who gives a shit that it isn't christmas

The Signs On Christmas
  • Aries: Christmas Morning- *Sitting in chair, drinking warm milk and eating cookies.* Well good the fuck morning Mr.C!! Took you long enough, did you just forget to stop by my house? Oh, these? Their mine now. You took so damn long. // Christmas Evening- *At a gathering with other signs/relatives.* You know what this party needs? Turnt music, not this same old Christmas music. DJ IN THE HOUSE!
  • Taurus: *Walks downstairs in underwear after a long night of creating a Christmas surprise, rubs neck.* *Looks around and smiles.* Hope the family appreciates this. // Christmas Night- *Wearing an ugly Christmas sweater, looks like a Dad/Mom.* Thanks for the sweater, Grandma Ells...
  • Gemini: Christmas Morning (Midnight)- *Passed out on the couch and wakes up to the sound of someone tiptoeing to the Christmas tree.* I'd back away if I was u. I may be drunk but I'll still beat yo ass. // Christmas Night- *Outside, having snow fights with younger relatives or star-gazing and drinking hot cocoa with a select few.*
  • Cancer: Christmas Morning- *Cooking their ass off since 4 AM and is loving every moment of it, probably smiling as they imagine everyone's surprised dance.* // Christmas Night: *Taking a well deserved rest and is watching the children play with their new toys.* / *Making sure everyone is okay and well, calling friends to tell them Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays.*
  • Leo: Christmas Morning- *Has been working on a little play or song that involves the older members of the family or friends visiting.* *Some how makes themselves the center of attention.* *Still, everyone has a good time.* // Christmas Evening (Younger Leo)- *Hits up the clubs and plays with all the 'elves' and naughty 'reindeer'. VS. (Older Leo)- *Sitting at home, watching a movie with the family, drinking warm apple cider.*
  • Virgo: Christmas Morning- *Opens presents nicely, tearing off the tape slowly as to not rip the paper.* (Family in the background: "Oh, come on! Just open it already!!") *Grumbles and tears open paper.* // Christmas Evening- *Smiling and trying to avoid small talk with other family members.* *Acts surprised and excited with the worst gifts, even the bar of soap from Grandpa John.*
  • Libra: Christmas Morning- *Calmly opens presents in a slow manner, but honestly wants to just rip them open and squeal like a child.* // Christmas Evening- *Catches up with all of their family and happily thanks everyone for all their gifts.*
  • Scorpio: Christmas Morning- *Groggily gets up and drags self to the Christmas tree.* *Lazily tears open presents while Mom/Dad takes a ton of pictures, telling them to hold up what they got.* // Christmas Evening- *Secretly mixes in alcohol into their cider* And a Merry fucking Christmas to me.
  • Sagittarius: Christmas Morning- *Wakes up really early by choice and runs downstairs, giggling like a child and getting parents up before ripping open their presents.*// Christmas Evening- *Shows up in a Santa outfit and hands out presents to all the younger kids.*
  • Capricorn: Christmas Morning- *Wakes up late and groggily walks out to kitchen.*....Shit, did I wrap that last present?// Christmas Evening- *Is watching everyone open gifts*.... Shit, I didn't wrap that last present...
  • Aquarius: Christmas Morning- *Wakes up really early and wakes up the rest of their family before rushing out to the tree and start opening presents/ their stocking as the rest of their family lags behind.* // Christmas Evening- *Isn't very social with the rest of the family who came over, but gives a quick/silent thanks to each of the ones who gave them presents.*
  • Pisces: Christmas Morning- *Walks in yawning* It's 1 PM already? // Christmas Night- Time to drink away all my problems,- especially to you Aunt Karen. *Drinks a large mug of personally spiked eggnog.*
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