who gave you the best memories

All I’ve got II pt. 1

Jungkook x reader

genre: tattooed!jungkook, badboy!jungkook, angst, contents of smut, violent actions, slight fluff

word count: 12.1k

Jeon Jungkook was a tall guy, handsome with all those ethereal artwork tattooed on his arms..and your best friend. He was by your side whereas you faced a painful heartbreak, caressing your hurt soul for as long as you needed him. But how much can a friendship withstand if one of the two develops feelings?

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The Data Theory

This theory was originally developed by derekscorner and revised last night. I delve into the theory a little bit myself and came up with something pretty incredible. Again, most of this theory is in credit to derekscorner. All I’ve done is branch it out a little more. You can read the original post along with what I came up with here.

Kingdom Hearts is never entirely clear on how it’s universe works. The only trustworthy information you can get is spoken by characters in cut scenes, usually rather vague and said with symbolism, or it’s hidden somewhere in the “Reports” you recover throughout all of the games.

Because of this, the game can constantly flex it’s rules to bring about more scenarios and fix discrepancies it might have had in the past. But assuming, with the release 1.5+2.5 for the PS4, all of those discrepancies were fixed and the game is official, theories about this game will now become all the more relevant. And sensible.

Most things in Kingdom Hearts can be explained away in a rather convoluted essay. However, there are still select few scenarios that fans can’t seem to tackle because it wouldn’t make sense for how the game’s universe operates. One of these leading scenarios is the issue of bringing the lost Nobodies back into existence. I’m talking about Roxas, Naminé, and Xion.

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50 random questions
  • 1: What color pen do you do usually write with?
  • 2: Last three youtube videos?
  • 3: What subjects does your favorite teacher teach? Is it the same as your favorite subject?
  • 4: How many pillows do you sleep with?
  • 5: Favorite warm beverage?
  • 6: What was the first poster in your room for?
  • 7: What creeps you out the most?
  • 8: How many scarves do you own?
  • 9: Favorite piece of jewellery?
  • 10: How long do you toast your bread for?
  • 11: You’re going to have a party, and anyone you invite is guaranteed to come. Who are the first 5 on your guest list?
  • 12: Earliest memory?
  • 13: What is the oldest piece of clothing that you own?
  • 14: What was your childhood stuffed animal?
  • 15: Childhood dream job?
  • 16: What is a recent dream that you remember?
  • 17: Do you often wake up in the middle of sleeping?
  • 18: What was the best gift you ever received?
  • 19: What was the best gift you ever gave?
  • 20: What languages would you like to learn?
  • 21: Pastel or neon?
  • 22: Favorite element?
  • 23: Did you/do you believe in fairies?
  • 24: What does your name mean?
  • 25: Does anyone hold your heart right now?
  • 26: Biggest surprise of the last month?
  • 27: What was your first ship?
  • 28: Favourite thing to bake/cook?
  • 29: How long does it take for you to trust someone?
  • 30: What was the last bad idea that you followed through with?
  • 31: First five things you do once you get out of bed in the morning, GO!
  • 32: Thoughts on dystopian novels/films?
  • 33: Thoughts on romance?
  • 34: How do you want to die?
  • 35: Top two things on your bucket list?
  • 36: What song do you get ready to?
  • 37: Heels, sneakers, or boots?
  • 38: You now have 500 dollars. What do you do with it?
  • 39: Favorite lyric?
  • 40: Earliest childhood memory?
  • 41: Who do you wish you could live with?
  • 42: How do you balance work (school etc) and personal enjoyment?
  • 43: Which teacher inspired you the most in high school?
  • 44: Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
  • 45: Think of one person you like. Now describe them in one sentence.
  • 46: Think of one person you don't like. Describe them in a sentence.
  • 47: Showers or baths?
  • 48: What do you do when you get hiccups?
  • 49: Extrovert or introvert?
  • 50: Do you like caffeine?

anonymous asked:

Ok I want your Top Ten Kellex moments from the live stream please and thank you. *grabs popcorn*


***disclaimer: if you weren’t a kellex shipper before… get ready to become one

#10: The look they give each other after they get the question: “What’s the best memory you have with eachtother?” …

(WHAT ARE THEY REMEMBERING BYE) ps. one of their memories was living together #best three months of their life.

#9: When they thank @ G O D for each other being there

#8: When Jim behind the scenes makes fun of Kelley and Alex doesn’t laugh and lowkey looks kinda pissed that someone insulted her lil squirrel her bff.

#7: Alex saying that not seeing Kelley in four hours is a long time,

and their psychicly timed coffee trips:


#5: Anytime Alex makes fun of Kelley + Stanford (because honestly, who gave them permission to become their own fanfic)

#4: Alex joking about Chef Kelley…

*However let’s not forget this gem from when they actually lived together:

#3: When Kelley blames Alex for getting her sick because she can literally hear when her voice is slightly raspier than normal……. 

#2: The Kellex Hug™️….. #thanks for scoring <3

#1: aaaaand the moment that has ended my life (and forever changed the way I look at squirrels????/?/)

(x) ✌️✌️✌️

Fuckboy! Hwang Minhyun

masterlist can be found (here)

Fuckboy x Wanna One:
Yoon Jisung II Ha Sungwoon II Hwang Minhyun II Ong Seongwoo II Kim Jaehwan II Kang Daniel II Park Jihoon II Park Woojin II Bae Jinyoung II Lee Daehwi II Lai Guanlin

“Your hand fits in mine like it’s made just for me.”

  • The oversensitive yet manipulate your feelings sort of fuckboy
  • He flirts with you, tells you how you make him feel like a ‘normal person’ instead of a chaebol he is and that you are different from all the other girls he had met
  • Girls can’t seem to say no when they see his charming smile and heart stopping gaze
  • While he doesn’t necessarily sleep with the girls he flirts with, he toys with their emotions a lot
  • He builds a lot of false hope as if he wants to be in a relationship with them and then just straight up act like they never existed in his life the next week
  • But even after he dumps them, they forgive him and sort of sympathized with him because he will look so sorry whenever he does it and tell them that it was because his parents doesn’t allow him to date someone of a different class
  • Minhyun is just really good at crying and acting after watching all those kdramas with Dongho
  • who basically made Minhyun watch The Heirs with him for the nth time because he doesn’t want to the only one who cries at when Cha Eun Sang leaves Kim Tan lmao
  • To be fair, he is doing this just for the sake of rebelling against his parents 
  • Since young, he had no say in any matter that revolves around him, his parents had planned everything for him - which university he was going to study, what type of diet he needs to eat (like he can’t even eat gummy bears???)  and even to the extent of how many children he needs to have
  • He usually dumps the girl in one week but the shortest time period was 5 hours lol
  • Because that was usually the amount of time it takes for a journalist to send photos of Minhyun and his new girl to his parents
  • Sure, it wasn’t a big deal if it was just a photo with ONE girl
  • But most of the Journalists had AT LEAST 10 photos over the year of him with a different girl each time  
  • So his parents are always pissed at him cause they have to pay so many magazines to shut up about it as once it gets released, their company’s reputation will be tarnished
  • But they would rather pay as they didn’t want him to get a hold of his freedom as he might do something far worse
  • On the other hand, you were what the other chaebols like to refer to as the ‘Ice Princess’
  • You basically turned down anyone who had attempted to ask you out
  • It’s mostly because you hated people who think that money is everything
  • Unlike many of the chaebol you were surrounded with, you had grown up in a middle-income family before the family business became extremely successful which lead to a rise in your family’s social hierarchy
  • You were so used to your friendly neighbours and your nice classmates that you were in the shock of your life when you encountered the most snobbish people in your first party
  • That basically lead you to hate on the people you had to mingle with and you told yourself that unless you were forced to
  • You weren’t going to waste your time entertaining people like that
  • You were forced to attend one of those fancy company’s dinner of one of your parents’ business partner
  • You were just sipping a drink in the corner of the room, trying to blend in with the walls and avoiding any eye contact
  • That was when Minhyun saw you and he was stunned at how beautiful you were
  • You two had never encountered each other before as both your families operated different types of business so it was his first time seeing you
  • Jonghyun warned him that he shouldn’t even try making you his next target considering how many guys you had turned down
  • Somehow Minhyun just had this boost of confidence that he would get you considering he had never once been rejected and walked up to you
  • “So what’s a gorgeous lady like you doing here alone?”
  • You glanced at his fancy tie and blazer and snorted: “To avoid guys like you, is that not obvious enough?”
  • Minhyun was stunned and his image of a cool chaebol just instantly blew off
  • Before he could even retort, you finished your drink, handed it to the server and walk off
  • Instead of being angry, he was just intrigued that someone had just left him for the first time
  • The next time you meet Minhyun, it’s when he came to your parent’s company
  • He volunteered himself once he knew that it was your parent’s company because he had been waiting for another chance to meet you
  • His parents didn’t object because Minhyun was somehow really good in getting people to sign deals with him??? He could be offering to see things like toothpicks and people did still did buy it ngl
  • You don’t even remember who he was and when he introduced himself, you were just like ‘uh hi okay’
  • Well, you can’t really blame anyone when you only had like 1 hour of sleep last night as you were listening to the podcast of your favourite author and so your memory wasn’t the freshest
  • He was hoping you would remember him and go like “It’s you!” but you just looked so out of it
  • The deal was signed pretty quickly since there weren’t any disagreements and when he was about to leave, something in your room had caught his eye
  • “You have the limited edition copy of ‘Go Set the Watchmen’ HOW????”
  • You were amazed because you have never encountered someone in your circle who reads or even enjoys literature
  • You explained to him how your friend had bought it for you when she was in the US
  • & you two spent the rest of the day talking about literature classic and books recommendations
  • He had a lot of fun talking to you considering his friends were not into literature like Jonghyun had a goddamn library just to store his mangas
  • Minhyun definitely liked you more than just his average target
  • Besides having friends who weren’t into reading, of all the girls he had met
  • All of them were into things like bags, fashion while there was you ;;;;;
  • who basically had the cutest laugh
  • esp when you spoke how you were once nearly expelled cause you were way too heated up in an argument with your lit teacher over whether Jane Eyre was one of the best books of the 19th century
  • Or how you spoke so fondly of your book collection at home and it was amazing when you two compared books and realized guys had a similar collection
  • While he wasn’t sure of how he felt, he just really wanted to spend more time with you
  • When he realized how late it was, he slipped his name card towards you and told you to text him as he asked you if you wanted to go dinner with him
  • You didn’t see him a reason to deny him as he was someone who shared the same interested as you did and you two even headed to a cafe after that where a poetry slam was held
  • That dinner eventually turned to more and more dates
  • It was evitable that it was more of a friendship as days progressed as Minhyun would even drop by your office to send you coffee
  • One day, you headed out for dinner with your high school best friends
  • You guys were just having a good time reminiscing memories and talking about life and what not
  • You took out your credit card and was about to pay when you realized you had accidentally dropped Minhyun’s name card on the table as you had never taken it out from the last time he gave you
  • “Hwang Minhyun?” You friend, who was a journalist exclaimed
  • She proceeded to tell you how that man was an extreme flirt and took out her phone to show some of the photos she had taken of him with random girls
  • She noticed how your smile became unnatural and asked if he was a friend of yours which you denied but you asked her to send you the photos
  • It was also when you realized he was the person you had met at the party before and that he was basically the epitome of the sort of guys you hated
  • That night, you cried yourself to sleep and vowed to break off all things with Minhyun
  • When you met Minhyun the next day, wordlessly, you shove the phone of a collage with all the girls to he was photographed with in his face
  • You saw how his face paled and he tried to explain
  • “It’s not what you think it is …”
  • But like the first time you met him, you left him hanging, not even wanting to listen to whatever excuse he was going to give
  • To think you had actually developed feelings for someone who viewed the opposite sex as nothing but toys
  • Minhyun basically became depressed for the entire week
  • The other nu'est boys tried to cheer him up like Dongho did aegyo and Minki did a rly bad imitation of his favourite idol, Lady Gaga, even though it basically killed him???
  • Minhyun was frustrated because he knew he was wrong but as goddamn beautiful you were, you were just as headstrong and you would never listen to him  
  • He was just dragging himself to try and live at this point - barely eating, barely sleeping
  • That was until he collapsed and Aron made up his mind that he had to get you to talk to Minhyun, regardless if it was still a one sided love 
  • He phoned you and told you that Minhyun was in the hospital it was best if you could visit him 
  • The moment you heard you went ????? You immediately went out to buy flowers and was so so worried 
  • In the flower shop, florist! baejin asked why didn’t he see you with Minhyun anymore as Minhyun used to frequent this shop with you to pick up flowers for your office 
  • At his words, all the memories came flowing back and you realized how much you had missed him
  • It was very stressful to work with your parents knowing you will be taking over the company one day hence Minhyun had been your boost of energy 
  • He did leave you voice messages and post it note to cheer you up while he worked in his office
  • That one time where he made you lunch in the office and it was probably the best thing you have ever eaten 
  • You sighed and told yourself to forget it as he was sick and you should just try to make amends as he made you so happy 
  • You took the flowers and found his room number 
  • When you opened the door, you found him asleep 
  • You almost gasped when you saw him
  • His eyes were drawn with heavy eye bags, his skin was so incredibly pale and you noticed how he looked like he lost a lot of weight 
  • You knew he was a pretty heavy sleeper, so you just pushed the strands of his hair covering his eyelids 
  • “I wish that I can just turn back time when everything was okay.” 
  • You just sort of mumbled how much you missed him by your side He had woke up a bit earlier and when he opened his eyes to see you, you screamed because ???
  • He looked like he just woke up from death 
  • He grabbed onto your wrist when you almost left and croaked 'don’t go’
  • You had promised his friend earlier that you would listen to him so you followed his hands that led you to his side 
  • He sighed and explained how all the girls before were just something he did to rebel 
  • It was the stupidest thing he had ever done and he regrets it so much now that he had met you
  • You didn’t know how to feel after listening to his confession but you told him to give you some time to think through and that you want him to change
  • It was probably a month or so after he approached you again
  • This time you had no problem saying yes after you consulted the help of florist! Baejin
  • Who secretly told you that Minhyun had been trying to learn how to make a flower bouquet from him as he wanted to give it to you 
  • He put in so much effort to get rid of his old ways of playing with others after experiencing how much it hurt when someone you loved leaves you 
  • When his parents met you for the first time after you two started dating again, you were prepared to fight them if they didn’t let you date him tbh 
  • but they straight up gave their blessings since you had changed him for the better person and it made them realized that while he could have made shittier choices 
  • there was always a chance where he made better choices 
  • Like finding you 
  • Bookstore dates! You two will always end up buying way too many books and curled up next to each other in the bedroom reading while enjoying each other’s presence 
  • There will be a lot of movie dates he will drag you to the cinema once the latest Marvel movie out 
  • And even if you guys just plan to watch netflix at home, the first movie he suggests is superhero related 
  • ½ of the dates are usually at home where you guys clean up the ENTIRE place ever since he got you into cleaning which you thought would be impossible 
  • But cleaning dates are fun as Minhyun tries to invent a new random dance whenever he can and you have a collection of videos of it 
  • He doesn’t like visiting your house as your brother, Jaehwan, has the messiest room and he is so tempted to clean it up for him 
  • Whenever he texts you, there will somehow be 3 sec video of him at the end blowing a kiss to you 
  • He will sing a lot for you especially before going to bed as you once you told him that his voice was your favourite sound and he just melted into a puddle 
  • A lot of brunch dates where you two much on munch on poached cake and sip sparkling wine since you guys will wake up so late on the weekends after a long cuddling session  
  • Late night drives to place where two can stargaze and share the frustration and happiness of the day 
  • “I’m so glad we are in this together.”

A/N: Three more members from Wanna One to go (Baejin, Jaehwan & Woojin) Dedicated to @little-sundays & the other anons who had been waiting for this!
PS: I’m now taking requests for fuckboy! au to all the other p101 s2 trainees 

Requests are always open & feel free to message me anything at all!

Kingdom Hearts: why the “side-games” aren’t THAT bad

The Kingdom Hearts franchise is particularly well-known, not only to be a ridiculous combination of Final Fantasy and Disney, but to be a series that doesn’t know the definition of what a side-game really is. 

In case you’ve lost track over the years, here’s a list of every single Kingdom Hearts game, excluding re-releases.

  • Kingdom Hearts
  • Chain of Memories
  • Kingdom Hearts II
  • 358/2 Days
  • Birth by Sleep
  • Coded
  • Dream Drop Distance
  • 0.2 Fragmentary Passage
  • Unchained X/Union Cross/Back Cover

That’s a… lot of games.

Only 2 of these are actual numbered titles, supposedly the “main” branch of the game. This being said, the other games should only have little details and aren’t exactly necessary to understanding the plot of the games. 

Now, any self-respecting Kingdom Hearts player knows this is bullshit. If I had to pick only one side game you absolutely needed to understand, I wouldn’t be able to. Each of them is vital to understanding the “bigger story” in Kingdom Hearts. If they’re meant to be side-games, spin-offs that are unnecessary to the plot and would provide little information towards the main story, they failed horrifically.

Now here’s where these side-games do their job. 

@derekscorner​ was one to point this out. They only mentioned Coded, but this can apply to all of the side-games that were released. 

A side-game is meant to extend the story away from the bigger plot, focusing on things that they couldn’t fit into a main game because it wouldn’t be relevant. 

Chain of Memories takes your focus away from Sora’s fight against the Heartless to his journey to find Riku and this new mysterious girl from Sora’s past.

358/2 Days gives you more story on Roxas, who he was and how he came to betray the Organization while also characterizing Axel and introducing Xion.

Birth by Sleep gave you backstory on Xehanort, what he did to end up betraying Ansem, and what happened to make him lose his memory in the first place. It also gives more detail about how the Keyblade came to be such a scarce weapon, introducing new characters that are tied into it’s violent history.

Coded, probably the best to define as a side-game, took you completely away from the main plot, delving into what happened with the journal, how Naminé is connected to it, and what Sora’s true purpose is.

Dream Drop Distance tells you about the exam Sora and Riku must take in preparation for the battle with Xehanort and what exactly Xehanort intends to do to achieve his goals.

0.2 Fragmentary Passage tells about Aqua’s time in the Realm of Darkness and how she played a pivotal role in helping seal the Door to Darkness. It also helps set up for Kingdom Hearts III.

Union Cross gives backstory on the Keyblade War, further delving into how the weapon managed to start a war and what exactly happened to the worlds to separate them all.

In honesty, the games do a really good job of keeping most plot-heavy stuff to the numbered titles. The only time it seems to ignore this principle is in Birth by Sleep with the introduction of several new characters whom we’ve never seen in any of the other games and how important they are going to be in the upcoming titles. 

Kingdom Hearts, while every game is sorta important to understand in order to enjoy the story to it’s fullest, does keep it’s most important information in the numbered titles. 

Lose Yourself // Jeff Atkins

A/N: I know it’s not in order of the prompt list, but this is the one I had inspiration for, and the only one I’ve felt proud of in a while.

Named After:  There’s literally one line in here that made me think “Mom’s spaghetti”

“Best three out of five!” Clay whined.

The two of you had rock, paper, scissored over who was on bathroom duty for the end of both of your shifts. The alternative and clearly better option was working the concession.

“C’mon Jensen, I won twice…” 

You couldn’t hide the grin on your face. You’d lost this game for about two weeks straight between him and Hannah. 

“Out of five.” 

“Out of three. The mop is in the closet.”

Clay rolled his eyes, sighing as he went into the back room. Hannah, on the other hand, was working the ticket booth. A job, the three of you had already pulled straws for. 

You smiled to yourself watching Clay sulk away when you moved behind the counter. 

Ten minutes left in your shift and it was going pretty well, not as busy as it normally was on a Friday night, no screaming middle schoolers, no crying babies, just you, the popcorn machine, and the elderly couples that pulled at your heart strings.

You’d been dating Jeff Atkins for four years before everything went to shit. Before you’d caught him, tongue down some cheerleader’s throat, hand on her ass, touching her like he’d touched you the night before.

The worst part about losing Jeff was that you not only lost your boyfriend. You lost your best friend. You lost the only person in the world who knew you inside out, who knew that you’d once seen Mamma Mia seven times in one week, who knew that your ultimate dream job was to be second string at the World Cup, who knew that when you were angry you were ruthless. 

He tried. He tried calling, texting, tried to catch you at your shifts at work. But you were just as cold as he expected. You blocked his number and changed your whole schedule just to avoid him. 

Truth be told, seeing him with someone else, it broke you. 

You were in love with him. And he chose someone else. 

So you deleted any and all memories of him. Couple photos, trashed. Best friend photos, in a box in the back of your closet. All of his clothing over the years, returned.

It was hard, to say the least. Hard to be so cold to someone who once gave you so much warmth. You’d given up on love ever since.

The buzz of your phone in your back pocket pulled you out of your vacant stare. You glanced around, making sure your supervisor wasn’t anywhere near before checking your text.

Hannah Banana Baker: Head’s up. He who shall not be named in 30 seconds.

Your head shot up from your phone to see the boy standing across from you. 

“Wow… I’m Voldemort now, huh?” Jeff teased, eyes glancing up from your screen as he tried to lighten the mood between the two of you.

He looked…good. Nowhere near as if he’d been crying for two weeks straight like you did. Say something. He was wearing his letterman jacket. The one you considered keeping because it made you feel just as safe as Jeff did. Say something. You could tell he was getting a haircut in a few days. He always let it flop down, covering his forehead, a few days before. Just so he didn't “waste product on hair that was getting cut”. Say something. You always liked it a little better that way. When he didn’t look so perfect. Say something!

A breathy, “Hey.” falls from your lips before you could think of a witty response to his question.

“Hey.” Jeff offers you a sheepish smile, as though to somehow pull attention away from the fact that you hadn’t seen him outside of school, where you avoided him.


“No yeah, you said that.” he laughs, briefly. His eyes trying to connect with yours.

You glanced over at the girl, the girl, who stole him from you, holding onto his arm, trying to ignore the whole interaction. What did she have that you didn’t? You knew him better than anyone. You were the perfect girlfriend. 


Your eyes snapped back to him and you let out a fake cough.

“Yeah. Hey.”

“I thought we already did that.” 

“Right. Um- what would you like?” you offered, trying to swallow down the golf ball sized lump in your throat. 

You glance away from him, fingernails, nervously, tapping at the glass below.

“I’ll take-”

“Fries and an Arnold Palmer.” you interrupt. “What is she having?” you tilt your head over in her direction.

Jeff’s mouth opens a little bit, and for some stupid reason, he’s surprised you remembered what he liked. He thought you’d deleted everything about him.

“Y/N WHERE ARE THE-” Clay shouts from across the room, only stopping himself when he sees the baseball player. “Jeff. Hey!”

“What’s up man” Jeff replies casually. As if he wasn’t prolonging the most awkward moment of your life. 

“Nothing, I’m good…Y/N you wanna do out of five?”

For once in your life, you were happy to say that Clay Jensen was not oblivious to feelings. 

You shook your head, determined you could get through this, but offered the boy a smile for being so considerate. 

“Okay…um- gloves?” 

“Top shelf, to the right.”

You turned your attention back to the baseball player who had broken your heart, who was now whispering to his…new girlfriend.

“Babe, you wanna grab us some seats. I’ll just meet you inside?” Jeff asked, more of a forced suggestion than a thoughtful question.

She nodded quickly, placing a kiss on his cheek before heading into theater number 3. 

He turned back to you once she was out of sight, hand running through his already messy hair. 

“Can we talk?” he asked.

Jeff was going out on a limb here. He hadn’t heard from you since you left his stuff on his porch and told him to never talk to you again. For fucks sake, he missed you. He missed you so much it hurt. 

He made a mistake, a huge one. And honestly, the girl, whose name was Alyssa or Alexis, he could never remember, was nothing more than a rebound. 

You sighed, gritting your teeth. “What does she want, Jeff.” 

You didn’t want to talk about it. It had been two months since you’d last talked to him, and now he had you near tears with just his presence. 

Jeff’s fingers gripped the surface between the two of you as he tried to break through the walls you had set up.

“Please. Y/N.” 

His voice broke, mid-sentence, and you wanted nothing more than to hold him and never let go. But you knew better than that. So you huffed, blinking back the tears at the brim of your eyes, and asked him the same question once more. 

“What- What does she want.”

“I want you back.”

You swore your heart stopped beating when you heard those words. It wasn’t fair. He didn’t get to come in here, throw his feelings on the table, and leave you to wipe away at the tears now falling down your face.

You turned away from him, moving to get him the fries he always ordered.

“You’re on a date right now, Jeff, are you fucking kidding me.” 

The three packets of ketchup, landed right next to the box, as you threw them onto the counter.

“I- I know- I just, I haven’t been able to talk to you Y/N. I miss you. I miss you so fucking much and-”

You drowned out the sound of his stupid apology as you filled his cup halfway with ice. The soda machine hummed as you focused on filling his drink exactly the way he used to like it. 60% Lemonade. 40% Iced Tea.

Jeff clenched his jaw, waiting for you to finish before attempting to talk to you again. 

“And- and I just want you in my life again. Girlfriend. Best friend. Mortal Enemy. I’ll take anything. I just want you, need you, to come back.”

You bit your lip, hoping it would stop you from crying as hard as you knew you wanted to. You placed his drink on the counter and moved to fill a medium bag of popcorn for his date, Alyssa Callahan. You may or may not have stalked her after the rumor spread around school that they were hooking up.

“I miss my girlfriend who would always play at least one NSYNC song when she had control of the aux cord. I miss the best friend that stayed up with me to help me study. Even though you had a test too. I miss you. I do.” Jeff cried out. 

His palms are sweaty. Jeff never had to beg for a girl’s attention in his entire life. But now? Now he’d do anything to have you even just say ‘hi’ in the hallways. He knows it sounds stupid. He knows he’s an asshole for saying all this while you were at work and he was on a date. But this is his one shot, one opportunity, and he was going to take it.

You slammed the bag down, popcorn tumbling down the sides of the bag as you moved to get her a drink. She seemed like a lemonade type of girl. 

Answer me, Y/N.” Jeff pleaded, ignoring how desperate he felt. 

You placed a cap on her drink and moved it with the rest of the food before looking back up at him.

“You know what I miss, Jeff?” you asked, punching a few buttons at the cash register. 

“I miss. The boy that told me-” you stopped yourself mid-sentence, letting the tears fall freely from your eyes as you pulled a twenty out of your pocket. 

“I miss the boy that told me he loved me…” 

You placed the cash into the register, slamming it shut with a bang. 

“And told me- he would never hurt me.” 

The receipt tore from the machine and crumbled within the fist your hand made. 

“But. Obviously. That’s not you.”

It swished in the trashcan below you, and you shoved everything a few inches closer to Jeff.

Jeff was looking at you, as distressed as you were the day after your break up. His eyes were glazed with tears that had yet to fall, Adam’s apple bobbed as he restrained himself from responding. He picked up everything you’d placed in front of him one at a time. 

“It’s on the house. Enjoy your movie” you emphasize with a forced smile. 

Jeff turns, nodding, knowing that he lost you and enters into the theater. 

It isn’t until you can’t see him, that you walk yourself to the bathroom, lock yourself in a stall, and fall to your knees. Letting out the sobs that were scratching at the back of your throat until your shift ended. 

The huntress in the forest

Feysand fanfiction:

AU: Rhysand, Azriel, and Cassian are sent to the mortal realm to hunt an animal to bring back a trophy to the Illyrians. But when they finally find an animal in the seemingly abandoned mortal realm, a young huntress steps in and takes their kill. Furious and curious, the three follow the lone huntress, the future High Lord seems a little more curious than his two friends though.

Word Count: 1670


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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x f!Reader

When Clint Barton, knocked on your apartment door and asked you to join the Avengers, you were dumbfounded. A small part of you knew he would ask you to join. When you first met him, it involved saving him, after all.

At first you were tempted to close the door on him, but since he had become a close friend, you decided against that. After letting him in, he spent the whole time trying to coax you to join. Out of all the extravagant, righteous, and quite ridiculous reasons to join, you firmly refused. Until, he said a name you hadn’t heard in years.

Your reluctance to joining the Avengers stemmed from the fact that you preferred to work off the grid. You shied away from the limelight. Another important fact was that after your years kept as a Hydra experiment; you were not prepared to put yourself into a position where your powers could be used for the wrong. The fact that Hydra had infiltrated SHIELD did not help at all, despite Captain America’s successful crusade of stopping them.

So as you stood outside the Avengers compound and stared at the looming A on the building, you reminded yourself that it would all be worth it in the end.

“Ready to go in?” Clint asked you. He gripped your suitcase to him and, with his free hand, gestured to the entrance. “Everyone’s waiting for you.”

You fidgeted with the silver band on your ring finger. It gave you comfort, and the strength you needed to take your first steps into a new life.

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Păpuşă (Part 1)

A/N: This took a different spin than I intended when I started writing this earlier this week. For better or for worse. This might be utter drivel. And that’s why I wasn’t able to get it out yesterday. 

Pietro Maximoff liked to get on your nerves and he was good at it because you were annoyed simply at his mere presence. Now Steve has sent the pair of you on an undercover mission as husband and wife. But the mission may have been more complicated then intended, for more than one reason. 

Pairing: Pietro x Reader,

Warnings: sexual references, language, guns

Words: 1,300

Păpuşă = little doll

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Ask me anything

1 a fictional character you familiarize yourself with 

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10 last time you smiled and why 

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13 mention 3 things youre excited for

14 weirdest thing you’ve done when you were drunk/high

 15 last book you read 

16 last time you kissed someone 

17 who was the person you last gave a hug to 

18 how did you celebrate your last birthday 

19 something you love doing 

20 what would you love to be/ do when youre older 

21 fave subject at school

22 something you regret and something you dont regret doing 

23 fave colour 

24 best childhood memory 

25 any siblings? 

26 where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

27 fave outfit 

28 fave chocolate 

29 which magical world would you transport yourself into? 

30 something that makes you laugh?

31 which are 3 of your favourite paintings 

32 something you’d love to do but never did 

33 what was the last present you got and from whom  

34 favourite drink 

35 something you’re good at 

36 describe the perfect date 

37 dogs or cats? 

38 take a selfie and post it 

39 fave pizza toppings

40 favourite alcoholic beverages  

41 favourite hangout 

42 happiest memory you have 

43 summer or winter? 

44 want any tattoos? if so what? 

45 how did you celebrate christmas and nye 

46 how do you plan on spending today? 

47 favourite movie

48 mention a place you’d really like to visit 

49 your favourite book and why 

50 mention something that fascinates you 

51 ever done drugs? 

52 favourite song 

53 last time you got drunk? 

54 favourite quote 

55 have you ever been abroad, if so where? 

56 weirdest dream you’ve ever had 

57 where do you like going in the weekends 

58 any hobbies? 

59 favourite meal 

60 top 3 blogs on here

In A Crowd of Thousands (kylux fluff)

This is self-indulgent trash of the highest caliber and I’ve been listening to way too much Anastasia. For @quiet-as-shadow.

Hux recalls the time he met Ben Solo, unaware that Kylo remembers it too.

“I saw him once, you know.” Hux says. “General Solo, hero of the rebellion.”

Kylo doesn’t move. It takes all of his strength not to move. Of all the things he does not want to discuss now, the death of Han Solo is far and beyond at the top of the list.

Hux’s bedroom is quiet, a relief from the medical ward, crowded with those evacuated from Starkiller. Hux has allowed him here, to curl up on his side on the bed and rest, in the name of whatever malformed sort of affection there was between them. He reminds himself that Hux doesn’t know- couldn’t ever know- and if he just lays there maybe Hux will think he’s gone to sleep.

“We were on Chandrila. My father had brought me along on some business arrangement. I think he wanted me to see what it was like,” Hux says. His fingers card through Kylo’s hair. Kylo isn’t sure if he realizes he’s doing it. “I had never been anywhere so extravagant.”

“I’ve been there.” His voice is rough from screaming.

“I hadn’t been planetside in years then. Just seeing it from the air was too much. There was nothing half so big or so impressive in the unknown regions back then. A city that stretched on for miles, and then the ocean in the distance- I couldn’t imagine how people lived there.” He stops. Changes tack. “I was supposed to stay in the hotel while father met with his contact, but there was some commotion on the street just below and I thought-” he says, chagrined with himself “Well, I thought it might be a riot or something. We had those, back home, especially during the food shortages. I was afraid of being trapped inside if they decided to firebomb the place, so I sneaked out the back. There were so many people on the street. Thousands. I couldn’t figure out why they were all so excited. Then I realized it was a parade.”

“You’d never seen one before?”

“We didn’t have anything to celebrate.”

Kylo grunts to show that he’s heard. “You said you saw-” he cannot quite get the name out, not yet.

“What? Oh, yes. He was in the parade, looking bored on a hover twice the size of any I’d ever seen, while the crowd screamed for them. All the noble heroes of the battle of Endor.”

“It was Endor Day,” Kylo realizes. He remembers those parades, distantly, through the veil of another life. A hot, cloudless summer day and a cheering crowd.

“Yes,” Hux says. “I didn’t realize it at the time or I wouldn’t have-” he stops, shutting his mouth.

“Wouldn’t what?”

“I suppose I got rather into the spirit of things. I was twelve. It was warm and there was music, and everyone was so excited. Someone gave me a free iced chocolate. It was the best thing I’d ever tasted.”

He can feel that day encapsulated in Hux’s memories. A perfect bubble of warmth and joy, locked away. The hand in his hair pauses.

“I got it into my head somehow that it was Solo and his family who were responsible for all of it, which- I suppose they were.” Hux snorts, a rush of air that ruffles Kylo’s hair. “ So I tried to go and thank them. Go ahead and laugh if you like.”

“I’m not,” his mouth is dry, “laughing. What happened then?”

Hux hesitates, and he wonders for a moment if his curiosity is suspect. Then, trying to mask his embarrassment with levity, Hux says, “I tried to run after them.”

- a boy pushing through the crowd - fighting his way through - the summer sunlight caught in his hair, making it gleam like copper - a voice cutting above the roar-

“I chased after them. I was shouting,” he says slowly, remembering. “Han Solo didn’t give a damn about one skinny little brat, why should he, but his son noticed me. He was- maybe a little younger than I was. I don’t recall. I’d seen him up there on the hover, sitting by his mother like a little prince. Straight backed and proud, waving at all the people. He was eating an iced chocolate just like I was, and getting it all over his shimmersilk suit, which must have cost more credits than I’d ever seen in my life. I remember being so jealous, thinking- what must it be like to get iced chocolate whenever you want? I wanted to be up there and have all of those people shouting my name. To have so much.”

“It wouldn’t be worth it,” Kylo mutters into his bent arm, quietly enough that he hopes Hux hasn’t heard him.


“Nothing,” he says. “What happened then?”

“I- well, I was shouting at them and he looked over at me and smiled. Nothing more. Then the sun was in my eyes and they were gone. It wasn’t,” he pauses and the hand in Kylo’s hair picks distractedly at a tangle, “It didn’t mean anything, but out of thousands of people cheering, he looked at me. It felt… good, I suppose. To be seen.”

“I wonder what became of him, sometimes,” Hux says. “That boy. “

For a long time, the only sound is the low hum of the climate control.

Finally, Kylo says, “I can tell it better.”


“You left out the best part.”

Hux scoffs, “By all means, Ren, if you know my own memories better than I do.”

Kylo turns over to lie on his back, stiff muscles dimly protesting the movement. He stares at the ceiling, seeing a cloudless sky instead. “It was hot. An awful day to be out under the sun. But everyone came to see the parade as it passed by. There were so many people, so much shouting and screaming. Then a boy caught everyone’s eye. He was tall and skinny like a weed, with red hair and a grey uniform jacket. There were guards protecting the procession, but he dodged in between them, ducking under their hands. Out of all those thousands of people, he made everyone see him.”

Kylo closes his eyes. If he closes them he can remember the feel of the sun on his neck and iced chocolate sticky on his hands, and a boy with red hair trying to catch his eye.

“He called out my name and I tried not to smile, but I couldn’t help it.  As the parade passed by I waved and he shouted thank you. He seemed so happy. His smile was so bright. And then just as the parade passed by… he bowed.”

Hux is quiet for a long moment, stiff beside him. “If I’d known you were just going to read my mind, I wouldn’t have told you.”

“I didn’t have to read your mind. I remember it too.”

“Ren?” He can feel Hux frowning beside him. Then the realization, itching over his skin. “…It was you.”

“Goodnight, Hux.”

Seven Minutes In Heaven (Pt. 1 of 5)

Author: ceruleanbucky

Pairing: None yet, (eventual Steve x Mutant!Reader x Bucky [no Stucky, sorry])

Warnings: Language, mentions of a one-night stand, drinking.

Words:  603 (I know it’s short but there’s going to be five parts.)

YES HI IT IS I and I am back again! I am so horrible at updating, and I’m really sorry about that. I’m trying to write more, but it’s really hard for me because my depression takes away from my motivation and it’s a whole shit show. I’m going to do a bunch of writing over the next few days, though. The next part will be up fairly soon. Hope you homies enjoy!

“Ha! You didn’t think I would be able to do it! You didn’t think I would be able to win! Steve, you owe me a hundred bucks!” You yell triumphantly, after pinning Bucky to the wall with your powers. Bucky looks at you weirdly as you hold him there, but you brush it off. Steve hands you five 20’s and you happily pocket them.

“Hey, Y/N, you can let me go now.” Bucky mutters, reminding you that he was indeed being held by you.

“Oh, yeah” You mutter, releasing him. He falls to the floor, chuckling.

“What’re you laughing about?” You ask, a curious smile playing on your face.

“Oh, I thought of something to ask you when we play our weekly game of truth or dare.” He smirks, instantly making you wonder what the question is.

“Oh no.” You say, faking your fear.

“Oh yes.” He says, while walking out the gym doors with Steve.

Two days later you walk into one of the living rooms, searching for the rest of the team. You’re surprised to only find Steve and Bucky.

“Yo, where’s the rest of the team?” You ask, plopping down on the couch with Bucky, your legs instantly finding their homes on his lap. His hands land on top of them, sticking to routine.

“They’re on a mission. Your legs are really soft.” Bucky says, continuing to rub your sore muscles. You can’t help but find his comment adorable, as well as his seemingly shocked facial expressions.

“Yeah, I used my winnings to go to the spa. Got some waxing done. It didn’t cover the whole cost, but hey, who am I to complain?” You shrug, still proud about winning the fight. Steve walks into the room with various alcohols, including a bottle of Asguardian mead.

”Wow, Steve, looking to get drunk? We don’t usually play with alcohol.” You snicker, curious about the change. He just rolls his eyes and gives a vague response about honesty and lack of inhibition making the game better. Can’t argue there.

Once everyone has a drink, you decide to start the game out, immediately setting the tone for what kind of game it will be.

“Steve! Truth or Dare!” You say excitedly, wanting to get on with the game.

“Truth,” he mutters, slightly anxious.

“When was the last time you had sex?” You pry, making turn beet red. He starts blathering on about how he can’t remember, but Bucky interjects with the proper answer.

“Last night. He went to a bar and picked someone up.” Bucky says, laughing, finishing his drink then reaching for another. You start cackling, and reciting the mini speech that Steve gave earlier in the week about honesty, earning a laugh from Bucky and a death glare from Steve.

“Did you go with him?” You ponder aloud, wondering how he knew this. Bucky winces, and you know that the answer is no.

“We share a bedroom wall. Neither of them were particularly quiet.”  Bucky sighs, cringing at the memories of the moans from his best friend and some random girl from the bar. You look over at Steve, who is still more red than Wanda’s magic.

“OK, moving on. Bucky, Truth or Dare?” Steve asks, clearly wanting to steer the conversation away from his one-night stand.

“Dare,” he says with a mixture of confidence and apprehension, the latter of which grows when Steve smiles evilly at you and Bucky. Your smirk fades, and you mirror the same look as the metal armed man sitting next to you.

“ Bucky, I dare you to play Seven Minutes in Heaven with Y/N.”


The actor who played Luke fon Fabre on the Tales of the Abyss stage play we saw on the first day of Tales of Festival (June 2nd 2017) wrote an emotional ramble about the experience on Twitter. My new friend and Tales of Festival buddy Rayna translated it, and I am reposting with permission.

Original Translation Tweet: https://twitter.com/aerinata/status/872435379692896258
Original Tweet from Iwaki Kota: https://twitter.com/iwaki_kota/status/872019388072730624


Thank you to everyone who attended “Tales of the Stage—The Last Score—” at Yokohama Arena.

All of the Tales fans are probably feeling the low that comes when you leave Tales of Festival, and I’m probably going to make those feelings worse by writing this now, but please let me express my sincere thanks.

First off, the fact that we were able to make “Tales of the Abyss” into a stage play and that we were able to perform it for the 10th anniversary of the festival is all thanks to the fans who have loved the series for more than twenty years. Truly, thank you very much.

I had the honor of playing Luke Fon Fabre in the “Tales of” series’ first stage play. Right up until the day of the performance at Yokohama Arena, I continued to reexamine myself, consult with my colleagues about the things that were troubling me, and search deeper into Kouta Iwaki’s Luke. It was the most fulfilling month of my life.

Although I’m a positive person at my core, during rehearsal and even just before the actual performance, there were times when I couldn’t help but feel down. But at those times, I got warm words of encouragement from everyone at my company and the fans, and I was once again able to raise my head and do my best. Everyone’s words were…how should I say it…like “light” to me. So from now on, too, whenever times are hard, when I start to feel down again, I will look at everyone’s words and fight onward!!

Many things happened, and soon the date of the performance at Yokohama Arena arrived. From the moment I stepped on to the stage, the audience’s voice filled my ears. It was incredibly, incredibly warm. I was nervous about performing in front of thousands of people, but strangely, when I looked around the arena, I felt calm. When the light illuminated the audience, I suddenly had the realization that right there, in front of all those people, I was truly bringing Luke into existence. I will never forget the scenery I saw from the stage.

I reflected on each scene and stood with all my soul on the stage. Because this was the only performance in the arena, I thought that this must be what “putting your heart and soul into something” means. While taking in the cheering and intense gazes from the audience to my heart’s content, the arena, wrapped up in the world of Abyss, moved into the last scene. From part 2’s preview, we moved into the curtain call. Many emotions filled my heart…but until the very end, I was able to stand firm and look forward, bringing the performance to the end. I was truly, truly happy. Like it’s written on my profile, I was a railroad/station worker until 3 years ago. I was someone who stood by the ticket gates, but now I’m standing on Yokohama Arena’s stage in the leading role. Funny things like this can happen, I found myself thinking. I have nothing but thanks for my parents whom I’ve worried until now. I said, “I’ll do my best from now own, too!”

After finishing the play, I was really happy when everyone welcomed me back to the stage for the talk show, this time as Kouta Iwaki. During the talk, when Yukana-san said “Don’t overwork yourself,” I became fraught with emotion. When Chihiro Suzuki-san said “Playing Luke and Asch shaved some of the years off my life.” While thinking with awe, “Ahh, me too,” I looked at Chihiro-san’s eyes and could understand his feelings. I flashed back to everything that happened this month and became overwhelmed with emotion. When Chihiro-san gently placed his hand on my shoulder, my delight and sense of accomplishment and thanks gave me a sense of vertigo and I couldn’t do anything but bow to everyone with all my gratitude. Saying “It’s not my fault!!!” together with everyone in the arena will also become a lifetime memory for me.

As we said farewell in the lobby after the performance, many people came to meet us and said “I was moved,” “That was the best,” “Thank you, Luke,” and many other things, I thought, “My job was able to make this many people happy!” Even though it’s me who should say thank you, I was thanked by a lot of people instead. Lol.

From the next day onward, I shook my light stick as the voice actors and guests did the special skit, talk show, and concert, from beginning to end without losing the excitement. My colleagues and I were flattered as we listened to Chihiro Suzuki-san talk a lot about “Tales of the Stage” from the guest seating. We were also allowed to join them for the cast party, and I was able to greet and talk with all the famous voice actors there. I received many words of encouragement and became a little tense. I was allowed to participate in the 3 day festival…and on the second and third day had the privilege of interacting with everyone at the early ticket sales booth, but I’m grateful that Tokyo and Osaka’s performances on both days sold out. I think those who lined up but were unable to buy a ticket should be able to get an eticket. During the line-up festival, I was able to talk with a lot of people and they were happy with my abs. Laughing and talking with everyone was true happiness. The amount of fans lining up at the booth exceeded my imagination and I couldn’t help but stare. Even though I thought that I would be there with a smile, I was a little moved. I’m thankful to everyone surrounding the “Tales of” series and will do my best to exceed everyone’s expectations in the next performance. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in Tokyo and Osaka. Please continue to support Tales of the Stage from now on, too!

“Tales of the Stage”
Luke Fon Fabre, Iwaki Kouta

Broken Not Shattered (Teen Dad AU Jaehyun/ Brother AU Mark)

Originally posted by limitless-jaehyun

Type: Angst Fluff

Request: Nct Mark lee (changed to Jaehyun) teenage dad au, but the mother of his child dies at birth.

Okay, i get it. And yes the little brother would be great, maybe for jaehyun?

~the original plot involved Mark in the dad position but we have gotten to the point to just make Mark the brother instead and it has the original plot to it~

It happened to be a harsh reality, a major wake up call to everyone in and around your family. You were healthy and could have lived a long long life but you kept something secret at least from your little brother. The fact that there wasn’t a large chance you’d make in through birthing your daughter. Of course no one was thinking that, not even the people you told. Mark came into the room for only a few minutes, his older teenage sibling was holding a tiny little baby girl. No dad who cared to actually be a dad so only your family was there to raise her. Then the next moment you were flat lining rather quickly. In a rush Mark ended up holding his niece as the sweet moment went tragic. He couldn’t believe he had watched his sister die, his arms were filled with a crying newborn and his innocent world was shattered. 


Your room was as you left it before you passed away. No one in your home was able to get anything from it, Mark even ended up having his little niece Camari sleeping in his room instead. “When are you coming back to school?” Jeno asked Mark who sat down on his bed “I have to go back next week” he spoke calmly “are you okay? That’s not the right question, are you feeling better?” he  asked Mark “physically yeah I’m fine, mentally” he sighs as he quickly got up and began picking up the little clothing that littered his floor “my sister is dead and it’s something that takes more than a month to get over but I have to start living again” he told his younger. “So are you going to raise Camari once you graduate?” he then was asked “I mean I will help but she’s legally under my parents care” he comments as he puts rags, little socks, and onesies into his hamper. 

“I’ll do my best don’t worry” he smiled at his friend.


The moment he walked into school he felt a different aura in it than normally, the little memorial for you irked him. The people who cried and gave him saddened looks were the same people who bullied and called you names because you were nothing more than a pregnant ‘slut’ to all of them who was ruining her life for keeping the baby. He went to class, the once bubbly and happy teen he was had been replaced by a silent and mellow one. He had reality thrust at him and it made him grow up. He sat in his desk as everyone had left for lunch “yo Mark!” he heard from the door as Haechan leaned there “come on” he said as Mark nodded and got up.

The group started to the cafeteria but right before they went in Mark had stopped. He watched as a male made his move on a girl “Mark are you okay?” Renjun asked before everything snapped. One minute he was there and the next he was being yanked off of the male he had managed to take down.


Jaehyun sat in the office with a bag of ice covering the left side of his face. He had a black eye, busted lower lip, and his body had taken a few good blow from Mark who only had bloody knuckles. “Mark what the hell have you done?” his mother’s voice filled the room as Jaehyun looked over before looking away. Soon Jaehyun’s parents piled in as they were horrified what damage had been done to their son. “This boy has beat my son, unprovoked. Why isn’t he in cuff?” Jaehyun’s mother asked “it wasn’t unprovoked” Mark hissed “I wasn’t doing anything” Jaehyun threw back.

“I couldn’t let you do it again” Mark said confusing the room “Mark-” “he killed my sister” he nearly yelled. “Mark” his mother shook his head “she died giving birth-” “the baby had to get in there somehow didn’t it?” Mark commented sarcastically “what are you talking about boy?” Jaehyun’s father spoke “your son got my sister pregnant” Jaehyun began panicking “you’re lying” “and you should sneak out of my house better” Mark told him. “Fine, I told her to get rid of it. She thought it was wrong to do so. I didn’t want it and still don’t-” “you don’t have a choice” his father cut him off “what?” Jaehyun looked up “if you wouldn’t have been stupid a girl might not be dead and you wouldn’t have gotten your ass beaten by a sophomore” he explained as Mark smirked.


“I don’t want to do this” Jaehyun said to his mother “I don’t care. You’re going to take care of your daughter” she told him. He was once more in your home, he was having to pick up things that his daughter needed. “Everything you need is in a bag in Mark’s room” Mark’s mother spoke as Jaehyun sighed and headed down the hall. His eyes landed on the door to your room. It was wide open as he walked into the room, his eyes landed on the crib in the corner. Newborn baby clothing, tiny toys here and there.

He looked around the room, memories began shooting through his head. Your first kiss was by the door as he kissed you before he left. He took a seat on the bed as he could feel a tingle in his back and neck where you used to massage him at when he sat on the edge of the bed. His eyes began to water as he stood up and walked to your desk. He turned the computer on, his eyes met with the background of the desktop. Every ultrasound you had for 8 months was there. And only one icon was visible.

He dragged the mouse over it as a word document came up.

‘Hello whoever is reading this,

I guess I didn’t make it…..

Please don’t be too sad, I choice this for myself.

It’s hard to imagine my little girl growing up without mommy, or even daddy but I know she’ll be in good hands. Mom, dad, Mark. I know you’ll do your best for the little alien, like Mark always joked. I’m glad I was blessed with a supportive family. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you Mark, I know it would have been a thing that loomed over you the whole time I was pregnant. You wouldn’t enjoy the fact I had life growing in me if you knew.

Tell my little girl…don’t fall in love with the first boy who charms her. I know it won’t happen that way because love is love. I have the motherly worry in me and I never want her to feel what I did but I guess I should thank him as well.

You brightened my world by giving me her. Even if I never get to watch her grow up, I’m happy. And I hate to say it but I still think about you, your love you gave me before all of this was wonderful and something to cherish as you’ll be my first and only love I ever have.

I don’t really know what else to say, I’ve known I will have problems and have come to accept that for the most parts. But death is so scary. I’m scared to die so scared. But I know I’m doing what I think is right.

Love the memories but please don’t get stuck in the past. Make new ones with Camari Please!

Love always,


Jaehyun sat quietly wiping his tears, it hit him so hard. You loved him and he’d be the first and only man who broke your heart. You died because you birthed his child. He felt so bad for thinking so little of his daughter, you had given up everything for her and he wasn’t willing to give her a minute of his time. He ventured into your pictures on the computer, many pictures of your life came up. You must have looked at the often while you sat there.

“I’ll do it for you. She’ll grow up with a daddy” he spoke to himself “you were-are my first love too. I’m so sorry” he continued. “I didn’t leave the door open for you to come in here to ruin everything” another voice filled his ears startling him. Mark stood there. Jaehyun’s face glowed in the light of the desktop before he wiped his eyes and got up. “I’m sorry for all the troubles I’ve caused your family” he said as he rushed out and headed towards Mark’s room to grab the bag.

Mark walked in your room for the first time in a while to see what was on your computer. His eyes were filled with a picture of you and Jaehyun, you two looked so happy together. He changed the picture as soon a picture of you two together came up, you were so young in this one. Mark’s face had a genuine smile on it, he used to get so annoyed with all the pictures but now they were almost as precious as his niece. He read the letter feeling bitter sweet the whole time before he let out a sigh shutting the computer down and getting up. He looked around the room before he picked up your prized stuffed animal bringing it close, he was going to treasure it until your daughter was old enough to love it as well. “I’ll come visit again sometime. But now the boys want to hang out and I think I will this time” he spoke to the room. “Good night Y/N. Thank you and I love you sis” he continued as he shut the door.

Lunchtime Drabble: See Me (20/20)

Lunchtime Drabble: See Me (20/20)
Pairing: Leonard McCoy x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 1137
Series Warnings: Some swearing, mention of death, a few injuries.
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A/N: Thank you all so much for taking this journey with me! I have loved writing this series and I’m sorry to see it end! Thanks for sticking with me through all the twists and turns!

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Medbay. Again. Leonard brought you to his office and sat you down on the small couch. He disappeared for a moment and returned pressing a warm cup of something into your hands and the tricorder began talking to him as he scanned you. So this is what shock felt like… nothing. You eyes slowly lifted to look at him but you didn’t really see him. You felt detached, almost as if you were floating outside your own body. Leonard was speaking to you, but it was just muffled noise, not penetrating to your consciousness. He turned his head and said something to your right. A blanket wrapped around your shoulders and the cup was removed from your stiff hands. Leonard tucked the blanket around you and gently made you lay down on the couch. A hiss and sting at your neck. Darkness….  

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The Long Way Home (Epilogue)

It’s finally done! Oh, thank God. *giddy laughter* It seems appropriate that I’m posting the epilogue to this story on a Wednesday, just as I did with the rest of the chapters. Writing this fic has been an insanely wild ride for me, fulls of high highs and low lows, and I really can’t thank you all enough for the astounding things you guys have said about this story and the encouragement you gave me to keep pushing forward even when I really didn’t feel like it. You’re the best. XOXO

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Summary:  After an unnaturally long life fraught with personal tragedy, Killian Jones has become known throughout the realms as the infamous Captain Hook, an opportunistic ne’er-do-well and one of the most formidable pirates to ride the waves.  When he crosses paths with a mysterious young woman with no memory of who she is or how she arrived there, he recognizes the chance to claim a monetary reward that will constitute his biggest score yet.  But a journey across the world to get her home leads to a series of adventures that reveal that her value lies in far more than gold and jewels.  A Captain Swan Anastasia AU - sort of.  (Captain Swan Enchanted Forest AU.  Romance, Adventure, & Eventual Smut.  Rated E.)

Warning: Brief but graphic depictions of violence, peripheral character death, and smut.

“Your face is going to get stuck that way, you know.”

Killian looks up from the rolls of parchment laid out before him on the low table in the sitting area by the fireplace, the wrinkle between his eyes fading and his features turning amused.  “Afraid it will make me less handsome, Swan?”

Emma rolls her eyes and comes over, forcing him to sit back in the chair as she slides into his lap.  “Seriously, you’ve been studying those plans for an hour.”

“You’ve seen the Jolly,” he says patiently, settling his left arm snugly around her hips and admiring the way the her face appears luminous and her hair shines like actual gold in the firelight.  “You know how complex square-rigged vessels are.  Building a few more for the fleet is no small undertaking.  Failure to plan properly—”

“Yes, yes, I know.” She chuckles and touches her lips to his cheek.  “But tomorrow’s a big day.  We should go to bed.”

He hums, turning his head to meet her for a quick kiss.  “I’d like nothing better.”  He pulls back a few inches and tucks a stray lock behind her ear.  “But I can’t tonight.  Go to bed.  In our bed, I mean.”

Emma’s back goes ramrod straight, and she cocks her head.  “What are you talking about?”

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1st letter - Hyorin:

To Star1, who have always loved and support us. Hello, this is SISTAR’s leader Hyorin. It’s already been seven years since SISTAR debuted. The time I have spent with my fellow members and Star1 as SISTAR’s Hyorin have been like a dream, so precious that I wouldn’t change them for the world. We will now be going our separate ways to start a new chapter in our lives. I want to sincerely thank Star1 for teaching us how much of a joy and blessing it is to sing for someone, to perform on stage for someone, to be loved by someone, and to love that person back. Putting our regrets behind us, we hope to support each other’s dreams and do our best to grow and be better as individuals. I love my fellow members and Star1 and you will forever be in my heart. You’ve given me more love than I deserve and given me strength, even though I am lacking in may ways. I want to thank you with all my heart. I love you…”

2nd letter - Soyou

It’s already been seven years. The happy moments and difficult times have been more happy and less difficult because I always had my fellow members and Star1 by my side. Looking back on our time with our fans, I feel bad and regretful because I feel like I never did enough. No matter what I do in the future, I will never forget how I feel about my fellow members and fans. I love you… I’m sorry… and I’m grateful. I’ll be back with good music. Till the very end, let’s all remember to be happy.

3rd letter - Dasom:

There are so many things I want to say to you guys, but I feel agonized and cautious about what I should say first. It’s been seven years since we debuted under the name SISTAR. I want to thank you for always supporting and loving us. I believe that we’ve been able to end this seven-year journey, which would have been a little rough otherwise, on a happy note thanks to our connection with you. We have made the tough decision to end our activities as SISTAR with this upcoming album and walk our individual paths. We hope to continue to repay our fans for the overflowing love you have given us as SISTAR through our individual activities. We will work hard to connect with you more. Please support us. Thank you.

4th letter - Bora

Star1, hello. It’s SISTAR’s Bora. Every year, I tell our fans to be happy, and I wonder if the past seven years have been happy and fun for you. The times I’ve spent with the other members of SISTAR and Star1 have been so precious and happy. I feel like my hard work never fully expressed how I feel about our fans, and the feeling of regret I have for not doing better during our time as SISTAR continues to grow. When you told me that seeing me bright and happy gave you strength, I worked even harder to be more energetic. I will continue to do so in the future. So many memories are flashing through my head as I write this. We’ve decided to support each other on our individual paths. However, this won’t be the last time you see us, and I will work hard to be the best that I can be as Yoon Bora. To our Star1, who have loved SISTAR and have loved Bora, thank you for always being by our side. I was happy. Let’s keep being happy. I love you.