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Do you think Jungkook’s jeans breathe a sigh of relief when he takes them off at the end of a long performance? Like, “Oh Praise Be To God! Those thighs are finally gone. I can breathe! My nerves have been stretched and frayed like the very fibres of my being. When will he read my memo about going a size up?”

And his white shirts must have meetings like, “Whose turn is it today? Gary? Is it you? Or is it me? Who is on for White Shirt Duty? Does anyone here remember who is meant to be doing the Wednesday White Shirt Shift?”

Taehyung’s clothes would eye-roll at them like, “Oh, you guys think you’ve got problems? Look how……OH MY GOD CAROL! RUN! He’s coming at us with scissors again!!!!”

Meanwhile, the rest of Tae’s wardrobe would be like, “Francesco and I are from the Milano Gucci store, we’re OG. I heard there are some sandals here from the New York branch. No offence but they can’t sit with us if they’re from the 2014 S/S collection. They’re not vintage, darling. They’re just tragic.”

Down the corridor, Yoongi’s clothes would have their own meeting like, “Look, I know it’s summer but we’re all just going to have to deal with the heat and fade okay? He’s bought us the special fabric softener for black clothes so it’ll be okay you guys. We can do this! Courage for our human!”

All of Jin’s clothes are like, “Wheeeeeeeeeee! We love Jin! We look so pretty! Oh dammit, Steve! Everybody stop! Red Steve just jumped into the laundry and now we’re all pink……..oh well. Wheeeeeeee!”

I know for sure that somewhere in the back of Namjoon’s closet all his shirts are sitting in a circle like, “I clothe him. Yes. We all clothe him. We are nothing but a social construct. But he gives us purpose! This symbiotic relationship is the true essence of being. Hey, where’s Cornelius? Did he get lost again? He’s not still in Japan is he? Because Namjoon lost his passport in Germany.”

Jimin’s sweaters are probably the sweetest kids at the laundromat. “Guys, remember what our human said. It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog. If you run into one of Jungkook’s punk ass t-shirts, bite the shit out of it and don’t leave any evidence behind.”

Hobi’s clothes have the best life for sure. “Our human is better than your human. That punk ass kid Jungkook got soy sauce all over me but our human gave me a nice pre-wash-soak. Then I got the gentle spin cycle, Huggy Bear fabric softener and full sunlight so I’m looking and feeling fresh again. Our human should run for president.”


Hey guys. Just figured I would let you all know about a rampant repost account who not only posts others artwork without credit, but they’re also tracing artwork, recognizable as @twindoodle’s as well as my own, and somebody else whose style I can’t recognize. They’re erasing the watermarks to replace with their own crappy one. They’re claiming they drew the artwork themself and even stole the name of my Kwami OC—which they traced—and are claiming her as their own character. They also traced @twindoodle’s artwork and are claiming her characters as their own as well.

Normally I don’t post stuff like this, but it really got on my nerves today. I’m going to report the artwork of mine they traced and anything else of mine they posted. I suggest those of you who are artists in the ML fandom keep a lookout—they might end up tracing your stuff too. Just figured I would let you all know about this account before it gets worse.

A list of artists whose artwork they’ve posted that I recognize (all without a shred of credit):

…as well as countless others I couldn’t find the original artist of because all the watermarks had been cropped out. I don’t know if some of you don’t like to be notified about reposts, but I’m @-ing you anyways just in case you’d like to report them. If anyone can identify the other artists whose work they stole, please add on!

I Can't Lose Her (Credence Barebone x Reader)

Y/n Scamander has just meet Credence. Their similar qualities bring them together to start dating. One night has a bad nightmare and helps him realize he is loved. Warnings: i don’t think that many just fluffy and kinda long (1794 words) Notes: y/n=your name y/h= your house y/e/c= your eye color y/h/c= your hair color y/h/l= your hair length Hope you enjoy:)

3rd person pov

Y/n Scamander was Newt Scamander’s first and only daughter. After graduating Hogwarts and being a proud y/h, she began traveling with her father. Then New York got destroyed. While the whole time in New York y/n became very close with the Goldstein sisters but had a very strong connection with Tina who was like her mother figure. During the obscurus attack Newt didn’t want to put his daughter in danger so he forced her to stay in the Goldstein’s apartment.

 But after Newt, Tina, and Queenie found Credence in the abandoned subway station they took him under their roof. So instead of returning to Europe Newt and you stayed behind in New York to help the sisters out. It was only a week after the incident and y/n hasn’t really met Credence yet since her father was protective and didn’t want her to get hurt, but after Tina convinced him that Credence wouldn’t hurt y/n he finally agreed. Maybe it was good that Credence would get some more company and be more comfortable around people. Also y/n and Credence were very close in age so it could help him talk to people closer to his age.

Credence’s Pov

               I was very scared after the attack on New York. What if I lose control and destroy New York again. No I can’t. Newt, Tina and Queenie will hate me they are all I have left, I can’t lose them.

                Today I was supposed to meet Newt’s daughter y/n. They wouldn’t tell me why I haven’t met her yet but I know the reason it is because they are afraid of me hurting her. I hope I don’t lose control and hurt her and then they will hate me. I can’t make them hate me they are all I have left, I can’t lose them.

I have seen her in a couple of photos that Newt kept around but they were when she was young five or six years old at the time. I hope she likes me and I need a friend around that doesn’t have a job and is always gone, it gets lonely in the apartment sometimes.

Y/n’s Pov

                Today I am going to meet the boy my father and the Goldstein sister have been helping. All of them had to work so they needed someone to watch Credence since he was getting very lonely around the apartment. I don’t have good first impressions. I am a lot like my father shy and socially awkward. I was one of those girls who literally couldn’t talk to boys. I barely talked to boys and if I did I never knew what to talk about and it would just get awkward. I have had a couple boyfriends but not that many, they always ended with the boy saying I was too shy for him. I hope Credence likes me I need a friend, it gets lonely sometimes in New York.

             What if Credence thinks I am ugly? I thought to myself. I had y/h/l, y/c/h hair and y/e/c eyes that people would say were pretty. But am I even pretty? Sure, everyone should love their body but how could someone think I’m pretty I didn’t have the super long skinny legs all the pretty girls at Hogwarts had. I was just a normal, average girl. What if he thinks I am weird and ugly?

                My thoughts were stopped as I reached the Goldstein’s door. Hear goes nothing and I rang the doorbell. It was my father who answered the door.

                “Hello sweetheart it’s good to see you how are you today?” my father said as he went to hug me.

                “Fine-e” I stuttered as I hugged him back. I was never usually this shy around my dad but the nerves got the best of me. After we hugged my dad and I walked into the apartment I was greeted my Tina, Queenie and a tall raven haired boy who was standing awkwardly beside them with his head down. Both Goldstein sisters hugged me.

                “Y/n this is Credence. Credence this is y/n.” Tina said. You both waved at each other very shyly. Queenie looked at her watch and saw what time it was and said “I think it is time to get heading over to work don’t want to be late.” You and Credence just nodded.

                “You kids have, but not too much fun,” my dad said jokingly before grabbed his briefcase and kissed me goodbye and left along with the Goldstein sisters. Credence and I were still blushing at the comment my dad made before he left as I closed the door behind him. There was a short awkward silence as you two just stood there until you broke it.

                “Hi-i. I’m y/n-n.” you said walking up to him and putting your hand out so he could shake it. He took his hand and shook it.

                ‘Hi-I, I’m-m Credence-e.” he replied back. He seemed more nervous then you. I guess he was really shy like you.

Credence’s Pov

               As soon as y/n walked through the door I started to get nervous. She was so pretty. She had y/c/h that glowed in the sunlight that came from the window. The way her y/e/c sparkled when she looked up to me and waved. She was a girl that would never be interested in me who would even like me? I got butterflies whenever she talked to me. Why do I have to like someone that will like me  back, I am unlovable.

3rd person Pov

                After that awkward first encounter and a few awkward silences Credence and y/n became very good friends. They both shared many similar qualities like being shy and reserved. They both enjoyed reading and going on walks around New York. Newt and y/n moved into the apartment so they could spend more time with the Goldstein sisters and Credence. It was only a month after their meeting when Credence confessed his feelings for y/n. Surprising y/n felt the same he did.

                Their relationship wasn’t perfect but it was for them. They both excepted each other’s imperfections, even though they both believed the other was perfect. They both haven’t told Newt thinking it might upset him. It really isn’t that hard to hide the relationship since the others are at work most of the day. Credence and y/n don’t really hang out as much when everyone is around. Until one night Credence had to see y/n.

Credence’s Pov

                “You’re a coward.” I heard these hateful words coming out of nowhere and not knowing who was saying them. That was until I turned around and saw y/n walking towards me. “No one could ever love you. You’re nothing but a coward. You can’t even treat your girlfriend. I am only with you out of pity. I couldn’t care less about you.“ you said harshly.

                “I-I thought-t you loved-d me-e.” I asked with sadness and started to cry.

                “You really believed I loved you. I could never love a monster like you. You’re just a stupid, worthless waste of space.” Before I could say anything y/n asked for my belt.

As I heard those words I cried harder. I did what she told me anyway, maybe it would make her like me more if I let her do what she wanted to me, or that’s what I was telling myself. As I lowered down so I was below her and so I made myself small for her, all I could do was hang my head low and kept telling myself that by letting her do this it will make her like me more. Before I knew it, I felt the first hit it hurt a lot but I didn’t care as long as it made her happy, right? That’s it I wanted to make her happy and letting her do with will make her happy. I can’t lose her.

I woke up drenched in sweat and tears streaming down my face. I was breathing heavily. Before I even thought about it I rushed to y/n’s room. I didn’t care if the other saw us together I needed to see the real y/n, my y/n. The one that would never hurt a fly, the one that used sweet and calming words that made me feel special. Not the y/n in my nightmare. As soon as I reached her room I opened the door and quickly closed it. Y/n didn’t hear me come in. So I went by her bed to wake her up. I can’t lose her.

“Y/n, y/n. Please wake up.” I whispered to y/n. She opened her eyes all I can do is cry.

Y/n Pov

               I woke up by someone whispering my name. I looked up and saw Credence standing over me looking down. “Credence, are you ok?” I asked, it looked like he had been crying. “Were you crying?” He still doesn’t answer. I side up and move over so he can sit on my bed with me. He nods his head. We both lie back down. I start to spoon him by putting my arms around his waist, and he buries his face into the crook of my neck and continues to sob. “It’s ok baby. Do you want to tell me why you are crying?” He lifts his head so it is no longer in the crook of my neck, looks into my eyes with his glossy eyes and nods.

                “I had a nightmare. You were there and you were telling me that I was worthless and a coward. Also that you-ou-,” he couldn’t complete the sentence “you didn’t love me. That you were just with me out of pity.” He starts to cry harder. “Then you told me to give you my belt-t. You started to hurt me with it and I let you because I thought it would make-e you happy-y and that you would like-e me-e.” He says between sobs. You gasp. “Omg Credence baby I could never hurt you and I would never take joy out of hurting someone or something.” He nods but is still sobbing. “You aren’t worthless. You mean so much to me, I love you so much.” I say as I start to cry. I kiss him passionately to show that I do really care about him and love him. He nods and replies “I love you too.

Credence’s Pov .

                After I told her I loved her we fell asleep in each other’s arms. In the most loving embrace I have ever felt. It made me feel loved. That I was lovable and that someone could love me and that someone was y/n. I held on to her so tightly, she’s all I have left. I can’t lose her.

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Imagine Dean knowing exactly how to calm your nerves.

Characters: Dean x Reader

Warning: None

Word Count: 350

A/N: I, like many of you, am starting another school year today. I have thought about it most of the weekend, anxious to meet my new students and get to know them. I got to thinking about how Dean would respond to my nerves and doubt and this popped into my brain. This is for anyone out there who is facing something new, different, exciting, or scary. Dean wants you to know that you are cared for and loved. 

Perfect Love - An Imagine Short


Good morning, beautiful. I know you are taking on something new today. You are going to kick ass. I know you’re second guessing the outfit you’re wearing. Don’t. You look fine as hell in everything you wear. You could go naked and… well don’t get me started on that, sweetheart. 

I believe in you. You are my rock, the most important person in my life. Have faith in yourself and what you are capable of achieving. You blow me away every day with your capacity for love. You put up with me everyday which should be a testament to your patience and so much more. 

I’ve never loved someone like I do you or believed in anyone as much as I do you. Give em hell, babe. You got this. 

I love you. 


You sat down the note that Dean had left on the bathroom counter with a smile on your face. Dean always knew the perfect thing to do. He knew just what you needed. You were the luckiest girl in the world, without question. 

“Hey,” Dean muttered softly as he walked into the room, wrapping his arms around your waist, kissing the soft spot behind your ear. 

You turned in his arms, placing your hands on his chest and stretching on to your tip toes, to kiss him tenderly. He smiled against your lips knowingly.

“Thank you,” you whispered, your breath hot on his lips. “I love you, Dean Winchester,” you smiled before grabbing your bag to start the day. 

He playfully swatted you on the ass as you stepped through the door. You giggled and gave him a mischievous grin. “I’m gonna need more of that when I get home,” you laughed. 

“You can count on that, princess. That’s a promise I can deliver on,” he said with a smirk. “Hurry up and go so it’ll be time for me to carry out that promise,” he said with a wink. 

You laughed heartily as you stepped out the door, ready for anything the day would throw at you. 

Forevers and Dean Peeps Below

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Two Sugars (KaiSoo) pt6

Rating: R18+ overall

Pairing: Jongin x Kyungsoo (side pairing: Jongdae x Minseok)

Kyungsoo: 24 years old, steady and organised. Needs a break from routine before he falls victim to it.  

Jongin: 20 years old, quiet and shy on the outside but a little more than he seems at first glance.  

Warnings: Loss of virginity, teasing, frottage, dirty talk, nipple play, begging, fingering, overstimulation, stomach bulge, topping from the bottom, creampie, comeplay.

Summary: Working for a high-end fashion magazine, Kyungsoo’s life is calm, orderly and as plain as can be. Only he’s developed a crush on the cute barista who works at an enchanting little shop down the other end of town - and somewhere in between warm coffee and autumn rain there’s a secret…

Tables and chairs that would normally have filled the centre of the coffee shop section of the store have been rearranged and moved off to one side. In their place an impromptu picnic has been set up on the floor with blankets and pillows, bottles and cups, a hundred different types of leftover Paw Print cakes and takeaway containers still steaming next to their corresponding plates. Kyungsoo notes all of this as Chanyeol closes the door behind them, shutting out the cold. The glow from the storm lanterns bathes everything in gold.

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Pet Shop Across The way (cockatoo Present Mic X reader) Part 2


part 1

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Oops! (Harry Styles Imagine)

Today was the first day of my new job as a fine dining waitress. I couldn’t sleep last night from my nerves and couldn’t finish eating my breakfast. The butterflies flittered around in my stomach as I smoothed my hands down the front of my white uniform chemise. But the nerves weren’t just because today was a new start… I had lied on my resume and listed personal references. AKA the only reason I got the job. But rent in New York City wasn’t cheap and finding work was hard. I prayed that I didn’t screw things up too badly.

“Y/L/N, you’re going to help Jamie as the maître d’ tonight. Carlos will be back tomorrow to start training you for tables.” My boss said, a scrawny man with a pencil thin moustache who owned the restaurant. He thrusted a paper menu at me. “Take this home with you and study it. It’s necessary for you to memorize the menu items and how they are prepared before you are able to wait tables on your own.”

Stuffing the menu in the back pocket of my pressed black dress pants, I scurried to leave the kitchen and keep up with him. He led me towards the front of the restaurant past all the tables lined with white linen and set with porcelain and crystal. The maître d’ stand faced the large windows and doors that opened out onto a covered portion of New York City street. When the restaurant opened, the doors will be manned by a doorman. The overhead lights will be dimmed and the candles atop each table will be lit. I had never stepped foot into a restaurant like this, and it seemed utterly magical.

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Daryl Dixon x Reader

Requested—by none other than the fabulous, the lovely @casownsmyass(Chloe) so thank her for this.


Nodding to each other Daryl and Michonne split up without a sound. She headed towards the three-story Victorian and while he went for the one next door—a small one story house painted an almost sky blue with white trim. There were even some wilting daffodils out front. They a little brown but still stubbornly blooming and obviously alive even after all this time.  Ignoring the inviting front porch and front door, Daryl drew out his crossbow and cautiously started on his way around to the back of the house.  Stopping at every corner and glancing around it (bow first) to make sure it was clear Daryl made it to the backyard.  Spotting a garden slightly overgrown and wilted from neglect he made a detour and walked over to see if there was anything good.

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Tattoo Artist!Luke Hemmings



Warnings: None, some angst lol

A/N: Okay wow, this is so long. I had so much fun writing it, though! I really hope you guys liked it! I’m sorry I haven’t been active this past two days, I feel awful :( I’ve been so busy, and my band and I got into our school’s talent show, so those rehearsals are this week, so I will be even more busy! However, who needs education when Tumblr? I will do my best to still post to you guys! Please like, follow, and request :)

You nervously tugged at your bracelets on your wrist while you walked to the tattoo shop. Today you were getting your first tattoo, a butterfly on your shoulder blade, and to say you were nervous was an understatement. Pushing the door open to the shop, you walked in, taking a deep, stressed breath, trying to calm your nerves. The shop was empty from what you could see, so you decided to look around at the drawings on the walls to distract you. You were studying a drawing of an eye when you heard some noises coming from the back room. Soon enough, a boy walked out wearing all black and a beanie. He had blonde hair, tattoos covering his arms, and a ring of metal piercing his lower lip. He hadn’t noticed you yet, so you awkwardly walked forward so he would hear you.

Looking up, slightly surprised someone was there, he smiled and said, “hi, I’m Luke, can I help you?”

Taken aback by his striking blue eyes, you hesitated, “I-I’m, Y/N, and I made an appointment?” you said with uncertainty.

Luke walked over to the front desk and looked at the clipboard for a few seconds. “Ah,” he said, pointing to what must have been your name, “here it is. Alright, you can follow me. Do you know what you want?”

“Um yeah, I want a butterfly on my shoulder blade please.”

“Okay, you will have to take your shirt off so I can get to your shoulder, is that okay?” Luke asked you, concern laced into his words, as you two entered a room with a chair and what looked to be the tattoo instruments.

“Yeah, that’s fine.” You rubbed your sweaty palms together in nervousness as you looked around the room, standing near the chair.

“You can go ahead and take your shirt off and sit down here,” he said, gesturing to the chair.

“Okay.” You took your shirt off with shaky hands and set it on the floor next to the chair. Taking a deep, shaky breath, you closed your eyes and exhaled, sitting down.

“You nervous?” Luke asked you.

Laughing nervously, you replied, “yeah…it’s my first one.”

“Ah, well there’s nothing to be afraid of. I won’t lie, though, it does hurt a lot, but you will get used to the pain after a little while,” Luke smiled at you as he continued to prepare the things needed.


Once he finished getting everything ready, and he cleaned up your skin where the tattoo would go, you heard the buzz of the tattoo gun.

“This may hurt,” he informed you, “are you ready?”

Taking one last breath, you said, “yes.”

He began the tattoo and yes, it did hurt. A lot. However, he was right, it faded to a low, numbing pain. He continued to talk to you while he worked away on your skin, trying to distract you from the pain. Once he was done, he cleaned up the area a bit more and walked you over to a full-length mirror. Giving you a handheld mirror, he turned you around so you could see what it looked like. You gasped as you looked at the beautiful artwork put on your skin.

“Do you like it?” he asked, trying to read your expression.

“Like it? I love it! This is beautiful.”

Smiling widely, he said, “really? Well, I’m glad you liked it. It’s going to be sore for a few days, and I will put a patch over it to protect it.”

“Okay, thank you.”

He finished putting the patch on and handed you your shirt. After putting it on, he asked you, “so was it as bad as you thought it would be?”

A smile formed on your lips as you said, “surprisingly no, actually.”

“Good, I’m glad. Now I can check you out up in the front if you would like?”

“That would be wonderful thank you.”

After you paid for everything, you lingered uncomfortably for a couple of seconds, wanting to ask him for his number but nervous of rejection. A couple more seconds went by when you became frustrated with your mental debate. Groaning internally while praying to god you didn’t mess it up, you quickly sputter out, “couldipleasehaveyournumber?”

Raising his eyebrows, he said, “I’m sorry, I couldn’t understand you?”

“I was just, um, wondering if I could maybe, um, have your number…”

A big smile spread across his face and he said, “yeah!” He scribbled his number on a piece of paper and handed it to you.

“Thank you! I will call you tonight, Luke?”

“Sounds good,” he said.

And as you walked out the door from the tattoo shop, a huge grin grew on your face.

I probably have 6 in me
  1. I met Jon last night. He lives about 40 minutes away. I drove up and spent the night. He was both exactly what I expected and not what I expected at all. He neglected to mention that he has a hearing deficit. Deficit effects his speech patterns. So when I first got there I was weirded a little bit by how he talks. It actually took me about 2 hours to realize he couldn’t hear adequately. I didn’t see any kind of device helping, but there must be one. I like him. I just have a hard time picturing him in my world. He was sweet and snuggly. That was nice. I am absolutely attracted to him. He’s been pretty quiet today too, so who knows what he is thinking.We have texted, but far less than normal. Maybe his introvert needs a break. Maybe I didn’t meet expectations?
  2. I am tired. I have a million things I should be doing. Two nights of no sleep. I didn’t sleep well not in my own bed I guess and didn’t sleep well the night before probably due to nerves. I was pretty lazy after I got home. My plan is an early night and then productivity tomorrow.
  3. I am watching the Star Wars Marathon on cable. It was a perfect find today.
  4. The problem with being held.. it makes you want that more.
  5. I dunno.. maybe I don’t have six
Actual RWBY dialogue:

Blake: Listen pal. I’m sorry, but we really don’t have time to play with you today. So hurry on home, OK?
Cinder: What’s this? Were you so frightened by my power that you wet yourself, furry-ears?
Blake: Did I WHAT? You’ve got a lotta nerve, you one-eyed monster!
*everyone is shocked, and Yang is blushing*
Jaune/Sun: B…Blake? You do know “one-eyed monster” usually means-
Blake: Huh?! Means what?!
Jaune/Sun: Um… It’s ah… Yang, why are you blushing?
Yang: *eyes turn red, and punches them* Shut up!

(Based on this)


Once everyone leaves the kitchen to get ready for the day, Deanna heads back to Scout who has pulled out her homework, not having got it done in time for it to be handed in today.

Deanna: “Why did you tell your dad that my parents were having an argument?”

Scout looks up from her homework, looking at her best friend curiously. Deanna’s eyes are smouldering with an anger that Scout isn’t expecting to see. Has she hit a nerve?

Scout: “I wanted something to cover up us going out last night, and your parents fighting seemed like something my Dad would believe because it would never happen. Your Dads are so in love…right?”

Deanna: “Of…of course. I just…wanted to know so that I can keep up with what you’ve told him…”

Deanna stands up and heads off to get ready for school, leaving Scout to watch her worriedly as she walks away. That was…strange.

anonymous asked:

Can you write a scenario of Undertaker, Grell, and Sebastian showing their kids off and gushing about how precious they are while annoying people? Like Undertaker and Sebastian keep showing Ciel their kid and Grell shows Sebastian hers? Thank you so much!!!

//Of course, dear. I hope you enjoy//

Undertaker has always been loud. However, having a child just seemed to up this trait by a yard. Ciel and Sebastian had stopped by Undertaker’s shop, respectfully paying a first visit to his baby. Undertaker was extremely excited, as he didn’t get many personal visitors–although, he would gush to anybody about his new son, friend or not. But with acquaintances, he felt like they were there to listen to him talk on and on about his child.

“Did you know he’s already able to roll over on his own? How remarkable is that?”

“I know most kids don’t say their first word until around 11 months, but I swear I heard him say ‘Daddy’ yesterday.”

“He laughs at all of my jokes.”

“Doesn’t he look like me?”

“Isn’t he adorable?”

“Do you want to hold him?”

“Don’t be silly, yes you do. Now hold him.”

“No, no. You’ll have to go wash your hands first.”

“No, you’re holding him wrong.”

That was when Ciel decided he’d had enough. How could one person be so annoying? The baby wasn’t even that cute anyway. His visits to Undertaker were generally short anyway, but know that he has a kid to brag about, it would be a while before they were able to have a decently long visit again.


Grell was the luckiest person ever. Her child was the absolute best in the entire world. They were so smart and beautiful and overall fabulous. They were exactly like her. Of course, she had to show her daughter off to everybody she met. Grell was’t exactly sure how Sebastian had managed to avoid meeting her daughter for so long, but they were nearing 4 years old, and she decided that it was time her true love and her daughter met.

“Bassy, look! She looks exactly like me! Aren’t we adorable?”

“I can see the look of awe in your eyes, don’t try to deny it.”

“Did you hear that? She called you Bassy! She picks up on names so well.”

“What do you mean? Of course that’s your name!”

“If I shall die in this very moment, I would die happy. Bassy and my daughter are talking to each other. My life is complete.”

Sebastian only acknowledged the little girl because he wanted to shut Grell up. Grell was right, they were exactly alike, and the small child annoyed the living Hell out of him. However, he could never say such a thing, even to Grell. Now he was remembering why he took so much care to avoid seeing Grell for all of those years. She was the most obnoxious mother ever.


Every since the child had been born, Sebastian was bragging about how amazing his daughter was. Of course, it didn’t help that she had demon abilities, and was definitely something to brag about. It got on Ciel’s last nerve. The child was now 7 years old and had just won the spelling bee–oh lord, was he going to hear some gushing today.

“Young master, guess where we just came back from.”

“Yes, I know I already told you, my lord, but guess who won.”

“Yes, young master, I understand that we’ve already told you that as well, but you could at least humor the girl.”

“Yes! She did win. First place in a competition filled with older children. My daughter won.”

“Look, my lord. She even got a certificate.”

“Look at her smile, isn’t she the the most adorable child you’ve ever seen, my lord?”

“You’re right, she definitely is.”

“Hm, I suppose you’re right. It is time for her nap.”

Ciel was just thankful he got them both out of the room. He supposed it was a bit impressive that she had won, but there was no way he would ever admit to that. Sebastian didn’t need any more of an ego boost. He almost wished that he  could get his revenge just so Sebastian could take his soul–meaning he wouldn’t have to listen to the bragging anymore.

Flirty First Meeting

Nervously, I tuck a stray piece of hair behind my ears, shuffling my feet as I look down the sidewalk again, waiting for Joe. I check my phone again, making sure the time is correct and I didn’t somehow mess up.

“Y/N!” I hear and lift my head to see Joe jogging down the sidewalk to where I’m standing. “I’m sorry, love. My uber dropped me off in the wrong place, and my phone died during my meeting, so I couldn’t call you, and I’m sorry.” He stops with a huff of air, and smiles at me cutely. I laugh, shaking my head.

“It’s fine. I was just worried I had the wrong time.” I lean forward and kiss him quickly in greeting.

“Ready to head in then?” Joe holds out his hand, and I nod placing mine in his, intertwining our fingers together. We head up the steps and into the building, making our way to the Maynard residence.

“There you are, was wondering when you’d show your face.” A blonde boy says, opening the door to the apartment. I recognize him as Jack from Joe’s videos, and I had stumbled across a few of Jack’s videos as well.

“Oh piss off. Meeting ran late.” Joe replies, pushing past him. I feel a pair of eyes on me as he pulls me along, and I look over my shoulder to see Jack slowly tracing my body before meeting my gaz and smiling.

I turn to look forward, feeling a blush begin to spread on my face.

“Alright you rodney’s, gather around. I have someone important for you to meet.” Joe and I stand in the centre of the living room as a group of boys sit on the couch and chairs around the room.

“Boys, this is Y/N. Y/N, this is the boys.” Joe gestures an arm towards all of them, and I lift a hand to wave at them. “We got Mikey, Conor, Jack, Josh, and of course you know Caspar.”

“Hi Y/N!” Caspar waves excitedly from his spot on the couch.

“Hi Casp.” I smile at him, relieved to have him here. I had been very nervous for today, officially meeting Joe’s small group of friends. He’d reassured me that they would love me, but it was still nerve racking.

“Wow Joe,” My eyes are drawn to the source of the voice, landing on Jack, who is smirking up at me. “You never said your girlfriend was so beautiful.” The blonde boy winks at me. “How’d he manage that?”

“Oi!” Joe wraps an arm around my waist, and I turn to smile at him. “Back off. She’s mine.” He mock glares at Jack, but there’s a smile on his face.

“Watch out for this one, Y/N.” Conor pats his brothers knee. “He likes to flirt.” They all laugh, and I can feel Joe tense slightly against me.

I lean my head closer, whispering in his ear. “Don’t worry, I like you more.”

Joe smiles at me, and I felt him relax a little.

A little while later, I was sat on the couch watching the boys as they interacted, laughing and talking about some ridiculous thing one of them had done recently.

“Having fun?” I hear from beside me as a body sits next to me on the couch. I turn and smile at Jack.

“Yeah, you guys are such dorks, its great.” I tease.

“Not me though, I’m much more sophisticated than the rest of them.” He pulls a mock serious face, and I nod along with him.

“Yes, of course. Much more sophisticated.” We last about ten seconds before we start laughing.

“I can see why Joe likes you, you understand our humour.” Jack throws an arm over the back of the couch, shifting to face me. I shrug and shift to face him better as well, bringing one of my legs up and under me.

“I think it’s important to laugh in a relationship, and Joe makes me laugh.” I glance over at Joe then, and notice him watching Jack and I. Offering him a reassuring smile, I turn back to look at Jack.

“And I know I said it before, but you are beautiful. Quite jealous.” I duck my head at Jack’s words, blushing. I’d never been good at accepting compliments. “Oh come on, don’t be embarrassed.” I feel Jack’s fingers poke at my shoulder against the couch, and I look up to see him smiling at me. “I wouldn’t lie.” He winks cheekily, and I let out a laugh.

“Well, this is the first time meeting you. Who knows, you could be a pathological liar.”

“Hm, fair point.” He leans in closer, I can see the fleck of colours in his eyes. “I promise, I’m not a pathological liar.” I lean in an inch as well.

“How about a psycho?”



“Again, no.”

With a sigh, I lean back and shake my head. “Pity, you’re quite boring then.”

“Well, I can’t have you think I’m boring!” He exclaims, and next thing I know he’s brushing his fingers against my sides, successfully finding my ticklish spot. I let out a squeal of laughter, trying to move away from him, but unfortunately the arm of the couch prevents me.

“Jack! Stop!” I laugh, squirming as he laughs and continues to tickle.

“Not until you say I’m not boring!”

“Okay, okay! I give!” I get out. “You aren’t boring!” With that, he stops, hovering over me, still chuckling.

“That wasn’t too painful, was it?”

I shake my head as a shadow falls over us, and we both look up to see Joe standing there, unhappy looking.

“I forgot I have a video to edit. I need to leave, you coming?” Joe asks, refusing to look at Jack. Knowing how he gets, I nod and slip off the couch. After saying our goodbyes, we leave and head for Joe’s place, silent for the entire journey.

It isn’t until the front door is closed that I finally break the silence.

“Joe, talk to me.” I reach out, but my fingers only brush against his arm as he pulls away and walks farther away. He turns to face me as he runs a hand through his hair, his body tense.

“What do you want to talk about?”

“How about why you’re acting all weird, and made us leave so early.”

“Like I said, I have a video to edit.”

“Bullshit, you were jealous.”

“I was not!”

“Don’t lie!”

“What if I was?!” Joe throws his hands in the air and stares at me. I can’t help but let out a small giggle. In response to that, Joe lowers his arms and crosses them, narrowing his eyes into a glare.

“I’m sorry for laughing,” I explain, walking towards him still giggling slightly. “But its very adorable that you got jealous.” I place my hands on his crossed arms and reach up to place a kiss on his lips.

“I knew Jack was a flirt, but I thought he’d leave you alone, because you’re my girlfriend.”

“It was all innocent, babe. I promise.” I wrapped my arms around his waist, smiling at him. “Besides, he’s not really my type.” I wrinkle my nose. “For some reason, guys who used to be thatchers are more my speed.”

That cracks Joe’s angry exterior, and he smiles, moving his arms around me, pulling my body flush against his.

“Maybe because thatchers are just awesome.”

“Do you know any thatchers then? I might be on the lookout for one.”

I let out a scream as he suddenly lifts me and spins me around, and we both end up laughing as he lowers me back onto the ground.

“Sorry love, you’re stuck with me.” Joe says, resting his forehead against me.

“I suppose that’ll do.” I stick my tongue out and poke his nose. “Just don’t get jealous of your friends any more.”

Joe leans his head back and wrinkles his nose, rubbing his face against my shoulder while I laugh.

“As long as they don’t flirt with you anymore.” He says, lifting his head again.

“Take it as a compliment, you must have a pretty great girlfriend if all your friends want to flirt with her.”

“Yeah, I must.” Joe smirks again before leaning down to kiss me, long and slow.

Drarry Proposal Headcanon

i swear guys harry and draco’s proposal story would be the funniest but most adorable thing ever (and yeah it would’ve probably taken harry like 2 tries to get it right hahaha)

FIRST TRY: harry wouldve wanted to make it all elaborate and shit so he brings draco to france bc draco loves it there

and then they go to the eiffel tower, cliche but draco loves how romantic it is there (yes draco malfoy is a sentimental sap sue me)

while draco is busy admiring the view and stuff, harry is rehearsing his lines like “draco malfoy, for the past three years, you have not only managed to make my life more meaningful but you have also helped me become who i am today…”

when harry works up enough nerve, he gets down on one knee and hes about to make his heartfelt speech when draco gives him a fucking glare???

“for merlin’s sake, potter. tie your shoelaces faster, will you? whats got you thinking?”

harry opens his mouth to protest but realizes yeah his shoe laces are fucking untied wtf???

so anyway harry decides that maybe it isn’t time yet and he keeps the ring in his pocket for now

SECOND TRY: they’re lounging idly on the sofa, watching a disney movie on their tv but harry isn’t even watching the movie anymore

harry is studying draco’s face and he just has so much love for draco ok???? he notices every little detail, even the tiny freckles under draco’s eyes and the sharp gray color of his eyes and the fluttery blond eyelashes of his

so harry blurts out, “marry me.” and when draco doesn’t answer for a few seconds, harry thinks he’s fucked everything up

draco blinks quickly in shock and goes, “excuse me? i dont think i heard you right, potter—”

harry wants to take it back bc omg of course draco would say no stupid stupid so he says meekly, “i said carry me.”

and oh gosh harry’s heart breaks when draco’s face falls a little but harry knows draco is pretending not to feel sad

“you know perfectly well, potter that you are as heavy as a bloody elephant and even if i wanted to carry you, i would die under your weight.”

harry forces a laugh. “of course.”

“on the other hand,” draco continues softly, “if you had asked me to marry you… well, i would’ve been able to do that for sure.”

harry’s face lights up. “is that a yes?”

draco glares as if to say ‘are you stupid.’ “i could always take it back, potter.”

“NO! no! just no. i just—”

“you thought wrong. now propose like a proper man would and then kiss me.”

Eric Clapton’s diary the day he married Pattie.

i married nell today, hurray, it was a beautiful wedding, and i had a really bad case of nerves until i met the priest, who put me at ease straight away ~ amazingly most, in fact, all of what he said to us came straight from his heart, and then he refered to the bible, we got married, in the sight of God.

i will tell you more about it later when my pen is working, about midday.

count your blessings one by one

the bash was unbelievable - what more can I say - god bless our wedlock.


Please ignore me for I’m about to rant


Okay, if you know me, you’ll know I can be a pretty easy-going guy. You would also know that if I hated something more than anything, it would be the Don’t Judge Challenge.

if you don’t know, the Don’t Judge Challenge is a series of vines/videos where people are shown with freckles and acne and glasses and unibrows, stuff like that, often showing some negative expression. They then cover the camera and then reveal this “hot” or “attractive” guy. To me and most people, these videos shun and make fun of these “unattractive” people because society makes us believe that if you have a nice body, beautiful hair, makeup, etc etc, you’re a perfect being in appearance. And that makes me very angry. Basically I Hate Everything’s video explains everything I hate about this challenge.

So back on topic, Aparri made a Don’t Judge Challenge today on Animal Jam and it got on my last nerve. Because Aparri is basically doing the same thing that those viners are doing, but with outfits. Because you have to have spikes and top hats and all those items that every f*cking member wears to make you “attractive” in Animal Jam.

And I’m going to be completely honest, I actually LIKE some of the outfits. Especially the second outfit, mostly the Tie, Lights, and Socks, because it gives off a certain Christmas vibe.

And there are people who dress up like that because they like it. I see people wear “ugly” outfits because they like wearing these oufits. Hell, when I first joined Animal Jam, my outfits weren’t all good, goofy even. But I liked them.

And maybe I’m just ranting about this because the Don’t Judge Challenge makes me cringe to no f*cking end and it pisses me off that someone like Aparri made this kind of video, since he makes decent videos and he’s very generous with his spikes, since he gives one away everyday.

I don’t know maybe I got a little too offended of this video and I’m the only who feels that. Shrugs.