who even eats lunch on their lunch breaks

my school has done a number of stupid things, to name a few:

implemented passes to the toilet at lunch. except noone knew who had them because the teachers were constantly swapping between themselves and random children. this was eventually stopped.

ban people with lunches from home putting their stuff in the bin, even things like banana peels and apple cores. this was a few days ago, and noone’s said a peep about stopping it yet.

stopped letting people bring their own snack for break and instead made everyone eat fruit, instead of milk, toast and crumpets that they usually offered.

lunchtime groups. this wouldn’t be too bad if every group was a disorganised mess and half the people didn’t know what group they were in. plus, you had to sit at a set table and was never able to sit near your friends. again, this stopped after a while because noone liked it.

you had to be escorted to the toilets by another pupil if you went during class- this made sense slightly, because at the time there had been boys flooding the toilets and shitting in the sinks. another rule that was eventually stopped.

for every school play, they do auditions two weeks before the actual play at most. then, they pressure you by telling you just how many parents are going to be there and if you messed up once then you’d ruined it for everyone. they also made the shy kids stay up on stage for far too long, resulting in one having to be taken out of the hall because she’d started crying from being nervous. 

tldr; teachers are stupid and apparently don’t know how to run a school properly.

       Adventures in Babysitting (Or Something Like That)

               A “Hot Potato” Fic Collaboration from Team Biochem

Words: 5000
Rating: G
Authors: @agent-85, @agentcalliope, @agl03, @awesomesauce432, @clearascountryair, @consoledacup, @danvilds@drunkenavocados, @dwellthebraveatheart, @etoilesdeglace, @fitzsimmonns, @fitzsimmonsinthetardis, @grapehyasynth, @howtocatchatardis, @inevitably-inquisitive, @leggy–peggy, @leofi-xed@mikeswheelers, @msdevindanielle, @peggycarterness, @recoveringrabbit, @roamingbadger, @shieldsil, @superirishbreakfasttea, @tashonix@theskyefalls, @ughfitz
Summary: Jemma spends most of her lunch breaks eating at a park near her office and she’s noticed that she’s not the only one to do so. There’s a man there, she thinks his name is Fitz even though they’ve never spoken. Usually, her lunch hour is uneventful, eating slowly while enjoying the sun and the opportunity to people watch. But today that isn’t quite the case. When Jemma tries to help a little girl who’s lost her mother, she finally gets the chance to meet Leopold Fitz, but this meeting looks nothing like what she had imagined it would.

              Read it on AO3!

*Members of Team Biochem wrote this story in a “hot potato” fashion, where one author would write ~4-6 sentences, and the next author would do the same, and so on until we reached the end of the E v B event. A huge thank you to @leggy–peggy for the amazing header, @theskyefalls for organizing this project, and to her and @tashonix for wrapping it up in such a lovely way!