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I hope everybody can understand the struggle that Juzo Sakakura had inside of him with his feelings toward his attraction.

I hope all of you understand that Juzo Sakakura had to keep his feelings toward Kyosuke Munakata tucked in deep inside, and watch as Munakata’s happiness belonged to a woman he loved with all his heart.

I hope all of you understand that Juzo Sakakura, a man who loved Kyosuke Munakata with all his heart, gave up a career in professional boxing just to be security head of the school in which he made memories with his crush.

I hope all of you understand that Juzo Sakakura, former Super High-School Level Boxer and former World Champion, considered by many as one of the manliest men in all of Japan and the world, had to hide his sexuality from being exposed in fear of ridicule and homophobia.

I hope all of you understand that Juzo Sakakura, a man who was insecure abut his closeted sexual orientation and feared rejection from his best friend, had no idea that keeping himself closeted would lead to a mistake in the protection of the architect and mastermind of of The Biggest, Most Atrocious Tragedy in Human History from interrogation.

As a closeted individual myself, I could sympathize with Sakakura this episode. The fear of homophobia inside him was his despair. Losing Kyosuke Munakata was his despair. I know we’re all happy that another LGBT+ character has been confirmed by the series, but if you were Juzo Sakakura in this moment, you could feel this as the most terrifying moment of your entire  life.

Melting Snow

A/N: Jacob is back to warm you a little! wrote it with thought of my best girl @ohlookahiddenblade  <3 to make her feel better! sorry for any mistakes and enJOY! (credit to the owner of the gif) X

Pairing: Jacob Frye x Reader

Warnings: fluffy fluff

You were standing on the roof of one of the London buildings observing the city. All of the city was covered with thick layer of snow, which gave the most fun to the children, who were playing snow fights and creating snowmen. Their laughs were heard everywhere, which made you smile and brought back nice memories from your own childhood.

A quite hard stroke in your back pulled you back from your thoughts. You turned back and looked into direction from where it could came, when the next one you felt on your face. You swayed and took a step back to keep your balance and clamped your eyes, feeling cold and wet snow. You brushed it away and heard loud, throaty laugh coming from behind nearby chimney, who you would recognize everywhere. You came closer and saw no one else, but infamous Jacob Frye. Young man, who irritated you to the limits with his stupid jokes and immature behaviour and for who your heart beat faster since the day you met him. However, you had no courage to tell him about your feelings towards him, being affraid of rejection. Nevertheless, his sister Evie noticed straight away the way you looked at her brother and encouraged you to confess him your feelings, but you were never able to do it. You’d rather be his friend than loose him.

‘’I hope, you are having a good time, Jacob?’’ You asked sarcastically crossing your arms.

‘’Indeed, love.’’ Jacob gasped still laughing and putting one of his hands on the chimney to keep him steady.

Cheeky grin appeared on your lips and with fast move you gathered snow from the roof shaping a small ball. You threw it straight into Jacob’s face and his annoying laugh immediately died away. He wobbled and with a thoud fell on the roof. That time you started to laugh and younger twin’s face became red from embarrassment and irritation.

‘’Awww Jacob, why don’t you laugh anymore? Earlier, it was all so funny to you.’’ You mocked him and Jacob gazed at you with a glint in his eye, which didn’t bring anything good. You felt shivers running down your spine.

‘’And it still will be when I get my revenge on you, love.’’ On his handsome face appeared cheeky smile and he started standing up.

‘’Maybe if you catch me, snail!’’ You called over your shoulder running and laughing loudly.

‘’Snail? You are so in trouble, love.’’ You heard him laughing behind you and light thuds of his boots.

You laughed sarcastically again and started jumping from roof to roof trying to loose Jacob, but it wasn’t easy. That bastard was fast and nimble, and his hurt pride and ego were giving him even more strenght and speed.

You noticed that there were only couple of buildings left ahead of you, so you decided to jump off on the street and try to mingle into the crowd. You found a narrow passage between buildings and by catching pendant bricks you found yourself on one of the London streets. Then, you ran into the crowd of people, put on your hood and carefuly looked over your shoulder. You saw Jacob’s top hat and you fastened the pace. You went into the side alley and ran along it.

‘’Gotcha!’’ You heard Jacob’s husky voice on the other side of the alley.

You turned aroud quickly and grinned. ‘’Not yet!’’ Then you sped up and found yourself in the park.

Your lungs stung from the lack of breath and you felt how your legs started to slow down. You couldn’t give Jacob that satisfaction and you tried force your muscles to work a little longer. You heard Jacob steps just behind and then his large, strong hands caught you by waist and both of you pitched to the ground.

Jacob’s top hat fell from his head when his heavy, firm body pinned you to the cold snow. There were heard loud, honest laughs coming from your throats. Jacob turned you on your back, leaning most of his weight on his arm and when you looked into each other eyes, your laughs died away. You felt nice warmth radiating from his body, heating your own. His rough palm softly brushed away unruly starnds of your hair from your face, then with his fingertips stroked along your cold, rosy cheek. You smiled lightly and embarrassed to the feeling, but you placed your palm on his broad chest without breaking the stare and moved it up, tenderly dabbing his neck and finally putting it on his cold cheek.

Jacob started moving his face closer to yours. His warm, mint breath was heating and pleasently tingling your face. In his hazel eyes you saw something like ask for permission. You lifted your head and rubbed your nose against his, making Jacob chuckle. Your heart was beating like crazy, but it gave you courage to close the gap between you two in a tender and uncertain kiss. You were affraid, that Jacob didn’t return back your feelings and was acting only on the spur of the moment, but you felt how he gave back the kisses without hesitation and with entanglement. You put your hands on the back of his neck and drew him in to your body. Younger Frye put his hand on your neck and delicately started stroking it with his thumb, making you giggle a little into the kiss. You wanted to feel his lips against your own for so long. You wnated to know their taste, if they were soft and warm. To your surprise, his lips were even better than in your imagination.

Jacob parted your lips with his tongue and deepened the kiss. Moans of pleasure ripped from your throats and your palms tangled into his dark hair, moving him closer, that there was no free space between you. Jacob’s hand slid down to your waist, squeezing it firmly, making you shudder. You didn’t feel cold, only heat radiating from his body, which could melt whole snow around you. Your tongues were dancing together like they were doing it since forever and you couldn’t  tear off from each other even if the lack of air were no more bearable. Your kisses became more sloppy and finally you broke away, breathing heavily. Jacob put his forehead against your own. His eyes were closed and on his lips was a soft smile.

‘’Now I gotcha and I will never let you go.’’ He whispered and looked into your eyes, stroking your cheek softly.


Request: one where the reader, who has lost her memories, is a new employee at DC Studios. She works in the Archives that hold all the original comic manucripts. One day she finds a old, unpublished story about Jason where he has a girlfriend, who at the end disapearing in a magic explosion that erases all evidence that she ever existed. This girlfriend has the same name and looks as the reader and the manuscript dated the same day the reader was found after losing her memories.

I gave it my best shot anon!

Tagging @bamboozledimagines and @batlog thanks for the help girls!

The  buzzing silence along with the darkness filled your ears and head once again. You shot your eyes open and headed to your bathroom, where you threw water on your face. You were left to stare at your reflection in the mirror; your eyes were bloodshot, your lips chapped and your hair looked like a rat nest.
    You had to do a lot before you could go to work but thank god your insomnia wouldn’t let you sleep. You walked slowly to your kitchen, while scratching your scalp with your small fingers and  proceeded to make a coffee.
    Something killed you. You didn’t know what, but it killed you. A space in your heart ate you alive. You didn’t know the reason and you certainly wouldn’t try to find it while caffeine hadn’t entered your system.
   Your head still buzzed after you took a shower, and surprisingly even more, after you took some painkillers. This had never happened; painkillers always stopped your bad headaches. Even if your head was burning and even when it seemed heavy to you.

Today it was another rainy day. Today was another rainy day in New York, in your cold apartment, that you never felt that it was yours.

It was so funny because sometimes you wished you’d never see the present day again. You wanted to go back in the past, to figure out why you didn’t remember. Who were your parents? Weren’t they alive? And if they were, why hadn’t they reached out to you yet?

Did you have someone? Had you ever loved? Had you ever been loved?

You sighed as you snapped back in reality. Your coffee was cold; you had been zoning out for good, you thought. You stood up from the kitchen table and hooked your fingers under your white tank top. By the time your reached your room, you were holding both pieces of your pijamas in your hands. You threw them on the bed with as much force as you could and opened your closet to find a black pencil dress.
You wore it, right after you put some tights on, to keep your legs warm and walked quickly to your bathroom.

It was as simple as it could get now; brush your teeth, fix your hair, put some make up on. Your job required a proper attire.

The wheels of your car made a sliding sound as you parked to your usual parking spot and you got grabbed on the steering wheel, squeezing it so tight that your knuckles turned white. Inside, you feared a car accident would occur to you again and you’d lose the few memories you had created in all these months.

You used your umbrella to keep the rain away from your fixed hair. It wasn’t a long walk to the main door of the building, but you stopped some meters before you got in and looked up at the familiar Symbol.


You couldn’t help but sigh. Ever since they called you some months ago, asking if you would like to continue working there, more questions popped in your mind.

Why did you need a job? Had you studied? What were you working as?
And mos importantly, why would one name their company Detective Comics Comics?

The usual walk to the elevator was simple as it could get. You greeted some people, that claimed to know you, sighed some more times, wait for the elevator to come and reach to your department, that was merely a story down the main hall.
You greeted your colleagues there too, asking what was your task for the day.

“Today you’re on unpublished stories. I’ll give you some to start scanning!” Mandy, the only friend you had made in all these months, spoke.

“Why, being handed the stories will help a lot! Thanks Mandy!”

She shot you a smile and nodded, her short blond bob jiggling.
“Okay, here you are! These are exclusively Jason Todd stories. I’m taking care of the rest! ” She giggled and slammed a huge pile of Jason comics before your face.
“Thanks” you muttered and gulped at the instant.

“Honey are you okay? You seem like a ghost today! Did you remember anything?”
You shook your head, slowly in denial and she left after she patted your shoulder. She knew not to push more.

It was the end of the day. You might have been working for some extra hours too, as the archive floor was almost empty; in fact, only you, Mandy and three other employees were still left.

You impatiently looked at the clock.

11.43 pm

Okay so maybe you’d die in this building. But you had to finish with that last Jason story. Once again the task was simple; you read the comic if you want and then you have to reprint it, so the story will stay unharmed from time.

And maybe this story was interesting.
It was from Red Hood and the Outlaws from the 2011 DC Comics reboot named New 52, and it was set as a standalone one shot as a small gift that went along with the original issue.
You knew it was worth reading, and never understood why it never made it as a print but it was before you now and it was tempting not to read it.

You turned the cover and the story immediately started.
The first image was one of a small bald boy, with olive skin. Blue shines surrounded him, his face covered on a mischievous grin.
Your hair raised at a strange feeling, all this blue around him, feeling familiar.

He was talking to Jason, on how he could save his loved one from his hands. He said, he held her memories and that he needed his to set her free.
Jason was split, and Roy was trying to convince him not to do anything stupid, along with Kor'i.
Your heart throbbed, feeling anxious on what Jason would respond in the next page.

“I need time to think. I’ll be back tomorrow.”

Next few pages showed Jason being comforted by the team. They told him they’d find a way to get his loved one back. That she was safe.
Jason highly doubted that, as he knew what little shit S'aru was. And as he laid on his bed, sleep not bothering to budge him, he muttered a name.

Your name.

Your eyes shot completely open and vivid memories passed before your eyes as flashes.
The color blue, an intense laugh, a man’s voice calling your name before everything going black. Men falling from the sky. Endless laughing with a family of men. Cries for help. The blue again, and then it was over, as suddenly as it came.

Sweat dropped from your forehead as you turned the pages quickly, barely bothering to read every panel. The situation seemed familiar. Too familiar. And as it couldn’t get any worse you noticed Jason dragging a girl with him with (h/c) hair, that only wore a hospital’s white dress. Roy and Kor'i were running just infront of him, heading to the ship.

“I was there Mandy!” You screamed!
“I was there. I was holding his hand!”
Mandy looked at you with compassion. Maybe you had remembered something from your earlier life, but she was too tired to give you more attention.

hold on he said and fired his gun towards S'aru, who was after him. Your pain was enough to slow him down. He knew this plan would turn out catastrophic. You had two bullets wound and four arrows stuck on your body. All of them from attempts of killing S'aru.
I’ll get you home in no-

There was that blur again. This time it stayed for too long in your vision with its dazzling spins and dark dots, its smooth movements as the bluests of waters. As if hypnotizing you.
Then there was a blast.
There was that voice again
And sounds of shooting.

More sweat dripped from your forehead and tears formed in your eyes, your gaze was fixed into space, your lips leaving moans of pain. Images passed and left always flashing in your vision in that shade of blue. That calming blue that looked like water and you wanted to sank in. To give up from your physical pain. You had to follow your path to the past.

You didn’t notice your deafening scream, nor Mandy running to your side as you fell onto the floor, as what seemed like, dead.

The darkness slowly drifted away from your eyes, only to be replaced by a blur. You could not see well for the moment.
The buzzing sound was back, but this time another small sound came along with it. It was a standard mechanical beep. You recognised that sound. This was the room you had woken up when you opened your eyes once before in the hospi-

“KOR'I! HER EYES ARE OPEN! OH MY GOD KOR'IIIII!!” You recognised that voice too, the woman’s red hair also, the masked man that followed her as well.

“(Y/n)?” The man put his mask off and stared at you, with watered eyes.


“Yes! Oh my dear God she’s awake!” He said, tears flowing down his cheeks as he rushed to pull you in his arms, not caring about the needles that pinched your skin.

It was all clear for you know. You remembered being taken by S'aru that night you had been taken to the hospital because you were extremely sick. You remembered him blackmailing Jason. You remembered the blast and everything after it, how you woke up by a call in a hospital, asking if you’d finally go to work, you remembered not being abke to remember anything, having a space eating out your heart. But I was over.

You were home.
You were in Jason’s arms and everything felt real. Even if you were in comma for six months as the guys said, even if S'aru had created a different universe to keep you in so he could take your memories for fun, you were back.

And suddenly the buzz became a bird’s song and the space a heartwarming fire that burnt within you.

You were home.

anonymous asked:

hiii do any of you know this fic where d obliviates h because he knows its too dangerous for them or smth like that and at the end they were at h and ron's wedding and d gave h her memories back i know its kinda vague but i hope ya'll can help me :)) thank you!

Hello! That would be this story.

Best Mistake by Daniann8- M, two shot

What happens when a certain Mudblood is the only one who can save Draco? Will he be able to let her go when he has to?

- Wynken