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Future FE Heroes Voting Gauntlet Themes

With the recent Voting Gauntlet over as Tharja as the winner (as almost everyone predicted), the next question is… What’s next? They kind of used up the most popular characters in terms of females (Lucina, Camilla, Tharja, Cordelia, Eirika), alongside some males (Chrom, Ephraim, Leo, Henry, Male Robin) So what theme would make everyone interested while not making everyone groan that there’s an obvious winner that’s mixed with the fandom?

I have a couple of ideas for June’s Voting Gauntlet (and future ones), along with the candidates depending on the theme. There’s just one rule I have to follow: no limited time heroes (Grand Hero Battle units and the Easter/Spring Units).

1. Hoshido vs Nohr: Wait! Before you start complaining that Camilla will win (again), it’s not the obvious set up because Xander is a limited time unit. So instead, it’s the retainers that are suitable for this. So the possible units would include Kagero, Setsuna, Oboro, Hana for the Hoshido side, while Nohr would include Laslow, Selena, Niles, and Arthur. Yes, they can be interchangeable such as swapping Laslow with Peri, or Setsuna with weed lord Azama, but I can assure you, almost half of the units I have are pretty popular such as Oboro, Kagero, Niles, and Arthur. Those four have a good chance of winning, or at least making it to the second round.

2. Myrmidons vs Mercenaries (AKA: M&Ms): I wanted to make that joke. Anyway, for the myrmidons/swordmasters, it’ll be represented by lobster lord Ryoma, Lon’qu, Fir, and Hana. For Mercenaries, there’s Raven, Selena, Laslow, and Ogma. With the exception of Raven, all of them have swords and pulling a 5-star version of them (besides Ryoma who’s exclusive to 5-star) will be exciting for anyone if they like characters such as Laslow or Lon’qu. As who would win, most likely Ryoma, but Lon’qu might have a chance since he actually scored higher in the popularity poll (yes, check it out), or Laslow because of… reasons. No not because he has sick abs in Heroes and his voice in Fates is damn sexy!

3. Healers: Yes, healers aren’t the best in terms of arena, but thanks to a certain skill from Genny, that might change, especially for Horse Emblem. Now, the eight units that’ll be there are Elise, Sakura, Mist, Lachesis, Lucius, Priscilla, Clarine, and Lissa. I would include Genny, but her banner is just brand new at the time of writing and people are trying to get use to her. However, this means there’s a higher chance of getting these healers as 5-stars, especially Elise (I want her), and there’s at least a couple who has a soft spot with these healers. As for winners, maybe the final showdown will be Elise vs Sakura, or someone else. Hey, any of them would work just fine!

4. Archers: It might be weird since it’ll give Takumi his third banner, but who cares! As for the units being represented, they’ll be Takumi (obviously), Setsuna, Niles, Jeorge, Klein, Rebecca, Virion, and Faye. More excuses for everyone for their third chance to pull out Takumi or a 5-star Setsuna in order to make the Quadsuna build I’ve heard (basically Brave Bow+, with Desperation 3 and Ardent Sacrifice, plus any skill to the player’s liking). And obviously, #BlameTakumi is on full effect with this Gauntlet because he’s most likely to be the winner, though I’m not too sure about the others (especially Faye as she’s a mixed character to the fandom), but maybe Niles could give him a run for Takumi’s money? Maybe.

and 5. Male Lords: No, Alfonse won’t be there as to spare him from getting destroyed like the first one. So, since there’s more male lords than females, let’s do one and have an all male brawl! The eight lords represented will be Ike, Chrom, Ephraim, Marth, Roy, Hector, Eliwood, and Seliph. And hey look, another chance to get Hector! As for the winner, it could be Ike or Hector due to them being very useful in the game, or Roy for… reasons. Would be hilarious if Chrom and Ephraim are paired up again… Round 2 for these two!

And that’s my five ideas for any Future Gauntlets. I could have made more, but I limited myself to only 5 since if I made five more, the list would go on for too long! So, let’s see what the next gauntlet is. And hopefully, Intelligent Systems would expand the prize even more based on the votes collected. I mean, this one has gotten over a 100 billion; over 10 times the goal! Please give us ten extra orbs along with the 20 we’ll get… please…

Reviving Memories

Title: Reviving Memories

Athlete: Michael Latta

Word Count: 2,160

Requested?: No

Author’s Note:  I know I said Torment Anew Part III would be next out but my Latts muse just sort of grabbed ahold and wouldn’t let go until I got this one written.  I hope everyone enjoys this one about ½ of the brobeans.

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“You need to see the picture I just put on Instagram.  #TBT never looked so good.” Throwing your phone back onto your bed you went in search of another box.  “Y/N.  I’m serious.” Was the next text received from Jasmine while you were out of the room.

Taking a seat on the floor you logged into the app.  The notification you had been tagged in the picture making you a little more interested.   Once it loaded, you found a picture you had not seen in years.  You and Jasmine in your freshman year at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee was staring back at you.  Your first Milwaukee Admirals game attended, both of you proudly showing your UWM pride in matching hoodies.   #bestroomiesever  #LetsGoAdmirals were hashtagged to add emphasis.

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