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would you ever be friends with/follow somone who shipped superc*rp and supercat if they tagged accordingly and were nice

I definitely would be and am. I mean I thought some people died cause they were posting just my blacklisted stuff so much, but every so often I go on mobile to make sure you’re all still there and okay. Multishipping is great and to be encouraged y’know. Just let those of us who get the spike of GOD ANYTHING BUT THAT protect ourselves and it’s all good ;)

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2, 5, 11?

2. What would you name your future kids?

Oh goodness I don’t know, sometimes I think it’d be fun to name kids after fictional characters but I also know for the kid that might not be fun so…I’d probably name my cats after fictional characters and then just wait and see for kids (though right now my thought is if I ever did have kids I might solely want to foster/adopt and in that case they already have names so…)

5. Is there anyone who can always make you smile?

Probably my sister ^^ (also @cyanvaractyl and lots of other friends make me smile too! But tagging them would take a while oops xD)

11. Are you listening to music right now?

Yup! I’m listening to itunes at the moment, though I think it’s technically Apple Music, “Us” by Regina Spektor is playing right now ^^ (and “I Wanna Get Better” by Bleachers came on after that…haha both of those were recommendations by one of my friends hehe xD)


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A - Age: 27
B - Biggest fear: Dying. Honestly the thought of being aware and alone for friggin eternity scares the ever living shit outta me  
C - Current time: 1:44 PM
D - Drink you last had: Milk
E - Every day starts with: Shower before work
F - Favourite song: Oh god I get a new fav all the time. Um current fav is Cry Wolf – Bebe Rexha
G - Ghosts are they real: I straight up used to have a disembodied voice in my window as a kid that would threaten me all the time? So yeah. Yeah they’re friggin there.  
K - Killed someone: A lot of bugs is about it.
L - Last time you cried: Yesterday. Fic got me good with that bittersweet angst. 
M - Middle name: Irene
N - Number of siblings: 5
O - One wish: To be happy
P - Person you last called/texted: My husband. I asked him to motivate me to get out of bed. 
Q - Questions you are always asked: What are you on? Could you be quieter? Are you reading again?
R - Reasons to smile: my man, my kids, my mom, cookies, all of you guys, and really good books/fics
S - Song last sang: Real – Years&Years
T - Time you woke up: 11:00 AM. I haven’t slept for three days so I called in to work so I could do that…
U - Underwear colour: White and gray with a little pink bow
V - Vacation destination: Italy, Ireland, Japan, or Scotland
W - Worst habit: I am entirely unaware of my volume. Honestly I get SO loud without even noticing. People are allowed to tell me to shut it. 
X - X-Rays you’ve have: Chest x-rays once
Y - Your favourite food: Pasta and freshly baked bread
Z- Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

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Hey Granpappy, I was wondering if you knew how Spacedogs got started? Also, how old it is and such.

As far as Hannigram AU pairings go, Spacedogs is a relatively recent addition. 

The origins of Spacedogs is a result of a misunderstanding with a different pairing, Nigel and Hugh Dancy’s character Adam from the film Basic Instincts 2. Someone mistakingly thought it was Adam Raki from the film Adam

This led to Darkmoonsigel’s fic ‘A Necessary Life’. Now, this fic is what introduced me to the pairing Nigel/Adam and inspired within me the flame of eternal love I thought would only ever belong to chocolate chip cookies and Hannigram.

The term ‘Spacedogs’ was later coined by a blogger who had used it as a tag for one of the Nigel/Adam posts (referencing the dogs on Nigel’s shirt and Adam’s love for space). 

The term spread faster than Hannibal’s legs spread for Will. And today our little fandom niche is still growing and has a special little nook in my heart.

Tonight I’ve Got You

Summary: It’s late and they’re playing truth or dare, and Dan’s never kissed anybody before. They’re best friends, so it shouldn’t be awkward, right?

Genre: fluff, teenagers!au

Word Count: 3.7k

Warning: swearing, because i can’t ever write Dan without swearing

Author’s Note: i’m v sorry to the people who i asked for help with the title for not using yours, i thought this up at the last minute and liked how it sounded i’m sorry!!
this is a v dumb and cheesy idea but i haven’t written anything since school started and i wanted to write something short and sweet (until it turned into almost 4k words oops)

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i joined tumblr when i was maybe 13 and the most self-conscious i’d ever been and on the nights i used to obsessively browse the fatshion tag and try to convince myself there were people out there who didn’t look like the models did in the clothes they wore but still looked beautiful, i never thought i’d live to see the day i’d try on a parcel of clothes i’d ordered and end up smiling not in tears in a pile of clothes torn off in frustration because i didn’t think my body would ever look nice in any of it til it changed
and (at 18) my weight hasn’t changed all that much. i’ve just realised that the people who pull faces of disgust and judge which parts of my ample chub i should or should not be able to display on a sweltering day in public have to look at my body for approx. 5 seconds of their day, whereas i have to live in and with it for however long i decide to make my life last, and strangers’ concerns whether i’ve tried dieting or exercising are none of their business and neither is my choice of clothing unless they’re hinting that they want to be there when i get dressed the next morning. so i might as well sit down on a beach or a bar stool without worrying how big my thighs look and eat a main and a pudding without worrying about bloating and show off whatever curves i might have in a bikini without worrying that at some point i might accidentally exhale and reveal a less than flat tummy and lose myself in a fitness dance class without worrying people are thinking “bless her for trying” and prance round my room to music telling me ‘big’ girls are beautiful without worrying that my curves aren’t in exactly the right places and buy the clothes i like without worrying i’m not the exact dimensions of their ideal consumer and without leaving them in the wardrobe waiting for gaps and smoothness and flatness and curves that just aren’t coming and don’t need to
so honestly girls (and guys and anyone) who have nightmares about changing rooms and play spot the difference with the mirror and magazines and friends’ selfies and feel like they don’t deserve to belong on a beach or anywhere they’re ‘on display’: yes, you do need to change, but don’t for a second think that means on the outside. you need to lose your worries not your weight and stop saying things to yourself that’d be nasty if you said them to somebody else. it won’t happen overnight but i promise it can, slowly, and one day you’ll be looking at your body and realise that you might actually be happy.