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Things Said In My Household but with Fairy Tail Pt.9
  • Lucy: Are you calling me fat?
  • Natsu: What!? Of course not baby! Im just saying you're bigger than most!
  • Lucy: ....
  • ____
  • * So Wendy Had To Ask Out Levy For Gajeel*
  • Wendy: Hey Levy!
  • Levy: Hey Wendy!
  • Wendy: *stands up tall* Umm.. *clears throat and reads smudged writing on her hands while giving Levy some flowers*
  • Will you Levy, like to go on and?mate? with me? - Love Gajeel.
  • Levy: o.o
  • ____
  • Gray: *muffled* LOSERS SAYS WHAT.
  • *Silence*
  • Gajeel: you're the only one who said
  • it
  • ___
  • Natsu: Do you think if I put my foot underneath a slow moving car it would still hurt?
  • Gray: Okay man, we love you but that's the most stupidest question you've ever asked.
  • ___
  • *At The Waterpark, it's a slide where you get dropped down*
  • *Announcer* 5
  • Gajeel: im regreting this
  • *4*
  • Natsu: Um no..*looks down at platform which shows a drop * oh hell no.
  • *3*
  • Gray: AHAHAHAHAHAHA *nearly crying*
  • *2*
  • Erza: So this justs drops us down or?
  • *1*
  • Wendy: AHAHA I AM RE-- *platform opens* NO I WAS NOT READY!!
  • Gray: NO NO NO NO N O NO *platform opens* WHAT THE FUCCKKK
  • Natsu: *has been screaming before the platform opened*
  • Gajeel: I bet it's not even that ba-- *screams*
  • Erza: *literally the only one cheering*
  • ___
  • Lucy: Natsu look!! Lets go in the tidal wave pool!
  • Natsu: nO.
  • Lucy: but it's just like the beach.
  • Natsu: No.
  • Lucy: *drags him inside*
  • ___
  • Juvia: make sure you put on sunscreen Gray.
  • Gray: Pfft what am i? 12?
  • Juvia: Probably.
  • *Few hours later*
  • Erza: Hey we're back how
  • Was the ri--- *sees a sunburned Gray* *bursts out laughing*
  • Gray: i look like a freaking heavy built strawberry.
  • Wendy: okay whatever helps you sleep at night.
  • Gajeel: *pats his back* it's okay it'll be oka--
  • Gray: *shriekS*
  • ___
  • Natsu: Wendy nO.
  • Wendy: but you literally just sit down and the river takes you around the park.
  • Wendy: you move at only 3 miles per hour!!
  • Natsu: Slow Painful Death. No thanks.
  • ___
  • *Squishy Noises*
  • Gray: what is th--*looks At Gajeel wearing socks*
  • Natsu: are you wearing...
  • Gajeel: Socks? Yes.
  • Wendy: why...
  • Gajeel: why not?
  • Natsu: and they're wet that triggers me.
  • ___
  • Levy: Gajeel just take the socks off.
  • Gajeel: No.
  • Levy: you've been disowned by your family.
  • Gajeel: and?
  • Levy: ....
  • ___
  • Gray: Im hungry..
  • Erza: Hi Hungry im Erza
  • Natsu: No pls not the dad/mom jokes.
  • ___
  • Erza: do i know you?
  • Bisca: Maybe?
  • Erza: ive seen you somewhere and i know it.
  • Bisca: erza im your cousin. ._.
  • Erza: no thats not it...wait are you that girl from the strip club?
  • Erza: ...>.> what were YOU doing at a strip club?
  • Wendy: what
  • Erza: what.
  • Bisca: what...
  • ____
  • PT. 10 GUYS?
  • <strike> Natsu tried burning Gajeel's socks when we got home but got in trouble for burning the curtains </strike>

Not to be like.. totally over dramatic or anything.. but literally Nicole asking Waverly to give her gay ass ginger cat over to Nedley as per her dying wish.. as in the first thing she says on her death bed being about who gets her cat named fucking Calamity Jane.. Nicole asking her girlfriend AS SHE’S DYING to protect her ginger cat first and foremost.. Before she says anything else.. Made Nicole Haught the biggest lesbian to ever exist on tv to date. Sorry I don’t make the rules.

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I love how you rub Tony in Steve's face. literally nothing makes me happier than reading how bitter things end up for him. give me any and all the Steve realising what a jerk-ward he is and having tony being happy shoved into him and his 'team's' smug little faces.

“Thanks for cooking dinner. It was -”

“You should go. To him, I mean. No hard feelings. We’re still a team. Nothing will change even though we’re over.”


“Seriously. It’s fine. I know you want him. You should find him and then have what you want.”

“… Thank you.”

Tony’s throat ached. Taking a shot of vodka didn’t help. If anything, it just made him feel even more maudlin. He didn’t know why he kept doing this. Re-watching the precise moment that his and Steve’s relationship had officially ended was like the worst kind of torture. It brought that awful feeling of suffocation roaring back, especially since he could see details now that he couldn’t see at the time, when he’d been too busy drawing on every ounce of strength to hold himself together until Steve hurried out of the room.

Things like the wariness on Steve’s face when Tony first spoke, which all too quickly changed to shock and then - like a knife to the heart - relief. That relief confirmed everything Tony needed to know: if he ever started thinking that maybe he’d made a mistake, watching this minute-long video would set him straight. Steve had never really wanted him. Tony was a convenient stand-in. Second best, if that. And as soon as Steve had found out that Bucky was alive, it was like Tony ceased to matter. They’d barely hard a relationship in the end, as Steve’s time away searching had grown longer and his greetings to Tony colder.

“Play it again, FRI,” he said hoarsely, grabbing the bottle. In spite of how easily that shot had gone down, that was only his first. He watched it again, hand shaking a little as Steve turned and rushed out of the room. Didn’t even give a second look to the man who’d funded Steve’s life in the future and loved Steve with everything he had, just ran away like an imprisoned man offered freedom.

And now here it was two years later. The civil war that had torn the team apart was done and over. Tony had a new team now, and a new life. Even a new lover. Peter Quill, leader of the Guardians, was as different from Steve as anyone could be. He was funny and sarcastic and he loved to dance; that was actually how they’d kissed for the first time, after Peter had grabbed Tony’s hands and hauled him up to dance to some music. When a slower song came on, Peter hadn’t let go. He’d just leaned in and given Tony the perfect first kiss. It was straight out of an 80’s romcom and it made Tony blush a little just remembering it.

(Read more under the cut, or read the rest on AO3)

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For those who like true romance.

As you may know 6 weeks ago I lost my mum and my dad has been sorting through her stuff. 

This is the first birthday card he ever sent her and she kept it 64 years, She loved the card so much she could quote the words.

 She kept every card he sent her, and all the letters he sent her when they had their only week apart, I wish I could print them here as he was such a romantic.

He put in stuff like. 

“I was cleaning our bikes tonight but I was lonely as I didn’t have you to talk to me”

“I can’t wait to hear your voice again and hold you in my arms”

they would have been married 60 years at the end of this month and she would have turned 80.

I hope we all have or will, find love like this!

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Guys, do you ever just like…Ezra is taller than Colin and that makes me so happy I love tall Credence who finally stands up his full height and Graves just can’t help but look up at him, and love him, and when they kiss he has to tilt his head up and Credence doesn’t even understand how much Percival loves that.

Percival Graves and Credence Barebone admiring everything about one another is my number one kink.

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how do u feel about alec's comment 'i can't live without you' to magnus in the finale?? like do u think it was cute or kinda creepy or w/e cuz it hasn't been sitting well with me

dude when shadowhunters fall in love it’s for life. for alec there’s no one else that will ever compare to magnus, to him magnus is his one and only. he is the only person that has made him feel free and helped him be open about who he is, he is the only one that has made alec feel… happy. he is in love with him. “i can’t do anything without thinking of you” magnus feels the same way, he may not have said it, but alec is his heart

edit: i think i didn’t explain the point of my answer lmao what i mean is that alec meant it as in he loves magnus and if magnus ever leaves or anything happens to him he will not be able to forget about him or the pain, remember in 2x10 the things he said to him before the i love you, he wasn’t saying it in “don’t leave me or i’ll be forever sad and it will be your fault anything i do will be your responsability”

My partner and I broke up and so I have a feeling this winter is going to beat my ass but can I just say that getting my ass beat by the winter is going to feel so much better than wanting to love someone who makes you feel unworthy of the effort it would’ve required to make things work …. and another thing..is that I’m literally so fucking dope and deserve to feel like important and not dumb and i will and when someone is ready to treat me like That Bitch they will and it will feel better than any feelings I ever tried to imagine someone felt for me

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I can't see why you would be suicidal you seem pretty privileged you have no reason to be depressed you are probably rich and have it made in the shade in your lovely first world country. You got nothing to be suicidal about. There are people in third world countries who have it worse and they aren't even depressed. Depression is a first world problem.


No, I’m a black middle class woman who has everything materially I could ever want in the USA–that doesn’t mean I’m happy.

My “rich black parents–my stepmom and dad–”, are atheists. Militant atheists. 

I’ve been tormented by a pressing desire to join the Catholic Church/be a nun for what I can assume to be a year and the ghosts that come with it.

I’ve been trying to tell them that since the voices in my head showed up.


Oh, and did I also mention my dad subscribes to the “therapy is for wimps” type of bullshit? YEAH HE DOES.

Also, the “third world country” thing doesn’t faze me anymore because you can say that to anyone with mental illness.

AKRAV Concept Art Things #01

So this here’s the first sketch that was ever made of the Lizardgang peeps.
Some of you who are here might know they were originally created as fun, supporting cast for an Undertale AU, but we ended up putting so much love and work into these characters and their world we decided to make them the main characters of their own story.

Also, receiving this sketch from Em, I immediately fell in love with the crazy one who ended up being Brad. This here’s the first picture ever created of Brad. He was still an adult there and we planned to give them weird mouths and rather strange clawy feet. The markings were a thing already. This picture was done July 23rd in 2016, which marks the gang’s official bday now.

The R in Raider gang was turned around because they originally were too dumb to get it right. The mirrored R in the Akrav logo is a reference to this.

Note that he’s lacking the DERPFACE™.

Following him I started designing the rest of the cast. They’ve come a long way til now.

First artwork of Josh. Kinda skinny and while not smol, also not very tol (yet). Also they were meant to be wearing their bandanas at all times.

Some more dudes of the gang. As I said, they’ve come a long way (also we noticed I have a tendency to gouge out left eyes so we changed Hank’s design (and also added horns.. he’S WEIRD LOOKING AAAH)

In their 2.0 versions we also decided to simplify their markings for the comic’s sake. Tom probably went through the biggest change, considering he was a teenager who just got his first markings in the first version. I’m glad we now have smol chubby babu Tom in the comic.

First art of Jack. He looks so soft and still had his teef. 
Also nips. We decided at a later time then that they’re no mammals and thusly, don’t have or need nips. 

And here’s his brand, which eventually turned into AKRAV’s logo <3

None of the couples was established yet at the time.
They kinda decided on their own who started dating who but more about this next time <3

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It all just started with that I wanted to read a good book, them Nico came into my life, a little over two years later, I have a lot of babies T-T
Heh, I love all of them and Iøm so happy that it makes you happy!!!!!

Here’s just some of the faves! From Kane Chronicles, my fave is Anubis, buuuut. I don’t think two emo kids is good in one picture ;D


I’m never gonna draw this many characters in one picture ever again

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was there ever a clip where Jungkook says his dad smokes and that he feels upset that he tried to make his dad stop smoking? Also I think he said somewhere that army (or fans) should not smoke its bad for you. Anyway I think the highlight reel so far meant love yourself b4 loving others? Or just the best excuse to watch past videos for fun. Oh finally "I Need U" you get a better picture of who they were singing about through the reels. Maybe its a mix of past/present in the reels.

here is the jungkook clip

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I know what they said in the movie but it would be amazing if, after three rejections, Rapunzel was the one who proposed the final time, to show she's ready and she loves Eugene and just.

I was thinking more like her turning to him at some point and saying, “Ask me now.”


“Ask me now. To marry you.”

“Y/N, you poor poor thing. You have no idea of the plans and spoils I have concocted for you. I have thought long and hard about the many ways I want to claim you. Make you feel and know my power. When I am through with you, my love, no one will ever doubt me or my virility again. They will all know my strength when all of Kattegat hears your screaming, begging and pleading. You will be overcome with pleasure and everyone will know who I am.”
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Have you ever wondered what it is about Sam and Cait’s love that has caught the attention of tens of thousands of people? It’s as though the air around them glimmers with the light of their love, and those who see it want to share in it. 

My trust in their love is unshakable. I trust what Sam and Cait have shown me. I trust what my eyes have seen. I trust what my ears have heard. I trust what my gut has felt. I trust what my intuition has told me. 

When it comes to my heart, though, trust doesn’t do it justice. Simply put, my heart knows. My heart knows when it sees two souls speaking with their eyes. My heart knows when their joy in being together is so great it cannot be contained. My heart knows when their pride is greatest in the other’s accomplishments. My heart knows when I observe them supporting each other through the challenges brought on by the Noise and Nonsense. 

I have not forgotten what first touched my heart and led me to create this blog. In honoring Sam and Cait, I will continue to focus on the brilliance of their love and the goodness of their souls, because MY HEART KNOWS.

things that keep me up at night:

  • my worry that the Stranger Things team doesn’t understand that I’m Free by Kenny Loggins is the most Steve Harrington song to ever exist and they won’t let it play over the radio of his car while he’s going off to save his boyfriend and girlfriend
if i could read your mind | irene

“Hello. For drabble game, can i ask the number 37 with either Irene or Chaeyoung from twice please? With a bit of angst at the beginning, and fluffy ending? “

#37. “I had a dream about you.”

So I ended up choosing Irene obviously

Fluff w/ very slight angst

For a while you could never understand people’s desire to want to read someone’s mind. Yours alone was hard enough to figure out. But in this moment you wished you had this ability. To understand what was going on in the mind of Bae Joohyun. The love of your life and girlfriend of three years.

Also the same woman who’d been acting strange ever since she started her promotions. At first you figured it was nothing serious, just stress from her busy schedules. So you endured it all, her temper that had seemed to grow shorter even her ignoring your texts.

But you decided enough was enough when it was four days after her promotions had ended. You’d simply asked her to come over and spend time with you. “And she did. But when you opened the door, there was an indescribable look on her face that worried you.

You didn’t ask her right off the bat but later that night you did aks. And in typical Joohyun style she denied anything was wrong. But when you pestered her more, she became irritated, still not telling you why. Sparking an argument that you were sure was filled with empty reason. But when she got tired of arguing, she decided to leave.

And just like that realization hit you. She was scared. Of what? You didn’t know but in your time of dating Joohyun, running seemed to be her go to with you. You could only recall the two serious times when she ran in your relationship.

The first time happened to be before you had gotten together. Though neither of you could or would deny your obvious feelings. Apparently to Joohyun your feelings weren’t obvious at all. So she avoided you for weeks, scared you’d notice her feelings and stop speaking to her forever.  You always told her it was because she was blinded by her own feelings.

The second time was during your six month.  She’d use any excuse to be away from you. Whether it was to practice her dancing or vocals. Sh used any and every excuse until she had no more. All because she’d realized she was in love with you. And you had reassure her that you were falling for her just as fast as she was falling for you.

Though now while you had to admit not noticing the signs was foolish on your part. You couldn’t for the life of you understand what was wrong this time. But you were determined to find out. Haphazardly throwing your jacket on before swinging your front door open. Before you could even set a foot outside you were frozen by the sight of Joohyun standing in front of you.

“I thought you left?” You ask stuffing your hands into your pockets.

She chuckles almost humorlessly. “Would I have gotten far?”

“Why do you always have to run/”

“Why do you always have to follow me?”

You stare at her, bewildered at such a question. “Because I love you.”

“Do you?”

“Of course I do what’s up with you Joohyun?”

“I had a dream about you.” She says finally matching your gaze. “You looked so happy but it was with someone else.” Like every other time, you nodded, finally understanding.

You stepped closer to her, wrapping your arms around her shoulders, pulling her into a hug that you wished could convey your feelings.

“Not all dreams are meant to come true Joohyun, but that’s good. You know why?”

She pulls her head away from your chest. “Why?”

You only smile and lean down, pressing a chaste kiss to her lips.  “Because we get to be each others’ realities.”  

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Have you ever thought about the saying "to love others you must love yourself"? Maybe its tied in somehow

I was thinking in something different like when you have a boyfriend or girlfriend somehow they teach us who to love ourselves as they love us. That’s why in the vids they’re with girls and in love, that’s my point of view