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Solangelo & Misunderstanding

this is probably not what you wanted exactly & it got so long bc I am Trash but here you go!! hope you like!!

Will was mad. Real mad. Just who did Paolo think he was? Will was just trying to go about his business, looking for his boyfriend, when he found him right in the arms of the attractive Brazilian. So of course, like any normal adult male, he stomped to his cabin and sat on his bed and pouted. And that where he sat for an hour, time being passed idly by angry thoughts and reading a book (he was trying to finish the Harry Potter series). He had tears running down his face at Harry’s unfortunate life when the door slammed open. He wiped his tears fast and looked up to see his boyfriend.

He felt anger grow in him, especially at Nicos exhausted looking face. He didn’t have the right to be tired. He hadn’t been tired when he was loving up with Paolo, had he? Will turned his head away. “So, want to tell me where the hell you were?” Nicos voice came out angry. Will couldn’t help himself. He felt the petty erupt. “Oh, you want to know now? You weren’t concerned when you were in Paolos arms.” Will turned his nose up as he glanced at the dark haired boy and felt very nervous all the sudden. He felt the anger radiate through the air as Nico glowered. “In Paolos arms?” Will sneered, “Well yeah, that’s where I saw you.” Nico let out a snort. “Are you freaking kidding me?” Will felt the nervousness dissipate as anger crept back in. “Oh, it’s funny that you were loving up some other guy?” He felt himself rise up off the bed and get in Nicos face.

He was usually so calm, but seeing Nico act so nonchalant about being in another guys arms made him fume. Nico let out a bitter laugh, “You’re ridiculous.” Will couldn’t believe this! “I’m ridiculous? You stomp on here asking where I’ve been after you were with someone else and I’m ridiculous? Nice try!” Will was nose to nose with Nico now. “I was asking where you were because you weren’t at the infirmary when I was there after fainting!”

Will felt real dumb. Real, real dumb. Nico had fainted? “Oh gods, oh my gods, are you okay?” Will was frantically patting Nico down, assessing him. He pulled him to the bed & sat him down. “I’m fine now, your siblings were in there. No one knew where you were. Paolo caught me. Apparently I need to drink water if I’m going to go practice fighting in 90 degree weather.” Nico sighed out. Will laid his hands on Nicos cheeks, leaning his forehead against his boyfriends. “I’m so sorry,” he whispered, “Is there anything I can do?” Nico thought for a moment. “Yeah, actually, there is.” “What?” Will asked. “Kiss me.” The words went into the cabin softly. And so Will kissed him. Again. And again.

Will felt real lucky for having such a wonderful guy in his life.