who gets tired at 9!

There are missing $114 pesos (around 7 dlls.) from the work safe, we realized last night and I’m the only one here working, and I didn’t touch that money, the bosses are being really nice about it but like, I feel awful. I have been working here for a month and I honestly felt I was doing an amazing job and I honestly feel like crying, because not only that, I have been covering the morning shifts, because the other girl quit, and today I was supposed to open at 7 am but sleepy me turned off the alarm clock and I came to work until 8:20 am, and I just feel awful, like, I am honestly trying my best not to cry and have an anxiety attack because, I am a good worker! In my last job, at a movie theater, I was employed of the month of November and I started working on October. I always have been the one covering for my workmates when they are late, I was never the one being late. I have disappointed my bosses and myself and I’m scared they will fire me and if you don’t see me on tumblr for a while is because I’m under my covers crying and feeling sorry for myself.