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I love how shaladins say 'can we just stop fighting over ships let everyone ship what they want' i mean if it weren't pedophilia and incest then i would?? if the paladins were all confirmed to be the same age then who tf would even care it's not about simply disagreeing with a ship do these people not see that they are romanticizing something really bad or

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Would the age dynamic of ereri be accepted in the society of snk? It being a world with a different situation with the constant chance of death along with a society where 13 is when you join the military is the age of becoming of age lower and or does it matter to the people of snk?

It would be kinda weird, but not really frowned upon. Especially in the outer districts people are glad when they don’t starve, who cares about age gaps or even incest, as long as the family line is saved. 

I understand. It’s usually hard for people to convey their inner feelings in proper words. It’s like that for me too. Min Yoongi. The love of my life. I relate to him so much. He’s shown as the grandpa of bangtan, grumpy, lazy, but in reality, he has a more amazing side of him deep within. It’s heartwarming, but can also painful at the same time. Of course, it’s going to hurt to see the one you love and cherish in pain. That’s how yoongi must have felt too, when he missed the Kobe concert because of his emergency. I really wish I could tell him that it’s okay, all the hard work you’ve already done is more than enough, we love you so much.

Min Yoongi. Who’s lyrics always hit a certain part of me. His words sound like my own. Min Yoongi. Who’s love for music is so great, just like me. He spoke to us not from a singer to fan point of view, or Suga to ARMY point of view, but from a human being to a human being point of view, reminding us that at the end of the day, he is just like us, someone experiencing the same emotions as us - pain, happiness, love, everything. He wants us to know him on this very personal level. That’s how much he values ARMYs. He says he doesn’t know how to show it, but I believe he’s already done so much to try and communicate.

Min Yoongi, the man who hand wrote 300 letters and bought gifts with his own money to give out to ARMYs. We can’t ever forget this amazing event, ever.

Who adores music, says it brings him hope and happiness, and who also wants to be someone’s hope and happiness.

I don’t say it as much, but he is my hope and happiness, and so many other peoples’ as well. I’m so lucky to have found someone like Min Yoongi in this world of 7 billion people.

I’m still sensitive from the twitter rant, and reading his fancafe post made me cry all over again. He’s such a beautiful human being, and to see him doubt himself like this hurts so much. When Bangtan had that short break, we all made jokes about him hibernating. No one was expecting the truth at all. Yoongi, who could not sleep peacefully for one night after the Kobe concert incident, constantly waking up with a cold sweat. It was haunting him that much. It hurts me too. It hurts too much. He holds such a big part of my heart because I connect with him in so many ways.

Min Yoongi, who acts like he is strong but is actually quite weak inside. I still feel like this too, easily vulnerable, an emotion somewhere from inside telling us we’re lacking something. I feel it, too. I really get it.

We never hear much about his family, but I know from the few times he mentions them, he actually loves them and appreciates them and looks up to his father especially. He might not say it frequently, but it’s there.

Yoongi has such a big heart, which he conceals most of the time. It’s difficult for him to show this side, but it’ll come out at times. He wants the best for everyone, and he wants to satisfy everyone equally, and for him not to be able to perform that at the concert must’ve brought him down so much. He had also said that during the HYYH concert was when he was finally able to look eye to eye with the audience, which he had lost the ability to do so after the Kobe concert. He may be seem hard headed and always ready for the pain that this harsh world brings to us, but the fact that this is only his outside persona, it must be so hard. To maintain an idol life while constantly feeling pressured about every movement, it’s not easy.

I deal with my problems the same way Yoongi does - by running. I’m also scared of being hurt, so I avoid it. Sure, it’s not the best solution in the world, but it’s my only way of helping myself.

Min Yoongi, who went back to the Kobe venue and walked through everything a fan attending the concert had to go through, the ticket center, then going inside the venue. Just to feel what ARMYs felt, the happiness, excitement, then the pain, anger, sadness. He flew back to Japan without preparation during his break, just to put his inner turmoil at ease, so he could finally be at peace at night.

Min Yoongi, the same man who also he doesn’t care about age, nationality, or even the language we use - we’re all ARMYs, and he loves all of us equally. It’s not everyday you have someone who will willingly look beyond someone’s physical outlook, and for the inside instead. That’s him. My everything.

I want him to know it’s okay to cry, crying is not losing. Crying means you’ve took too much. I really hope he knows this, because it pains me when he says crying is losing. It’s such a common human emotion, and it’s okay to cry. Everyone does. I really wish he wasn’t so hard on himself all the time, it’s okay to make some mistakes, because like he said, he’s a human being, right? He should accept it and not push himself too much.

He apologized for not being a perfect person, and that hurt the most. No human being is perfect, and the last thing Yoongi should do is apologize for it. I also hope he knows us ARMYs love him so so so much, there’s not a thing he’s lacking in. The only thing I would say he’s lacking in is prioritizing himself, because he really needs to do that, he always puts others first, and it’s not good if it’s continuous. Let him know he should put himself first too.

“Sorry for not being a perfect person. I’m a weak person who pretends to be strong.” I think that this sentence will always be in my head now, because it is all my daily obsessions and thoughts and worries all together in one sentence.

The fact that he says he needs to live every moment in his life thankfully makes me so happy. He deserves all the love and success he’s getting right now, he worked very hard for it. Everything he’s done is enough. I wish he knew this.

I realized I had to so much to say about yoongi, and now, where we are currently seeing this side of him, I can say everything I’ve wanted to as well. He means so much to me, and I feel like a weight is off my shoulders now that I’ve said what I did.

Min Yoongi. I sincerely hope he is happy with life and everything around him because he means so so so much to me. I hope there is no pain and sadness behind his smile because his beautiful smile is the reason I started to fall for him. I love him beyond words and I don’t know how different my life would be without knowing about his existence.

Min Yoongi. Who I’ll never be able to thank in person for everything he’s helped me go through. I’m okay with loving him from afar, and I want him to be happy with himself.