who gives a buck

Me: haha I hope I don’t accidentally have a bunch of baby crickets man that would SUCK wouldn’t it lol
Me: *extensively looks up cricket breeding videos while taking notes and purposefully gets a male and female cricket*
Me: wouldn’t want that to happen!!

Fun fact if you write “(character) thought they were asexual, until they met the one person who changed that” fanfiction you have to give the nearest asexual person twenty bucks per chapter sorry I don’t make the rules.

Also if you claim the character is (name)-sexual you have to pay every demisexual person that reads it 20 bucks per use of the word.

sincerelywrong  asked:

HEY if there was anyone who wanted to give but only could give like a couple bucks, I'll match up to $20 from this moment on, until the end of the day (until midnight central). So people can give $1 or whatever, and it'll count double. Not a Huge amount, but $40 is better than $0 yeah? Lmk when you get to $20, Fae. <3

WOW THANKS this is for my sad mattress fund y'all. paypal is @ andsarahbellesaid@gmail.com

The signs as friends
  • Aries: the type of friend who will take you on great adventures
  • Taurus: the type of friend who will protect you at all costs
  • Gemini: the type of friend who always comes up with new things to do
  • Cancer: the type of friend who will invite you to their house and treat you like family
  • Leo: the type of friend who always makes you feel like a million bucks
  • Virgo: the type of friend who will give constructive criticism and come up with solutions for your problems
  • Libra: the type of friend who will give objective and fair advice, but still support you when you need it
  • Scorpio: the type of friend who will plot revenge on someone who wronged you
  • Sagittarius: the type of friend who will always tell you like it is, even when the truth hurts
  • Capricorn: the type of friend who will motivate you to reach for success even in stressful times
  • Aquarius: the type of friend who will do the weirdest shit with you without judgment
  • Pisces: the type of friend who always considers your feelings and will back your dreams, even if they seem impossible
Terrible beauty n the beast au for y'all

So please stop and imagine


Who doesn’t actually give to bucks about being cursed to be honest, and still lives right in the middle of town and nobody bats an eye. Oh, sure, technically she’s banned from town, but nobody actually wants to kick her out bc as a human Marinette had ton of friends and they didn’t leave her jusy because she got bigger duh.

So yeah. Sweet ol’ Marinette, who may be a little bit beastly, a little bit of a monster, but design clothes all the same and use her extra strengh & agility to help folks.

Enters Chat Noir (who is Perfectly Unrelated To The Nobles What Are You Talking About Hahaha)

Chat Noir is a mercenary who’s hired by mayor/prefect/whatev fits the time period!Bourgeois, who wants that beast out of his town dammit. Chat Noir, being an outsider who doesn’t know the truth about the beast, accept.

He kinda reconsiders when the first time he sees the beast she’s wearing a polka-doted dress while eating croissants and carrying an excited five-years old girl on her shoulders (manon loves marinette extra height aright)

So Chat investigates and asks people around, fails (i mean would you trust an armed stranger with your friend’s condition) tries again as Adrien “Absolutely Not Sneaking Out To Do Dangerous Jobs”, succeeds a lil better, and long story short ends up hanging out with “I’m Not Telling You My Real Name” Ladybug to see if she really deserves being killed

… And shenanigans >:3c

who wants to give me 50 million dollars in exchange of my pre calculus notesheet im telling ya’ll it’s the shit it’s literally the textbook condensed into 1 sheet of paper this is all you will need to pass the class complete with formulas, identities, definitions, and whatnots also the important and pertinent information is all underlined in bright pink 1.0 mm gel pen