who finished her a levels for good


Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam

Warning: Angst, Some language, Fluff, and Tofu (that might be a warning for some people)

Word Count: 1,704

A/N: The following is my entry for @impala-dreamer One Prompt for All Dean Challenge. The prompt was “If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were trying to kill me.” This will also serve as my challenge piece for @sea040561 Suzanne’s 100 Followers Challenge (Congrats hun!). Her prompt was “Because I’m 50 shades of fucked up!” from 50 Shades of Grey. I am glutton for punishment apparently. And last, but not least, @cas-is-my-hero 100 Followers Challenge (Yay!!!). The prompt was Shape of My Heart by Backstreet Boys (BSB for life!). Alright, here goes, fingers crossed. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

Feedback is appreciated. : )

Sam and Dean sat at the kitchen table, staring down at their plates, contemplating the meal Y/N had just prepared. She offered to make dinner that night, wanting them all to try a new recipe she had found.

“What is it?” Dean inquired softly and with hesitancy. He pushed at the food lightly with his fork, trying to identify each ingredient before him.

“It’s stir-fry.” She shrugged, taking a large bite from her own helping. The brothers shared a silent look before taking a cautious first bite of the rice and mix. Their creased brows quickly morphed into satisfied grins as the flavor danced across their tongues.

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“You Have No Idea Who I Am, Do You?”

Summary: Sam and Dean learn they have a sister and she helps them hunt a siren. I’m already super great at summaries

Characters: Dean, Sam, Castiel, and sister!Reader

A/N: So this is my first ever attempt at writing fanfiction, so everyone please go easy on me. This is for @casbabydontgoineedyou​ ‘s 1K Follower Celebration. I’ve had the idea for this fic floating around in my head for a while now, so when I saw this prompt on her challenge I knew I needed to just take the leap. I’ve tagged her and a few of the other fic writers I follow just to get feedback. I hope that’s ok. Any feedback (but especially the positive kind) is welcome. Also, it’s kind of long. Sorry, my hand slipped. 

Warnings: Angst, language, canon-level fighting. Also no smut (sorry?)

Prompt: “You have no idea who I am, do you?” 

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Sam’s POV

Dean pulled the Impala into the bunker’s garage. It felt good to be home after the long drive from North Dakota. You, Dean, and Cas had just finished up a run-of-the-mill vengeful spirit. You couldn’t help but laugh a little at the thought of a vengeful spirit being “run-of-the-mill.” What a weird life we lead.

“Cas, you’re welcome to hang out for a bit. I’m going to hit the sack,” you stretched out satisfyingly. The familiar halls were comforting, and your bed was calling you. You shuffled through the war room towards the library. The walk from the car to your bed always seemed laboriously long.  

Quickly and silently, a figure came out from behind the wall to stand at the top of the library steps, gun raised in a practiced stance. Behind the weapon was a (tall/average/short) (y/h/c) stranger. Just as quickly, you were awake again. We raised our guns in reply and Cas’s angel blade was in his hand.

Suddenly her shoulders softened as her gun lowered.

“Oh thank god you’re here,” she sighed. “I was in the hotel room when some grey suited guy came up to me and painted some crap on the wall. There was a bright light and next thing I know I’m in this Cold War hideout. I think we’re underground. Are we underground? How’d we get here? Where’s dinner?”

We exchanged glances again as our guns stayed up. A demon, maybe? But how did it get in here?

“Oh god –” the stranger’s voice wavered – “you guys have no idea who I am, do you?

“Enlighten us, kid,” Dean snorted.

A look of grief washed over her (y/e/c) eyes, “I’m your sister.”

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Pete Dunne - “I’m gonna kill you”

Prompt: “I’m gonna kill you”
Requested: Nope
Warnings: None
Words: 800+

The UK tournament was a great success. And many great things came from it. One thing that wasn’t great that came from it was Pete Dunne. Okay, so he was a great wrestler and his character was probably the most developed of anyone but he himself, the man behind the character, the real Pete Dunne, 

Is a fucking asshole. 

There’s no way around it. He just is. He is pushy and judgmental, thinks he is entitled to everything and is probably the cockiest person in the entire WWE - and that’s saying something. How Trent and Tyler put up with him you have no idea.

You were actually excited when he joined NXT. It meant bringing in new blood and like you said he is a great wrestler but from the moment you met him, he has been the bane of your existence. It was probably because you weren’t falling all over him. When Regal was showing him along with Trent and Tyler, the rookies of the women’s locker - you know the people who weren’t or just made it to tv - flocked to talk to them.


You sat at your table trying to finish the level on an app that you were currently obsessed with not paying any attention until Regal brought them over.

“Y/n I’d like you to meet Trent, Tyler and Pete. Boys, this is y/n future NXT Women’s Champion she got a long career ahead of her” Regal smiled at you

“Future? So not current” Pete smirked at you “not good enough?”

“If I remember correctly it was Tyler that won the UK Championship” you smirked back at him and stood up. Tyler and Trent laughed as Pete’s face went dark “I’m going to beat Auska for that title soon don’t you worry. Nice to meet you guys” you smiled at Tyler and Trent before looking at Pete with the dirtiest look you could muster and walking away.

From that day on, whenever you saw Pete it was a war of words. Both of you wanted to have the last word but sometimes you just had to walk away unable to deal with his shit.

“Would you look at that y/n. Another win by yours truly” Pete smirked walking back through the curtain

“No one cares Peter” he hated when you called him Peter. It was the easiest way to piss him off with little to no effort needed. Pete went to reply but was cut off by Liv Morgan.

“Sorry to interrupt the usual game you guys play but I need to ask y/n a question that I need to know the answer to before your match” she said before turning to you “is it true that you and Roderick are a thing?”

“Where did you hear that?” You laughed

“It’s the current gossip of the locker room” Liv said “so are you?”

“Yeah are you?” Pete asked harshly

“No, he just gave me a lift back to my apartment because SOMEONE” you looked at Liv “left without time”

“Sure” Pete rolled his eyes. You frowned at him as your music it. You stared at Pete for a moment before running out to the ring.

“Jealous Pete?” Liv smirked

“Of what?”

“That there is another man in y/n’s life”

“She said there isn’t” Pete said before quickly replying “whatever he can have the brat”

Pete sat in the male locker room, pulling the tape off his wrist, glaring at the TV watching your match. He only took his eyes off the TV when something that was being said pulled him out of the trance he was in.

“Roderick look at your girl go!” Someone shouted

“My girl?” Roderick asked

“Aren’t you dating y/n?” Someone asked

“Nope where did you here that?” He asked

“It’s the current gossip” Drew said pulling his knee pads on

“Nah, I just gave her a lift home. Besides, I thought she was dating Pete” Roderick shrugged

“Please” Pete scoffed

“Don’t act like you don’t find her attractive” Ohno said

“You spend enough time together to be a couple” Tyler said

“She fun to annoy. She gets so pissed so easily” Pete shrugged

“Sure mate” Trent clapped his shoulder.

NXT was done for another week and you were ready to go home. You were almost out of the building when you ran into Trent, Tyler and unfortunately Pete.

“Hey Trent, Tyler” you nodded at them. You just stared at Pete

“Like what you see sweetheart?” He smirked

“You wish Peter” you smirked back

“Do you want us to leave?” Tyler asked

“Yeah are you guys gonna fuck already?” Trent laughed

“He wishes” you scoffed, Pete smirked

“Just imagine all the dirty things I could do to you” Pete licked his lips

“I wanna do bad things to you too” you said


“Break your legs, Choke you to death, Push you off a building” you listed off

“All I’m hearing is that you said you want to do bad things to me so you place or mine?” Pete smirked

I’m gonna kill you, you little shi-” you pushed past him and headed to your car. Fucking Pete Dunne.


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Like a rookie connecting a 25% shot, I don’t know why writing these fics was a success, but I’m glad it happened. I guess I have an actual story on my hands now. Well, here’s the next vignette. Let’s hope my hands can keep up with my inspiration.

Alpha Team Firefight

The Viper opened her jaws, letting loose a loud hiss as she dodged a crackling black blade. Missing the stab, the Stun Lancer retracted to attempt an overhead swing, but Natasatch easily avoided the telegraphed move and wrapped her amber coils around her opponent. She forced him to his knees, a smug look plastered on her verpine face.

Seeing the Lancer’s backup hurrying forward, Natasatch sensed her position wouldn’t be ideal in the next few moments, so she needed this enemy dead, now. She turned to her closest human compatriot, calling “Assistance, please!”

“I got this!” Corporal Malcolm Silva responded. Nodding, She leaned herself back to expose the Stun Lancer’s torso more,  lined up a perfect shot at the immobile target and…

Trained the weapon several degrees to the side, and let loose a burst into a tree.

He audibly sighed over the comms. “Okay, I don’t got this.”  

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tienriu replied to your post “I HAVE FINISHED “DYING FOR CHOCOLATE”. I’ve been reading it pretty…”

Gosh, and I thought the romance novels I read got torrid. I’m going to have to look up this series 0.0. Oh and on a side note of puns, Sam, have you ever heard of Jasper Fforde?

Well, there was no actual sex in it, although there were a lot of Really Close Hugs. Also there was a scene where Goldy sits down and eats a plateful of individually wrapped imported chocolates and I’m pretty sure we’re meant to think she had an orgasm at some point during it. 

So, for years I thought I had tried Jasper Fforde and disliked him intensely, but it turned out that what I had actually read (or rather started to read and then put aside in disgust) was In The Garden Of Iden by Kage Baker, which is an insufferably poorly-written book about time travel and somehow I mixed that up with Fforde. I should re-add Fforde to my list, but it’s a long list….

justalurkr replied to your post “I HAVE FINISHED “DYING FOR CHOCOLATE”. I’ve been reading it pretty…”

(Backs up) SPRAINED AN OBLIQUE?? Sam, please be gentle with yourself!

I do my best! I was trying to weigh my backpacking pack to see how heavy it is, and I’d been hoisting it and carrying it all morning, but when I lifted it up to put it on the scales I shifted my weight inadvisably. 

oft-goes-awry replied to your post “I HAVE FINISHED “DYING FOR CHOCOLATE”. I’ve been reading it pretty…”

I’m gonna say: Goldie makes MANY questionable decisions over the course of the series. Marrying Tom isn’t one of them. :D

I just feel like she is surrounded by people who are varying levels of murderous and it can’t be good for her to marry a guy when he proposes to her over the semi-conscious body of her child in a hospital! 

srprincess replied to your photo “Half an hour until the train comes so vote fast, which one do I take?”

I had never heard of this series before today, but now I want you to read the whole thing for us. I find myself very invested in the fate of Julian.

I think I’m going to have to make a tradition of reading these books while on hiking/camping trips. Also I’m going to take this book (plus another few I was planning to donate anyway) back to the train station next time I go, out of gratitude. 

onemuseleft replied to your photo “Half an hour until the train comes so vote fast, which one do I take?”

Sam, this is a goddamn roller coaster

NO ARGUMENT HERE. That book was wild.

amy-vic replied to your photo “Half an hour until the train comes so vote fast, which one do I take?”

This sounds amazing and terrible and I must Read It At Once!

Honestly sometimes there are books/tv shows where I’m like no….this is not worth watching…let me take this bullet for you. But in this case it’s worth reading, I think, it’s not what I’d call well-written but it’s fast and enjoyable and I mean, the recipes seem okay. There are much less satisfying things you could spend your money on (like Kage Baker’s In The Garden of Iden.)

anonymous asked:

Han Solo being an amazing husband and father headcanons please! ❤️

Hi anon! Thanks so much for your request—this is what developed in response. I hope it fits your ask alright! It’s got some mother stuff in here too for Mother’s Day, and a little dancing (though real dancing is upcoming) for @knightedrogue‘s belated birthday. Sorry it’s 40 pages long friend

Things Han Solo Built


The first, of course, was the maple crib. Both inspired and simple, each bar spooled smooth and spaced at flawless intervals. No menacing edges. Burnished just with beeswax because, Han said, the kid might chew the wood. Leia found the crib reassuring as time contracted to the baby’s due date of late June. She knew Han would be a good father; his parental viability had never concerned her. Still Leia appreciated this manifestation of Han’s own labor, painstaking taken to an entirely unknown level. Finished, sturdy, meticulous, safe, the crib seemed to give off its own light and warmth, there in the loft under a window, waiting for the baby who turned out to be their daughter.

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The Pevensies during the Marauder’s Era - requested by @everythingthingisawesome!


  • As a Hufflepuff, Peter was left out of much of the Marauder related drama throughout his years at Hogwarts. Of course, he was a few years older than them, but he did oppose James Potter many times during Quidditch matches.
  • He was a member of the original Order of the Phoenix after Professor Dumbledore recognised his Defense Against the Dark Arts talents after he had left and completed his education at Hogwarts.
  • Fought in the first Wizarding War alongside the Marauders and soon became good friends with Remus Lupin during those battles.
  • Mainly fought for the hope he could protect his siblings from the Death Eaters and Voldemort, as his mother was a Muggleborn and his father a Half-Blood, and became an increasingly big threat due to their family history.
  • Was a witness of Voldemort’s torture of Frank and Alice Longbottom during one battle and swore to continue fighting until he knew Voldemort was killed.


  • Was ridiculed throughout her years at Hogwarts by her fellow Slytherins because of the Muggle history in her family.
  • Surprisingly, was a good friend of Narcissa Black, who wasn’t as harsh than the other Slytherins in her year.
  • Often had study sessions with Severus Snape - who, at the time, was a couple years younger - as the two had a similar level of intellect and interest in their classe.
  • Also, proud member of the Slug Club and was a particualr favourite of Professor Slughorn’s due to her academic talents.
  • Was too a member of the Order of the Phoenix with her brother, Peter, when she finished at Hogwarts, but refused to participate in battles as she feared she may have seen one of her former friends on the battlefield.


  • Was in the same year as the Marauders and shared many classes with them, but, like his older brother Peter, was left out of most of the drama as Edmund was indeed a Ravenclaw.
  • Became a particular friend with James Potter and found a common interest in messy black hair and thinking that most of his classes were absolutely pointless.
  • (Edmund often disagreed with him, though, as he did quite enjoy Astrology and Potions).
  • Found a study buddy in both Lily Evans and Remus, regularly acting as the unfortunate messanger of James to tell Lily of his ‘everlasting love’ for her.
  • Once his time at Hogwarts had ended, he joined the Order alongside his friends and his older siblings to fight against the Death Eaters and Voldemort.
  • Peter, Remus and Edmund soon became a little group of friends whenever they were sent on a mission together and soon were told of Remus’ secret. They were both accepting and helped him out whenever they could.


  • Her Gryffindor side was often the reason she wanted to help her older siblings so much, but she was told she was too young to join them in the Order of the Phoenix.
  • It was mostly Peter trying to protect her.
  • Thankfully for him, Lucy was still in Hogwarts when the Wizarding War was at its highest threat and he said the Hogwarts was the safest place for her to be.
  • Despite her being two years below the Marauders, she was friends with James Potter during his Quidditch Captaincy for the Gryffindor team as she was quite interested in the sport (even though she didn’t play) and discussed with him many times about leagues and the Quidditch World Cup.
  • When she had left Hogwarts, the First Wizarding War was finally over, but Dumbledore, much to Peter and Susan’s dismay, allowed her to become a member of the Order in case a threat would arise again.
  • Lucy enjoyed this as she was finally able to prove her older siblings wrong.

100 Follower Celebration. Want one?

FOTDWP #2 - team bonding headcanon

What if Pidge codes video games in her spare time? She has the ability, and plenty of inspiration. What if she spends her free time making a video game space adventure, based on that of Voltron, where you can play as any of the paladins? Each has their own strengths and special abilities, and Allura and Coran are the tutorial/mission-giving guides. The disembodied voices who tell you what to do. The first part of every level has a piloting phase, followed by ground combat, and then a Voltron fight.

When the paladins see the game they first get self-conscious about their video game selves (making sure they all have suitably cool abilities). They play about one round as themselves, and then they stop taking it seriously. It suddenly becomes a mess of playing as each other, doing impressions of each other and giggling fits.

Lance is crashing into walls, falling and dying intentionally. He heads in the wrong direction, and keeps forgetting the main quest; he’s too busy figuring out how to make an explosion.

Keith is the one who wants to pick up every item, look in every building and find every easter egg. Pidge won’t say where stuff is, so he makes a list of literally every building in the game to check. Eventually someone threatens to turn the game off “if you don’t HURRY UP ALREADY KEITH. Can we just fight the boss?!!”
“And what happens when we all die because we missed an important upgrade?”
“Keith. I made this game. Hurry up.”
“HA! You just want to distract me from your easter egg!”

Hunk is the one trying to play properly. It’s not his usual type of game, so he has a bit of a learning curve, but he is the best at dealing with puzzles in certain levels.

Pidge made the game, so she forces the others to figure it out. She just follows along and helps where necessary. She’s playing as Hunk, the tank, and she is GOOD. She is quite the asset in battle.

And then there’s Shiro. No one expects him to do well, which is why they’re all shocked when he is the BEST, by far. He’s even better then Pidge, who lives in front of her computer. Shiro finishes every level at full health, with the most kills.

It becomes a thing every once in a while for a few people to sit down and play Pidge’s Voltron game. Coran gets used to video games, and slowly improves. Allura doesn’t die once in her first play through. She isn’t allowed to play after that.

On slow days, Pidge sits down to update her game, and people pass by throwing in suggestions and ideas. Game night becomes a weekly event in the castle. The paladins rarely play as themselves, roleplaying each other insultingly well.

But yeah, Pidge makes a Voltron game.

avengershavethetardis  asked:


THANK YOU!!!!! And if I remember correctly you said you wanted Buckboy not Steve so I’ll write that, but if I’m wrong let me know.

Okay so I really like the idea of Bucky sticking up for his small black girlfriend when somebody says or does something fucked up so here ya go

Originally posted by thespoilerwitchblog

They were having an amazing night. Ever since Bucky had gotten back from cryo, y/n had been on a mission to show him everything he missed during his time as the Winter Soldier. She had borrowed from Steve’s list and added more onto it. They had done everything on the list that involved New York and y/n was eager to bring him to Washington D.C. 

The walk to the NMAAHC (National Museum of African American History and Culture) from their hotel was short, but Bucky was still nervous about it. His anxiety started to eat away at him every time he was in public. A lot of people still saw him as the metal-armed assassin who not only killed a shit ton of political leaders,but also tried to kill Captain America and multiple others.

“Calm down Buck. It’s gonna be okay,” y/n said as they walked down the street. “The museum is only a block away.”

Bucky nodded softly and focused on the task at hand. You just gotta make it down the block. do this for y/n. They were on the stairs of the museum faster than he thought. Y/n went to open the door only to find it locked. She cocked her head to the side when Bucky pointed out the hours posted on the door.

“Looks like we’ll have to wait a little bit doll,” Bucky said as he sat down on the stairs. He patted the spot next to him and wrapped his arm around y/n when she sat down.

They sat there for 15 minutes watching videos on her Instagram and talking. Until a man looked at them and scoffed. Bucky looked up from the video they were watching and looked angrily at the man.

“You got a problem pal?”

The man rolled his eyes and pointed to y/n BLM shirt. Muttering a “She’s one of them.”

Bucky looked at him shocked and walked over to the man. 

“What do you mean she’s one of them? You think black lives don’t matter?” he asked, earning another eye roll and a scoff from the man. “Then we’re gonna have a problem. Cause when it comes to my girl, I don’t fuck around.”

The man (who Bucky had a good three inches on) stood on his tiptoes to be at eye level with Bucky.

“I’m not a big fan of our kind dating nig-”

The man didn’t get the chance to finish his sentence before Bucky’s right hand collided with his jaw, knocking him to the ground. 

Y/n watched proudly as Bucky defended her. Feeling her heart swell for even more love for the father of her unborn child.

Kristanna Canadiana ~ 3

Kristanna Modern AU
Rated: T (minor swearing)
WC: 3180
-I was watching the Labour Day Classic, but the Stamps took a big, early lead, and my easily distracted brain kind of lost interest and found it instead in updating this fic, so here we are!

Previous Chapters 

It was just how she pictured his house would look like.  Very small, in the oldest part of town just off the main street, telling of it’s age by it’s façade, but kept up immaculately.  It had two bedrooms upstairs, one slightly bigger that was the Master and the smaller one he pointed out that he had grown up in.  The kitchen and living room were modest in size, each with an old wood-burning stove.  The interior decor was all stuff that she had assumed belonged to his adoptive parents, since he told her that they had left him the house when the moved to the interior of BC to retire, where summers were warmer and the winters weren’t so frigidly cold.  It was all very old looking, but just like the outside of the house, was clearly taken good care of.

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Starter for @shockb00b

There was a unique level of the pit that Saddleback could only assume was reserved for people who never filed paperwork on time and people who felt the need for their reports to be absolutely perfect. It was awful, it was time-consuming, and…it was apparently her level of the pit. The Intel Offices never officially closed, but there was certainly the off-time, and most of the department was dark and empty save for janitorial mini-cons. And her.

Her, waiting, well after she was scheduled to leave.

Of course, when you start procrastinating, why stop a good thing? “C’mon, give me something interesting.” She muttered to herself, cycling through comm frequencies at random as her report sat to the side, pointedly not getting finished and submitted. 

The program was random- select calls outgoing the Fortress Maximus and listen in, a useful thing when you had to pick up on info. As it was, seemed everybody was having a boring night- a few calls to habmates to say bots would be home late, someone was calling a comm-charge line (she resisted the urge to speak up and say that was a company line being used), lots of simple data uploads, business as usual and-

“Oooh. Juicy.” Grinning lazily as the encrypted commline came up, and she straightened and started to hack in. If somebody in the building was using encryption it was either going to be business or pleasure, and either way, it was going to be more interesting than staring at a very dull, very unfinished report. “Lets see what you’re up to…”

dragon age: inquisition and “both sides do it”

So… I see a lot of people complaining about how, in Dragon Age: Inquisition, Bioware goes out of its way to make the mages and Dalish look “bad” and the Chantry/Templars look “good”. They complain about how both sides are shown as doing horrible, horrible things, when realistically the Templars are the “bad” guys and the [oppressed group these people are fans of] are the “good” ones. 

 And sometimes, I want to tell these people “congratulations, you missed the entire point of the game.” 

Under the cut, I’ll explain why. Here be spoilers.

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If Only (Werewolf!Calum Part 2)

Word Count: 3.4k+

Warning(s): Swearing, Use of drugs, manipulation of someone’s feelings

A/N: I know you all have been waiting for this for so long. I’ve been caught up with work and school but here it is, part 2. I hope you enjoy! Also, see if you can catch an references I make in this chapter.

Part 1



The harsh chill of winter hummed against the branches, pushing them against each other. Everything  stilled as a quiet whisper ran by once again. Nothing but the white patches layered on of the other.  It was breathtaking to look over the mountains and see the earth beneath his feet. Behind him were the trees lined row by row, and in the hollow paths was you. The scent of autumn just resting in the veins of your skin, pulsing with every breath you took. Your face unrecognizable to him, but your scent was too familiar. Somewhere, at sometime, you both had met. 

“Calum!” His mind swirled back to reality as a shrill voice called out to him. It was Missy, who had been babbling on about God knows what. “Uh, were you even listening?”

He had to be if he really wanted that file. “Sorry, I was admiring your face.” A lie, but at least it made her smile.

From across the room, two tables down to be exact, his brown eyes met the imagine of you laughing at something Grant, on of Barry’s friends, had said. In fact the whole lot of them were snickering away. The tanned male’s face scrunched. “Michael.” His voice hummed with the tinge of jealousy lingering at the end of his tongue.

Suddenly the other male paused. He had clearly been hitting on those three girls by the way his faced reacted, and they were clearly intrigued. “You need something?”

“Come outside with me.”

Missy’s face completely screwed when she frowned. “Do you have to go?”

Before Calum could get a word in Michael was already responding. “None of your business, priss.” The hiss came and for once the female had no words to speak.

Immediately getting up from his seat Ashton hurried over to them. “Want Luke and I to come with you?”

Waving a hand, the alpha grinned at his concern. “No, and don’t wait up for us.” He replied already walking towards the door. 

Each of the boys gave Calum quizzical looks as Michael hurried to catch with his best friend. When he got to him there was a small pause of silence before the platinum blond scratched his head. “I’ve been thinking about dying my hair.”

“What color?”


“Nice. Red was probably one of my favorites.” The two smiled at each other, letting the silence linger once again. “So, are you gonna talk about the new girl or…?”

Calum stopped in his steps and faced his best friend. “Don’t like to wait do you?”

There was a smirk on the other male’s face. “That’s because I know you so well. Anyway, what’s your plan to win her over mate?”

“Not exactly there yet. It’s more or less something else.” He stated despite the heat rising to his cheeks when Michael had made his comment. “Ben told me that Missy’s father has the files on (Y/N), you know her dad being the head of the school board and all. I want them. There is something suspicious about her. My plan is simple, we need to break in and-”

Michael raised a hand to stop the alpha. “What kind of crap am I listening to? Why the hell would be break in?”

The alpha’s face contorted at his beta’s comment. “Are you questioning my decision?” His tone threatened as he took a step closer to his best friend.

“I wouldn’t as your beta.” He stated plainly. “But as your friend, I’m telling you that there is an easier way than breaking in.” Michael’s eyes watched Calum, who silently crossed his arms, which was taken as a means to continue. “Missy is the key. And all throughout high school she is known for something other than lying and her boobs.”

“Uh, her parties?”

“Exactly. Party is the meaning of distraction. You can get what you want and all you have to do is convince Missy to have a party. Simple, but they’ll be a catch.” There was a pause as Michael sighed. “Can I ask you something?”

“What’s up?”

“Why the interest in a human?” As he spoke the bell rang, indicating that lunch was over.

Quickly, Calum’s eyes scanned through the crowd, finding you withing seconds. The dark haired male jogged over to you, with Michael following suit, regardless of the confusion written on his face. Barry was the on that noticed them and pointed them out. You spun on your heel, eyebrows raised and meeting Calum’s soft brown eyes. 

“Uh, hi.” You said in a questioning tone. “And to what do I owe the pleasure of you coming over here?”

“Before you head to class, I wanted to show my friend here-”

“You mean Michael?”

So you actually bothered to learn names instead of keeping the nicknames you had called Calum’s friends in first period. He’d keep that in mind. “Yeah, anyway I want you to tell Michael to walk away.” Now it was everyone’s turn to give the same confused look that you gave Calum. Even so, the expression on the male’s face urged the idea.

Exhaling you pursed your lips, turned to the platinum haired male and then store into his green eyes. “Walk away and go to your class.” As your gave the command a shiver ran through your spine and from Calum’s view your eyes burned like embers, even changing to resemble the color gold. It was like you had just been in a trance. 

When you were finally back to reality, Michael was already walking in the direction of his class, just as you had requested of him. Everyone but the dark haired male was confused. He had a wide grin on his face, patting your shoulder before jogging after his friend.

“Michael, you can stop.” And he did. “Do you see what I mean?”

With a dazed look in his eyes he nodded. “What the hell?”

“I know.” Yet, Calum was till beaming as he said so. Michael stopped to undo his lock as the alpha leaned against the cold metal doors. “You have to promise me that you’re not gonna tell anyone. It’s a secret, and not ‘go-tell-Luke-the-minute-Calum-turns-his-back’ secret.”

“Mate trust me, I’ve got this. My only concern is that she’s in a hunter area and she’s a (Y/L/N), not exactly the friendliest bunch to our kind.”

A sigh came from his parted lips. “That’s the problem.” Soon his brown eyes turned to his friend. “Wanna skip?”

There was a smug grin on the pale male’s face. “But, won’t you miss your time with (Y/N)?” Calum’s fist raised hitting Michael on the shoulder, one the he had injured slightly from hunting. “Fuck, Calum I was kidding!”

Handing his best friend the lighter, the alpha grinned, The scent of musty yet stale smoke filled the looming air as Calum placed himself on the bike rack railing of the school. Suddenly, the burning sensation crawled into his lungs and then to his nostrils. Still the taste, although bitter, dance around his mouth as he glanced down at Michael, who had been taking the first hit of his fourth dart.

The tune of the bell rand as the crowds of people started to exit the building. They were hurrying to there cars or waiting for their parents to pick them up. You weren’t in the crowd of people which made Calum’s worry slightly. He got up and immediately as he did, your voice was hurried, along with the mix of the usually people, Barry and his friends. A growl came from the back his throat, till he realized where he should have been headed.

No matter how much the male wanted to speak with you, his priority was convincing Missy about her party. Calum tapped Michael, signalling that he would be right back.

His eyes turned hazel, his vision sweeping through the seal of people. And there she was mumbling away on her phone, next to her Mercedes, was Missy. Zooming through people was quite easy and no one could eally tell as he wooshed next to her. “Hi.” Calum voice muttered against the cigarette.

The strawberry blonde jumped. “One second Ally, I’ll call you back.” She hung up and instantly her demeanor changed, her lashes batting at him. “Well, hey you. I missed you in class today, naughty naughty for skipping.”

Calum chuckled, in a nervous manner more than he would have wanted to. He hated doing this. “Yeah…uh I wanted to talk to you.”

“I’m all ears.”

“I was thinking that you should throw a party.” The answer came flat and rather monotone. 

Her perfectly waxed eyebrows knitted together. “And why would I do that?” She took the cigarette from his lips and instantly tossed it to the ground.

The urge to glare was suddenly becoming weaker, as she had performed his biggest pet peeve. He reminded himself why he was doing this and then a smile appeared on the tanned male’s face, his hand against her hips and his upper body lowering to her level. “You know, it’d make me really happy…and who knows, my future girlfriend might be there.”

Her face instantly perked up when his tone became slightly coy. “Really?!”

Pulling away slightly he nodded. “Really. The whole school should be there too. It’d impress me and I mean, everyone knows that I love a good party.”

He could barely finish his sentence before she sprung up and embraced him with full force. “Okay, I’ll do it. This Friday.”

“Great…” Calum answered as he distanced himself from her once again.

“By the way your girl’s here and she looks pissed. Why don’t you come comfort her prince charming?” Michael’s voice rang as the echo came to his head. 

“Not now.” He hissed through gritted teeth. 

“Hm? Did you say something?”

There was instantly an innocent smile painted on his face. “Only that I’m looking forward to this party…and spending time with such a beautiful girl.” And by that he meant you but it’s however Missy wants to see it.

“Maybe you should come over earlier? I might need help.”

Perfect. He thought.  “Yeah, and you can give me the grand tour. It’d be great.” Yes, Calum was lying to her face but she had been a liar too. Besides, it was more sarcasm than anything. Of course, there was no right to his excuses, still it wasn’t like complimenting her through lies would be a bad thing. Scratching his neck, he gave Missy a thing lipped smile. “I’ll see around then?”

“Course!” Her piercing voice called. Calum began to walk away, only to be brought in the death of manicured nails digging into his forearm. “Wait a second, that’s so not cool. Asking for a favor and not giving me something in return?”

So this was the catch Michael was talking about. The tan male simply smirked, learning against her and without any given emotion pressed his lips against her cheek. “Happy?” But he didn’t wait for her answer. 

When Calum finally made his way around to the front of the school he found Michael where he had left him. Without a word the platinum haired gestured to where you had been standing.

Through his thoughts he silently thanked Michael, as the grin appeared on his face as he approached you. “(Y/N).” He said breathlessly, but was taken back by the glare you were offering him. “Whoa, what’s wrong? I promise I wasn’t picking on Barry-”

“Do you think you can always just kiss girls like that?”

“What? I haven’t-oh Missy?”  

You had seen the two of them together and had confused a small kiss on the cheek as something more, it made him chuckle. Although the scowl on your face only deepened with disgust as you turned away. In the distance, Michael was chuckling at his best friend for completely screwing this up. 

Calum touched your shoulder and spun you around. “(Y/N)…it’s not what you think.”

“Your tricks don’t work on me, Hood.” 

A hand came up to push him away, but with a swift motion the tanned male stopped you. Harsh and spiteful, something that Calum found both slightly attractive and definitely amusing. “I wouldn’t try something like that. Now, listen-”

“No, you listen-”

“Could you at least stop cutting me off?”

“You cut me off.” You argued in return. “Besides, why would I to someone like you?”

“Because it’s the polite thing to do and you cut me off first, (Y/N).”

You snorted at the response, wrenching your wrist back from his grasp. There were small marks against your wrist from Calum’s fingers but you barely noticed, in fact you didn’t feel hurt at all. His brown eyes softened slightly. “I’m sorry, did I hurt you?”


The male’s eyes rolled. “You’re being impossible right now. I just wanted to talk to you.”

“I know.”

“Come, on! I’m trying to be polite.” The plea came from the alpha and again Michael’s laughter could be heard. He had never seen Calum ever act like that towards a girl.

“And kissing girls spontaneously is polite?”

Biting his lip while grinning, he soon realized what caued the spur of your anger. “Do I detect jealousy? Is that what I have to do to get your attention?”

“Calum!” Your frustrated tone bellowed through to him. “You kissed another girl!” Suddenly, your eyes flashed hazel just as they did before. It wasn’t his intention to trigger this reaction, but he was most certainly glad he did.

There pained on his face, was a smug smirk, but you sending hell’s fire towards him with just on look. “Whoa.” He raised his hands in defence, “if looks could kill. Listen, forget about it, there is a party this Friday-”

A small honk come from the car waiting. Must have been your mother and you turned you head. “Really? You’re going to invite me to a party when you haven’t even explained to me why you kissed Missy? Do you flirt with every girl hm?”

“Please, I’ll explain it all to you tomorrow. The party is an excuse for me to…” The response drifted off his tongue, to spend time to get to know you, he desired to say, but he would get there. Eventually. “make up for my terrible behaviour. Besides, I can pick you up and everything. If you want.” 

Your face relaxed from the harsh matter you were putting on. “Fine, but Barry and his friends have to be there.”

The male’s face twisted, he didn’t know if it was from jealousy or the fact that he never liked Barry. “What?! That’s not-”

“If you want to make it up to me and change your terrible behaviour, you better start now.” You challenged playfully causing Calum to smirk in response.

“Fine.” He answered firmly.

Before you could meet his remark your mother pulled her car window down and saw the two of you from a distant. “(Y/N), you need to stop talking to that handsome boy, you have doctor’s appointment in half an hour.”

A groan escaped you as you rolled your eyes, hoping that Calum would’t have an ego boost from hearing that. You hurried to your car. Then turned to say goodbye to Calum, but he simply put a cigarette in between his lips with no sign of waving goodbye. You got into your car and sighed.

“And who was that?” Your mother’s voice teased.

Your eyes rolled. “No one important.”

“You know I thought that about your father, but I didn’t know I would marry him.” You remained silent, your mother rarely spoke about your dad. “Maybe you two might be together, you never know.”

You shook your head. “No, not him.” A sigh came from your lips as you turned to face outside. In the back of your mind sometimes you wished that Calum would just stop playing games.

The second Calum opened the door he could smell his mother’s cooking. Dinner was ready quite early. As he stepped into the living room he spotted his mother sorting through boxes. She was smiling but the air in the room was quite melancholy. Putting his bag down, the male offered her a genuine smile. “Hey, mom.”

“Hello sweetie. How was school?”

The male leaned in to give his mother a kiss on the cheek before sitting across from her. “It was good. Some new girl came to our school today. Her name is (Y/N), but you probably know that.”

She nodded. “Karen was talking about it this morning. She was worried she’d be a hunter. On our patrol there was no sign of it, once we checked on her, as well as the grounds around her home.”

“Hm.” Calum’s voice hummed as his gaze turned towards the pictures. There was photos filled with his mother’s memories. He recognized his friend’s parents but there was one girl that clung to his mother. They looked thick as thieves. there were more pictures of her with his mum than his own dad.

Taking the photo of the two girls, the male pointed to the girl next to his mother. “Who’s this?”

Almost immediately his mother’s face glowed with a smile, but it was solemn. She took the picture from his hand and sighed. “She was my best friend. (Y/M/N) Blackwell. I’m not sure if you knew she was part of our clan as well.”

“What do you mean part ?”The boy inquired, tilting his head slightly.

Another sigh left his mother’s lips. “She betrayed us. She went off and married a human, no better a hunter. That’s him, (Y/D/N). He went to our prom night and that’s the first time we saw him. We had no idea he was a hunter at first. We went to chase after her, but she didn’t want to be found. My own best friend,” There was a ouse as he watched his mother close her now glossy eyes,”didn’t want to have a friendship any longer. So, we stopped running around. It got too…difficult.”

Calum walked over to his mother and then wrapped an arm around her. “I’m so mum. Does that me you were her beta?”

Joy nodded while wiping her tears. “Yes, I filled in when she left. And now, here we are.”

Squinting at the picture he saw something odd. The facial features between (Y/M/N) and (Y/D/N) was like fitting a coincidental puzzle together. Could this only prove his point more? Was this really who you were. Blackwells…he needed to know more. “Mum, do you know what happened to the Blackwell wolves?”

“They died a long time ago. (Y/M/N) was the last. I don’t believe she had any children from my investigating. Her husband died a few months after their marriage and she never remarried. Why are you asking?”

That was a disappointing answer and especially the one he hadn’t hoped for. Maybe then Calum was wrong about you after all. But how would that explain today? You giving the commands to Michael, him following and then your burning hazel eyes? It made sense, but it also didn’t. This was all just speculation, but one that he wanted to prove right.

To hide his confused thoughts Calum offered his mother a grin, standing up and without her noticing placed the photo in his back pocket. “You know, Ben and teaching Mythological History. I was thinking about doing it on our kind.”

“That’s wonderful. I’m glad that you’re showing deeper interest in our history.”

“Yeah-Oh! I almost forgot to tell you, there is a party this Friday at Missy Bourgeois-”

“That is in hunter territory, Calum.” His mother stated looking up from her work.

He bit down on his bottom lip. “It’s going to be huge and the full moon isn’t coming around anytime soon. Nothing is going to happen and I already promise a couple of friends that I would drive them. Please mum.”

“Calum.” His mother warned, already getting frustrated with his excuses. As easily though, she relaxed. “Please keep out of trouble. Especially, when there are news reports on the attack you had just a few months ago.”

“Mum, that was total Luke’s fault. He’s as scared as a newborn pup.” She gave him a stern look before he nodded. “I promise, no shenanigans.” 

But as per usual that was a lie.

Part 3?

Creepypasta #303: Dark Side

It is nearly bedtime, on a chill November night. My two girls are playing quietly on the rug in front of the woodstove as I type.

“Mommy, what are you typing? Is it another scary story?” My oldest has read a few of the more kid-friendly tales, and enjoys them. My little dark princess.

“Yes, another story. I’ll be done in a minute, and come read to you,” I reply, trying to keep the trace of impatience from my voice.

“Will you read us that story you’re writing? What’s it about, anyway?” She persists, and I sigh and turn from the desk. “It’s a story about little girls who pestered their Mommy all the time while she was trying to write stories,” I say, trying not to sound as snappish as I feel. “And how can I read it to you if you won’t let me finish it?”

“But why do you write them if we can’t read them?” She won’t let this go till I give her an answer. “Because you’ll like them when you are older. And it’s good practice for if I ever want to write a book.” I am just able to keep my voice level, but my answer satisfies her, and she goes back to playing with her sister.

I don’t give her the real answer, though. I don’t dare. I wouldn’t dream of telling her how difficult it is to keep the dark side of me inside, where no-one can see it.

Where it can’t hurt anybody, including them.

It’s only by letting it out to prowl in a story that its desire to hurt, bite, claw, and kill are satisfied. I’ve always managed to keep my dark side fairly under control, but it’s especially important once one has children. Dark sides aren’t too picky when they’re let loose. No-one is safe, not even my dark princess and her sunny little sister. And tonight, they’ve tried my patience.

Merely writing a story might not be enough tonight.

I think once the girls are safely in bed, I’d better go out for a prowl.

I mean, a walk….

Credits to: Queenofscots

“Da. This is going very well already.“

Thomas barked out a laugh. "There are seven of us against the Red King and his thirteen most powerful nobles, and it’s going well?”

Mouse sneezed.

“Eight,” Thomas corrected himself. He rolled his eyes and said, “And the psycho death faerie makes it nine.”

“It is like movie,” Sanya said, nodding. “Dibs on Legolas.”

“Are you kidding?” Thomas said. “I’m obviously Legolas. You’re …” He squinted thoughtfully at Sanya and then at Martin. “Well. He’s Boromir and you’re clearly Aragorn.”

“Martin is so dour, he is more like Gimli.” Sanya pointed at Susan. “Her sword is much more like Aragorn’s.”

“Aragorn wishes he looked that good,” countered Thomas.

“What about Karrin?” Sanya asked.

“What–for Gimli?” Thomas mused. “She is fairly–”

“Finish that sentence, Raith, and we throw down,” said Murphy in a calm, level voice.

“Tough,” Thomas said, his expression aggrieved. “I was going to say ‘tough.’ ”

As the discussion went on–with Molly’s sponsorship, Mouse was lobbying to claim Gimli on the basis of being the shortest, the stoutest, and the hairiest–

“Sanya,” I said. “Who did I get cast as?”

“Sam,” Sanya said.

I blinked at him. “Not … Oh, for crying out loud, it was perfectly obvious who I should have been.”

Sanya shrugged. “It was no contest. They gave Gandalf to your godmother. You got Sam.”

—  Jim Butcher, Changes

anonymous asked:

Muggle AU: Jily (and the Marauder's) at college.

alright so I did imagine college but I also took this in a friends vibe too, you’ll see, I hope you like it 

Honestly, it was better than she could’ve hoped for. Even before freshman year was over, she knew she didn’t want to live on campus for another year, I mean bloody hell, her dorm was a literal hell. She was stuck in one of the only two buildings without air conditioning, and the 7 fans constantly whirring gave her a massive headache. However, being a college student also meant being massively in debt, so she knew that she would likely live in the sketchiest, dirtiest, smallest apartment. However, instead she got her own room, a living room with a kitchen! For college, it was luxury. Things couldn’t have gone any better. 

I mean, her roommates were a little weird. At first she thought they were gay, she had never met two guys who were so incredibly in sync. They even finished each other sentences, they reached a whole new level of close that she hadn’t achieved with her own sister. That thought changed when she had walked into the apartment finding Sirius and his date in the couch in a compromising position. She was a bit disappointed, she thought they would be a cute couple at first. 

It was funny too, how exactly things worked out. I mean she had been searching for apartments for months, checking the newspaper, the Facebook page, everything. It wasn’t looking good, considering that the only places she could afford were miles away from the campus, and she couldn’t even afford a parking pass, meaning she would have to walk. She was complaining about her search to one of her friends in her psych class, and instead of receiving understanding nods and pats on the back, Remus actually said he might know how to help. 

“Erm … you seem to be struggling and this situation probably won’t seem ideal to you but I actually just had to back out of a lease with two of my friends, I was planning on moving in with them but Peter and Frank got a 3 bedroom apartment and they needed a third and I prefer to have my own space, and between you and me, I’m not sure I I would be able to live with them, they’re a wild pair. But I know they were complaining all day yesterday about how they just moved into the same room and ‘Remus what are we going to do with these bunk beds now’” he mimicked their whiny voices in a way that made Lily giggle behind her hand, as their professor kept giving them side glances. “Anyways, I’m going there after class so if you want to tag along, maybe scope out the place and meet them, I’m sure they’d love to have you sign for it.” he stared at her hopefully. As soon as they started talking, she reminded him bit of James anyways, and it would certainly be interesting to see them together, they would either hate each other or become the best of friends, at the very least the two of them meeting would be rather interesting.

And so she went, and checked out one of the most marvelous apartments she had ever seen. The room (that she got to herSELF!!!!!!!) was about the same size as her dorm was, and there was a bathroom connected to the room! No more flip flops in the shower, no more flimsy curtains and sinks filled with vomit. It was a dream come true. And the price was so low Lily just couldn’t believe it. Walking into the apartments living room, it was clear someone in the house had money, it wasn’t your typical mismatched furniture and appliances, it looked like a room in IKEA. She literally signed as soon as she could, it was only a 5 minute walk from campus! And her room mates seemed nice and welcoming, and excited to live with another person.

They were certainly an interesting group. They actually all spent a surprisingly long amount of time in the apartment, way more time than she spent in her dorm at least. She quickly found out that even though she signed on to live with James and Sirius, the apartment came with many more people. She first walked out of the dorm rushing to class, thinking her apartment was empty after both James and Sirius had 12:00. Instead, Remus, and two other unknown boys were eating  on the couch, watching tv. 

It happened a few more times, and she soon learned it was Remus, Peter, and Frank who while they weren’t living in the apartment, they might as well be. Of course there were more, and when she got back on her second day of living in the new apartment, a girl ran up and hugged her! 

“Oh my gosh, it’s so nice to meet you! I heard the boys had a room mate and when I found out it was a girl, you have no idea how excited I was! The boys have always outnumbered us, I’m so glad you’re here!” a dark haired girl squealed, as she released her from the hug but still kept her hands on her shoulders and squeezed. This girl was literally bouncing with joy, and Lily had never known anyone to be so welcoming! Another shorter, blonde girl popped in. 

“I’m sorry for her, she gets easily excited. I’m Alice, she’s Marlene, it really is great to meet you! Lily right?”, she asked, holding a hand out to shake.

Lily took it, smiling, “Yeah I’m Lily, and its brilliant to meet you guys!”

Immediately they clicked, and she was shocked how quickly these people became her family. 

“Lily, darling, I’m ever so hungry, is there any chance you made breakfast for two?” Sirius asked, his eyes never leaving the TV as his voice traveled from the couch. 

“Oi, whens the last time you made anything?” she grumbled as she simultaneously handed him a plate of eggs, and pushed his feet off the couch to sit. 

“That’s why I need you dear” he smirked as he attempted to pinch her cheeks. She was about to elbow him when the door opened. 

“Ugggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Peter let out an extensive groan as he slid into the armchair. 

“Rough class Pete?” Lily asked, she figured she better ask the questions because one could barely see Sirius’s face due to the fact that it was buried in his mound of eggs. 

“You wouldn’t believe …” and he launched into the latest story about the paleontology class, which both Lily and Sirius tuned out too, although its debatable Sirius was ever paying attention. 

“ … So then, the git stands up and starts telling me that Ankylosaurus lived in South America, how ridiculous is that?” Peter’s face was slightly flushed, and he kept shaking his head, reminding Lily of a bobblehead. 

“Oh for gods sake Pete, some of us are trying to stay awake for their next class, I can’t have you luring me back to sleep with these mind-numbing stories!” James exclaimed as he filled a jumbo thermos with straight black coffee. 

Lily laughed, “Oh yes, as if your story last night was any more interesting, and it lasted twice as long! No one cares about your business class, and no one cares about the slimy git you’re forced to sit next to!”

“Oh don’t even go there Evans, you and Remus are just as bad with your ‘Literature courses’ the blokes have been dead for over 100 years, will you please stop your complaints about Shakespeare? You’re likely disturbing his peace with all the ruckus your making!”

Lily’s green eyes flashed, “He was a drunk and his work is vulgar and meant to be ENTERTAINING, YES HIS TECHNIQUE IS GOOD BUT EVERYONE TAKES HIS WORK TOO BUGGERING SERIOUSLY, HALF OF WHAT HE WRITES IS A JOKE-”

There was a knock at the door, saving James, Peter, and the rest of the apartment complex an extremely long rant on the set-up of education and respecting the authors wishes. 

Remus walked in and grabbed Lily, “How you ever got to class on time I will never know,” he muttered as he dragged her out the door. James, taking this as a victory (it was undeniable that Lily won more of their arguments) did a little dance before he rushed out the door after them, grabbed Lily’s hand and gave her a quick peck on the cheek before he got in his car to get to class. 

Yes, things really couldn’t have turned out any better. 

Band Yarouze FES! - Report

*Please do NOT repost any parts of my report anywhere*

Date: 2016/11/20
Venue: Nissho Hall
Casts: Aoi Shouta, Ikuta Youji, Kobayashi Masanori, Kurosawa Tomoyo

As usual, my reports will focus on Shoutan, also I’m not really familiar with the other groups apart from Fairy April, I don’t really know the other Seiyuus either

Band Yarouze goods sale started at 10:00, I never went as there wasn’t anything I wanted.

Doors opened at 16:30, I arrived at the venue just a few minutes before then. Doors was already opened so I joined the queue to get in and made it into the venue pretty quickly.

Flower stands inside

I was near the back, but since the venue was small it was fine, I also had a clear centre view which was awesome :D

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ashleigh-jewitt-xx  asked:

Prompt. No babies. Caroline is taken hostage and tortured by the heretics and they're blocking Bonnie's location spell. So Bonnie finds and casts a spell that will send Caroline to where she feels the most safe. Not expecting Caroline to end up in NOLA. (Somewhere she has never been before) Lucky for Caroline she's transported in front of a certain OriginalHybrid ;)

Thanks for the fantastic prompt!

Please excuse my non canon knowledge of The Heretics, I haven’t watched a full episode of The Vampire Diaries since the end of Season 3!

She knows instantly when she cracks one eye open that she’s been taken hostage or kidnapped, again.

It’s the bone deep exhaustion, the ache in her body that comes with a neck snap and being down for the count for god knows how many hours.

And of course the fact that she’s got manacles around her wrists, probably spelled and laced with vervain if the slight burning smell that invades her nostrils is any indication.

This so did not fit in with her 5 year plan. Seriously, the amount of times she’d been involved with the constant supernatural bullshit that seemed to haunt the small town of Mystic Falls, Virginia had narrowed down to about three separate occasions over the past three years.

Considering the amount of things that seemed to go awry before that, she’ll consider that a pretty good statistic.

“Excellent, you’re awake.” A voice echoes from the other side of the room, and it’s not until Caroline sits up fully that she realises the situation she’s in.

One of the heretics, she’s long since forgotten names, smirks at her from where she’s leaning up against the wall, a long knife in her hand. There’s an odd gleam to the blade that tells her that it’s probably spelled, and whatever it’s coated with certainly can’t be good for her.

“Where am I?” She croaks out, tugging at the manacles experimentally, eyes darting around the space.

If there was one thing that she learnt from hanging around with The Originals, it was that they had a remarkable sense of self preservation. That, and they always had a Plan B.

Right now, she needed to come up with a Plan B, and fast.

“Don’t bother looking for an exit, you’re not going to find one. This whole enclosure is spelled. Touch the boundary and the pain alone might very well kill you.”

Caroline watches, notes the slight wavering of air when the Heretic crosses the boundary, crouching down beside her with a feral smile.

“Take a deep breath. First cut is always the worst.”

She only has one second to register those words before her world explodes into excruciating pain.

They torture her for three days, minuscule cuts all over her body, that don’t heal like they should. She feels a slight burn under her skin, poison from the blade that’s probably killing her from the inside out.

Towards the end of the third day, they let Bonnie in to see her. The look on Bonnie’s face tells her everything she needs to know about the situation that she’s in as her oldest friend crouches down next to her.

The Heretics torturing her retreat to the other side of the room, casting a careful glance at Bonnie as they step towards the barrier, but not retreating beyond it.

“I have an idea.” Bonnie murmurs low enough so that the other Heretics can’t hear her. Bonnie reaches out for her, under the guise of steadying her. “It’s a spell. I’ve never done it before, but it’ll get you out of here.”

“Where will it take me?” Caroline breathes out, hissing with pain at the sharp stab to her ribs with the movement. She’s usually a little wary of Bonnie’s magic, but she’s willing to experiment.

“Wherever you feel the safest. Tell whoever it is on the other side that you need an antidote to Nightshade, stat.” Bonnie replies, before she begins murmuring an incantation. It doesn’t take long for the other Heretics to realise what she’s doing, and it’s with a sharp crack that Caroline feels the manacles under her wrists snap with the force of Bonnie’s power.

She launches herself at the nearest Heretic, snapping their neck before they even realise she’s coming.

The other turns and forces her to her knees, the familiar pain of a vampire aneurysm building in her skull. She lets out a strangled scream, clutching her head with one hand, the other scrabbling around on the ground for the knife that the first heretic would drop.

The pain cuts out instantaneously as the Heretic in question drops to the ground, hilt of the knife protruding from her body.

Bonnie raises her voice, palm facing towards Caroline as she finally finishes the last line of her incantation.

There’s a boom that rattles the very foundations of the room, before she’s sucked backwards, feeling very much like she’s been squeezed through a tube of sorts.

And then everything goes black, and then there’s nothing.

She slams hard into the wooden floor, the wrist trapped under her body fracturing with an audible snap. She’s covered in her own blood, and she barely has time to take in her surroundings before she hears two heartbeats, and that’s enough to have her scrambling backwards, unsure of where the hell she is.

It takes her split seconds to take in the room; rich wooden panelling, expensive looking furniture, and Klaus Mikaelson staring at her like he’s seen a ghost.

Shit. The fact that she’d been transported here is a Big Revelation, and not one that she’s ready to even think about voicing out loud right now.

“Elijah fetch a blanket.” Klaus orders in a low voice, Elijah glancing at her in concern one last time before flashing away to do his brother’s bidding.

“Caroline?” Klaus’ voice is soft, and he approaches her slowly, palms held out to the side as if he’s worried that she’s going to bolt at any moment.

She sucks in a breath as Klaus crouches down in front of her, eyes sweeping over her torn and battered body in concern, eyes darkening with anger when he takes in the numerous injuries inflicted on her.

“Who did this to you?” Klaus’ voice is low, tone full of barely contained menace. She sees a flash of yellow in his eyes, sees the effort it takes for him to force the monster back beneath his skin, resist the urge to rip out a few throats.  

“Bonnie. I need to call Bonnie, tell her that I’m safe. I need to know that she’s okay.” She pleads with Klaus, not quite answering his previous question.

Klaus pulls his phone out of his pocket and hands it to her, watching as she dials the familiar number with shaky fingers before bringing the phone to her ear.

Bonnie, to her great relief, picks up on the second ring.

“Bonnie speaking.” Bonnie sounds breathless, and there are muffled yells in the background but Caroline almost sags to the ground in relief, because her best friend is okay.

“Bon it’s me.” Her voice cracks as she swallows audibly. “I’m okay. The spell worked. You have to get out of there.” She whispers, aware of Klaus’ eyes on her, watching her carefully for any signs of distress.

“Oh thank god.” Bonnie’s relief is evident in the tone of her voice. “And I’m fine. We’re all fine Care. I had some back up when I came to see you. We’re just doing some mop up. Where did you end up?”

Caroline glances around the room, Klaus still staring at her.

“Somewhere safe.”

It takes another fifteen minutes for Klaus to procure an antidote to the poison the Heretics had been torturing her with, but not before he threatened to rip out one of his minion’s hearts, and that of a witch for good measure.

The liquid she swallows is foul and rancid tasting, but she forces it down all the same.

“You need a bath sweetheart. Allow me.” Klaus finally says after she’s finished the vial, swinging her up into his arms and flashing upstairs.

She tries not to think about how much she’s enjoying this side of him, the caring, slightly protective manner that she’s not seen for some time.

“You are not undressing me.” She levels a glare at Klaus, who simply gives her a charming smile before setting her on the edge of the porcelain tub, leaning past her to fiddle with the knobs. She tries not to inhale his scent, his Henley covered chest in close proximity to the side of her face.

“Pity.” Is all he says in reply, another twisted smile before exiting the bathroom, closing the door behind him with a snap.

She soaks for hours, emptying and refilling the tub a few times before she has the energy to start washing the blood and dirt off her body. She watches the water turn murky, wondering why the hell she’s even getting herself into these situations to start with.

She knew that Damon had a death wish on the best of days, but even this had been too much for him. And of course, she had drawn the short end of the stick. Again.

And Bonnie’s spell? Surely there had to be a glitch. There was no way that even Bonnie was powerful enough to transport her across state borders, to a place that she had never been before. Because again, she can’t help but dwell on the fact that she felt the safest when she was with Klaus.

With a sigh, she pulls the plug and stands, reaching for the fluffy white towel that Klaus had left balancing on the edge of the tub. She wraps her hair in one, pulling the other one securely around her body, tucking it under her arms.

Klaus is sitting on the end of the bed, his bed she realises faintly after a few seconds. His eyes flick to hers as she pauses on the threshold between bathroom and bedroom, his gaze still full of concern.

“I spoke to Bonnie while you were relaxing. She told me what happened. Do you need to talk about it?” Klaus asks, standing, meeting her halfway as she steps further into the bedroom.

It’s amazing, the pull she feels towards him, even after all this time. She watches as he tilts his head towards her, chest brushing against her towel.

“No.” She finally replies, jutting her chin out defiantly. She watches as his lips tick up into something resembling a smile, and she surprises both of them when she leans up, pressing a quick kiss to his cheek. “Thank you. For looking after me.”

“I would have torn them limb from limb if there was anything left to tear.” Klaus promises in a low voice, and she believes him.

“I know.”

The air between them is charged, and she’s suddenly aware that she’s wearing nothing but a towel, and he’s always been her temptation, the devil with dimples and a charming smile to boot.

“I should get dressed.” She finally announces, taking a step back from him. “Do you have something I can borrow?”

Klaus steps aside, revealing the pile of clothes at the end of his bed.

“Rebekah’s in Italy, but I took the liberty of taking something from her wardrobe. I’m sure she won’t mind.”

Caroline got the feeling that Rebekah probably would mind, had she been here to protest.

“I’ll be downstairs, when you’re ready. I’m sure you could do with some blood.”

Her fangs prick at her gums at the thought of blood, and it’s only when Klaus has left the room that she looks at her surroundings curiously.

Klaus had spent his entire existence wreathed in darkness, the monster that lived on the fringes of society, sometimes legend, sometimes myth.

So it is a surprise to her that his room is light. Airy. The walls are parchment yellow, the windows thrown open to let in the sunlight from the street beyond.

She lets the towel drop, pulling on Rebekah’s clothes hurriedly, brushing her wet hair back from her face.

Klaus’ house is smaller than his Mystic Falls mansion, but just as opulent, as she very quickly discovers. She doesn’t peek into every room she passes lest she disturbs one of the other Originals.

It’s the turning of a page that finally clues her in to Klaus’ location, and she follows the noise down the stairs and to the end of a hall, pushing firmly on the heavy wooden door.

“I’ve been wracking my brains sweetheart, as to what possible reason there was for you appearing out of nowhere in my house. I’ve never seen that spell before.” Klaus closes his book, resting it on his lap as she pulls the door shut behind her, moving further towards the fire. “Bonnie seemed reluctant to share her knowledge.”

“Yes, she can be a little stubborn. No doubt she was surprised that I ended up here of all places.”

Unbidden, her eyes flick towards the blood bags that Klaus had piled on the side table.

Klaus’ brow furrows in confusion as she closes the distance between them, reaching for a blood bag, twisting open the cap.

“It took me to the place where I felt the safest. Evidently it’s here, with you.” She finally reveals after finishing off the bag.

Klaus is stunned into silence, dropping his book onto the side table and pulling her down into his lap in one quick movement.

“Here?” He asks, like he can’t believe her previous words.

She grips his chin, turning his face to hers.

“Here.” She breathes, before she closes the distance between them, lips pressing against his. The first kiss is like a spark, her skin heating under his touch as he grips her waist gently, her fingers diving into his hair.

“I think I might stay for awhile, if that’s okay?” She finally manages to get out as Klaus’ lips burn a trail along her throat, blunt teeth scraping against her skin.

“More than okay.” Klaus murmurs, leaning back to throw an amused glance at her. “Does it look like I’m objecting?”

“Well, no.” Caroline replies, resting her cheek against his and breathing out. She presses a hand against his broad chest, feeling his heart racing under her palm. A vein ticks out against his neck, and her fangs descend on instinct.

She leans in, breathing in the scent of his skin, the faint tang of blood underneath. She’d had his blood before of course, but never like this. It’s calling to her, memories of the rich flavour flooding her senses.

“Can I?” She whispers against the skin of his neck, listens to him swallow audibly. Feels him shift beneath her, his hands closing around her waist, thumb stroking against skin.

“If you’re certain that it will help, love.” Klaus’ accented voice is rich and low, his stubble scratching against her cheek.

She’s embarrassed at her clumsiness, as her fangs slice through skin and vein, but with the first pull of blood she can’t bring herself to care.

Klaus settles back further into the chair, an audible groan falling from his lips as she continues to drink from him, hips pressing down into his.

When she’s had her fill she swipes her tongue over the wound, sealing it shut and cleaning the remnants of blood from his skin.

“If you don’t want to spend the rest of the evening in my bed sweetheart, perhaps it might be a good idea to stop, whatever this is.” Klaus remarks amusedly.

She draws back from him, surprised by his blunt honesty, as ever. She can’t help but shiver at his words, at the certainty in his tone.

“As I recall, you did promise to show me the city. Maybe we should start there?” She asks, clambering to her feet, dusting off her jeans.

Klaus’ answering smile is sinful, with the promise of more to come.

That’s Your Permanent Record...

Hey @fashionbella13, I know you wanted someone to write you a Riarkle fic, so imma dedicate this one to you. I hope this short fic makes your day. My first exclusively Riarkle fic. Let me know what you think!

Sitting on the hardwood floor in her room, Riley mulls over the last 24 hours and the events that had transpired. So far, high school had been less than welcoming. Being thrown in The Hole by the seniors on the first day of school, fighting with Lucas and Farkle, creating a fake identity to try and be popular, and now her first failing grade.

To say Riley was not enthralled by her high school experience was an understatement. 

Which is why she found herself on the floor trying to figure out where to go. Her next course of action. Fortunately for her, she wasn’t caught up in her thoughts for too long because a familiar face came flying through the Bay Window.

Farkle Minkus. Best friend and resident genius.

Smiling slightly, Riley looks at Farkle and asks him the question that’s been plaguing his mind for the last 24 hours.

“What are you gonna do about Smackle?”

“Got a real problem here.” Farkle answers, while moving to sit on the floor beside Riley.

“I could raise my level. But if I do, it’ll only make her raise her level too.”

“But, you’d both be better off for it?” Riley responds, unsure of the words she was saying.

“Yeah. What good is life unless it throws a Smackle in your face?” Farkle enthusiastically responds.

Riley briefly looks at Farkle before diverting her gaze to the floor and then to the wall by her closet. Even though Riley knew she should be trying to reassure Farkle about his relationship with Smackle, she couldn’t help but feel slightly jealous about him and Smackle.

She liked Smackle. She really did. But recently, Riley couldn’t help but notice that whenever Farkle talked about Smackle there was a slight pang in her heart. Something she later identified as jealousy.

Maybe it’s because he’s happy and I want that with Lucas?’ she had thought to herself every time she felt that pang. But, when she was with Lucas, all she felt was confusion.

Not wanting to keep Farkle waiting too long, she forces herself to look him in the eyes and continue to give him the advice she knows he needs to hear.

“Farkle. I don’t think our permanent record begins in high school.”

“It has to matter what grades we got in middle school” Farkle adds. 

“It has to matter that who we were affects who we are.”

Farkle gives Riley that look that seems to be only reserved for her. A look of longing, passion, and expectation. Lately, it seems that he has been giving her that look more often. Usually, those types of looks from Farkle had no effect on Riley, but lately she seems unable to keep his eye contact for more than a few seconds…

Maybe there is something more here that they weren’t understanding.

Riley quickly averts her gaze from Farkle’s irises, resolving not to get lost in them like she has been the past few weeks.

“You chose Smackle… because you want to raise your level. That’s who you are.” Riley finished. She was proud that she didn’t let too much emotion seep through her words. Even though she knows that what she’s saying is correct, Riley feels somewhat unhappy with the words that are coming out of her mouth.

Knowing that helping Farkle was her priority, Riley opted to push her feelings aside and be there for her genius best friend.

“What are you going to do about Spanish class?” Farkle inquired.

Looking down briefly, Riley hesitates slightly before giving Farkle an answer.

“I-I’m going to have to raise my level too. I was always a pretty good student. You were always the smartest student in the class. That’s not good enough.”

Without skipping a beat, Farkle responds in a way that only he could.

“I knew you’d say that.”


Cause you’ve always been Riley. That’s your permanent record.

Unconsciously, Riley’s straight face slowly morphed into a genuine smile. Farkle always knew how to cheer Riley up.

After Farkle had taken his leave, Riley walked towards her Spanish book, deciding that she was going to do better. Her permanent record was not going to be tarnished because of one bad grade. Riley was going to make sure of that.

On his way back home, Farkle decided to make a quick detour through Central Park. Finding a bench that faced the sky, Farkle plopped down and began to think about the conversation that he had with Riley earlier.

You chose Smackle because you wanted to raise your level.’ 

‘Why did she say it like that?’ Farkle thinks to himself while basking in the glow of the full moon.

Meanwhile, back at the Matthews’ house, Riley had been sitting in the kitchen taking a study break when her parents had come down to give her ‘good-night’ kisses.

Before they went back to their rooms, Riley decided to ask her parents about her conflicting emotions.

“Mooom. Daaad. I have a question.”

“Yes, honey?” Topanga inquired as she and Cory came back down the stairs.

“I know that things get harder as we get older. My feelings for Lucas have been confusing me since I found out that Maya liked him too. But… recently, I think I might have feelings for someone else.”

“Oh really?” Topanga said, pulling out a chair so she could take a seat and console her daughter.

“NO BOYS! WHO IS HE?!” Cory screamed dramatically while stomping in place.

“Cory! Sit down and give your daughter fatherly advice.” Topanga commanded.

“But, I don’t wanna.” Cory pouted, crossing him arms and becoming real acquainted with the floor beneath him.

“Cory…” Topanga said in the voice that Cory knew he shouldn’t push his luck.

“Fine. But I’m not going to be happy about it.”

Rolling her eyes, Topanga focused her attention back to her confused 14-year old daughter who was very amused with her parents bantering.

“So talk to us, Riley. What’s going on?”

“I-I’m not sure when it happened, but things between Farkle and I have changed. Ever since he started dating Smackle, I find myself feeling jealous whenever he talks about her. I don’t want to be jealous of Farkle, but I know that whatever these feelings are, they’re different than what they were before.”

“Minkus?! Ha! I’m going to bed!” Cory said with a laugh as he started heading up the stairs. As if it was mother-daughter telepathy, Riley and Topanga rolled their eyes with as much mirth as they could muster.

“You know, Cory, you shouldn’t underestimate Farkle. Remember, my dad always thought it was going to be Shawn in the basement. Things aren’t always what they seem. We should be careful not to assume anything. These kids are growing. And with growth, comes change. Especially when feelings are involved. We learned that lesson a long time ago, no?”

Smiling proudly at his wife, Cory makes his way back down the stairs and gives Topanga a kiss on the cheek.

“You’re right. Riley, I’m sorry. I’m ready to listen.” Cory apologized, taking a seat next to Topanga.

“So what do I do about the way I feel? I feel like I’m supposed to be with Lucas, but the way I get around Farkle is making me have second thoughts…” Riley admitted.

“Well, why do you feel like you’re supposed to be with Lucas?” Cory inquired.

“I-I guess its because I always liked him. Isn’t that what happened with you and mom, dad?”

A look of understanding crossed Cory and Topanga’s features as they finally understood what the dilemma was. Right as Topanga was about to bless Riley with her wisdom, Cory stopped her.

“You know, honey, I don’t think that it would be best if we told Riley the answer to this one. I think she really needs to go through this one on her own.”

“But this could get messy. You remember how difficult things were when we were kids. Trying to navigate our feelings when we were so naive. It wouldn’t be-”

“I know. But if we tell her the answer now, she’ll never learn. Just like I can’t stop other teachers from giving her bad grades, we can’t stop her from experiences feelings… no matter what kind they are- or who they’re for.” Cory interrupted.

“You’re right, Cory. This is why you’re such a great teacher. Riley, we love you. But, it isn’t the right time for us to intervene. I think when it comes to your feelings, you have to be able to sort them out for yourself. If we tell you what we believe the answer should be, we’re just perpetuating the problem even more.”

“B-But I don’t know what to do!” Riley complained.

“We know.” Cory and Topanga said.

“So what do I do then?” Riley inquired.

“Riley. One of my most important lessons that I taught you guys in middle school was people change people. If you’ve learned anything from that, you’ll know what to do.”

“Goodnight honey.” Topanga said.

“We love you.” Cory added. And with that, they were gone.

‘People change people, huh?’ Riley thought. Not wasting another second, Riley ran to her room to grab her phone when the one person who she needed to talk to was climbing in through the bay window.

“Farkle! What are you doing here? It’s late!”

“Riley, I’ve been thinking about our conversation.”

“Me too.”

“I broke up with Smackle.”

“Why?!” Riley asked, although she had to admit that there was a slight feeling of excitement bubbling in her chest.

“I-I realized that it wasn’t only the fact that I needed to raise my level academically, but emotionally. Smackle is a fantastic rival, but we just didn’t have the emotional connection that I needed. I guess… feelings are greater than science after all.

And… people change people.

Closing the distance between each other, Farkle and Riley shared an intimate embrace, silently communicating all of their feelings that had been built up over the years.


I hope you guys enjoyed this one!