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Do you actually think the new song could belong to jasper? because I think like many people that hte song is for lapis because you made a good point that jasper is trapped but lapis was trapped for far longer than jasper

id like to hope its jasper’s!!! but i wouldnt at all be surprised if it was someone else’s, too. obviously ive basically always got jasper on the mind, so when i saw the lyrics i immediately associated it with her and fit the lyrics into her story.

more extensive thoughts on this under the cut! (if theres any confusion, this is about the tags i put on my reblog of this post)

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more spooky happenings? I’m not sure if it was related to those ghost cats, but today I was woken by a phone call that only rang once, and then a second time about 15 minutes later to make sure I was really awake. thanks ghost?

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What kind of girl are all the brothers into? Like, what is their dream girl like?

I feel like most of them are pretty open minded about these kind of things, this is just a general idea of what kind of girl would best suit them.

Osomatsu: Oso would probably need a person that lets things go fairly easy since sometimes he does or says things that are pretty not okay. He would want someone who could give him a lot affection and attention. He would probably also prefer someone he can joke around with and maybe get a drink with. Honestly he just wants someone who will accept and appreciate him.

Karamatsu: He would like someone who at the least doesn’t think he’s painful. He really tries with his compliments, and sure as hell would try just as hard with anything else in the relationship so someone who would give him appreciation would be nice. Kara likes quirky girls tbh, he thinks their cute. Love and affection is the way to his heart. (compliment his sparkly pants pls)

Choromatsu: He also has a thing for quirky girls. Choro needs someone patient and kind of outgoing so they can make up for his awkwardness. He would want someone who would genuinely listen to what he has to say and wouldn’t mind his rambling. He would want his lover to make him feel special since it’s sort of hard to get that attention at home with 5 other brothers. 

Ichimatsu: Ichi needs someone patient as well since he tends to push people away. They need to be persistent with pursing him. He also needs someone who will love him for him and reassure him of that. Someone that would tell him that he’s worth more than what he says. He would prefer someone that would make the first move since he has a hard time expressing his feelings.

Jyushimatsu: He would want someone who laughs at his jokes and kind of playful. He likes a lot of affection. Jyushi needs someone that kind of goes with the flow since a lot of the things he does is spontaneous. He would prefer someone who lets things go, similar to Oso, except with Jyushi it’s just that sometimes he does things he doesn’t realize are wrong.

Todomatsu: This boy needs a lot of affection from his significant other. He want to be the center of their attention most of the time. He probably would prefer someone either really outgoing because he would like someone social and or someone kinda shy and easily flustered because he would think they’re cute and enjoy making them blush. Either way he would want to be able to show them off too.

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UT, US, and UF Undyne at the beach with their s/o. She's helping them learn how to surf and they're out in the deeper water. Just to mess with them she disappears from her board and reemerges with just a fake shark fin showing as she approaches them and releases a packet of fake blood in the water. They get really scared and she reveals herself but they just start crying and won't let go of her cause they thought she was dead. Maybe she didn't quite think that prank through.

Undertale Undyne

Undyne quickly apologizes and hugs you back to show that she’s fine and not dead at all, then she’ll carry you back to shore and be a little more gentle with you for the rest of the day. Even though she ended up scaring you, it’s still one hell of a prank, so she saves it for someone else. She wonders how Papyrus would react….

Underswap Undyne (Angel) 

Oh my gosh, she is so sorry! Angel isn’t one for pranks, but this one she thought would be funny. She’s comforting you the best she can, but you also need to comfort her too because her anxiety shoots up and she thinks that you’re going to break up with her over this pranks and she’s full on internally panicking while trying to take care of you. Please give this pure fish some reassurance that you still love her no matter what. 

Underfell Undyne (Angular or Ange) 

Ugh, get over it, it was just a prank. Angular is annoyed that you didn’t enjoy the joke that she put a lot of effort into and she rolls your eyes at your “weakness”.  Look at her, she’s not dead, she’s fine, you’re fine, just stop crying. Honestly, she doesn’t talk to you for the rest of the day and finds someone else who would appreciate her humor. Angular acts tough and cold about this situation, but it’s mostly a defense mechanism because she’s mad at herself for scaring you so badly like that. 

I just love her so much I can’t even fathom how people that have met her or interacted with her haven’t literally felt complete forever…. That kind of joy and genuinely pure love is just MAGIC I can’t even

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Ford and Stan have switched clothes and are waiting for Bill to come back when Stan mutters, "I better not die in here. I lose that bet if I die in a cage."

I kid you not, while watching the finale, the moment they got locked in that cage I cracked a joke about “you know, if he dies in there he owes Rick money.”

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hello its me again yo grammy anon! anyway. no offense but. i really really really die over how u ramble EVERYTIME abt the most random things in the replies to my asks dfjsdjkf its cute as fuck..


Commission piece I requested by diminuel to go along with my Wednesday Addams!Cas story Follow and Lead.

“You did this all for me?” Castiel asks, taking in the scene once more. Dean runs a hand through his sweat-damp hair and nods. 

“I can’t think of anyone else at this school who would appreciate this the way you would,” he admits. “Plus, there’s no one else I want to go to prom with.”

I am so in love with this, let me tell you! 

You know what though? Lucifer wouldn't even WANT a vessel who's easily manipulated...

This is one of the many things I find funny about people who say Lucifer manipulates Sam. Lucifer’s whole thing is he rebelled through anger at all his siblings just blindly doing as they were told. Lucifer is the ultimate advocate of free-thinking. He thinks the demons who have been fooled into believing he’s their ‘father’ who cares about them are funny, he totally dismisses them after killing a bunch: “what? They’re just demons”. Lucifer thinks people who are easily manipulated are awful. All he damn well wants is for his siblings to learn to think for themselves. He claims he was cast down “because I had a mind of my own”. He shows a fondness for Castiel, even though Cas doesn’t agree with him, but at least Cas isn’t just another drone, he can think for himself!

And then there’s Sam, who is a complete parallel of Lucifer. He’s always been the one with the different opinions, not like Dean in just blindly following their father. Sam’s a fellow individual, another independent mind, the kind of person Lucifer appreciates for being like him in being able to question injustices. Lucifer just wants to help Sam to keep using this insight. He doesn’t need to manipulate Sam, because he truly believes that if Sam were to use this independent mind of his to look at the situation with logic and an unbiased mind- without Dean, without the fixed concept of right and wrong, without the predetermined label of him being 'the devil’- Sam will come to the same conclusion as him and willingly side with him. That’s why all Lucifer does is talk to him and explain himself. Lucifer doesn’t manipulate Sam. Lucifer reasons with Sam. Lucifer doesn’t care for his demon army, because he considers them below him, but Sam is made for him, worthy of him, and as his other half, Lucifer treats him with the respect of someone as intelligent as himself. There’s a reason Lucifer says “any of this sound familiar?” because he considers them on mutual ground.

Lucifer isn’t certain from the start that Sam will say yes because he has confidence in his own manipulative abilities. He’s certain because he has confidence in Sam’s intelligence.

Sheldon was checking his email when he saw one from a local film center.  He was only on the list because they had run the original Ghostbusters about a month before.  Normally this place just ran weird independent movies and foreign films that he wasn’t overly interested in.  He was about to delete the email when he saw the subject: Two French Classics.  One Night Only.

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Smut Appreciation Day!

So I’ve decided to take a page out of the lovely @kittenofdoomage ‘s book, and ask if you guys would like to send me requests for fics to write on Smut Appreciation Day! I have no idea what I want to write, so I thought it would be fun to see what you’d like me to write. (Plus, I wrote a foursome last year and honestly have no idea how to top that…)

Originally posted by strengthcas

Rules under the cut:

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au where dean and cas meet in biology class

and dean tries too hard to be friends with cas, and cas never makes friends with anyone… but nevertheless, he seems content to let dean sit next to him at the lab bench (even if he doesn’t ever entertain dean’s offer of ‘going outside instead of sitting in school after classes are over’)

but dean always tries, and he names off all these things they could go do instead of sitting in the musty classroom, studying

and cas just says things like “i can’t, dean. i’m watching cells divide” as he stares into a microscope

to which dean always responds with something ridiculous like “wanna make some cell-dividing of our own?” and raises his eyebrows while nudging cas’ shoulder

but cas always responds by turning away from the microscope with a perplexed expression because “dean, i’m not sure what you mean to imply, but i am fairly sure it is biologically impossible to make our respective cells divide at the same rate.”

and one day dean just rolls his eyes and kisses cas in the dusty light of the biology classroom

and cas finally understands… and kisses back

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Hi! What would you need to do to stop receiving the silent treatment/cold shoulder from Seventeen's members? Like who would appreciate aegyo, or food or anything else~ :)

aegyo, kisses, lots and lots of affection on your part: Seungcheol/S.Coups, Jun, DK, Seungkwan 

make them some food, apologize sincerely and they’ll be good: Joshua, Wonwoo, the8/Minghao, Dino 

the only way to break their cold shoulder is by making them laugh - use any kind of method; tickling, impersonations, funny faces, maybe embarrass yourself so they know you’re really sorry: Jeonghan, Hoshi, Woozi, Mingyu, Vernon 

Mine for the Taking
BananaSplit/Baked Alaska/Neo x Yang AU shortfic

In which Neo is a renaissance duchess and Yang is a street delinquent that messes up her dress after sneaking into a masquerade party.

Wrote this on the spur of the moment because UGH I love these two– anyway I hope you enjoy this! May or may not continue it depending on feedback and such–

And the winner is…
Yang kept her gaze steady on the flood of people and royals that marched into the rented hall while she crouched at the side of the building itself. Her right shoulder brushed the hard, cold brick of it’s exterior as she searched the crowd. There had to be a place she could slip in. If at least one person moved and made an opening, she could easily slip her way through without having to show invitation. 

The patrol that normally scoured the streets were more than likely attending the masquerade as well. It was just the kind of opportunity that a young hooligan like Yang would jump at the chance to take, and if she didn’t take it, well then, who would? She wasn’t about to let good fortune be taken away from her by someone else who surely wouldn’t appreciate as much as she would. Besides, back at home she had a little sister to take care of. What would she think if the blonde dame came back with nothing to feed them for the next few weeks? Yang was the head of the household now, ever since their mother and father had ran off. To lead a new life Yang thought, without two rowdy children as a distraction that could only hold them back.

She had to admit, she did in fact hold a bit of resentment toward their parents, but at this point there was no time to feel sorry for the circumstances they were settled with. Right now was all that mattered – making a life for Ruby and herself was all that mattered. A shift in the ocean of persons caused her nerves to bunch, bracing herself as the jolt of energy shot to her readied legs and sent her into a fast paced movement into the empty space before her. The black and golden laced suit she sported (the one she’d stolen a while back from a fairly high-up shop) glistened as she gradually stepped into the light of the ballroom. She turned her head away from the butler at the front of the doorway who handed out the masks of silk, immediately feeling at ease as she pulled the disguise over her features. 

It wasn’t like anything she’d ever seen in her life. All of the fancy and elegant dresses fluttered and swayed like colored petals in every direction, the sleek and bold ensembles of the men almost made her own outfit choice look ridiculous in comparison. It may have looked a bit old-fashioned to her, but she never would have thought it was so outdated compared to all of the others she’d seen surrounding her now. If she didn’t know any better it would have made her feel foolish. 

Her lilac orbs lifted to the intricate ceiling where a silvered chandelier hung suspended by beautiful gilded chains. The light from the candles in the room glinted off of their shimmering decor. 

Everything seemed so…expensive. Jackpot.

Now if only she could get her hands on something she could slip in her pocket without notice. Thousands of different images flashed through her mind; possible futures and outcomes revealed themselves to her. A new life with riches and fancy clothes – certainly things that’d make Ruby happy. 

She was so entranced by the thought that she hadn’t even noticed the way she backed into a young maiden, causing the drink in her hand to slosh up and splash down on her pink and tan skirts. Yang whirled around and was instantly drained of color. Before her stood the duchess Neo Politan, her multicolored hair pulled up in a loose bun, strands of hair delicately curling down from the butterfly shaped pin that held the follicles in place. And, from the looks of it, she was less than pleased at the blondes falter.  

Yang attempted an apology, hoping it was enough to get the woman to stop from having her kicked out of the party. She raised her hands in front of her in defense. “Lady Neo, I am terribly sorry; I apologize for my lack of attention. I should have watched where I was going–" 

Neo wasn’t paying any attention either, not to the girl in front of her. She was much too busy brooding over her drenched shirtwaist and dress, the ones that had no doubt costed her a fortune. This young woman would pay dearly. While Yang continued to apologize, Neo lifted her free hand in dismissal, indicating to the other that she had better hush if she knew what was good for her. Meanwhile, Yang swallowed hard.

Her skirts shifted as the pink and brown haired duchess turned and began to walk up the spiraling steps tucked at the far corner of the vast chamber, all the while giving short, curiously demanding glances back at Yang. The only thing she could do now was follow behind her. 

This cannot be a good sign. Why am I complying with this madness? Yang was too stubborn to admit it to herself, but Neo was more than just alluring. There was something in her eyes and her careful steps that drew the flaxen damsel to her, and though the feeling of uncertainty ebbed closer, so did the feeling of excitement and danger. 

Neo led her through the halls and into a vacant room, shutting the door behind the both of them as they entered. Yang didn’t know what to think, so it was more than a surprise when the baroness placed a silken gloved hand at the top of her chest, effectively shoving her toward the nearest wall and pressed her lips firmly against her own.

The sensation was enticing. It tingled through her body like lava, flooding through her veins in rivulets and sending bolts of electricity into her skin. And then, just like that, it was over. Neo had drew herself back and gracefully twisted herself around as she headed to the doorway, but not before shooting Yang a smug grin as she left her to her devices in the empty room. It left her body simultaneously breathless and stunned, her heart rapidly hammering against her chest as a flush painted her face while coming to terms with what had transpired within the last few moments of the hour.

A piece of paper stuck up and out of her vest pocket, and as she pulled it out and read the words her heart jumped.

You can’t fool me, darling. Rest assured I will find you again, and when I do, I can’t promise that I will be so kind. 

                             I look forward to our next encounter.

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do you do hardenshipping? :O i think contrary to popular opinion, maxie would be the hopeless romantic at heart (though he's VERY selective about who he likes and even more picky about who he reaches out to). consider archie receiving a shitton of valentine's presents with no name on them and thinking "haha man matt and shelley sure are having fun with this silly holiday" then being very surprised when he figures it out

My first time writing hardenshipping more like I tried? Also I am so sorry for the delay. I wanted it to be good!

There is a new one on his desk and Archie grins. What delicious or hilarious cheesy present had he been graced with in the hour since he last checked?

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@taylorswift thank you for making so many swifties so happy and fulfilling our dreams of meeting you. There’s no one else like you. No one who would spend countless hours showing appreciation to those who love her music. I love that you need us as much as we need you. You have impacted each of our lives in unique ways and it’s an honor to know that we impact yours enough for you to want to meet us and do so much for us! I am so lucky to call you a role model because you teach me so many valuable lessons, like working hard and appreciating what you have, being a kind person, and not letting anyone else steal my confidence. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything💕