who gave you your license

the worst part about summers in the south is when you’re minding your own god damn business outside when alla sudden some fuckass cicada or junebug flies right into your god damn face like!!! bitch!!! who gave you a license!!!

Welcome Back

Fandom: James Bond’s movies

Summary: Based on an imagine: “Imagine Q complaining about you breaking equipment while you were on mission, but secretly being relieved that you had returned unharmed” by @scribblesandimaginings


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The day was quite peaceful for the most part. The lab Q was given, allowed him to have a decent level of privacy and the location on one of the less frequented levels provided a small amount of unwanted guests. That was one of the better aspects of the forced moving out from the old quarters when they got destroyed. His previous work place was bigger, but also more… crowded. And noisy. Without people, Q was able to work faster and more efficiently, not to mention the sheer pleasure of creating things in blissful silence.

At least most of the time.

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blackamelielacroix-archive  asked:

Pearlmethyst for the ship meme uwu

  • who walks out of the movie theatre after a movie and suggest they watch another movie straight after?

amethyst >:3c pearl usually falls asleep on her during the second movie tho. movies make her tired 

  • who swears like a sailor when driving?

pearl does most of the driving, except she doesn’t swear and she says stuff like “fiddlesticks!!!” “oh cheese and rice!!!!” “who the frick gave you your license??” she started doing it whenever steven was around but it became a habit and amethyst thinks it’s hilarious (pearl pretends it’s not but she knows it is lmao) 

  • who is always ten minutes early to appointments?

pearl . do i even have to say it . she’d probably show up a half hour early 

  • who swears they can set up the new home entertainment system without any help?

amethyst >:v she doesn’t want to admit that pearl is better with that kinda stuff lmao 

  • who can spend five hours straight in ikea?

they both would tbh. pearl would probably want to buy everything and amethyst would have fun with the strange swedish names and end up falling asleep on a couch at some point 

  • who buys things online & returns them a few days later?

pearl probably 

  • who plays the music so loud that it basically ruins everyone’s hearing?


  • who is more likely to spend money on unnecessary things?

AMETHYST !!! but also pearl actually? but in different ways. like amethyst is the kinda person who’d go to the dollar tree to get a snack and end up with 3 bags filled with useless junk, and pearl’s the type who’s like “AMETHYST LET’S GET ANOTHER WASHING MACHINE THIS ONE HAS A SCRATCH IN IT” 

  • who stays up until 5am reading?

amethyst !!! pearl goes to bed at 9 pm and wakes up at 6 am, it’s always been that way and will Never Change. amethyst has sleeping problems tho and she doesn’t want to wake up pearl so she reads all night to keep herself occupied :3 

  • who has a strict “no shoes” rule in the house?

PEARL !!!! nobody follows it tho 

  • who complains about not having a bathtub because they can’t buy bath bombs?

amethyst !!!! whenever she complains about it pearl’s just like “just rub the bath bomb all over ur body in the shower ull get a similar effect” “eat my entire ass pearl” 

  • who’s the more competitive one?

i cant see either of them being too competitive tbh :o