who had that bright idea

So I had probably one of the best math teachers in the school this year, but towards the end the kids at my table just stopped caring??? One boy who I will call FM, had the bright idea to take the glue out of a glue stick and throw it at the other boy at my table. Who threw it at someone else at another table, who threw it at someone from a DIFFERENT table. So it was just four boys whipping glue at each other without the teacher noticing. The other students noticed because it was hard to miss, but didn’t say anything.

Later in the school year FM and I had an afterschool club in the room we had science in. Since the teacher who ran the club was not the science teacher and it was the last day of the club, we decided to have some fun. We started by gluing markers to the science teachers desk, and lining them up on a small ledge above the whiteboard. some other people in the club knocked everything down, so we restarted but only the ones above the board. eventually we ran out of markers so we drew FM’s characteristic drawing of a spider (it was massive, took up most of the space) on the board, took a picture and left. I don’t know exactly what happened the next morning, but when I came in all the markers were gone and the spider was mostly erased.

Title: Queen of Hearts
Fandom: Riverdale
Characters: Cheryl Blossom x Reader
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 1,400
Warnings: None
Notes: This is a result of me lamenting on the fact that Cheryl really deserves someone who loves and appreciates her.

Originally posted by fyeahriverdale

Prior to falling in love with the captain of the River Vixens, you had absolutely no interest in cheerleading. You thought it was one of the stupidest ‘sports’ in existence, and it was nothing more than a social construct to allow pretty, popular girls to assert their dominance over their school. It was most certainly still that, but after accompanying Cheryl to practice every day for two weeks while her car was in the shop, you realized it was of much more importance than just some air-headed rhyming phrases and pom-poms.

“You’re really going to just sit in solemn silence with your headphones in, while the hottest and most talented girl you know is working her ass off right in front of you?” Cheryl inquired as she followed you over to the bleachers. You set her duffle bag down next to your backpack, and made yourself as comfortable as possible on the cold metal seat while she fished around in her bag.

“Oh, don’t worry, I’ll definitely be watching your ass – I just won’t be paying much attention to anything else,” you clarified, shooting her a wink, and she rolled her eyes in response. Still, you could see a small smile on her red lips.

“Whatever, just… keep quiet – and let me know if you need anything,” Cheryl said, attempting to still sound annoyed, yet unable to keep from being sweet to you.

“Gotcha, doll.”

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Connor used to be like a super sweet kid who had bright ideas for the future but as he grew up and the bullying started all those ideas just left him. So after he killed himself zoe found the journal he kept these ideas in and swore to at least make some of them come true. She never really knew her brother and she thought accomplishing some of his goals and ideas that maybe she could get to know him even though it was too late.

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It looks like it's actually three 12 year-olds. The one who had the bright idea and says "This is what dying feels like" doesn't have glasses, while the one who starts crying does.

and also their hair is different. i thought they were the same because theyre both wearing orange

why do they all sound the same what the fuck

Over the Years

Fandom: Dragon Age

Pairings: Baby Rutherford/Baby Theirin, Sophie Rutherford/Bryce Theirin, Cullen/Inquisitor, Cullen/Tessa, Alistair/Warden, Alistair/Eryn

Rating: Teen

Summary: Sophie Rutherford is the daughter of the Inquisitor and the Commander of the Inquisition. She grew up learning everything from sword fighting and spell casting from her parents. Nothing they have taught her could have possibly prepared her for the Crown Prince of Ferelden, who had a bright smile and blue eyes to match.

(I love the idea of Cullen’s daughter and Alistair’s son falling in love so I finally wrote something)

Bryce hated it when important people visited.

It meant he had to wear a stiff, itchy coat and boots that were too nice to go outside and play in. Oh no, these boots had to stay inside or on the castle grounds so they wouldn’t be ruined.

The thing Bryce hated the most was seeing his parents act all different. They weren’t their laughing, smiling selves when important people were around. The smiles were fake and their words were forced.

Luckily, he was able to have his trusty mabari puppy, Midnight. Which was unusual, since she usually wasn’t allowed to be around important people.

Midnight was his best friend and he was so happy to see her on his 10th name day celebration.

Her black fur gleamed in the sunlight and he patted her head happily. Maybe today won’t be as bad because she was there.

The sound of the gates opening had him looking up and narrowing his eyes as four riders came galloping in. That was a really small number for important people. One was a woman with long, orange hair. His eyes widened when he realized who exactly was visiting. He couldn’t remember much about this lady, but she was super important, he remembered that.

And he remembered that she was very nice.

Bryce instantly knew this wasn’t going to be like the normal visit from important people. He glanced up at his parents and was surprised to see them smiling like they normally did. There was no pretending.

Another rider was behind the important lady and Bryce was curious when he saw a blond, tall man and a little girl. Wait, she looked around his age, did this mean they could play?

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ok but lena babe..... who at dc had the bright idea to hire joss whedon like??? they saw him crash & burn with marvel, with one of his biggest criticisms being his treatment of female characters so like.... why give him batgirl???

i just don’t know maddy and we will never know 😔

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Can I get Xander and Leo for the sharing one bed cliche imagine?

Xander: He insists that he lay down on the floor. It’s nothing new for him, as he’s travelled greater leagues than you. It looks terribly uncomfortable, and you can’t just let him lay there while you’re all in this bed–as lumpy at it is. There’s more than enough room for both of you, you tell him, but he only shakes his head in response.

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svt Vampire!au: Seokmin

Dino | VernonSeungkwan | Minghao | Mingyu | dk | Woozi | Wonwoo | Hoshi | Junhui | Joshua | Jeonghan | Seungcheol

- Like most vampires, he was fair and flawless

- His eyes were light brown with hints of yellow

- his fangs were short but sharp enough to get the job done 

- by his appearances, humans never knew that he was supernatural 

- born into the vampire life, he was raised to live amongst humans by his mom

- his abilities were soft and harmless

- Enhanced senses allowed him to have superhuman like smell and sight

- And the ability to heal humans with just a drop of his blood.

- he never let his secret out.

- he knew humans and vampires were different

- Dk was the sweet vampire of the pack, never hurting humans.

- his day life as a vampire was quite simple, like those of an everyday teenager 

- he worked as a barista

- making coffee and drinks for those who had no idea he was who he said 

- he had this bright smile, that felt so alive and genuinely happy 

- at night his animalistic instincts flooded in.

- his hunger was overwhelming his body  

- he feed on animals, live ones to be exact

- he could never hurt a human but dead animals didn’t cure his hunger 

- he fed mostly on stray animals

- until one day his life changed..

- he was feeding like usual, so into the sweet taste of the warm blood his senses weakened

- a costumer from the coffee shop curiosity got the best of them

- the peeked around the corner at the sound of Dk ravishing his victim 

- She gasped loudly catching Dk off guard.

- she yelled and yelled

- Dk acted on impulse, running quickly at the girl until his hands were around her mouth

- “It’ll be quick”

- His fangs ripped against her neck, the blood dripping off of both of them

- he fed on her until she no longer screamed 

- “I couldn’t let my secret go.. I’m sorry”

You’re Their Doctor On Tour (4/4)

Anonymous asked: “Hey could I have a Calum imagine where you are the boys’ doctor on tour thanks xx”  

I decided to do all the boys so I hope you like it. :) 


Calum:  I was currently going to school for Medicine and studying to be a nurse. So far, things had been going great. I was keeping my grades up and had a great job at a nearby clinic. I had also been offered a job on tour with a band called “5 Seconds of Summer”. I hadn’t yet taken up on the offer but I was considering it. This would only mean I would be finishing classes online and traveling around the world with a few boys (who were quite attractive according to the research I did the week before). I just decided to sleep on it and decide in the morning, putting it off just one more day. 

When I woke up, I realized today was the day. I went to my Friday classes and droned through the day still contemplating my answer. On my way home, I crossed the road and saw a little girl fall and scrape her knee. I rushed over to her and her mother and immediately pulled out my purse and grabbed an antiseptic wipe and a band-aid. When I finished I smiled at her and gave her a sucker (something nurses just happen to carry around with them in case of emergency). “Thank you! You did such a wonderful job, are you a doctor?” the mother asked me. I simply nodded my head and continued my journey home deciding that yes, I would accept the tour offer. 


Tour life was great. WAY better than I ever expected. I didn’t think I would be as close with the boys, I was only the medical aid anyways, but with the close age and constantly being around each other we quickly became really close friends and had a great time. I had taken a liking to one boy in particular. Calum Hood. He was so funny and charming and very cute and was really easy to get along with. 

One day during rehearsals, the boys were goofing off and, of course, one of them got hurt. Calum had been chasing Ashton who had been given the bright idea by Michael to give him a wedgie while Luke tried to calm them down. Calum fell and cut his leg on some sound equipment. It wasn’t a really deep cut, just enough for it to bleed a lot and nothing I couldn’t take care of. “Y/N!! Calum’s bleeding!” Michael yelled, completely not okay with the blood currently oozing from his friends legs. I just shook my head and grabbed the first aid kit. 

Calum sat down on a chair and held his leg out for me to examine. “This is going to sting a little, okay?” I warned as I slid on my latex gloves and grabbed an antiseptic wipe. “Nothing I can’t handle.” he winked and huffed his chest, but I laughed as he hissed when I dabbed his wound. He looked at me and smiled, “What?” Shaking my head I laughed, “Nothing tough boy, here comes the fun part.” Watching his eyes widen in confusion I smirked. There was really no fun part, all I was going to do was apply neosporin and a bandage, but it was funny seeing him react. 

After I finished I tapped his leg and stood up. “Wow, I’m impressed Dr.(y/n).” he teased, “You have hands as light as a feather.” “Why thank you Calum, you made and excellent patient,” I winked. He paused and frowned. “Hmm, I still don’t feel right..maybe you could kiss it better?” he smirked at me. I jokingly gave him a kiss on the cheek, watching his eyes light up and his face burn red. With a giggle, I walked off putting the kit away and listened to the boys tease him in the background. 

Tour was definitely a good choice. 

Ashton: Being on tour with a bunch of boys was a handful, but being on tour with a bunch of hot boys… that was something else. I’m not going to lie, when I was asked to follow the boys around as medical aid I jumped on the offer, knowing the boys from their music that I totally adored. I was close with all of the boys and we had great times together. I was not only their med-aid, but also their go-to for girl advise, drinking buddy (that was ONCE), and pretty much anything else that required a girl best friend. And I was fine with that, it was great! But I had a small-kinda-big crush on Ashton Irwin, the band’s drummer. He was the most attractive man I had ever met, with a smile that could light up the world and dimples you could swim in. The best part is, I think he likes me back..well, I hope. But I’ve never been one to make the first move. 

One day, Ashton was rehearsing and spun his drumstick wrong and popped himself right in the face. Blood was everywhere, but it was only a nosebleed. The boys of course, freaked out at the blood gushing from his nose and I rushed to assistance with my gloves on and medical kit in hand. I just smirked and pushed him up straight by his lower back before tipping his head slightly forward. I sprayed his nose with Afrin and had him pinch his nose shut while I had the boys fetch an ice pack. “So how did this happen?” I teased, clearly amused by the whole situation. His cheeks pinked a little and he giggled, “I hit myself while drumming.” I smiled at him. Michael came running back with an ice pack and the others following close behind. “Thanks. Okay Ashton, this will be a little cold but it will help.” He nodded. I placed the pack on his sinus area and held it in place. “You are good at this,” he commented, watching me intently. “Thank you,” I blushed. I shouldn’t have but I couldn’t help it. He was adorable and I just wanted to give him a kiss. “You’re cute when you blush.” he murmured. I just laughed and shook my head. There was no getting out of this situation no matter how bad I wanted to run and squeal. He laughed too. and just looked at me. “I would kiss you right now (y/n) but.. you know.” 

I smiled and leaned down to peck his lips lightly. “You’re cute when you blush too,” I whispered. 

Luke: What are they on about now? I thought for the ninth time in the last 15 minutes. I loved these boys but they sure were a handful. Luke Hemmings, the lead singer of the band “5 Seconds of Summer” was my boyfriend of awhile and currently on tour. Before he left, his managers asked if I would chip in to be their emergency care provider and I gladly accepted. My medical experience was pretty extensive, I worked at my local hospital’s E.R. and could probably say I’ve seen it all. 

“(Y/n), uhm, Luke just hit his head pretty hard and we think you should come check it out.” I was snapped out of my thought by Calum. I grabbed my medical kit and followed him to the other boys who were crowded around my boyfriend and looked worried. “Luke?” I called his attention. “(Y/n), I’m fine, I’m fine. I just bumped my head it’s nothing.” I sighed, “Luke are you a bit dizzy or nauseous? Tell the truth, it will help you more than hurt you.” He shrugged, “I mean a little but-” I cut him off by shaking my head. 

After I preformed some small exams checking his vision, hearing, balance, you know.. the works, I concluded he had just had a minor concussion. “Alright Lukey, you have a minor concussion. You better be glad you boys are on a weekend break. Luke, you are staying in and resting this weekend and that is final. Doctor’s orders.” I informed. “But-” “Nope. I don’t wanna hear it. Next time you’ll be careful.” I handed him some pain reliever and a water bottle and led him to the bunks, the boys following close behind. “Alright boys out, go mess around somewhere else but here. Your boy needs his rest.” 

As the boys said their goodbyes and ran off to god knows where, I put my medical kit up and walked back to check on Luke. He pouted, “Cuddle?” I cocked my head to the side, mock contemplating if I should really slip under the covers and snuggle with him. “Please (Y/n)?? Pretty please?” 

“Aww, you are too cute not to cuddle.” I climbed into the tight space and laid beside the sweet boy I loved so much. 

Michael:  Being the “tour doctor” (or so they called you) for four wild boys who were convinced they were totally punk-rock was not easy. They were always falling, bumping and bruising something and I was always called to the rescue. One boy in particular, Michael Clifford, seemed to need the most attention. He was always hitting on me. Smirking when he took his shirt off so I could examine him, always cheeky and asking if I could kiss him better. 

I have to admit, I liked it. A lot. And I liked him a lot more. He was the sweetest little shit I had ever met and I just couldn’t help but to not fall for him after a while. I think he was starting to notice too, because he was starting to flirt it up even when we weren’t playing doctor/patient. And because my cheeks were always mysteriously tomato red when I was around him.. weird. 

We were all sitting on the tour bus one night watching a movie. I was laying on the couch in between Luke and Mikey and snuggled into my sweatshirt and fuzzy pants. Of course, as soon as I was comfortable, I suddenly needed a glass of water and sighed as I made my way to the small “kitchen” and retrieve a water bottle. Opening the lid, I took a drink and heard some footsteps behind me. I turned around to see Michael, also reaching into the refrigerator to grab a bottle of water and taking a sip of his. He looked at me and grinned. 

“What?” I laughed. “Nothing, nothing,” he shook his head smiling and dismissing his thought. “Seriously, what?” I pushed, still smiling. “I was just thinking about how pretty you are, that’s all.” He grinned. 

“You cheeky little shit.” I shook my head laughing. He bumped me with his hip and laughed, “I can’t help it. I’m completely serious.” 

Twisting the lid back on my water bottle, I placed it on the counter and turned to him to lean on my tiptoes and kiss his cheek. He grinned and I walked back to the movie, swaying my hips just a bit, mentally praising the opportunity for a job like this. 

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KATH, I WANT CAPTAIN CROSSBOW with "You embarrassed me this evening." Please! :o) (And congratulations!!! Many happy returns!!!)

It is embarrassing how far down my inbox I had to go to find this ask - always-comment-on-the-mutton  I am sorry it has taken so long! (And I know there are still more of you waiting as well) I think it is only fitting that the little story I planned to write for you, my favourite hungry sheep, spiraled completely out of control and became an 1000 word + number. I took a tiny bit of poetic license and changed ‘this’ to ‘last’ because dusty, hungover Granny was a funnier prospect…

The morning after the night before

It was one of the more difficult mornings she could remember. As the shrill of her alarm pierced the early morning silence, her eyes rebelled against the idea of opening at all. She may have been a respectable business owner in this community for more years than she cared to recall, her diner open as reliably as clockwork, but today the temptation to turn over in her bed and sleep off the after effects of last night’s celebration was almost stronger.

That damned clock was lucky her crossbow wasn’t to hand.

Forcing her eyes open, she tried to remember the details of last night’s celebration. All the residents of Storybrooke had wanted to be there to welcome the Saviour home – the Dark One’s Curse thwarted and the darkness contained far away. The details were definitely hazy – the wide smile of the Captain, the echo of Leroy’s foghorn voice off the diner walls, young Henry by his mother’s side. And someone knocking.

She wished she didn’t remember the knocking. And it just wouldn’t stop…

She sat bolt upright as the figure burst into her room. That explained the knocking, she thought, as her granddaughter eyed her up and down. Ruby’s eyes flashed and a decided smirk played across her lips.

“Feeling well this morning, are we?”

She barely recognised the sound that came out of her own mouth in response.

Ruby snorted. “That good? Excellent. Remember all the details? Because quite frankly, you embarrassed me last evening.” The pause was definitely for effect – just to let the enormity of that statement sink in.

“Yep – it was that good. While you get dressed and ready to help me sort out the disaster downstairs you think about it.” Ruby flounced out of the room, all legs and attitude, as ever.

What on earth had she done?


The first flash of memory came as she walked gingerly down the stairs to the diner.

“Captain!” she had called out. “Come have a drink with me!” Firmly ensconced with his now confirmed True Love, the pirate had smiled indulgently and planted a kiss on Emma’s cheek before joining her at the bar.

“Only the best for the hero of the hour,” she had announced, pouring generous tumblers of her best rum.  

“Hardly, milady,” he had replied. “It was, without doubt, a team effort.” She passed him a glass and held hers out, waiting for the clink. He obliged quickly and took an appreciative sip.

She threw back the glass, draining every drop in one long swallow.

She had a very clear memory of a highly arched eyebrow.

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You're Alright You. Part Thirteen.

• What if … on the day of her release from the mental hospital Rae doesn’t see Chloe and the gang on the bikes…


• Part One • Part Two • Part Three • Part Four • Part Five • Part Six• Part Seven • Part Eight • Part Nine • Part Ten • Part Eleven• Part Twelve


Part Thirteen

Today was the day.


I could hardly sleep last night.

Who could when they would be seeing the Gallagher brothers, in the flesh in just a few mere hours?

Oh bloody hell.

I was so excited.

And not just that but I would be surrounded by my mates.

Finn would be by my side.

Chloe had me and Izzy stay ‘round hers last night. Moaned for almost an entire hour until I agreed.

Even Izzy wasn’t too happy about it. Since her parents went on a cruise last week she has pretty much lived at Chop’s house. Lucky bitch.

I would give anything to wake up every bloody morning with Finn in my bed. Delicious.

Imagine all of the sexing? Gush.


We had to meet up with everyone in the car park at the back of the chippie.

“Right you lot” Chop was clapping his hands.

He’s kinda like a performing monkey sometimes.

Maybe he should join the circus? That would be hilarious.

I noticed that all of the other lads that they played footie with were also here.

I know Chop said it was originally meant to be a lads trip but I’m glad he got tickets for Izzy and Chloe when Finn wanted to ask me to come.

Still can’t get over that by the way. He told Chop, one of his close mates that he wanted me to come along. Mind blown.

“Put these on” he handed everyone a black shirt with Oasis written on the front “Got yah names on the back”

Sure enough on the back of mine was Raemondo. Why not just Rae?

Everyone else just had their name. Well Chop didn’t have Arnold but…. whatever.

“Thanks Chop”

“Anytime baby girl” he hugged me with one arm “Anytime”

“These are so cool” Izzy beamed at her boyfriend.

“Rae, your in with me” Finn moved over to his car as he threw the end of his cig on the ground “Chlo’ and Arch too”

“Let’s get this show on the road people!”

As we finally pulled away Finn pointed at his dashboard “Put that cassette on, girl. Made a special road trip tape for today” Oh yeah?

Oh and there he goes with the 'girl’ thing again, I’m never gunna get used to that. Ever.

Spaceman by Babylon Zoo started playing. What.The.Fuck.

“Are you joking?” I asked. He is crazy.

“What, its our song!” Like fuck is it.

“My arse is it!” I told him.

“You love it” Bollocks do I.

“In your fucking dreams”

He is fucking insane if he thinks this is our song. No way, Nope.

Anything but this.

I’d even take a pop song over it.

Not backstreet boys though.

That would be going too far.

Wait a minute, did he say our song? Bloody hell.

“Alright you two” Chloe laughed and shook he head “Calm it down”

“If I wanted couple-ness I woulda got in with Chop and Izzy” Archie told us “Jesus, I need to get a boy and annoy the shit outta you lot as payback” oh snap.

“What?” Oh shit.

The colour was draining from Archie’s face as he realised his mistake. He had said boy in front of Chloe.

Chloe turned her whole body to look at him.

“Umm girl, I meant girl” He stuttered. Smooth Archie. Real smooth.

“Archie?” Chloe spoke “Are you gay?”

He just stuttered a few more incoherent words before taking a deep breath and finally saying “Yeah, I’m gay Chloe ”

After a few seconds of really damn awkward silence she finally spoke “Thats why you wouldn’t get off with me?”

“Jesus christ” I muttered and turned back to facing the front. Is she serious? That’s all she could come with saying? Bloody Chloe.

“Oh Archie” she hugged him.

See, he was all worried about her and she didn’t even know. I told him.

And look at how she has reacted. He had nothing to worry about. 

“Did you two know” she asked when she saw me and Finn were just smiling in the front.

“I told them that day..”

“You went missing” she finished his sentence for him “How come you haven’t said nothing to the rest of us”

“Was just waiting for the right time” he shrugged.

“Love you Arch”

“Thanks Chlo’ ”

The relief in Archie was was bloody amazing.

Three down, two more to go.


The road trip was supposed to take just over an hour.

Well, that was before we left Chop in charge of the directions.

We had been following him for about fourty minutes until I realised we had passed the same house three times.

Oh wait, make that four. What the fuck?

“He’s lost” Finn said.

So I wasn’t the only one who had noticed.

“We’re going in circles” I told him.

“Bloody Chop”

“Who’s bright idea was it to let him be the lead car?” Chloe asked.

“Chops!!” The rest of us shouted. Who else?

Finn blasted his horn and Chop pulled the car over on the side of the road to stop.

“We are never gunna get there with him yah know” Archie laughed “We’ll be the only ones with tickets who will miss the entire gig!”

“Not bloody likely” Finn unbuckled his seat belt “I’m taking the map of him”

“Good luck with that” Archie laughed.

“I can’t read a map” I said as Finn walked off to Chop’s car.

“I can, switch seats with me Rae” Archie got out of the back door and waited by mine.

Guess I was demoted to the back seat then. Bollocks.


The stadium was incredible.

It was huge, It was almost too big.

There where so many people, It was like a bloody zombie apocolypse or summet.

All going in the same direction. A sea of bloody black t-shirts.

You could smell food cooking in the air around us. Burgers and hot dogs. Yum.

This is fucking heaven.

Groups amongst the chaos were singing different Oasis songs and clutching cans as they moved.

I didn’t realise there were going to be so many people.

Oh my god.

What do we do if we get separated. I don’t know if I can cope with…

“Hey” Finn pulled my hand “Don’t let go of me hand, ok” he moved closer so he could whisper in my ear “Don’t wanna loose yah in this crowd and non of these fuckers wanna be here as much as us”

My inside are going to explode soon. I bloody well swear it.

“Rae” Chloe wrapped her arm around the opposte one Finn was attached too “There are so many people”

“I know” Too many people.

“Right, if we get separated just make sure to meet up at the cars after, ok?” Chop shouted “Right lets fucking do this!”


My ears felt muffled.

The noise inside the stadium had been so loud, all night long.

It was fucking incredible.

Best night ever.


“Alright?” Finn shouted as we walked hand in hand trying to find the cars.

Somehow none of us could really remember where we had actually parked the cars a hundred percent.

I still think it was in the other direction. Or maybe to the left? Fucking hell.

A lot of the car’s around us had already begun to go.

“Jesus Finn” I laughed and nudged his arm “No need to shout”

“I can’t hear so good” he pointed at his ears. Still shouting.

“Me either, it’ll go soon” I hope.

“That was the best gig, ever!” he looked so happy. And so was I.



“Fucking incredible” I agreed.

“I’m so glad Chop got you a ticket” He smiled “Wouldn’t of been right without yah here, would of been shit really”

“Thanks, for asking him to get me a ticket” I smiled “You didn’t have to do that”

“Bollocks, of course I did, you’re me girl

“Your girl?” Holy shit.

“Well, yeah , ain’t yah?” I think I might pass out.

“ 'Spose?” Oh my god. Oh my freaking god.

Be calm.

Don’t freak out.


“You better not be kissing Chop or someone behind me back” he frowned.

“Oh my god, thats discusting!” Vomit inducing “And of course I’m not”

No one ese would wanna kiss me anyway.

I sure as shit didn’t ever think you would!

“Are you?” Please don’t say yes. Please.

“ 'course not!” phew.

“So…” What doe’s this mean?

“So, your my girl” he smiled again.

“And your my..” boy?

Lad?” he laughed.

“You two do realise your shouting this little love confession, right?” Archie laughed from behind us. Oh shit.

Looking behind I saw that all of our friends were laughing and watching the two of us.

Even some of the footie lads.

Oh bollocks to it.

“Don’t care!” Finn laughed “I want everyone to know anyway” Jesus.

This can not be real.

He stopped walking and grabbed my face with both of his hands before kissing me in the middle of everyone.

“Go Rae!” Chloe shouted as everyone else in our group whooped and whistled.

Thats it, its official.

I think he just killed me.


Wait a minute.

Do I have a boyfriend?

Fucking hell!

007. 5SOS Preferences: Photo That Confirms You're Together

I don’t think these are my best, but I really wanted to get something up tonight. Please forgive me, it’s about 4:40 AM here. Let me know whatcha think.  Thanks


You had heard the rumors and you didn’t mind them. Even the ridiculous ones about you being his half-sister once removed did nothing, but cause a tiny smile to creep up on your face. All that mattered was that you and Luke were in agreement with one another, the rest of the world could talk about what they didn’t know and you wouldn’t bat an eye. 

The first chance you had to see him since he took off for the next tour with One Direction was when he had a day off in Toronto. The idea of being followed by any paparazzi didn’t even occur to you. You were staying in downtown Toronto, not on Rodeo Drive in Hollywood. However, you had overlooked the fact that some fans would be skipping school to wait outside of the King Edward Hotel where Five Seconds of Summer were staying.

With fear just beginning to surface in your eyes, you sat with your legs crossed at the ankles in a cushioned lobby chair, waiting for Luke to collect directions on how to get to Kensington Market. The girls all looked, in a word, ‘nice’, but excited and willing. You remembered mentally bullying yourself when you and Luke first spoke to one another, he approaching you at a house party while you were sitting in a lawn chair, keeping warm by a well built bonfire in the backyard. You kept staring at the sleeves of your autumn coat, playing with the ends of it with your bitten fingernails. Any time you two locked eyes, you felt your stomach tighten and it was terrifying. You couldn’t even remember your cell phone number when he asked for it. These girls looked like they could just walk right up to him and have no qualms about giving him anything he wanted right then and there. You almost admired their confidence while being a bit overwhelmed by it. 

“Alright. I think I got it now.” Luke nodded affirmatively, coming up from behind and standing right in front of you with a printed page from Google Maps. “Ken says we could take the subway, but I want to walk. You up for a walk?" 

You were still watching the waiting row of mostly females outside behind him, but eventually you clued into his voice and started to stand up onto your feet. 

"Ken? What?” Squinting, you narrowed in on his sleepy blue eyes.

“That’s the guy at the desk. Ken.” Luke nodded over your head, waving at the man who had just helped him out. The myth about guys not asking for directions was debunked by Luke. He liked to know where he was going, organization was a turn on. “Let’s walk. I wanna see the city.” Luke shrugged as he started to fold the printer paper into fours until it was a square that fit in the pocket of his extra tight jeans.

“Let’s.” Pulling the strap of your bag over your shoulder, you smiled and began to walk ahead of him. He had barely been able to read out for your hand to hold in his by the time you had bustled out the door, telling yourself to just be cool.

No one paid any attention to you as you left, but once Luke came out of the heavy gold glass door, you were both just krill to whales. You glanced over your shoulder as girls approached Luke with pep in their step and arms in the air, but that was where you made your biggest mistake. 

Locking eyes with a girl about your age, she gasped and approached you as if you were Luke, “Are you, [Y/N]?” She peeled her eyes wide and pointed directly at your neck; making you glance down over yourself. Luke was standing for pictures graciously while your tongue tied itself into a sailor’s knot. “Are you and Luke a thing?” She asked right away. 

“Um…I…I am no and I is…what?” You felt your mouth go dry as a string of nonsense fell from it, so you turned around and started to head left, just assuming it was the right way. 

After one more picture, Luke excused himself cordially and bustled by their hands and screams to catch up to you. Once more, he reached for your hand, but you denied it by keeping your own fingers locked together in front of your baggy sweater.

“Jig is up, huh?” Quietly, right under your breath, you asked him as you two crossed the street to the next block.

“I don’t think that’s such a bad thing.” Lackadaisically, Luke stated clearly without a single care in his voice. He knew that eventually it was going to be too obvious to question and he didn’t really care if people knew. He wanted people to know. He was proud to be the one you called your other half. 


It was your grandma’s fault. 

Without meaning to, she sent the Five Seconds of Summer fandom into a frenzy with just a few strokes of her iPad’s keys. You completely regretted telling your parents to buy her one for Christmas now. 

She was only on Facebook to connect with her family that had grown substantially over the last ten years. Everyone had moved around the globe and started their own families, it was hard for someone of her age and health to get around to visit, so you set up a Facebook account for her and very slowly explained how it all worked. You were also regretting that now too. 

You had brought Calum over after a night of hanging out on the beach together since your grandmother lived close by. You knew that he would find her absolutely fascinating with her stories of decades past and secret baking weapons. She was a class act after all. While he was terribly nervous to meet the woman who had an important hand in raising you, you knew that he would charm her as quickly, if not quicker than he swept you off your feet six months ago. 

“Are you two twerking?” Slowly moving along with her walker, your grandmother asked from where the living room became the kitchen. She had sent you two to put on the kettle to make some hot chocolate, but all she could hear was giggling and stomping, not a lot of actual drink making. She didn’t have her glasses on, but she could tell you two were dancing around. Her concept of what twerking was was vague at best. 

“No, Grandma, I’m trying to teach him how to dance!” Laughing, his hands in yours with your arms raised upwards, you shouted to her.

“No, I’m teaching her how to dance.” Calum called right back, holding your hands up above and making you stretch onto the tips of your coral painted toes. 

As you two laughed, you were oblivious that your grandmother took a candid shot of the two of you barefoot and being silly in her kitchen. It wasn’t until a day later when she uploaded it onto Facebook with the caption, [Y/N] and her boyfriend Calum. He was lovely, then all Hell broke loose. One of your cousins of distant relation was a 5SOS fan and showed the picture to his best friend out of excitement and, after that, the world saw it and harassed your grandmother until she figured out how to adjust her privacy settings. 


His surprise visit for your graduation party had been the highlight of your whole day. It was better than actually graduating, it was better than the actual graduation party. It was almost better than the giant Tia Marie Torte that was at the graduation party. You hadn’t even told him about it, he just talked to your friend without your knowledge and was waiting outside of your lecture hall after you came out looking exhausted from your last exam.

"Oh my God!” You screamed at the sight of him with his hands in his pockets and back to the wall, a bulletin board of volunteer opportunities behind him. Instantly, you perked up as someone on the floor studying shushed you. 

Michael met you halfway, hugging you close to his body as your arms wrapped around his neck. You didn’t even smile at him or say ‘hello’, you just stood up on the tips of your toes, the backs of your shoes popping off, and kissed him as hard as he had kissed you when he left to tour two months ago. 

“You’re supposed to be in Germany.” You spoke into his chest, resting the side of your face into his black t-shirt for a moment and smiling completely beside yourself. “You said you would have a German beer and pack of gummy bears for me." 

"I tricked ya.” Laughed Michael. He pulled away from you just enough to put his hand down the back pocket of your blue jeans and walk along with you to the door. “It was worth it for that crazy look on your face." 

"I actually can’t feel my brain. That exam plus you surprising me…I’m speechless.” You babbled as you two walked outside where the sun poured down from you. 

“We’re done!” Rushing over, your best friend ran across the parking lot to you with a animated grin on her face. “Ah, you must be Michael, nice to actually meet you.” She reached out to shake his hand that wasn’t comfortably holding your butt cheek. “We’ve been texting to make this happen. He’s the guy under my phone as ‘Destiny’.”

“That’s him!?” It all made sense now. “I thought you were ditching me for a stripper best friend.” Holding Michael’s arm, you pressed your face into it and laughed. It was only quarter after one in the afternoon and already the day was better than most before.

In the midst of all the excitement, your friend took a picture of you and Michael, kind of, as she walked toward her car, talking about her exam. You didn’t think anything when she uploaded it to her Twitter because you didn’t really care if anyone had something to say about it. You were so happy. 


“Who had the bright idea to film in December!?” Behind the camera, waiting for when they wanted to shoot his solo shots, Ashton shivered and shouted to any crew member willing to listen. It was one thing to shoot a music video in the winter, but why couldn’t they be inside plying their instruments and drinking tea? If they had to be outside, Ashton wished someone had pitched the idea of the video being staged around a large burning bonfire. Instead, they were in an open winter field, freezing as they were criminally under-dressed, and walking around like solemn lost boys. He was pretty sure someone called the theme ‘Neverland meets Ice Age’ and he didn’t know how he felt about it.

You tagged along only because Ashton swore up and down that video sets came with the promise of a lot of downtime. Walking back over to him, you waved back as he lit up. You had a feeling he was more excited about the blanket from the backseat of your car folded in your hands than he was at actually seeing you.

“Hey, good timing.” Ashton chuckled between his chattering teeth as you neared him. He held you close for the purpose of warmth, kissing your forehead and breathing in your sweet scent as it combined with the winter breeze. “Warm me up, baby.” Pouting against you, he whined.

“I brought a blanket. Should I go get you a hot chocolate?” You asked, stepping away to unwrap the blanket. 

Ashton teared it away from you and opened it up, draping it over himself like he was Jasmine going to the Agrabah market place for the first time. 

“Way to share.” You laughed, prompting him to open up his arms and let you back into his embrace. 

“There’s coffee and cocoa at craft services. I just need to wait here.” They had told him he would be needed in ten minutes about twenty minutes ago, so he knew better than to wander off. “Thanks for coming and freezing your ass off with me.” He smiled, shaking against you, but running his hands up and down your backside to try and keep you warm as well. 

“It’s cool. I’ve always wanted to see a film crew before." 

"Isn’t it glamorous?” As his breath visibly lingered out of his mouth, he chuckled and nodded at the scene of people hard at work around him, large lights being built right in front of you both.

Almost in unison with Ashton’s, your phone began to buzz in the pocket of your dark wash jeans and you pulled it out to see a string of Twitter mentions come up on the screen one right after the other.

“Check your phone.” You told your boyfriend as you watched your screen closely, trying to count the notifications as they came in.

“I can’t feel my hands.” Ashton said, watching in the distance and hoping to catch the attention of the director. He just wanted to get the show on the road. 

You pulled your other hand off of Ashton’s back and pulled up your Twitter app, looking it over and seeing a picture of you and Ashton all over the place, most of them retweets from Calum. He had taken one from across the field with a caption that read: Ashton is working real hard on set as you cann see. 

“Well, I guess I’m now public enemy number one…” You showed him your screen, watching his usual saucer eyes shrink to gaze at your feed. Both you and Ashton didn’t want to be a flashy couple. You just wanted to stay private and fly under the radar, but the picture had only been posted a minute ago and you already had three messages that said you were an ugly whore and many more that said they wanted to die because Ashton wasn’t single. 

“Maybe, we’ll get hypothermia and die. Look on the bright side.” Ashton tried, bringing his shoulders up to his blanketed ears. “Don’t be sad.” He nipped at your nose like Jack Frost and then slowly went down to your lips, his blue. “It’ll all be fine. It doesn’t mean a damn thing.” To him, it really didn’t.