who gives a poo

i’m keep forgetting to post on this fuckass platform because like who cares . who actually gives a shite but the hunger for those little likey poos worms its way back in..


for ☆ who are in school ^^ Don’t give up, fighting!!

OT : when ☆ student mentioned “poo” ㅎㅎㅎ

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"[Neal] even gave her 20,000 dollars and his own car to start a new life post prison," Funny how the CSers who cream over Killy Poo giving up his ship, his "home" to get Emmy Boo forget that Neal did it first. He gave up the bug, his "home," and LITERALLY everything he had in the world (which presumably Hook didn't do because he's not sleeping on the streets). The diff between Neal and Hook is that Neal didn't expect a payoff for it. HE made a sacrifice, not a trade.

New York is a good place to go hanging about when you want to enjoy the view.

It’s got everything the boy liked best: cars, vandals, smokers and smog, spitters, chain litterers (plus a few average folk who, though more or less “okay” in nature, are too lazy to go throw their trash in the proper receptacles), and no-good business men who honestly can’t give a flying poo what consequences their lovely corporations have on the environment.

It’s a beautiful city, really. Noisy too. So full of life. So full of joy and traffic jams and angry cab drivers who think a good honking will solve everything. And why shouldn’t they? 

Unfortunately–of course–it isn’t without it’s flaws. Central Park, with it’s preservation campaigns and terrible car bans, has always been a big wart on the face of pretty, picturesque New York. The boy’s been trying to break into it for years, but there are just some people who care too much, you see?

Pollution frowns a little at the thought.

Squatting on the grass, he chews quietly on a bit of hotdog in a bun and stares rather wistfully at The Lake. And then he ponders.