who gives a damn really


Am i the only one who thinks he look really damn FINEE 
EDIT: Since Koogi won’t give him any name yet, shall we give him one :^) ? Do you have any ideas? 
for everyone who doesn’t know - he is just a random guy from gay club who wanted to make out with our Officer Bae who was making investigation on his own about dead of this old man (who was killed by Sangwoo)
(I’m so sorry for any typos ;;; )

I want Neil to be sitting on the couch while talking to Matt and Andrew just silently enters the room. He sits down and drapes his legs over Neil or something and Neil doesn’t react and just lets Andrew play with his hair or his fingers. Matt gapes and Neil doesn’t notice, he just keeps talking about Exy strategies.

Sometimes I just want you to notice that I’m not okay. I want you to care about me as much as I care about you. But honestly most days it feels like I’m pathetically in love with someone who really doesn’t give a damn. Worst part of all is Im still willing to give up everything for you.


Before You Go ~Jeff Atkins x Reader~

It was stupid. It was a really fucking stupid idea, and she knew it. As soon as Zach opened his mouth it was guaranteed that whatever came out would be an outstandingly bad idea. And it was.

Zach’s family was out of town, so naturally that was cause enough to have a kickback. Without much coaxing from Zach and Montgomery, she agreed to hangout with them and their friends. It wasn’t like her, not really. She didn’t partake in their idiotic endeavors. But it had been a rough week and she wasn’t doing too well. She didn’t want to talk about it. She just wanted to distract herself with bad ideas and bad influences.

“Since when do you hangout with them?” Jeff had questioned, his arms crossed over his chest tightly in a way that made the veins pop out.

“Me and Zach have always been friends, you know that,” She shot back, not wanting to have this conversation.

“Okay but you hate Bryce. You have literally referred to him as ‘everything you despise in this world’. And you’re not overly fond of Montgomery either,” he pinched the bridge of his nose in the way that he always did when he was frustrated and didn’t understand.

“I’m not asking for your permission. You’re not my third parental guardian,” she snapped, her tone a lot harsher than it should have been. He wasn’t being controlling, he wasn’t telling her not to go. He just didn’t understand why she wasn’t acting like herself.

“I know, and I’m not trying to be,” he sighed, his lips were pressed together tightly, “Before you go just tell me why. You’ve been acting different and now you’re hellbent on hanging out with people you don’t even really like that much. You know they’re not gonna get up to some stupid shit.”

“Bye, Jeff,” she walked away. Her voice was flat and her face was expressionless.

“Just be careful, please!” He called after her, but it went in one ear and out the other.

Why do we push away those who care the most and run all too willingly to those who don’t really give a damn? Maybe because when someone cares they make you confront the things weighing you down. Maybe because when someone doesn’t care they’re more than happy to encourage every rash impulse you have. Sometimes we don’t want to talk through our problems. Sometimes we want to drink a fifth of vodka and forget our own names.

The kickback had started out fine enough. All the usual suspects were there and it was chill. But then Montgomery noticed the two new golf carts parked outside. They were shiny and untouched, completely untarnished. That was an invitation, and an ominous one at that. Everything Montgomery touched turned to ruins.

It all sounded like so much fun. Let’s race the golf carts. What could go wrong? The better question would’ve been, what could possibly go right?

It was fun, at first. It was fun until she found herself on the ground, her head aching and everything blurry. The shrieking of metal rang in her ears as everything had come back into focus. They crashed. It wasn’t catastrophic, but there was damage— damage to the carts, damage to them.

Her face felt wet and her right eye felt swollen. She didn’t have to look in a mirror to know there was a gash on her right temple while her right eye was bruising. Suddenly she didn’t want to be there anymore.

Zach had, unsuccessfully, pleaded with her to stay. She wasn’t having it. She shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

So now she stands on Jeff’s front porch with a dish towel pressed against her temple, feet shifting anxiously. Zach had dropped her off since he had been relatively unscathed in the wreck, just a few superficial scrapes. Zach’s a good friend, but he’s a little dumb and very much not Jeff.

The door swings open, causing her to jump back slightly. The light leaking out from the opening causes her eyes to squint as her figure is illuminated, blood splotches and all. Jeff stands in the center of the doorway with a confused expression twisting his features until he registers what he’s looking at. He blinks hard in surprise, his lips parting to say something.

“Before you say anything,” she stops him, “I completely acknowledge that I’m a fucking idiot, and trust me, I hate me more than you do right now.”

“Babe,” he sighs exasperatedly, “ I don’t think you’re an idiot, and I could never hate you. But I am on the verge of a heart attack, so please come inside and tell me what happened.”

She nods in compliance, following him into the house. They walk up the stairs in silence. The house is empty except for them. She regrets every decision she’s made in the past twenty four hours. She gave up a night alone with her boyfriend to get in a golf cart wreck with Liberty High’s most infamous jocks.

They reach the bathroom and she hops up onto the counter, waiting for Jeff to finish collecting whatever it is he thinks will patch her up. She parts her legs for him to stand between as he reaches to take the blood soaked towel out of her grip.

He frowns when he sees the gash on her temple. It’s not too deep, but it still doesn’t paint a pretty picture. The bleeding has stopped but the bruising becomes harsher as time passes. The feeling of cold water being dabbed onto her temple is soothing, or maybe it’s just Jeff’s presence.

“We crashed some golf carts,” she says quietly, looking up at Jeff through wet lashes.

“Is everyone okay?” he asks, reaching for the rubbing alcohol. The cotton pad becomes saturated with the liquid before he brings it to her wound. The second it grazes her skin she lets out a hiss of pain, gripping the edge of the counter.

“Yeah,” she breathes out as the pain subsides, “Everyone is fine.”

“Did it make you feel better?” he inquires as he places a series of butterfly bandaids on her skin to close to gash. His voice is so calm.

“No,” she whispers, “It only made it worse.” She drops her head to rest on Jeff’s shoulder, wrapping her arms around his torso. He envelopes her in his arms, rubbing circles on her back with one hand and stroking her hair with the other.

“Then why’d you do it?” he asks softly.

“I’m so stressed and nothing is going right. I’m so tired,” her voice cracks as she bites back tears.The weight of everything hangs over her. It’s overwhelming and it makes it hard to breathe.

“You’re okay,” he coos, “I’ve got you.”

“I’m sorry, Jeff. I’m so sorry,” she says into his shoulder as a few tears escape.

He pulls back to take her face between his hands, wiping the few stray tears making a trail down her bruised face. “You’re forgiven. Honestly you were forgiven the moment you showed up at my door. Just don’t shut me out, okay? Your problems are my problems and I don’t want you to ever have to go through anything alone.”

“I won’t,” she promises, “I love you.”

“I love you,” he whispers against her lips as he presses his against hers in a soft peck. “I love you,” he echoes as he kisses her nose. “I love you,” he breathes as he kisses her forehead. He repeats it for each part of her face his lips touch.

“I am so lucky to live in a world where you exist,” she smiles serenely.

“Yo soy el afortunado,” he grins backs, “How about I run you a bath?”

“That sounds absolutely perfect. Boyfriend of the year award,” she gushes, kissing his face.

“Yeah well you’ve had a rough week and you could use some relaxation,” he rubs his hands down her arms before turning towards the bath, “also you smell like blood and dirt.”

She rolls her eyes, hopping off the counter whilst removing her clothing.”I’ll forgive you for that jab if you get in the bath with me.”

“Think we can both fit?” he arches an eyebrow.

“We’ll just have to get close,” she grins, tugging the hem of his shirt up to pull it over his head.

The warmth of the bath water caresses her skin as she lays with her back pressed against her boyfriend’s chest. Her eyes are shut as she lets the rest of her senses absorb how at peace she is in this moment.

“This is so relaxing,” she sighs, cuddling further against Jeff.

“Mhmm,” he hums in agreement as he dips his head to kiss her cheek, then her neck, then her shoulder. “How does your head feel?”

“Hurts,” she shrugs casually.

“Do you want me to go get you an ice pack?” he offers, concern dripping off the words.

“I don’t want you going anywhere. I’ll grab one before I go,” she assures, tilting her head back to kiss the base of his throat.

“Uh huh, you’re out of your mind if you think I’m letting you walk away from me twice in the same day. With your luck you’ll trip on the way out and break your leg or something,” he laughs as he shakes his head. She can feel his laughter vibrating against her back. It’s a nice feeling.

“You raise a good point,” she mirrors his laugh, “I’ve made enough reckless decisions for the night.”

“Exactly. So just stay with me.”

“I can’t turn that down. Thank you for helping me put myself back together.”


And just like that another truth became apparent. Sometimes we pull away from the people we care about the most. And sometimes we run towards the people who are blatantly bad for us. But in the end we find ourselves at the place that our heart recognizes as home.


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I have a feeling that you enjoy a good challenge, so what would Toph gain from Zutara? ;)

What Toph Would Gain from Zutara

A home she can go to when her own family is being … less than understanding.

Lao: Yes. I’ve let you have far too much freedom. From now on, you will be cared for and guarded 24 hours a day.

An example of a healthy relationship.

Instead of a distrustful one.

And a couple who are already more parental toward her than her real parents are.

And who would be a role model for communicating:

Since there were apparently two deadbeat dads she didn’t smush into the ground like she should have.

Suyin:  We didn’t have a normal childhood. Neither of us knew our fathers and Toph was always busy being Chief of Police.

She would have been a better mom herself.

Toph: Look, I know I wasn’t a great mother. But one way or another, I ended up with two great kids.

And most of all, she would be able to experience one of life’s true delights as a member of the family:

Instead of someone who makes no effort whatsoever to connect with Zuko’s friends.

*See her willing to sacrifice not only her life, but also maybe said country’s so-called righteous war, and confront not only a powerful oppressor, but also a friend to save the one she loves–and his friends she literally does not give a damn about.  avatarwindboy, Ma.iko shipper

And who never even really talks to his family, biological or otherwise.

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Olicity "Pitch" au - Oliver is the hot shot baseball player who's time is almost up and Felicity is the rookie & the first woman in the league. Instead of being a tech wizard she's a star athlete. Or Oliver is a baseball star who thinks too much of himself and Felicity is the agent who has to rein him in.

(Went with the second prompt–thanks!)

Felicity’s heels clicked against the painted concrete floors of the warren of rooms and hallways underneath Petco Park.  But she didn’t notice that, over the video she was streaming on her tablet and the sound of her cell phone calling another phone.  

When she got voicemail, she bit back a curse.  “Okay, if that’s how you want to play this, Oliver, then I’m gonna play,” she spit out into the phone.  “See you in five.”  

She ended the call and shoved her phone into the pocket of her purse, while she hit replay on the video that showed her top player engaging in a game of strip baseball with three other players and several models.  

“Damn it, Oliver,” she muttered.  

Yeah, the whole ‘strip baseball’ element wasn’t great.  Not when she had been trying to make Oliver’s public image match reality and his private image.  When he had come up, he had been a playboy and a douchebag.  But after sixteen years in the majors, it was well past time for Oliver Queen to be seen by his fans and the general public as who he really was: a man who had put his body through incredible abuse, all in the pursuit of a championship.  A pursuit that his team kept falling short in, a pursuit that Felicity knew Oliver wanted to win more than anything.  

Most of the time, Oliver wasn’t what she had expected before she had met him.  When they had started working together at the start of the season, Oliver had wanted help negotiating his final contract and knew he needed to improve his image to get what he wanted.  Felicity, for her part, had been intrigued.  The Oliver Queen she met was thoughtful, serious, tactical.  Not the drunk, flirtatious asshole she had heard he was.  

And she had liked the man she met.  The man she saw interacting with fans, with his teammates.  Liked him enough to violate the boundaries she had set for herself when she started in this business.  

Which was the last thing she should be thinking about right now, Felicity told herself.  No, she had to be focused on this problem.  Figuring out why Oliver had gone off the rails like this.  Because this stunt was so out of left field, Felicity acknowledged, even as she winced at the baseball pun.  

This kind of behavior?  Oliver had left it behind, she thought.  Ever since his best friend and teammate Tommy Merlyn had been killed in a car accident five years ago, Oliver had been different, according to other players and his coach, John Diggle.  So she didn’t understand what was going on with him–and she was going to get to the bottom of it.  Even if she had to use her Loud Voice.  

Finally she reached her destination and knocked on the door of the trainers’ room.  “Is Oliver Queen in there?”

No one answered, but Felicity could hear voices behind the door.  Lifting her fist, she pounded on the door.  “Open up or I’m coming in!”

She thought she heard a muffled “No!” but Felicity didn’t wait.  She opened the door and stepped inside, striding along with all the determination and confidence that had let her succeed twice in male-dominated fields: computer science and sports agent.

“What were you thinking?” she snapped as she stalked over towards Oliver, who was ensconced in an ice bath.  “Strip baseball?  With girls who barely look legal, putting aside the fact that they are way too young for you?  I thought you wanted to change your image, Oliver, not continue to feed this idiotic idea that you’re some spoiled rich kid who doesn’t give a damn!”

He wasn’t really looking at her.  He was hanging his head, acting like he was ignoring her, which stoked her ire.  “Look at me!” she demanded.  

That got a reaction.  His eyes met hers, fiery blue on fiery blue.  “You sure you want to do this, Felicity?”  

His voice was honey over gravel and she felt her insides twist.  But she shoved aside that flutter of lust and lifted her chin.  “You’ve been ignoring my calls and texts, acting like you could care less how I’m trying to help you.  So the mountain is coming to Mohammed.”  

“Okay, then.”  With that, Oliver hoisted himself up, revealing that yes, he had been naked in that tub.  

Unconsciously, her eyes flicked down and marveled at how little a reaction the cold water had on that part of Oliver’s anatomy, before she wrenched her eyes up to meet his.  

“You say I’ve been ignoring you.  How about how you’ve been ignoring me?  For a month, I’ve been trying to get you to talk about us.  And you’ve been ducking the conversation every time,” Oliver said, his hands on his hips, apparently not caring that he was standing naked in front of her, his body–scarred and rugged and completely, incredibly beautiful–on full display.  

“So I pulled a stupid kid move and did something to get your attention,” he continued.  “It was dumb and the last thing I needed, but, Felicity–I don’t give a damn about my contract anymore.  I almost don’t care about winning a World Series.  I just want to win you.”  

Felicity felt her heart pound.  Oliver had done this because of her?  Because she had been too scared to consider that she was falling for a baseball player–for a man–like Oliver?  

Licking her lips, she whispered, “I’m not a prize to be won.”  

Oliver clumsily got out of the tub to be closer to her.  In spite of the designer dress she was wearing, Felicity couldn’t move, couldn’t back away from his wet body.  

“It’s not like that, Felicity,” he said, reaching out and clutching her hands.  “I know you’re not a prize, not like that.  But … everything’s changed for me.  None of what I do on the field matters like it used to, none of it will matter, if you won’t give me a real chance.  If you won’t give us a real chance.”

She didn’t know what to say.  She kept searching his face, trying to find her answer in his eyes.  And she thought he sensed her dilemma, her struggle, because he moved even closer and leaned forward, resting his forehead against hers.  

“Please, Felicity.”  

That was all it took.  Oliver Queen, the man who never said please, said it to her. 

Going up on her toes, Felicity kissed him.  Kissed him slowly and sweetly, her hands coming up to cup his stubbled cheeks, feeling his arms come around her, pouring herself into a kiss that was different from all their other kisses.  From every other kiss she had ever had.  

Because this was the first time she kissed someone without thinking about anything else but him.


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i know it's probably nothing but i /HATED/ the clip of Cas kissing Kelly's forehead lol. That should be Dean's forehead, he needs comforting.

I dunno man, for me its like…

Originally posted by olyan-mint-te

Like, why can’t they have friends? Why can’t Cas be who he is - a good soul, a healer, a friend? AND be gorgeously sweet and loving with his husband?

This is kind of what I get annoyed about with the bros only crew, like a person only has so much love and they have to divide it out between people?! wtf? So if Dean loves Cas it’s like it discounts his love for Sam - just NOPE.

So I know what you mean and I know you probably didn’t mean it like this, but I just wanted to put this out there cos I LOVE the Cas / Kelly dynamic!

He wants to help her, he wanted to help her BEFORE the question was raised about whether he is ‘brainwashed’ by the child, he wants to help EVERYONE, he loves HUMANITY and I love this side of him. That moment in s10 with the snotty kid is one of my favourite moments on this show, because DAMN did it give us insight into who he really is (and that was a key Human!Cas meta moment for me).

Kelly was so alone, terrified, had been raped by LUCIFER, was imprisoned and abused by a Prince of Hell… then Cas, our beloved Cas comes in and just wants to help… and ends up being her and her child’s Actual Gardian Angel.

It’s so beautiful and it shows such a side to his character that I adore… this intimacy and caring (that is clearly platonic) and just full of his own love and tenderness towards Humanity and people…

OK you gave me all the feels anon… I had just gotten over all the shaking and random brain thoughts from yesterday and now I’m all CAAAAAAAAAS!

Here's what happens when there are huge school groups doing tours on campus

-lots of screaming like someone’s dying

-lots of high energy children mixed with low energy college students

-there are cops freaking everywhere and I have to drive below the speed limit. Oh yeah and there are kids

-I fucking hate seeing school buses in the parking lot. the enemy has infiltrated my home turf goddamnit

-the chaperones who lead the kids around are some white PTA mom type fuckers who give me the stink eye

-walkways are really damn crowded

-an eight year old just said my backpack was uncool, who gave you the right you little bastard

hello i’m a big ol’ sap, so i’m gonna say thank you to all my followers for following me, i love y’all to death

i entered the skam fandom at one of the lowest points of my entire life. but watching the show and just jumping into this incredibly creative and caring fandom gave me something i will be eternally grateful for. you all gave me something to look forward to. something to keep me afloat. and then that turned into me being genuinely happy at a time when i really thought it wasn’t possible. 

so thank you skam, for being one of the most well-written, well-made shows i’ve ever watched. but also thank you skam fandom–thank you especially to all my mutuals and followers, for giving me love and hope when i needed it most. 


Request: Can I have a Hoseok imagine where he finds you dancing alone and he is amazed, with lots of fluff and and cuteness :)

Words: 1.4k

Ahhh, this was a super cute request, it practically wrote itself xD

Originally posted by btsleepy

It really wasn’t the kind of thing you usually did.

You were definitely more the sort of person to laze around, only moving when it was completely necessary. Hoseok was the dancer out of the two of you obviously, he would dance with a carefree glee, hips moving fluidly with the beat of whatever song was playing. All the while you would sit and watch him happily, drinking in the way his body moved with such perfection, you never really thought to join in and dance yourself.

Yet, here you were, alone in your kitchen with the radio turned up to full blast carelessly moving to the quick beat. You were aware that if anyone were to walk in right now, you would look completely crazy. You lack any sort of rhythm, your legs move randomly and you throw your arms around haphazardly, almost knocking over various ornaments several times.

But once you started, you couldn’t stop.

You were no dancer by any means, especially not compared to your boyfriend, but perhaps you were starting to see why he loved dancing so much. There was something so liberating about moving like this, putting your everything into each tiny movement.

The food in the pans slowly boiled away, long forgotten as you became lost in the heavy drum beat. The music echoes throughout the whole room and you were sure your neighbours would complain about the noise tomorrow, but you can’t bring yourself to care. You just keep moving and moving.

You aren’t sure how many songs you’ve gone through or how many minutes have passed by the time you finally stop. Your hair sticks to your sweaty forehead and you can feel the extreme warmth of your skin as you quickly breathe in and out in a struggle to catch your breath.

After turning the radio down you turn your attention back to the food, giving it a quick stir and breathing a sigh of relief when you see none of it had burnt during your impromptu dancing session.

You look at the clock. Hoseok should be home by no, he’d promised 6:30. Just as you sadly return to stirring the food you hear a quiet little coughing noise coming from the doorway of the kitchen. Upon quickly jolting around you find Hoseok standing there, a smile that could outshine the sun itself gracing his face. Every single time you see that smile, your heart melts like butter. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together or how used you are to his company, that smile never fails to get to you, it’s possibly your favourite thing in the world.

“Having fun?” he asks, a laugh escaping from his beautiful mouth, you always take your time to remember every single one of his laughs, everything from the pitch of his voice to the way it seems to brighten up the whole room.

“What are you talking about, I was just cooking” you insist bashfully, pretending to suddenly be very interested in the food in front of you. You fixate your vision on it, pretending not to notice as he moves closer to you.

“I’ve been here for like five minutes Y/N, I saw you dancing” he says, moving so that he’s standing behind you.

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So my request is.... Can you do one where Harry and Y/N are at Y/N's cousins wedding and Harry gets turned on and they sneak in the bathroom and have a little quickie during the reception before the dancing and Harry ends up ripping her panties trying to get them off fast and she has to go the rest of the wedding without panties and they're both worried her family will notice!

This is the last request that came in under the wire from when requests were still officially open (1.5 months ago, approximately). I do apologize it took so long, but weddings are just so foreign to me (strange, I know, but I’ve only ever been to one!). I hope it at least partly makes up for the wait. x. 

043. He’s a Dead Man

“What are you doing?” The question is a warning for him and his slow circling fingers on your arm.

“Not doin’ anythin’ at all, love.” Harry’s innocent reply tickles the shell of your ear. He’s intoxicatingly close and at an occasion where everyone is supposed to be focusing on the bride, his sole gaze for you is highly inappropriate. “Did I mention yeh look beautiful?”

“Once or twice,” you remind him.

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Hey IR idiot! Remember how Orihime brought ichigo to life? How ichigo needs to protect orihime before anybody else? Ya know ichigos poem is for zangetsu? Remember how you pretend to like Orihime? Remember how IR is a pretend ship created by idiots?

Look, IchiHime fans are never, ever going to be open-minded or thoughtful when they read and interpret anything in Bleach. I get that. The mind-numbingly ignorant comments, attempts-to-piss-me-off reblogs, and the obsessive endeavors of enlightening me with 10+ hateful inbox messages prove that to be fact.

Oh and self-promotion here, but I got an IR post in the works that’s just gonna blow that “pretend ship”  and “Zangetsu over Rukia” bull crap out of the water. I know how committed IH fans are to IR so I thought you’d be interested.

I know you guys are in your own deluded community concentrated in blind support and hate on others, but how the hell are you going to go on and on and on about how instances like “Can I keep up with it? The speed of the world with no you?” are completely falsified by the IchiRuki fandom and then cling so desperately to your mistranslated “Orihime bringing Ichigo back to life” argument?

Again and again and many an again more, that was perhaps the most common knowledge incorrect, egregious translation of the entire God-forsaken manga. Orihime didn’t call “Help me, Ichigo,” she called “Help” or “Help me” Followed by “Kurosaki-kun,” “Kurosaki-kun,” “Kurosaki-kun,” “Kurosaki-kun.”

Instead of the usual kanji, Kubo wrote it in hiragana, a Japanese syllabary. I couldn’t find the raw Japanese scans, but I did find this.

‘Kurosaki-kun’ is not a name anymore, it is syllables because Orihime lost her ability of elocution, of any sensible thought. She snapped, she broke, she lost it. For good reason? Yes. Does it change the fact? No.

Ichigo didn’t need “to protect her,” he needed to “protect (general).” The pronoun ‘her’, as explained by the Japanese fan-base and those proficient in Japanese speech and linguistics, is just not there. No inner intention of Ichigo focuses his will or motive of protection on Orihime.

And what else? Ichigo fucking failed.

He ruined two of his friends, he butchered an arrancar worse than the espada of nihility could have ever done, and Ichigo hated every last piece of himself for it.

But rest assured anon, I do not think you or your fandom total hypocrites for preaching the same shit you are guilty of in twenty fold of what you pretend a fandom at least three times the size of you does. I just think it makes you insecure.

Spare me your hypocritical humility and attempts at promoting the ‘IchiHime brand’ and their misguided, quite frankly fucked up mantras of wisdom and morality.

“God gave you one face, and you make yourself another” (William Shakespeare). Act 3 of Hamlet I’m pretty sure.

Even past sentence structure and linguistics…how could any spin on this, how could any point of view, how could any translation, or any interpretation lead any human being with half an iota of common sense and half an idea about the concept of human decency, to believe Ichigo becoming a hollow was an intense, gut-wrenching, God-tier-esque leading shipping moment?

Ichigo became a hollow. One without thought or true cognitive function. Please explain to me how something the fandom dubbed IchiThing somehow becomes a positive, otherworldly creature who decimated death with the carnal need and the pure intention to protect Orihime?

Orihime’s most scarring moment, her most traumatizing experience, the utter rotting of her emotional and mental stability, her feelings of Ichigo being a safe and kind and funny guy dissolving with a cero to Ulquiorra’s skull is considered an IH moment?

The utter dishevelment of the self-appointed values Ichigo sets for himself, his moral code of conduct being acid-washed away, the stigmatic behavior/approach Uryu and Ulquiorra treated him with, Ichigo wanting to mutilate himself in a hopeless attempt to reestablish a sense of honor, Ichigo loathing and hating and thinking of himself as worse than the bottom-feeding, dregs of societal scum he fights against, Ichigo hurting his friends and killing someone (something Rukia, back in their beginnings, had to comfort him with the knowledge that ‘no Shinigami don’t kill, we cleanse’)…Ichigo had his humanity dying.

“Up until now, I’ve been fighting you hollowfied and unaware..That’s not me!”  …Is Ichigo like this a okay to you?

You also cling like needy little leeches to Orihime’s verbal (because the actions of others don’t mean anything right?) oath and commitment to protecting Ichigo. Guess who besides Ichigo failed? If you are so ignorant and so facile with your imbecilic belief that Orihime is the only character in Bleach who doesn’t ‘use’ Ichigo for something (usually protection) or that Hime is the only character who shows desire to protect Ichigo thus making her the only one who really, truly gives a damn about him, why do you cling to this so desperately?

Why do you use your precious mistranslated manga pages when they butcher the goals, morals, genetic-makeup, and fucking sanity/well-being of the ‘two most important characters’ to you? You don’t understand Ichigo, you sure as hell don’t understand Orihime, and any criticism or aspect of these characters that isn’t presented as altruistic good or universally perfect is rejected before being marked as hate and delusion? Do you realize how rare it is for manga characters to be presented like this? Don’t erase it. Learn from it.

How can you tell me Ichigo was awakened by his carnal, core deep instinct or by his unabated gall or by his utter need to protect Orihime when the hollow you claim he became for her protection and for her benefit scared, terrified, hurt, and robbed her of her stability.

Don’t pretend Orihime wasn’t mortified of Ichigo. ‘She’s only sixteen, give her a break.The love of her life is a monster now. Of course she’ll be scared. Her brother got turned into a monster before!”

I think this is a pretty complacent ‘defense’ of Orihime’s character because once again she’s being protected in the name of a ship, not in the name of Orihime. Not for herself. She’s shown to have some of the highest caliber of emotional and mental strength in the series. She deals with things, she can handle herself. She can pull herself together and get her job done.

When she saw her big brother and the monster he was, she pulled herself together and she could help him. Orihime wasn’t scared of Sora. Orihime was scared of Ichigo. She couldn’t do anything that she swore of herself here. If she could hardly breathe in witnessing a hollow-masked Ichigo in full control of his power and in the middle of the act of saving her and Nel, how well do you think she could handle IchiThing? Realize how bad this is for them both and realize how good it was when Orihime managed to contain her fear the second time Ichigo had to go Vasto Lord.

Why was the protector who you claim came back to life for her pummeling her through stone and dirt? Why did he cut and hurt her? Why did Uryu have to catch and protect her?  Why didn’t IchiThing consider what it’s reiatsu could do to her? Why isn’t his ‘life work and sole function’ to protect her meaning anything? If he came for her protection, why did she still get bruised and thrown around because of him? Why is she forced to witness more damnation? Why was she disgusted of herself for calling for help? Why wasn’t anything IchiThing did protective?

He fought. He killed. He hurt. He did not protect.

Why was Orihime afraid of Ichigo (with his mask alone and as a certified hollow), but not afraid of Ulquiorra? Ulquiorra is the one that caused all of this, after all. He killed Ichigo, he mutilated Uryu, he was aiming to kill Uryu, he tortured Orihime, he threatened her friends…so why?? Why did she give him one of her most tender, most vulnerable, and most warm gazes?

Because, at least a little, she understands Ulqiorra in a way she doesn’t understand Ichigo. She got a perfect nihilist to become curious, to embrace, no matter how short a time it was, an imperfect human emotion. He reached out, and Ichigo killed him. What she did wasn’t a small or negligible or normal or throw away for the sake of our ship thing. It meant something. It meant a lot of things. It made Orihime more powerful. Don’t erase it because an ‘UlquiHime’ moment makes you insecure. Do you want to protect Orihime’s unique strength? Figure out who the hell she is.

And onward.

Ichigo’s hollow is not his inner protector. Ichigo’s inner hollow is his lifeline’s defense mechanism. It’s plan B for when Ichigo starts losing, when he starts dying. Remember:

When becoming a hollow, you lose the heart (even more reason Ulquiorra is a ‘perfect’ nihilist) and the hollow simply becomes a heap of instinct. Ichigo’s instinct is to protect. Not to protect Orihime, just to protect. His protection isn’t dedicated to Orihime. It’s dedicated to a mountain-load of people.

First it was his mom, then the need got added on to with the birth of his sisters, and it’s been multiplying since.

Ichigo protects all (yes some matter more than others). Ichigo’s hollow protects Ichigo. We were introduced to that damn fact back in his fight with Byakuya. But, I know, I understand. The Soul Society arc (the damn core and basis and roots of the manga) is so damn triggering, IH fans have shoved it into their repression boxes…along with every moment and arc they don’t perceive or pretend is IchiHime.

The only protector Orihime EVER had up there was Ishida Uryu. Ishida Uryu had one indisputable, concentrated, soul reason to go to Hueco Mundo.

Inoue Orihime.

(Ichigo went for…more than that. To dip the reason in sugar and not start a whole new post). But nobody in your fandom considers this perfect archer-boy worth a damn.

Ichigo and Orihime brought out the worst in each other here. Orihime’s mental and emotional strength snapped, Ichigo’s humanity snapped. They didn’t help each other, they hurt each other.

What’s worse…where’s their actual emotional connection? Ichigo woke up and asked her if she was okay before quickly turning his attention to an Uryu he stabbed and an Ulquiorra he destroyed. They didn’t talk, she didn’t understand the pain in his eyes, her focus wasn’t on him it was on Ulquiorra, his focus was on what he had done…then Ichigo left to continue battle. No precious reunion or comfort or anything to help each other heal. They healed on their own, they didn’t help or heal each other…compare to Rukia and Ichigo who helped each other get over years of depression, their feelings of loneliness, uselessness, powerlessness,and sadness, changed each other and each others worlds, brought real smiles and real emotion back to each other,etc.

And ‘before anyone else?’ Remember when Ichigo just about abandoned rescuing Orihime when he felt Ruka dying? If Orihime is always his priority why did the thought of leaving even enter his mind?

Ichigo and Orihime….just can’t do anything for each other.

Ichigo lost. He felt like a monster, not a victor, and sure as hell not a protector.

Orihime broke. She felt useless, she failed her promise to herself, and she got the worst experience of her entire life

Orihime didn’t heal or bring Ichigo back to life. Ichigo brought himself back to life, though he wasn’t healed.

Orihime stayed with Uryu and Ichigo went to Rukia.

And that’s how it goes. Romanticize emotional trauma, death, misery, and their new found moments of anxiety, panic, and self-loathing all you want. Just quit pretending this is good for either of them.

Do better by Ichigo and Orihime. There’s my problem. This didn’t help them and this didn’t help their relationship.

It sent all the characters involved into a bottomless hell and not one good thing  for any one of them came out of that arc.

But “Oh my God IR fans are so delusional.” You’re right.

Let me hear one more of you say that Orihime really doesn’t mean shit to me and see how well and informative and calm I’ll be next time. Orihime and Ichigo mean everything to me.

Wish they meant as much to you.

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in advance, i just want to apologize, bc i know it's really archaic to think of mlm couples as always top/always bottom such as ginhiji vs hijigin, but in your experience, which have you observed to be more popular? im doing a sort of research study thing atm, trying to see the correlations bc from what i've gathered ginhiji is more popular is east asia, and hijigin is more popular in the west and im just trying to understand why

No need to apologize! You can ask anything you want! 

I don’t keep track of how many times people have complained to me about who tops/bottoms. Here’s an example of the type of crap I get: read the tags on this and the edit on this. I think the term fujoshi is awful, but honestly, having observed and experienced fandom as I have, I’ve gathered that anyone that gets upset over who tops/bottoms is 100% a fujoshi. They’re not part of the LGBTQ+ community and they’re not an ally. That becomes very clear when they’re not reading something for the relationship or plot, they’re reading strictly for the sex to fetishize male/male relationships, and so, a fic will be “wrong” if the “wrong” person tops/bottoms. I get totally grossed out by people like that! So, I don’t keep track of who’s complaining over GinHiji v HijiGin, I just tell them to stop reading my stuff and to go away because the two characters will always switch, like a realistic relationship, in my work.

I’m sorry I can’t be of more help! I’ve had people get after me for either one and I have no idea what part of the world those people were from. Both GinHiji and HijiGin are equally popular to me, so you can consider Europe good

Kpop Scenarios: Boy Groups In School
  • <p> <b>Big Bang:</b> That one group of seniors who are forever popular and everyone loves. They come out when they feel like it. Haves a member who doesn't know the definition of clothes and one that is obsessed with furniture and artworks.<p/><b>Exo:</b> The Freshmans who became instant famous for their looks and background. Also have a really big fanbase and crazy fans.<p/><b>2PM:</b> Those chill seniors who are friends with everyone and treat everyone nicely. People either love or hate them, no in between.<p/><b>BTS:</b> Those freshmans who at first were nobodies but became famous overnight. Also hyper and acts weirdly. Big fan of the seniors. *coughBigBangcough*<p/><b>Got7:</b> That group of freshmans who are very hyper and instant famous due to background and also how idiot most of them acts.<p/><b>Winner:</b> The chill freshmans who are really don't give a damn. They are literally meaning peace.<p/><b>Block B:</b> The group of sophomores who are both cool and popular. They are also kind and probably hangs out at those places with trees nearby or something. Warning might be a whole different person once you get to know them.<p/><b>Btob:</b> Those group of sophomores/juniors who are like there. Nobody knows why hut they are there and everyones accepts their presence there. May also be funny and witty when you get to really know them.<p/><b>Shinee:</b> That one really random sophomores who happens to be EVERYWHERE. They are also weird. One member is obsessed with chicken, one is full of himself and a flaming charismatic one.<p/><b>Super Junior:</b> The alumnis who can never leave the school(In this case Kpop scene). They are at anywhere either helping everyone or joking around. Probably unsure of their own age.<p/></p>
20 Interesting Zodiac Sign Facts About Virgo (Part 6)

1. Virgo would rather have one good friend then a whole bunch of people who really don’t give a damn. 

2. As a Friend Virgo : Is up for just about anything and will never be short of conversations.

3. Virgo : You work with much pride and perseverance, that your reputation precedes you.

4. What doesn’t work for Virgo : Direct insults.

5. If Virgo feel like it, they will sacrifice everything for…

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Sweet Home Sioux Falls Pt.2: When Your Husband Attacks Your Fiance

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Words: 4700ish

Warnings: Swearing, Fighting, Cheating (Kinda but not really)

Summary: (Very loosely based off of Sweet Home Alabama) Years after you left your old life to start a new and “better” one in New York City, your now-fiance decides that it’s time to meet your father, Bobby Singer, which unfortunately avalanches into him meeting all your friends, family, and your not-so-ex-husband Dean Winchester.

A/N: REMEMBER, this takes place after the Leviathans were defeated and everyone is alive and well (specifically Ellen, Jo, Ash, and Bobby). I cannot believe how much support this series is getting! Thank you all! I hope you enjoy where it is headed! Feedback is always appreciated!

Part 1


You were frozen against Patrick as you heard the Impala’s door slam outside. You looked over Patrick’s shoulder at Bobby, who was holding 3 whiskey glasses and looked completely dumbstruck. You were going to get zero help from him. He definitely was not prepared for all of the drama walking into his doorway today.

When the door opened and you heard Dean jokingly yell, “Lucy, I’m home!” You quickly pushed Patrick away from you. Patrick stared at you in confusion but you didn’t notice as your eyes were focused on Dean, who didn’t even seem to have noticed you.

“Bobby, what’s with the Prius blocking your driveway? Don’t tell me it’s a hunter’s. Did you remember to stock up your bathrooms with tampons for his candy-ass?” Dean laughed.

“Excuse me?” Patrick interjected, oblivious to the tense air you and Bobby were inhaling. You suppressed your groan of shame and turned away from Dean to face the wall. Fortunately, he still hadn’t seemed to notice you…or perhaps he simply didn’t recognize you.

“Ah, are you the-? Yeah…my bad, dude,” You heard Dean sheepishly apologized. You covered your mouth to fight the giggle trying to escape you. Dean digging himself in a hole over a bad joke he made always made you laugh.

Your giggle was easily fought against when your eyes landed on your purse at the kitchen table. Inside of it were the divorce papers you had planned to confront Dean with. You had prepared yourself to face him for months, but hadn’t even thought of what to do if Patrick was in the room. Patrick, your fiancé, who had zero knowledge that you were still married to none other than the legendary Dean Winchester himself.

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Am I the only one who doesn't really give a damn if a movie passes the Bechdel test, or anything like it? I just care if the movie is good; I don't need it to meet all of these requirements that people come up with.

That test is really stupid because… that has little to no merit on the movie being good. I mean, as someone who only watches certain comedies and horror movies… lots of movies pass that test and are still pretty bad