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There is witchcraft in our blood,
in our bones we carry the magic
that you could not burn away.

You see, fire does not eat fire.

Your mother would have taught you that
if the world hadn’t convinced her
that despite her body being able
to bring life into this world,
she is not a magical thing.

Maybe the witches you burned
were the daughters of something
more holy than you could ever handle.
So you set them alight for being different,
forgetting that even the son of your God
was once condemned for being too pure,
too beautiful, too different for this world.

History devoured your name,
but we have never forgotten
what you did, witch hunter.

You see, fire never forgets.

When you burned the witches
you thought what you did was small.
But the flames gave birth to ideas
and the ideas set alight souls.
For every witch you burned
there are now a thousand witch women
living differently, and standing tall.
And you may have burned some of us,
but you will never destroy us all.

—  Nikita Gill, To the Men Who Burned Witches
Even when they weren’t in the same room, they were writing Lennon-McCartney songs.
Even after they broke up, they kept bouncing songwriting ideas off each other, aiming answer records at each other. They gave each other no peace. That friendship followed them around their whole lives. I love the story John’s limo driver tells — it’s 1980, John is in the back of the car, listening to the radio, really enjoying this new hit song called “Coming Up,” wondering who the singer is. Then suddenly he says, “Fuck a pig, it’s Paul.” They couldn’t get away from each other.
—  Rob Sheffield, Dreaming Of The Beatles: An Interview With Rob Sheffield, Los Angeles Review of Books, 12th August 2017.
Love Conquers All (On Sherlock Season 4)

I’m currently re-watching Season 4, simply just to indulge myself, and mainly because I personally loved it. I thought I was done expressing everything I have to say about the matter in this post, but there has been an unending sh*t-storm still looming over S4 that has gone beyond what I had expected. Not to mention that things I’ve seen on Twitter earlier regarding the so-called Norbury movement.

I am not dismissing the fact that this season had its flaws, but there’s a significant meaning to it all that some people are dismissing because they’ve been blinded by their own illusions that I would want to highlight. For someone who had cried over and mulled over these episodes more than the past 3 seasons, this season gave my love for existentialism a baseline that tugged at the heart – the very reason why I wanted to talk about it.

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Just a brief explanation, existentialism is the belief that life has no meaning in general. To quote Moriarty, “Staying alive… So boring, isn’t it? It’s just… staying.” However, what I like about it is the idea that society or any other factor is not responsible for giving life it’s meaning – it is solely up to the individual to discover it on their own.

With that said, I think this is why this season resonated with me so much, and I find the chaos in some parts of the fandom frustrating, especially to the point that the writers are being attacked for this. So as usual, I have to say something about it. Because instead of writing articles for work, I’m thinking about Sherlock.

Anyway, I’m just gonna go ahead with my point.

The Six Thatchers : Horrors Of The Past

This may be my least favourite among the three, but the message of this episode is clearly simple: we all have horrors that will come and haunt us in the future – and how we face it all comes down to the path we choose. 

We live hundreds, and even thousands of roles throughout our lives. And we all have our past; things that we regret, hate, cringe at, miss, still believe in, etc. But whatever that past might be, what I got from TST is that you can never run from your past as it catches up to you, but it is one facet of your life does not completely define you.

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Death has been played with through the past seasons that it seemed all too mundane to us now, in terms of the context of the show. But S4 is here to correct this notion in Mary’s persona. With Mary saying that Mary Watson was the only life worth living, it showed that we get to choose which part of our lives we live out the most.

Same with John and his ‘cheating’. To be fair, I’m pissed at the fact that this was completely out of character. But when the series culminated, I understood why they have to do it. We saw what we wanted to see in these characters as they were presented to us – John was supposedly honourable, kind, and courageous, but what is this? Who is this new John? 

This is where I head to my next point. 

The Lying Detective : Being Alive And Human

This episode made me cry buckets, to be honest. And it is because this is all about changing what you know about these characters and seeing them all in a different light. 

Here we see a Sherlock not led by the mind but the heart, a John who was weak against temptation, a cheater, someone who looked jealous from having the spotlight all on the detective – it showed that no one is ultimately good and that someone’s facade is not who they entirely are. It shows that everyone has their ups and downs because that’s what humanity is about. It illustrated that everyone was capable of being angry, desperate, conceited, weak, lonely, alone, etc. It highlighted how these characters are broken – especially Sherlock – and how redemption can mean so much more to a person. 

We all have our flaws, our downfalls, our agonies; but who are we really, at our most vulnerable? And who are the people willing to believe in us even if we’ve shown them our true, and sometimes, faded colours?

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“Taking your own life. Interesting expression, taking it from who? Once it’s over, it’s not you who’ll miss it. Your own death is something that happens to everyone else. Your life is not your own, keep your hands off it.”

This is a plea. That shutting down and ending your life is and should never be the answer. This is one of the most beautiful pieces of dialogue I have ever heard, and it’s a very upfront message about warranting a value on your own life. And for people to threaten the writers of the show that they are the ones who caused the lives that are put in the line or the self-harm that will happen due to their distaste for TFP is devastating to me.

And yes, there have been people tweeting Mark and BBC that they are and will be responsible for these lives, which is just unfair.

The Final Problem : On Love And Redemption

I’ve seen people questioning why Benedict said ‘love conquers all’ in one interview before the season aired. There has also been statements that this season will be ‘groundbreaking’, which others failed to see why, leading to the claims that the showrunners are queerbaiting.

Now, every single show, every single actor, not just in Sherlock, but basically everywhere, is being put in the microscope because they need to identify with something, and that they need to represent a cause — which I get! I advocate for this! But, just when the world is being careful about mixing up their characters or when they are inserting a gay character just because now, society is demanding them to, Sherlock had already presented that years before (note that some TV shows only became more open to having gay characters around late 2014, early 2015-ish onwards because people are becoming more vocal about it as inspired by those bold enough to make a first move, e.g. Glee). 

Here, we have an openly gay character (which is still another topic of debate but I stand by it when I say Irene used the term gay loosely), had openly gay actors play brilliant and unstereotypical roles, and for God’s sake, Mark Gatiss is a gay man who is behind this brilliant show, and  that’s the very reason they passed it off as normal. They didn’t do it in a way that we always have to be reminded that the character is gay, that there has to be a sex scene just to prove that they’re gay… it’s just there – again, as one facet of the characters. Sex, as something that has been explicitly expressed in the show, isn’t the only thing that defines a character or their relationships with someone else, and I appreciated that. They had a story to tell – the story of these characters as a whole and not just one side of them. 

And personally, I did see why they made their claims as indicated by my chosen title. When this season ended, Sherlock who claimed to have never been attuned to his emotions, had his eyes open and had embraced that he was also human, flawed, and is capable to love IN ALL FORMS. 

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He learned to value his life because of what happened to Mary, he had admitted that he also succumbs to his impulses with Irene Adler (texting or beyond that, depends on what you want to believe), he fully realised that he would never ever want to hurt and make Molly feel like she’s being used by him because she’s his friend, he was able to extend a more human side of himself to John more than he did before, he finally understood and accepted Mycroft’s intentions and actions which I think mended their relationship significantly (this one hits me to the core so much), and lastly, he discovered that if he was left in the air in isolation, he might have ended up like Eurus, which is why he never wanted to make her feel alone again. 

To me, it is groundbreaking because it left that cliche of someone running off into the sunset in the end and it’s all butterflies and rainbows. They wrapped it up with the characters still broken, but living through it day by day because someone chose to love, accept, and help them heal despite their flaws. 

It is what it is, they keep on saying, because that’s how life is. It can be unbearable and it can most certainly be shit, but in the end, whether you ship Johnlock, Adlock, Sherlolly, Sheriarty, Mollstrade, Mystrade, etc., if we all let love – self-love, romantic love, familial love, platonic love – all kinds of love in our lives, it will help us conquer all, within and beyond this show. 

Gryffindor: Pizza is here!

Slytherin: *opens top one*

Slytherin: They gave us a bad pizza…

Hufflepuff: No such thing!

Slytherin: *shows Hufflepuff the Pizza*

Hufflepuff: …

Ravenclaw: Oh, that must be mine…

Slytherin: There is a special place in hell for people who think pineapple goes on pizza.

Ravenclaw: I know you aren’t saying anything about what I eat, because that would require me to educate your dumbass on why that is a very bad idea before I’ve eaten, ESPECIALLY after I’ve paid and placed the order…

Gryffindor: …

Slytherin: …

Hufflepuff: There’s two meat lovers and cheese sticks! AND A CHOCOLATE BROWNIE!!!

Slytherin: I …

Ravenclaw: *leans in*

Slytherin: … Thank you …

Ravenclaw: You’re welcome!

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The Wachowskis directed the Matrix movies as men and shouldn't be on your Monica Bellucci post.

The Wachowskis were still presenting as men and credited as such during the initial run of The Matrix movies but I included them in the Bellucci post for several reasons:

a) Before Lana was publicly out as a trans woman she was living openly as a woman in private. The rumours about Lana go back to The Matrix years and it is possible that Bellucci, as someone who worked with the Wachowskis, knew about this and was including them in her quote. 

b) Even if Bellucci wasn’t speaking about them in her quote, and I knew 100% that she had no idea that they were trans women I would have still included them in the list. Lilly Wachowski gave a great speech a few years ago at GLAAD where she invited people to revisit the work of her and her sister and reappraise them through the view of their transness.  

The point of the “directed by” posts is to help people discover women directors because I know that a lot of people end up becoming fans of cinema or discovering directors through actors they like (that was what happened to me. Thank you for making me a film snob Nicole Kidman!) 

I would feel remiss excluding the Wachowskis from Bellucci’s directed by women filmography just because at the time they were not ready to come out as trans women. They are not only incredibly talented directors but they are also incredible cultural pioneers. Lana is the first (and so far only) openly trans woman to direct a studio movie! Their work does deserve to be reappraised and discussed in that light. 

This blog will always accept trans women as women. 


I love trees for some reasons and also from this sentence, ❝Imagine if trees gave off wifi signals, we would be planting so many trees and we’d probably save the planet too! Too bad they only produce the oxygen we breathe.❞ So, #GoGreen everyone! And for those out there who smoke, please don’t smoke! Smoking kills you.
Flashback to this green bujo. 💚☘️🌱

There’s been a sudden influx of fics where Flint and Silver are detectives and whoops my brain ran away with me last night. I have no idea if this will yield an actual au so I’m posting one part of it. 

In which Flint and Silver are detective partners, Silver is the living embodiment of “steal everything your gay little hands can carry”, Flint needs a vacation, and Thomas thinks it’s hysterical that everyone’s scared of his husband. It’s also slightly a Thin Man au.

(also all mentions of “Beaufort”, “the shark”, and “the mobster” are references to an earlier scene where Silver steals a glass paperweight from a mobster and names it Beaufort because Reasons)

By John’s estimate he had two hours before Max got her hooks out of Flint, which was more than enough time for how quick this job was going to be. He was going to get in, find out if Flint slept in a coffin, find something adequately sentimental to steal, and then get out. If there even was anything to steal; as far as he knew, Flint could just have a charging port like a Roomba and nothing else.

John had the door open in a few seconds and really, he was shocked (Shocked!) at how cheap the locks were. If he didn’t wind up in pieces in seven different dumpsters across the city once his thievery had been discovered, he was going to buy Flint some better locks. And maybe a security system. Or he could just give him Beaufort to act as a watch-shark, though John had a suspicion that Flint was still angry over his theft, judging by the fact that he tried to shatter poor Beaufort when John had suggested they have joint custody over the shark.

John had just closed the door behind him when he heard a noise from inside the bowels of the apartment. He was instantly on alert, one hand on his gun as he crept down the hallway. What were the chances that he walked in on a burglary when he himself was there to burgle? Or perhaps the mobster had hired a hitman to kill them because he was angry about the disappearance of Beaufort. Or maybe Flint really was the violent psychopath everyone believed him to be and he had six women held captive in some kind of torture chamber, or-

“Excuse me, what are you doing in my apartment?” A polite voice inquired behind him.

John didn’t scream as he whirled around, but it was a near thing. The man standing behind him was tall, had blond hair and didn’t seem like a threat, but that didn’t mean anything. John knew lots of murderers who seemed like very nice people on the surface. He also had a dog, but John also knew lots of murderers that had dogs. Dogs were not implicitly judges of good character.

“I’m sorry, what are you doing here? This apartment belongs to my partner.”

The man made a noise of understanding before closing the door behind him and letting the dog off the leash. “You must be John Silver.”

“How do you know that name?” He demanded, this time pulling his gun. This was absolutely retribution for the shark-napping of Beaufort. Flint was right; John was going to be brutalized over a fucking bauble.

If the man was bothered at having a gun pointing at him he didn’t show it. “Because you’ll find that this apartment belongs to my partner. I’m James’s husband.”

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For Meg

Meg was stirring in a whimsical dream
Meandering through a solitary hiatus.
She promptly took a detour underneath sunbeams that sprinkled fortitude. A blue jay dropped an intricate invitation that echoed, “Patience will anchor your storms.”

Meg embraced the empty static while drenching her aches with lavender oil. As she looked up a blossom intertwined with a fiddle and the metronome of life stood still.
A kitty walked by saying, “ ‘off to the dentist.’ If anything happens who will cry when I die?”

Hilarious thoughts filled Meg’s mind as she awoke thinking the nonsensical dream gave her serenity and strength. She was ‘going to be mostly off tumblr for a few days’ but knew all the writers wished her well & to take time to heal.

Collab with Tony from @ajttk and
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Feeling left behind by her more successful, settled friends, Emma Swan moves to Scotland on a whim. Sure, she’s winning at Instagram, but something is still missing from her new life. Fortunately, her friends back home are on it. #FindEmmaSwanAFriend goes viral. Enter Killian Jones, reluctant columnist, who is on the hunt for his newest subject, and may just have found her. CS AU

also on ff.net

PSA: This is not a chapter of #FindEmmaSwanAFriend, but a complementary work, Killian’s column in the January edition of Saorsa. I hope you enjoy it anyway.

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Killian Jones

January, 2017.

I’m afraid that if you’ve come for another one of Ian McKenzie’s treatises on the everyday heroism of the common man, you’ve arrived at the wrong place. For you see, after fifteen years of loyal service at this revered pillar of journalism, Mr McKenzie has retired to the quiet life, to tend his flock of llamas and work on his Borders accent.

We wish him well, but of course that does leave me in a bit of a pickle. How to respect his legacy, and at the same time, strike out on my own? Well, I had a few ideas about that.

Now Ian had a habit of cornering unsuspecting strangers until they gave him a quote and a photo. A tried and true approach, that, and it never did that Humans of New York lad any harm. Who doesn’t love to see their friends and neighbours immortalised in print? But you see, Ian had that jolly way about him, whereas I’ve got a permanent five o’clock shadow and a glorified hook for a hand. It tends to make the locals skittish. Also, I fear there’s far too much walking involved.

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Ok um you're too amazing?? and I love you a lot,, And I wanna request?? A fluffy drabble of Armin laying on Candy's chest and she just pets his hair and stuff (basically laying down and cuddling) and he got super sleepy and fell asleep on it? And Candy thinks he's super cute and just kisses his forehead and says 'I can't believe you're mine?' thank you,,

Aw thanks anon and thanks for the fluffy request!! I love fluff pieces, it’s a bit short but I hope you like it!

It was Armin’s idea to have a Tolkien marathon – the Hobbit trilogy followed by the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Armin had explained to her, no matter how much she explained that she already knew Tolkien. It didn’t stop him from the same speech he always gave whenever Tolkien came up, explaining Middle Earth’s history in depth. He had gave that speech often enough, she could quote it word for word. But at least a three day weekend off school made the marathon somewhat possible if one had enough coffee. They didn’t.

She looked down at her boyfriend, who was comfortably snuggled on her chest with his body curled against hers. His deep breathing was set to the rhythm of hers and she swear that he was weightless. She tried to tell him that a Tolkien marathon like he planned would be impossible, or at the very least one (or both) of them would fall asleep before it was over. He bet her that they could last all the way to the beginning scene of The Two Towers. To make it more interesting, she bet that he would fall asleep during or just after Thorin’s death. She was close. He passed out on her chest just after Thorin became victim to the madness of the gold. She watched the movie for a while, but her eyes always drifted to Armin.

She smiled fondly and ran her fingers through his hair. It was soft between her fingers and ran through them like silky waves of a dark ocean. She loved the way he felt on top of her. Weightless, but a perfect fit. A right fit. Whenever she slept alone, it always took forever because of how empty it felt. Her dreams were always filled with his bright eyes and she always woke up missing him even more.

She thrived on their time together – whether it was sexual in nature, fighting over which romance they should choose in the latest Mass Effect (which they played together so they could experience it at the same time), them binge watching the latest season of Daredevil on Netflix, or moments like this.

“I can’t believe your mine,” Candy whispered, meaning every word.

Armin was everything she could ever want – someone who made her laugh, understood her love for superheroes and video games and never once made fun of her, and more importantly… He made her happy.

She hoped she made him happy too.

She pressed a light kiss to his forehead before she snuggled herself farther into the pillows and blankets, closing her eyes as the ending credits of Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies softly played through the air.

Let’s Pretend

Lexa pulled at her black tie and then adjusted her cuff link on her right wrist. The air in the back of the car felt stuffy, constricting, god she hated these events. The car slowed to a stop and the driver looked into the rear view.

“We’re here, ma’am. Just another second and it’ll be your turn to exit.” The man said. She hadn’t bothered to learn his name because his service was a one time deal. Gustus would be picking her up from the event at 11:00pm sharp. She looked to her watch, an overly expensive Hublot, and sighed. 8:00pm, on the dot. Three hours, just three hours. She could do this, it’s for the children. The door to the car was wrenched open and she stepped out quickly. She made her way inside the building, Polis, a posh hotel on the east side of the city.

She was greeted by the bright smile of a perky hostess. “Welcome to Arkadia Children’s Hospital’s Annual Benefit Gala, Miss Woods. If you would follow Jasper here, he will show you to your table.” The lanky boy smiled at her then turned and made his way inside the ballroom. It was the cocktail portion of the event, where people who don’t know or like each other pretended they do. They arrived at her table, at the very front of the seating area.

“Cocktails are being served now, unfortunately you missed the dinner service, but I can get you something if you’d like, Miss Woods.”

“Thank you Jasper, but that won’t be necessary.” He nodded and walked away. She still felt constricted, so she removed her jacket and placed it neatly on the back of her chair, leaving her in a deep red button down, her favorite black tie, perfectly tailored black slacks, and black Oxford’s. She was almost immediately tapped on the shoulder by an older man.

“Miss Woods, it’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Dante Wallace.” He smiled and offered his hand, which she took firmly and shook.

“Mr. Wallace, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.” She smiled her best ‘I’m still not sure I know why I agreed to this’ smile.

“Firm handshake and well spoken, you’re a Woods through and through.” He laughed. “Usually your aunt attends this event. What had to transpire to get the CEO here?”

“Several scheduling conflicts. Indra was upset that she could not attend. She says this is her favorite event of the year.”

“I see. Well, you should meet my son. Cage, get over here.”

“Oh, there you are!” A slightly husky voice caught Lexa’s attention and she turned to look over her right shoulder to find a stunning blonde in a gorgeous navy blue gown. It fit her body like it was made specifically for her and the color made her eyes sparkle like sapphires in the sun. She immediately sidled up next to Lexa and placed a soft hand on her shoulder. “Excuse me Mr. Wallace, but may I steal Miss Woods? She promised me she would be on time, and she most decidedly was not. We bet a dance on it.”

Dante chuckled. “Of course, Dr. Griffin. The night is still young, I’m sure we will find each other again before it’s through.”

The blonde smiled and grabbed Lexa’s hand. “I’m sure. Follow me, Lexa. Dance floor is this way.” Unsure of exactly why, she followed the blonde to the dance floor until the reached the unoccupied center. The blonde turn toward her a offered her hand which was immediately taken. Lexa’s other hand went instinctively to her waist as they began to sway to the gentle music.

“I get the feeling I should thank you for saving me back there. Although I don’t know you’re name to do it properly.”

“Dr. Clarke Griffin.” The blonde smiled.

“Well, thank you very much for saving me back there, Dr. Clarke Griffin. I appreciate it.”

“It seems to me that you don’t want to be here.” Clarke assessed. Lexa took the opportunity to spin her partner slowly, bringing her back into the same position. “Tell me if I’m wrong.”

“You’re not.”

“Then why are you here?”

“Why are you?”

“Not many doctors look this good in evening wear.”

“I’m not sure many people in general look as good as you do in evening wear, Doc.”

The blonde blushed slightly at the compliment. “It’s my job tonight to make this list of rich suckers empty their pockets.”

Lexa raised a brow, but smiled softly. “Am I one of those rich suckers on you list?”

“You? No. Your company always makes the same donation every year for the past twenty five years. It far surpasses everyone else’s contributions.” Clarke looked her in the eye softly. “Why is that?”

Lexa gently lifted their joined hands and placed Clarke’s on her chest. Then grabbed her fingers and pushed the tips down so the blonde could feel the scar just over her heart. Clarke takes control back of her own hand and gently slides her fingers along the length of the scar.

“Careful, this is a thousand dollar custom Armani shirt.” She smirked. Clarke rolled her eyes playfully, then looked back to where her fingers were still pressed. “I was four when my parents and I were in an accident. They were okay, relatively, but I died three times that night before they could stabilize me. Twice more at the the children’s hospital. But the doctors and the nurses never gave up. I’m here because of them, and my parents were forever grateful.”

“Someone once said to me, the healing power of a person’s mind is never as strong as when they are a child.” Clarke quoted and Lexa hummed in agreement.

“What’s your specialty?”


“You’re sort of magnificently brilliant, aren’t you?” Lexa smiled softly as the doctor shrugged. “So, Dr. Griffin. If you’re here, dancing with me, who is wooing all the rich suckers?”

“Oh, well. I sort of had an idea.”

Lexa smiled and raised a brow. “What is that?”

“You don’t want to be here, and I don’t want to be pawed at by old men who had one too many scotches. Scotch? What’s the plural?” Lexa smirked and shrugged. “How about, for tonight, you’re my date? Pretend we’re together, and you can help me take these suckers to the cleaners and build a new oncology wing in the process. I’m sure you love a good swindling, Miss CEO.”

“I won’t even try to deny that, Doc.” Lexa chuckled. “It sounds like a fun. Besides, it’s for the children, right?”

“Right.” Clarke laughed and pulled her in closer, moving her arms around Lexa’s neck, while two hands were placed gently on her waist. “Spin us around, will you?” Lexa did as she was asked. “Okay, see the bald guy over my right shoulder? That’s Charles Pike. He’s the co-founder of A&P Incorporated.”

“They try to be direct competition for Woods Inc.”

“Correct. He has a lot of personal wealth. His company is nowhere near as generous as yours with their employees, which I am sure you know. His downfall is his ego.”

“I know exactly how to play this one. Follow my lead.” The blonde nodded as her arms fell to her side. The brunette looked almost reluctant to pull away from the doctor. She made her way off the dance floor and came to a stop about three feet from Charles Pike. “Look, Clarke, I can appreciate the fact that the hospital is looking to expand. It’s just a plain and simple fact that Woods Inc is not in a place to pledge any more funds this year. I’m sorry, but you’ll have to look else where. Excuse me.” She turned to head back toward the bar, and bumped straight into Pike.Causing his drink to slosh onto his tie. “Oh. Please excuse me, I wasn’t paying attention, I apologize.”

“Here, let me help.” Clarke chimed in, grabbing a napkin from a nearby table. She patted the man’s tie, until the stain was no longer visible.

“You’re Charles Pike, aren’t you?” Lexa feigned ignorance. “Nice to meet you sir, Lexa Woods.” She stuck her hand out in introduction, which was firmly ignored. “I apologize again for my inattention.”

“Not to worry, Woods. Us little folk will be alright without your white knight act.” Charles snapped quickly. “Now, Dr. Griffin, it sounded like Miss Woods here was denying your request for additional funds, it that correct?”
“Why, yes sir. It is.” Clarke played along, and chanced a glance at Lexa who rolled her eyes and stepped back about ten feet. “She is an awfully pretty date, but a bit tight in the wallet.”

“I see.” Charles glanced over his shoulder at Lexa who was rolling up the sleeves on her overpriced shirt, flashing that fancy watch. “Well, maybe I could help the hospital out with some funds.”

Lexa made her way to the bar to order herself a drink, then realized she didn’t know what her ‘date’ would like. She glanced to the side of the bar to see an older couple talking. They were wearing name badges and she could just make out the name Griffin-Kane. She hesitated for a second before making her way over.

She approached the conversing couple and waited politely for a break in conversation. “Excuse me. I couldn’t help but notice you’re last name is Griffin-Kane. Would you by chance be related to Dr. Clarke Griffin?”

“I’m her mother, Dr. Abby Griffin-Kane and this is her step father Marcus Kane.” The older woman explained. The younger brunette stuck out her hand and introduced herself to them.

“Ma’am. I apologize, but your daughter has requested that I accompany her for the evening and I, well I don’t really know what she would like to drink. She’s doing such a good job of securing an extra donation from Mr. Pike right now.” Lexa looked over her shoulder to catch a glimpse of the blonde with her head tossed back in laughter, feeling an intense pull toward the infectious blonde. “I don’t think I should interrupt her.”

“Ah. I see. Well, she likes wine, reds mostly.” Abby revealed. “I’m glad to see you walking around here tonight Miss Woods. It’s not often I get to see my patients fight like you did and live.” 

Lexa looked to her confused and Abby gave her a sad smile. “I’m sorry. What?”

“I was the doctor in the ER that night you came in. We nearly lost you three times. Scary situation for anyone, let alone a four year old.”

“I don’t really know what to say to that, except for thank you. I am very glad I have been able to live my life.”

“I don’t do this job for thanks Lexa. I do it for that dopey little smile you just had when you looked at my daughter.” And with that comment, a smirking Abby Griffin-Kane pulled something out of Lexa that no person has managed to since she was about sixteen. A blush.

“I um.” She stammered.

“Go get the wine Lexa.”

Lexa nodded. “Yes ma’am.” Then she allowed her feet to carry her back to the bar, where she ordered a glass of red wine and a scotch. She turned and headed back toward where she had left Clarke, to find her just stepping away from Pike with a small white envelope in hand.

“Mission accomplished. You were fantastic on that set up.”

Lexa smiled and handed her the glass. “Glad I could be of assistance. Here, your mother said you are a fan of reds.”

Clarke’s eyes went wide. “You spoke to my mother?”

“I did. Oh, and apparently she is the one who saved my life all those years ago.” If it were possible for the doctor’s eyes to go wider, they did. She didn’t say anything, but Lexa could feel it coming. “Yes, really.”

“She never told me that. Huh. Thank you for the wine.”

“Of course, I know how to treat a date.” Lexa smirked. “Now, who’s next.”

“We’ll I was thinking we hit up the old guys. I wore this dress for a reason, I barely need to speak with them before they pull out their wallets.” 

“Clarke, you’re beautiful, and that dress is amazing. I don’t know how I feel about that whole scenario, though.” Lexa sighed.

“It’s okay Lexa, that wasn’t me being self-deprecating. I love my body. I am completely comfortable with it and the power it holds over dirty old men.” Lexa couldn’t help but chuckle at Clarke’s explanation and confidence.

“Alright, let’s do it.” Lexa relented. She held her arm out, bent at the elbow for the doctor to take. The first few tables, the men gawked at Clarke and were baffled by Lexa’s appearance at the event. They each coughed up a few grand. The fifth table is where they ran into trouble.

“Ah, Mr. Westin. Nice to see you again.” Clarke greeted the eighty-something year old man.

“The young Miss Griffin. Lovely as ever, please join me.” He gestured to the chair next to him. “Who is your friend, dear? She’s almost as lovely as you.” He said with his eyes glued to Clarke’s cleavage, which made Lexa cringe internally and clench her jaw tight.

“This is my date for the evening, Lexa Woods, CEO of Woods Inc. I’m sure a man of your business mind is familiar.” She took a the seat that was offered and nodded to Lexa to sit as well, which she did. “Lexa this is Baron Westin, but he goes by Barry.”

“Nice to meet you sir.” She leans over in her seat to shake his hand.

“Well, if my mind serves me right, I just shook hands with the youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 top 20 company ever.”

Lexa nodded. “That is correct sir, but I can’t take credit for any of it. It was all my father’s doing.”

“Well, isn’t that how it always goes, dear?” He put his hand on Clarke’s knee. “A good man builds a great thing and woman swoops in and takes it. Good thing I sold all my stock in Woods Inc when Henry passed.” Lexa sat up straight and tried her hardest to hold her tongue. “You know dear.” He cooed at Clarke. “That stock dipped twenty two percent that day. Strong men make the world go round.” His hand attempted to slide a bit higher and inward, but Lexa caught him firmly by the wrist.

“First off. Take your dirty, misogynistic hand off my date. Who is a doctor. Not miss or dear. She earned that title.” Lexa growled low, so no one outside of the three of them could hear. “Secondly, my father died, sir. How dare you suggest I stole something from him. Lastly, you are correct, the stock dipped when my father died, as all stocks do when they lose their founder. However, we’re up nine percent from where we were before that dip a year ago. So, you lost out Mr. Westin. Oh and Clarke, give him that envelope, because, Mr. Westin here is going to make a sizable donation tonight.”

He bawlked. “Now, why on earth would I do that?”

Lexa smirked. “Well, you see. Dr. Griffin is an employee of the hospital who’s putting on tonight’s event. That means, what you just did there to her, well she can claim that as sexual harassment suffered in the workplace. Do you really think hospital lawyers are just going to let that go?” They waited at the table long enough for him to sign the donation pledge, then Lexa grabbed Clarke’s had, intertwined their fingers and led them away from the table. She got about fifteen feet before she stopped abruptly. She turned to face Clarke, who was still holding her hand. “If I double everything in those envelopes, would you meet your goal?”

The doctor narrowed her eyes and furrowed her brow, looking confused. “Yes.”

“That would mean your work here is done and you could leave, right?”

“Yes. Yes, it would.”

“Good, because I could think of about a million of things that we could do that would be more fun than watching you get gawked at by the geriatric society.”

Clarke chuckled softly. “Is that your version if ‘let’s get out of here’?” Lexa smirked and nodded. “Meet me by the door in five minutes.”

The CEO gathered her jacket and moved toward the door then glanced at her watch. 9:49pm. She texted Gustus that she would not need his services tonight as she waited for Clarke, who appeared a moment later.

“Do you have a coat?”

“No, I got ready upstairs in my mom and Marcus’ room.” Lexa draped her jacket around her date’s shoulders then offered her arm again. As they hit the sidewalk outside, Lexa realized she did not have a plan.

“Where would you like to go, Doc?”

“Hmm. Surprise me.”

“Would you like to change, or are you comfortable?”

“Depends on where you’re taking me, Woods.”

“How do you feel about art?”

Clarke small smile quickly twisted into a full blown grin. “It’s high on my list of enjoyable things.”

“Well, what’s at the top?”

The grin turned into a smirk. “Wouldn’t you like to know.”

“I know a place, but we are a bit overdressed. I’m fine with that, because it happens to me all the time, but would you be okay?”

“Yes.” The blonde nodded eagerly. “Let’s go.” Lexa hailed a cab and they made their way across town. The car ride was quiet, but not uncomfortable. Clarke found herself playing with Lexa’s fingers on her left hand, then she flipped it over and traced the lines of her palm slowly.

“We’re here.” Lexa whispered. “Stay put for a second.” She slid out of the car, paid the driver and made her way around to the side Clarke was seated on. She opened the door and offered her date a hand, which was taken. They made their way inside of a small cafe.

“What is this place?”

“This is TonDC. It’s technically a bar.” Lexa explained. “But they showcase local artists, and all the walls are chalk board surface, so their patrons can participate in art as well.” She led Clarke to the first wall of artist submissions, hands still intertwined. They stood in front of the largest painting on the wall and studied it.

“This artist is very sad.” Clarke assessed. “It’s beautifully tragic.” Lexa hummed in agreement, before they were interrupted by a soft voice.

“Hello, and welcome to TonDC. Can I get you ladies anythi- oh, hey Lexa.”

Clarke watched as Lexa squared her shoulders slightly and bristled at the woman. “Costia. Hello, I was unaware you worked here.”

“It’s alright Lexa, we’re adults. Besides, Bellamy told me you come here often when he hired me.”

Lexa nodded stiffly. “This is Dr. Clarke Griffin. Clarke this is Costia Jones.”

“Nice to meet you, Miss Jones.” They shook hands softly.

“So, would you ladies like anything to drink?”

Lexa shook her head. “No thank you. I would like to show Clarke the roof.”

“Of course.” Costia pulled a key on a lanyard from her pocket and handed it over. Lexa reached for the doctor’s hand again and lead her through a back corridor and up a flight of stairs. She pushed open the door at the top and revealed a dark rooftop patio. She made her way over to a small covered area and flipped the power on, lighting the rooftop with soft white light.

“Lexa.” Clarke breathed out like a prayer, overwhelmed by the sight. “This is beautiful.” There was a large abstract mural on the wall of the building. Lexa made her way back over to where the doctor was approaching slowly, deciding to be bold, she brushed blonde hair of her shoulder and off to the side and slipped her arms around her waist from behind.

“You’re beautiful.” The CEO whispered and pressed a small kiss to Clarke’s bare shoulder. The doctor’s breath hitched and she turned in Lexa’s arms. She brought her hands to Lexa’s face, cupping it gently.

“I want to stop pretending now. You’re by far the best date I’ve ever had, and I need it to be real.” She leaned in slowly and pressed their lips softly together.

“I stopped pretending five minutes after you asked me.”

One Year Later

“You’re on time this year, Miss Woods. Does that mean Dr. Griffin won’t be stealing you away this time?” Dante Wallace laughed from next to Lexa in line for drinks.

“Not on my life Dante.” Clarke answered from behind him, making her way over. She stepped into Lexa’s space. “Hi.”

Lexa pecked her on the lips. “Hello, Love. How’s it going so far?”

“Decently, but I could use some assistance with Westin after you get our drinks. Oh and Mom and Marcus want to do drinks after.” Clarke kissed her again.

Lexa rolled her eyes at the mention of the old man’s name. “Westin’s here?”

“Not Barry. His son David.”

“Okay, why don’t you head over and I’ll join you as soon as I get the drinks.” Clarke nodded then kissed her cheek.

“Love you.”

“I know.” Lexa replied with a cheeky grin.

“Ah. Young love.” Wallace sighed out happily.

Rafael Barba / Love is Blind

The reader and Barba have a talk about a particularly hard case, both horrified and disturbed after the outcome of the trial and the victim’s fate. Based on the events of Law and Order: SVU episode, “Funny Valentine.” 

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If the law represents justice, then he was a demon. He was the kind of man who gave meaning to life to a man like me, but human beings follow and protect their own laws and not just the laws of society. Jim did not break his. He never betrayed his way of seeing the world. Is this a bad thing or a good thing? Was he a demon or a man? I have no idea. I just know he was a guy I was ready to die for. We were the same and different at the same time. He was an awkward idiot.
—  Sebastian Moran

anonymous asked:

i get what you're saying, but the developers of lis straight up confirmed that rachel was in love with jeffershit and not chloe

i get what you mean too, but here’s the thing. i actually don’t give a shit if the devs at dontnod said that and nobody else has to either. these are the same devs that gave the wlw shitty endings and perpetuate the idea lesbians, especially mentally ill ones, should just die. the same devs who make jokes about shipping jefferson and max on their twitters. the same devs who said that max could be straight, despite her canon interest in women and love for chloe, solely because some random homophobe was offended by the idea of her being bi/lesbian. if they said that detail after the fact and “"confirmed”“ it without actually writing it in their story then it’s plain fucking lazy, nevermind nonsensical. that’s like when michel said that the sac bay ending was romantic too to absolve them of responsibility when people started going "uh, bury your gays v.s. hide your lesbians, much?”. it doesn’t change what they originally wrote. it doesn’t change the content they created. they failed to portray any concrete evidence rachel was in love with that murdering pedophile in their work; anything they say after completion of their project is not credible and we all have the right to call bullshit on it all. look up Death of the Author. dontnod prove themselves to be unjustifiably lazy and irresponsible writers countless times. sorry, but i just don’t care what those men say. i’ll continue to look at lis for what it actually is.