who had a cameo

I spy with my little eye…A CERTAIN BOY GENIUS.

Looks like Dexter loves The Human Fist as much as Robotboy, Tommy, Lola, and Gus.


Ava DuVernay promises her upcoming 13 episode miniseries Queen Sugar will have all female directors.

She mentions that (some? all?) will come from the black independent scene. Some likely contenders: 

  • Tina Mabry director of Mississippi Damned which DuVernay’s distribution company helped to release on Netflix.
  • Victoria Mahoney director of Yelling to the Sky who is friends with DuVernay and had a brief cameo in the Say Yes short she made. 
  • Julie Dash director of Daughters of the Dust. DuVernay has repeatedly cited her as an inspiration to her and her work. 

people are already commenting on my “bioware characters that deserved better” post with shit like “quit being mean 2 bioware because they didn’t write them the way you wanted” like lmao okay but look at a character like alistair—who has had appearances in every DA game and even a comic book spin off—and look at zevran–who got a really buggy cameo in DA2 and was ultimately shafted from further appearances in games because “bioware can’t think of a way to give him anymore cameos.” look at orsino who had a really ooc change of heart and resorted to blood magic when just two minutes before he was hopeful about the rebellion and was so against using blood magic only to use it so the mage side of DA2 would have the same number of boss battles as the templar side. and don’t even get me started on thane krios, who bioware actually admitted they forgot he was a love interest in ME3 and killed him in a really cheap way that didn’t really make sense (assassin that could kill you with his pinky literally walking up to shoot kai leng with a gun two feet from his face??? please). 

these are just a few examples, but don’t try to tell me bioware doesn’t treat some of their characters like shit. 

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the WOY finale a lot, but why weren’t the other villains there? I really thought they were gonna show up and help the rebels out because, dang it, it’s their galaxy too. But we never saw any of them after The Bad Neighbors, except Emperor Awesome who had a cameo in The Sick Day, but he wasn’t there for the finale. 

Where did everyone go? Did they really just give up, flee the galaxy, and find new jobs as orbble juice station attendants or something?


Judith Reeves-Stevens is well known for her involvement with the Star Trek franchise. In addition to having written twenty “Star Trek” books with her husband Garfield, including six novels on their own, ten novels with William Shatner, and four non-fiction volumes detailing the production history of the franchise, she acted as an executive story editor and co-producer on the fourth season of Star Trek: Enterprise. She and her husband are among the series writers who had cameos in "These Are the Voyages…”, the final episode of Enterprise. - Memory Alpha