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A Labor of Love Chapter 1

Summary: When Kagome’s parents died, leaving her and her brother orphans; it was up to her to support them and keep the family secrets safe. However, she couldn’t do everything by herself. Resulting in her often using magic and spells to summon help. This time though, the spell she used brought a greater evil into her home than she had meant! Romance/Humor/Fantasy.

“Good things come to those who bake.”


She finished washing the dishes and left them to dry on a towel. The house chores were done and she could start doing what she loved.


Everything she knew about baking was from her mother and father. They had worked their whole life to reach a level of professional baking. Then, after her parents passed away Kagome thought she would never bake again. But her mother would never want that. Her father’s heart would be broken knowing she gave it all up. In the end, baking kept her together. As long as her hands and mind were busy with a recipe she had no time to be sad. The recipe book, one of the last things she had left from her parents.

Flipping through the pages she stopped at the apple tart with caramel sauce. She left the book open and gathered up what she needed. Bowls and utensils. Ingredients. She tied up her hair with a white bandana and washed her hands.

Now what should she use? The red or green apples? The green had a more sweet and sour taste to them, might work better with the real sweet caramel.

The front door opened and her brother walked in holding his high school jacket. Did he get taller again? He was still a few inches shorter than her but he was catching up quick. Hard to think it had already been five years since there parents had passed.

“Hey sis,” Souta greeted laying his jacket on the table.

How was-“ Kagome furrowed her eyebrows and opened her mouth to nag at him to move his jacket.

"The sleeve ripped. Can you fix it?” he asked avoiding her curious glance.

She raised an eyebrow. “Sure but, how did it rip?”

He shrugged and walked to the fridge to pull out a bottle of water. “I was playing basketball during break and it got ripped.”

It was a legitimate excuse but there was something not right. Souta made his way to his room leaving Kagome alone in the kitchen.

She sighed and got back to work picking up a few green apples. When the tarts were in the oven she would take a look at his jacket. Slicing apples she thought of what to make for dinner… Actually she hadn’t had a chance to go shopping so she wasn’t sure there was anything to eat.

“Argh…” she moaned. Placing the dough of the crust in the fridge she washed her hands of flour. Checking the hall to see make sure her brother’s door was closed she returned to the kitchen and living room space. Grabbing the antique looking carpet she moved it out of the way. Then taking out some red chalk she went to work drawing the passageway on the coarse white tile. A large circle with ancient scripture and a pentagram in the middle.

Kagome closed her eyes to concentrate and speak the dead language generations of witches have always used. Translated roughly it went something like:

“Minion of hell,

do my bidding.

Here the bell

of your master calling,

so that you may come through

this passage door from underground to earth:

minion of hell.”

There was a bright red glow from the circle before a burst of purple haze. A small demon flew with his bat like wings and sat in the palm of Kagome’s hand swinging his two clawed feet. His body was pure black but his eyes were red. His smile showed off his sharp white teeth, with the imperfection of a chipped tooth.

“Aw it’s you Semira.” She stroked the little demon between his pointed ears. “Here is some money, please go out and purchase two bowls of Ramen.”

The demon took the bills and opened the window above the sink to fly into the night.

Kagome smiled. Now that dinner was done she could finish baking.

Later Semira returned just as Kagome was putting the pastries in the oven. He set the two steaming bowls on the table and emptied the change from his almost invisible pockets.

“Thank you very much,” Kagome smiled.

The demon crossed his arms and taped his foot on the table impatiently.

“Yes, yes. You’re payment.” She dug in her pockets and held out two caramel candies still wrapped in plastic. “Here you are.”

Semira quickly snatched them up and waved as he disappeared in cloud of purple smoke. Kagome covered the circle with the carpet again/

“Souta! Dinner’s ready!” She called wiping her hands on her white apron.

“Chocolate…crepes…needs more sugar,” Kagome mumbled in her sleep. Her mouth was open and a little bit of drool was spilling out.

Her clock sat on her night stand clicking closer to the time it would ring. Each hour had it’s own dessert symbol next to it. Finally hitting the 6, with a pie next to it, the clock’s alarm started going off. Kagome was dragged from her dream and put a hand out to hit the off button.

She got out of bed still wearing her pink pajama shorts and tank top decorated with illustrations of different colored sprinkles. Heading out of her room she heard the shower going and knew Souta was already up so she continued her path to the kitchen. A loud yawn escaped her mouth as she was still drowsy. Her blurry eyes got a glimpse of the black jacket that was still on the kitchen table but her feet kept on moving towards the coffee pot.

“Oh crap!” Kagome cursed and rushed to snatch up the jacket. She hadn’t even inspected the damn thing yet let alone fix it.

“That’s one hell of a rip! The sleeve’s hanging on be a thread! ” Kagome exclaimed out loud.

She was no good at sowing either way. She had meant for Semira to do it before he went back…

Kicking into action before Souta was out of the shower and dressed, Kagome flipped over the carpet were the passage way was still at but smudged. She went through the kitchen draw for the chalk and opened the spell book to what she thought was the right page; it had a picture of a summoning circle and she copied it onto the already drawn circle.

Good enough, she thought.

In a rush Kagome spat out the words:

“Minion of hell,

do my bidding.

Here the bell

of your master calling,

so that you may come through

this passage door from underground to earth:

minion of hell.”

The circle glowed once again and exploded in a purple haze.

She didn’t care if it was Semira or another little demon , she just needed them to fix the jacket!

The haze cleared and Kagome gaped at would she saw. Instead of the small demon she had expected stood a very tall handsome man with an intimidating golden eyes gaze that was far from kind. Long pointed ears and long silver hair that reached past his back. Dressed in old fashioned clothing from a past era.

“You dare to call The Devil Lord of the West human?” his thin lips spoke showing glimpses of his sharp canines. “Then are you prepared to pay with your life for my services?”

Chapter 2 (x) 

Chinese Resources

+ MandarinChineseSchool: I think this one is ESSENTIAL to learning and mastering tones. It’s really the best way to not only get used to how Chinese sounds but to learn how to pronounce tones properly and see how they all fit into a sentence.

+ Learnchinese Huajie: This channel gives you a lot of vocabulary and it’s great for preparing for the HSK test.

+ Learn Chinese Now: A foreigner who’s really good at Chinese explaining words, grammar, and he also teaches a bit about Chinese culture.

+YangYangCheng: Watch the tone pair video, again it’s very helpful for learning tones. Overall she just teaches Chinese, she also has her own website.

+ ChineseSkill: Very similar to duolingo and includes a phrasebook and a multitude of other vocabulary when you finish the initial levels. Additionally, the app has a speaking practice option at the end of vocabulary themes that scales how your pronunciation of tones are.

+ Learn Chinese Daily - Awabe: Not like duolingo but it does give you themed vocabulary, although there’s not as many as ChineseSkill and less options than it.

These are both good for gaining vocabulary but make sure you double check definitions in a dictionary.

Dictionary apps:
+ Pleco: Extra features cost money, it has audio of native speakers, example sentences which are very helpful when learning a language, and you can add cards to a deck
+ Hanping Lite: Shows you the definition but not all possible definitions, no example sentences, no audio, but it shows you character strokes which Pleco doesn’t offer for free and it let’s you favorite cards like Pleco as well.

Messenger: If you really want to practice with native speakers then I suggest downloading wechat (a.k.a “weixin” 微信). Pretty much all Chinese people use it

Websites: justlearnchinese.com, and  chineseboost.com
What more can I say? They teach Chinese grammar

Several Sunlit Days

pipeyna | mermaid au | wip; somebody beg me to finish this it’s too good to just let go

It’s quiet in her father’s kingdom.

Piper doesn’t like it one bit, because she’s certain that the citizens in the kingdom are going about their daily lives as usual, and are only quiet around her because they’re busy gawking and gaping and whispering behind her back. Not that she blames them, really, because it’s her own damn fault and she knows it, but no matter whose fault it is, it’s still uncomfortable.

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In 2014 I started writing a book. A book about a boy, who was horribly depressed, because I was too. It was easy to right his feelings, describe his pain and make him real, because it was real to me. It was also good for me, to have a character I related to on so many levels.

In 2015, I started getting better, I stopped writing the book, because I no longer had the depression gutting me to my core. It was harder to write him.

Last week, my mom asked me if I’d finished the book. I told her no, and told her he was harder to write since I’d sought help and started my medication. She suggested I help him the way I was helped, help him improve slowly. He’s not going to magically get better, as I am not magically better. But she said I could make it believable, because it happened to me, I could help him too.

Tonight, I open up the document for the first time in months, and write.