who gives a shit

“Who’s that?" 

"That’s Luke Hemmings, He is total bad news.”

“Wow, I guess I should stay away from him huh?" 

"No, i don’t give a shit what you do." 




HE WAS SIXTEEN YEARS OLD WHEN HE TOOK ON VANDAL SAVAGE BY HIS SKINNY FRECKLY GOOFY ASS SELF AND SAVED A QUEEN AND NOW HE IS A BIG BOY AND A BADASS AND NOT EVEN SCARED AND HE’S JUST READY FOR IT oh my god wally i missed you a lot and now you are back to your old self and you are a dirty liar if you still say you didn’t miss this because LISTEN TO YOURSELF

It was at night, 3:47AM,
the air floating around them was salty and the moon lighting their faces was full

She smelled like vanilla, sweat and cigarettes and his lips tasted like the sea, or maybe like her tears

His head was resting on her knees and she kept losing her fingers in his soft dark hair

And that’s when she realized she was also losing her goddamn mind in his love.

—  The lovers and the moon, goldenkintsugi