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amber i just wanted to remind you that you're amazing and im so thankful towards all the work and effort you've put into this blog and keeping us updated with youngmin and really happy that you're keeping this blog up~

i’m actually going to cry,, where are all of these sweet messages coming from i’m speechless???? i’m filled with so many feelings and emotions and it’s actually kind of gross bc i’m supposed to be dead inside lmao thank you so much, it’s just a simple message of appreciation but it really means a lot to me. i’ve been down all morning but i’ve been feeling much better bc of all these kind words, i’m more thankful than i can say.

i’ll most definitely be keeping this blog up but you have to promise to keep yours up too! i don’t know what i’d do without The Ultimate PD101 Blog of All Time™ so you better stay with us!!

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so are you ever going to bring back the idea of making a YT channel? i think it'd be pretty cool if you did

The idea never left, haha! I really love a lot of Youtube stuff and it’s always seemed like a a fun thing to try out– mostly it’d be a matter of what kind of content people would want?

I know speedpaints would likely be the main things if I did get round to making a channel, plus maybe stuff like my vlog-video-thing from the last time I went to London ComicCon ‘cause that was super fun to make!– but suggestions would be hella appreciated from anybody else who might be interested if I made a channel :D

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Ford and Stan have switched clothes and are waiting for Bill to come back when Stan mutters, "I better not die in here. I lose that bet if I die in a cage."

I kid you not, while watching the finale, the moment they got locked in that cage I cracked a joke about “you know, if he dies in there he owes Rick money.”

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Good day, Richtor! A question you may or may not be able to answer: do you know of a good substitute for Lavender in herbal or spell workings? I'm terribly allergic and Lavender is such a common ingredient in so many spells, any advice (or a point to someone else who might know if you're not sure) would be appreciated. Thanks!

[Some Alternatives to Lavender]

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How come after 6 months in a relationship, and 4 months after we broke up we see each other and it was so weird ( I was like a stranger for her ) omg! Was awful I still have feelings for her. When we were talking with her roommate, my ex gf asked her roomie when is her birthday and then I asked her (x gf) when is my birthday and she couldn't answer SHE DOESNT KNOW!! Maybe it's not a big deal but it hurts, she also never remembered when we was our anniversary. Sorry I just wanted to share this :)

Forget about her. You obviously didn’t mean enough to her for her to remember things about you. You’ll find someone else who appreciates you, babe! I would recommend not seeing your ex in-person if it still hurts to see her, too. It’ll just keep reopening a wound for you.

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"As much as we love them, they don’t love us. They don’t know us. They may love us as a concept or as a group, but it’s not individualized love. Nor is it unconditional. Why should it be?" Wtf is this?? Lmfaoo. Harries are truly something else man. Why would i stan someone who doesnt love me or appreciate me?? They have the money because we are buying their shits. Ofcourse i would expect my fave to tweet me a simple "Thank you". Harries are literally losing their mind to save his ass.

there’s a standard artist to fan relationship that *certain* people tend to always forget. even the world’s dickiest celebrities will send out a thank you tweet every once in a while just to show some sense of gratitude. and hey, guess what, most of the bigger celebrities out there have a tight relationship with their fanbase and said fanbase is built through….you know….actually interacting with them every once in awhile.

You know what though? Lucifer wouldn't even WANT a vessel who's easily manipulated...

This is one of the many things I find funny about people who say Lucifer manipulates Sam. Lucifer’s whole thing is he rebelled through anger at all his siblings just blindly doing as they were told. Lucifer is the ultimate advocate of free-thinking. He thinks the demons who have been fooled into believing he’s their ‘father’ who cares about them are funny, he totally dismisses them after killing a bunch: “what? They’re just demons”. Lucifer thinks people who are easily manipulated are awful. All he damn well wants is for his siblings to learn to think for themselves. He claims he was cast down “because I had a mind of my own”. He shows a fondness for Castiel, even though Cas doesn’t agree with him, but at least Cas isn’t just another drone, he can think for himself!

And then there’s Sam, who is a complete parallel of Lucifer. He’s always been the one with the different opinions, not like Dean in just blindly following their father. Sam’s a fellow individual, another independent mind, the kind of person Lucifer appreciates for being like him in being able to question injustices. Lucifer just wants to help Sam to keep using this insight. He doesn’t need to manipulate Sam, because he truly believes that if Sam were to use this independent mind of his to look at the situation with logic and an unbiased mind- without Dean, without the fixed concept of right and wrong, without the predetermined label of him being 'the devil’- Sam will come to the same conclusion as him and willingly side with him. That’s why all Lucifer does is talk to him and explain himself. Lucifer doesn’t manipulate Sam. Lucifer reasons with Sam. Lucifer doesn’t care for his demon army, because he considers them below him, but Sam is made for him, worthy of him, and as his other half, Lucifer treats him with the respect of someone as intelligent as himself. There’s a reason Lucifer says “any of this sound familiar?” because he considers them on mutual ground.

Lucifer isn’t certain from the start that Sam will say yes because he has confidence in his own manipulative abilities. He’s certain because he has confidence in Sam’s intelligence.

Smut Appreciation Day!

So I’ve decided to take a page out of the lovely @kittenofdoomage ‘s book, and ask if you guys would like to send me requests for fics to write on Smut Appreciation Day! I have no idea what I want to write, so I thought it would be fun to see what you’d like me to write. (Plus, I wrote a foursome last year and honestly have no idea how to top that…)

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Rules under the cut:

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i fucking

love my body!!!! i love it so much and it is so cute and curvy and yeah bitch i have stretch marks and some fat rolls here and there but i am so HOT when I’m naked like who the fuck would’ve thought???!!!!! congrats to anyone else who can appreciate this because honestly it took 17 fucking years to get to this point and i’m so happy I’m here. 

Commission piece I requested by diminuel to go along with my Wednesday Addams!Cas story Follow and Lead.

“You did this all for me?” Castiel asks, taking in the scene once more. Dean runs a hand through his sweat-damp hair and nods. 

“I can’t think of anyone else at this school who would appreciate this the way you would,” he admits. “Plus, there’s no one else I want to go to prom with.”

I am so in love with this, let me tell you! 

Sheldon was checking his email when he saw one from a local film center.  He was only on the list because they had run the original Ghostbusters about a month before.  Normally this place just ran weird independent movies and foreign films that he wasn’t overly interested in.  He was about to delete the email when he saw the subject: Two French Classics.  One Night Only.

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Hi! What would you need to do to stop receiving the silent treatment/cold shoulder from Seventeen's members? Like who would appreciate aegyo, or food or anything else~ :)

aegyo, kisses, lots and lots of affection on your part: Seungcheol/S.Coups, Jun, DK, Seungkwan 

make them some food, apologize sincerely and they’ll be good: Joshua, Wonwoo, the8/Minghao, Dino 

the only way to break their cold shoulder is by making them laugh - use any kind of method; tickling, impersonations, funny faces, maybe embarrass yourself so they know you’re really sorry: Jeonghan, Hoshi, Woozi, Mingyu, Vernon 

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do you do hardenshipping? :O i think contrary to popular opinion, maxie would be the hopeless romantic at heart (though he's VERY selective about who he likes and even more picky about who he reaches out to). consider archie receiving a shitton of valentine's presents with no name on them and thinking "haha man matt and shelley sure are having fun with this silly holiday" then being very surprised when he figures it out

My first time writing hardenshipping more like I tried? Also I am so sorry for the delay. I wanted it to be good!

There is a new one on his desk and Archie grins. What delicious or hilarious cheesy present had he been graced with in the hour since he last checked?

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Rockstar AU headcanons

Uchiha Sasuke the popular vocalist of Uchiha And the Green Beasts has the cool, gentleman image in magazines and interviews, the latest issue has him on the cover holding a red rose for valentine’s day

During a radio event he was swarmed with so many fangirls and boxes upon boxes of gifts that the studio had to appoint more security, it made it to the papers that he was the #1 most wanted bachelor in Konoha

All the comments on youtube about the behind-the-scenes footage for their concerts consist of: lucky staff members, they get to hang around the band for days! lucky background dancers, they get to practice with Uchiha sama!

Hyuuga Hinata is a makeup and hair artist, originally she applied for the position with the band to get close to Bassist Uzumaki Naruto, but he went solo the same month she was accepted. She didn’t sign up for this, she didn’t want to be assigned to Uchiha Sasuke.

Uchiha Sasuke was a rude and arrogant person, the complete opposite of his public image, and she wanted nothing more than to give her position to a fangirl who would appreciate it

Sasuke insists he will have nobody else touch his face or hair other than Hyuuga, because of exactly that reason: she wasn’t a fangirl

much teeth grinding and smug smirking ensues

after reading the second chapter of konohascribe’s A Wish For A Star, i found it was going great and sweet and decided this AU could use some more sadistic head canons by switching roles XDDDDDD