot.”

And the final fade to black: “OH. MY. GOD." 

"No… NO… NONONO.” (They’re just like a live version of Tumblr, hehe.)

“That’s ALL?”

“Till when?”

I gave them the info on the start of the season. They’re very much relieved they don’t have to wait through a hiatus. I was just good enough to them–or just evil enough to them, you be the judge–to show them the trailer (the “Stand by Me” one). 

There was one muffled “wow” at the eyeball of bodies. That was the only noise the whole time.

Afterward, there was extensive, desperate begging that I show the new episodes on Mondays. I hemmed and hawed and haven’t made up my mind. Regardless, they somehow convinced themselves that I’d agreed to their demands, I found out today.

One quiet kid, who if he’s said a word during the whole season, I haven’t heard it, stopped on the way out and asked me, “It’s on Fridays? At what time?”

I said, “10 o'clock.”


I nodded.

He said solemnly, “I can’t wait all the way until Mondays.”

Today I mostly lectured on how television gets made and licencing and how the show almost got canceled–they said “WHY WOULD THEY EVEN DOOO THAT???” (I gave them a lecture on watching live and live tweeting and whatnot)–the history of the books and movies and who Bryan Fuller is and how he got involved and whatnot. That was when they asked me to ask Bryan Fuller if he’d come to class. I said, “What would you want to ask him?” and they said–and this is so cute–

“We just want to watch it with him.”

(And if you don’t think I feel accomplished as a language arts teacher that I’ve gotten a whole class of kids to idolize a writer in a matter of three weeks…you just have no idea how I feel…. Not that I did much.)

We also talked about violence in the media and how violence on the show has affected the marketing, and how the show makes a case that people are more desensitized to violence by shows glossing over it than they are by shows being explicit with it, and that there’s a difference between gratuitous violence and violence that’s necessary to narrative. That was mostly me talking, but the light bulb came on for at least a few of them. One said, “Ohhh, yeah, they do show that! That’s really sly!” (He actually said “sly”–do kids use that word? I guess they do.)  

I want to revisit this issue of violence though in terms of the narrative and how many times they rooted for Will to kill somebody, and whether or not that means they’re actually rooting for Hannibal to win, because I don’t think they’ve made that connection yet. There’re just so many things I want to discuss, and I’m afraid I won’t remember to get to everything, or that I won’t have time. I picked Hannibal just because it’s just so full of technique, so to speak, and there’s so much depth to it on every level, it really is media as literature, but now I’m feeling overwhelmed by wanting to do it justice and just not knowing how that’s possible because there’s so much to do.

Tomorrow I think I’m going to spend on mostly discussion and reflections about the characters and their motivations. I’ll probably start with the last scene in the Hobbs’s kitchen and see what they think, then ask them to tell me whether they think Hannibal was willing to let Will kill him, how long he was planning to frame Will, what’s up with Bedelia, and stuff like that. Then as we go back through the episodes and analyze them, we can talk about what the text shows about these thing as we go forward.

I only planned to take through 3rd quarter to work on this, I’m already two days behind schedule because of the snow, and if I add in 13 Mondays of new episodes…I dunno…this is going to end up being the whole semester if I’m not careful.


The Santa hat was at the end of the aisle as they shopped, Will eyeing it with a smile as Hannibal placed more ingredients than they needed into their shopping cart. He grabbed it, tossing the hat in among the cereal and not commenting on it.

It took only a second for Hannibal to notice, though Will suspected he had known as soon as it hit the cereal box.

“You have added a Santa Claus hat to our things.”

Will smiled. “Yeah.”

Hannibal picked it up and stared at Will. “I take it to mean you are willing to celebrate this year? Since we…came together we have not celebrated a single holiday.”

Will blushed, pushing the cart as he mumbled, “That’s not my fault. You never said…”

“You never said either, Will.”

Will sighed, “Well, I’m saying now.”

Hannibal turned the hat over in his hands as he muttered, “Does this mean you are finally happy being with me?”

Will’s eyes narrowed and he asked, “Did you think I wasn’t this entire time? That I…hunted with you and slept in your bed as what, some sort of obligation?”

Hannibal said nothing and Will pushed his arms off the cart, “Why would I feel obligated? I owe you nothing. I…fuck,” he pushed ahead of Hannibal who walked slowly and came upon him from behind, hugging Will tightly and kissing his neck.

“My apologies, Will, I…I am very foolish when it comes to you.”

Will sighed, still angry but feeling differently the more Hannibal muzzled his neck. “I love you, I’ve told you that before.”

Hannibal kissed the scar on his cheek, nuzzling it as well. “I know, beloved, I know.”

Will turned in his arms and kissed him softly, “Trust in that, ok?”

Hannibal nodded and kissed him again, arms wrapping around Will’s back tightly. When they pulled apart his smile was wider than Will had ever seen it before as he let go of Will to turn their shopping cart around the opposite direction.

Will laughed, “Where are you going?”

“We do not have decorations for the house, and we need a tree.”

Will shook his head as they entered the decorations aisle, Hannibal filling their grocery cart with several decorations and ornaments.

“We might need a second cart,” Will said, laughing as he picked up some decor that Hannibal scrunched his nose at but said nothing against.

Their bill turned out to be $222.56, but Hannibal said nothing handing over his forged credit card and walking out of Walmart with a happy sigh.

Getting him into one had taken Will months, but now he seemed to enjoy it and they almost always came out with a potential victim ready for their knife.

This time all they thought of was Christmas, which was coming up fast and Will was glad he had finally voiced his desire to celebrate together.

Hannibal spent the next few hours decorating outside when they reached the house, Will putting up the tree inside and plugging it in to see the prelit lights on. Will started to add ornaments, leaning up to reach higher when he smelled Hannibal’s aftershave coming closer, dropping the Santa hat on Will’s head before hugging him tightly from behind.

“These ornaments are atrocious,” Hannibal mumbled, kissing Will’s cheek.

Will smiled, shaking his head. “You picked them, not me.”

Hannibal hummed, taking Will’s hand and bringing it up higher to reach a taller branch.

“We will have to make do, I suppose,” he sighed, kissing Will’s scar again before pulling away to grab something from his pocket.

The flash was immediate and unwelcome, Will covering his face and laughing. “Oh god, no,” he pulled the hat down low and Hannibal chased him as he ran to the couch, pushing Will down and taking another picture. Will laughed, falling back and grabbing the camera from him.

Hannibal climbed over him, smiling triumphantly as Will hit him on the chest. “I hate getting my picture taken, you know that!”

Hannibal kissed him, Will sighing into it and hugging onto Hannibal tightly.

“Photographic evidence of our first holiday must be taken, Will.”

Will laughed, “Oh yeah? Then you’re next,” he put the hat on Hannibal’s head and took a picture.

“All I Ever Wanted”

I’ve written page up and page down on the subject of the season finale of Hannibal. And I’ve talked about the Hannigram in “The Wrath of the Lamb” from probably every possible and impossible angle. I’ve left some question marks in my wake, though, that no one single explanation could straighten out. Fortunately for me,  chnandler-bong3 wrote a great meta and talked to me about a slightly different take on the finale than we have talked about before. So now I have written this meta here that, to me, feels very satisfying.

I’ve written several metas about the finale the third season of Hannibal because there are layers upon layers to peel back. It’s not as simple as everything being what it seems, it’s not as complicated as everything not being what it seems. Did Will plan on helping Hannibal “escape in earnest”? To kill him or to run away with him? Did Hannibal know this? Did Will even know what he wanted or was it just season two all over again where Will couldn’t decide and his indecisiveness resulted in a bloodbath?

I thought Will was just making decisions in every moment, at every fork in the road. I thought that he was doing what he was doing in the later part of season two; he walked two roads at once and he couldn’t decide which one to take. In season two he calls Hannibal and decides when he hears his voice. And it would seem he’s doing the same thing in “The Wrath of the Lamb”. That he hasn’t decided what to do until he decides to kill the Dragon and decides to fall of the cliff with Hannibal when they stand by it. The way I saw it several paths were possible and it was difficult to tell just which one Will finally decided upon and if he walked them all up until the precise moment they fell. That’s why I wrote about Will pulling them over the edge of that cliff because his love for Hannibal is an impossible equation; he couldn’t be with him but he couldn’t let him go either. Yet I also wrote about how it was Will’s promised reckoning. Both of those, though with slightly different angles, assume Will meant to kill Hannibal and decided to kill himself in order to be able to kill Hannibal. There were some decent evidence to support that notion but to say that Will intended to commit murder-suicide overlooks a few facts. Therefore I decided to see if it was possible to explain Will and Hannibal going over the edge as a plan on Will’s part for a faked death so they could run away together. And while that accounts for Will’s intentions the fact of the matter is that Will did not plan to escape with Hannibal at Hannibal’s hideout. That’s the kink I couldn’t work out before.

After talking about the episode and rewatching a few times I keep circling back to the conversation with Bedelia. Will says he doesn’t “intend for Hannibal to be caught a second time.” which is supposed to make it seem as if Will is planning on killing Hannibal. And maybe he is. He could be planning to kill Hannibal or run away with him depending on what happens when they face the Dragon, depending on how everything goes. And Bedelia’s response is “Can’t live with him, can’t live without him.” which also is set up to be interpreted as Will intending to kill Hannibal and even take himself out in the process. It’s just that as a trope, that concept is about one character, that’s possibly a loner and someone who likes to live their life their way, is set up with the other character and they do not like that. Eventually, when they get to have their old life back and be without the person they though they couldn’t stand, they realise that they can’t be without them. So that character does everything to get the other one back. If this isn’t Will and Hannibal I don’t know what. And than there’s the fact that he tells Bedelia to pack her bags because “Meats back on the menu” and he tells her “Ready or not, here he comes.” If we add it all together Will is basically telling Bedelia that, yes, he does in fact ache for Hannibal and he is not going to see Hannibal caught again (not going to reject him again, if we consider that whole conversation on why Hannibal turned himself in; Will’s rejection) but he’s not going to kill him either and thus he gives Bedelia a fair warning.

Will intended for them to escape. That I had become certain of. But I had not considered what chnandler-bong3 said, that Hannibal planned for them to go over that cliff. If it’s true that Will did not intend to kill Hannibal but rather run away with him and if it’s true that Will hadn’t plan to go to Hannibal’s hideout and if he didn’t know about it does it make much sense that he would opt for going over that cliff’s edge and just trust in faith that they could survive and escape? Not really. Thus, it’s logical to assume that Hannibal was the one who intended them to go over that edge. The audience doesn’t have access to those periods of time when Hannibal and Will are in the car and between when they arrive and when they drink wine in the night so it’s difficult to say if by the time they go over the edge, they both know that the other one was planning that they were meant to survive and run away together (I argue against this, though). But yes, Hannibal invited Will to go over the edge. And the more I watch that little sequence form Hannibal helping Will stand to Will pulling them over, the more I think they both know the other one’s intentions; run away together. I am terrible at working out angles in my mind, though, so I don’t know exactly where they are looking, at the Dragon or over the edge? If they are looking over the edge what’s beautiful is not only how they killed the Dragon, but also their life together. So does the premiss that they planned together to go over that edge, before Francis showed up, need to be true in order for the hypothesis that they ran away together to be true? Maybe it doesn’t. I’d say they don’t need to know what the other intended. They just both need to want to run away together but they don’t need to know what the other one is planning until they stand by that edge. Will probably realises, in fact, right in that moment, when Hannibal speaks, what Hannibal’s intentions are.

If it can be assumed, then, that they planned to go over the edge, thus run away and be together, then Hannibal saying “This is all I ever wanted for you, Will. For both of us.” means he wanted them to choose each other and a life together. If we reverse time, if we go back to “Mizumono” when it went wrong, they were meant to run away together. And in “The Silence of the Lamb” they get their do-over and they can have what Hannibal wanted for them back then; a life together.Because it doesn’t make sense that Will finds it beautiful that they killed the Dragon and feel that genuinely without any remorse or regret and then goes ahead and kill both himself and Hannibal. No matter what they are looking at, no matter what Will finds beautiful, it makes no sense that he would end their lives after his Becoming.  In “Mizumono” I always saw Will calling Hannibal as Will being too conflicted to decide and wanting all the best scenarios at once and of course he couldn’t have that; he couldn’t both save everyone and condemn Hannibal and live a happy life with Hannibal. Because “The wrong thing being the right thing to do was too ugly a thought” back then. When they stand at the edge together, running away doesn’t seem ugly anymore. Now “It’s beautiful.”

I’m convinced that half the time not even Will is clear on what he’s thinking. And the audience is not supposed to know what he might be planning or if he has a plan at all or if he’s just making decisions along the way; like he did when he called Hannibal and didn’t decide until he hear his voice. But this time I think Will had a plan. I think his plan involved trying to make the fake escape real, kill the Dragon and run away with Hannibal. But he was ready to kill Hannibal if it went wrong because it’s very dangerous to try and play any kind of game with Hannibal, even if Will’s intentions are good. He learned that much from what happened when he tried to warn Hannibal and get him to leave. Therefore we see them being uncertain around each other; because they have dealt each other so many wounds and so much heartbreak that they don’t feel like they can really trust each other. After all, the details on who betrayed who are vague. Will can’t be sure Hannibal is going to listen this time and run or if it’s going to end like it did in “Mizumono” again, with Hannibal misreading Will and believing he wanted him dead or caught. I think the fact is that Will did have a plan and Francis disrupted it when he attached the car convoy was what made Will so nervous; he thought he might would have to kill Hannibal after all to avoid a worse scenario (in the script anyway, we aren’t actually shown that he thought about killing him). Hannibal, however, has a plan of his own.  But he can’t be sure that Will wants a life together this time or if he’s just pretending again and the life Hannibal wanted for them was never a real possibility because what Will felt wasn’t real. They are both anticipating the other to kill them yet both are hoping they can be together.

I have a head canon that this fall was his plan for Will’s becoming in Mizumono. That they would do this so elegantly and that Abigail would have saved them and they would have sailed away on a boat. Similarly here we would have Chiyoh to rescue them instead. That’s what I think. (quoting chnandler-bong3)

Hannibal planned the bluff, he planed for their life together. Will wanted to kill Hannibal, Hannibal devised a scenario where, under the right circumstances, Will would get to kill him. Only they wouldn’t die. It would be a metaphorical death. I talked about the possibility of Will killing Hannibal meant becoming him. Going over that edge with Hannibal is Will’s Becoming. Like I said in that meta; it would seem Hannibal has to die in order for Will to become him but he doesn’t have to actually die, it seems.

This will be my final take on the finale of the third season of Hannibal. Will fell in love with Hannibal and this time he wanted to run away with him and he embraced his Becoming. Hannibal, who fell in love with Will years ago but got his heart broken, could offer Will a life together one more time. Neither intended to kill the other. And from this point on, this turning point, they will not try to kill each other ever again.

I will survive, live and thrive, win this deadly game.  

Neither can be victorious by killing the other. That’s the zero-sum game. That’s the game they need to stop playing in order to win. They are conjoined and they cant survive separation, but together they can win their game. They aren’t each others’ enemies; death is the enemy. Hannibal says that “suicide is the enemy.” and since Will and Hannibal are one, killing the other would be killing themselves. Choosing (a) life together, then, means they win the game.  

They went over that cliff not to die but to live.

Because Hannibal is in love with Will and Will is in love with Hannibal. And expressing that love brought forth the true potential in both of them and their deadly game is over and they both stand victorious together.

astramaxima  asked:

Will Graham who's been harboring feelings for Hannibal since forever but always talking himself out of them being romantic because they're just bros, you know? And now he has confirmation from a source he can somewhat consider legitimate that Hannibal is in fact IN LOVE with him and whoa what a doozy. Imagine his dreams the next time he gets some sleep. The anticipation he must feel when he has to go visit Hannibal again. BYE.

I don’t think Will has ever thought to make it not-romantic. We never get Will saying ‘he’s my bro, no homo’ type of thing. There’s never been one moment where they (by ‘they’ I mean any character on the show) tried to minimize their relationship. It was always full on, full speed, they’re connected. They’re intimate. They’re two sides of the same coin. They’re in love/love each other.

There’s never been that moment where the characters tried to make it more heteronormative, like most other shows. Will wasn’t always keen on his and Hannibal’s relationship, but when he was, he embraced what they had. He reveled in it. He missed it. 

I think Will has always known how Hannibal has felt. He has true empathy, he knows Hannibal better than he knows himself. He knows Hannibal is in love with him. That’s never been shocking to him.

But Will needed to sort out what this all means to him, Hannibal’s feelings and his own, now. With the end of his relationship with Molly. With this killer on the loose. With Will genuinely scared of Dolarhyde, of what he might do to him and his family. And he did that by talking to the only person who wouldn’t judge him, who would know exactly how he was feeling. 

The next time Will sees Hannibal it’s going to be very interesting. We know Hannibal loves Will. And we know Will loves Hannibal. But the question really is, how much?

But do you ache for him?

The answer to this will be the deciding factor in the season finale. Does Will ache for Hannibal enough to–and that’s the answer that will lead us to a season four.

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Hannibal rarely regrets, so do you believe he ever regretted Abigail's death? He's so horrible for bringing it up all the time in front of Will, and the flashbacks don't really answer much. And do you think he regrets the decision he made in Mizumono, given the last flashback of the phone-call? Maybe he's thinking of Will's warning in a new light? What did he previously think Will's call meant in Mizumono?

I can’t answer “Maybe he’s thinking of Will’s warning in a new light? What did he previously think Will’s call meant in ‘Mizumono’?” with certainty because they never do answer it specifically, either at the time or after. 

All I can say is this: when he says, “We couldn’t leave without you,” without you implies that while he may have realized that Will wanted him to get away after all, he didn’t necessarily understand that Will hoped to come with him. And I suppose that would make the bloodfest make sense, even with the warning, because it was still rejection of his love. Like Mads and Hugh have talked about on multiple occasions, Hannibal’s heart was broken largely because he allowed himself to be vulnerable, and wiping the slate clean by killing everybody was a way of shoring up those vulnerabilities.* Even if Hannibal understood that Will meant to go with him and Hannibal went through with the slaughter anyway, it would indicate that he still did this because he was rejecting that vulnerability.

@the-winnowing-wind​ and I were just talking about the rest of this a couple of days ago. We talked about how, by the time Hannibal has rescued Will in “Digestivo,” the notebook full of calculations about turning back time means something different than it meant in the books. There, Hannibal wanted to get his sister back because she had been killed–it reflected no commentary on his own acts. But here, Hannibal wanting to turn back time in order to get back together with Will does reflect a sense of regret: the reason they’re apart is because of him, and because of what he did to Abigail. Even if he blames Will to some extent still, he has already confessed to Bedelia that he’s not really sure who is the betrayer and who is the betrayed. Hannibal has come a long way to get to that point. 

We felt that the flashbacks in “…And the Woman Clothed with the Sun” were indicative of this regret being applied toward Abigail, although that wasn’t communicated clearly in the episode. It’s an episode about family, between Hannibal’s memories of Abigail, the victims as family, and Will’s own new family, and all Hannibal has left of that family is the company of the dead, as Alana says. The episode leads into his memory of the phone call with his conversation with Jack, which is very much loaded with scolding Jack for using Will again. ”It’d be more honest if you ate his brain right out of his skull” does again give that sense that the two men had wronged Will by what they put him through in the previous seasons, as is that bit suggesting that Will is running out of room for more scars (even though, in Hannibal’s estimation, Jack’s got room for a few more). 

Most of this is filtered through Hannibal’s feelings for Will because their relationship is the point of the story, but as I said in another post here, I don’t think that Hannibal’s feelings for Will need to be subtracted from his feelings for Abigail. That they gave Hannibal time to spend thinking of Abigail means he hasn’t dismissed her, and what might have been with her, from his mind. 

* I still think that Hannibal intended to kill Will prior to the actual confrontation, and his line to Abigail, “I want you two to be together,” tends to support this, since I don’t think he killed Abigail because he was clumsy with his knife cut. He expected they would be together in death. My position when I say that Hannibal intended to kill Will has always been that he changed his mind during the course of the scene. The statement that Will didn’t die because Hannibal wanted him to live holds true; I’m not contradicting it by saying that he intended to kill Will. He told Margot that she failed to kill her brother because she still loved him. He didn’t fail to kill Will because he was a sloppy murderer; he failed to kill Will because he loved him too much to go through with it. 

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There's something I've been thinking about since s2 and i don't know if they explained it in s3 and i missed it or what. At the end of s1 we see Bedelia escaping from Hannibal and Hannibal with a clear intent of killing her. It's Jack who brings her back at the end of s2 to interrogate her, so when exactly did she and Hannibal get back in touch? And why would she when knowing that he was more than willing to kill her?

1) Hannibal can’t be defined. Bedelia looks at Hannibal and sees something she’s never seen before and has never read about before. Hannibal is a special snowflake and she wants to see what the fuck he does next.

She’s curious and this curiosity is why she goes with Hannibal. She wants to observe him (and this is one of the reasons why Bedelia wasn’t the ‘last wife, she wanted to stay on the sidelines, to observe and not participate.  She doesn’t see what Hannibal does as ‘beautiful’.)

She knows he can kill her, but she also knows how to play him to keep her own survival intact. (It probably helped that Hannibal was vulnerable and moping after his ‘break up’ with Will and was susceptible to Bedelia’s manipulations).

2) Hannibal didn’t need to keep in contact with her, he just had to find her. If there’s one thing you need to know about Hannibal Lecter, it’s that you can’t run from him. You’re just on borrowed time until he tracks you down.

Touch Builds Trust

Or One Motive Behind Will’s Hand on Hannibal’s Shoulder.

In The Number of the Beast Is 666 Will and Bedelia talked about touch and what it means since Will put his hand on Frederic Chilton’s shoulder in the Tattlecrime photograph, thus putting him in danger of becoming a victim of the Dragon.  

”You put your hand on Dr. Chilton’s shoulder in the photograph. Touch gives the world an emotional context. The touch of others makes us who we are. It builds trust.” – Bedelia

“I put my hand on his shoulder for authenticity.” – Will

A few things in this conversation are key; that touch gives emotional context and builds trust and that Will says he does it for the sake of “authenticity.” It has to seem real. If it doesn’t seem real is won’t work.

It’s interesting, keeping the above in mind, when in the finale The Wrath of the Lamb Jack and Will say the following things:

“People are going to stampede if they think that Lecter is out.” – Jack

“Let them stampede. Authenticity. And let them believe I helped Hannibal escape.” – Will

“Authenticity?” – Jack

“Someone has to be close when the dragon comes.” – Will

Will brings up the word authenticity again, this time when talking about Hannibal. It has to look real or it won’t work.

Now, remember in Su-Zakana when Hannibal asked Will how he would kill him and Will’s reply is “With my hands.”

And later, in Naka-Choko, Hannibal asks Will how he killed Randall Tier:

“Without death we’d be at a loss. It’s the prospect of death that drives us to greatness. Did you kill him with your hands?” –  Hannibal

“It was intimate.” –  Will

“It deserves intimacy. You were Randall Tier’s final enemy.” – Hannibal

If we combine it all we arrive at the final scene in The Wrath of the Lamb.

We know that touch builds trust. We know that when Will put his hand on Frederic Chilton’s shoulder for “authenticity” it was to put him in harms way. We know that Will talks about Hannibal and uses the same word; “authenticity”. It’s interesting, then, that the one time Will decides to initiate physical contact, the one time he reaches for Hannibal, holds him, touches him, he manages to finally take his chance and try to kill Hannibal. With his hands, just like he said he would. 

All it took was one touch.

The touch created an emotional context. It built trust. Will put his hand on Hannibal’s shoulder because if it doesn’t seem real it won’t work. So the one time Will touches Hannibal, Hannibal trusts him. Of course, Will touched Hannibal for several reasons. He touched him because he does ache for him. Because he did think what happened, who they were, was beautiful. It seems authentic because it is authentic. But just like Hannibal’s mind is capable of following several trains of thought at once so is Will’s and one of these thoughts was set on his revenge on Hannibal for Hannibal’s betrayal, set on his promised reckoning. Like Will was Randall Tier’s final enemy Will and Hannibal were each other’s. And if Will was ever going to manage to kill Hannibal, it would have to be intimate.

And, oh, if those moments were anything they were intimate.

Will saw what Hannibal saw, the beauty in what Will used to call “The ugliest thing in the world.” Which was all Hannibal had ever wanted for him, for them. Will allowed himself, allowed both of them, to have that. Hannibal was finally, finally in the arms of the man he fell in love with. A love finally reciprocated. And he let his guard down. And gave himself to Will, placed his whole life in Will’s hands. And Will took it while giving his own away.

And over the edge they fell.

Attention Fannibals

Fannibals, please stop bashing the show and Bryan Fuller just because you don’t like him killing off your favorite characters.

Killing people is what Hannibal does, especially the ones smart enough to figure him out, who this time happens to be a woman of Korean descent.

Instead of focusing on the fact that she got killed, how about appreciating the fact, that while every other white male character never managed to figure Hannibal out, she did.

How is it not a good thing, that the females of the show are portrayed as very intelligent?

I’m not saying you should just get over it, I’m saying don’t be freaking rude about it.