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I need a Gravity Falls Friend ヽ( ・∀・)ノ

Guys. I need to befriend someone who is into Gravity falls so I can fangirl with them. Or convert them into GF haha (╯✧∇✧)╯. IF YOU LIKE OR WANT TO BE CONVERTED TO GRAVITY FALLS AND FANGIRL TOGETHER, MESSAGE ME HAHA

You guys can not believe how much feels I gave pent up that needs to be fangirled over but none of my mutuals and friends like GF *tears*

Plus if you like mabill, billdip, mabel x gidieon, dipcifica please message me ( cause those are my top ships abd I know we’ll get along just well XD) 

#2 Nadia

A/N: I’ve actually changed the tag for the fics, it’s mw: 50tl (that’s 50, a T and an L if it’s hard to read).

A huge thank you to my friend @dylanobrienstyler who makes all the grammar mistakes go away. She also makes my heart melt with Stydia fanfiction, so if you ship that, go check her out and send her a prompt.

Shoutout to the people who review constantly: @allenting, @linsteadlooks, @cdburry, @aggieast, @rileyslucass, @linstead4ever, @marinascorchinhottie, @kamomille, @hamqueen, @ilovetiggles. You guys make it all worthwhile. Also thanks to anyone who has every reviewed, anon or not. I love you.

The idea for the last two parts came from @allenting what a shock. She’s a living fic idea generator.

Prompt #2: Nadia - She gave Jay amusing glances that morning, knowing well that Erin had not slept at her place.

Word count: 1996

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Honestly, though…I think one of my most favorite things Mark ever did was tell his LGBT fans that we can headcanon Luke as whatever sexuality we want.

Like, yes, I know we were already doing that before Mark told us that. I know Mark isn’t a writer at Lucasfilm and he didn’t Officially™ make Luke any certain canon sexuality. But you know what he did do? He showed his support. He gave us more of a leg to stand on. I can happily mention that I ship Luke with Cassian, and when someone asks me why I’d want Luke to be with a guy, I can be like, “Luke is bi, my dude. Mark Hamill will back me up on this.” 

As a bi person who’s still trying to adjust to being open with my sexuality, it’s comforting to know that one of my favorite actors openly supports me wanting to relate to my favorite character in that way. I know lots of LGBT fans felt the same exact way when Mark said what he did, and I’m just…grateful? Thank you, Mark. Thank you for being supportive of all your fans. <3 

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#20 and GerAme? For the fic thingy?

[Send me a ship and a number] 

20: things you said that i wasn’t meant to hear

 "So, you and America, huh?“

Ludwig glanced up at his brother, who sat beside him. He gave the platinum blond a surprised looked, his eyebrows arched, "What about us?”

“You guys are dating!” Gilbert exclaimed happily, throwing his hands up in the air.

“Yes, we are, and …?” The German set down his pen, turning his full attention from his paperwork to the Prussian.

Gilbert heaved a sigh, rolling his eyes. He turned Ludwig in his office chair so that the younger man was facing him. “Do you love him?” He asked, shaking Ludwig’s shoulders.

The German’s face went red as he stared at his brother, “What?! Why do you want to know?!”

The Prussian rolled his eyes again, but released Ludwig’s shoulders from his grip. He crossed his arms and straightened up, looking down at Ludwig. “You’re my brother, and America is one of my best friends, I want to make sure you guys actually care for each other before you get too serious.”

Ah, overprotective Gilbert strikes again.

“Fine, yes. I do.”

“‘I do’ what?” Gilbert persisted, giving a small smirk.

Ludwig took a deep breath, “I love him.”

“You love who?”

“The United States of America, Alfred F. Jones,” The German shouted, standing up. Gilbert jumped back so not to be knocked over by his now annoyed brother, expecting – and wanting – this reaction. 

Ludwig walked a few steps and then turned on his heels, “I, the Federal Republic of Germany, am in love with the United States of America.”

After this, neither spoke for a few moments, and an awkward silence fell upon them.

“Happy now, Gilbert?” Ludwig asked finally, giving a fake, sarcastic bow.

When his brother didn’t respond, he looked up. The Prussian had his arms crossed still, but one hand was over his mouth in surprise. His face was dusted pink, and he was trying to hold back a grin.

Ludwig took a gulp, then looked over his shoulder.

Standing shell shocked in the door way was Alfred.

That was the first time Ludwig had ever admitted that he loved him.

Best of March-April 2016

Hi guys! March and April this year gave us beautiful fics and here you can find my favourites :) 

If you’re looking for a fic to read or something feel free to ask me!

  • Finding Lou by stylinsoncity                                                                      Louis is the nomadic stranger who wanders into Harry’s bookstore. Harry is the skeptic who falls for him.
  • Liberté by larriebane                                                                                  AU. 1647. “Pretending you don’t have a heart is not the best way to not get it broken. It’s just the easiest.” (Pirate AU where Harry is the captain of a famous pirate ship and Louis is the prince of England)
  • no matter where you are (no matter how far) by ceaseandexist            An Everest AU where Louis sets out to climb the tallest mountain on the world and meets a curly-haired guy named Harry who worms his way into Louis’s life. It’s not long before reaching the summit becomes the least of Louis’s worries.
  • The Path To Wonderland by punkrocktommo                                          Louis is a jaded, skeptical journalist, who goes to a small town to investigate reports of a wishing well that actually makes wishes come true.
  • With a whimper by kitundercover                                                             Dystopian AU. Louis has been alone for too long to remember how not to be, and Harry has too much to worry about to deal with a scrawny, wild, stranger.
  • Autumn At My Window by TheCellarDoor                                                A canon-compliant AU, in which Harry and Louis are both in the band and have been sharing flats and hotel rooms for nearly five years, but never made the leap past ‘friends who are too close for comfort’.
  • So Long I’ve Been Waiting by Anonymous                                                 Harry and Louis are having their first baby, and keeping it a secret until the end of the first trimester is a lot harder than they thought it would be.
  • wings to break your fall by karamelised                                                   strip club AU. Harry’s work and family are keeping him busy. He really isn’t looking for a relationship, doesn’t want one. He just wants Louis. Problem is, Louis has other plans.
  • Friendly Neighborhood Spideypool by shitucute                                      Harry is Deadpool and Louis is Spider-Man and they’ve got way too much history
  • These hands Not Fit For Holding by MiniMangaFan                              Harry is the captain of a pirate ship, and Louis is an accidental stowaway.
  • run away home by hattalove                                                                      louis is a successful jockey down on his luck, struggling to get his life back on track after an injury. harry has a horse, a house fit for a prince, and a broken heart.it takes them a while to figure out that they need each other.
  • hear your heartbeat by anonymous                                                           in which rockstar Harry Styles is cursed so he can only get pregnant by his soulmate, and a few weeks later, all he can remember about his assumed soulmate is that his name is Louis        
  • Nameless Night by green_feelings                                                            For their 18th birthday, every person receives a letter that reads a simple date. That is the date you’ll meet your soulmate. Harry and Louis have different beliefs, live in different worlds and have different dreams, hopes and fears. Yet, they’re not so different from each other when it comes to love. When their paths cross, there is no doubt they belong together. Except for that one, essential difference: they didn’t receive the same date.                  
  • the magic that is you and me by scagnetism                                          The AU where Harry works at Jason Mraz’s avocado farm, Louis works for BuzzFeed, and they’ve only got a few hours to fall in love.
  • gonna take you everywhere (and never ask who you are) by defloweringlou                                                                                            Louis Tomlinson is the merc with a mouth and Harry Styles is the famous web slinger. (Spideypool)
  • The Song of a Siren by sarahbear                                                              Harry is the captain of a pirate ship and Louis is siren who learned new tricks.
  • we could be enough by suspendrs                                                          Harry runs an anonymous crush confession column in the school newspaper and Louis has quite the crush to write in about.

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☹ What's a character that you refuse to play with? Why?

Characters that a mun tries to shoehorn into a setting for the purpose of becoming the spotlight. Yes, this is coming from the guy who wrote Jackie, but generally characters that are incredibly overpowered for the setting are the best indicator for being spotlight steeling squads. EX: if you wrote a character for Kancolle, which is largely concerned with WWII-era ships, and gave her what were essentially Fleet of Fog weapons, while claiming she was part of some sort of secret project. It doesn’t really gel well with the verse, and it doesn’t make much sense where most characters are either derived from real ships, paper plans, or upcoming ships and famous fictional ships.

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are there any muses you wanna ship your child with????

you know, it gets me pretty giddy when people refer to diar as my ‘child’ or even in an earlier ask, ‘baby boy’ bc listen. i will die for this guy. i trust him. in another life i probably gave birth to him WHO KNOWS ~

there’s…a few muses in specific i’d love try something out with but i usually don’t approach people and ask them if they want to ship unless they’ve shown considerable amount of interest in my muse beforehand. otherwise it just feels v. risky and one-sided to me. i want to ship him with people who genuinely love him and, moreover, as a mun i’m very specific when it comes to chemistry between the muns as well because i do expect enthusiasm and i do expect interaction outside of threads and tend to prefer if there’s ooc communication between the muns as well. otherwise, it’s very hard for me to get into a ship. because of those specifics, i don’t tend to jump into ships very easily, though i welcome any of them with open arms. doesn’t matter what kind of ship it is.

i’ll probably make a relationship call soon for these purposes, bc tbh ??? if our muses click and you’re an enthusiastic mun i’ll likely want to ship with you. i love ships. love them <3

Nalu Fluff Week Day 6 // Pregnancy

I’m super excited to show you guys my first ever submission for a ship week! I just want to give a huge shoutout to the ever-so wonderful Naomi ( @fairyy-glitter), who gave me the privilege of collabing with her on this work. She did some amazing lineart, and if you don’t follow her already,  you should.

Anyways, enjoy!!

The Signs as Captain Swan scenes

Aries: “I’m here to ask you out”

Taurus: “Perhaps gratitude is in order now”

Gemini: “You traded your ship for me?”

Cancer: “Be patient.”

Leo: “You’re not that person anymore.”

Virgo: “Making sure he stays.. occupied.” 

Libra: “It will be because you want me”.

Scorpio: “.. and I’m always a gentlemen.”

Sagittarius: “Your discomfort is a cross I’m willing to bear”.

Capricorn: “It’s you.”

Aquarius: “I can’t lose you too.”

Pisces:“Will you go out with me again?” 

Okay guys

You can ship who you ship.

You can hate any characters you can’t connect with.

But do not disrespect Kishimoto by ignoring NARUTO The Last, NARUTO GAIDEN and BORUTO The Movie.

This guy created NARUTO. He probably gave you entertainment and childhood. So do not disrespect his years of hard work just because your ship is not canon or you didn’t like how the story turned out. It’s petty.

Current thoughts on my mind

-Do you think he developed an uncle kink
-I ship the guy who gave the motorcycle to him with him
-Striped Beetles are thirsty hoes for dat gourd
-Save the Eagles 2k16
Must save
No kill
Bad turbine

interdimensional-kickerofbutt - continued from [x]

America is pushed into an interrogation room and she nonchalantly sits on it, back leaned against the chair, calm eyes on the interrogator. She’s been in her fair share of this rooms. She’s not impressed.

She replies to none of the questions.

“Are you with the rebels?”

“Who do you work for?”

“How did you get to this ship?”

“Who gave you intel of your mission?”

He slaps her in between silences and she moves her head just enough so he won’t break his bones while doing so. She can feel the hits, but they come with no pain.

She learnt from Rikki a while ago, who on turn learnt from Black Widow, that you could learn an awful lot about stuff during in interrogation, even if you were the one meant to answer. She learnt this particular ship was looking for the rebel base, that they think it’s somewhere around the Hoth system and that this guy is probably a lot more scared for his life than she is right now.

Then, they bring in some robot holding tools and needs. Scratch that. Maybe she is a little scared. She’s gonna have to cut this interrogation shorter than she expected…

Tony is further given evidence that something is just not right here.  There’s a loose panel on the wall.  Tony sets aside the energy clip and peels it off, then pulls out a wire, makes sure it has a decent enough current, then sticks it in the magnetic lock on the cuffs.  Tony jolts slightly as the electricity flows but the cuffs release with the disruption and he breathes a sigh of relief, rubbing his wrists.

A loose panel on the wall of a cell in an Imperial Star Destroyer?  These guys haven’t been in dry dock for repairs for ages.  Tony returns to the energy clip, examining it first, getting an idea for the power that could be behind those blasters (i.e. a considerable amount, but not enough to bust right through the armor), before rigging it to burn a hole in the next thing he sticks it to.  AKA the cell door’s lock.

He has the element of surprise and when the door slides open, the trooper guarding it is confused for just long enough for Tony to pull him back inside the cell and shut the door.  The lock may not work anymore, but it thankfully still closes.  Tony kicks the trooper’s gun from his hands, grabs his vibroblade and shoves him against the wall.

“Now,” he says, lighting the vibroblade and placing it so it hums against the trooper’s neck, “what is going on on this ship?”

Back on the other side of the two-way mirror in the interrogation room, Moff Quinn shifts nervously.  On the one hand, they could be about to torture a potential ally, a real connection to the rebel forces that they hadn’t so much as dreamed of.  On the other, this could be another trick, the one they’d barely escaped months ago by placing the blame for a ‘mutiny’ on a select amount of volunteers willing to die for the cause.  Avoiding major Imperial space and refusing to come into dry dock and take shore leave had roused a good deal of suspicion on them, suspicion that Quinn is not so sure they will be able to dodge for much longer.  They need to find the rebels, get this ship out of the skies somewhere safe, get his men on solid ground.

The Imperial Moff had dragged his men along on this fool’s crusade, and they may have been pleased enough to follow, but their lives are still on his head.  He is responsible for every body on this ship, and he will not see another one of them dead in the Emperor’s bloodthirsty grab for more power.  Always more power.  Quinn only hopes that if this isn’t a trap, they will forgive his caution and give them sanctuary.


I’ve been trying to avoid ranting, ‘cause no good can come of it, but I’ve been reading so many negative stuff about Rucas in the Rucas tag, that I need to let my frustration out.

The comment I’ve read most is: ‘I prefer L*caya, because they are fire and have soo much more passion and chemistry than Rucas.’, someone even added: ‘People who ship Rucas obviously haven’t been in a true relationship before.’

That last line was what bothered me. Wait, what? Excuse you?!

Honestly, in my opinion, that’s not all that love is. Yes, chemistry and fire, it’s amazing. Especially in the beginning of a relationship, but unfortunately, those sparks fade after being together for a long time. You better hope that connection and love is still underneath it, because otherwise (which happens a lot) it ends up in a break up.

I’ve had both. I’ve had the L*caya kind of relationship and I’m recently still in the Rucas kind of relationship.

There is a reason why I am still in the Rucas type of relationship. And I love my boyfriend, but that infatuation part is long over by now. And thank god, we do have that connection and true love, ‘cause without it, there wouldn’t be much left.

Okay, I’ve noticed that some of the artists who drew art for the update are getting shit because they drew DaveKat.

Guys, they did not plan out this update, and they had no control over what and what not they could draw. Hussie gave them specifications as to what they could draw, and DaveKat was one of those specifications. I’m sure that if that artists could’ve drawn that ship you wanted to sail, they probably would’ve. But Hussie was in control here, so they couldn’t. So just complain to Hussie about it.

In all honestly, you guys really need to stop. I’m sorry that your ship couldn’t sail, but you’re being rude, and you’re making the other shippers of your ship look bad.

Lucaya is Pluto

You know, I was on Facebook today and the BMWsequel.com page posted a lucas/maya video. All I see is more hate for lucas/maya than love. It makes me upset. Sometimes I feel so alone, but then I think about the forty accounts we have that ship it with their whole hearts. I almost gave up, but then I remember the wonderful lucaya community for support. I’d rather have things shown to me than told to me, that was why I like lucas/maya better in the first place


friarhart lucayatrash perfectbrokenhart lucayababies lucayafanfiction lucayameetsworld frairandhart lucasnmaya lucaya-darling lucaya-is-life lucaya-feels whenhartmetfriar mayaslucas Recommend me some more if you want!

Also, so many beautiful instagram accounts out there who make edits. I just think its time to thank the lucaya community for being so kind and supportive. You guys are the strongest, most passionate people I have ever seen. Lucaya is our pluto <3

Three Months {Bonkai Preview}

Hello, Bonkamily! Those of you who check in on my blog know it’s pretty much been nonstop Stelena for the past few weeks and I just wanted to let you guys know that I have not forgotten Bonkai nor have I stopped shipping them nor have I stopped writing them. I’ve read your asks and messages and requests and because I gave SErs a preview, I thought I should give you one too. It would’ve been ready sooner but I’ve been having laptop issues and work has been busy this past month, many times I’ve wanted to go to my phone and be like BKers, I will have a preview shortly! But I wanted it to be a surprise so basically I’ve been doing this for the past week:

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this! I know a lot of people wanted a Kai, Enzo, Nora thing so I tried to adhere to those requests in some capacity. Feedback and commentary are always welcome!

“If you could only see the beast you’ve made of me
I held it in but now it seems you’ve set it running free
Screaming in the dark, I howl when we’re apart
drag my teeth across your chest to taste your beating heart

My fingers claw your skin, try to tear my way in
You are the moon that breaks the night for which I have to howl”

— “Howl”, Florence + The Machine

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It was unseasonably cold out; the middle of May and Bonnie was shivering in her sundress, goosebumps erupting all over her skin. She stayed on her front porch, facing the door, the key still in the lock, and contemplated whether or not she should run back inside for a cardigan when she heard the crunches of footsteps. She looked behind her and rolled her eyes.
“What are you doing here?”
“Picking you up.”
Bonnie took the key out of the lock, turned around and raised her eyebrows. “Picking me up? Enzo, you do realize the whole point of a single’s mixer is to go as singles, right? I mean even you can grasp such a basic concept.” She paused. “I would hope.”
“Why should I go as a single when I know you’ll be the only woman there who isn’t completely hopeless, and I already know where you live?”
“Wow,” said Bonnie. She stiffened her back and crossed her arms, a smirk on her face. “Are you trying to pay me a compliment?”
Enzo stared down at her. “Don’t flatter yourself,” he said quietly. His eyes passed over her face and along the length of her body; he fixed his gaze on the top half of her dress. Slowly, he moved closer to her and reached upward, putting his hand on her neckline.
“And what do you think you’re doing?”
“You straightened my tie.”
“Yes, but that was your tie. I wasn’t undoing your zipper.”
“Does it look like I’m undoing yours? You don’t even have one,” said Enzo, fastening the last button on Bonnie’s dress. He flicked his eyes up toward her. “Leave something to the imagination. Make the lads work for it.”
“Oh get your hands off her.”
Bonnie and Enzo looked to their right and saw Nora walking toward them. “She looked gorgeous already without you messing her about.”
Enzo rolled his eyes and sighed, taking a step back. “As someone a part of the male gender, I was offering her my advice.”
“No, as someone from the male gender, you were trying to sabotage any chance she had at meeting someone tonight in the off-chance that she’d go home with you instead,” said Nora. “She wouldn’t. Bonnie’s standards are far too high for the likes of you.”
“But not too high for you, I suppose? Now that Mary-Louise is out of the picture, you’ve set your eyes on the sweet, beautiful and eternally single Bonnie Bennett.”
“Single only because she’s spent so much of her time literally saving the world,” said Nora. “She’ll find someone. Kind. Loyal. Smart. She’s a catch. Much too good for you.”
Nora looked at Bonnie from beneath her eyelashes and spread her lips in a slow, seductive smile. Bonnie opened her mouth to respond but then was hit with sudden breathlessness and took a sharp intake of air. She spread her hand across her chest.
“What is it?” said Enzo. “Are you cold?”
“Cold? Look at the state of her, she’s sweating. Idiot,” said Nora. “Do you need to sit down?”
“I need…” Bonnie exhaled deeply and pressed her lips together as her body flushed warm. “I just need to go inside for a few minutes. Get myself together. I’ll meet you both at the bar.”
“No, go. Go. You can scout out the potential for me, Nora. And Enzo you can try to find someone desperate enough to go home with you.”
“I doubt any woman’s that desperate. Let’s go,” said Nora to Enzo. She looked at Bonnie. “I’ll text you when we get there. Hopefully you’re not too far behind, tonight is for you, you know.”
“I’ll be right behind you.”
Bonnie waited a few moments after Enzo and Nora left, staring out into the dark driveway, the still trees, the empty sidewalk. Anyone left in Mystic Falls was at The Grill.
“You were supposed to go,” she said. “You were supposed to leave town, that was the deal.”
A voice answered. “That wasn’t a deal, that was you unilaterally making a decision. I didn’t have any part in it.”
“Why would you when it’s about my well-being?”
“What about my well-being?”
“I don’t give a shit about your well-being.”
“Ah yes. And that’s why you hate me.”
Bonnie scoffed. “I hate you because I don’t care about you? Why am I even surprised you came to that conclusion, you always had a problem with logic.”
“You hate me because you don’t worry about me, you can just enjoy me. And you did, didn’t you? Enjoy me.”
Bonnie folded her arms. “This is ridiculous. If we’re going to do this then I sure as hell deserve to see your face. Get out here.”
Bonnie waited but heard only silence.
“I mean it, get out here.”
Only the crinkle of a light breeze through the trees sounded.
“Get out here. Now.”
Still, the voice didn’t answer back.
“I swear to God, Kai —”
In the instant it took Bonnie to blink, Kai appeared in front of her at the top of the driveway, a few feet away from the steps up to the porch. He raised his arms. “Speak of the devil and he doth appear.”
Bonnie regarded him — the stubble that dressed his jaw, the shirt stretched across his broad shoulders; he’d become a lot more built in the three months he’d been gone. But his expression was the same — knowing. Smug. A hint of menace in his eyes intensified by the vividness of the blue. Bonnie’s gut started to twist in on itself, her heart hammered with a dreadful anticipation, an anxious curiosity that made her chest taut with an anger she thought she rid herself of and that made her skin burn with a need she thought she’d evolved.
I won’t do this.
Bonnie turned back toward the door and she heard Kai chuckle.
“You feel it,” he said.
“The only thing I feel is the irresistible urge to set you on fire.”
“Then why are you running away?”
Bonnie whirled around to face the driveway again. “I’m not running aw—”
The sentence was barely out of her mouth before there was a whisper of speed, a blur of colour and Kai moved from the bottom of the steps to the porch, directly in front of Bonnie, his eyes piercing into hers, jaw flexed. Bonnie stared up at him, her teeth clenched.
“Your heart’s racing,” he murmured.
Bonnie leaned into his face, her eyes wide and determined. “Because I’m angry.”
“Because you’re turned on.”
“Wow,” she said. “You have a truly spectacular ego. God, three months have gone by, three months and it’s like—”
“Nothing has changed,” said Kai, finishing her sentence. “It’s like time never passed. The want, the desire”
“The rage, the disgust — I have a life, Kai.”
“You have your old life.”
“And so what if I do? There’s nothing wrong with my old life just because you’re not in it.”
“Neither are you.”
“What? No, no, I am not engaging, to hell with this.” Bonnie took out her keys and turned back toward the door but Kai grabbed her and flipped her around toward him, slamming her against the door, his hands laid flat by either side of her head, his face inches from hers so that he felt Bonnie’s breath on his skin. “Don’t act like you don’t know you’re shrinking yourself for their benefit.”
“And don’t act like you know who I am. I hate that.”
“But Enzo and Nora know you?” His tone was amused and sceptical but his expression was intent, his eyes blistering with intention. “How is it that they describe you? “Sweet”?” He leaned toward Bonnie so that she took a deep breath, her chest swelling — the warmth that blanketed her skin sweltered to a heat that made her light-headed. “Do they know that their sweet Bonnie Bennett claws at my back every time she has an orgasm?” Kai whispered. Suddenly, Bonnie was stricken with an image, a memory that made her convulse; one wrist against a floorboard pinned down by ringed fingers, another hand scratching at a writhing back, her fingernails raking skin, leaving bloodied, rough trails, a howl of pain and arousal that reverberated throughout her entire body, compelling her to shudder and moan. Bonnie blinked rapidly, pulling herself into the present moment. She pushed Kai and turned back around toward the door, fumbling with her keys, but Kai pressed himself against Bonnie’s back, reaching in front of him to grab the keys away from her, tossing them to the side. He pushed himself against Bonnie, pressing her front against the door. Bonnie groaned. She cursed herself.
“What was the other word?” He breathed into her ear, his teeth gently tugging her earlobe. “‘Loyal’? Like a golden retriever. Like an obedient foot soldier? Do they know…?” Kai grazed his lips along Bonnie’s jawline down to her neck, his hands gripping her waist; Bonnie’s back arched, her behind rubbing against his pelvis; Kai gasped. “Do they know how easily their Loyal Bonnie Bennett can bring them to their knees, how easily you can bring anyone to their knees?” Abruptly, Kai took Bonnie by the arms and flipped her back around so that she was facing him again. “Sweet Bonnie, Kind Bonnie, Loyal Bonnie. They define you and you let them. They don’t know — they don’t know —” Kai lunged forward, kissing Bonnie, grunting as his lips smashed against hers, crushing her body with his; the fever within her erupted and Bonnie kissed Kai with a primal hatred that incensed her blood. She clenched his shirt in her fists as she pulled him deeper to her, her bruised lips furiously opening his, a moan in her throat, a growl in his chest. The more Bonnie kissed Kai, the more she felt herself losing grips on a control she hadn’t realized she’d been maintaining for the past three months, she was slipping away from the confines of herself to a chaos that she’d chosen to leave behind. That she’d chosen to leave with Kai. And now she felt herself rushing toward it with each twirl of her tongue, with each of his groans — rushing toward something that she’d decided she didn’t want to succumb to or embrace. And she hated him for it. Hated him for tearing down everything she’d been trying to rebuild. Hated herself for how easy she made it for him.
Bonnie grabbed Kai beneath his chin, her nails digging into the sides of his face and she pried his lips away from hers; staring at him intently, her mouth furled, his teeth bared, their breathing ragged, their expressions savage.
“This,” said Kai. “They don’t see this. They don’t know your power.”
“Neither do you,” said Bonnie. “You don’t know just how easily I could bring you to your knees.”
Kai’s eyes moved back and forth across Bonnie’s face, the corners of his mouth slowly twisting into a smirk at seeing the dangerous resolution in her expression, his body hard and ready for the challenge she was about to put him through.


Somehow the Inquisitor got wiped out by that machine on top of the Sith Temple.

The temple and the cavern where it was located was in dire danger of collapsing.

Kanan & Ahsoka ran as fast as they could toward the Ghost, all the way Kanan tried futilely to raise Ezra on the comm link.

Then they heard Ezra’s voice, “Just go, guys! I’m okay! I have found a way to exit, thanks to a friend!”

Kanan went, “Friend? Ezra! Who is this friend you’re talking bout?”

Ezra replied, “We’ll meet you on top. Just go! I’ll introduce him to you guys. He’s cool!”

Kanan & Ahsoka reached the Ghost and took off immediately, leaving the cavern.

As they exited to the surface of Malachor, Kanan & Ahsoka noticed another ship taking off, roughly on the other side of the cavern. The two Jedi sighed a breath of relief, for Ezra seems to have escaped.

But relief quickly gave way to worry when they found out that the ship never responded to their hails.

And suddenly the other ship jumped to hyperspace, leaving behind two really-worried Jedi.

And as camera cuts to the inside of the other ship, we see Ezra having been knocked unconscious and secured in binders.