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My All || Min Yoongi

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Word Count: 2.2k

Genre: Angst/Fluff

AN: So I tried to make this really angsty, but somehow the ending ended up being a ton of fluff, but I don’t think anybody’s really complaining.

You weren’t quite sure what it was. The feeling of being dragged under the depths of the waves, drowning under the words everyone else threw at you. No matter how many times you tried to burst through the surface to try and breathe, you were always dragged back under, being surrounded and trapped.

There was no way out at this point. No matter what you did you always found yourself back at this place. A never-ending cycle of depression that enveloped you with open arms. As if anxiety were a person who kept you trapped in their arms, suffocating you within their grasp and keeping you silent.

You didn’t know how or why it happened, you just knew that it did. There was no way to control it. There were some days where it wouldn’t hit at all and everything would seem okay. Then there would be days like this where you weren’t able to pull yourself out of bed because it felt like there was a weight on your chest, keeping you trapped there.

It didn’t help with all of the messages and comments you kept getting. People thought they had a say in who you were because of the fact that you were with someone like Min Yoongi. They thought that they got to make the decision about who you were. And if you didn’t follow all of their wants and wishes they had a right to lash out at you.

The first thing you would see when you checked your phone in the morning, wouldn’t be the messages from your boyfriend that you were so desperately waiting to see, but the messages the fans left you because they saw you eat more than you were supposed to, or they saw you hang out with a friend from school.

He was on tour at the moment, going to different countries and performing, and every morning he would send you good morning texts, no matter what time it was for him. All he cared about was making sure you remembered how much he loved you and how much he cared for you.

It was hard to remember when the only thing you could focus on was the comments from people who didn’t know you, who said that you should work out more, or that you shouldn’t be allowed to date Yoongi because you didn’t look anything like his ideal type. It got to you, even though you fought as hard as you could so that it wouldn’t.

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hello gin!!! your newest update for 'price of a soul' is amazing! can i ask you to talk about all this symbolism in the comic (and also why do you love to hurt us so much with it)


I think the most important thing I wanted to work on this comic is how it is told from Tamashi’s eyes. That’s how I decided to build the characters through the story, for example, what Tamashi sees most is Allen’s face, honest, straightforward, kind, sweet, smiling, always open and welcoming: 

Whereas he doesn’t see Kanda’s face, Kanda is always turned to him. And when he does, it’s from an low angle:

I had fun thinking it would be important that we, as Tamashi, know of Kanda what he does: Kanda is the father he doesn’t know anything of. Intimidating, scary, tall, unreachable, always with his back turned on him. (With his back turned to him, but I guess you wouldn’t offer your back to an enemy). I aim to, gradually, expose Kanda’s features as Tamashi grows confident, making him look more human and less of a jerk than what he does now (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

Also have you noticed how everyone bends forward to talk to Tamashi? Or squats down to be at his level? So Tamashi can stare directly at them. It’s a very simple gesture but it’s one that says I’m reducing my world to your perspective because you are as important, which Kanda never does.

The first time I read DGM i had to go through the Alma arc three times to made sure I fully understood Kanda (I keep thinking there are hints of his personality I keep missing, as I do with Allen… DGM is such an amazing artwork) so when I thought of him for this story I wanted to be very careful building the conceptualism around a character that has never forgiven himself and doesn’t want redemption. Can you imagine, you spend your life trying to fulfill a promise of love and then you find out -because you slipped once, only once, you are as human as the rest even if it might not seem so-, that you have a kid you never intended on having, even less with someone you’ll never love maybe not even remember, who kinda looks like Alma when they were kids, who is called Tamashi, who, surprise, is there to bite him in his ass. Tamashi is the perspective of a future Kanda never allowed himself to have and now he’s forced to deal with it (ノ≧∀≦)ノ Good thing Allen is here to be the bridge between present Kanda and past Kanda, Allen you angel  (//▽//)ゞ So, basically, what we see of Kanda is an unforgiving Kanda, intimidating, pretending to not mind when he so clearly does (in the last update with Tamashi sleeping outside of Kanda’s room he spends there looking at the boy how long? Five minutes? Ten? He didn’t awoke Tamashi either, just lets him be. He’s trying to make his way out of this without a fuss but OH YOU WON’T BE SO LUCKY KANDA The denial Is Strong). 

Oh! Also I was very careful with colors and including some… … … … little details (୨୧ ❛ᴗ❛)✧ 

Both panels with the flowers are very important…! they are different types of flowers in different palettes… Allen’s one are somewhat fresh and rainy, so springy, whereas Kanda’s seem to be floating on an abandoned place… Pretty, but isolated (•̀௰•́ ) This is funny because oH WELL SPOILER I GUESS / CRASHES THROUGH THE WINDOW AND FLIES INTO THE SUN


You Don’t Know Me | 2

Request: I can’t really think about an actual story plot but maybe yoongi getting you pregnant and he chickens out… Aw This is such a bad description but since you’re an amazing writer ypu can pull it off better ☺💖 thank you!

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Pairing: Yoongi + Reader

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1.922

Warnings: swearing, numbers (lolol)

A/N: gosh I suck at math so I hope the numbers are right… also please leave feedback if you want more!

A month.

4 weeks.

31 days.

744 hours.

44.640 minutes.

2.678.400 seconds.

155 breakdowns.

49 panic attacks. 

12 sleepless nights. 

That’s how you counted the time since you had last heard from Yoongi. All that time passed without him answering your calls or messages, leaving you on read and declining every single one of your calls. 

He wants me to feel ignored, otherwise he’d just let the phone ring - or not click on my messages.

He wants me to know he’s there but not ready yet.

That’s his game.

You didn’t want to give up on him. He was everything you had, everything you had counted on. He was your best friend, your partner in crime, your lover and your other half. You had hoped for a future with Yoongi. Always supporting him and his moody behavior. Being there for him no matter what because you knew how stressed he was and how burdened he felt. So you didn’t stop leaving messages, as random as they were. You knew he was just being stubborn, you knew he would never leave you just like that.

He loves me.

He does.

He’s just having a hard time.

You started coming by their dorms every second day, hoping to get Yoongi out of his box. Being friends with the boys as well, they didn’t really mind. It was weird for you in the beginning because you two had been dating for so long, yet you had never really been at the dorms that often. Dating Yoongi meant spending more time with him at the studio than at the dorms. It was a nice change to be able to spend time with the others as well but you always knew in the back of your mind that the actual reason behind that situation was everything else but nice. And Yoongi knew how to remind you every time you visited - not once had you seen his face or heard his voice. He disappeared as soon as he knew you were coming over and wouldn’t come back until you had already left. You weren’t even the one telling him that you were coming over, hoping that one day he’d be there to talk things out face to face but he always found his ways to be gone before you could even notice. You still saw his things lying around, things he usually had lying around at your dorm. Familiar pieces of his, spread around the dorm, reminding you how his things were here but he would never be.

He’s just not ready. He needs time.

The boys knew what had happened between you two and you felt their pitiful glances they threw your way when they thought you weren’t paying attention. But you saw. They were always there. During dinner. While playing video games. Helping with the chores. Watching a movie. Going over their choreographies. You saw and it broke you more each time. Even they knew how pathetic you were behaving. 

And that’s what it was - pathetic. You knew it, Yoongi knew it, the boys knew it, everybody knew it. Still, you couldn’t give up because in the end of the day, it wasn’t only about you and Yoongi but about the baby. Your baby needed a dad, not only a father. And you were just as stubborn as Yoongi, so you wouldn’t give up so easily. Your child was not going to be raised by a single mom, a college student who could barely take care of herself. It was going to live better than that.

He’ll give in. I know he will. 

At that moment, a soft pillow hit you in the face and screams erupted through the living room. Before you could realize what was going on, Taehyung had ducked behind you, making Jungkook run around your tiny figure in circles, making Taehyung shove you around like a shield to protect himself, earning screams of confusion from you.  

“You coward, move away from (Y/N)!”, Jungkook screamed and laughed before jumping forward, taking you to the ground with him as he landed on Tae, pinning his figure to the ground in a merciless grip.

“Jungkook, let go, you’re gonna break my arm!”, Taehyung laughed while screaming out in pain, making Jin came rushing into the living room to your side. Stretching out his hands for you, you thankfully grabbed them and he helped you up before parting the two boys in one swift move.

“Are you two crazy?! We have a pregnant woman here, you could have hurt her and the baby! Stop running around like that or you’ll be cooking your own meals until this baby decides to break free”, Jin scolded while sitting you down on the couch, handing you a pillow and a blanket. You raised your eyebrows at him in confusion and laughed at his choice of words.

“For support. The baby needs it”, he simply answered and positioned it himself when you didn’t make a single move. 

“You can’t do that Jin Hyung! She’s not even fat yet!”, Jungkook exclaimed and earned a smack on the back of his head from his hyung. The maknae winced and rubbed his head in pain, whilst Taehyung laughed at the comical scene in front of him, earning a death glare from Jin.

“Shh, you don’t say that to a girl Jungkook. Don’t you have any manners?”, Jin looked angry but you just laughed and sat up.

“He’s right though, I’m not even fat yet. I’m just two months pregnant, Jin. Stop worrying so much”, you smiled at the older boy but he just shook his head and sat down next to you as the two others left the room to play video games in their bedroom.

“The first three months are the most critical ones (Y/N)! You should know that. Anything could happen”, he looked at you seriously concerned, so you grabbed his hand, rubbing your thumbs over his soft skin. You noticed him shiver and quickly look away but chose to ignore it.

“I know Jinnie. Thank you for taking such good care of me. I don’t know where I’d be without you”, you grinned foolishly but meant it. He had been there for you the second Yoongi decided to break it off and ignore you. In the heat of the moment you had called Jin right after you had calmed down from the first shock and since then he hadn’t left your side. He always made sure that you were doing okay, that you were eating and getting enough sleep, even bringing over food to your dorm himself if you couldn’t come over. He also made you tell him your check up appointments so he’d know if anything was wrong. He cared and you were truly thankful.

“You’d definitely be lost, I can tell you that”, he mumbled but smiled and pulled you into a hug. You were taken aback for a second as you inhaled his scent. He smelled manlier than expected and for a second, goosebumps arose on your skin before you heard a door being slammed shut and someone shuffling lazily into the room. You turned around, breaking free from the embrace and saw him. He was standing still in between doors, eyes glued to Jin’s hands on your waist.

“Yoongi”, you exhaled, eyes wide and watery as your heart started beating faster by every second that passed while he just stared. He looked exhausted, more than usual. Deep bags under his eyes, colored in deep purple and blue, signaling that he mustn’t have gotten lots of sleep in the past couple of weeks. His skin looked paler than ever and dehydrated, having lost all natural glow. His figure was skinnier than ever and you were scared that he wouldn’t be able to hold himself up for much longer. At least he seemed to have taking care of his hair and clothes as his outfit and hair were styled enough to walk out of the house.

“I-I’m going to see what the others are doing”, Jin quickly got up, shooting you one last glance before walking out in the opposite direction of Yoongi. The boy’s eyes followed his hyung until he had left the room, basically shooting daggers into his direction before turning his gaze to you.

“Yoongi we-”, you started but he interrupted you harshly.

“Why was he touching you like that?”, his voice was icy like the last words that he had directed at you when he left you a month ago.

You were confused. “What?”

“Why was he touching you like that (Y/N)?”, his stare had something unreadable in it. Hands balled into fists on the sides of his body, his eyes didn’t leave your face.

“Touch like what Yoongi?”, Jin had only hugged you. You didn’t know what was going on. 

“His hands were on your fucking waist (Y/N)! Don’t act like I’m fucking blind”, he scoffed and rolled his eyes in annoyance.


He was jealous. Min Yoongi was jealous even though he had broken up with you. Even though he had ignored all your calls and texts, avoided you for a whole month and left you with an unborn baby. 

That’s when it clicked.

Calling your state furious would be an understatement.

“So what if his hands were on my waist? He takes very good care of me and the baby, so he’s allowed to touch me”, you spat in an attempt to let Yoongi feel what you had been feeling that whole time. Even though he looked bad, he couldn’t have been through half the stuff you had been through the last weeks.

In the end of the day, he was the one who broke it off right?

Yoongi huffed and went through his hair with one hand. “So what, Jin’s the baby daddy now? As soon as I’m not available, you run to the next best dude?”, he was practically screaming at this point and you heard a door being shut silently. The boys were trying not to listen.


“As soon as you’re not available? Are you fucking insane? You broke up with me because I told you that I am pregnant. I tried to get you back because I knew you are stubborn and just needed time but you treated me like shit, Yoongi. Like literal shit. I come by every other day to get you to talk to me but no, mister fuckhead even knows a way to avoid me at his own home”, you had stood up and your face was red from anger at that point. Tears were streaming down your face uncontrollably. Your chest was burning from the heartache and all the pain he was making you go through again. Flashbacks from the painful words he had thrown at you, came rushing back, a new panic attack arising within you. 

Please not now.

“I-I didn’t mean to”, he whispered and lowered his head. 

“What?”, you weren’t sure if you had heard him correctly. Trying to calm down your breathing, you closed your eyes and balled your hands into small fists.

“I said, I didn’t mean to hurt you like that”, he lifted his gaze and spoke up, voice breaking as he looked at your state.

“Well surprise, you did it anyway”, you held back a sob, putting a hand over your mouth as soon as those words were out. You didn’t want to cry anymore. You had cried enough in the last couple of weeks. 

It just didn’t seem to end.

i should have done more but this is all my attention span would allow ahaha

@terror-in-the-dream​ - yo i AM LIVING for your style, the spacing between your features is like so different but PERFECT like im crying, and DON’T even get me started on ur colours ;-; its like im in a foggy kaleidoscope daydream whenever i look at it, like im teleported into a soft warm summer haze.

@eightmonkeys - your style is so unique, you pick certain features and exaggerate them and like????? it always looks so good???? and all your faces are so different and i can always tell exactly who it is???? also the way you draw Laurens is AMAZING <3 A++++++++ so good

Dear future husband,

I’m looking forward to the first day I’m going to wake up beside you and be able to call you my husband.

I’m looking forward to all the little adventures we’re going to experience - even when this adventures will only be our daily life because every moment with you is extraordinary.

I’m looking forward to the mornings I can kiss you awake and bring you breakfast to the bed.

I’m also looking forward to the mornings I’m allowed to give you hope and strength for your working day.

I’m looking forward to kiss you good bye when you’re leaving the house and welcome you back with dinner at the end of the day.

I’m looking forward to the moments when you’re telling me how great your day was. When you’re talking passionately about how much you love your work and I’m going to join your joy.

But somehow I’m also looking forward to the day when you’re telling me how difficult and exhausting your day was. Because then I’m going to try giving you some comfort and love in a hug. And I’m going to massage you until you feel refreshed again.

I’m looking forward to the all the days we’re going to have dinner together and thank our Lord for blessing us with all those good things in our life.

I’m looking forward to spending evenings cuddling with you under a million of blankets and to kiss every fiber of you.

I’m looking forward to the nights I’m allowed to kiss you good night and telling you how much I love you while I’m praying to God to bless you.

I’m looking forward to the first day our newborn won’t let us sleep and we’re quarreling about who is getting up.

I’m looking forward to nurture our kids with a love that is based on Christ.

I’m looking forward to sitting around our Christmas tree and playing on the guitar while you and our kids are singing along.

I’m looking forward to hide some Easter eggs for our kids and also surprising you.

I’m looking forward to wondering with you how our kids could grow up that fast.

I’m looking forward to the days we’re going to look at each other - married for 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 years or longer - and thinking we’re loving each other even more as on the day we exchanged vows.

I’m looking forward to all the days we’re going to spend together until God decides our time is over.

I’m looking forward to our life knowing that it’s going to be one big celebration and you’re the greatest gift.

Darling, I love you now and forever.
future wife

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Do you think Alex ever beat herself up because she met a great guy but she just couldn't fall for him, be into him? And she was scared of being messed up and missing out on something great and she was angry with herself? She could have, right? It wouldn't have been her fault, right? And she doesn't 'deserve' to be alone forever because she can't make it work with him, right...?

He was sweet. 

Matt Capraro. 

He was sweet and he was smart and he was a decent writer.

He wrote poetry about them, when they weren’t studying.

When they weren’t in the shadowing doctors in the hospital.

He was sweet. Her med school boyfriend.

He was sweet, and he wasn’t like the guys she picked up in clubs. He was gentle with her and he didn’t shove her tongue down her throat the second they started kissing and he asked every time he took her clothes off, went slow every time he fucked her.

“He’s great,” she’d tell Eliza when Eliza would call to check up. Would call to congratulate her for balancing med school and a boyfriend. 

“Is he giving you the space you need to focus on your studies, Alex?” her mother would ask, and Alex would say yes, because yes, yes, he was. 

Because he was great. Really, he was.

“I didn’t understand why I couldn’t really fall for him,” Alex tells Maggie years later, and Maggie listens, and she doesn’t ask Alex why she dated him anyway. Because Alex will say it, when Alex is ready.

“He was funny, you know? He’d make me laugh. And that was hard to do, then. In med school. I had a rough time, you know? With the pressure, with everything. But he’d make sure I ate and he’d write me poetry.” She chuckles to herself, and Maggie grins while she swipes her thumb over Alex’s open palm, listening. Making a note to herself that Alex would like to have poetry written about them.

But then Alex’s faint smile is cracking her voice, and her tears are flooded, because she’s in love with Maggie, god, that she’s sure about, but it still shocks her.

It still shocks her, every time she realizes – more and more every day – just how much the world assuming she was straight, the world not giving her any other representation, any other options, really hurt her.

Could have killed her.

“And I tried to love him, you know? I really did.” Maggie nods softly, because she knows exactly where this is going. “I thought… I thought if I couldn’t make it work with this great guy, you know, then I didn’t deserve to make it work with anybody. Like there was something wrong with me for not being wild about him. Everyone always told me how lucky I was, you know, to have such a sweet guy, and that’s the thing. He was sweet. He wasn’t like, sweet to everyone else and then crappy to me. He was good to me. But I just couldn’t…”

She wipes her eyes with the back of her index finger and she sighs and breathes out a soft laugh, looking into Maggie’s understanding eyes.

“Now that I’m thinking of it, he reminds me a little of like… what Winn and James’s kid would be like, if they had a kid. Like, a combination of both of them. How sweet they are, how thoughtful, and smart, and loyal, you know? Don’t you dare tell either of them that.”

“Your secret’s safe with me, Danvers.”

They both smile, and Maggie kisses her hand, and Alex continues.

“I just figured, it was me, you know? That something was wrong with me, that I couldn’t be happy with him, couldn’t love him like that. He broke up with me, eventually. I think he knew. Maybe not that I’m a lesbian, but he knew I wasn’t into him like he was into me.”

She chuckles.

“Like I said: he was a good guy. But if he hadn’t… god, Maggie, I can’t imagine… I don’t know how I would have broken up with him. How I would have been brave enough to. Because I figured I had to stay with him, right, how could I hurt him when he was nothing but good to me?”

Maggie tilts her head and strokes Alex’s hair and cheek with the back of her hand, the front of her thumb.

“You would have met me anyway, Danvers. You would have met me and I would have been your friend. I would have told you that you deserve to be happy, and there’s nothing wrong with you for not being in love with him, and that you’re brave and amazing for being able to admit it, and that you deserve a full and happy life, and you’re allowed to pursue that for yourself, even if it means breaking up with someone who everyone else says should be perfect for you.”

Alex’s eyes fill with tears again, a rush of what she’d felt when she first came out to Maggie; that relief, that surge of understanding, of acceptance, of… loving herself.

Maggie smirks, then, and her voice drops just a bit.

“And then you would have broken up with him and I would have swept you off your feet with my charm and good looks.”

Alex laughs, full of love, full of the happiness she hadn’t known how to find before – full of the happiness that she now knows she deserves – as she pulls Maggie in for a kiss.

“Oh, you would have, huh?”

“Every time, Danvers. Every time.”

Just Fine // Jung Hoseok

the prompt: could I have a prince Hoseok scenario (similar to the jungkook one)?

words: 3611

category: fluff + minimal angst

author note: here’s snarky!reader and sunshine!hoseok bc it’s cute to me. also a cameo of jin’s scenario in there bc i figured they could be a part of the same story

- destinee

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A Way To A Man’s Heart Is...

 Prompt: In which Y/N has feelings for an oblivious Lin. Told in interconnected time-lapses.

Pairing: Lin x Reader

A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

“Hey! That’s not for you!”

Groff freezes, the cupcake halfway in his mouth. “Wha?” he mumbles, blinking owlishly at you.

You stomp into the dressing room, closing the white pastry box containing the cupcakes that you’ve spent all of last night baking.  A couple nights ago, Lin was bemoaning the fact that his favorite bakery had closed down for the week. He was boasting about their cupcakes and how it was the best thing he’s ever tasted. Being the love-struck fool you were, you decided to give your dear mother a call and ask for the red velvet cupcake recipe that she was known for. You made everything from scratch, meticulously following the recipe that your mother had given to you.

Groff rolls his eyes once he realizes what you meant. “Why don’t you just tell him?” he hums, grinning as his gaze shifted onto something over your shoulder.

“Tell who what?”

Lin’s voice fills the air, causing you to squeak and spin around to face him.

“Nothing,” you remark, causing Groff to snicker behind you.

“Y/N made cupcakes just for you,” Groff announces, brushing past you as he left the room, finishing off the cupcake he stole from the box.

You gulp as Lin peers at the cupcakes.

“Y-You made this for me, Y/N?” he asks.

“Yeah,” you admitted, watching his face for a reaction.

“Wow, thank you,” he breathes, surprised. “You didn’t have to.”

“It’s alright, I wanted to,” you reply, locking eyes with him. You silently begged him to ask you why you did it for him. Then perhaps, you’d finally have the courage to confess your feelings for the thick-skinned man that stood in front of you.

For the last six months, your attraction towards Lin had grown exponentially. He was just so full of life, laughter, and love. You didn’t even think such a person could exist! You thought it was all some type of facade, that there was no way that someone could be so genuine with all the exposure that he’s gotten from Hamilton. But time and time again, he’s proved you wrong. And each time, you felt yourself give a little piece of your heart to him, regardless of his acceptance or denial of it.

You were smitten and it was so painstakingly apparent for everyone else except for Lin himself. You were never the best with words, but you weren’t shy either. You hoped that giving extra and special attention to Lin would at least give him a hint. But no, being the pure-hearted being he was, he didn’t.

Or maybe he did know but didn’t feel the same way. He was too damn nice to turn you down. The thought made you sad, but you couldn’t control a person’s feelings. You completely understood that, remembering your failed attempt to bottle up your feelings for Lin. However, if he did verbally let you down, maybe you’d finally be able to move forward and let go.

“O-Oh… Well thank you,” he says after a pause. His eyes dart back to the box, effectively breaking eye contact with you and making the atmosphere awkward.

With a small sigh, you turn to walk out of his dressing room. “Let me know how you like them,” you call over your shoulder before you leave, the feeling of rejection wash over you.

A way to a man’s heart is to make room for his friends.


The chorus of your name brings a smile to your face. You squeezed into the booth next to Groff, who gives you a sloppy kiss on your cheek. You wipe it away dramatically, but then give him a tight hug. Tonight was your weekly date night with the ensemble, the Hors d'oeuvres and drinks scattered all over the table was a familiar sight.

You had to admit, you didn’t expect to become fast friends with anyone.  You were just an Usher for the Richard Rodgers Theatre, a part-time job that helped you pocket extra money at the end of the month. One day, Lin ordered catering for the theatre personnel as a show of thanks for allowing him to remove guests that decided to record the performance during the show. Surprisingly, he emerged from backstage and joined the staff for lunch. You nearly dropped the sandwich you were holding when he plopped down on the seat next to you, star struck that the genius behind the show was actually talking to you.

Slowly, the rest of the ensemble began to trickle in, joining everyone else for lunch. You had an instant connection with Groff, adoring his teasing yet friendly behavior. Both he and Lin introduced you to everyone else and then the rest was history…

You looked around the table, smiling at the faces you’ve come to love and consider as your second family.

Anthony, who noticed and misinterpreted the gesture, gave you a sly look. “Don’t worry, Lin’s on his way, Y/N.”

Everyone who sat at the table roared with laughter.

As if on cue, Lin appeared. You pushed Groff closer to Leslie and ignored the knowing looks that they both shot you. You notice that he wavers, eyeing the space next to Chris who sat opposite of you, before succumbing and finally sitting down next to you.

Seeing him hesitate dampened your mood. Maybe he really was too nice to reject you.

You glance at Anthony, who raised his glass, tipped it towards you, and winked.

You couldn’t help but feel better at his pained yelp when you kicked him under the table.

A way to a man’s heart is to make space for his family.

A middle-aged man stood in the gift shop of the theatre, pondering on whether not to buy the mugs on the table.

You glanced at your watch. It was almost time for the show to begin and you’d hate for him to miss the memorable introduction that King George III had. You walked up to him, offering him a kind smile when he looked at you. “Good evening. The show is about to start, so if you’d like, I can show you your seat.”

The man, who had shoulder length silvery-white hair, inspected your nametag, before nodding in agreement. You lead him to his seat, and then assume your position at the back of the theatre, allowing yourself to enjoy the show.

Three and a half hours later, you run into the man backstage. “Oh, hello!” you greet, waving at him. “Did you enjoy the show?”

“Yes, very much. I’m very proud of Lin,” he says, smiling.

You couldn’t help but tilt your head, observing his smile. You’ve seen that smile before. And his voice, it was strangely familiar. It reminded you of…

“Papa!” Lin swoops in, enveloping his father in a hug.

Then it clicks.

You inwardly gasp.

His father! It was Lin’s father.

“Oh! Mr. Miranda!” you exclaim, feeling heat spread across your cheeks for not noticing the resemblances earlier.

Lin pulls back from his father and looks at you with a quirked brow. “You’ve met?”

You sheepishly laugh. “I thought he was a normal theatre-goer, so I showed him to his seat,” you mumble.

Luis laughs, the booming sound startling you. “I’ve heard a lot about you, Y/N.”

You and Lin sputter at the same time.

Luis ignores the both of you and instead pushes the still stammering Lin to stand next to you. He lifts his phone and snaps a quick picture.

“Papa,” Lin warns before saying something in Spanish.

Luis rolls his eyes and motions the two of you to stand closer. “Say cheese,” he sings.

Bewildered, you follow his command. Lin does the same.

After the picture, the two men have a conversation in rapid Spanish, causing your head to spin. Lin’s voice had a desperate tone to it. Meanwhile, Luis seemed amused.

“If you’d excuse us, Y/N,” Lin sighed, exasperated, before wrapping an arm around his father’s shoulders and leading him towards the stage.

Luis struggles in his son’s arms as he turns around to say something to you. “It was nice to finally meet you, Y/N!”

A way to a man’s heart is to show vulnerability.

Anthony insisted on going to a new bar he discovered for the date night with the cast and crew.

Everyone, yourself included, approved of the choice. Unlike most bars, there were no rowdy college students or suspicious patrons. Every once and a while, people recognized the cast and asked for pictures. Overall, the ambiance of the bar was cozy.

Lin was at the bar by himself, volunteering to get the second round of drinks.

Your breath hitched as you watched a woman slip a piece of paper into Lin’s pocket, before strutting back to her table where her giggling friends watched the whole exchange.

Lin falters before retrieving the piece of paper that you knew had the woman’s phone number written on it. You expected him to throw it away, but to your disbelief, he puts it back in his pocket.


That was the rejection that you needed.

The rest of the night passed by in a blur.

Lin, who sat next to you, gently nudges your side when he noticed how quiet you were. “You okay?”

You give him a weak smile, heart hurting as you looked at him. “I will be.”

A way to a man’s heart is through communication.

You avoided Lin all week.

You ignored everyone’s questioning stares when you didn’t sit next to Lin during the dinner dates. You lied through your teeth when they asked you if something was wrong. You didn’t even flinch when they teased you about your feelings for Lin.

It was one of the meet-and-greet nights, where high school students had the opportunity to stay after the show and talk to the cast and crew. You, along with security, were in charge of making sure things didn’t get too rowdy. As always, Lin was animatedly talking to a group of students that were completely under his spell.

You didn’t notice Luis sneaking up beside you until he spoke.

“Y/N, my son’s been moody every day this whole week.”

You look at him from the corner of your eyes, remaining silent.

Luis toys with the headphones in his hands. “You know, the only time he’s ever like this is because of a woman.”

A woman? The woman from the bar? You bite your bottom lip. Were they having issues?

“Lin’s never been the best with women. He’s always self-conscious and second guesses himself,” he continues in spite of your silence, “Especially when it comes to a beautiful woman who he thinks is beyond his league.”

Your brows furrow in confusion. “What?”

“Not only that, but Lin almost bit my head off when I ate the last piece of red velvet cupcake in his apartment today,” he starts, “I’ve never seen him so angry over pastries.”

You turn towards him, having enough of the cryptic stories. “With all due respect, Mr. Miranda, but what the hell are you going on about?”

“Y/N, I see the way you look at Lin. My son tells me everything, and I assure you, he absolutely adores you too.”

You were stunned.

“What?” you say stupidly.

It seemed like that was currently the only word in your vocabulary.

“He’s been talking about you non-stop. I knew so much about you before I even met you,” Luis says, “But for the first time in six months he’s stopped. What happened?”

You squirm under his scrutinizing stare, afraid to lie to him. “I-I thought he met someone else. Some woman gave him her number and I saw him keep it. He doesn’t like me.”

Luis shakes his head. “If there’s one thing you need to know about relationships, Miss Y/N, is that communication is the key to a successful one.”

“Communication?” you repeat.

“It prevents all of this heartache,” he explains, “End the misery and tell him how you feel.”

“But he doesn’t like me,” you protest.

He snorts. “I beg to differ. The boy doesn’t even like red velvet cupcakes. He only ate them because you made them.”

You stay silent, soaking in everything that he’s said.

He made a satisfied sound at your silence and pats your shoulder before walking away.

A way to a man’s heart is…

Lin jumped in his seat when the door to his dressing room was whipped open.

Y/N, eyes glinting with determination, purposely walked to him.

He had a feeling that she was going to yell at him. He’s been picking his brain all week, trying to figure out what he did to make her so angry. He was prepared for the verbal onslaught. He’ll take anything she gave him, just as long as he was forgiven for whatever the hell he did. He was so lonely without her presence in his life. It was driving him insane.

“You. Me. Dinner after the show tomorrow night.” She grits out, hands clenched tightly as she waited for his response.

Lin felt all the oxygen leave his body. The girl that was way out of his league, liked him. The girl that has him reduced to a stuttering mess by just one look, liked him. The girl who he tried not to overthink every little thing she did for him, liked him.

“I-It’s a date,” Lin affirms.

Y/N’s determined behavior wavers, but she straightens herself up and gives him a glare.

“I’ll make sure to make those red velvet cupcakes that you love so much,” she harrumphs, stomping back out of his dressing room, leaving a laughing Lin in her wake.

He’d have to thank his meddling Father later.

anonymous asked:

lowkey can't wait to see you spazz over youngjae's nekkid selfie BECAUSE I WAS IN TEARS LIKE HOW DARE HE?!?!

My darling anon,



WHO???? (because it sure as heck wasn’t Mr. ‘Youngjae-is-mine-and-you-can’t-even-dream-about-him’ Jaebum)


I mean, I thought it was bad enough when he posted that tank-top selca back in November with all that skin and that look at the camera and just….





I never signed up for this. I was perfectly content with him being gorgeous and handsome and precious and adorable and NOT A KING OF PROBLEMATIC SELCAS.



I just…. he just…… this just…….. there are five moles visible right there AND THREE OF THEM ARE ON HIS NECK AND SHOULDER and my brain can NO LONGER COMPUTE BYE. 

Listen. I am all for an appreciation for how gorgeous Youngjae is, but COULD HE HAVE TONED IT DOWN JUST A LITTLE BIT??? I mean. We’re talking about his eyes being all cute and gorgeous and aimed right at us, and that’s enough already, but then he’s got his adorable nose looking even more precious upside-down, and his precious little ears being so incredibly cute and totally visible next to his TWO-TONED HAIR STYLE THAT LOOKS SO GOOD??? AND HIS JAWLINE LOOKING SO NICE EVEN WITH THE WEIRD FILTER??? AND THEN HIS LIPS BEING ALL PINK AND POUTY AND JUST—no. I can’t. And we hAVEN’T EVEN GOTTEN PAST HIS FACE YET. ANON. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME??? I’VE BEEN TRYING TO REPRESS THIS IN ORDER TO LIVE AND NOW. That neckline. That nape. Those collarbones. Those broad shoulders. THOSE FRICKING MOLES BEING ALL THERE AND VISIBLE AND ADORABLE AND– I don’t have a thing about his moles. What are you talking about?

I just.

I’m not okay, anon. Why does he do this to me? Why??

Rogue One Poker Headcanons

-Chirrut holding his hand backwards
“I’ve got the best cards!”
*Leans over*
“Baze what are my cards

-Everyone is really good except Chirrut and Bodhi

-Bodhi stutters and it’s so easy to tell he’s bluffing

-poor guy rather be playing checkers with himself

-They stopped allowing K-2 to play cause he’s a filthy cheater

-He’d literally just stand up and look at your cards
“What? You’re the one who showed me”

- He just announces now
“Cassian puts down his hand. Will it be good enough? Who knows- ”

-The Cassian technique is his little smirk. It’s plastered on in the perfect way where it’s either a. Great b.awful c. Sexy and distracting

-Baze has no expression. You literally cannot crack him

-In the end Jyn always wins. Always.

-Cassian is all cool until he loses

-thrns out Jyn doesn’t know what she’s doing she’s just lucky

-Bodhi sneezes and his cards fly across the table.
Chirrut: did I win?

-Baze speaks in grunts and gestures while playing poker.

-Chirruts just happy to be here pt5633566543

-They let him be dealer so he do something somewhat right (he’s awesome at shuffling cards)

- K-2 calls it : how humans who can’t deal with their problems throw their lives away

- Cassian: K-2 I don’t have a gambling problem
K-2so: yet

My Lover Smells Like Fish (omake)

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5

Married life isn’t what Alfred expected it to be.

‘Take out the trash.’

Okay, yeah, maybe he expected that part.

Arthur’s holding up the sign, looking annoyed, and pointing very forcefully at the overflowing waste bin attached to the wall. When the trash isn’t taken out, sometimes it gets into the water, which upsets Arthur, which is kinda, sorta fair.

Alfred extracts the bag from the bin, some force needed as it’s keen on sticking, and wades out of the kitchen, exiting through the back and walking up the steps to solid ground. Throwing the bag in the dumpster a dozen yards out, he returns, walks down the steps, and wades back into his home.

When Alfred had agreed to a cohabitation experiment, he had had in mind Arthur in some sort of tank in a home, maybe something that could span several rooms, or possibly, an arrangement at the aquarium.

Instead, he was driven out to a house they had hastily constructed out of non-water-soluble materials and half flooded. Alfred had been assured it was safe, had been given some boots, gloves, and rubber fishing pants, and had been told he could move in immediately.

Did his family and friends judge him for moving into this questionable water home with the merman he’d unofficially eloped with?

Yes. Yes, they did.

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Title: In Too Deep (Part 5 Back to the Future(Reader x Peter Parker)

Summary: Peter and the Reader break curfew to go up to the roof, when Natasha finds them to save them from punishment.

Word Count: 2011

A/N: OMG I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! I’ve worked on it all week because I want it to be perfect! I hope you enjoy this as much as I do, I love this series so much omg! Song.





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dear you | optional bias

( guess who was on my mind the whole time i wrote this? well, i’m a hoe so the answer may or may not be three different people… bUT ANYWAYS,, i thought that this kind of scenario would be best as an optional bias one, so i do hope you’ll enjoy. ♡ )

insp. ✧ “if only” by sejeong
wc. ✧ 515
pair. ✧ optional bias x reader ( your pov )

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an open letter to the newfound love of my life.

dear you,

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Playing with Fire- Part 1

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Summary: Demons weren’t supposed to fall in love. So why did you feel so strongly towards him, a demon hunter?

Genre: Demon/Assassin AU, angst

Word Count: 1937

A/N: This was originally supposed to be a one-shot prologue thing, but I decided to split it up into parts because why not~

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straight people annoy me so much. even the “good” straight people, like my brother, act like it’s some kind of embarrassing fantasy to read lena/kara as romantic and when you point out lots of credible news sources have picked up on it they say shit like “yeah well theres lots of people who obsess over lesbian romances” like way to utterly miss the point

the point is that queer people know what their stories look like and the show is making it really obvious that’s what they’re trying to do. we’re allowed to seek our own representation. it’s not something embarrassing or wrong. he said this same shit to me when Sanvers first started interacting too then was like “how did you know??” when they got together. because i’m a fellow gay, felicia!

So Chris talked about Klaine and his favorite duets (excellent choices). I love that. And apparently so did the audience.

Klaine. An iconic and beloved couple that is still, 2 years later, being mentioned in article after article. Winning poles. Klaine. Who remain marketing gold. And will for the foreseeable future.

You know who else would be marketing gold? Criss and Colfer. Together. Out and proud.

If they’d allow them to take the initial hit. Which there will be. But after that short lived and temporary dip. They will be unstoppable. Their talent, creativity, good looks, wit, intelligence, and chemistry will lead them to achieve things that aren’t even imaginable.

They just need to be given the opportunity to fly. Which I believe will make them strong as a couple. But also make them stronger in their individual projects and pursuits.

I look forward to the day this happens and will sit patiently waiting until it does. (Well not always patient. But I try).

Dawning in Dust: Part III

Jenny insisted on waiting an hour more before moving out of the trees. After her encounter with Captain Randall, Claire wasn’t going to argue with her. While the thought of a roof over her head and a good meal in her belly was more than enough incentive to follow Jenny Murray, Claire couldn’t help but feel a bit hesitant. Clearly, Jenny’s brother was on the run and as curious as she was about Captain Randall, Claire decidedly wanted to stay the bloody hell away from him.

Well, I suppose I could be on the run now too, Claire considered.

From whom though? Jonathan Randall clearly thought he was still military, despite the abrupt end in the way of civilized life. Could there be order out there, still? Settlements of soldiers trying to regain peace and civility amidst all of this chaos? Coders, finding a way to reboot the technology mainframe systems? Other wanderers, like her, coming together to make what they could out of the dust left behind?

If that’s the representative of peace and order I’ll bloody remain a hermit, Claire thought dubiously, shrugging her pack to ease the tension in her shoulders. Her headache was worse but Claire didn’t think she had a concussion. No nausea or dizziness at any rate. Speaking of injuries…

“Jenny?” Claire said to the small figure plodding along ahead of her, whose blue eyes were darting around their surroundings to be sure no one was lurking about.


“Your brother…”


Jenny slowed a bit, allowing Claire to catch up. Claire was certainly used to trekking it across the wilderness, but Jenny Murray was a whole different beast entirely. Claire breathed deeply, trying to ignore the throbbing sensation coming from her bruised head with every beat of her heart.

“Jamie,” Jenny said, glancing at Claire. “His name is Jamie. He’s my younger brother.”

“I see ,” Claire replied, not wanting to push, but encouraging Jenny to go on if she wished.

“They… I’m no’ sure what they did to him but… I could tell he’s hurt badly. I distracted some of the bastards who took him, ye see, so I didna get a good look.”

“Was that the first bang I heard?”

“Aye. Spark grenade.”

Claire stared at her. “Where did you get..”

“Dinna ask because I wilna tell ye. Anyway, I could see Ian and Murtagh half carrying, half dragging Jamie away. I..” Jenny swallowed. “I dinna even ken if we were too late.”

Claire nodded, remaining silent to allow Jenny time to think or talk as she wished while a variety of medical scenarios played through her mind. It wasn’t until Claire practically ran into Jenny that she saw she’d stopped to untie a horse.

“You have horses?” Claire exclaimed. Jenny glanced at her, and the worry line between her brows lessened a bit at the sight of Claire’s obvious surprise.

“Oh aye,” she replied, swinging up onto the saddle and offering Claire an arm. “If ye thought yer head hurt, Claire, yer arse’ll hurt as much or more by the time we get to where we’re going.”

Claire wouldn’t have been able to keep her mouth shut if she tried. Despite her fatigue from a day’s hard ride in the saddle, the house they were approaching was picturesque in only a way that Scotland could make it. The three story historical home looked like a post card, enhanced by a variety of pens and farm animals scattered outside the house proper. The shadow of the house appeared to reach for them as the sun set.

Claire clumsily dismounted, looking around. There were smaller buildings surrounding the big stone house. There was a large metal cauldron outside one of these with a fire underneath. Lines of hung, wet clothing ran from one building to another in order to dry. It reminded Claire of the old TV shows she used to watch of how people survived in the old days. A shudder ran through her at the thought. History repeating itself again, apparently.


Claire’s attention snapped to Jenny, who had bolted to the open front door to embrace the tall, gangly man who was trying to come outside. They held each other, arms clasped tight.

“Christ, Jenny where have ye been? You should have beaten us here. I thought..”

He was interrupted by Jenny’s mouth on his. Claire smiled a little, averting her eyes to allow them some privacy.

The man named Ian must have looked up and noticed her, for he said, “Who’s this then?”

“Oh.” Jenny released him and turned around. “Ian, this is Claire Beauchamp. Claire, my husband, Ian Murray. Claire says she’s a nurse,” Jenny explained. “I thought… seeing Jamie…” Jenny trailed off, eyes on Ian’s face.

“Aye,” Ian replied grimly, looking back again. Claire straightened as he appraised her. Ian nodded and, putting his arm around his wife’s shoulders, beckoned both women into the house. “This way, mo chridh. He’s been sae worrit for ye.”

Claire clambered up the steps and into the house. Every muscle ached, but it felt good to be inside, away from the light outdoors. She’s given in to the probable fact that she did indeed have a slight concussion a few hours into their journey here. The only positive in this was that there was no way she’d have possibly been able to fall asleep whilst riding a horse.

“Can you please tell me what happened to your brother in law? What are his injuries?” Claire asked, pulling her pack off to carry in her arms as she followed.

Ian glanced at her, then at Jenny. “She’s English?”

Jenny nodded. “I’ll explain later. Now. Tell me about Jamie?” She stared at him, blue eyes wide, seeming to hold her breath. Ian swallowed and then exhaled.

“It’s bad. We just arrived ourselves no’ but an hour ago. Jamie he… passed out a fair few times on the way home. I dinna ken if it was from exhaustion or pain but… well..”

Ian had stopped, softly opening a door and stepping aside for Jenny and Claire to go in before him. The room was dark, aside from a small fire in the hearth that was being tended to by a small, dour looking man. Claire looked around. It appeared to be a study. Full bookshelves lined the walls. A large desk had been pushed against one wall to make room for a large camp bed that contained the man Claire had obviously been brought here to treat.

He was lying face down, shaking slightly. Claire came further in, allowing her eyes to adjust to the dimness of the room as she put her pack down on the desk. What she saw when she turned back toward the camp bed made her breath hitch. The young man named Jamie was dressed simply in what was once a white long sleeved shirt and jeans. His shirt was now crusted with dirt and stained with blood, old and fresh, from the tops of his shoulders to his sides and down to the waistband of his jeans.

“Jesus H. Christ,” Claire whispered, adrenaline rising as she opened her pack.



word count: 1,049

**warning: SMUT**

“Shawn, stop it.” I said while swatting his wandering hands away for the third or fourth time already in the past hour. We were at his parents’ house, lying in his old bed. We had been up half the night talking about how great it felt to finally be together again and how much we missed each other while Shawn was on tour, stuff like that. Shawn and I both neglected to think about the fact we wouldn’t be able to have that crazy, passionate ‘I missed you’ sex that we always have when he gets home, being at his parents’ house for the weekend.

“What? Am I not allowed to touch my girlfriend?” Shawn scoffed at me jokingly. He knew that’s not what I meant, he could touch me. But him touching me the way he just had, wrapping his arms around my waist, teasing right above the hem of my panties and kissing at the sensitive skin on my neck, he knew what it would lead to. We couldn’t do that, not here, anyways.

“You are allowed to, babe. But you know how it drives me crazy. We can’t have sex here.” I told him. I looked into his amber eyes, seeing a mischievous look in them. My forehead crinkled together as I was trying to figure out what exactly he was thinking.

“Who says we can’t? We did when I still lived at home, remember?” He asked, a smirk across his lips. I gasped at even the thought of it. After thinking about it for a few minutes, however, it started seeming like a good idea, a very good one. No sex for months and I was supposed to deny it just because there was a possibility of being heard? Absolutely not. It never stopped us before, when Shawn still lived with his parents. “I’ll just have to make sure I keep you quiet.”

A blush crept onto my cheeks. Shawn was right, I could be pretty loud when it came to this. I definitely couldn’t help it though, Shawn was just that amazing. I laid next to him and watched his every movement. I watched as the muscles in his arm moved while he rubbed up and down my torso. His eyes wandered over almost naked body, only covered by one of his t-shirts and a pair of panties. His jaw clenched in frustration.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” I asked. Shawn’s eyes met my own, trying to see if I was joking. He sighed in relief once he realized I wasn’t and pressed his lips to mine. I slid my tongue over his lips and parted them. My tongue slipped into Shawn’s mouth where he sucked at my tongue lightly. His tongue glided over mine then I returned the action. Shawn pulled away only to kiss me again. His lips were soft and sweet and plump. He kissed me tenderly now, smiling into each kiss.

He pulled away once again to remove my shirt. His hands immediately went to my boobs and started kneading them with his long fingers. His hands roamed enthusiastically down my skin, stopping at the hem of my underwear. I rubbed up and down his biceps with one hand and my other hand tangled into his hair. Shawn still kissed me while running his fingers under the elastic of my panties. He teased against my skin softly, dragging his fingers along the skin just above my core.

I peeled Shawn’s t-shirt and underwear off after Shawn tossed my panties to the side. Shawn moved on top of me, pressing our skin together. He rubbed my clit then ran his fingers up my wet opening. He used his thumbs to spread me open for him. My legs opened wide and Shawn pushed into me. I felt every inch of him slide into me painfully slow. My teeth dug into my bottom lip, desperately trying to hold in a moan. A small whimper escaped my lips.

“Shhh, baby, be quiet.” Shawn reminded me. He took himself out of me almost completely, just leaving the head of his cock at my entrance. He slammed back into me causing my mouth to fall wide open. Shawn’s hand went to my mouth before the moan could come out. He was making it nearly impossible to stay quiet. He continued to thrust into me hard enough to make me want to scream out his name.

After many thrusts that made it hard to keep quiet, I decided to make it impossible for Shawn to be quiet as well. I clenched around his hard length. He grunted slightly the first time. I continued doing it and within minutes he was letting soft moans escape him. His hand was no longer covering my mouth, instead they were at my breasts. My fingers ran down Shawn’s chest just trying to feel every inch of his skin.

“Shhh,” I told him, all while clenching around him once more. Shawn moved his head down next to mine and kissed just below my ear.

“You drive me fucking insane,” Shawn whispered in my ear, “you don’t even know what you do to me.” His lips met mine attempting to suppress moans from both of us. The harder Shawn’s strokes became, the more the bed squeaked under us. Shawn’s hand went up to the headboard, giving himself better support and also making the bed shake a little less.

After many sloppy thrusts from Shawn and muffled moans from the both of us, I was on the edge of orgasm. Shawn could tell and increased his speed slightly. My nails dug into his back and left little crescent moon shapes in his skin. My mouth opened and Shawn’s hand soon covered it once again. He pushed me through my high blissfully, still sliding his dick deep inside me. His hand stayed on my mouth while he came, knowing I was more sensitive than before and wouldn’t be able to handle much more.

He pulled out of me and laid his head on my boobs, too exhausted to move any further. My fingers tangled in his hair while my chest rose and fell over and over again. Shawn left gentle kisses all over my skin, showing me just how much he loves me.