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From the Other Side of the Signing Table

“I don’t know what to say to you,” the girl said. “Um, thanks, I guess.”

“Thanks is good,” I replied.

Silence stretched, punctuated only by the scuffle of a Sharpie on a page.

We were in the same boat, the girl and I — both at a book festival, both at the end of a long day full of people, both in a signing line that had been going on for an hour already. There was only one big difference between us: she was on one side of the table, and I was on the other. Sometimes that difference seems to matter more than others.

Before I was published, I read a lot of accounts of what it was like to have your work out there, but I never read anything about what it was like to have yourself out there. I suppose I never really thought about it, to tell you the truth. I thought you wrote a book and hopefully people liked it and if I thought about book tours at all, I figured they involved standing on a stage for a bit before disappearing into a rental car. The truth, however, is that now — ten years and fifteen novels in to my career — most of my hours in front of people are spent in a signing line. Forty minutes on a stage or behind a table for a panel, and then two or three hours meeting a few hundred strangers. I had no idea what it would be like.

This is what it’s like.

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I was thinking about the post suggesting humans would be to aliens like mythical Fae creatures, and this idea popped into my head.

So we’re stuck on the very outskirts of the intergalactic community and we’re a young race and very little knowledge about us has reached the main players on the intergalactic political stage. We’ve only had contact with our closest neighbours, who are a friendly enough bunch and have helped us along with technology and such, but we’re still working out some internal violence between nations, and having befriended us this little neighbouring Galactic race mostly leaves us alone to sort out our shit. But we like them so we give them the means to contact us with an offer to help them if we ever can.

A century or two later and we’re still not very involved outside our own planet but we’ve basically fixed our infighting and we’re working on building our fleets to go further and discover more. Our friendly neighbours get attacked by a warlike race bent on controlling this Galactic back water to use as a base for greater conquests, and things are going badly for them. In a last ditch effort to save themselves, they call the humans. They think that at least they can evacuate their weaker members to earth so not all their race will be enslaved or killed.

Queue a full on “the beacons are lit, Gondor calls for aid” moment - the newly formed coalition of human nations remembers the kindness of this species that was their first encounter outside their own planet, and they send an army.

And so our friendly neighbours find to their astonishment that they accidentally befriended Space Orcs who arrive on the Galactic stage in spectacular fashion by totally annihilating their fearsome attackers, and suddenly all the other Galactic nations want to ally with this backwater so the can get on the humans good side because damn they don’t want those scary humans to turn on them.

Shout out to everyone who has ever been abused.

Shout out to everyone who has ever been abused by people who should be family.

Shout out to all abuse survivors.

Shout out to everyone who’s ace.

Shout out to everyone who’s aro.

Shout out to everyone who’s non-binary.

Shout out to everyone who’s trans.

Shout out to everyone who’s queer in any way, shape, or form.

Shout out to everyone who has ever had to deal with their family having internalized racism that results in abuse.

Shout out to everyone who is mixed-race whose families give them shit about their identity because of internalized racism.

Shout out to everyone whose family has ever delegitimized them because their family thinks who they are ‘isn’t real’ or is ‘unacceptable’.

If you need it, I am your family now. I’m the enby battle-ax sibling/cousin/aunc who has your back, and if you need a shoulder and a listening ear I’m here. Things will get better. I can’t promise that your abusers will become better people, but I can promise that if you get away from them and when you do that things will get better.

Thoughts on RPDR S9 Drama

Ok I can kinda see how the producers were trying to create drama by casting Eureka vs Trinity, as well as having Nina with her insecurities, a returning queen, and possibly attempting to create a social media queens vs performance queens conflict (for example Valentina, Farrah, Aja vs. Trinity, Alexis, Peppermint). I know the last one didn’t pan out but the queens did talk about it in an extended clip but it fizzled into “We’re all great and there are different ways to be a drag queen" however I think it had potential for a GREAT dramatic storyline if they had played it up more.

 ANYWAYS Eureka had to leave early so they couldn’t develop the Eureka vs Trinity drama anymore, and Trinity doesn’t read people unless it’s deserved and is actually a very nice person, so they couldn’t turn her into the villain, which left them with Nina and Alexis. I’m sure they tried to manipulate drama with Nina which kinda worked, but those fights always ended with “we love you Nina 😘❤️” and nothing really came from it except Shea vs Nina (which was good but still ended with shea supporting Nina so that didn’t work out). Cynthia didnt work out at ALL when it came creating drama bc she’s the nicest person ever as well as being underwhelming so the girls didnt really view her as a threat.

 SO that left the producers to turn to Alexis since all their revenues for drama dried up. I think it was moderately successful as they were able to play up Alexis’ body insecurities in the reading challenge, and manipulating Alexis into lashing out a couple of times since she was slipping in the competition and couldn’t catch up. While it was entertaining it was nowhere NEAR the level of drama that came from season 4 and 5 with Phi Phi and Roxxxy.

Which comes to my MAIN point that the queens are too afraid to say what they really want to each other bc they know that Drag Race isn’t about winning anymore, but rather how you are portrayed on the show and the opportunities you can have with accumulating a successful fanbase. I 100% think this is how Valentina played the season. She NEVER inserted herself in any drama, only focusing on how she was portraying herself and not letting herself get caught up in petty squabbles. THE SOLUTION: CAST MESSY QUEENS WHO DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA, and give rpdr a much needed format change to shake the queens up. By now the queens definitely know the formula of the show and how to become a breakout star from it, so they don’t try as hard to win or really even care about the crown since they know they don’t need it to be successful.  

TL;DR: The show has become too formulaic and the queens are trying to win over the audience instead of winning the crown bc they know it’s not necessary to be successful.

Mystery Skulls Sentence Starters

“I got this feeling I’m losing you.”
“This looks like hell.”
“And I know it was something I did, baby.”
“I can’t fight this feeling.”
“I’m out of control.”
“I’m not freaking out, but it feels like time is running out.”
“How did this shit come about?”
“But I’m afraid, afraid of losing you.”
“It’s alright ‘cause I’m with friends.”
“Guess I’m giving up again.”
“And that’s what I hate the most.”
“This time I might just disappear…”
“Fuck, it’s you I hate the most!”
“Maybe there’s no guarantee…”
“I believe in miracles, baby.”
“I never understood my enemies.”
“And you’re my time wasted.”
“I don’t know what you’re looking for.”
“You try to slow me down, but don’t you know that I’m unstoppable?”
“I said I need you baby.”
“Your look’s just such a work of art.”
“I think I knew your love by heart.”
“Don’t let your love go to waste.”
“And you know my love is true ‘cause it only works on you.”
“I don’t know shit about you.”
“You don’t know shit about me.”
“But you don’t know, do you?”
“'Cause all I really want is you.”
“Been hoping for someone like you, someone who makes me feel good, baby.”
“Give me the meaning behind the way that I feel…”
“My mind was racing, my heart was beating…”
“She looks amazing.”
“Maybe we should give in.”
“It’s not like we’re gonna regret it.”
“Your kiss’s like magic.”
“I need to stop worrying about things I can’t control.”
“Need to stop hurrying, slow down and take control.”
“It’s my time and I should live it.”
“'Cause I say baby, you gotta stop worryin’.”

Witch Armor

Back at the end of October, @swampseer, @upthewitchypunx, & I chatted briefly about the concept of having a particular jacket as a piece of armor to wear when engaging with the world.

The discussion about it was fairly short, since we were having a larger conversation, but I feel like ESPECIALLY now, a discussion of ways to build armor or protection magically would be especially welcome.

I’m not a great person to start this discussion, since I’m currently in the phase of saying “I want the thing!” without actually having given much thought about how to create it, but I invite others to join in a help brainstorm about this. (Maybe show off your armor if you already do this?)

A couple of ideas off the top of my heard are:

  • sewing/emboidering sigils onto your coat (or whatever you’re using as armor)
  • writing words of power or empowering statements, maybe onto patches, and adding those to the lining of your coat (maybe statements from friends or loved ones? things that give you courage or make you feel strong!)
  • enchanting or building a strong glamour into your coat/armor so you’re less visible as a target to those who might want to confront you about your race/sexuality/gender/etc.

Thoughts, comments, & ideas are welcome! ♥

To everyone out there keeping track of what’s happened and is happening in Manchester and Mawrawi:

Do not use this to justify Islamaphobia. The horrors committed were committed by terrorists who have bastardized Islam and are using it as an excuse to hurt and kill people.

These people are not true Muslims. They are terrorists. They don’t give a shit about God or people. They are sick and need to be stopped.

Don’t hurt Muslims because of this. They are victims of Daesh and other terror groups themselves.

We are all people no matter what our race or religion.

We must stand together and love one another and support one another. This is how we win.

My heart still goes out to Manchester and Marawi. May we be able to heal from this. And may Daesh and Maute be stopped.


Related to the last post I reblogged about people using Japanese names

Recently I came across a couple incidents online within the span of like two days in the same community where people used Japanese for their names and had everyone completely mislead thinking they were Japanese. One of them was a white person who had been outright lying in real life and online for years (amazingly) and using yellow face with a fake Japanese last name claiming to be half Japanese. The second person had her full name in Japanese, katakana first name and the kanji last name of her ex husband, in addition to a very gyaru looking profile picture and although she never said she was Japanese, everyone who came across her including me had assumed she was Japanese. They both spoke about east Asian and Japanese women’s issues. Oh, and these people were in many poc centered spaces and the first girl was in SEVERAL POC ONLY spaces. When it came out that the first girl was lying about her race it was incredibly upsetting and hurtful to the community because she had actually been close and friendly to a lot of people and even bonded with east asian woc over the difficulties of being an asian woman in a white country.. I still feel so weird about the whole thing. This person had me thinking we had the same ethnic background. I don’t like that I end up being skeptical of white passing people about their ethnic background but this Rachel Dolezal shit happens way too often and it’s so unfair to real mixed people. The second one wasn’t overtly lying but yikes. If you aren’t Japanese and use a Japanese name in Japanese characters on facebook along with a Japanese gyaru looking profile people are going to safely assume you are Japanese!!! This has got to be intentional cause there was absolutely no reason why she couldn’t just use roman characters especially for her white ass first name. if you are doing something like this something In you is deliberately trying to make yourself more “exotic”/you’re a fucking weeaboo trying to look Japanese. You’re misleading people and it’s so insulting. I even backed down from a conversation about asian women to give HER space to talk. FUCK these people. I don’t think white people get how hurtful this is but it’s INCREDIBLY VIOLATING to poc. this shit needs to stop, I am so tired of it. stop taking names from and aligning yourself with other races and cultures. Stop accessorizing yourself with aspects of other peoples culture. You’ll NEVER EVER be us, no matter where you live, who you become friends with, fuck, or become parent to.

Street racing!UT AU characters designs

Now a short(cough) info about each one of them:

Sans: A 22yyear old mechanic and hobby racer, his personal car is a black and white ‘67 Ford Mustang. He’s the one who fixes his car and his brother’s, never giving a shit  to other racers critiques. Loves to use simple clothing, easy to wear and maintain, the only pieces of wear he takes good care of is his jacket(Papy’s present), his glasses and his gloves.
As I said before, Sans left eye gives him the ability to see into the next 10 minutes of his future, but this visions aren’t always definitive, they can show him several results of what might happen and its always flashes of people, places and events, sometimes even colors or sounds. Sans is half blind from his left eye, a consequence of the accident.
After their parents death, Sans and Papyrus were taken in by a family’s old friend, Grillby, and grew up watching street racers driving by the restaurant.

Papyrus: 18/19 years old young racer, wishes to be a police officer, his ride is a red '06 Nissan 350Z.
Papyrus normally uses his racer uniform and a cap left by his mother(who was a mechanic of pro racing), but underneath that uniform he wears a white and red t-shirt. The sneakers were a present from Sans, who saw the shoes on a shop during a race.
When stressed out or in danger, Papyrus right eye activates and gives him the ability of making his body faster than others, being able to process more rapidally the next 5 minutes. This way he can even dodge an accident in the middle of the road(for example, drifting away from the place, which is something that only Sans is able to do)

Frisk: Non-binary, 15/16 year old kid, with no memories of how they got in the middle of the road, meeting Sans in the process. The only thing they remenber is blood, flashlights, screams and tires screaching.
Soon Frisk became Sans protegé, apprentice and family member; slowly showing signs of a great love of video recording, affinity to fix machines and great reflexes.

Mettaton X: He says he’s 20 years old, but no one knows how really old is this strange but fabulous robot, built by Alphys to be able to drive the fastest car ever built. His ride could only be the most expensive that ever existed: a Pink Convertible Ferrari F50 '95.
Mettaton not only is a street racer, ready to show off his magnificent ride and huge ability for speeding, but also the most famous pro racer ever known, this is, almost beating the Legendary Wingdings. Mettaton’s dream to beat this racer and become the world’s best.

StreetCar Racing AU, art, designs © mine
Undertale © Toby Fox

P.S: Because i dont know SHIT about race cars and muscle cars, i went searching on the internet what kind of cars they used on “the fast and furious”, “the fast and furious: Tokyo drift” and “inicial D”, saw what kinds mirrored perfectly each UT character and worked from there. Also, Mettaton’s car was taken from an actual Ferrari legit model that my dad has on his workplace(exept his is red, not pink).

A note to @fash-metal

I’m not sure if I’m blocked or not, as I can’t tag the user, but first things off: This isn’t a hate note. I’m not here to antagonize or harass you, I’m here to tell you that years ago I shared a lot of your views, and I grew out of them.

I was about 15 at the time and in a severly low point in my life. I became a stromfront member because I thought I couldn’t find validation elsewhere, in retrospective, I should have never gotten involved with those groups.

By now you probably associate with people who make you believe you are victimized for being white, that “white people” are going extinct, and that other races are trying to kill you based on your ancestry. 

Here’s the kicker: Most people don’t give a shit.

Yes, there are black supremacists that want white people dead, and there are white supremacists who want the same for other minorities. Taking the stance of hate isn’t going to make you a better person, and it will likely consume you. It certainly consumed me, and I can say I was a far shittier person then.

Hopefully, in time, you’ll learn to realize that your views are, frankly, rather harmful. Race isn’t an achievement. Your ancestry isn’t an achievement, and it’s certainly not a reason to hate others either. If you want to go ahead and “preserve your genes” by only limiting yourself to dating white people, go ahead, but don’t harm others in the process, and certainly do not try to paint other races as the enemy. Skin color does not define people’s character.

Humans are garbage (and wonderful) in every color of the spectrum, and I can tell you that the deeper you fall into the rabbit hole, the more likely it is to kick you in the ass later in life. 

Racial supremacy is stupid, hopefully you will learn in time. I’m not an SJW and I certainly do not support people harrassing others, but I urge you to at least listen to those who are willing to have a conversation with you. 

The world isn’t your enemy unless you make it that way, don’t let racists twist your perception of reality, and this applies to racists of every color.

Please, I urge you to at least try to listen to other perspectives, I urge you to realize that race isn’t something that defines character, and it really isn’t that important at the end of the day. If you want to talk (and I promise I won’t flail insults at you) shoot me a message. 

I really think that if there’s an ounce of rationality left in you, you’ll come to understand that your views are, perhaps, rather incorrect, and no better than any extreme left wing SJW that you claim to hate.

  • There’s two floors to the library, I should have mentioned that earlier
  • Floor one has the staff room, childrens, and media sections and the circ. and children’s desks and meeting rooms and some study rooms
  • Floor two has the ref desk, nonfiction, YA and adult fiction, periodicals and study rooms
  • There’s stairs and an elevator too
  • Coran always has to go break up people, usually teens, who like to hang out in the periodicals and make out or just horse around and he always is passive aggressively Customer Service-y to them to scare them off
  • Who am I kidding, everyone gets that way if they catch any patron messing around or breaking rules and it gives them adrenaline tbh
  • Out of the two of them, Hunk is the faster shelver and is pretty accurate, and Lance is slower but is pretty accurate too
  • They once had a shelving race to see who could do it faster and Lance tried to go too fast and ended up running his cart into Pidge when she was carrying some ILL’s for Shiro to process and everything went flying
  • Lance did the holds list once and he saw that he was pulling a lot of books about aliens and shit and paranormal creatures and he finally looked at who was requesting them and he should have assumed it’d been Keith all along

For a show that preaches about the aspects of strong female characters, SU really does a good job of putting its leading female characters on the back burner, cease characterization of an Asian female character and only use her as a shadow to Steven, glamorize an entire race of servants and view their position as something cutesy, and give absolute shit to any female character who isn’t thin, cute, and feminine

get rid of him. i mean it. you will absently check your phone without meaning it, so leave it behind and go sit outside. stack rocks on each other and pretend you’re burying your love alive. leave it there. be sad, but don’t listen to adele or you’ll take him back. blast breakup music. burn your hair with bleach, cut it, whatever. revel in the fact nobody asks you “but will he like it?” who gives a shit. know when you’re overdoing it. know that it’s not a race and some people don’t heal as fast as others, maybe you’re a turtle kind of person, keep your insides soft and when something gets in that shell it fucking hurts. get rid of him. sew up the missing parts with better things. they’ll feel empty at first. that’s okay. that’s okay. empty doesn’t mean endless. it means more room for new things. you’re okay if you’re still upset a year later about things. you’re okay if when you think of him you’re on the verge of crying. just don’t think about him. delete him from your phone if not only to be able to say “sorry who dis” if he ever texts. it’s not about winning the breakup, fuck that, just come home when you can. if he burned everything of course he’s going to win, he fucked you over to begin with; so don’t worry he’s got a new girlfriend and a new job and a nice car. you had to start from scratch. had to plant trees in ashes. if you’re alive that’s a good thing. he tried to kill the loving parts of you and you’re still growing. get rid of him, don’t worry that when you saw him you were in sweats and a dirty shirt. you’re a person who has been entirely hurt. you don’t have to prove you are doing better. you just have to exist without him. my mother always said being happy is the best revenge. so get rid of him. be happy. know that you had literally nothing and you still made it out in the end.

anonymous asked:

ok that post that's like "how many black kids get called this and that" and then at the end it says April is Autism Awareness month, and yea black people are apart of it? yea, uh haha no. I'm autistic myself, and I hate this bullshit of black people gotta be apart of everything, what do they want?? some attention?? fucking repetitive and annoying. AUTISM AWARENESS MONTH IS SUPPORTING PEOPLE WITH AUTISM, NOT RACE! black people already have a month, why do they feel the need to take ours?

Do you. Really hear yourself now? Can you hear that? Oh! That’s the sound of me not giving a shit about your anti-black tears!!!

Honestly black people get excluded out of everything–not the other way around–and the post in question was trying to highlight a lot of the issues black autistic people face in particular, since those issues are a mixture of ableism AND race discrimination and the fact that there’s very little representation for black autistic people.

It’s not about stealing your month or whatever bullshit you wanna call it. There are black people who are autistic and their issues NEED TO BE ADDRESSED in our community, and as a POC autistic person myself I need you to get your head out of your ass or at least the FUCK OFF my BLOG.

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Well, at least FDR organized the CCC. Most state parks are here today because of the CCC. But other than that, he's mostly trash

I could give a shit about state parks. The man incarcerated American citizens because of their race and ushered in the welfare state. He and Jackson battle in hell over who can be the worst president ever.

Request: “I know it’s 3 in the morning but I can’t find my cat.” (from this prompt list)

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Rating: PG (literally one swear word)

Synopsis: Reader lives in the same building as Peter and, when her cat goes missing from the apartment, she starts wandering the halls before running into Peter as he’s leaving his place.

Note: I’m moving my fanfiction from 5SOS ( @1980hood ) to Marvel! And I’ve noticed the Marvel writers tend to use second person but I’m more comfortable with first person so I’m going to stick with that. Hope that’s okay, y'all.

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I wonder if black tumblr realizes the effect they have on others psychologically. What do you think white people are going to feel when they hear black people openly disrespecting them every day? We watched a girl slowly become a fascist during her time on tumblr. Of course, the blame is on her for choosing that path, but WHY DO YOU THINK SHE CHOSE IT?

I log in here every day and I see your disgusting shit. Deep down, I know you’re fucked up children who deserve no attention at all, let alone the negative attention we gracefully give you. On the surface? I can’t even express how I fucking feel besides just ANGER.

You’re provoking racist thought against your own race by making yourself an enemy. It would be one thing if it was on the basis on individual disagreements, but YOU MAKE IT about race from the beginning. You make it about blacks and whites. What the fuck are we supposed to do with this shit? You think we’re going to sit there and just take it?

Honestly, we should. Your ignorance is… well, just that. It’s ignorance. You’re too small to have any larger effect. It’s the white academics who made you this way in the first place. How does that feel?

And before anyone makes this into some racist white boy thing, you can suck my goddamn dick. I don’t tolerate white supremacy. No race is superior to any other race, that’s just not how the world works.

Chase me, honey

A birthday gift for the wonderful @adamprrishcycle. Go give her all the loving, she deserves it!


“Do you need help?” Henry regretted asking as soon as the words slipped past his lips.

As per usual, Jiang’s go-to response was a distracted, “Fuck you.” He had one boot hiked up on the lowest shelf of the cooler, straining upwards.

“I could get it for you.” Following Jiang’s dark gaze upwards, Henry raised a brow. “Jiang, you’re lactose intolerant.”

“Don’t care.” Jiang seemed unconcerned, still struggling for the pint of ice cream on the freezer’s highest shelf.

Placing a gentle hand on Jiang’s hip and ignoring the dark look it earned him, Henry leaned up a bit, his chest pressed to Jiang’s back, grabbing the little pint off the top shelf. Handing it over, Henry asked, “Do you have to be so stubborn about asking for help?”


It was half a purr, and Henry was less than surprised when Jiang turned in his arms, pressing them chest-to-chest, brushing his lower lip against Henry’s, soft and tempting.

“You got the Fisker outside?”

One arm around Jiang’s hips, Henry pulled the both of them far enough back to shut the freezer door, asking, “What is with you and my car?”

“It’s worth more than everything I own put together.” Though there was resentment in Jiang’s voice, clear as day, there was also longing and awe. “And I want you to fuck me in the backseat.”

“You’re a tease.”

Jiang didn’t bother to deny it, saying instead, “You like it.” When Henry didn’t argue, he added, “You like me.” A smirk. “You could have anyone you want, and you want me.”

“I do.” There was something startlingly authentic in Jiang’s responding smile. Very softly, Henry added, “But you like me, too.”

“I just like that thing you do with your tongue.”

Though the thought sent a hot little shiver racing down Henry’s spine, he was quick to point out, “The ice cream will melt.”

“You think I give a shit?” Jiang’s dark eyes rolled, and he glared at a mother who passed, shielding her son’s eyes with her hand. “I’m lactose intolerant, man. It’s for Swan.”

Switching the pint from one hand to the other. Henry said, “I don’t care about Swan.”

“Don’t tell him that.” Jiang leaned in to brush his lips against Henry’s as he spoke. “You’ll break his heart.”

When Henry opened his mouth to reply, Jiang grabbed at his tie, pulling him down to silence him with a kiss, arms winding about his hips and pulling him closer still.

When Jiang pulled back to mouth along Henry’s jaw, one hand sliding up into spiked hair, Henry managed, “We’re in public.”

“Don’t be a cunt.” There was no venom in Jiang’s voice, only want. When he leaned back against the cool glass of the freezer door, he lifted the hand that had been at Henry’s hip, twirling Henry’s keyring around his middle finger. With a wicked smirk, Jiang said, “Go pay for the ice cream. I’ll wait in the car.”

This was a game Henry knew all too well, and he smiled, asking, “How do I know you’ll actually be there?”

“You don’t.” Jiang pressed a soft kiss to the corner of Henry’s mouth, lingering for a moment before he slid free entirely, calling over his shoulder, “Maybe I want you to chase me.”

Why do fantasy races somehow all have the same beauty standards? Like, all races consider elves the Most Beautiful, even if their particular beneficial genes would do jack shit in their original environment.

Like give me dwarf men being interested in women based on their beard thickness, orcs who consider a prominent underbite a remarkably handsome trait, and a human woman who has an elf fetish that nobody talks about because that shit is freaking gross.