who even eats lunch on their lunch breaks

Allure I

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Pairing: Yoonji (Yoongi) x Reader
Genre: comedy, fluff, cross-dressing
Summary : Yoonji is the transfer student of the year you’ve always been fascinated with. What if you came to learn about her little secret?


“Hey! Sleepyhead?”

Min Yoonji plunged her blank glance into your sleepy and confused eyes. A staring contest? No, it was not that. Absolutely not. Her voice had sounded emotionless but the hint of softness you heard told you she was actually worried about your deprived sleep state. However, you knew better than that. Min Yoonji had never been more than Min Yoonji and would always stay Min Yoonji, the heartless and cold girl everyone knew as the “Ice Queen”, or even the “Rich bitch”. The more striking nickname people were giving her was the “Bitch with the gun”.

“Focus on the fucking class and take some notes, __.”

You shot a glare at your friend, your hands clenched at your desk and prayed for the heartless girl not to notice the eyebags still apparent under the huge amount of concealer you put on that peculiar day. Fuck it.

“Take some notes yourself. I won’t always be there to babysit you, Yoonji.“

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it happens. sometimes tasks can be prioritized incorrectly, sometimes you simply just run out of time or don’t understand the content. but if you don’t manage to get your homework done, here’s some things you could do!

wake up early & get it done before school

set your alarm an hour earlier than usual and try your best to wake up. if you know that waking up in the morning is hard for you, set more than one alarm. once you get out of bed, make something to drink or eat and go straight to your desk. if it’s cold, wrap a blanket around yourself - make sure you’re comfortable!! get the homework done and put it in your bag so you don’t forget it 🌞

alternatively: get to school early

get your parents to drive you, walk or catch an earlier bus. most schools will have the library or a common room open in the morning for students to study in. you’ll probably find that you aren’t the only one who hasn’t had a chance to do their homework.

do it during your lunch break

if your class isn’t the first one in your day, then try to get some alone time during your lunch breaks. head to the common room, the library, an empty class room (if you’re allowed), or even outside if it’s not too windy, and get the homework finished. your friends will probably distract you, so let them know that it’s important for you work done - they’ll understand. make sure you eat your lunch!! food is fuel for your body 🍎

ask a friend for some help

don’t push - just ask them nicely if they could help you out with a question or two. this especially works if you didn’t do your homework because you didn’t understand it. in my experience, other students will help you!! everyone’s going through the same thing. maybe one day when roles are reversed you’ll be able to return the favour (plus, teaching someone else content that you already know helps to reinforce your own knowledge) 🤝

as a last resort: email your teacher 

teachers understand that you take more than just their class. if you’re going to email them, do it the night before or as soon as you know that you won’t be able to get it done. try not to email them half an hour before the class; it’s polite to give them some notice. keep your email brief and to the point - they don’t need to know the ins and outs of your life - but also be respectful because after all, your teachers are people too (and they’re the people that mark your tests) ✉️

my school has done a number of stupid things, to name a few:

implemented passes to the toilet at lunch. except noone knew who had them because the teachers were constantly swapping between themselves and random children. this was eventually stopped.

ban people with lunches from home putting their stuff in the bin, even things like banana peels and apple cores. this was a few days ago, and noone’s said a peep about stopping it yet.

stopped letting people bring their own snack for break and instead made everyone eat fruit, instead of milk, toast and crumpets that they usually offered.

lunchtime groups. this wouldn’t be too bad if every group was a disorganised mess and half the people didn’t know what group they were in. plus, you had to sit at a set table and was never able to sit near your friends. again, this stopped after a while because noone liked it.

you had to be escorted to the toilets by another pupil if you went during class- this made sense slightly, because at the time there had been boys flooding the toilets and shitting in the sinks. another rule that was eventually stopped.

for every school play, they do auditions two weeks before the actual play at most. then, they pressure you by telling you just how many parents are going to be there and if you messed up once then you’d ruined it for everyone. they also made the shy kids stay up on stage for far too long, resulting in one having to be taken out of the hall because she’d started crying from being nervous. 

tldr; teachers are stupid and apparently don’t know how to run a school properly.

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Danse and Maxson?

You are a sin encourager, you best buddy, you! <3

  • Wakes up first.

They both wake up strictly at 5:30 am, although Arthur likes to spoil Danse sometimes by letting him sleep in until 6. 

(they’re both shocked and personally offended to learn that some people *cough* Hancock, MacCready* will sleep in until past noon!)

  • Sings in the shower.

Danse will only sing when he’s absolutely certain he’s alone, and Arthur lives for sneaking up and listening outside. Danse also hums when Arthur washes his hair (he has to kneel to make this happen, and Danse kneeling when they’re both naked often results in ~other things~ happening too)

  • Makes breakfast every morning.

They eat breakfast separately. Danse eats in the dining area of the Prydwen with the other soldiers, and Arthur grabs an apple or something he can eat on the go because he is up and running things the moment dawn breaks. 

Danse is bad at skipping lunch, but Arthur takes care of his fav soldier and often calls him into his room during lunchtime. He has Danse kneel beside him and feeds him part of his own lunch while he does paperwork.

Arthur is bad at staying up late at night doing even more paperwork, because it never fucking ends, and Danse is the one who insists he take a break, at least long enough to eat. When even that doesn’t happen, he’ll set food on Arthur’s desk, nudging it closer and closer until Arthur slowly eats the sandwich, never taking his eyes off the terminal. Danse is unsure if the other man is aware he’s eating at all, but the important thing is he’s being fed.

  • Is the first to think about adopting/having a child.

Arthur has had this shoved down his throat his whole life, that he’s the last of the Maxson line, that it’s his duty to continue it, why hasn’t he chosen a woman and had a child already?? Frankly, he’s sick of it and refuses to think about it at all, especially once he falls for Danse. He silently decides on adoption, he’ll lie and say he knocked a woman up if he has to, he wouldn’t ever cheat on Danse or ask the other man to be all right with him taking another lover, even just once.

  • Gets sick the easiest.

Arthur, from all the stress of being in charge. When he’s sick is one of the very few times he lets Danse take control, and he wouldn’t admit it under literal torture, but it’s so fucking nice to lay back and let someone else take care of him. Sometimes he blows colds out of proportion and gets real fucking melodramatic about the sniffles just so Danse will take care of him ;-;

  • Loves to cuddle.

Danse, who is actually the big spoon, which is another thing Arthur would never admit to anyone, ever. It’s nice to just be held sometimes, and there’s no one else Arthur trusts enough to let down his aura of authority and leadership long enough to allow that sort of vulnerability around. After a particularly rough scene, Danse will spoon Arthur and reassure him that he wasn’t too rough and he’ll always love him and he isn’t just following orders out of fear bc Arthur is the Elder. Danse wraps an arm around Arthur’s chest, squeezing tight on that left man boob, and Arthur will reach up to hold his hand.

  • Falls asleep on the couch while they’re watching a movie.

Arthur, again from stress and exhaustion. Danse rubs his head, and he falls asleep with his head in the other man’s lap, finally looking his (super young) age when he sleeps <3

  • Is super clingy.

Not necessarily clingy, but Arthur is v overprotective and possessive. He doesn’t let his need to protect Danse interfere with any missions and still sends him out into the front lines just as often, but as soon as Danse gets back, he is all over that, checking for injuries, grilling him about what happened, if the rest of his squad conducted themselves properly, etc. Gets jealous super easily and everyone knows not to flirt with Danse, not to touch Danse, some of the new recruits are scared to even look at him when he’s out of his Power Armor, walking around in that skintight orange suit. When he drops something and bends down to pick it up, everyone in the room pivots around and faces the wall.

[request] whatever we do (we are one now)

AUTHOR: ongniels (ali)
PAIRING: Lai Guanlin/Park Jihoon
WARNING: cursing
SUMMARY: “I hate you,” Jihoon hisses, low enough for only the both of them to hear. Guanlin’s smile, however, doesn’t falter even for a second. “I’ll wait for exactly five minutes and if you aren’t there, I won’t buy you anything, understand?”

Or: That Soulmate!AU where you have words written on your wrist, but it’s not the first thing your soulmate says to you but the words they use when they confess to you.


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InoSaku!! ( Are you doing this anymore? *-*)

  • Who said “I love you” first

Ino. She was drunk but it totally counts, especially the sloppy kisses.

  • Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background

Both. And they both know they have each other as their background image and they take pride in it.

  • Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror

Sakura. Whenever she showers first she likes to remind Ino, ‘I didn’t use all the hot water Pig x’

  • Who buys the other cheesy gifts

Both. And they both adore it.

  • Who initiated the first kiss

Ino. Admittedly, it escalated rather quickly from there but neither really minded.

  • Who kisses the other awake in the morning

Whoever wakes up first. Neither has honourable intentions but morning is their favourite time to spend together besides night and day x

  • Who starts tickle fights

Both. Especially Ino, because Sakura is very ticklish and it’s fun to make her scream. Sakura always gets her back though.

  • Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower

Neither. They just join in. They pretend to be annoyed by it but they both know it’s a big lie. Ino could always use some help washing her long hair… and other places… EhM

  • Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch

Ino. She always makes sure that Sakura gets lunch. Just as Sakura always ensures she gives Ino her lunch break when she’s free so they could eat together.

  • Who was nervous and shy on the first date

Neither. It was the most fun hangout they’ve had, especially the knee-weakening kisses.

  • Who kills/takes out the spiders

Sakura. Ino refuses to even go near them. “What’re you scared of, Pig?” “I’m NOT scared, they’re just gross.” “Sureee.”

  • Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk

Ino. She gets so touchy too! Sakura secretly adores drunk Ino, even she complains about it a lot. 

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Complex >> Baekhyun, OC

This was requested by baekhyunfab on AFF
It’s EXO TIME here :D and Welcome my new 100+ followers. 

OC- Kim Yejin

Walking to her class with her big sandwich on her righthand, Yejin took a bite from it deliciously. She was about to take another bitewhen someone suddenly crashed into her. Causing her to fall over the ground with her sandwich falling over the dusty ground next to her.

“You are blocking my way, Pig!” Sehun chuckled, looking at Yejin, disgusted. He was the hottest guy in her class and the one she hated the most. He was always pulling her.

Wait, she also hated his two friends Tao and Baekhyun who were his partners.  

“She fell down like bowling sticks” Tao laughed.

Yejin tried to stand up, but she lost her balance and inadvertently leaned on her sandwich and it squeezed under her hand.

Everyone in the hallway started to laugh as Tao commented, “Even your sandwich couldn’t stand your weight, Piggy.” Yejin felt the back of her throat burning as tears started to form up in her light brown eyes.  

They had had always bullying her because of her over weight. It hurt Yejin a lot, but this moment was harder for her.  

She glanced up at Baekhyun who was standing away from the scene behind them. He looked away once he met up with her eyes.

Yejin bit down on her lower lip hard as her vision became blurry with her tears. She held her squeezed sandwich and stood up on her feet. Her skirt was full of dirt from the dust and the sandwich’s mayonnaise.

Yejin wasn’t that fat. She had been just chubby but yet they were bullying her because she looked very fat to them.

“You are going to regret this.” Yejin choked, glaring at them as she staggered away to the bathroom.

“I can’t wait to see what you will do, Pig” Sehun called behind her, causing all the hallway to laugh at her again.

The tears were now showering her face, but she tried hard not to sob. Because she didn’t want to show that she was broken in front of him.

Yejin wanted him to see that she could survive without him. Byun Baekhyun. She would show him what she could really do.

He made fun of her and hurt her so badly. But she couldn’t only blame him. She also blamed herself for believing in things that wasn’t true, for getting her hopes up and for making a fool out of herself.

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CEO!Calum - Part two

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Two weeks had passed since that night you shared with Cal- Mr. Hood. Everything went to normal as if that night didn’t happen at all. Actually, it probably got worse. He was ignoring you after everything that happened. He gave you double the amount of work to be done and wasn’t talking to you.

You find yourself trying to stay for a little longer than office hours to pass the reports and updates just so you could be alone with him but all you got is a quick nod and that was it. You also quite noticed how he easily he loses his temper with his employees, not that he had a lot of patience before but it was worse.

Everyone around you was pissed and exhausted, even Ashton, who even on his years of working experience with Mr. Hood, had never been this stressed before. You tried to understand him. Maybe it was because of the death of his grand father right? But nobody knew that and you still haven’t told anyone about it. You kept your promise.

This time it was your break with Ash and the both of you were eating at your cubicles. The both of you agreed to share your lunch with each other. Ashton decided to prank you by putting raisins in your food and watched you eat them. You hurriedly spat it out and playfully punched him in his arm. “What the fuck Ash? You know how much I hated raisins! Who even put raisins in their lunch?” you pouted at him. He pinched your cheek “Aww, my poor baby! Lil Y/N ate raisins” he giggled. 

Y/L/N! Irwin! Get back to work or the both of you will be fired!” you turned around to see Mr. Hood glaring at the both of you especially to Ashton’s hands who he unconsciously placed on your thigh. “Y-yes sir.” the both of you nodded. “As for you Ms. Y/L/N, the report I needed the status report later this evening.”  

Mr Hood gave you an unreasonable deadline for the report and you swear he’s doing it on purpose. You didn’t even know what his problem was. You thought everything will be okay between the two of you after he opened up to you, but you thought wrong.

You sighed and knocked on his door. “Mr. Hood I have your report, can I come in?” you waited for him to say “come in” before you went inside. He was focused on his laptop trying to make it look like he was busy doing something but you knew better. You can see from his windows reflection that he was just in google and not doing the files he was supposed to be doing.

Would you like to check if I did everything alright sir?” he still hasn’t looked at you. “No, you can leave now.” you sighed. You didn’t want him to leave. You wanted him to ask you to stay. You wanted him to talk to you like he did before, to give you a ride home because it was too late to grab a taxi. You walked away feeling defeated.

Stay away from Irwin.” you turned around and looked at him confused. “Excuse me?” he was now standing and looking at you. “I said stay away from Irwin, Y/N. I am your boss and you follow my orders.” he took  a few steps forward so he was now closer to you.

And why would I do that s-sir?” his jaw clenched. “Damn, he looks attractive” you thought, with his tie loose and his hair slicked back. “Because I said so. So go break up with him right now or else you’re fired.” you looked at him in disbelief, anger rushing through your body. 

I don’t think there’s something wrong with me being friends with Ashton. I can’t possible stay away from him, he’s the manager in the office, I’m supposed to be with him all day. Plus, we’re not dating, so I’m not gonna ‘break up’ with him” you scoffed at him. “Well, I’ll transfer him to another department then.” he glared at you.

What the fuck is wrong with you? You can’t do that! Why are you even doing this?” you groaned. “Just stop being stubborn!” you couldn’t believe you were having a shouting match with your boss that could possible end with you having no job and probably have no companies hire you ever again. “No you’re being stubborn! I don’t even get it why-”

“I LIKE YOU OKAY” you stared at him in shock and seeing the look on his face, he as quite shocked with his confession too. He quickly regained his composure and stared at you again. 

I don’t know what the fuck it is with you but you drive me crazy. The moment you stepped into my office you already have me wrapped around your finger. I see you and all I want is to fucking hold you in my arms and never let you go! It takes so much self-control for me not to run and kiss you every time I see you.  I’ve never felt like this with someone before and it scares me so much.”

His faces was inches from you and you couldn’t help but just stare at him, admiring him. There were no words that can explain what you just felt. Did you like him? You weren’t sure. You’ve fallen in love once, but it never worked. It was such young love and it was bound to end. You weren’t sure what to say but you knew you only have one thing you wanted to do since you stepped inside his office.

Kiss me.”

a/n” Thank you thank you so so so so much for the requests guys!! I’ve never gotten so much requests for an imagine before and it warms my heart to see you guys request for it! I’m really glad you liked it so i hope you liked the second part too! Send in requests here






If there’s one thing myself and everyone including your partner who definitely masturbates to everything but the thought of your naked body hates its shithouse nibblies. Where’s the cheese cunt? Why are you serving this?  This isn’t for you, no no no.  go back to what you deserve sitting alone in a park on your enforced 30 minute lunch break, eating your fucking 80 cent tuna hastily stuffed into your supermarket bread roll. Do the tears come at night?  Do they cunt?  Don’t lie to me, I know they do, we all know they do. I’m not saying everyone who eats lightly flavoured tinned tuna on their lunch break is a broken person, it’s just they definitely are. Don’t worry; you’re just an afternoon and 45 minutes of unpaid overtime away from your next forced dinner date at the latest Broadsheet-hyped restaurant.

Why are you even at this restaurant? No-one wants you here, the establishment has catered itself for people of a certain socio-economic level - chances are if a venue feels fancy to you no-one wants you there.  You know that feeling you get when you see an ice addict on a train during peak hour with a longneck and a pram abusing his 17 year old girlfriend?  That’s you and your peplum wearing fiancé at a restaurant with a scoopon voucher.  No-one wants you here and everyone claps when you leave.  People rise from their tables! “Oh! Thank God those ordering-wine-by-the-glass pieces of shit have fucked off! Those pedestrian nothing cunts have gone back to their mortgage!!” - mortgage - that’s right, mortgage - not a house, not a home; doesn’t sound so Facebook life event worthy when you say it like that does it cunt?  You’re not building some sort of empire, that photo of you and your soon to be wife that most of us have had some sort of sex with in front of a “SOLD” sign isn’t making anyone envious and your new year’s healthy living binge - fuck - why the fuck do you want to live for so long you greedy fuck?  Have you looked in the mirror - do you really want to extend this pedestrian existence?  Why do I have to constantly apologise for being drunk at dinner, yet agonising #glutenfree menu substitutions are a cause for celebration?  Ugh, you think you’re killing it with your fancy blood-free stools and vomit-free jogs, stop setting these pretend micro-goals.  You fucked up, you failed, and you didn’t become the person you wanted to be, stop putting yourself and world through the indignity that is your broadcasted attempt at creating a semblance of life progress.

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The force awakens high school au

oh my god im making this up on the spot its harder than i thought

also this is gonna be jedistormpilot im sorry

  • ok hear me out but its one of those high schools for troubled teens or delinquents or whatever with this weird dictatorial faculty (you guessed it - the first order) do these even exist
  • finn is the new kid and he’s been a goody-two-shoes his whole life but he got into trouble with the law this one time and he ended up here (im not sure what he did exactly - it was something big but he did it for a good reason)
  • everyone just sorta picks on each other in delinquent schools right so on his first day finn sees some smug asshole being cornered by a group of guys
  • cue “So…do I talk first? You talk first? I talk first?”
  • they proceed to beat him up (god knows what this guy did to get them so angry)
  • and no matter how much they throw at him this guy will not shut his sarcastic little mouth
  • finn swoops in to defend him
  • of course he gets his ass kicked too
  • cue “Good to meet you , Poe.” “Good to meet you too, Finn.”
  • anyways cut to lunch break and poe is showing finn around and shit
  • and at the very corner of the cafeteria is this one girl who has a whole table to herself and she’s eating her lunch while tinkering with some spare parts of something
  • finn asks poe who she is
  • poe explains that her name is rey (”You know… I’m not even sure what her last name is!”) and she’s sort of the loner type no one really sits at her table during lunch
  • the next day finn sits with her anyway
  • bonus: kylo ren is that one kid that sucks up to the teacher so much but is actually a giant asshole

Give me a pairing + an AU setting and I’ll tell you all the headcanons I’ve made about that



SECOND, oh god Makoto baby stop breaking my heart by being so used to this, that it doesn’t even seem to much phase her anymore, it’s not surprising to her, that everyone avoids her while they eat lunch, giving her nervous looks as they dart past her.  D: