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Commission piece I requested by diminuel to go along with my Wednesday Addams!Cas story Follow and Lead.

“You did this all for me?” Castiel asks, taking in the scene once more. Dean runs a hand through his sweat-damp hair and nods. 

“I can’t think of anyone else at this school who would appreciate this the way you would,” he admits. “Plus, there’s no one else I want to go to prom with.”

I am so in love with this, let me tell you! 

I hate being so down that I can’t even eat. I really can’t fall back to where I once was but no one can help me aside from myself :( it’s so hard. I feel like I’m completely reverting back to who I was at the darkest and most pathetic place I’ve ever been and I need to be better but I’m just completely hopeless. advice from anyone else who has completely relapsed would be very helpful but I would appreciate if no one reblogged this post.


Meeting Room with Darren Criss - Gleek Reunion (transcript under the cut)

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hiya!! it’s a real exciting time in the community as tabinof comes out today for most people but friendly reminder that folks in north america (and maybe other parts of the world? not sure!) do not receive the book until the 13th, 5 whole days from now!! 

i’ve noticed that most people who do not want spoilers are vacating the internet now until the 13th, but some people still want to use tumblr and don’t want to see any spoilers! please keep these people in mind and tag any tabinof spoilers you reblog with #tabinof or #tabinof spoilers! i am sure that not all of the spoilers will be filtered out, but if you can do the best that you can to not be one of the people who spoils the book for someone else, i’m sure everyone would really appreciate it!

happy reading! :’)

Top 5

Top 5 most under appreciated signs: 
1. Libra; who else would keep the world balanced?
2. Capricorn; who else would get business things (taxes) done? 
3. Virgo; jfc virgos do everything what would we do without them. 
4. Aquarius; we need a few weirdos who can lead us all into peace. 
5. Taurus; art, music, beauty– appreciate it.