who even says things like that

y'all awful and boring whites who have been spoilt rotten with good rep and writers who actually give a shit about them: stop saying good things about bellamy hes not atlas hes just trying his best like every other character even though he’s the only one who canonically has to redeem himself and whose past mistakes are literally up brought up every episode by other characters who have recieved much better narrative treatment from the writers and are already worshipped by the fandom!!! Hes more interesting when the writers AND fandom shit on him :))))
me, an intellectual: bellamy blake has literally never done anything wrong in his life and he has not one flaw also he is atlas reincarnated and an angel i luv bellamy jesus martyr blake!

Mark who was in the house for like a day somehow had so many houseguests questioning Cassandra just with a few things he said meanwhile Dallas made an entire speech calling Sindy a snake and no one even bothered to pay attention to anything he had to say since they forgot about him the second he left.

okay, so the other day I came across a video on youtube with some people who do episode recaps. I was curious so I started watching their one for A Lie Guarded. Not even a few minutes in I realized these people were pretty anti-Jonty in this episode, and went on to say that Jasper doesn’t even deserve to be mad about the list because he’s choosing to die…

but the thing is Jasper being upset about the list, and especially the fact that Monty isn’t on it, is completely in character with who Jasper is. 

From episode one Jasper has actively disregarded his own life and safety when it comes to others, especially his friends.

Honestly, he doesn’t know Octavia all that well in the Pilot episode. It’s possible that up until that trek through the woods they’d never spoken before. Actually, this is pretty likely given Octavia’s upbringing. Still, Jasper is the one who jumps into the water to save her, when he very easily could have been attacked and killed by the river monster.

Later in Murphy’s Law, he is terrified to go outside of the safety of the walls, but when he thinks Octavia is in danger he pushes past that to go after her.

What about His Sister’s Keeper? When he chooses to go with Bellamy to find Octavia and then continue to when they realize they’re going into even more dangerous territory? He’s even the first person to go behind Bellamy. 

And that’s just stuff with Octavia in season 1.

Continuing season 1 stuff

When Clarke and Anya are talking at the bridge and Jasper sees the grounders with weapons drawn and pointed at Clarke he runs out and tells her to run, putting himself in the open. The grounders could have killed him then and there for this…which I will admit that this is pretty much the only time he’s put someone other than himself in danger too, but his intention was not to do this. It was to warn Clarke.

Then we have Jasper wanting to go after Monty when he’s gone missing. The only thing that stops him from doing so is the fact that Bellamy won’t let any weapons leave camp. So, since he didn’t actually go I’m going to count this one as a half cause he still wanted to.

Later in that same episode Jasper walks in on Murphy after he’s killed Myles. He very easily could have lied to Bellamy about what happened over the radio, instead he tells him the truth, because he has no idea what Murphy’s motives are. He knows that Murphy was banished, and what’s stop him from hurting or killing more people. People responsible for this. The other delinquents that beat him or stood by and watched as he was hanged. The ones who thought it was okay to string him up because he was an asshole and they didn’t like him. Still, Jasper doesn’t care that he is alone with Murphy in the dropship, he tells Bellamy what happened and gets himself held hostage for it. 

Season 2 

Jasper agrees to the blood trial to save Maya without hesitation, even though Dr. Tsing has just told him and Monty that she isn’t sure what would happen to him if he did this.

When Monty has gone missing he goes to confront President Wallace, even attempting to threaten him with a sword, only to have it turned around on him and it held against his throat.

After Bellamy gives Jasper the gun and Dr. Tsing and the guards come in to get another person, they grab Monty and Jasper draws the gun and shoots one of the guards. This of course prompts Dr. Tsing to tell them to take Jasper instead of Monty. Jasper would have been taken down and drilled into until he died if Bellamy hadn’t gotten the level radiated.

After they’ve defended themselves against the guards and he realizes they’ve taken Fox he tries to go after her. What stops him is Miller holding him back

Stepping away from his friends/people that he knows, when Mr. and Mrs. Peters are being held at gun point by the guards, he eventually comes out of his and Maya’s hiding space. He willingly gives himself up to be tortured and killed in order to save these two people that had hidden and protected him. Still, they wind up being shot.

Season 3

ALIE sends all of Arkadia after Jasper when he is getting Raven out of there because he’s seen what ALIE has done to her….he also saves Clarke by telling her to get into the Rover here, despite him still being pissed off at her.

So when season 4 comes around and people say that Jasper shouldn’t be upset about the list cause he’s choosing to die, reminds me just how little a lot of people pay attention to Jasper’s actual characterization on this show. 



Aaah yeah Chara, Asriel and me are not dead ! ✨✨

Sowwy to not be active… >_> I hope it’s not bothering anyone who followed us. btw thanks for still caring about the AU, even if I don’t give you a lot of informations ( yeah I already have, kind of, the end ). You know, I really need to feel a wave of inspiration for doing thing …. ( it’s one of the bad thing for doing an Au like these ;-; )

But I really love the story I have in mind, and really love these characters… SO I CAN’T GIVE UP 💪 ✨✨

I also have to say, that I will answer to the ask following my own inspiration. (so there is no order :/) Thanks again, to follow this lazy AU ! I hope that I will be able to give you a cool story ! T^T 💚💗

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Sup, so I was wondering what your headcannon would be for Jonathan's romantic interest in a girl? Like what type of personality, looks, interests?

Hello! ^^

Great question! Okay so, I definitely think the biggest factor for Jonathan (or at least my version of him) would be if he even had an emotional connection to them. I don’t think looks are an incredibly important factor? For example, he may like things like soft hair or bright, lively eyes, but it’s not like he cares about things beyond that, if that makes sense. Going back to emotion, that’s what makes a person beautiful to him. His positive connection to her as well as her personality. He is definitely someone who looks on the inside as well as the outside of a person to decide if he likes them or not. (That isn’t to say he doesn’t make snap judgements haha but he does remain open minded enough to learn more about a person if he feels the need to.)

Personality, I think he would seek out (if he even wanted to) someone with similarities to himself. Similarities such as overcoming difficulties in life, sharing the same fears…basically, perhaps a woman that had been touched by melancholy or hard times but continues to excel and try her best. I feel he would admire that. Especially if she were good hearted despite it all.

I also think he would want someone strong-willed, someone that would sass him right back, perhaps have a rounded education (so they talk with ease about most any subject), and that would be overall a warm, compassionate person.

Like it seems weird I guess considering who he is, but honestly he does need that in his life. And I think if the potential s/o had these base qualities he would be attracted to them.

Hope that makes some kind of sense //’DD Thank you for asking about my headcanons! That’s super sweet of you luv.<3


It’s really sad how none of the Mikaelson can just give Marcel a proper apology. Instead they insist on saying killing Davina was simply necessary. They could at least own up and feel guilty or responsible. There total villains if you look at it from Marcel’s point of view. He was born a slave to a father who hated him because of what he was. The Mikaelsons are the closest thing he’s ever known to a real family regardless if he has thier last name or not. They raised him then pretty much abandoned him. Left New Orleans without even looking back. Treat him like shit and only consider him “family” when he’s useful to them. They don’t even have the curtesy to tell this man their sorry and admit they were wrong. It’s really sad and borderline racist honestly. How can you take in a child, raise them into a man then not accept them as if they were your blood. Shit like this makes the Mikaelson’s unforgivable. There the real antagonist. Freya ain’t shit talking bout some just snap Josh’s neck. Elijah been a bitch, Kol cool but clearly the most sociopathic and Rebekah & Klaus will do anything to anyone to protect their always and forever. Everything Marcel says about them is true, the writing is on point. It may be the Mikaelson’s story but always and forever can not justify their actions. 1000 years and they still haven’t learn this. There’s a reason they still have enemies even after Mikael, Esther and Dahlia died. Same way their parents fucked them up they damn near ruined everyone else’s lives. This show should end with them all dying, forever.

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The funny thing is that psychosis/schizophrenia is not at all what people make it out to be. I personally have both and Everybody's always like "oh you have schizophrenia?? haha you better not kill anyone". ???? what pray tell the fuck? Where did that idea even spawn, yknow?

YEAH i have a friend who says that hes like that and sees demons and im just,,

that and he calls himself a succubus and that he loves to start fires and that he wants to shoot people im afraid

with the right presentation and “evidence” anything can sound reasonable. there are people who can twist any facts to fit the narrative they want to tell. in the current political climate this is important to remember. people can make even the most ridiculous things sound reasonable with the right presentation and supporting “evidence”. such evidence is usually mere coincidences whose importance they’ve grossly exaggerated. growing up with fundamental christians and extremely conservative politics has taught me a lot about this, and i feel like it’s something most people don’t realize

 like, say a creationist is trying to convince you that dinosaurs lived with people and the earth is only 5000 years old (this happened repeatedly during my childhood because i didn’t believe it). they’ll say that the fossils of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures were laid down during the great flood in the bible. they’ll cite fossilized trees going through several layers of rock as evidence. they’ll use myths from around the world (nessie, an african legend called mokele mbembe if i remember correctly) to make you wonder if dinosaurs are really extinct. they’ll say the great flood re-shaped the continents rather than continental drift. and if you don’t know much (or anything) about science, those things sound reasonable.

these tactics are what i grew up around in church. i’m very familiar with people making ridiculous things seem actually sort of reasonable by using half-truths and assumptions and some out-of-context facts. i see so much of these tactics being used now with politics and the media, fearmongering and propaganda. i want to encourage everyone to think critically about EVERYTHING because even if someone sounds convincing in their arguments, you should always do research and make your own conclusions before deciding whether to believe them or not

and if you do fall for something, it’s not because you’re gullible. it’s because the other person is very skilled at getting people to agree with them. if you believe something that you later find out to be colossally wrong because it’s what you were told growing up, it’s not your fault. it’s the fault of the people who deceived you and twisted you to believe the way they did.

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I believe that the true face of Furuta was shown in this omake with Touka. His thoughts were even shown and he looked really calm back then.

But back then, wasn’t he playing the role of college student? We know that even Furuta’s internal thoughts often conform to the roles he plays. We see that when he’s putting the blanket on Kijima and again more recently.

That “(LOL)” is him catching himself thinking like the part he’s playing.

Personally, I suspect whatever Furuta’s true self may be, if indeed there is such a thing, is far less calm. It’s hard to imagine someone who, at their heart, is calm and content to just sit in the sun and read, to be who Furuta is. 

Which is not to say that part of whatever amounts to his “real self” wasn’t showing through there. Any actor, specifically method actors, will tell you that these characters always are based in the actor to some extent. You can’t remove yourself because you only know one internal experience to work from.

And it’s also possible that a lot of Furuta’s “true self” is colored by the masks he’s wearing. I know it sounds contradictory, but that’s how personalities and people develop. We are shaped by society and it’s expectations and the roles we play within it. Even healthy ego comes to a firm sense of identity through these things, not in spite of them. 

A more poorly formed ego lets those roles fill in for a lack of solid identity.

I’d still love to know what he was doing there, if he legitimately went to Kamii and what the motives behind that were. Maybe Ishida will tell us some day.

why i, an actual conversion therapy survivor, don’t like the term “sga”

as an actual conversion therapy survivor, i get so angry seeing posts (by people who are not conversion therapy survivors) that say “sga” is a conversion therapy term. like there are actual survivors saying that “sga” isn’t. “ssa” is, but that is not the same thing. 

you know what conversion therapists say? they don’t say “sga”. they say “queer”, “homosexual”, “transsexual”, “ssa”. sometimes they just say “abomination”, “heathen”, “sinner”, “perversion of nature”. 

they don’t use “sga” or “asg”. they don’t use “gay” or “lesbian” or “transgender”. 

even if there are actual conversion therapists who have used sga, it would still be a term that could be reclaimed. the therapists try to make sga a bad thing that you want to get rid of, so identifying as sga would be reclaiming that power. 

which is why i’m honestly kind of hesitant to say sga is a requirement to being lgbtpn. not that the concept is inaccurate, but the wording can be kinda iffy. “asg” is a perfectly reasonable replacement. 

this is why i prefer “asg” (attracted to a similar gender) over “sga”. “sga” is often used as a noun, where people say you “have sga”. which can be a little too close to “ssa” imo. but “asg” is literally just a shorter way of saying something that asg people say all the time and cannot be used as something you “have”. which is why i either say “asg” or i say someone “experiences sga” or “is sga” (is same-gender attracted) instead of “have sga”. 

“asg” has no possible negative history the way one could argue “sga” could. it’s really just a quicker way to write something that we say all the time.

(this is ok to reblog, but please don’t try to start shit with me about this. this is my own opinion based on my past with an abusive, homophobic church and a reparative therapist. don’t try to discourse with me about this if you aren’t also a conversion therapy survivor. thanks)

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larries say louis cheated on all his gfs. i'm not saying he definitively never cheated, bc who knows, but larries insist the "official" narrative is he cheated on hannah with el, on el with that girl in the pool and briana, on briana with danielle (even though they also say briana was a 1night stand???), & on danielle with el. it's like their claims he'd be a terrible/deadbeat dad. they don't care about facts, they just want "het" louis to seem as awful as possible to their larrie followers.


It’s all it is. They want to pretend Louis as a heterosexual would be so terrible to try and make it seem like it’s something you should never consider.

Which is funny because they’re the only ones who say these things. The media isn’t calling Louis a deadbeat or a bad boyfriend. It’s just Larrie blogs.

So if it’s a smear campaign against him then why isn’t The Sun the one running all these view points? Why is it only the Larries……..? Seems like a bit of a wasted $2 million 14 month long smear campaign if you’re not even gonna force the issue in the press. Cowell controls the media yet we’re not hearing how Louis is a rampant cheater and terrible dad, so why not? 

Rambling Life Question

What does it mean to be alive and have life? Anyone who asks or thinks that is alive, for those who are not alive, I could not say what they think because they aren’t exactly the chatty or responsive type. What is it like to not have life?

That may seem a very silly thing to wonder about, but I do. As a small child, even toddler age, that was something I pondered on. I paused in my surroundings to contemplate this great mystery of life. I just found something odd about being alive, opposed to not being. It really isn’t something that can be fully comprehended, and I was aware of this great mystery as a small child. Of course I didn’t exactly think of it in those terms, as I was not yet sophisticated enough in my terminology or knowledge, but I was aware of a percularatity nonetheless.

Perhaps I am just rambling, IDK, I guess I can’t help but to pause and contemplate the mystery of life versus non-life. We all are aware of death, but to have never existed or have life in the first place isn’t really fathomable. It’s a reality, but not real as well.

I’ll just chalk this one up as a strange stream of consciousness I felt compelled to record just for the record.

Also, does everyone think like that at some point, or is it a result of my cognitive function stack revealing itself at an early age?

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Hey Shaelin. Do you have any tips on how to write characters who are drastically different from you, in terms of how they percieve the world, make decisions or even in terms of beliefs? (So for example, writing a highly logical character if you tend towards emotional or ethical reasoning, or vice versa). I want to avoid giving a 'flat', biased or 'strawman' depictions but so far its difficult for me to understand the mindset they would prefer well enough to write them realistically.

I always say that writing is two things: empathy and imagination. 

You have to have empathy for your characters. I honestly don’t think a writer has to be like their characters. You just have to be empathetic, you have to feel what they feel, you have to view them complexly. And, you have to be imaginative in an empathetic way in order to let your mind go to theirs.

There’s no specific method to it, what it boils down to is deeply caring about the character. I have no doubt that if you view the character empathetically and combine imagination with life experience, you can write a character with a personality nothing like yours. 

meeeeep hi guys :)

can i just say i’m really thankful to anyone who tries to message me constantly and make conversation w me!!! like wow thank you for listening to me rant and asking me about my day even though i reply maybe 0.0000001% of the time :’) i’m seriously grateful to all mutuals and followers hehe!! (and if i don’t follow u it’s really not a personal thing!! there are just some groups i’m not comfortable w seeing on my dash ):) but if you really want a follow back just inbox me HAHAHA

really random but i’ll probz reach 1k next week (i hope so man i’ve been waiting q long maybe 3 months to reach my milestone!!) yeeeeeeeeeee

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I wish people would stop adding comments like "please don't suck" or "don't fuck this up, DC!" when they reblog DCEU gif sets. Do they honestly think that people who go to DC tags want to read that kind of stuff?? If anything, if I were them, I'd rather say things like "dear movie critics & biased journalists, please stop treating DC movies like they're the worst movies to ever exist. And please tone down your 'DC Movies Are Still Too Dark & Don't Have Many Jokes. DCEU Is Doomed!' articles"

People like that are the fucking worst. The worst part is that They claim, and They may even believe this, that They’re only treating the films with absolute contempt and insulting Them and the fans because They want Them to be ‘’good’’. They’re basically adopting Ultraman’s mentality and convincing Themselves They’re in the right.

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What's the last thing you hunted?

Eirik lit up his cigarette, all cool like and let out a ‘heh’ with a smug and proud expression. 

“I hunted down– a couple of assholes who abused and tortured this poor puppy when I was returning home, I kicked their asses hard enough even their donut seats will sting their shitheads; anyway, I took the puppy with me and it turns out he is a hellhound pup… say hi to Fenrir.”


Your Words Hurt Like Burns Part 2

Your Words Hurt Like Burns

Part 1: https://usernamejoeck.tumblr.com/post/158651771088/your-words-hurt-like-burns-part-1

Jack and I have been dating for awhile now, around 5 months and 17 days but who’s keep track, and it’s been complete bliss. You ever feel like you’ve found the one person made completely for you, well your Soulmate basically, I know it’s too soon to say that Jack may possibly Benny Soulmate, but the more I think about it the more true I think it is. There is no other person out there in this world who’ll make me feel the things Jack does, I know that with all of my heart.

Even now, here we are just laying in my bed cuddling, and nothing’s ever felt so right. My head is resting on Jack’s chest, with his arms wrapped comfortably around my torso, a show is on the tv, but all I’m listening to is Jack’s heartbeat. “What’s on your mind, Suggy?”

I chuckle to myself quietly, he still calls me “Suggy,” even though he can call me much cuter things, although I prefer it, something’s got to say the same even if we are dating. “I’m just having some deep thoughts, nothing you need to concern yourself with.”

“How deep are these thoughts?” Jack’s begun to play with my hair, twirl bits and pieces, I lean into his hand, wanting more of the touch.

“I’m not a deep guy, so not that deep, just thinking about our relationship is all, and the question that everyone is always asking themselves,” I felt him stiffen behind me, and the room grew to a tense silence. Yikes way to go Sugg, you’ve freaked him out.

“What about our relationship? Do you want to break up?” The words rush out of his mouth, and I feel like I’ve been drowned in ice cold water. I quickly sit up searching for his face, Does he want to break up?

“What? No…. Do you?” I managed to get out, staring at the ground so he can’t see the sadness in my eyes. My heart is beating so fast, I can practically hear it, my mind is racing and I’m quickly trying to figure out what I did wrong.

“No, no, no, definitely not. I just thought since you said that you were in deep thought about our relationship that you wanted to take a break or break up altogether, you scared me,” Jack’s Words sweep over me, and I’m quickly relaxed, chucking as I lay back on his chest. God maybe I need to elaborate more, I think I almost had a heart attack.

“I was talking about Soulmates, dope,” a look realization spreads across his face, causing me to laugh a bit, but here comes the deep conversation most don’t want to have. “If you met your Soulmate would you potentially leave me for them?”

“Wow Sugg, getting straight to it I see,” He attempt at making the air, fails horrible once he see the serious look I’m giving him. “I mean I-I don’t know… would you leave me?”’

“No, and I would like to think you would say no too,” I push away all the doubt that is starting to form in my mind, we’re only 5 months into this relationship we’re not ready for such big commitment, I guess. “Let’s just talk about something else.”

“You’re upset,” I roll my eyes, and just shake my head, I’m not upset just bit disheartened.

“I’m fine, I feel bad for asking you something like that is all. No harm no foul though , right?” I ask while looking up at Jack, he just nodded before relaxing and going back to playing with my hair. “I don’t know if I would want to be with my Soulmate anyways, they must really hate.”

“Why? How many words do you have?” Jack went from relaxed to angry in a split second, must admit it’s kind of hot, the whole protective vibe.

“Not a lot, maybe 10 at the most…” I try to downplay it not wanting Jack to get upset, but soon he was moving me off of him and stripping me. “Jack what are you doing?!”

“I know you’re lying, I just want to see what that Bastard or Bitch has done to you,” I sigh, and move away from his hold, telling him to wait so I can step myself, at least I know he cares. I only took off my shirt, being as they’re all there on my chest.

Giraffe Neck, Sucky Sugg, Zoella Is So Much Better Ugly, Attention Whore, Childish, Horrible Person, Grow Up, Short, Not funny, Obnoxious,, Dick, Asshole, Annoying, Not this guy, Waste of Space, Is He Good Enough For Me? I Don’t think I Could Love Him? Is It Worth It?

Those last three weren’t there 2 hours ago when I took a shower, I stare at the words with horror, I know exactly who my Soulmate is, Jack Maynard.

You think you can imagine what it feels like to have your heart ripped from your chest, y’know it would hurt, y’know for those few seconds you were still alone you’d wish you weren’t because you’re in excruciating pain and you just want it to stop. I feel much worse, I feel like my heart has been ripped out, but somehow I’m still alive, and every time I look at those words my heart is being shot.

“Joe… I,” I didn’t give him the chance to finish his sentence, because I felt the uncontrollable sob leave my mouth, along with the hundreds of tears that fell down my cheek. Jack thinks I’m UGLY, a WASTE OF SPACE, OBNOXIOUS, A HORRIBLE PERSON. Why? Why? Why? WHY? WHY?? Why play with my heart like this then?

“Is this some sick joke?!” I shout, trying to put as much distance between as humanly possible.

“No Joe, baby, I thought those things back when I didn’t like you, I didn’t know you were my Soulmate,” I wanted to believe him, but that doesn’t explain the new 3 ones. I rise from the bed ready to get the hell out of here, but Jack grasp my wrist stopping my every movement. “Joe please just hear me out, don’t run away from me.”

My heart is beating so loud that I almost can’t make out Jack’s pleading voice, I can’t even see the where I am because I’m crying so much. He gently pulls me down so I’m sitting on my bed, it suddenly not feeling so comfy anymore. “W-w-what? I-I-I r-really d-don’t want to hear it.”

“Joseph Sugg, in these past 5 months you’ve become my boyfriend, but in these past 2 years you’ve become my best friend, and I know you, I know that you’re sitting here wracking your brain trying to figure out where it went all wrong, or blaming yourself for something that doesn’t even matter. I’m sorry for all the words on you, I was an idiot back then, and I’m an idiot now,” I made a noise to protest, but he just shushes me. “I’m not finish, these three words that just appeared on you because when we first began this conversation I got scared, and my mind filled with doubt, I was so quick to think that you wanted to end it all, and then I started to defend myself thinking of all the hurtful things to say if you did decide to break up with me, but they’re all lies.”

I looked up at him, my tears had begun to subside by now, his eyes felt like they were staring straight into my soul, and I felt the my breath begin to come short.

“You’re beautiful Joe, so beautiful, and I like that you’re neck is long, it makes it easier for you to kiss me since you’re so short, which I love that about you too. It’s cute that you’re small, beside I would never date someone taller than me. You’re definitely the better Sugg in my eyes, this Sugg will actually let me kiss them… okay too far, but anyways I like your childlike nature, it’s what made me so attracted to you in the first place, I couldn’t keep my eyes off you, especially when it makes you so happy to be who you are. Waste of space, that one was just me being a dick, because you spilled water on me once, you will never be a waste of space. Annoying, Dick, Asshole, babe you gotta admit you can be these things sometimes,” I let out a watery chuckle, rolling my eyes at my sweet boyfriend. “Now are you good enough for me? Of course, you’re the most amazing person I know, the true question is am I good enough for you, after all this pain I caused you?”

I try to gather my thoughts, of course Jack is good enough for me, at times I think he is the only one for me. He’s trying really hard to make up for this, I just don’t know if I should make it that easy. “I don’t know Jack, you’ve said some pretty hurtful things, do you think this relationship is worth it?”

“…. Babe, to me this relationship is everything. I don’t know how I got so lucky to have snagged you from everybody, because I never been happier than these past 5 months. I find myself envisioning a life with you, I find myself getting so scared at the thought of you leaving that I my heartaches for an hour. Joe, this relationship is worth so much and much more, I found my Soulmate, and more importantly I found myself slowly falling in love with you more and more everyday,” My eyes sting from unshed tears, and I end up letting out another sob, which results in Jack pulling me into his arms.

“You love me?” I ask against his soon to be soaked neck, he nods slowly as he rubs my back in gentle circles. “I want to hear you say it.”

And he says it without any hesitation, “I love you, Sugg. It’s ridiculous how much I do,” My heart swells as I pull back to look him in his blue eyes, that I love so much, he has a gentle smile on his face that makes me want to melt. “Do you love me?”

“So much that it burns,” is all I manage to get out before Jack is kissing me, and of course I’m kissing back. Every time we pull back we say we love each other. I mean it’s destiny really, we’re Soulmates.